EarthEats Podcast: Homebrewing, Tea, and Hemp


In this week’s episode of EarthEats Podcast, producer and host Annie Corrigan tackles Upland homebrewers as they battle it out in the local UpCup home brew competition, making tea sandwiches with Chef Daniel Orr, and the still-controversial hemp movement in the US.

The Four Bros Podcast #1: Extrema Aguilera

More and more often I'm growing tired of people trying so damn hard to be deep and profound all the time. It's so fricken pretentious. This is why I enjoyed the the pilot episode of The Four Bros Podcast so much, being a refreshing dose of good-humored randomness.


Theater People Podcast 13: Anthony Rapp

If/Then and Rent star Anthony Rapp graces the 13th episode of Theater People Podcast, where he shares his experiences in taking If/Then to Broadway, being part of the Rent cast, his earlier stint as one of the original cast members of Six Degrees of Separation, and reuniting with his good friend and former Rent co-star Idina Menzel.


Wired.Co.Uk Podcast #177: WWDC, Google’s Satellite Fleet, & Bioart

This week’s episode of the Wired.Co.Uk Podcast features the latest developments in culture, science, and technology. Listen to hosts Nate Lanxon, Olivia Solon and Liat Clark as they discuss Google's $1B satellite fleet, the Hunger Games salute in Thailand, a device for protecting your privacy from Glassholes, and Van Gogh's DNA lives on in a living sculpture of his ear.


Cool Tools Podcast #2: Clive Thompson

The freshly launched Cool Tools Podcast is now on its second episode, where host Mark Frauenfelder shares the floor with Clive Thompson, author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better.


TWiV 287: A Potentially Pandemic Podcast

following the recent MERS outbreak comes several speculations and studies on how it started, what perpetuates it, and how it can be prevented. In this podcast episode of This Week in Virology, host Matt Frieman shares updates on the MERS-coronavirus, discusses whether research on potentially pandemic pathogens should be regulated more strictly.


The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe Podcast #463

“People who devote their lives to studying something often come to believe that the object of their fascination is the key to understanding everything.”

– Jonathan Haidt


Seanwes Podcast 078: Growth Scaling 3/3 – Facilitating & Future Focus


Hosted by Sean McCabe and Ben Tolson, the previous two episodes of Seanwes Podcast, titled Growth Scaling features in-depth advice on how to grow your business. This week's episode is the conclusion to the three-part discussion.

ESL Podcast: ‘Pocket Dialing’ Disasters

Has that ever happened to you? When your pocket or bag accidentally dials your mobile phone and you end up explaining to the person you inadvertently called that you never meant to call them? Awkward.


Two-Minute Time Lord Podcast 343: The Hugo Rorschach Test

In the Two-Minute Time Lord Podcast, host The Chip Guy talks about how the Hugo nominees were revealed last month, so now we’re awaiting which of the following Doctor Who-related shows, including An Adventure in Space and Time and The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot will make the cut.


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