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Last update: 2015-03-31

A Little Bit Racey: A Little Bit Wossy


In a recent shocking turn of events; ITV talk show host, Jonathan Ross, has been suspected of kidnapping his BBC predecessor, Graham Norton! It is claimed that “Wossy” is jealous of the Irishman’s superior guests, ratings and on-set upholstery, and is desperate to regain his old slot over on the beeb. However unbeknownst to them; a far more powerful force on the other side of the Atlantic has an even more devious plan for the chat show legends. Can our teams stop the potential ‘Chatocalypse’ in time? …


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A Little Bit Racey: Top Gears of War


On the back of their numerous, increasingly controversial location-specific specials. The ‘Top Gear’ team are heading to delightful Canada for a country wide race. However, they’ve realised it’s far too polite a country to mine out any real controversy, and now the producers are breathing down their neck with the threat of cancellation. So we’re off to the test track in Surrey; as Jeremy Clarkson has gone insane and desperate to make headlines (fearing his career is on the line) has threatened to break into Celine Dion’s house and punch her favorite pet moose in the face!…


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A Little Bit Racey: The Big Nose Job


The Eastern Architectural Society of Yemen, or EASY for short, have tasked our teams with the simple feat of tracking down the Sphinx's lost nose. Word is that a map detailing the hooters location is hidden beneath the nose of another famous statue, having already checked out Lady Liberty and Nelson’s Column, EASY have tasked them to find the map hidden somewhere beneath the nose of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Adventure awaits!…


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A Little Bit Racey: The McCartney Magical Mystery Tour


Could it be? Is the rumor true that legendary band ‘The Beatles’, didn't actually write any of their own music? Well, some old loon in Coventry has made the audacious claim that he actually penned all of their hits, and has launched a smear campaign against unforgettable rock icons Sir Paul McCartney and the other one (you know, he played the drums). Tired of seeing his good name dragged through the mud, Sir Paul has tasked our comedy improv team with a mission to try and silence this annoying pest. Permanently!…


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A Little Bit Racey: The Grandeur of Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton is having a difficult time wondering what new outfit will blow the crowds away at her next catwalk appearance and fortunately she has just heard of a mysterious new design by the elusive designer known only as Grandourre. So she has hired our crack team of comedy improv experts to steal the outfit from his high security vault in the Banque de Tous le Monde in Paris. …


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A Little Bit Racey: We're All Idris Together


As British cultural icons the Doctor Who and James Bond franchises have decided to host a joint reveal of their next stars and they are Idris Elba and Idris Elba. The argument over who gets him is dissolving into a giant brawl. So our teams are heading off to help them break up the chaos. Hopefully arriving before Idris declines both offers and heads off to Hollywood to star in "Mandela 2: Long Walk to Vengeance"…


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A Little Bit Racey: Brace Yourself, Larry King


Legendary chat show host Larry King has called you. His trusted confidant and fluffer for a favour. He wants his favorite pair of braces but cant remember which of his 7 ex-wives he gave them to. So our teams are off to go to the annual Larry King Ex-Wife Convention in Hong-Kong to recover them. Best of luck.…


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A Little Bit Racey: Glastonbury


It’s almost time for Glastonbury! The most anticipated live music event of the year. Everyone is excited, from internet forum writers passionately debating controversial line-up decisions to desperate festival-goers jockeying for position outside limited port-a-loos after consuming way too much yeast. But wait; festival legend Dolly Parton has only gone and left her blonde hair dye at home. Now, with the inevitable greys beginning to ruthlessly sprout, she is refusing to go on stage. The only hope is for our teams to get to Parton’s house in Pigeon Forge and retrieve and bring back her special DP hair dye...…


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A Little Bit Racey: Election


With less than 365 days to go until the good people in parliament play musical chairs for keepsies, it all starts right here, on the official-unofficial 2015 UK ‘General Election Comedy Panel Gameshow’. But voter turnout has been steadily decreasing over the years to the point where the entire event is threatening to become a boring fiasco. The main culprit is the youth, disillusioned and uncommitted to their well-brought-up leaders. So our teams destination is Ibiza, where they must throw a massive cool and youthful nightclub event in order to raise awareness of the benefits of voting.…


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A Little Bit Racey: Burgers


The world has changed greatly, but none of these enhancements to modern life can compare with the advent of the gourmet burger. A proper meal, beloved by various cities across the country with new restaurants opening up faster than you can say, “Medium-rare.” The problem is that some of the ingredients they use are genuinely scarce. For example, certain restaurants use dragon meat! How else can you explain the fire in their tasty burgers? Desperate to keep these perfect burgers on our tables, our teams are heading off to the find some dragons... and make mincemeat of them!…


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A Little Bit Racey: World Cup


The excitement for the ‘World Cup’ is hotting up, as England boss Roy Hodgson, prepares to announce his final squad of players for the tournament next week. Except, with all the jockeying for places amongst the English contingent of the Premier League (all seven of them), the competition for a seat on the plane to Brazil is becoming rather more cynical, and brutal. So whilst on his way to the FA Press conference to announce his squad, Roy was abducted by one of the potential players, who heard a rumour he wasn’t to be selected and decided to take matters into his own hands. But who could it be? Articulate Wayne Rooney? DJ-loving Steven Gerrard? Monogamous John Terry? Whoever it was, our team are off to find the missing manager, wherever he may be.…


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A Little Bit Racey: Godzilla


It has found us. News helicopters and grainy phone footage capture brief glimpses of a giant reptilian beast, leveling its way through the streets of Tokyo. After looking at your Facebook profile and seeing “Kaiju Slaying” as one of your interests, the US military have called upon our team members to get to Tokyo, scale the massive beast and plant a tracer upon Godzilla’s head, thus allowing them to target their enormous nuclear payload safely.…


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A Little Bit Racey: Science


The Large Hadron Collider in CERN, was shut down in 2013 to conduct a two-year maintenance project, and all that remains now is for a team of expert cleaners to give the entire 'particle accelerator' a good scrubbing. Unfortunately domestic cleaning products would have a negative effect on the special materials that comprise the machine. The only known safe cleaner of such surfaces is Mr Muscle Particle Collider. So today, our teams are off to the ‘Redmond Walmart Supercenter’ to pick up a crate or two. Will they make it? …


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A Little Bit Racey

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A Little Bit Racey

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