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Last update: 2013-06-20

Americarnage #105: Putin up with Larceny

Length: 52s

With Nat away Mike slips into the host chair to arbitrate between Dan, guest the fantastic Phil Spooner and, on the phone, the dreaded Vladimir Putin...

In other news: some of the most exciting action ever in the NBA finals; Jason Kidd is now the coach of the Brooklyn nets. The tiny bald point gaurd replaces PJ Carlessim, who replaced Avery Johnson at Christmas; The Stanley Cup Final goes into Game 4 tonight, with a finely poised series between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins; proper Bodeans Mailbag action; a game we totally liberated from http://brunching.com/, head over there to find more funny stuff; loads of NFL stuff, plenty of hockey stuff, HdP wants to get to the pub and much, much more...


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Americarnage #104: Grown-Up Water Slides

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are just big kids at heart but turns out Nat has crossed the man-child border going by an insane waterslide in France. 70kph on your arse is fine, right...?

In other news: Dan finds painkillers on his desk at work and, like any sensible fella, takes them with hilarious consequences; the 2013 NBA Championship will be between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs; in the NHL the conference Finals are underway - in the East we have the 2009 champion Penguins vs the 2011 champion Bruins; in the West it’s last year’s winners, the Kings vs the 2010 victors Blackhawks; Penguins beat the Ottawa Senators in their conference semi. Despite most people expecting the sweep, Ottawa nicked an overtime win in game three before getting blown away in the next 2 – shipping a total of 13 goals and returning to Canada in shame; Major League Baseball will be looking to suspend some of the game’s biggest stars including everyone’s favourite reflection kissing former Short Stop Alex Rodriguez, who is one of 20 or so players connected to Biogensis scandal; great new game from Dan highlighting the joys of Amazon reviews; loads of action from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #103: Americarnage Live 2, 28th July 2013

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are in a reflective mood, they miss the good old days where they got to meet you guys. Luckily they're going to get another chance at the end of July at the Forge and Fountry in Camden when Americarnage Live 2 (tagline pending) will be all up in your grill. Email Americarnage@memointeractive.com or head to forgevenue.org to pre-book tickets for what will be literally an event in the summer...

In other news: The gang talk soccer for a little while but don't worry, it doesn't last; Iron Mike is back and straight away starts recommending crime novels; Dan finds a great shop for vintage NFL jerseys; in the NBA we are into the Conference finals, last time out Miami were almost in the Eastern Conference finals, needing just one more win against the Bulls to make the finals for the third straight year; Carlos Boozer threw down 26, and despite the Bulls leading by 11 late in the third, Lebron, D Wade and a couple of missed 3 handed it to Miami; in the West, it’s the Spurs vs the Grizzlies - San Antonio took control in game 5 of their series against golden state, cruising past by 18 points and finished them on the road in game 6 as GSW, nursing injuries to Harrison Barnes, Steph Curry and Jarret Jack, finally gave up; in the NHL it's overtime-tastic with the Penguins vs unfashionable Ottawa taking this to the limit; the Pens took game 1 in OT, breaking the Sens incredible record of 7 straight OT wins on the road. Game 2 went to the Pens as well, while game three went to double overtime until Colin Greening smuggled home past Thomas Vokoun; loads of other things have happened, many of them get asked about in the Bodeans Mailbag; por-celebrity Twit of Twat makes a welcome return and much, much more...


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Americarnage #102: Nicky Spesh

Length: 1s

Nat and Dan are musical folks and this week, while Mike's at Eurosport (which they totally remembered and everything) they take the chance to invite not only master of all sports Erik Janssen but also musician, rapper and the man responsible for the quality jingle action on the show, Nicky Spesh, who brings us a big bag of new and cracking stuff. Together they make an ENORMOUS show with one part which will probably never get played again. You've been warned. Dan.

