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Last update: 2007-04-25

Raising Capital – Back to Basics

2007-04-25 :: Andrew Winter

David Cracker from InventConnect interviews Andrew Winter from Access to Capital about the basics of raising capital for your business. [audio:http://accesstocapital.com.au/audio/ATC5.mp3] To download the above audio recording in mp3 format to your computer: PC users: right click on the MP3 link below. Select “Save Target As”. Mac users: click and hold on the MP3 link [...]…


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Is Capital Enough?


Happy New Year and welcome to 2007. Is Capital enough in and of itself to grow your business successfully? The key word here is “successfully”. A successful business is one where the growth is sustainable and manageable over the long term.  The answer obviously is ‘No’; Capital alone is not enough. Is it important? You [...]…


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Assessing the Potential for an Inventions Success


We get alot of feedback and questions wanting to know more about this very subject. Sorry to say that it isnt one of our specific areas of expertise. So finally we have teamed up with David Craker at Invent Connect. InventConnect is a new Australian Business that helps inventors and developers submit their new product [...]…


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Are You Doing It Right?


Well I cant believe its been so long since I posted an article on the site. We are still getting heaps of enquiry, questions and feedback so please keep it coming. In response to some of that enquiry I have posted another web site that is managed by the Federal Govt and it is called [...]…


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Going All The Way


Sorry to disappoint if you thought this was going to be a piece on something of a more romantic nature. I am sure if you look hard enough on the internet you can find material of this nature. When we talk about going all the way its about asking this question: Do you have a [...]…


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Doing It


“The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what a man or woman is able to do that counts.” Booker T Washington…


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The 95/5 Rule!


No not the 80/20 Rule but the 95/5 rule. In the world of capital raising this is what the statistics will tell you: 95% of all businesses that are seeking to raise capital will fail to do so and ultimately suffer at the hands of desperate decision making. At any given time there are as [...]…


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A Better Mousetrap Indeed


I was recently sent an old copy of a publication called: A Better Mousetrap; A Guide for Inventors by Peter Bissell and Graham Barker I would like to thank one of our avid followers for doing me the courtesy of sending this along. Well done Roc, you know who you are. It is a fantastic [...]…


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Get Educated; Get Australian Anthill


I have done alot of research recently on sources of information that are critical for the success of Entrepreneurs and Business Developers. A source that I have recently subscribed to and been more than happy with in terms of value is Australian Anthill Magazine. I recently met with James Tuckerman, the publisher, and there is [...]…


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Interview with Dr John Kapeleris

2006-03-28 :: Andrew Winter

John Kapeleris is a Director at The Australian Institute for Commercialisation. The AIC is fast becoming one of the key locations in Australia for helping Business Owners and Corporations to Develop their Intellectual Property into local, national and global commercialisation outcomes.   Have a listen to some of the interesting things that the AIC provide [...]…


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