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Last update: 2015-03-28

The Gunman Movie Podcast

Length: 44s

The Gunman, is one of Penn's films where you can see the effort that he put into the role but, not in the proper areas. The effort that I'm referring to, is of his physical appearance and not his character's range instead. With Penn being a man in his fifties, I can appreciate him taking care of his body and not letting time & gravity win the battle. Of course, a multi-million dollar salary does make a rigorous workout schedule easier to bear. Penn spends most of this film as a quiet  mumbler that speaks only when spoken to. I find it kind of difficult to root for the film's hero when he act's more like a robot, and less like a human being. What I did root for, was the movie itself. For the first two acts, The Gunman is an intriguing action thriller, set in many different locations. There were times during the action scenes that I was actually feeling anxious for Penn's character. That's probably because he wasn't talking at those moments.

For more of this and our other movie reviews check out A Couple Of Average Joe's


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Liam Neeson -Run All Night - Movie Review - Podcast

Length: 39s

Run All Night is marketed as another Neeson action-fest but, in truth, it's more like......... ok, it is another Neeson action vehicle. At times, it doesn't feel that way, until of course, he ends up bitch smacking another aggressive on comer. What I like about this action film though, is that it doesn't come off as a brain dead beat 'em up where Neeson is the only intelligent person in the room. Instead, we get a well-paced action thriller that doesn't linger around on any subject for too long. Well, except for Joel Kinnaman's (Robocop 2014) character, who needs to continuously remind Neeson of how much of a bad father he is. That aside, all of the character interactions work. Not one person stays on the screen longer than they should. Another thing that separates Run All Night from similar films, is how nicely it cuts down on the obvious cliches and, sometimes avoids them altogether. The action, is well done and doesn't go over the top very often. A few CG scene connector shots, try to give this film it's own distinctive look but, it comes off more like trying to look cool when they didn't need to. 


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A Question Of Why Don't They - Character Spinoffs - Podcast

Length: 43s

We talk about Spinoff's of movie characters.
The Shining -Scatman Crothers character
Men In Black - Frank the pug
OCP - R&D Division
swordfish - travolta's character

James Bond - The agents of Blofeld
The Fabulous Vega Brothers Vince and Vick Vega
Diedrich bader's character from Office Space


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Neil Blomkamps Chappie - Movie Review - Podcast

Length: 1s

Blomkamp's third full length film, Chappie (based on his 2004 short film, Tetra Vaal), is probably his most 80's influenced film yet. It's also his third best film (so far). How obvious its comparisons to 80's sci-fi films is, depends on who's watching it. From the get go, I immediately noticed a multitude of parallels to the original Robocop. The ideas, the storyline, the imagery, Hugh Jackman's (Prisoners) villain, were all similar to that film. Now, in our current climate of limited original movie ideas, it's perfectly rational to use pre-established ideas and tweak them a bit. When it's not acceptable, is when it's blatantly in your face. The film's other strong similarity, is of the Chappie character himself. Wonderfully voiced by Sharlto Copley (The A-Team), Chappie is a South African version of Johnny Five from the 1986 film, Short Circuit. Watch that film and its 1988 sequel, and you will see exactly what I'm talking about. But because of Blomkamp's colorful characters (not all, but some) and visual style, I can let this one go. For me, this movie works because even with the story copying, it still has its own distinctive feeling. We've seen an animatronic character become sentient before (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, "I, Robot") but, Chappie adds a little something to the mix. 


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Jupiter Ascending - Movie Review - Podcast

Length: 42s

Another odd choice for the Wachowskis is Jupiter Ascending. Another film with great potential, and another wasted effort. This film is also based off of an original idea from them. Problem is, how original can it be when it tries to be John Carter of Mars with elements of The Matrix in it? Mila Kunis (Black Swan) is The One. I mean she's a reincarnated form of royalty that is being hunted by the rulers of the universe. Some bio-engineered slaves try to protect her and show her the truth about her world. Sound familiar? Film comparisons aside, this movie tries to be too epic. Instead of blowing their load the first time, the Wachowskis should have shrunk down the one-hundred and twenty-seven minute run time, and focused more on Jupiter's (Kunis) dealings with bounty hunters on Earth, instead of trying to introduce her to the entire universe in one film. The film screams for multiple entries. It also screams for a better collection of villains. The universal rulers are ***SPOILER ALERT*** pampered white royalty with British accents! Wow, haven't seen that before (eye roll). They consistently appear throughout the film to make sure that no one has forgotten about them. Guess what? They're so stuffed with pompous arrogance that's wrapped in a bow of cliches, we're unable to forget them even if they weren't popping up every five to ten minutes.


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A Question Of Why Don't They - Video Game Movies - Podcast

Length: 1s

on this week's Question Of Why Don't They we discuss video games that should become movies.
Joe's picks -
Max Payne, Manhunt, Corpse Killer, ICO, Metal Gear and Medievil.

Mike's picks -
Half-life/Portal, Soul Calibre, Gauntlet/Tapper/Tempest, Berzerk, Republic Commando, Space Invaders, Full Throttle and Quake


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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie Review Podcast

Length: 42s

You guessed it! Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is another addition to the library of pointless sequels. While the first film was a clever comedy that knew when to quit, this film doesn't even know where to start. The biggest mistake that this film makes, is that it abandons what worked before, and tries something different. Part 1 used the 1980's as the setting, and almost every joke and situation revolved around it. With part 2, the setting is the future, where there's no era to riff on, just dumb ideas to progress the story and humor. The other mistake is the absence of John Cusack (Grosse Point Blank). I understand that this film has a low budget and that Cusack commands a higher salary than the rest of the cast but, (If the rumor is true) how could they not even offer him a returning role? Without him, the cast seems almost lost as they bumble from one retarded scene to the next. On the plus side, at least everyone looked like they were having a good time while this movie was filming. 


The main cast of Rob Corddry (Warm Bodies), Craig Robinson (Zack and Miri Make a Porno), and Clark Duke (Sex Drive), poke fun at each other with lines that are probably improvised and will be shown in multiple takes on the dvd. Sometimes it works, sometimes you hear crickets chirping. Corddry has the energy throughout to be the leader of the group. He grabs your attention so well at times, that you forget that you're watching a badly written movie. Robinson plays it cool at times but, even a ton of on screen coke snorting and song rips can't keep him from acting emo too. Duke is pretty much the nerd he was in the first one but with a song to match this time. Corddry's and Robinson's serenade of nerdiness at Duke is one of this film's better moments. Adam Scott (Knocked Up) is thrown in as Cusack's semi-replacement. Aside from his one funny scene, he's mostly used as a joke about feminine men in the future. There are a few funny moments and sight gags but, they are off set by oppositely bad ones as well.



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A Question Of Why Don't They - Comics That Should Be Movies

Length: 58s

This week it's all about comics that should be made into movies. Comics that wouldn't really get a chance, to be made into movies.  The comics that are not the popular choices, but the creators of comics love to death.

That's it. Comics and video games

Mike's Picks
Body Bags - Jason Pearson
cerebus - Dave Sim
GI Joe around issue 46 - Terrordrome attack of Cobra Island

Joe's Picks
Spawn - Todd McFarlane
Bone - Jeff Smith
The Maxx - Sam Keith


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Kingsman The Secret Service - Podcast

Length: 56s

Kingsman: The Secret Service, is for all intents and purposes, James Bond to the extreme. It has the grace, the style, and the sense of humor, to make you appreciate it, before knocking you on your ass with one awesome action scene after another. I was very surprised at how well this film was done. From the first second on the screen, you can already tell that this is something special. Director

Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men: First Class) brings his visual style to this limited comic book series adaptation. And at times, it does feel like a comic book movie. What's so cool with this film is that you don't have to think hard while watching it, just be entertained continuously. One of this film's signs of intelligence, is that it doesn't bog itself down with commonplace situations and characters. Hell, even the inevitable love story that would have dragged everything down, didn't happen at all. The well-choreographed action scenes are seamlessly blended with a witty sense of humor. There are scenes that are so simultaneously cool and funny that I couldn't decide whether to clap, laugh, or do both.



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Podcast - A Question Of Why Don't They

Length: 57s

This week on A Question Of Why Don't They we talk sports stars as action heroes and what they should do with The Neverending Story


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The Seventh Son - Podcast - Movie Review

Length: 55s

The story itself is hampered by bad dialogue, a fake love story, and a lead character that is underdeveloped and boring to watch. Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) as "The seventh son of the seventh son", comes off as a modern day pretty boy that would rather have his face buried in his smartphone than saving the world. Jeff Bridges is the film's best character. His grumpy sense of humor is definitely an asset but, his Gandalf mixed with Rooster Cogburn accent, is unstable and annoying at times. He did have the best lines of the film though. Julianne Moore (The Big Lebowski) as the villain, does her damnedest with a bad script in hand. Other wasted talents include Djimon Hounsou (Constantine), and Olivia Williams (Rushmore). With little screen time and little to say, I wonder why they were even cast in this film anyway? They like everyone else, had barely an ounce of depth to their roles. Instead, we are subjected to a preposterous love story that "blossoms" in the span of a few moments. That trife is accompanied by cliches of secrets withheld that could have helped the heroes a lot sooner. Apparently, hormonal lust disguised as true love is more appealing to young filmgoers than training sequences and overall substance.


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Podcast - A Question Of Why Don't They - Spy Movies and The Dark Crystal

Length: 1s

Spy movies and dark crystal

With the new James Bond movie looming on the horizon, we thought that we would discuss our favorite spy movies and which ones would be worthy of remaking.  We also talk about having a movie based on a cool american James Bond type spy as we really don't have one of those.

We also talk about The Dark Crystal.  A couple of years back, there was rumor that Genndy Tartakovsky (Hotel Transylvania) was going to make a sequel movie, but so far nothing has come of it, if it ever will happen.

What's your take on the movie genre's that we chose this week? 


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Podcast - Into The Woods

Length: 53s

This latest musical, Into the Woods, fits into multiple categories on my feelings for the genre. I like it. I appreciate the effort put into it. Some songs are annoying, some aren't. But the most important thing is this- No matter how well this film is done, I can't recall more than one song that is worth re-singing upon further viewings. And I can barely even remember that song! That in a way, says a lot. What is memorable, is the cast. Directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago, Nine), this film has a group of actors that work well off of each other. Even before I knew that this film was based off of a Broadway play, I got a sense that it was just that. The actors break in and out of straight dialogue to singing, with the ease of veteran stage performers. The near constant breaking into song can be annoying at times but, the main actors are so magnetic and everything looks so good that, the annoyance doesn't linger. Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada) brings her usual genius to her role as The Witch. She is so good, that she makes you believe every word that comes out of her mouth. Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow) surprised me by showing her singing capabilities as well as her screen leading. What surprised me most though, was the performance of Chris Pine (Smokin Aces). The man can sing, even when he's channeling William Shatner (The Priceline guy). Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) seemed to be held back from her acting skills but, her vocals are still good. Although the list is long, the supporting cast all came across as integral parts. And Johnny Depp's (Chocolat) appearance, turned out to be a two scene cameo.


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Podcast - A Question Of Why Don't They - Donald Pleasance & Howard The Duck

Length: 56s

Donald Pleasance - The man was a work horse when he was alive.  227 movies, but he's most remembered for play Dr. Loomis in several Halloween movies (six to be exact).  But, who was Dr. Loomis?  In this weeks Question Of Why Don't They?  We discuss the possibility of a cool new TV or mini series about Dr. Loomis before Michael Myers came about. 

We also talk about a Howard The Duck movie, not a sequel to the movie, but an all new movie that we feel Marvel could take a risk with.  Whether it's a theatrical release, an on demand movie or Netflix release or even a mini-series.

What's your feeling on this topic?


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Podcast - Mortdecai Review

Length: 1s

Depp's latest film, Mortdecai, however, is not a step in the right direction. Aside from choosing this role, I find no fault with Depp in this movie. You can tell that he put in the effort to sound like a British snob in a quirky situation. I have a problem with the film's failed attempts at becoming the new Pink Panther. The film tries too hard for a laugh in moments where it might not even need one. I blame the film's writing more than anything. Director David Koepp, known for writing screenplays for films like, Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible, Panic Room, and the 2002 Spiderman, should have adapted this film from the Mortdecai novels himself. The film itself looks good. From the lavish locations to its elaborate set designs, nothing seems held back from its world of highbrow extravagance. From items on a shelf to even the display of a buffet table, the attention to detail is admirable. But the same level of attention was not given in other areas.


