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Last update: 2013-06-25

Episode Thirty-Seven – Super Moon!

2013-06-25 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 1s

Hey, we are back once a gain to talk about Twinkies, Paula Dean, and of course, noodlin’! Music by our old kung fu buddy, Roger Cowan! He makes some pretty sweet guitars that you can check out here, and eventually here. Beer of course by Prairie Artisan Ales. Hey, if they stop putting them out, [...]…


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Episode Thirty-Six – Put Your Meat in the Gas Side

2013-06-18 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 44s

Back together at last, Matt and I talk about Superman’s birthday, texting and driving, and beer confidence. We didn’t have any music this week but we are thinking we need a theme song. This is a call to all musicians! Write us a little 10 – 15 second theme song, we’ll buy you a beer! [...]…


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Episode Thirty-Five – Dusty Deserts of Texas

2013-06-11 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 26s

Tonight, Matt and Cristy have a little couples podcast because Chris got stuck in Texas for work and Brian is in Europe drinking all the beer. They tried to make the NSA listen to them talk about beer MIO, anime conventions, and they fight a little. The beer was Old Pavilion Pilsner by Marshall Brewing. [...]…


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Episode Thirty-Four – On a Wednesday?!

2013-06-04 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 42s

This week the fellers talk about Duff Beer, beard yeast, and storms…again. We got music again! Thanks to Crystal Vision for the song “Ocellus.” I’m sorry I pluralized you name and can’t pronounce Ocellus. You can get that song for free here. We have had a lot of good beers since stating Brew View. However, [...]…


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Episode Thirty-Three – Zac Hanson

2013-05-28 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 40s

This week on the Brew View, the guys talk about interesting ways to flavor your beer, Marisa’s first love, and Oklahoma’s coming together. We drank Choc Summer. A Belgian style blonde ale that is here just in time for the Oklahoma heat. We didn’t have any music this week, but you should check out Music 4 Moore. It is [...]…


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Episode Thirty-Two – BWAAAAANG

2013-05-21 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 44s

This week, the guys went to the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival! It was like a mini Great American Beer Fest. Super impressed with Oklahoma these days. Music this week by Young Readers with a cover of “We Will Become Silhouettes” originally by The Postal Service. It was on this cover album put out by Independent [...]…


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Episode Thirty-One – Do You Know Who I Am?!

2013-05-14 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 44s

This week, we discussed some new legislation, GWAR, and Reese Witherspoon. We enjoyed the Mustang Summer Lager and can’t recommend it enough. Mark our words! It will be your beer of choice this summer. The music this week was “The Bird” from The Electric Primadonnas off the record “Clergymen.”…


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Episode Thirty – Steven Seagal

2013-05-07 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 37s

We decided to to change it up a bit this week. We drank not one, not two, but three vodkas from two different distilleries in Oklahoma!  The first two were from Twister Distillery in Moore, OK. We had Twister Vodka, and Twister Sweet Tea Vodka. I was a big fan of the vodka and Matt’s [...]…


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Episode Twenty-Nine – Chicken Emergency

2013-04-30 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 47s

Tonight, Matt and I discussed Facebook cups, crazy cans, and Polish toasts. Among other things. The beer tonight was Spring Pilsner by Choc Beer. Grab some for after you mow the lawn. No music this week because everyone and their dog was busy with Norman Music Fest. Next week we will be ready.…


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Episode Twenty-Eight – Red Socks

2013-04-23 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 48s

Hey guys, we try to keep it pretty light on the Brew View. However, this week was pretty rough. We tried to keep it light but it was kind of tough. Also, I was drinking a delicious 13% ABV beer on an empty stomach. That beautiful song was “One by One” by Camille Harp. She’s [...]…


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Episode Twenty-Seven – Fist Full of Farts

2013-04-16 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 41s

We got together Saturday to drink and celebrate Matt’s birthday! We talked about Norman Music Fest, Psy’s new song, and Oklahoma’s brewpub problem. New music from Indian Giver.  The track was “Ghost Limb” off the EP, Plafond. Beer we Lion’s Tooth Floret by Battered Boar. Grab a few bottles for the summer. Quite refreshing.…