In other news: Nick tells us things we never knew about Dan; Dan tells us things we already knew about himself; Nat reveals his surprising breadth of rap knowledge; NBA-wise, the first playoff round in the East saw the Heat sweep the Bucks, the Knicks end the Celtics in 6, the banged up Bulls beat the Nets in 7 and Indiana beat Atlanta in 6; in the West the Spurs swept the Lakers, the Thunder struggled past Houston in 6; Golden State beat Denver in 6; likewise Memphis against the LA Clippers; NFL silly season is upon us – when players get arrested in the months before they return to training camp - and Dan has a rather astute take on the Titus Young situation which he lets on about after the gang take the piss mercilessly; the first round of the 2013 NHL playoffs ended last night with Game 7s in Boston and Washington and the biggest surprise of the round at that point had been what a good go of it the New York Islanders had made against the Pittsburgh Penguins; Erik tells us lots of great baseball stuff; the guys provide Nick with a team in each major sport but take ages about it; loads of Bodeans Mailbag action, translated rap game from Dan and Nick sings us out, plus much, much more...


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Americarnage #101: Rain Mike

Length: 57s

Nat, Mike and Dan have abilities of sporting recall beyond those of normal men but at last Iron Mike reveals quite why the draft is entirely his bitch...

In other news: Rain Man the Animated Series gets pitched; Mike reccommends good stuff; Oliver Stone gets discussed, later on so to awful awful fims - the two may be related or may not be;  The Draft took place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and boy were there some surprises… Eric Fisher went first to the Chiefs, leaving Luke Joeckel to the Jaguars; only one quarterback went in the first round – Ej Manuel going to the Bills despite a series of Mock Drafts linking them with Ryan Nassib; in the NBA we’re entering the final games of the first round, but not for San Antonio and Miami, who are both through; Miami swept the Bucks without Dwayne Wade, and even though Lebron put up thirty in game 4 they probably could have done it without him too; the 2012-13 NHL playoffs are under way and last night the Presidents Trophy winning Chicago Blackhawks took on the Minnesota Wild inn the playoffs for the first time since 2008 and the Blackhawks took it in OT with a breakaway goal from Bryan Bickell; in St Louis, the current champion LA Kings went down in overtime thanks to a cheeky short handed goal by Alex Steen, who stole the puck from Jonathan Quick and nicked his second. Would have been fine but Quick’s opposite number Bryan Elliott had a great game; in the other game, Detroit, who muddled into the playoffs, went down 3-1 in Anaheim; Teemu Selane got his 42nd playoffs goal, one for every year he has spent on this earth; loads of great listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; another cracker of a game from Dan and much, much more...


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Americarnage #100: A Century of Filth!

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike, Dan and indeed HdP never thought on that cold winter's night back in late 2010 that they'd get this far. Or have avoided killing each other for so long. To celebrate this milestone they've doubled up on guests with 'Carnage favourites Marek Larwood and Kelly-Anne Lyons and pretty much quintupled the level of offensiveness. Pappy Dan returns and listen out at the end as many of our celeb mates sent in congratulations...

Massive thanks to everyone who has joined us on the show and even more massive thanks to everyone who's listened over the last two-and-a-bit years, we love ya - enjoy a special edition hour and a half of Americarnage...


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Americarnage #99: Best Predictions Ever

Length: 1s

Nat and Dan have such an understanding of sport that they have acheived the status of near-infallable sages. Lacking Mike this week they're joined by a man whose powers of prediciton match their own, Erik Janssen.

In other news: Nat makes musical recommendations and airs his Transformers obsession; Dan does 300 things for 3 points, they're all amazing; HdP spends the week in the Shame Cupboard due to fouling up getting Americarnage's WWE correspondant on the phone; the NBA has around 6 games in the regular season left, but the East is all but decided – Miami have won it and they’ll be joined in the first round by Indiana, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and Milwaukee; in the NHL there are around 9 games of the strike shortened season - in the East, Pittsburgh lead, having won 29 of 39 games. They’re followed by the Canadiens and incredibly, the once dead and buried Washington Caps. Currently, although the Flyers are 5 points adrift of a playoff space, the whole of the East could still make it theoretically; loads of action from the Bodeans Mailbag, another cracking game from Dan and much, much more...