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A Question Of Why Don't They - Christoph Waltz and Flash Gordon

Length: 56s

What would happen if you decided to remake a movie and add in Christoph Waltz?  You know, the guy that played "Doc" from Django Unchained?  The man that showed Django how to be a bounty hunter.  He was also the bad guy in The Green Hornet, the dad to Chris Pine's character in Horrible Bosses 2 and has done numerous other roles.  Including the Nazi in Inglorious Basterds.  If there were a movie that you would want him to be in, a remake, a reboot or a retelling of any classic 80's movie, what would it be?  Die Hard, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and any Spielberg movie aside, which would it be?

We also talk about Flash Gordon.  How would a retelling of the story be interesting in the 21st century?  Would you use the movie as a beginning point and then carry on from there or would you scrap everything and start over?  Would you use the TV series or even the old Republic Serials as a starting point?  How would you do it?


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American Sniper Movie Review - Podcast

Length: 58s

Clint Eastwood is a patriotic man. Whether he's politically involved with social issues, making films like Heartbreak Ridge and Flags of Our Fathers, or condescending to an empty chair in front of a crowd, Clint has shown his love for this country. His film, American Sniper, shows his love for an individual who deserves much more recognition than some talentless celebrity with a fat ass (take your pick). Though based on a book, Eastwood honours Chris Kyle's memory by making a good film that doesn't teeter-totter with political b.s. This movie has an almost claustrophobic feel to it, in that the camera is close to Bradley Cooper's (The A-Team) face for a lot of the film. What works with that perspective, is that you can see the emotional toll that it takes on Cooper as he disconnects more and more throughout this movie. Cooper does it right. Long before the film is over, you forget that you're watching the jerk from The Wedding Crashers, and you see more than just a character on the screen. His wife in the film, played by Sienna Miller (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), is the only other actor in the film worth mentioning. Because of the constant focus on Cooper, everyone else in the film has only bits and pieces, including Miller. But what time she does have is a believable performance that makes you feel for her character. When she and Cooper are on screen together, everything falls into a warm, comfortable place, even when they're fighting.


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Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice Movie Review Podcast

Length: 48s

Paul Thomas Anderson is near the top of the list when it comes to independent film directors. But as that kind of director, he can fall into that realm of eccentric freedom that plagues a lot of independent movies. Some of his films have been right on the money (Boogie Nights, The Master), some brilliant (There Will Be Blood), a mixed bag of humor and oddity (Punch Drunk Love), and a three hour symphony of tragic melancholy that feels like a hundred pound weight on your chest (Magnolia). The man is a very good director with his casting, visual style, and attention to detail but, when his films go in a direction that makes more sense to himself than to the audience, then the film fails as a whole.


Sad to say it but, Inherent Vice is just that type of film. A movie with all of the elements for greatness, only to be an in"co"herent waste of talent and of a hundred and fifty minutes. This movie doesn't know how to ground itself. Right from the get go, we (the audience) are shown the world through Joaquin Phoenix's (Walk the Line) Visine deficient eyes, and we have to go along for the ride whether we understand it or not. The sad part is, that so many things were done right. The costumes look great. The set designs and locations also look authentic to the era (1970's). The performances and sense of humor is very good as well. But if those things are shown from the perspective of a stoner hippie with early onset Alzheimer's, it all just falls into disappointment. The film goes from scene to gibberish laden scene without giving the audience a chance to register what has just been said. The large amount of characters also doesn't help the storytelling process. I guess my little brain couldn't process all of the information.



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A Question Of Why Don't They - Movie Dramas and The Beastmaster

Length: 1s

question of the week -

It's a podcast about drama movies.  Joe and Mike sit down and discuss older drama's and the question of "what would you do" in regards to making the movie for today's audience.

Taking these great movies and reimagining them with regards to the technological advances of today would be an interesting twist on the movies.

the outsiders
the rivers edge

Why Don't They - The Beastmaster

Movie Synopsis
The Beastmaster tells the story of Dar (Marc Singer), the royal son of a king named Zed (Rod Loomis) who was stolen from the womb of Zed's queen (Vanna Bonta) by a witch under the command of vicious high-priest sorcerer Maax (Rip Torn). A poor villager saves Dar from being sacrificed and raises him as his own son, teaching Dar how to fight and witnessing the boy's ability to telepathically communicate with animals.

Book Synopsis
The Beast Master tells of Hosteen Storm, a Navajo[2] and former soldier who has empathic and telepathic connections with a group of genetically altered animals. The team emigrates from Earth to the distant planet Arzor where it is hired to herd livestock. Storm still harbors anger at his former enemies the Xik, and has sworn revenge on a man named Quade for his father's murder. According to Kirkus he finds "life and hope" instead.[2]

In this novel and its sequels Norton explores aspects of Native American culture, specifically the Navajo, through metaphors in Storm's life and in the culture he adopts on his adopted planet.


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The Best Of 2014 Movies - Review

Length: 27s

Joe and Mike discuss the best of movies for 2014 and some of the upcoming movies in 2015 that they hope will be just as good.


In no particular order here are the movies that Joe and Mike recommend.


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Captain America - Winter Soldier

Lego Movie


The Edge Of Tomorrow

Big Hero 6


Gone Girl

Lone Survivor

3 Days To Kill


How To Train Your Dragon

The Drop

John Wick



Wolf Of Wall Street

Dawen Of The Planet Of The Apes

Movies to avoid like the plague

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Transformers 4

I, Frankenstein

Brick Mansions

Ride Along

The Pyramid

Dumb and Dumber To


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We Will Be Right Back

Length: 8s

A sample of Joe and I doing a break into commercials


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Question Of The Week and Why Don't They

Length: 1s

Question Of Why Don't They -

Question Of The Week -
Epic movies -
Grand masterpieces of film making have, throughout our lives, been a staple of cinema.  Cleopatra, Ben Hur, Spartacus, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Braveheart; the list goes on.  Every week Joe and I sit down and discuss a what would you do type of question.  This week it's all about Epic movies and What would you or how would you do it, do differently?

Would make Kingdom Of Heaven watchable

2001 A Space Odyssey
remake it and go in an interstellar direction.  Stanley Kubrick's version is so complex and vast that just remaking the movie would ruin the Kubrick version.  But coming at it from a different direction, doing it in a Gravity style with Alfonse Cuaron directing it and giving it specific style and concepts would preserve the Kubrick version and allow a differnt take on the story Arthur C. Clarke wrote.


The Wizard Of Oz  and make it into a Peter Jackson-esque style  epic split into 2 movies or so. Mike also likes Excaliber thinks that it would be cool to take tale like Le'morte de Artur and turn it into a couple of movies that tells the tale of the knights of the round table and quest for the holy grail.

Lawrence Of Arabia - don't touch.

Why Don't They -
Labyrinth -  Is it worth it to make a sequel to this movie?  Joe thinks that it wouldn't be worth it because it's really not that good of a movie but it could be done as long as it's not with muppets. Mike thinks that it could be salvaged and made into a darker tale.


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Movie Review - The Imitation Game

Length: 1s

From only seeing a few of the pieces on his resume, Benedict Cumberbatch has become one of my favorite actors. In such a short time, he has established himself as a top tier leading man. His brilliant performances on the miniseries, Sherlock, and as Khan, in Star Trek Into Darkness, got me hooked. Some other larger than life actors take decades honing their craft by working the theaters and doing small, unnoticeable roles. Greats like Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs), Gary Oldman (The Professional), Ben Kingsley (Schindler's List), and Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood), have all put inhuman amounts of time into their careers, and it shows. Cumberbatch has also, but his star is rising much quicker. Like those other actors, he has an ability to immerse himself into his characters and convince the audience that they're watching reality and not an act. I have a strong feeling, that we have not yet seen the best of Benedict Cumberbatch, and that leaves us overflowing with anticipation.


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Movie Review - The Interview

Length: 1s

What makes The Interview so controversial is not so much its subject matter, but the reactions to that subject. The drama surrounding this film makes the hoopla associated with 2004's Team America: World Police, seem like a mild hiccup. Aside from the cowardice that has been shown by American movie theater owners, the biggest shame in all of this has been the overshadowing of a decent comedy. Put aside the whole "Act of War" thing (it's easier if you're American, harder if French), and look at this film as what it is- a Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg collaboration. They've worked together on hits like Superbad and This is the End. If you're not into their type of humor, then The Interview isn't for you. What works so well, is the interplay between whoever's on the screen. Just like its namesake, The Interview consists mainly of two people at a time, improvising on the scene's subject, conversing and manipulating each other to hilarious conclusions. The only time it doesn't work as well, is when too many people are shoved into the mix.


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Why Don't They - Alien Nation

Length: 1s

It's our last show of 2014 -
We take a look at Alien Nation and do a what if podcast on the movie.  Breaking it down into 3 new and different movies to continue the story set back in the late 80's.
Alien Nation spawned a television series, but after that, there hasn't been anything on the horizon about a remake of the movie.

if you haven't seen Alien Nation, it's kind of like 48 Hours/buddy cop movie meets Independence Day or District 9.  A unique idea and a good movie to boot.  Why the studios haven't jumped on the bandwagon to expand this movie universe is beyond us.  It's worth it, if done right.


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Why Don't They - Escape From Cleveland

Length: 46s

When John Carpenter came out with Escape From New York, it was a cool twist on the prison escape movie.  Lone wolf gunslinger rolls into town, on a mission to find something or someone and get out alive.

Taking it almost post apocalyptic and setting it on Manhatton was a stroke of genius.  The characters were quirky, realistic and fun.  Plissken and his shady, mysterious past always cropped up and much like Boba Fett, you wanted to learn more about this character but the payoff was never there.  Which was excellent.  It left you wanting more.  Especially when he chimes in with asking Harry Dean Stanton's character about Fresno Bob.

In Escape From L.A. we got to know a bit more about Plissken and his trevails before New York.  It was really a throw away line when he's talking with Hershey (Pam Grier) about Cleveland and how they left him behind. These two items got Joe and I talking about an Escape From Cleveland movie - we knew the setting - 1992.  Five years before New York and 4 years after New York became the first prison colony.  We knew Snakes past.  Former military and was arrested for robbing a bank.  So we threw those bits and pieces together and came up with the idea that Plissken, Hershey and Fresno Bob were part of a mercenary unit sent in to Cleveland to rescue (again) the presidential candidate and his wife, at the same time they are to protect a train carrying important federal government documents. In reality it was carrying the gold reserve from Fort Knox.  But it all goes bad in typical Escape From New York fashion. 

Plissken is betrayed by his "friends", we find out what happens to Fresno Bob and we meet a new character "The Dog Catcher"  and we get to see Plissken play football "Blood Bowl" style and finish off the movie series "Escape From..." with an epic 3rd movie.


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A Couple Of Average Joes - Why Don't They _ Old Habits Die hard

Length: 41s

Joe and I like to do a bit of the roundtable discussion.  Mostly it revolves around movies and a kind of "what if" situation and once in a while we'll stumble upon a decent idea for a sequel to a movie (or an entirely new concept). This week, we talk about a final sequel in the Die hard franchise.  It's been an idea I had floating around since before Live Free Or Die Hard.  In fact, in my "Old Habits Die Hard" movie notes, I wrote in a part about McClanes son finally meeting in an Indiana Jone's type moment on the screen where they both are detectives and someone says "detective mcclane" and they both answer yes.

Of course, there also needs to be Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson in the movie, even if there is just a flashback to him.  Maybe have another character with his traits and that Peck (william atherton as Richard Thornburg) guy.  He does need to be in it again, along with Theo (bad guy programmer), Al, Holly, Lucy, Jack and Justin Long as the son-in-law and a moment where the FBI guys say "no relation" and they're both still the same guys - Robert Davi and Grand Bush. As Al says "what do they do? grow you guys on trees?" or something equally as silly, such as you guys look really familiar or whatever.