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Episode Twenty-Six – Home Box

2013-04-09 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 44s

Unfortunately, Matt isn’t in this episode. You should probably skip this one. We sort of talk about manatees, Oklahoma beer fests, and what kind of beer drinkers we are. Music by the lovely and haunting LowLitas. Get their EP on bandcamp and check them out on the Blackwatch Stage at Norman Music Fest. Coop Ale Works [...]…


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Episode Twenty-Five – Too Many Horses Are Too Many Friends To Too Many People

2013-04-02 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 41s

This week the boys have a special guest, men become heroes, and North Korea can uh suck it. Music by Them Hounds. Beautiful stuff that you can catch with the Kamals this Thursday, April 4th, at the Wormy Dog Saloon. Prairie Artisan Ales knocked it out of the park again with Funky Galaxy. Keep it [...]…


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Episode Twenty-Four – Orange Juice and Beer

2013-03-26 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 39s

On this episode the gang talks about beer being the new sports drink, Brian’s bracket isn’t doing well, and Marisa gets a strange package. Some sweet ska/punk by Sunny Side Up with “She’s Rad” off their FREE EP that you can get on Bandcamp. FREE! Get it! Get out and get Prairie Somewhere by Prairie [...]…


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Episode Twenty-Three – Finger of Foam

2013-03-19 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 43s

Saturday night the crew sang “Baby Monkey,” St. Patrick’s Day, and tried to figure out the name of the burger shaped sheriff. His name is Sheriff Big-Mac for those who were wondering. Thanks to Paper Scissor for the sneak peak of “Who Are You Count Dracula” off their upcoming EP. Prairie Artisan Ales, if you’re [...]…


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Episode Twenty-Two – Grumpisode

2013-03-12 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 39s

  With no girls around, the guys get grumpy and talk about nuts. Then the Thunder lose. I hate Mondays. Music tonight provided by The Samurai Conquistadors with their song “Cog” off of the live EP, “Live at Breathing Rhythm.” Go see them at the Chameleon Room Sunday, March 24th. The dudes drank McNellie’s Pub Ale by [...]…


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Episode Twenty-One Point One – Doritos Locos

2013-03-11 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 13s

  This weekend was kind of hectic. Since we couldn’t do our normal podcast on Sunday, Brian and I decided to review and pair Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos and Coop’s Horny Toad Cervesa. I think you might be surprised at our findings. But probably not. Also, we want to mention that we are changing our [...]…


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Episode Twenty-One – Queen Mother

2013-03-04 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 39s

Tonight the gang talks about Oklahoma beer laws, Harlem Shakes, and sink holes in Florida. Music by the groovy Pidgin. That song was “The Itis.” You can download “The Breaks” for free from their website, but it would be cool if you bought it from iTunes. If you download it for free, you should see [...]…


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Episode Twenty – Supermercado

2013-02-25 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 35s

Full house tonight with Marisa joining us after getting a job that doesn’t require her to work on weekend. We discuss strange laws, blade runners, and Matt’s ability to recite any cartoon theme song. Music tonight was “Mr. E” by Feathered Rabbit. Great song. Be sure to go check them out on March 8th at the Blue [...]…


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Episode Nineteen – Can Adams

2013-02-18 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 44s

Tonight, the boys discuss meteorites, under age drinking, and we have some technical difficulties. Stupid internet. Music by Oklahoma Cloud Factory. That song was “Growing Old” off of their soon to be released EP. They will be playing at ACM Performance Lab in Oklahoma City on  March 29th. Go check them out! @OCF Beer tonight was Halcyon (Unflitered)Wheat [...]…


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Episode Eighteen – What is a Weekend?