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Americarnage #98: Wake Up to Syracuse Crunch!

Length: 1s

Nat, Mika and Dan know that the best way to start the day is with a healthy breakfast, here's how definitely not to do that...

In other news: Nat is Iron Man; Dan tells jokes about frogs; Mike tells a seeminly endless stream of jokes about trees; very odd things happen with cheerleaders; in the NBA, the Eastern Conference is currently Miami, Indiana, New York and Brooklyn all of whom are in the playoffs with around 12 games to go; in the West it’s San Antonio, OKC, LAC, Denver and Memphis who have secured their places in the first round; the Heat are still the only game in town as their frankly mental streak continues; in hte NHL Pittsburgh, Montreal and Winnipeg in the East; Chicago, Anaheim and Minnesota in the West, as we enter the final weeks of the this strike shortned regular season; Nat and Mike trail the soon-to-be-here baseball season; many offensive jokes are told about a variety of subjects; loads of good stuff in the Bodeans Mailbag and a new game too - it's a bumber edition to keep y'all going while we take an Easter break next week...


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Americarnage #97: Some Idiot is Top 5!

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan briefly think back those halcyon days of summer last year when Mike forever gained the love of all sports fans at the Olympic basketball - his clip is in the top 5 sporting moments of 2012 according to the BBC website. It's not like much else happened last year though...

In other news: Iron Mike gives us the low-down on Westerns; Dan's so Meta that he likes a TV show about people watching TV; Nat brings up an underrated recent classic; once again there are several spirited attempts to offend pretty much everyone; in the NBA, the Heat are now 23 straight which is frankly ridiculous; on Sunday they beat the Raptors, equalling the second-longest winning streak ever - just the '71-2 Lakers to beat; Dennis Rodman continues to amaze with his efforts to destroy the world with nuclear war; Wes Welker gets a nice little doing-over, as do plenty of other free agent moves; the Americarnage 'flog us on social media' competition is still running, HdP's deciding the winner and is apparently bribe-able so, y'know, think about that - winner announced on next week's show; loads of good stuff in the Bodeans Mailbag; Extreme Eating discussion - what horrifying thing would you rather eat, and much, much more...


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Americarnage #96: Iron Birthday Rum Fest

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan love a celebration and what better than the Big Man's birthday? To help them celebrate they're joined by Master of Rum and Browns fan Paul McFadyen who sets a dangerous precident by bringing the gang lots of lovely beer and delicious rum. Future guests: you know what you need to do.

In other news: Soderberg's films are basically just Law and Order writ large; turns out we all want Paul's job, listen to find out why; Dan brings up Natwest's new idea for advancing friendship; free agency madness inthe NFL; in the NBA, the East it’s Miami New York and Indiana; in the West it’s San Antonio, OKC and LAC but the team of the week is the Heat – they beat the Pacers on Sunday night to hit their 18th straight win, despite a season low of 13 for Lebron; past the halfway point in this strike shortened NHL season gone it’s Montreal, Pittsburgh and Carolina in the East; Chicago, Anaheim and Minnesota in the West; The World Baseball classic is going great guns - highlight so far is possibly the greatest baseball scrap ever between the Canadians & the Mexicans; loads of rum and general booze talk; lots of good stuff from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #95: And Then There Were Two

Length: 55s

Mike and Dan are soldiers, they power on through while all around them fall. So when Nat is taken out and would-be guest Tom Bell is felled by a squirty virus while actually on his way to the studio they man up and make a two-hander. Well, two and a quarter as HdP chips in a bit more than either usual or prudent. Pray we're back up to strength next week...

In other news: Mike talks art; Dan talks films; HdP talks whisky; Americarnage talks about what you should be up to this saturday in London and how we can get you a discount; Manti Te'o talks... well, not much; Joe Flacco talks muche dinero; many players talk Franchise; many others don't; in the NBA Miami talk sweeping the board - last night, they beat the T-Wolves for their 15th straight win – a franchise record for a franchise that wins a LOT; Wade grabbed 32 and 10 assists and Lebron, who some say is injured, got 20; in the land of ice and pucks, in the East Montreal lead Pittsburgh and Carolina, in the West it’s Chicago, Anaheim, and Vancouver; loads of good talk from the Bodeans Mailbag; great game from Dan - Killer Lines - and much, much more...