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Movie Podcast Review of - The Hobbit: Battle Of the Five Armies

Length: 1s

When reviewing the end of The Hobbit trilogy, one can't help but compare it to the end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Will it do things right? Will it be a satisfying end to a memorable tale? Will it have twenty-seven endings (like it can't let go)? My short answer is, no. Now I will concede that maybe, just maybe, I have subconsciously convinced myself that all films (post ROTK) will inevitably come up short. But that doesn't mean that this movie couldn't have been so much better. My biggest problem, is that I didn't feel emotionally connected to anyone except for Thorin Oakenshield. The story is split between so many characters that there's no one to care about. Also, the sense of awe that I once felt, has been replaced by looking more for what was done wrong instead of just trying to enjoy it for what it is. Thank God that I saw this film twice. The first time left my high expectations drenched in underwhelming disappointment. After seeing it again, I believe my first opinions were a bit harsh. This film is still not anywhere near as good as ROTK mind you, but it is a nice companion to the whole schmear. Besides its character problems and the obvious over-stretching of its source material, The Battle of the Five Armies puts style over substance.


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Question Of The Week - Dungeons And Dragons Style Movies

Length: 31s

Each week joe and I discuss a kind of "what would you do" segment.  We call it the Question Of The Week.  In general it's about older movies that we think could be remade, repurposed or rebooted.

This week we talk about the age old classic - Dungeons And Dragons type movies.  The good ole tale of the dragon slayer or dungeon crawler. Swords and Sorcery.

What dungeons and dragons type fantasy movie would you like to see come to the big screen again?

Joe thinks Willow would be cool.
Mike thinks that Dragonslayer would work.

Movies mentioned in this podcast
Clash Of The Titans
Dungeons And Dragons the cartoon
The Lord Of The Rings by Bakshi
Monsters and Mazes
The Book Of Vile Evil
The Dragonlance Chronicles - Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman
The Dungeons and Dragons movie with Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch
the last unicorn
conan the barbarian
masters of the universe
red sonja
dragon heart
the princess bride


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Exodus Gods And Kings Movie Review

Length: 1s

Exodus: Gods and Kings is another of Scott's films that looks great, but has a black hole at the center of it. And no matter how much sand or eyeliner that you throw into it, it will never be filled. The biggest problem with this movie is that its two and a half hour run time isn't long nor smart enough to contain such a large story. For a film that focuses entirely on Christian Bale's Moses, it's not completely sure what to do with him. Every time that there's a moment that needs to grow between himself and another character, the film shifts to days or even years later. How can we care about the man who "let his people go", if we are not shown his development with those people? I'm also still trying accept Bale (who's Welsh) as a Hebrew. He neither looks nor sounds like it. But he's not the worst. Joel Edgerton (Warrior) as Ramesses II, is almost laughable. His spoiled brat of a performance is only surpassed when he has the constant look on his face of "who dealt it?". Oh wait, that's because of the large amounts of eyeliner that was applied to him and the other white as hell actors in this (I thought that Tammy Faye Bakker was dead). My other big problem with this movie is the cast. Good to great actors like Aaron Paul (Need for Speed), Ben Mendlesohn (The Place Beyond the Pines), John Turturro (The Big Lebowski), Sigourney Weaver (Paul), and Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast), are relegated to a mere few scenes, and/or are mostly quiet when shown. With such a powerhouse cast, wouldn't you use them to the best of their abilities?


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast Movie Review - The Pyramid

Length: 1s

Damn you Blair Witch Project! Sure you've inspired some decent "found footage" films since 1999 like, Cloverfield, Troll Hunter, Quarantine, Paranormal Activity (part 1), The Bay, and Chronicle but, on the other end, we've been eyeball raped by dozens of weak knockoffs exploiting the hopes and wallets of moviegoers. It's a cool genre when done right. Into the Storm, Earth to Echo, The Chernobyl Diaries, The Last Exorcism, and Apollo 18, are some of the junk that somehow escaped the worthless void of straight-to-video worthy films and went mainstream. Where is the studio exec that looks at movies like those and says, "NO!"? Oh yeah, he's wiping his tookus with our money with one hand, and signing off on another crapfest with the other. I guess that's how this next film got approved.


The Pyramid, is a lame attempt to capitalize off of multiple horror films while using the once creepy handheld camera method. The premise is interesting and the overall look isn't bad but, that's where the positives pretty much end. It's like somebody had an idea for a movie, but didn't know the specifics, and wrote it anyway. "Hey! I can't think of any substantial dialogue and character depth so, let's just have them wander around the inside of a dark pyramid, scream, argue pointlessly, and make stupid decisions, til they all die off." To fill in the blanks, the filmmakers decided to copy from flicks like The Descent, The Mummy, and all of the "handhelds". Those other films worked because they had something that this one doesn't- good storytelling and charming characters. Instead of us rooting for the pyramid's captives, we just root for the next bloody death scene.



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A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - The Question Of The Week - Shane Black Movies

Length: 15s

You may notice that we have done away with "episode" number our podcasts.  I (Mike) don't believe in it.  It dates the show, it's unimportant to the listener as to what show is what and where in the time line and if we want to re-record a show, then we have to go back to the show, replace the file and then let everyone know where it's at.  In fact, we're re-recording our Django Unchained and The Hobbit podcasts and we're leaving in the originals because it show's where we were at the time and how far we've come along.


I don't buy into the "podcast strategy".  The idea that we have to have music at the beginning of the show, that we have to have episodic content or numbers or that we have to introduce the show like this "hi and welcome to another episode, episode blah blah, of our episodic show..." BORING.  Joe and I retooled the show to reflect how we want it to be, so that you, the listener will enjoy the experience even better. 


Trust me :)

Any ways, here is our newest show - The Question Of The Week.

Shane Black movies - What movie of his would you rewrite, remake or reboot? or would you do all three? 

I know - you're asking yourself -
Self - who the hell is Shane Black and why should I care? and your self chuckles a little bit at this and answers back, I know right!  But then it starts to gnaw at you, that question that bugs everyone - "I know who that guy is, I just can't place him"

Shane Black is responsible for creating one of the most successful movie franchises. Monster Squad!  Also, he wrote something called "Lethal Weapon" which was a moderate success. Considered one of the pioneer screenwriters of the action genre, Black made his mark with his Lethal Weapon (1987) screenplay. He also collaborated on the story of the sequel, Lethal Weapon 2 (1989). Each successive script he turned in had a higher price attached it, from The Last Boy Scout (1991) to The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), and in between a re-write on the McTiernan/Schwarzenegger Last Action Hero (1993) script.

Also - Predator - He's got Predator money! Oh and he's responsible for the Lethal Weapon franchise.  Not bad for a kid from where ever he's from.  Also, he and chris pratt could be brothers


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TMRS Episode 100 - Horrible Bosses 2 Movie Review Podcast

Length: 1s

Horrible Bosses 2 is an obvious unnecessary follow-up. Luckily, it knows how to have fun in spite of its pointlessness and ups (or degrades) the personalities of its characters. Jason Bateman's straight man- straighter (except for a brief moment at the dentist's office). Jason Sudeikis' horny goofball- still horny with fewer brain cells. Charlie Day's dimwitted back seater- no change. Jennifer Aniston's slutty dentist- sluttier. Kevin Spacey's arrogant asshole- even bigger. Jamie Foxx's Mofo Jones- still a mofo. Newcomers Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine, show that serious actors have a comedic side too - especially Pine.



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TMRS Episode 99 B - The Question Of The Week - Dan Akroyd Films

Length: 19s

This weeks question of the week is
Dan Akroyd Movies -
Which Dan Akroyd movie, minus Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers would be relevant as either a remake or if it were released today?

Joe -
The Great Outdoors
Spies Like Us

Dr. Detroit


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TMRS Episode 99 - The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 1

Length: 41s

Mockingjay seems to be another two-parter that benefits from being split up. This Part 1 of the final film, is all about the build up to the rebels' inevitable battle with the pampered prima donnas of the Capital in Part 2. Once again, Jennifer Lawrence is the strongest piece of this franchise. She makes you believe so much in Katniss, that every word she says is gospel. A good example of that is when she's emoting to the cameras recording her for the rebels' inspirational videos. The speeches she gives are nothing new but, when she says them, it's emotionally powerful. Like a special assortment of spices, each of her co-stars adds a distinct flavor to their parts. In one of his final roles, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee, is very effective at showing him in and out of his element. Some actors get more screen time for this film like Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth, while others get considerably less like Woody Harrelson and Stanley Tucci. You can never have enough Haymitch. Luckily, it balances itself out. One character that I still don't care for is Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson. The supposed love that's between him and Katniss looks and feels fake. Just because they say it's there, doesn't truly mean it is. Of course, the relationship between Katniss and Gale (Hemsworth) seems unrealistically strained for plot convenience as well.



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TMRS Episode 98b The Question Of The Week - Steve Martin

Length: 21s

The question of the week always revolves around movies - past and present.  From the actors in movies to what kind of soundtracks we like.  With the idea of "what would you do differently".  This weeks question of the week is all about early Steve Martin films and whether or not they would be relevant if they were released now.  Steve Martin has a great list of classic and not so classic movies like The Jerk, The Man With Two Brains, Planes Trains and Automobiles (with the great John Candy), The Three Amigo's with Martin Short and Chevy Chase, Roxanne and Parenthood.


What movie do you think would work in todays cinemascape?


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TMRS Episode 98 Dumb And Dumber 2

Length: 46s

With Hollywood's hopeless attempts at producing original

hits, they have ventured into a realm that we thought

would never exist- long belated sequels of films that no

one ever asked for or gave up thinking about a long time

ago. To my disbelief, Dumb and Dumber To has now happened,

while the Ghostbusters franchise gets fitted for Spanx

gear and straitjackets (cause those bitches is menstrual

and crazy!) before its inevitable re-collapse. From the

hilarious trailers, I thought that this new film would be

awesome, I was wrong. It's just, ok. I don't fault Jeff

Daniels and Jim Carrey for its mediocrity, I blame the

Farrellys. (along with four other writers) They wrote and

directed the damn thing. Even though this film doesn't try

to one up the original, it still comes off as an almost

scene for scene copy of part 1 with different characters

and hijinks. Think of how comparable the stories were for

Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.. It all just

seems kind of lazy to me.


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TMRS Episode 97b Interstellar

Length: 47s

Interstellar is their next collaboration and honestly, it's their most ambitious to date. This film tries to be so big, that it almost collapses into the black hole that's at the center of it all. At times, the theoretics (space, time, gravity, etc.) are so confusing that you can miss an entire conversation but, still be in awe of the overall package. To be honest, this film is probably the most difficult review that I have ever had to write (so far), and that's accredited to Nolan. For good or worse, the man makes you think. At the time of writing this review, I've had three days since seeing Interstellar to think about it, and I still haven't gotten a complete grasp on it all. The beginning of the film is all pre-space flight character development mostly between Matthew McConaughey (the Lincoln philosopher) and his daughter played by, Mackenzie Foy (Breaking Dawn 1 & 2), with some end of the world dilemmas (mega dust storms, dying crops, narrow-minded school teachers) playing in the background. Characters played by Michael Caine, John Lithgow, Wes Bentley, Topher Grace, and Casey Affleck, are all small roles but, effective in their limited appearances. Anne Hathaway is sort of a mixed bag in this film. She is believable as a scientist but, she also comes off as someone so emotionally unstable that you wonder if there might have been a better candidate for NASA to pick. McConaughey is at first the same guy with a twang that you have seen in almost everything but then, his character becomes more impassioned and the film soars along with him. Better than McConaughey though, was the grown up version of his daughter played by, Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty). She brings a level of heartrending realism to her role of a daughter who feels  the hopelessness that she may never see her father again, that she makes you want to drop everything that you're doing and call a loved one.


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TMRS Episode 97b Big Hero 6

Length: 54s

Based on a short-lived Marvel comic, Big Hero 6 is another Disney animated film that's so good, it could be mistaken as a Pixar release. It has the same attributes that make a Pixar film what it is- a good story, a sentimental sense of humor, heart, and of course, state-of-the-art animation that has that extra little something that seperates them from the other guys (Dreamworks, Sony Animation, Universal, Fox). First and foremost, the sense of humor is what this film does best. I don't care how good the animation is. If the story is lame and doesn't make you laugh, then the overall look doesn't matter. Luckily, the animation is as good as the story, which only has a couple of moments that are formulaic. Little details like background character movements and reflections off of puddles, draws you into their world. Also, the fictional combo city of San Fransokyo, is beautifully colorful and rendered. Along with the humor, Big Hero 6's biggest asset is also its biggest character- Baymax, the marshmallowy robot with a heart of gold and the innocence of a child. Everything Baymax is absolutely great. Everything he says, everything he does. He's as memorable a character as Stich or Wall-E. 