2013-02-11 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 37s

This week the guys talk about Netflix, Justin Timberlake’s new day job, and Alaska Brewing Company’s new energy efficient boilermaker. Music by Oklahoma’s American Idol representative, Prettyboy. The track on this week’s episode is “When U Say My Name” off of the EP, Dejvická. I plan on putting together a workout montage and using this song. We had [...]…


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Episode Seventeen – Super Bowl Sunday

2013-02-04 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 46s

Tonight we watched a remake of Clerks, a football game, and some goofy-ass commercials. Check out James Ngheim‘s re-imagining of Clerks called Clerks Too. Music from the Clerks Too Soundtrack. We opened with “Chewbacca” covered by Johnny Sanders, originally by Supernova, and closed with Depth and Current‘s cover of “Violent Mood Swings,” originally by Stabbing Westward. [...]…


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Episode Fifteen Point One

2013-02-01 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 6s

This one is a little late posting. Honestly, I forgot I recorded this. Probably because I drink a lot. Leave me alone. Anyway, Marisa, Brian and I got together to try a Chocolate Covered Banana. It’s Well’s Banana Bread Beer with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout layered on top of that. Make yourself one!…


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Episode Sixteen – FTP Smell

2013-01-28 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 50s

Matt has an accident and it causes us to have to try different beers. Also, we talk about music, cleaning our gear, and Matt vomits. Music tonight by Coed Pageant with “Broke Forever” off of The Seasons EPs Vol. 3: Sundry Summer. They were awesome at the Blue Bonnet and you should go buy their stuff! Matt [...]…


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Episode Fifteen – Sweaty Neck

2013-01-21 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 36s

After a disappointing Thunder loss, we talked about storing beer, we got a tour of OKCity Brewing Co-op’s facilities, and how hot beards make necks. We were treated to “Ulysses” by Deerpeople off of their album “Explorgasm.” Go see them live. You need to. We drank El CuCuy by Marshall Brewing. Really good Black IPAish situation. Thanks [...]…


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Episode Fourteen Point One and Two

2013-01-20 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 20s

Happy Sunday everyone! We reviewed a couple of beers and I decided to just throw them together for some Sunday enjoyment. The first one has Brian and I, already buzzed from previous tastings, trying a Schlitz Red Bull XL. This is the first beer that I ever got drunk on. Learn all about 40oz at 40ozmaltliquor.com [...]…


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Episode Fourteen – What If I Got Fur In It

2013-01-14 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 43s

Matt drove down to Norman to drink beer with Chris and Brian, we discuss high alcohol beers and Pauls Valley. We were blessed with groovy tunes by The Kamals. That song was “Tell Me.” Check them out. We drank Mustang Brewing’s Brandy’s Imperial Sundae. It’s Brian’s new favorite beer.…


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Episode Thirteen Point Two – Wells Banana Bread Beer

2013-01-12 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 5s

Just a little quickie here that Brian and Chris recorded after we tasted a lot of hipster beers and beer cocktails. This might be the drunkest Chris has ever been on the Brew View. Spoiler alert! Brian is disappoint. Also, sorry no picture. We’ll do better next time.…


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Episode Thirteen Point One – Hipster Beer

2013-01-11 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 49s

It’s Friday kids any you know what that means! Get yourselves out to your favorite venue, scam on some cuties and drink some of these cheap ass beers.…


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Episode Thirteen – Hot Brew Pot

2013-01-07 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 41s

Tonight, Matt, Chris and Brian get together to discuss a sad performance by OU, how we got into brewing, and about our New Years beer resolutions. That lovely tune was “Boxcar” by Young Readers. Really love what these people are doing. Beautiful stuff. The beer we had tonight was Prairie Noir from Prairie Artisan Ales. [...]…


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Episode Twelve – Year End Brewview

2012-12-31 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 1s

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to thank you for spending time with the Brew View this year. It has been both fun and educational for us and we hope you got something out of it too. Please take a minute to tell your friends about us, and don’t be afraid to let us know [...]…


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Episode Eleven – NPR Intro

2012-12-24 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 42s

There is only one day left to shop for Christmas! If you are stressed out by this comment, you are too late, give gift cards and give up. Tonight, we talk about the weak ass end of the world, we complain on twitter, and ice cream soup. Music by Cusp. The song was Shivers. I [...]…


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Episode Ten Point One – The Bro View

2012-12-19 :: Chris & Matt
Length: 15s

After we recorded Episode Ten, the guys stuck around to taste Founders Breakfast Stout. It’s so good, you real should try to find it.…


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