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Americarnage #94: Learn to Pronounce Guest Names

Length: 56s

Nat and Dan are once again Mike-less and, as the tears mist their eyes, they look to heavens and see their guardian angel in the form of the very funny Luke Capasso. Nat is so overjoyed that he immediately mispronounces his name. Luke doesn't appear to mind... Much.

In other news: Dan compares American Psycho to the Bible, if this offends you DO NOT LISTEN ANY FURTHER; expensive pizza is discussed; the Nats send the best tweet ever; the biggest free agent on the NFL market has found a home; NBA-wise, in the East Miami have continued the great form they showed pre-All Star weekend, behind them Indiana have finally overturned the faltering Knicks to move into second; in the West the Spurs have 4 games on OKC and the LA Clippers; loads of good stuff from the Bodeans Mialbag; Oscars chat and you know it won't be about the movise and much, much more...


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Americarnage #93: Family Feuds

Length: 1s

Nat and Mike are big on family and friends so close they could be called family too. Good job as, while Dan's away tending to an injury, Mike brings his son Nate along, Nat brings his old mate Will along and the whole gang are joined by HdP's future wife* Kelly-Anne Lyons who has brought her usual charm, wit and cupcakes to Camden.

In other news: Big apologies for a late show this week - HdP has spent all of his 'alone time' this week (2 days...!) fixing a variety of techy problems with the original recording; Nate gets involved in the show and Mike is definitely in trouble; the ultimate noise machine is back; the cupcakes are Superbowl-themed; Spiral is back on TV and Mike loves it; the Combine is coming, place your bets here; loads of sports chat, questions from the Bodeans Mailbag, the world's most cursory Oscars discussion and much, much more...

*I know, right? Just listen to the show.


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Americarnage #92: Americarnage for Pope!

Length: 59s

As the dust clears from last week's Battle Royale, Nat and Dan realise that Mike's not even in the studio anymore. Distraught, they look around for anything which might bring hope back to life and find, as if by magic, friend of the show Ben Isaacs.

In other news: Ben brings in a bit of paper, it's good but Nat has trouble with it; the Pope steps down, you'll never hear what the guys actually think about this as we don't want to get sued again; winners of the 'like us on facebook' thingy get announced; Dan's been watching films again, hear about that; the films of Steven Segal get a big-up; NHL-wise, in the East New Jersey lead from Boston and Tampa Bay, although perhapos Boston would be top if their games on the weekend weren’t cancelled due to the very weather that caused the game of hockey to be created in the first place; in the West it goes Chicago, Anaheim and Vancouver; NFL-wise, it turns out Barkevious Mingo has a brother - this is the best news ever, find out why; nothing really happening in the baseball; in the NBA, Boston have been mentally amazing despite losing Rondo then lose to... Charlotte?! Rudy Gay has been on-and-off for the Raptors but Dan's NBA round-up will tell you why; Great game - NHL Spelling Bee; loads of grand stuff in the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #91: Super Bowl Hangover III

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan drank in the atmosphere, the sights, the scores and the strangenesses of this year's Lombardi trophy game so much that this one isn't so much of a hangover - they're still pretty wasted. Luckily for them they're joined by returning 'Carnage favourite and very funny man Caimh McDonnell. He should calm them down, right...?

In other news: There was some sort of NFL game last weekend, Mike tells us about it; he also tells us about his adventures in New Orleans and how he plugged his rock tumbler in just after half time; Dan watches more and more films - hear about them here; the Phoenix Coyotes may well be no more after their would-be owner Greg Jamison missed a deadline to buy the team; it was a week of brutal hits – first John Erskine elbowed Wayne Simmonds so hard that he’s out indefinitely with concussion; NBA-wise, in the East, Miami still lead New York, but Indiana are catching them;iIn the West the Spurs are pulling away from OKC and the Clippers after 10 straight; in the South the Rockets made history by equalling the single game NBA record for threes against the Warriors; loads of good stuff from the Bodeans Mailbag; great game from Dan; loads of fights amongst the guys and much, much more...