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TMRS Episode 97A The Question Of The Week

Length: 25s

Every week Mike has a question for Joe about movie related items - sometimes it's favorite directors, sometimes it's about rebooting or remaking movies.

This week's Question Of The Week is about:
Movie Soundtracks -

What movie or movies would you redo the soundtracks to?  Would you use a composer for original film score like Star Wars or Indiana Jones or would you use music artists to compile a soundtrack like Kill Bill or Guardians Of The Galaxy?


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TMRS Episode 96.5 The Question Of The Week

Length: 24s

There are tons of cool hardcore action movies out there

like Hardboiled, the Matrix, A Better Tomorrow, Face/Off

and recently John Wick.  Joe and I ask the question - What

is your favorite hardcore action flick and who would you

recast in it?

For Joe -
The Matrix

For Mike

Special consideration - Die Hard


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Length: 43s

Michael Keaton has always been an actor that I've wanted to see more of. Movies like Beetlejuice and Clean and Sober, worked so well because of his charisma. His sense of humor and unique facial gestures have even kept some of his mediocre films afloat (Gung Ho, Multiplicity). Throughout the 80s and early 90s, you could see him all of the time (Johnny Dangerously, Pacific Heights). Then after his two shots as Batman, he seemed to go into a more serious direction (My Life, The Paper), and eventually became sporadic with his roles (Jackie Brown, Jack Frost, Desperate Measures). With the success of 2005's, White Noise, it seemed that he was on a "comeback", but no. He sort of disappeared after that, with some offbeat films (The Merry Gentleman, Post Grad), some voice work (Cars, Toy Story 3), and a humorous role in The Other Guys. What a strange rollercoaster that his career has been on. Now for whatever reason, there has been a resurgence of Mr. Keaton lately (Robocop 2014, Need for Speed), and Hollywood is better off for it. I just hope that he gets the recognition he deserves for this next film.


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TMRS Episode 95.5 The Question Of The Week

Length: 43s

We're in the final week of October - Halloween is upon us and we're debuting a new part of the podcast a 1/2 (half) episode - One that we've been using in the podcast for a couple of episodes now, but we felt that it would serve better as a standalone part of the podcast.

I love October, the cheesy horror movies from the 80's are on tv, the new TV season is upon us and in full swing and it's getting towards the end of the year.  In appreciation of Halloween, we have our Question Of The Day -

What horror movie terrified you the most?

Mikes list -
The Howling
An American Werewolf In London
A Nightmare On Elm St.
Friday The 13th Parts 2 and 3
Basket Case
Amityville Horror
The Entity

Joes List -
The Exorcist
A Nightmare On Elm St.
The Shining
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Thing
Night Of The Living Dead
Let The Right One In
28 Days later


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TMRS Episode 95 John Wick

Length: 1s

Co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are both former stunt men with each a massive resume to back up their credentials. Films like The Matrix, Ninja Assassin, and The Hunger Games, are but a small amount of the brilliant stunt and assistant directing work that they have done. Their first job in the Captain's chair, is the film, John Wick, which is an awesome way to show what years of technical experience can accomplish. (after seeing the film) When I found out that this was directed by a couple of stunt guys, it all made perfect sense. This movie is a lot of fun. From the very beginning to very end, it gets to the point. There's no time to stop and smell the roses. There's only time to do a drive-by on those flowers with a grenade launcher, take a couple of seconds to reflect, and then move onto the next batch. Everything here is done right. They even keep Keanu Reeves' dialogue short so that he doesn't overact and get carried away with himself. Instead, the supporting cast steps in and carries the verbal load. With the exception of Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), who came off as an annoying character with no depth, every player involved gets something fun to say and/or do. Willem Dafoe (Boondock Saints), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Ian McShane (Sexy Beast), John Leguizamo (Spawn), Dean Winters (Mayhem), and Lance Reddick (Fringe), all bring something cool and relevant. Michael Nyqvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) is the absolute stand out, though. His performance is a combination of semi-controlled rage and hilarity that had me in stitches more than a few times.


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TMRS Episode 94 Fury

Length: 1s

Brad Pitt is like a fine wine, he just gets better and better with age. The levels of his character, "War Daddy", are the film's most intricate. Alongside, Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) is the actual centerpiece of Fury but, he's in such close quarters that everyone gets plenty of face time. Shia LaBeouf (Disturbia) is very good and doesn't try to hog the spotlight, even though he went to extremes to prep for his role (look it up). Jon Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street) as the redneck of the group, is over the top but effective. The one wasted actor was Michael Pena (Observe and Report). He is mostly quiet throughout and he doesn't get much to say. An actor of his talent should have gotten more to work with. The "why don't we see more of him lately" Jason Isaacs (Luscious Malfoy) plays a Captain looking as war torn and tired as Pitt's in a few scenes. All of the rest of the cast are mostly just in for a brief moment or two but add to the overall picture.


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TMRS Episode 93 Dracula Untold

Length: 1s

Dracula Untold is supposedly going to be connected to these new monster movies. For the entire film, you can't see any possible connection to said films but, by the end, you can see a workable opportunity present itself. I must first say that this film is better than I had expected, but still not great. It's hard to get excited about a film like this when you've seen every incarnation of the character under the sun (or moon). (start of sarcasm) Oh but wait! There's something new about this Dracula. He's not the murderous abomination that we've all been shown for over the last hundred years. He's a misunderstood hero who has to make an impossible decision to protect his family (end of sarcasm). Problem is, Bram Stoker's Dracula from 1993 is the closest that Dracula should ever come to being a sympathetic villain. Now though, he's being reformed into a medieval version of the Dark Knight. He looks bad, but he's doing good, in a bad way, which makes it good. Confused yet? Don't be. The story is fairly basic and loosely based on Stoker's novel. The short ninety minute run time makes most of the film feel rushed in that, there's no time to really establish most of the characters nor give us time to care about them. The overall look of the film is one of its biggest assets. The location filming in Ireland, the cool visuals, and the costume designs, all helped to sell the feel of this film. For me, the dragon design of Dracula's armor is an amazing piece of work.


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TMRS Episode 92 Gone Girl

Length: 2s

Gone Girl, is no exception. Damn, does this movie get intense! Fincher's latest novel interpretation, is a multi-layered suspense ride that will leave you wondering what the hell just happened. Me personally, I believe I need at least a couple more viewings to get my brain wrapped around everything. Advertised as a big Hollywood version similar to the Scott Peterson fiasco, this film is anything but. Pull back the layers, and see the level of insanity displayed in the story. First and foremost, Rosamund Pike (The World's End) as the girl that's........gone, delivers one of the most compelling performances that I have seen this year. Her ability to portray her character in so many different ways, is Oscar worthy. Ben Affleck (Mallrats) as Pike's husband, holds his own and shows that he can still work in front of the camera as well as behind it. His sister, played by Carrie Coon (The Leftovers), is an unexpected pleasure, to say the least. This actress just comes out of nowhere and takes over every scene that she's in. Hell, she's made me a fan after just one movie. Not to worry, I haven't forgotten about the rest of the cast. The film would only be as half as good without them. There are plenty to name but, the stand out supporters are from Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie) and Tyler Perry (Madea this and Madea that). They are both so good, you wish that they could stay around for a little longer.


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TMRS Episode 91 The Equalizer

Length: 1s

Originally a TV show from the 80s, The Equalizer is pretty much a remake in name only. Sure, Denzel has the same name and he helps to right the wrongs of powerless victims but, that's where it stops. The film itself starts with some good character building between Denzel and Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick Ass) for the first act. Then detrimentally, Moretz disappears until the final scene, and the rest of the film becomes a battle between Denzel and the Russian mob, with a couple of breaks for conversation. The flow of this film is eerily similar to Washington's 2004 revenge flick, Man on Fire, which had a great first half of drama, then it turned into a bloody torture-porn exhibition. Seriously, The Equalizer would have been so much better if it had put its guns down and spent more time with Washington and Moretz. Instead, we get a so-so movie with wasted potential. One of its wastes is with actors Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Bill Pullman (Spaceballs). They show up for maybe ten minutes, and do nothing but give Denzel someone to talk to in between gun battles. There was however, an interesting performance from Martin Csokas (XXX), as a Russian "cleaner". His creepy calmness, comes with a level of control and intimidation that's fun to watch.


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TMRS Episode 90 TUSK

Length: 1s

How does one describe Kevin Smith's latest film, Tusk? The simple way, is to just say that a radio host goes to Canada for an interview, and is kidnapped by an old man who wants to turn him into a walrus. Sounds like an episode of Tales From the Crypt, right? A more intricate description would be, after an episode of Smith's popular internet show, Smodcast, with long time friend and collaborator, Scott Mosier, a goofy article that they both embellished on, has somehow been turned into a full length feature film. Just a heads up- This film is not for regular filmgoers. I'm not even sure if it's for fans of Kevin Smith's movies. But it is definitely for Smith's many podcast listeners. More than anything, Tusk is an inside joke that will fully only makes sense to them (me included). There are at least half a dozen nods to Smith's podcast shenanigans throughout the film. After saying that, I must say that this movie is one of the most "mixed bag" as they come. On one hand, it's a creepy character piece that's centered around Justin Long's (Jeepers Creepers) and Michael Parks' (Kill Bill) characters. On the other, it's an uneven take on the horror genre that becomes so absurd, that it's hilarious. Once I saw Long in the walrus suit, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. Think "The Human Centipede" without the extreme gore, and with a sense morbid humor.


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TMRS Episode 89 The Drop

Length: 1s

His final film (until some long lost final, final film shows up), The Drop, is not the end-all Gandolfini exit that we'd all hope for but, it is however a very good film that he makes the most of in a supporting role. His character as Uncle Marv, has the majority of funny lines, as well as the most emotional of the bunch. There's an underlying deception in his eyes and actions that adds to the film. The lead of the film, Bob, played by Tom Hardy (RocknRolla), is actually the most interesting person. Through most of the movie, Bob comes off as a very quiet pushover that at first glance, seems almost dimwitted. However, Hardy's performance is a subtle build up to an amazing reveal by the third act. And it is well worth the wait. His love interest, played by Noomi Rapace (Prometheus), is similar to the character she played in last year's, Dead Man Down, quiet and damaged. She doesn't have much to work with but, she helps to progress Bob's humanity. Though Bob has to deal with a large dilemma concerning a robbery at his bar that's owned by the Russian Mafia, another thorn pops up into his side from the likes of Eric Deeds (Matthias Schoenaerts). The unpredictability of his disturbing character, creates an uncomfortable level of tension that pulls you into the story.


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TMRS Episode 88 The November Man

Length: 55s

Judging from this first film (but seventh book), I'd say that he should have just made a sequel to The Matador instead, or maybe played Grandpa Remmy in TBS' obviously soon to come "Remington Steele: The Next Generation". The November Man tries to be a bunch of spy thrillers all at once. The most noticeable, is the Bourne movies. It's hard to say what makes this film so, so-so, so I'll just compare it to a much better spy film from earlier this year. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit had a good story, action, side characters, suspense, and charisma. This film pales in every one of those comparisons. The story is predictable and nothing new. The action is largely forgettable. The side characters are mostly unimpressive space filler. What suspense? The predictability kills that. And Charisma? That lays at the bottom of Brosnan's glass. Nearly the entire film, Brosnan is heavily drinking, and yet he still has the ability to one-up the competition while operating heavy machinery. At least his Bond character knew when to pick up the phone and call his sponsor.

Aside from the drinking, Brosnan is ok when he doesn't look like he's falling asleep. A large part of the story is wasted on Brosnan searching for a person who's (obvious to us) right in front of his face the whole time. Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) plays the exact same character that she played as a Bond Girl. It's actually scary how comparable they are. Brosnan's protege/nemesis, played by Luke Bracey (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), acts both knowledgeable and oblivious simultaneously (figure that one out). The film's best character was by long time actor, Bill Smitrovich (Ted, Independence Day). Normally a small side character in films, Smitrovich gets to show off his many years of acting experience with this role of someone who's both witty and secretive. Too bad more of the characters in this film weren't as interesting.


