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Last update: 2006-06-27

Episode 4 06-27-06

Length: 12m 8s

Hey everyone. Here is todays show! We hope to record another as soon as humanly possible. We are also going to change our recording set up slightly for a better quality sound. Keep listening! Mikey 1126 Podcast P.S. EMAIL EVERYONE!!!! 1126podcast@gmail.com …


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Episode 3

Length: 18m 44s

Sorry about the delay. Im not even sure what day this was. Anyways, the funky song should make a little sense now. enjoy and thanks Ian and Nathan! P.S. we will be a lot better about recording now that im back from vegas. Every few days i hope! …


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Length: 3m 23s

Hey everyone. Remember our special guests Ian and Nathan from our third episode? I know, you dont know them, well, im having some difficulties hosting that particular episode. So, instead, im gona give you a sneak preview. Ian and Nathan (the twins) are co hosting the show that will be up shorly and this is a song we made in there basement in our spare time. It is entitled, Funky. …


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Episode 2 05-25-06

Length: 20m 24s

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy the episode! Remember to always leave comments on our homepage (www.1126podcast.podomatic.com) and send us emails at 1126podcast@gmail.com. Also skype us and aim us at podcast1126. Yay for us. A special thanks goes out to Michael for the making of this episode. Enjoy! …


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Length: 19m 20s

Our First Show, Yay for us! Enjoy! …


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11-26 Podcast

Were two 13 year olds from Madison Wisconsin who have a ton of time on our hands. Youll hear geek talk, gadgets that havent been invented (yet), our take on the world we live in, and much much more. Enjoy!

11-26 Podcast

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