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Americarnage #90: Folks are Kinda Slow These Days

Length: 57s

Nat, Mike and Dan are so fired up about the Super Bowl that they temporarily forget it even exists. Luckily memory snaps back as Mike's off to New Orleans for the Beeb, Nat's off the Superbash as host and Dan and HdP will be heading there too - joined by Americarnage's sideline reporter and this week's very special guest Tom Bell.

In other news: Nat gives an insight into what it's like to sideline report the darts for ESPN; Mike gets weirded out by stupid tube posters; Dan's now seen all films ever made and a few that haven't been yet; the Pro Bowl happened, underwhelming doesn't even cover it; the 49ers are supposed to be a lock for the title but how will they go about winning it?; NBA-wise the All Star starters were announced last week, but we sort of ignored them but it was the same old stars: Wade and Lebron joined by Garnet, Rondo and Mello; Miami lead the East, San Antonio lead the West; the Kings will be the Supersonics sooner rather than later. The Maloof family have agreed to sell them for 525m despite Forbes magazine estimating that they are worth just over half that; TOm Bell's Bane impression is back; in the NHL the Chicago Blackhawks have started this shortened season unlike any other in their history. They are now 6-0 after beating the Red Wings in overtime on Sunday; taso unbeaten are the San Jose Sharks – they’re 5-0 and on Sunday they beat the only other unbeaten team, the Cannucks; New York Yankees & Mike Carlson fave Alex Rodriguez has hired an attorney and is denying involvement after his name was linked to a place which dispensed performace enhancers. Yikes; loads of fun from the Bodeans Mailbag; Superbowl drinking games and much, much more...


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Americarnage #89: Stan the Man Unusual

Length: 54s

Nat, Mike and Dan are not folks to be defeated by adverse weather, except for last week when it was just part of the mix and Dan thinks he's got a solution for this - Playground Style...

In other news: Mike and Dan arm-wrestle, at least I think that's what they're doing; Kelly-Anne has offered cupcakes for various hockey results - this can only be a good thing; Dan is playing the Oscar Game again so never leaves the cinema; Nat gives love to the sadly departed Stan the Man; Superbowl 47 will be the Harbowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, after two sort of rookies made the Bowl in their sort of first seasons; Colin Kaepernick turned in the greatest rushing performances by a quarterback in the playoffs – by picking up 181 yards, including a 56 yard touchdown; Baltimore, who left it until the last thirty seconds to turns around the Denver game, went long again and threw over the New England secondary over and over again; in coaching news - Chip Turner is the Eagles coach. Bruce Arians has gone to the Cardinals; Mante Te-‘o knows how to pick ‘em; in the NBA, having won four straight against the Pistons, the Knicks go out early and it stayed that way; the Heat still lead the Knicks; in the West OKC lead the Clippers and the Spurs but the Conference leader could change three times this week, that’s how tight it is; in the new short NHL season the Pittsburgh Penguins are off to a Flyer – literally, beating the Flyers 3-1 in the season opener; best rookie so far is probably Vladmir Tarsenko of the St Louis Blues, who has five points and three goals in two games; loads of Bodeans Mailbag action and a game from Dan - Crazy Bets...


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Americarnage #88: New Sheriff in Town

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan love discipline - flags, fines, police action - they love it all! After last week's deeply offensive outing Nat has decided that he's better off at the darts for ESPN and Mike appoints himself the new sheriff in town, come to clean up acts and take names. The first name he takes is of this week's guest, Giants fan and very funny man David Whitney.