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TMRS Episode 87 The Expendables 3

Length: 1s

The last film that I saw in August was The Expendables 3. Though it's not the bummer that TMNT and Sin City 2 were, it's not the "blow your skirt up" end of the Summer movie season action extravaganza that I was hoping for. It is more grounded and way less goofy than the parody that was The Expendables 2 but, that one was more fun to watch. From the start, the film shows its biggest problem, character overload (X-Men 3 style). Franchise staples like, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture, are largely in the picture for continuity's sake, with only a couple of lines and background tough guy poses. Terry Crews takes the "Jet Li early exit" this time around. Speaking of Jet Li. Like his appearance in part 2, Li has a very "short" amount of screen time, and he doesn't even get to show off his amazing martial arts talent. If they (the filmmakers) knew that they were going to add close to a dozen or so more characters, why didn't they omit (or expend) some of the recurring actors? As before, the main focus of the film is with Stallone's role, and focus they do. I counted at least seven times that the camera does a slow pan close up to Sly's face when he's angry. It got to the point where I wanted to yell, "We get it, he's pissed!", at the screen. The other main focus is in the direction of the Expendababies (*patent pending), the young newcomers that are supposed to take the franchise into a fresh new perspective. No. Instead, they (Rousey, Lutz, Ortiz, Powell) take up the whole second act of the film and come off as lifeless amateurs. Personally, I think that they were put into this film to keep down the costs and filming schedules of the bigger actors.


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TMRS Episode 86 Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Length: 1s

Nine years have passed since Robert Rodriguez's awesomely cool vision of Sin City was on the big screen. Since then, we've had to wade through some good ventures (Planet Terror, Machete), and some not so much (Spy Kids 4, Machete Kills). For whatever reasons, the anticipated sequel to Sin City was periodically placed on the back burner during those years, and had been simmering at a temperature so low that most people started to lose interest (just look at the opening weekend numbers). I was excited to hear about its confirmed filming and release but, after about thirty minutes into the film, that's where my excitement ended. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, is not a bad movie, but also not a very good one. What went wrong? It's hard to tell but, it is lacking in every department where part one excelled at. What's to blame? The time between films? The replacements of certain actors? Weaker source material? Or maybe the novelty has worn off? Either way, what was cool before, is now missing something. Nearly everything was off. The action, the suspense, and especially, the cool. Even Marv (Mickey Rourke) seemed different

We also talked about remaking Spawn the series, Todd Mcfarlane, keeping it reel about The Omen tv series on Lifetime Network


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TMRS Episode 85 Let's Be Cops

Length: 1s

On the show, Joe and I talked about Robin Williams passing and the Twitter and Instagram bullying that his daughter Zelda was subject to.

We also added a new subject to the show How Would You Do It?

This weeks How Would You Do It?

A Hellboy TV series.  Would it be done live action?  How long per episode?  Where should it be shown, on TV, Web, HBO or Showtime?

Let's Be Cops takes the simple approach and excels at its situational comedy. Not a great story by any means but, the two leads played by New Girl costars, Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, jr., make the film work off of their chemistry and comedic timing. They have an Odd Couple dynamic. Johnson as the over the top wild man, and Wayans, jr. as the straight man. Every situation that they get into has consistent hilarity. Now, there's nothing really original to any aspect of the story but, seeing these two on the big screen together for the first time, felt fresh. This film has the charisma and execution where the similar cop comedy, Ride Along, failed to deliver. The supporting cast has some funny moments as well. Jon Lajoie (The League) and Natasha Leggero (Reno 911) have bit parts as a jerk off boss and a nympho with a taste for ecstasy and lollipops. As funny as they were though, they couldn't match the ferocity of Cuban/Dominican/Puerto Rican/idk character, Pupa, played by Keegan-Michael Key (Mad TV). Every facial expression and line of dialogue from him is "laugh til you cry" hilarious. Rob Riggle (21 & 22 Jump Street) plays a subdued role this time around, and it's a good thing. His loud, wacky, shtick, has worn a bit thin lately. James D'Arcy (Cloud Atlas) as the main villain, is a scarily good baddie but, his intensity would have been better served in a more serious film. The only really wasted role of the film comes from Andy Garcia (Smokin Aces). He plays the same old, dead faced, low talker, that he always seems to do lately.


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TMRS Episode 84 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Length: 51s

I can give you three big reasons why the Turtles are still on the wrong track: Nickelodeon Movies, Director Jonathan Liebsman (Wrath of the Titans), and (shocker) Producer Michael Bay. Now I realize that I've been hammering on Bay a lot this Summer but, there's a reason for it, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film proves it. The best example is that good scriptwriting gets replaced by a poorly written story that only a child wouldn't notice, with characters that are boring and wasted (The Fantastic Four films come to mind). Speaking of boring characters, how's about Megan Fox as April O'Neil? Brunette (instead of the classic auburn hair color, hence the Irish name, O'NEIL!!!) and with acting abilities that only Keanu Reeves would envy. Oh, that's right, she's in this movie for the eye candy factor that Bay puts into his films nine times out of ten over substance. Don't even get me started about the appearance of The Shredder. Barely any dialogue for him and he's thrown into a Transformers style robotic suit that looks like a rip off of the cinematic Silver Samurai (The Wolverine). Side characters played by the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Will Arnett (Blades of Glory) are ok but have nothing to chew on. One of my favorite actors, William Fichtner (Drive Angry), plays a minor villain with odd motivations.


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TMRS Podcast Episode 83 Planes:Fire and Rescue and Guardians Of The Galaxy

Length: 1s


Don't forget to visit www.acoupleofaveragejoes.com for more content, you can also view our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/diicastdotcom to leave a comment or two and subscribe so it's easier to get our updates. 

After seeing both Planes films in the span of five hours, I have to say that they weren't anywhere near as bad as I had hoped thought. While the first film was the run-of-the-mill, "little engine that could" tale, Fire & Rescue is better on both story and substance. What makes this movie a superior sequel, is that the direction the story goes to isn't your basic second adventure. Instead of just another race against a bigger and badder opponent, the hero gets hit with a life altering event and decides to help people. The messages about teamwork and second chances aren't overplayed. One of the coolest things about the subject matter, is that the filmmakers actually did their research. They spent nearly a year, learning about fire fighting procedures with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and also the United States Forestry Service. That research shows so well in the story and in the visuals, that it makes up for most of the film's shortcomings.

Guardians of the Galaxy, restores my faith in what's still possible with motion pictures. This risky venture that could have been a serious setback for Marvel is paying off big time. I mean most people (myself included) that don't eat and sleep comic books, didn't even know who the hell these guys were. But just like the ingenious line of trailers that preceded this film, this movie brings a level of fun back to movie watching. The movie is so good that I can only think of piddly things to complain about. Writer/director James Gunn (Slither, Super) has crafted a story that stands on its own, even while being connected to the Avengers universe. Starting off with a touching origin tale for the lead character, Star Lord/Peter Quill, and complimented by an awesome 70s classic rock soundtrack (even songs I normally don't care for fit perfectly), Gunn shows how much he's invested in this. After that, the story goes into a near constant barrage of action sequences and hilarity that ups the ante for Marvel movies. The jokes and sight gags come no less than every minute or so. The only times that the funny moments don't deliver is when the action overwhelms them (which happens a few times). Every one of the main characters (and most of the side ones too) bring their own distinctive form of charm to the humor, whether it be the crafty smartass (Star Lord), the naive warrior (Gamora), the straightforward vengeance seeker (Drax), the inferiority complexed opportunist (Rocket), or the simple minded sentient tree (Groot).


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TMRS Episode 82 Lucy

Length: 1s

Lucy, is the atypical Besson action flick, but with a sci-fi kick (unintentional rhyme). As a fan of his type of movies, that's perfectly fine for me. The film starts off sort of similar to The Professional. The setting, the suspense, the introduction of the villain. What is it with Besson always having the baddies in a high rise building? Social statement? Scarlett Johansson, who through the length of the film is nearly emotionless, is so damn enchanting that she could make a conversation with a potato interesting. Luc sure knows how to pick his leading ladies. Min-Sik Choi's (Oldboy) villain reminded me of Gary Oldman's from The Professional, with his hilariously frightening eccentric behavior. Morgan Freeman is a mixed bag of a character. During the first twenty minutes, he helps to set up the premise nicely but, then afterward, he's relegated to the same old advice giver that he's been type-casted for. Come to think of it, his film from a couple of months ago,Transcendence, was similar with his character and the premise. But unlike Transcendence, this film knows when to stop.


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TMRS Episode 81 The Purge: Anarchy Podcast 2014

Length: 1s

The Purge: Anarchy Takes the intriguing premise from it's predecessor and delivers a better product this time around. Though it comes with many flaws, this film does what The Purge should have done in the first place. Set in the open environment of the city (LA), instead of the un-cinematic confines of a mansion, the story has a better chance to breathe. There, the affect of the purge is shown on a larger scale, and the main affect is creepy. Along with the premise, the eerie ambiance of the film (creepy masked stalkers, darkly lit areas, and that damn purge siren) is the film's biggest attribute. Also, it's lead role played by Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is the most interesting character of the bunch however, that's not saying a whole lot. The four little known actors that Grillo bodyguards through the city, are lacking in much depth and at times, come off as victims stinking in cliche. Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire), plays the leader of an underground anti-purge militia. Though his two scenes in the movie weren't bad, the whole rebel thing felt like a desperate grab at enhancing the story. Long time actor, John Beasley (Walking Tall 2004), portrays a sympathetic character at the start of the film, and was probably the only person besides Grillo's that was worth caring about. Jack Conley (Payback) plays a government hit squad captain, who's involvement comes off in a way that was a bit of a stretch. What this movie needed was a villain as interesting as Rhys Wakefield was in part one


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TMRS Episode 80 - Sex Tape - 2014 Podcast

Length: 1s

Ah, the sex comedy. Designed to be both a laugh generator and boner inducer. Problem is, how many times have you laughed while having an erection (male or female)? Sure it's happened but, nine times out of ten, you're too much into serious cave man face mode, to have a sense of humor. Those humorous times are usually relegated to things like, poorly timed bodily noises, over-contorted facial gestures, and failing to imitate the Kama Sutra by collapsing into an unrecognizable pile of limbs and body hair. For me, it's looking into the mirror with one. I believe what makes the sex comedy so enticing, is the fact that from an outside view, sex in and of itself, looks funny. I mean, have you ever seen two tortoises slapping shells? It's damn hilarious. Some sex comedies do it right with things like, good casting (American Pie), a sense of heart (The 40 Year Old Virgin), or down right well written teenage debauchery (Porky's). Some take a premise and exploit it for all it's worth (That's My Boy). And some are just plain terrible (Tomcats). Sex Tape is a sex comedy that falls sort of in between the goods and bads of the genre. It has things that work. But the things that don't work slightly outweigh them. First of all, the chemistry between Jason Segel (The Muppets) and Cameron Diaz (The Counselor) is believable in a way that should make for a great comedy. They sold me on the belief that these two people truly love each other. But the sex scenes between them came off as two actors pretending to have sex. Although the story is nothing special, the charisma of the actors keeps this movie watchable. Rob Corrdry (Warm Bodies) and Ellie Kemper (21 Jump Street) as "the friends" were funny yet underused. With a longer running time than 94 minutes, they could have offered a bit more to the story. Rob Lowe's two scenes in the film were both odd and funny. It seemed like he was making fun of his old party self. The Jack Black (The Fatties) cameo near the end was probably the highlight of this movie. Everyone else who was in the film was there for a little more than a blink.


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TMRS Episode 79 - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Length: 1s

Directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), this second in a planned trilogy is as near a complete package of a film as anything else that has come out this year (so far). What blows my mind, is that this one is even better than the surprisingly good, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, from three years prior. The pacing of the film is just one of many of its positives. The story is so well written and executed on screen, that I don't think I noticed a single boring moment. Every scene was important for the overall picture. The apes take center stage for most of the film, with the humans being portrayed as the outsiders. Along with Caesar (Andy Serkis, brilliant again), some of the other apes got a good amount of show. But among all of the apes, Koba, played by Toby Kebbell (Rockanrolla), was by far the standout of this movie. The build up to him becoming the main villain was both intriguing and suspenseful. The controlled rage shown in his face and actions was scarily good. Sincere moments between apes and humans, mostly with Serkis and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty), bring a touching level of drama that most Summer blockbusters cannot duplicate. Subtly cute and funny attributes of the characters also makes things more relatable. Gary Oldman (True Romance), who was advertised as an unreasonable warmonger, was anything but that. Although he wasn't on the screen for much of the film, every scene he was in was relevant. Scenes of personal conflict between the humans and apes were relatable and didn't fall into cliche.


