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Last update: 2012-01-26

Control What You Spend


We have control of such a small portion of the factors that affect us--we can't control the market, we can't control the weather, we can't control the political situation--the one thing that we can control is what we spend. -- Walt Davis Continue reading


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Fukuoka sensei, is this Zen farming?


People would ask: So tell us, Fukuoka sensei...is this Zen farming? He would say, No, no, no, it's got nothing to do with religion, it's just farming. It's just farming. It's a timeless understanding Continue reading


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More Law Suits for Monsanto


The legal pressure continues to mount on Monsanto as two signficant court cases move through the judicial system in the United States. Continue reading


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Bush Sr.: Monsanto’s Transgenetic Engineer


Watch this footage of then Vice-President George H. W. Bush inserting Roundup Ready transgenes into crop DNA in Monsanto's laboratory. Then watch as Monsanto execs encourage Bush to accelerate the regulatory approval process for one of the first transgenic crops. Bush responds by saying: Call me, we're in the dereg business, maybe we can help... Continue reading


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Viralized Transgenics

2011-12-24 :: Agroinnovations.com
Length: 16s

Get ready for the upcoming episode #129 of the Agroinnovations Podcast (Merry Christmas, Monsanto) by listening to me denounce the biotech industry's viralized transgenetic engineering. Continue reading


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Socialist or Entrepreneur?


A reviewer of the Agroinnovations Podcast wrote: it seems almost every episode is tainted with devotion to the man-made global warming myth and often socialistic economic theory. What do you think? Is the Agroinnovations Podcast socialist propaganda posing as entrepreneurship? Continue reading


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Shipping Containers as Farms? (Updated)


After reading an article on Treehugger, I just learned about a Kickstarter Project that is attempting to modify recycled shipping containers with the tools to grow fruits and vegetables in an urban environment. Is this a good idea? Continue reading


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Epigenetics, Allergies, and Microbiology


If these beneficial microbes fail to colonize our guts early in life, or if they succumb to a course of antibiotics, then switches don't get flipped and the immune system can become hypersensitive, attacking harmless microbes and other substances such as pollen, pet dander or shellfish. Continue reading


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Turkey Tractors


Chickens aren't the only poultry species suitable for rotational grazing via enclosed "tractors". Turkeys seem to do just fine as well. So, in the spirit of Turkey day, I thought I'd share some innovative things that other agriculturalists are doing with turkey tractors. Continue reading


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Monsanto Sued by Indian Government for Biopiracy


According to France 24, the Indian Government has filed suit against the biotech company Monsanto, accusing the company of stealing India’s indigenous plants in order to re-engineer them into patented varieties. Continue reading


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Regenerative Permaculture for a Silent Revolution


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