In other news: Dan mistakes Mike's injury for personal violation; Mike tests the limits of his love for Kelly-Ann; Wildcard weekend is over, but not before claiming some casualties; in Houston – entertainment was the casualty, as the Texans ground out a repeat of last year, beating the dogged Bengals; the Vikings surprise everyone by starting Joe Webb who started well but collapsed in a horrifying pile of misses and interceptions; Baltimore got all sentimental over the return of Chuck Pagano and Ray Lewis’ last home game ever. Playing with a bizarre metal claw, Lewis looked patchy as Ray Rice gave up two interceptions before the Ravens finally pulled away; RG3 lost out to Russell Wilson in Washington and may have lost more than the game; in the NBA Miami lead the East from New York, OKC lead the West from the LA Clippers who are back on form with two straight; the Bostol Celtics are busy slapping referees around; Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry was fined 15,000 dollars for handing officials a copy of the game on DVD. It was deemed to be inappropriate interactions with officials; The NHL is back and likely to start a 48 game season on the 19th January after 16 hours of negotiations on Saturday; without boring you the details are: the players share of revenues is down from 57 to 50. The owners wanted them to take 46%; lots of fun from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #87: Offensive New Year!

Length: 1s

Nat and Dan are back and in many ways it seems that the peace and love of the Christmas season have had a profound effect on them - they now want to offend literally everyone in the world. Iron Mike is on IR with a dodgy tooth so who did we call? Marek Larwood of course!

In other news: Dan watched a zillion films over Christmas, he talks about some of them; Marek gets burnt by his local swimming pool, Dan offers to help him sue the council; Nat flags up Stand Up Guys, out next year, then things get a bit odd; it's Wildcard week and the most surprising entrant is the Texans – until last week top of the AFC, they slumped to a loss against Andrew Luck and Indy; they’ll play the Bengals, who beat the Ravens, who will host Indy; on Black Monday Chan Galey got his marching orders in Buffalo, Andy Reid got it in Philly but may be about to take over in Arizona after Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt were shown the door; in the NBA, Miami lead the East, OKC lead the West but the big news is that somebody finally beat the Clippers! The other team in LA lost to the Denver Nuggets on New Year’s Day; Steve Nash returned for the Lakers and helped Kobe to 34 points in his 15th Christmas game, which finished with a great Pau Gasol dunk and which h happened because of the Knicks’ weird Christmas day vests;  the NHL lockout has reached its 109th day and Dan bores himself telling us; loads of Bodeans Mailbag action and much, much more...


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Americarnage #86: Lazy-Ass Clip Show 2

Length: 30s

Nat, Mike and Dan work their arses off all year to bring you quality(?) entertainment, 48 shows in 2012 and each one riddled with top analysis and elegant profanity. For the 49th show they figured they'd done enough and locked HdP in the studio with orders to collect up some of the best bits of 2012 for a clip show.

In characteristic style he did a just-about-passable brilliant job and so we present you Lazy-Ass Clip Show 2: Lazier, Assier, Clippier.

Happy new year from all at Americarnage and we'll be taping a brand new show next week once hangovers have abated slightly, see you then...


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Americarnage #85: A Lyons in Winter

Length: 54s

Nat, Mike and Dan are full of festive cheer - to an almost disturbing level in Hollywood's case - and adding to their festive joy is that they're joined by actress, presenter and mistress of sporting trivia Kelly-Anne Lyons. It's a 'Carnage Christmas alright...

In other news: The playoff picture took shape with two games to go as the Texans cemented their place at the top of AFC South with an impressive win over Indy; in the NFC the Falcons shut out the Giants in a replay of last year's embarrassingly one sided wildcard; the Cowboys beat the Steelers in overtime and the Redskins beat the Browns, meaning that the NFC East is in a kinky threeway at the top; in the NBA, the New York Knicks lead Miami in the East, with the Knicks having not dropped a game at home all season; Scratch that because last night Jeremy Lin returned to New York City with his new chums in Houston less than a year after he leapt off the bench, only to end up on Houston bench behind James Harden; in the MLB more crazy trading going down as teams shed and acquire players more frequently than Harry Da Producer lands restraining orders; NHL's still locked out and we're ever so excited about hte legal wrangling; lots of goodness in the Bodeans Mailbag, another great game from Dna and much, much more...