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TMRS Episode 78 - Tammy |movie review|podcast

Length: 44s

Tammy, is the next film line of Melissa McCarthy's superstar comedies. Written by McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone (who also directed this), this film doesn't get to explore the depths of McCarthy's acting skills. Not even as much as were shown in the mediocre, Identity Thief. Look, it may sound premature to say that she's in danger of typecasting after only four films into her newfound stardom but, I see a familiar pattern. Her characters have been crude, foulmouthed, assholes, that turned out to be misunderstood sweethearts that were just lonely. I have seen the range of this lady and, she can do so much better. I think she needs to venture out into some dramedies like what Judd Apatow's (Knocked Up, The Five Year Engagement) production company makes. Because films like this one are holding her back. Maybe she should have only written it? Regardless, she's in this one and, it's not bad but, it's not that good either. Although this was marketed as a hilarious Melissa McCarthy vehicle, it's actually a road trip comedy/Granddaughter & Grandmother drama. There are no hilarious moments in this film. Just funny, heartfelt moments. Sometimes that's better, but not with a weak script.

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TMRS Episode 77 Transformers 4 |movie review|podcast

Length: 1s

Is Michael Bay the Houdini of our generation? He is truly a magician. He can take a beloved cartoon from our childhood's, defecate (poo) all over it, call it a film, market the hell out of it, fool the masses into shelling out their Friday night beer money, and walk away with billions of dollars for the studios and himself. But who is the asshole here? Bay, or the people who have continued to go back to the theaters three more times since 2007's Transformers? The definition of insanity? Probably. Regardless about anyone's feelings about Bay, it's safe to say that the man is a genius. How else do you explain why each new sequel generates more and more revenue? We (the moviegoers) keep falling for the same damn thing every two to three years. If you have seen any of Bay's films after the 90's (Bad Boys 2 excluded), then you must have noticed the same old boring routine: Weak dialogue, slow motion pan over shots, MichaelBaySplosions!, and a total disregard for the fans. I wonder, when Bay is presenting the first screening of one of his movies, does he say to the audience, in the voice of Mad TV's Stuart, "Look what I can do!"? Scary thing is, I don't think he's leaving Hollywood any time soon.


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TMRS Episode 76 - How To Train Your Dragon 2 |Movie Review|Podcast

Length: 1s

How to Train Your Dragon 2, leans more on the worthwhile side of the sequel coin. This second part in a planned trilogy, does what most sequels fail to do, which is it progresses the story and the main character. Set five years after part one, we get to see Hiccup & company, a little bit older and a little bit wiser. But not too wise. They still have a lot to learn. The first thing that caught my eye was the beautifully colorful animation. And when looking closer, the choreography of motion and the detail of body texture. For example: The way Christopher Mintz-Plasse's character, Fishlegs, shakes his head, and his double chin is swaying back and forth as realistic as possible. Or when you see a close up of Gerard Butler's character, Stoick, with each individual hair on his face standing out. The animated cinematography was also attention grabbing. Scenes of Hiccup flying on his dragon, Toothless, make you feel like you're flying with them, and a bird's eye view with pan throughs during scenes of battle, really exhilarates. The action itself (though bloodless) worked well with the overall look of the film.

- From Average Joe's Movie Review

we also talk about the following in this episode

Rogen/Franco Assassinate kim jung-un which apparently North Korea isn't happy about and have  threatened us with bad stuff -

Goat Simulator

Ninja Turtles trailer

Shane Black doing a sequel to Predator

Rian Johnson doing Star Wars Episode 8

Movie review - How To Train Your Dragon 2

Transformers movie trailer review - is it a piece of shit or not?

John Travolta

Die Hard based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp

I Am steve McQueen

Dreamworks software - Torch, premo, otto



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TMRS Episode 75: 22 Jumpstreet

Length: 47s

We review 22 Jumpstreet

Talk about harrison fords broken foot

and something else.

Jim Norton, Rich Voss and his wife Bonnie

Phil Hartman

Patton Oswalt and his Tualip Indian Casino story.

We also give our POS review review in this episode on 22 Jumpstreet


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That Movie Review Show Episode 74 The Edge Of Tomorrow

Length: 51s

Episode 74

We review Edge Of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and EMily Blunt and Bill Paxton.

We start with our Piece of Shit or Not trailer review for The Edge of Tomorrow.

Review the Movie and why it works or why it doesn't work and then we roll into

News of the week

Justice League movie

DC comics

Batman V Superman

Doug Limon - Edge Of Tomorrow

The Black List - Unproduced movie scripts

Neil Gaiman - American Gods - HBO cancelled series

Peyton Reed now on Ant-Man with Adam McKay "contributing"




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That Movie Review Show Episode 73 A Million Ways To Die In The West

Length: 1s

episode 73

We review

Banter between Mike and Joe (0-1430)

SyFy Witch Hunter Gretyl - (14:35 - 21:57)

A Million Ways To Die In the West (21:57 - 1:05:30)

News (1:05:30 -


News of The Week

Josh Trank has been set as the director of the 2nd Star Wars spinoff film - Which may be Han Solo.

Jupiter Ascending has been delayed to 2015

Metal Gear Solid The Movie is coming - whoopdeedoo

Dr Strange has a director - Scott Derickson

Josh Brolin is playing Thanos

Roland Emmerich is redoing Stargate as a trilogy, which was his original plan

Cliffhanger "reimagining" - I'm betting it will be on Mt. Everest.

World War Z sequel has a screen writer - hopefully it will be more like Max Brooks novel

Star Wars news - pics from Abu Dhabi - Millenium Falcon and an X-wing and a bunch of other pics of the Tatooine set.  They're filming in London now.

Patton Oswalt - I want all the ham

is JJ Abrams the leak?

Rex Lin



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That Movie Review Show Episode 72 X-Men Days Of Future Past Movie Review, Ant-Man, Daredevil and Batman V. Superman

Length: 1s

Joe and Mike Review X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Edgard Wright Left Ant-man (which we posted about in Keeping It Reel)

Newline is rebooting IT (a readaptation)

Batman V. Superman dawn of justice is the title of the new 

movie and all DC Comics movies will be working towards a 

Justice League movie

Gareth Edwards is still attached to godzilla 2 and is 

doing the Star Wars Spinoff rumored to be Boba Fett

Denzel Washington in the Equalizer

Zero Therom trailer

Hateful 8 moving forward - the script is awesome

Daredevil Showrunner Drew Goddards left the the show and 

is replaced by Steve S. DeKnight who worked on Spartacus 

and Buffy and other Joss whedon shows.


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That Movie Review Show Episode 71: Godzilla 2014

Length: 1s

Go. GO. Godzilla

In this episode Joe and Mike talk about the following news and review the new movie Godzilla.

Godzilla Sequel has been confirmed

Glenn Mazara is writing an Omen TV Series

Constantine trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2

Alfonso Cuaron doing Fantastic Beasts - he directed The Prisoner of Azkaban

Expendables 3 is going to be PG-13

Jimi Hendrix- Anthony Mackie

Nikki Finke - Hollywood movie blogger

alan moore

x-men days of future past



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That Movie Review Show Episode 70: Neighbors

Length: 1s

Episode 70

It's richard attenborough and gates macfadden bringing you Episode 70 Neighbors.  Starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Effron and Dave Franco's Eyebrows and McLovin.

It's Zac Effron and his abs Vs. Seth Rogen. That's all I got.


In this episode we talk about The Batsuit and new Batmobile from Zack Snyder.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them release date.

Dennis Lawson turned down Star Wars Episode VII

Channing Tatum is Gambit

Gotham not even out, promoted 3 part timers to series regulars

The Flash has a trailer out

Godzilla comin out this week - check out or Piece Of Shit Or Not.



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That Movie Review Show Episode 69 - The Amazing Spiderman, Agent's Of Shield and Star Wars Ep. VII

Length: 1s

Andrew Garfield's Spiderman can still pull off the orphan boy charm, and his relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) was also one of the film's assets. Stone's performance as Parker's love interest is so much better than Kirsten Dunst's as Mary Jane in the Raimi trilogy. Unlike Dunst, you actually want her to be in every scene. Nearly every actor did an awesome job. Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin was great until he became the Goblin and went into witchy mode. Harry's father, Norman (Chris Cooper), was very effective in one of the best scenes of the film with DeHaan. Sally Field's (Mrs. Doubtfire) Aunt May, actually got more than two lines of dialogue this time around, and the film is better off for it. Giamatti's extreme Russian gangster accent was funny as hell and worked in the couple of scenes he was in. Now, Jamie Foxx's (Horrible Bosses) role was a bit of a contradiction. Along with the lack of character depth, as a regular guy, he was this timid nerd. But as Electro, his personality changed with a more urban accent

In this episode we also talk about:

meatspin.com, discus Beats headphones, snow piercer trailerm and news about bourne 5 being written, anticipation of the Agents of SHIELD season 2 and information on Agent Carter series, Disney,Bob iger and 3 star wars spinoffs
Gotham on Fox and when will the Joker show up, Beverly Hills Cop coming in 2016
Hannibal renewed for 3rd season, we're excited about Godzilla
Neighbor's 2014 movie review, andrew baldwin, Ray Wise, Reaper TV series and the all new Power Rangers movie. Get Excited!





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That Movie Review Show Episode 68 Brick Mansions

Length: 1s

This movie is so bad that we couldn't even come up with an opening for the show.  We ended up seeing Brick Mansions and we're still trying to recover from that movie.  Is it a POS or not?

Brick shit house mansions


In this episode we also mention

Bob Hoskins died - so no Roger Rabbit for him

Godzilla Trailer - 3 monsters

Justice League by Zack Snyder

Wolf.. WolfCOP!

Star Wars Casting News

11 DC movies in development - all style on substance

Supermench Trailer

Wolverine and Jackman - old Man Logan?

Mirrors Edge Video Game and Parkour stuff

Rumble In The Bronx

Jackie Chan

Ed Begley Jr.

Jack Bauer Power Hour

Kiefer Sutherland



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That Movie Review Show Episode 67 Transcendence

Length: 1s


artificial intelligence or AI as some would call it is the 

next step in technological evolution or is it the final 

solution to mans self destructive ways. Sentient computers 

are not new to the scifi genre but does the latest johnny 

depp vehicle transcendence add to the terrifying mythos or 

does it transcend..

we'll find out on this weeks average joe's  -

Transcendence edition


Mike's auto industry rant

joe's rant


cyborg - ray fisher

kirtzman/orci divorce


boiler plate

movies about some stuff

jem and the holograms

some star wars stuff

jurassic park/world


Marvel Comics

DC Comics

The Hobbit - The Battle Of the 5 armies

Flash Gordon Remake

Disney's It's A Small World



your mom.


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That Movie Review Show Episode 66 Draft Day

Length: 2s

episode 66


Draft Day

It seems that sports themed movies adrenalize the viewing 


audience more so than any other film out there

the idea of "any given sunday" - a term that means any 


team can win at any time no matter what or how bad they 


are. No matter the odds.

Movies about sports figures, real or fictional like rocky, 


42, 61, the legend of bagger vance and Rudy pull at the 


heart strings and bring emotion to film that's rarely 



then you have movies like Happy Gilmore, Kingpin, Major 


League, Balls Of Fury and the like that take on a more 


humorous view of the sports world, whether it'sa serious 


drama piece or a comedy piece, sports movies are generally 


more grounded, less fantasy, more hyper-reality.  These 


movies tend to motivate us to be more like the "hero" in 


the story.  Stand up, powerful and humble all at once.  Or 


in the case of Happy Gilmore an angry temper tantrum 


throwing bob barker punching maniac.  Either way it's good 



Then we have draft day.


ron benington

opie and anthony


godzilla monster/pteradactyl/bat thing

days of future past - trailer 4

beverly hills cop 4 this summer

miss doubtfire 2

homesman trailer TLJ

spider man-= carnage sinister 6 venom

jim cameron - last of scripts almost done

paul betteny - vision

hobbit - dokken

crazy days and nights hollywood blog

sam and cat

dan schneider



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That Movie Review Show Ep. 65: Captain America and Sabotage

Length: 1s

Episode 65

The summer blockbuster...

