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Last update: 2015-02-19


Length: 28s

You are about to lose all our future episosodes! What you need to do is unsubscribe, delete any old content, and resubscribe. Thanks for listening.…


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Return to Super Mario Bros.

Length: 1h 13m 42s

What better episode to start over with than Super Mario Bros? The game that started it all: The NES, the podcast, the Dudes' love for gaming in general.…


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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Length: 1h 3m 20s

You guys asked for The Legend of Zelda and we give you Zelda II. What are we thinking? Well, we're thinking you'll forgive us because we brought along the Nintendo Quest (NES Club) dudes!…


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Kung Fu

Length: 1h 5m 21s

Hiyah! Now that we've got the obligatory hiyah out of the way, the Dudes are joined by Kung Fu master Landon Long of The Retro Junkies Super Show! It's time to kick some tail and save Sylvia!…


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Length: 1h 10m 18s

Rygar? Why not.  Another D-Padder pick as Rygar jumps to the top of the voting list just prior to the new year.…


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Nintendo Country Christmas

Length: 1h 13m 57s

Tune in to the Dudes for a Christmas radio show, complete with your called in memories, songs made up by the Dudes, and other Christmassy talk.…


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Battletoads & Double Dragon

Length: 1h 7m 54s

The greatest faceoff in the world of podcasts happens now! Watch Genesis Gems vs. 2 Dudes and a NES as they take on the game... Battletoads & Double Dragon. Who will come out on top?…


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Ninja Gaiden

Length: 1h 12m 58s

By popular demand, Justin and Michael discuss Ninja Gaiden. And somehow they refrain from profanity.…


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Shovel Knight

Length: 1h 8m 11s

Justin and Michael sit down with special guests Rob McCallum (Nintendo Quest) and Nick Stephens (Genesis Gems) for a special bonus episode of 2 Dudes and a NES... Shovel Knight. It is super inspired by the NES so it counts, right?…


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Dude Story: An NES Bromance

Length: 1h 4m 57s

Listen to Justin and Michael tell the tale of the dudes.…


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2 Dudes and a NES

We are 2 dudes who play retro Nintendo games. Each show will focus on one game. We will play the game leading up to the show and then discuss it during the show providing listeners with a little bit of history and stats of the game itself as well as our experiences with the game; both old and new.

2 Dudes and a NES

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