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Last update: 2013-01-16

Episode 12

Length: 44m 45s

We're BACK! It has been a good holiday break and we know you all missed us! In this podcast we talk about gun laws and video game violence. Also talk about the petition for the US to build a Death Star. We talk about what games we played over break and our excitement for this New Year! Listen, Like, Game! …


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Episode 11

Length: 28m 58s

Bungie's new game Destiny, Nintento restricts 18+ content to night hours, Jesse's top 10 games of the year, and Al's top 5. Steam Box is also confirmed by Valve. Next week we tell you our top 10 Halo Maps of all time!! …


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Episode 10

Length: 37m 31s

In this podcast, Al joins us via skype, We discuss the New Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack, Cody's Top 10 Xbox Games of the year, Xbox 720 rumors, a Xbox arcade game that charges by the hour, and much more. …


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Episode 9

Length: 28m 31s

Post Thanksgiving talks, Minecraft, Halo, Xbox, SmartGlass, and Al's take on what our newest project is about! …


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Episode 8

Length: 32m 18s

In this weeks podcast, we talk about Halo 4, Microsoft SmartGlass, Cody and Jesse try out the Wii U, and Al... well is just Al. Listen, Like, Game! …


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Episode 7 Halo

Length: 45m 21s

In this weeks podcast we talk about Halo a lot! We're really Excited for HALO 4!! …


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Episode 6

Length: 46m 18s

SmartGlass, Halloween, Halo 4, Apple, Microsoft, Series Recall, and more Al. …


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Episode 5

Length: 46m 19s

We try a new intro, talk about video game subscriptions, halo release, the walking dead, fruit ninja, steam rumors of hardware, and Al scares himself. …


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3 Broke Gamers - Episode 4

Length: 40m 6s

In this weeks podcast: Minecraft update, Dance Central 3, The Walking Dead, Tech Byte, Sony Move, Kinect Game Review, Arcade Game Review, Series Recall, Halo 4, WIN A COPY OF HALO 4, and other tangents. …


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3 Broke Gamers Ep. 3.5

Length: 34m 53s

Testing out our new equipment!! Mostly randomness and some bad clipping but hey we're learning!! Next normal podcast coming this Wednesday!! …


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3 Broke Gamers - Episode 3

Length: 49m 7s

Talk a lot about Minecraft, tmnt, french fries, and much more. Check it out and like our Facebook page. www.nextfrontierentertainment.com …


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3 Broke Gamers Ep. 2

Length: 33m 49s

An update on what we've been doing. Like our facebook page for a chance to win a copy of HALO 4. We talk about some new games, halo 4, borderlands, tom hanks, sean connery, Gangnam Style, battlefield 3, and more. …


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3 Broke Gamers Ep. 1

Length: 1h 2m 38s

In this podcast we talk about E3, the upcoming Wii U, Sony's press conference, and Microsoft's SmartGlass. We also touch on the next Halo game and a new game called Watch Dogs. …


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3 Broke Gamers

We are just three average guys from the southern Minnesota area who enjoy gaming!! We started this podcast to share our opinions on games, pop-culture, and whatever else pops into Al's mind. Eh I don't know where I'm going with this all but just listen to our podcast and tell people you like it! Thanks!

3 Broke Gamers

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