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Last update: 2009-04-29

8Quotes.com – Episode 342

2009-04-29 :: 8quotes.com

Life is not FairFollow me on Twitterby, Corey Wells Believe it or not…life is not fair. Occasionally the bad guy wins, people do play favorites, some good people die young, some people will let you down and not everyone is honest. While we can accept this, it shouldn’t stop us from dreaming big, working hard [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 341

2009-04-14 :: 8quotes.com

Making Changes That StickFollow me on Twitterby, Corey Wells Once you’ve decided to make a lasting change in your life, you need to accurately identify the reasons that are motivating this change and why the change is important to you. This is key because motivation is sometimes fleeting. It comes and goes without warning. One [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 340

2009-03-30 :: 8quotes.com

GreatnessFollow me on Twitterby, Corey Wells Greatness means different things to different people. If you want to choose greatness for yourself you must start out by defining what it means to you. While greatness may have some basic general qualities that most would consider unique, there is a broader definition each individual must identify for [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 339

2009-03-02 :: 8quotes.com

Doing the Work You LoveFollow me on Twitterby, Corey Wells I have been receiving a few emails from listeners to 8Quotes about the current economic situation. Most of the emails revolve around the fact that people are in jobs they don’t like and want to get out. However the economic crisis is preventing them from [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 338

2009-02-24 :: 8quotes.com

Neglecting Success by, Corey Wells Why do some people become extremely successful and others do not? Mainly because successful people found it easy to do the things that were needed to make them successful, while the others found it easier not to do those things. Those achieving unlimited success found it easy to attend seminars, [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 337

2009-02-03 :: 8quotes.com

Choosing Friendships by, Corey Wells Most of us seek to achieve positive outcomes in our lives. However, many of us attempt to achieve this without having a specific plan to do so. There are several factors that influence how we reach our positive goals and our friendships are one of the most influential factors of [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 336

2009-01-26 :: 8quotes.com

Credibility by, Corey Wells The key ingredients for developing credibility are honesty and integrity. Credibility is at the core of our ability to provide strong leadership and influence the acts of others. Trustworthiness and credibility are the hallmark characteristics of any strong leader. While honesty and integrity are terms usually mentioned when we speak of [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 335

2009-01-13 :: 8quotes.com

Can You Handle Success by, Corey Wells Every time you get close to achieving your goal and ultimate success, something pops up to ruin your focus, kill your motivation or sabotage your confidence. Something always stops you from taking that one last step and suddenly you have to start all over. Of course this something [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 334

2009-01-05 :: 8quotes.com

The Secret to Happiness by, Corey Wells Technically, happiness is the easiest thing in the world to achieve. All you have to do is simply choose to be happy. However, there are many who will tell you that you can’t be happy unless you possess specific things or act in a certain way. We’ve been [...]…


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8Quotes.com – Episode 333

2008-12-16 :: 8quotes.com

When Opportunity Knocks by, Corey Wells If an opportunity were to present itself later today, will you be ready? When the phone rings later tonight and you are asked to make a presentation to a huge client in the morning, will you be prepared? If you were offered a job at double your current responsibility, [...]…


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