Since the early 80's movies have been relegated to

space opera's, serial action movies, cheesy militaristic

fantasies and the buddy cop flick.

then there was the era of the cyborg and the dinosaur

and the era of the disaster flick (again)

but now the standard leader in summer entertainment has 

been the Super Hero


Men. In. Tights.


Good vs. Evil has been thrown out the window and replaced 

with multi-layered villains.

Are these movies better than the "Super Hero" movies we 

were subjected to as kids? Or are we being treated to 

another rash of Under-Roo's wearing weirdo's with bad 

effects and even worse script writing.


We review Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Sabotage

News -

Lucy Trailer

Gandalfini's last movie


Sex Tape red band trailer

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Harry potter

Marvel Studios plans through 2028

Justice League and DC falling apart

Shaun The Sheep

TMNT again - delayed because of reshoots

Godzilla spots

Fury - brad pitt and issues


Bruce Timm returning to Batman TAS/15 minute thing


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That Movie Review Show Episode 64 Muppets Most Wanted

Length: 2s

Episode 64

It's time to play the music

it's time to light the lights

it's time to get things started

(why don't we get things started)

with Average Joe's tonight!


Ninja turtles trailer

Let's be cops trailer

terminator Genesis - schwarzenegger comments

daredevil, jessica jones, luke cage, ironfist on netflix

prometheus 2 writer

x-men trailer - new extended

edge of tomorrow


into the storm - this is not a twister remake!

jupiter ascending

fast 7 paul walker cgi

magic mike xxl

breaking bad - walking dead connection

i'm number 1 and you're number 2

don geronimo

opie and anthony

don imus

howard stern

the dave school

brian singer

brett ratner

matthew vaughn

whilce portacio


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That Movie Review Show Episode 63: Need For Speed

Length: 1s

Episode 63 

need for...speed?

Fast cars, beautiful women, spotty dialogue and impossible coincidences - is this the newest intro to the Fast and Furious franchise?


This is the new breed of street racer/hero/bad boy


movies with chase scenes always seem to get your blood pumping.

Let me set the scene for you:

Steve McQueen, driving his Mustang, prowling through the streets of San Francisco when all of a sudden we're thrust into the middle of one of the greatest chase scenes in cinematic history.

2 men, 2 cars, 1 outcome.

Does Need For Speed live up to this and other classic car chase movies? Or is it just another over blown cash grab?

Find out on this weeks Average Joe's Movie Review -

Need For Speed...

It's in the game!

We also talk about the following

Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 announced

Peanuts teaser trailer debuted

First 10 minutes of Captain America popped up online

Ivan Reitman not directing GB3 - will still produce

Bananaman movie

Danger Mouse, Count Duckula

Lego Movie Doods directing GB3?

Job Chu directing Jem and The Holograms

Mark Ruffalo Done with Hulk Mo-cap for Ultron

Sword Art Online


Riding Bean


Death Note


Cowboy Bebop

Space Dandy

Record Of Lodoss Wars

Captain Harlock

Galaxy Express 999

Star Blazers/ Space Battleship Yamato


We also talk about Cannonball Run as it's playing in the background


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That Movie Review Show Episode 62 - Rise Of An Empire

Length: 1s

when frank miller created the comic 300 he was inspired by the the events that happened at the battle of thermopylae not just because of the courage of the warriors of Sparta, but because of what they stood for.  Democracy- at least the fledgling idea of democracy's roots that took seed in Greece and these men (and women) were willing to put their lives on the line for their beliefs.  Do these movies do justice to these historic (and world changing) battles or is it just another run of the mill hollywood sensation?


Stay tuned... for tonight we shall dine at SUBWAY!



Adrian Pasdar - General Talbot in S.H.I.E.L.D

Sudeikis is Fletch

Paramount planning a reboot of Explorers

Hal Douglas - Voice over guy died

JK Simmons in Terminator:Genesis

Ride Along 2/Nut Job 2 2016

Constantine the TV series moving forward

Gotham TV show synopsis which will focus on Detective Gordan and Harvey Bullock and the Wayne murder along with villain character originals - Harvey Dent?

Matt Nix

Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon

Adventure Time and Pendleton Ward

Dungeons and Dragons


Hollywood Babble-on

R.A. Salvatore

and a quote from the Rev!


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That Movie Review Show Episode 61: Nonstop, The Lego Movie and Movie News

Length: 1s

Animated movies have become a staple of the cinema 

experience. what was once relegated to shorts just before

the movie have transformed into 2 hour blockbuster 

spectacular's.  that doesn't make them great but once in a

while an animated movie shows up that is so out of left 

field that it falls into that "original" idea space and 

that's what we have with the Lego Movie.

oh and then we have non-stop. That came out as well.

all this and the news on Average Joe's Movie Review Show.


The Oscars

The new Matrix Trilogy sequel or prequel

Sin City 2 trailer

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Restoration

Legend Of Conan bits

Terminator Genesis plot details  kind of like the back 


half of Back To The Future 2

Clone Wars The Lost Missions debuts on Netflix

Michael Fassbender thing "Frank"

Sharknado 2...

Transformers 4 Full trailer





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That Movie Review Show Episode 60: 3 Days To Kill

Length: 2s

What's a man to do when he's single succesful, experienced and lonely in the city of lights?

AAAAH Paris. What more could one ask for!

Damsels in distress

Hot CIA Chicks

Murder for Hire?

Maybe a good beer and a steak

Does Kevin Costner get his steak and eat it too? or cake or...whatever.  We'll find out in this weeks Average Joe's Movie Review Show.

Star Wars News - Adam Driver to Play a "vader" like villain

Marvel Studios throwing 200 mill. at Netfilx for a series

NBC Bringing back Heroes

Harld Ramis/Bill Murray Ground Hogs Day/Murricane

Dredd Sequel - Moving forward?

Rodriguez on Sin City 2 - Started on SC3

El-Rey Network/ Opie and Anthony interview

Official Godzilla trailer

Trying to pick a He-Man director

We're the Millers 2 - by Due Date writer

Clone Wars Lost Missions trailer

Sony-Seth Rogan/Goldberg - Console Wars



History of Kevin Costner Movies

Hipsters getting facial hair transplant surgery

Big Trouble In Little China


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A Couple Of Average Joe's Movie Review Show: Episode 59 Robocop

Length: 2s

Quentin Tarantino Presents: 

A Couple Of Average Joe's Movie Review Show

Episode 59




Josh Cooley - Movie's "R" Fun book

Vin Diesel Witchhunter

Gotham TV show - Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney

Jurassic World

Rabbids Movie

terminator Genesis

guardians of the galaxy


star wars/indy 5 rumors

Bond in 2015

quentin tarantino

the double trailer

odd thomas

Justin Reed

philadelphia experiment


introducing weird vibrating sounds smack dab in the middle of the fucking podcast.

Robocop Review and a history of Cyborgs in Cinema



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That Movie Review Show Episode 58

Length: 1s

When it comes to the genre of WWII movies we, as film goers, have been subject to the different styles of films that have tried to tell the stories of the men and women that have been a part of this conflict.

Movies such as Patton, Saving Private Ryan, Tora Tora Tora, Red Tails, The Tuskeegee Airmen show the front lines of the war, whether it's land, sea or air.

Then you have movies like Cassablanca, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Last Crusade, even the Chronicles of Narnia and Pans Labrynth have used WWII as a backdrop to tell these stories.

With the movie The Monuments Men we are taken to the next level of WWII movies.  Where men are beholden to each other to save an entire culture from eradication by going after the contributions to society a culture contributes, such as art, literature and music.

Is this movie worthy of entering the pantheon of great WWII movies?  or will it be relegated to the Pearl Harbor of the next generation?

All this on a brand new Average Joe's Movie Review show.


Also talked about in this podcast -

Knight Rider with Chris Pratt and Danny McBride

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer - Feb 18

Clone Wars The Lost Missions Netflix (13 episodes)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson - HBO 1/2 hour series Ballers

The Purge: Anarchy

Drew Pearce on the Manadarin One shot

Sid Caeser dies

Joel Silver - Escape From New York

John McTiernan - still in jail - doing a movie

The Lego Movie blooper

SHarknado sequel has been cast

Mob City canceled

Beetlejuice 2 Beetle goes to hawaii


Drive Hard


Jodorowsky's Dune movie/documentary


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That Movie Review Show Episode 57: I, Frankenstein and Frozen

Length: 1s

when we think of classic movie monsters like Frankenstein 

we picture Boris Karloff lumbering towards us, covered in 

stitches, bolts protruding from his neck, arms 

outstretched, groaning and growling, half alive and angry 

at the world.

is the new Frankensteins monster like that? Pieced 

togetherfrom the parts of others barely able to speak or 

is it a whole new breed of monster?

Let's find out in this weeks new episode of

Average Joe's Movie Review!

We talk about the following -

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Drug Overdose

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Jeremy Irons As Alfred in the new Batman/Superman

Dr. Doom as a female?

Bob Iger on new Star Wars content shelf life

Robocop is PG-13

Marvel Phase 3 - Ant Man, Guardians 2

Gary Oldman in the new Star Wars?

Super Bowl commercials and trailer spots


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That Movie Review Show Episode 56: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Length: 1s

what hollywood needs is a real man

A Captain Kirk kind of man

A Han Solo kind of man

A John McClane kind of man

a... financial analyst kind of man?

This week on Average Joe's That Movie Review Show

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Clear and Present Danger (film)

The Hunt for Red October (film)

NetForce (film)

Patriot Games (film)

The Sum of All Fears (film)

also mentioned

George RR Martin

Kenneth Branagh

Harry Potter

Richard Harris

Adam Sandler

That's My Boy

He-man masters of the universe movie

frank langella

universal soldier



Share: That Movie Review Show Episode 56: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

That Movie Review Show Episode 55: Ride Along

Length: 1s

Episode 55

Ride Along with us!

In a world of helicopters, over used crane shots, slow motion twirling up shots, bullet time, quick cut shakey cam action sequences and somersault shoot outs.  Good Guys, bad guys and those other guys, what has happened to the buddy cop flick?

Lock and load rook!  It's time for That Movie Review Show - Buddy Cop Edition

Where in we talk about the following movies and review Tim Story's piece of shit movie.

Dirty Harry

48 Hours


Running Scared

Sharkey's Machine

2 GUns



To Live and Die In LA

Dead Heat

Repo Men


the Hard Way

Hollywood Homicide



Beverly Hills Cop

Rush HOur

Le Femme Nikita


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That Movie Review Show Episode 54: Lone Survivor

Length: 55s

A Couple Of Average Joe's That Movie Review

Episode 54 Lone Survivor 

Week of 1/14/2014


This weeks movie review examines Peter Berg and his history of working in movies from acting to directing and composing.  From his latest movie Lone Survivor to his first movie Very Bad Things.  Peter has had a relatively successful career in Hollywood with a few missteps (Battleship. The Rundown) and huge hits like Friday Night Lights (Tv and Movie). 

Your hosts Joe and Mike peer into his career and what he has coming up in the near future.

Peter Gabriel

Sammy hagar

David lee roth

Spencer and his Navy Seal brother story

R Lee Ermey - Full Metal Jacket

Peter Berg

Chicago Hope (1997) (TV series, episode "Colonel of Truth")

Very Bad Things (1998)

Wonderland (2000) (TV series, episode "Pilot")

The Rundown (2003)

Addicted (2003) (Enrique Iglesias music video)

Friday Night Lights (2004)

Friday Night Lights (2006) (TV series, episodes "Pilot" and "East of Dillon")

The Kingdom (2007)

Keeps Gettin' Better (2008) (Christina Aguilera music video)

Hancock (2008)

30 for 30 (2009) (TV series, episode "Kings Ransom")

Virtuality (2009) (TV movie)

Prime Suspect (2011) (TV series)

Battleship (2012)

Lone Survivor (2013)

Here's a list of movies that Peter has directed

for more of peter bergs career check out his wiki-



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That Movie Review Show Episode 53: The Wolf Of Wall Street

Length: 1s

This Weeks Show -

Top 5 with Commentary

47 Ronin is failing miserably - too much to make and worthless acting.

The Pete Holmes show is what were talking about with the whole X-Men/Batman/Superman

Injustice Gods Among Us is awesome!  I highly recommend it.

