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Last update: 2007-02-02

"Q&As, M&Fs & UFO's? "

Length: 36m 16s

Q's and A's about da show n'stuff, menz'n'wimminz, and unbelievables...all wrapped up in a neat little package. Wanna know what the h-e-double toothpick I'm talking about? Then step right up and have a lil bit of a listen to this episode of 3things! Comments and Questions are ALWAYS appreciated. Leave them here, pweeze. …


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Cheers, Jeers and a Smart Ass

Length: 29m 59s

Young and Dummies, Slippery Crooks, Victorious Elderly Females, and a truly intelligent Ass. You just can't beat these 3Things with a stick. Give a listen and find out! Comments? LEAVE EM HERE. Questions? SAM TING! …


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3 Stupid Things

Length: 42m 8s

Yes, THREE ... count them, 3 stupid Things. I have them! Ya want them? Then come on in and have a listen. Comments? Suggestions? Compliments, even? Leave them here! Jenna appreciates them all. …


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Length: 35m 29s

Hello, Gentle listeners and any aliens that might be surfing the Earthican Web. Just so you know, today I have Faux Food, Buzzy Brains, and Faboo Fauna to share. Interested? Then come on in and sit a spell... Have something to say? Do it HERE with those linky things just over to the right. Also, THANKS! …


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Three And One Extra

Length: 35m 33s

So, yeah. Episode #30. This is it! Ice, planets, planes and ancient heffalumps. Wanna know what the heck I'm talking about? Then come on in and have a seat and find out! Then, once you know... let me know what you think! Comments are easilyleavable... you should SO do it! …


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Buggin' Out

Length: 35m 38s

Episode #29. We got yer basic food groups, yer basic bugs, and yer basic sex and violence. What more could a person ask for? HEY! How about a comment? That would be good. Join us, have a listen, leave a word or two behind you. It is custom. My cats are begging you. …


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3Things is an absolutely avid, perfectly pleasurable, unilaterally universal, and delightfully delicious bit of fluff designed to make one think a bit, laugh a little, and perhaps learn a thing or three. It is lovingly writerated, producimatised, and hostermationed by the lovely and talented C. Jenna. Please, enjoy. And, if you feel so inclined, you may certainly feel free to add a bit to the old tip jar so our dear Jenna doesn't have to decide between bandwidth costs and new mud-chinking in the walls of her little mud hut. I would love to thank you personally on the next 'cast, should you decide to be so kind as to tip, so when you do, don't forget to mention your name! Mucho apreciado for listening!


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