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Last update: 2006-10-17

36 Sex in Space

Length: 26m 0s

The book "Sex in Space" was banned by the Jet Propulsion Lab book store. We've got an interview with the author.…


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35 Innovation

Length: 45m 42s

Can big companies innovate, or should it be left up to the small fries?…


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34 Ice Cores! Death!

Length: 37m 0s

How ice cores are used to measure climate, a scheme to slow global warming, a book review, and a very important story about the Tripoli Six.…


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33 Liars

Length: 26m 40s

Scientists hyping research?! Companies promising miracle stem cell cures?!?! People putting money ahead of healthcare?!?! I wish I were shocked.…


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Absolute Science

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