Movie reveiw -

Joe and Mike really enjoyed The Wolf Of Wall St. From the midget tossing and hookers in the office to Jonah Hill playing with himself while high on drugs and drunk at a massive party and Leo's breaking the 4th wall, this movie is one of Scorsese's best movies in a long while.

Rob Reiner was great in this movie.

Scorsese's up coming projects

Kevin Smith's Red State 

The Reverend Robert Rex Jackson - Words Of Advice

Fool Audio Research


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That Movie Review Show Episode 52: 47 Ronin, American Hustle and End Of Year Best Of and Worst Of

Length: 1s

Episode 52

It's Average Joe's Year End Podcast

We run through the top 10 and bottom 10 movies of the year

 (in our opinion) 

We review 47 Ronin 

Mike 4 out of 10 (Keeanu)

Joe 7 out of 10 

We thought the visuals were great, but Reeves was not even needed, the Japanese actors in the movie did a great job and could have carried it without him.  

American Hustle We both gave it high marks 9 out of 10

More types of these movies need to be made, everyone was great, Louis C.K., Deniro, Bale, Adams, Cooper and the rest of the cast really made this movie excel.  Jennifer Lawerence was spectacular and should win an Academy Award for her performance, plus she looks really good in a white one piece bathing suit lingerie thingy...

Thanks for listening this year and we will be back with more reviews for 2014!


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That Movie Review Show Episode 51 - Anchorman 2

Length: 1s

Episode 51

It's the end of the year and man are there a lot of movies out!  Joe and I are happy with our first year.  In a crowded market where there are a lot of movie review sites, we thank all of you that listened to the podcast or read Joe's reviews.  We work pretty hard at bringing you this show and I'm greatful that you all tune in.  Next year will be bigger and better.  So, again, thank you!

Flick Pick - 

Joe - Scrooged

Mike - Christmas vacation

Director's choice - Ralph Bakshi

Movie Review

Anchorman 2

The People Of Walmart


Peter Reigert - Adam Sandler is starting to look like him.

Animal House and the original actor choices

Chevy Chase was in Steely Dan

Heather Orourke - she dead...

bill murray is awesome

R Crumb

The Image Guys

Jim Lee - McFarlane, Portacio, Silvestri, Liefeld, Valentino, Larsen

frank miller and all the awesome artists from marvel and DC in the late 70's early 80's

Travis Charest

I don't know Margo!


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That Movie Review Show - Episode 49 - Out Of The Furnace

Length: 1s

Episode 49 brings us to the brink of the Desolation Of Smaug with another great movie starring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson - Out Of The Furnace.
out of the furnace

top 5

movie review
Out Of The Furnace

Flick Pick
Mike - John Dies At The End
Joe - Running Scared with Paul Walker

Johnathan Demme
married to the mob
Something Wild
Silence of the lambs 
He's A great director and funny guy.

Mike needs to work on his movie review skills...seriously

mentioned in this episode
southpark, alesis multimix 4, podcasting


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That Movie Review Show Episode 48 - Homefront

Length: 1s


top 5

Flick Pick
Joe - The Score
Mike - Ace Ventura

Director's choice
Richard Donner

Movie review

Keeping it reel
Paul Walker death and conditioning...

sheep no more site

we also talked about...
Raiders and Patriots
Battle Royale Vs. Hunger Games
Mikes Balls story
millenium falcon - full scale! 
Mark Summers and his OCD

leave comments here @mps5150@gmail.com or atwww.diicast.com


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That Movie Review Show Episode 50 The Desolation Of Smaug

Length: 1s

Mike and Joe just go into talking about the Hobbit and how good it is as the middle piece of this trilogy.

Equating it to Star Wars and Empire in terms of desperation and sorrow.

As we had prepared to watch this movie, we weren't prepared to actually see how good Peter Jackson did, filming and editing the show.  How great Benedict Cumberbatch was as Smaug and how the cast really pushed the envelope in terms of action, acting and special effects.

Movies now-a-days don't have that real special "need to see" feel any more.  It's always the big action blockbuster with somewhat of a story line but it's not like it used to be when Star Wars, Raiders, Terminator, Jurassic Park and other movies that came out back when made us feel.

To me (Mike) The Desolation Of Smaug brings back that feeling of awe and magic to cinema.

The Desolation Of Smaug also brought back a lot of keen movie memories (mostly Star Wars) and moving forward, I think that Hasbro is truly missing the bus by not taking advantage of this resurgance of Dungeons and Dragons style movies.  Maybe they're still licking their wounds after that bad versions of their properties they call movies (if you want to call them that).

Also mentioned -

Bob Salvatore - Author of The Dark Elf Series, The Demon Wars.

This marks the official 1 year anniversary of this (whatever damn name we're using at this time) podcast.  My partner Joe and I can't believe that we've put out more than 50 episodes, including My pStory, Wikked Kewl Kartoons and of course A Coupe Of Average Joe's Movie Review.  We're going to have an exception year next year with this show, so please keep listening and thank you so much.

I also want to thank everyone with Super Knocked Up for allowing me to help with their Super Geeked Up show and by help, I do a smidgen of what the rest of the guys do, I do it because I love podcasting.  Thank you Jeff, Mark, Jourdan and everyone else from the series! Again, congratulations on you nomination!


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Welcome to the showgram


I wanted to put this out there - 

Episodes 48 and 49 right now are being hosted on Soundcloud.  Why? Well... space.  I love libsyn publishing along with all the features it has available for podcast producers, but the amount of space we have is limited so I made an executive decision.  In order for fans to listen to the podcast of The Desolation Of Smaug on both, I had to keep from posting Homefront and Out Of The Furnace here on libsyn, for now.  They will be the next ones to go up as space becomes available.

Why not pay for more space? Well, limited funds, the podcast ain't payin for itself. Yet.  That's why we keep asking all of our friends to tell all their friends to share this podcast, word of mouth will help us get noticed.

Also, if you have a banner for your business, band, club, money making venture and want to be linked to our "friends of the show" area, send me an email @mps5150@gmail.com

If you're an advertiser that is looking to reach out to more people, hit the same email address.  Reasonable rates and local businesses always get preference and by local I mean friends and small business owners.

Joe and I are excited about some of the things that are happening with the podcast and with what libsyn is doing to help podcasters and we're looking forward to a bigger better 2014.

In the meantime, keep listening.  The Desolation of Smaug will be up Friday on libsyn and asap on Soundcloud.

Thank you guys so much, in the past year we've gone from podcasting with our cell phones to being able to create something I think is pretty cool and it's all because of my friends and Joe's friends that we've been able to start this venture.  


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That Movie Review Show Episode 47 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Length: 1s

We talk about

Brian Griffin dying

Patrick Stewart

Top 5

Pick Flick

Joe - Waiting - Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long

Mike M.I.A - Chuck Norris

Catching Fire review

Frank Darabont - Director's Choic

Keeping it reel

if you have comments and if they are good, we'll even read them on the air!  Send and email to mps5150@gmail.com

The guys talk about Joel Schumacher "gheying up" batman by putting overtly aggressive homoerotic overtones in his batman movies.  Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but there is something odd about taking characters that were already heavy with homoerotic overtones and pushing it way to far.  This coming from a man that has done 8mm, Bad Company, Number 23, Trespass, which are all incredibly good movies.

Plus, he did DC Cab, he's a big winner in my book.

Jerrol Lebaron - Inktip www.inktip.com

For getting your scriptwriting career started.

Godzilla trailer rocked!


Share: That Movie Review Show Episode 47 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

That Movie Review Show Episode 46: Captain Phillips

Length: 59s

Top 5

Flick Pick

Joe - insomnia - Robin Williams/Pacino

Mike - Clue 

Director's Choice

Renny Harlin

(dramatic door openings (with farts)

Movie Review

Captain Phillips

We also talked about Lee Ving and his music career

Renny Harlin is making The Long Kiss Goodnight 2

Andrew "Dice" Clay

Night Patrol - ugh



Share: That Movie Review Show Episode 46: Captain Phillips

That Movie Review Show Episode 45: Thor - The Dark World

Length: 1s

Top 5

Pick Flick

joe - Super 

mike - anywhich way but loose

Director's Choice

Clint Eastwood

Movie Review


Notes -

Point Break Remake - already made 100 million without a script or one frame of film being shot.

We don't advocate drinking and driving, but this movie was filled with it from the cops to guys on bikes, which as Joe said was more socially acceptable at the time.

What they should do with Marvel's Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D to make it more plausible and better.

Star Wars Clone Wars next year with about 10 episodes.

Mike apologizes for Mike being sick and Mike says ... meh.

To listen on iTunes or to read Joe's great movie reviews, check out www.acoupleofaveragejoes.com


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That Movie Review Show Episode 44: The Counselor and Bad Grandpa

Length: 1s

This week Mike and Joe talk The Counselor and Bad Grandpa and Mike does everything he can to offend Ice Cube, because, hey...Mike's a dumbass.

Also, we're a bit behind and backwards on some of the casts, but it's the review that counts, so nyah nyah.

Top 5

Flick Pick

Joe - Out Of Sight - not the steven seagal movie

Mike - Basket Case - Horror Movie

Director's choice

John Carpenter -

Mike don't like his music...he's gay.

That Movie Review

The Counselor

Bad Grandpa

Kevin Smith/Roeper story

Robot Jox may be the only movie worse than Dolph Lundgren Is The Killing Machine!

he hate me @shacknews is MIKE!

also mentioned

Sons Of Anarchy

Dr. Detroit

DVR'd series

Beware The Batman

Kung Fu Hustle

Blockbuster can suck my ass.

In The Mouth Of Madness MST3K hilarity..Sorry Jeff


Share: That Movie Review Show Episode 44: The Counselor and Bad Grandpa

That Movie Review Show Episode 43: Ender's Game

Length: 1s

This week Joe and Mike discuss:

The Top 5 

Yup, that fucking turkey movie is still there.  Why are we paying for this crap?

Flick Picks

Joe - 3 Kings with Clooney, Wahlberg and Ice Cube

Mike - Explorers - River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke

Director's Choice - Wes Craven 

Why? Because he's a bad ass!

Finally our movie review -

Ender's Game

Oh and go visit my buddies

Dave Brandon Photograpy @ dmb5150.zenfolio.com

Joe Lester @ http://joe-lester.smugmug.com/


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Episode 41 Machete KILLS!

Length: 1s

Finally - IT's ...Episode 41

This is one episode where it took forever to fix. Long story short, all of Mikes vocals had to be redone.  What a pain in the ass, but in the end, it turned out pretty decent.

Top 5
Flick Pick
Drunken Master
Friday the 13th Part 4

Director's show case
Mel Brooks

Movie Review -
Machete Kills!

For more great reviews please visit
A Couple Of Average Joes
and Dii Cast Dot Com

Follow us on Twitter

Subcribe to our Facebook page here

And subscribe to our iTunes feed


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That Movie Review Show Episode 42: The Escape Plan

Length: 1s

Had a technical snafu with Episode 41, It will be published this week, but we went ahead and decided to roll 42 out. Blame it on Mike and his inability to redub, cut and paste and fix the entire podcast in 1 hour...cuz, he sucks.

Flick Pick
Joe - The Blob
Mike - Predator

The Movie Review
Escape Plan

Director's Show Case
Clive Barker

The Top 5


Share: That Movie Review Show Episode 42: The Escape Plan

That Movie Review Show Episode 40: Gravity and Runner Runner

Length: 1s

Episode 40

Top 5

Flick Pick

Joe - Machete

Mike - The Big Hit

Chris Keifer's book Infinite Tides


An anecdote about the Killer

Argo - GO SEE IT

The Hitchcock story

Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins

HBO Movie Hitchcock 

Movie Review



Director's Choice

David Fincher

The Goon

Eric Powell

Blur Studios


Share: That Movie Review Show Episode 40: Gravity and Runner Runner

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