Naked Scientists Podcast: Positrons, Punters, and…Poon?

In this week’s episodes — yes, episodes — of Naked Scientist podcast, you find several topics ranging from cancer and depression, to the lighter discussions on positrons and the first in-vitro vagina.



CDC Podcasts: Boots on the Ground: Maricopa County

You may have heard of CDC, or the Center for Disease Control And Prevention, and while it enjoys a fair share of the limelight in some works of fiction (eg. The Walking Dead), it's real-life work is much less glamorous and much more substantial than many of us acknowledge.


‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Spoiler Special Podcast

The Empire Film Podcast brings you a special episode featuring Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of the blockbuster hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But if you haven't seen the movie yet AND are allergic to spoilers like I am, then skip this post for now.


60-Second Earth Podcast: Earthquake Deflection Takes Tiny Step

Scientific American‘s David Biello reports how a group of French physicists are using a specialized cloaking technique to help protect us from future earthquake devastation.


The New Yorker Comment Podcast: Health Caring

In this episode of The New Yorker Comment Podcast, host and staff writer Jeffrey Toobin expounds on the progress of Obamacare, and where it may lead its beneficiaries in the future.


Ask Lifehacker Podcast: Android Skins, Amazon Fakes, and Expensive Cable Bills

In this week’s episode of Ask Lifehacker podcast, host Whitson Gordon and his crew discuss the new Android service packs, streaming your movie collection with Google Drive, and OneNote vs Evernote. They also answer fan questions about fake items on Amazon, dealing with expensive cable bills, and efficiently backing up files on Windows.


The 404 Podcast #1,451: We Wish You A Robotic Happy Birthday

CNET’s The 404 Podcast serves up pop culture news for the Nintendo generation (that’s me!), with the latest in gadgets, social media, video games, and movies.


No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast

Brought to you by QI (Quite Interesting), the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast features the hit show’s writers, where they discuss the best and most interesting things they've done for the week.


Engadget HD Podcast #390: Amazon Hardware, Apple TV, and March Madness Live 2014


In this episode of Engadget HD Podcast, hosts Richard Lawler and Ben Drawbaugh dish out the latest news in tech, particularly an Amazon music service and dongle with gaming support, Chromecast Android App, ACC Sports Channel on Apple TV, and March Madness Live 2014.

Gweek Podcast 137: The Horrors of Ancient Medicine

In this episode of Gweek Podcast, host Mark Frauenfelder is joined by Bay Area cartoonist and writer Janelle Hessig and writer, human guinea pig, and bestselling author A.J. Jacobs to discuss prisoner art, Fletcher Hanks’ comic book characters from , and the horrors of ancient doctors.


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