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Americarnage #84: Apocalypse Now and Then

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan love to defy prophesies - not the Mayan kind but more of the 'these guys won't last five minutes' kind. To all those imaginary haters, 'F$%k you! We just hit our 2nd anniversary!' To everyone else, 'Did you know this is the 2nd anniversary of Americarnage? Wonderful isn't it?'

In other news: Mike stars in Wayne's World on monday night but isn't Wayne or Garth; he's been in a lift with Jaime Lee Curtis though and said nothing in any way rude; Hollywood spent a weekend watching documentaries, quite a few by Vice magazine. Yes, I know, but they're gooood; Nat isn't a hipster, he's a genuine old man; great dissection of the Marquez - Pacquiao fight; love for the listeners who gave us love on iTunes; Brett Ellis gets some love and some hate; was the Texans - Pats really the bes t game ever on Monday Night Football; NFC East tightens up and the Bengals get a check; NFC North get s more interesting too, poor old Lions; Braylon Edwards makes the most hilarious deal ever; the AFC is weak and patchy but hell, you knew that; the Colts are working bizarrely well though; the deals in the MLB have gone mental and the Dodgers, amongst others, are spending all the money in the world; the Knicks are hilarious; the Wizards are more so but for different reasons; Dan gives us a great game based in no way on Lost in Translation; loads of good questions in the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #83: The Travelling Dingleberries

Length: 59s

Nat, Mike and Dan love a good trip to the States, a chance to visit places they love and places they've never been - maybe catch a couple of games while they're at it. Imagine their jealousy then when friend of the show Marek Larwood comes along to tell them all about his trip, and how it fades when they realise he went to Detroit and Buffalo...

In other news: Mike thinks of strange things while watching films; Nat is genuine about something, people worry; Dan appears to be sponsored by Cineworld; things get fouler than usual at one point - you've been warned; in one of the best games this year the Colts beat the Lions with no time left on the clock as Luck and co overcame a 13 point deficit late on; the 49ers and the Rams came within a couple of minutes of tying for the second time this season… Greg Zuerlain didn’t fluff his lines second time around; the Chiefs put Saturday’s appalling events behind them, and ground out a win against the Panthers; in the NBA Miami lead the East, Memphis Grizzlies still lead the West; the battle of New York continues, with the Knicks replacing the Nets at the top of the Atlantic; Andrew Bynum is still on the sidelines for 76ers who don’t need him when Thaddues Young is blocking everything in his path; loadsa questions from the Bodeans Mailbag; crap sporting cameos form the basis of a game and much, much more...


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Americarnage #82: Stilletto Dan Luini

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are dangerous men, so dangerous that most of the time they're kept in soundproofed rooms with armoured glass the only way to see them. The problem is that they can still be heard and this is the tale of their week...

In other news: Dan went to Rome and got hit in the arse by a policeman - not the only thing he has in common with Mark Sanchez; Mike likes music about dead horses; Metal Gear Solid is underwhelming when you go back to it; Mike wrote a book about Oliver Stone and you should buy it; Thanksgiving has come and gone. The Texans and the Lions sat down to a delicious meal, which took a sour turn when the refs crapped all over it; RG3 got angry for the second week running and threw all over the Cowboys; the Pats ran up the score again against the Jets – taking their tally for two games to more than a hundred; The NBA season is in full swing. Miami top the East, Memphis top the West, but the talk of the town is Noo Yawk; The OKC Thunder got angry on Monday and ran all over the Charlotte Bobcats – opening up the fifth biggest half time lead in NBA history; Dirk Nowitzki, Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love (just returned), Ricky Rubio, Danny Granger, Steve Nash, Derrick Rose and Amar'e Stoudemire; all injured; great questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; a discussion about DVD boxed sets just in time for Crimble and much, much more...


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Americarnage #81: Thanksgiving Special Teams

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan love thanksgiving - Dan loves it so much he's going to Italy on thursday. Mike's going to be sharing his love at the No 1 Sports Bar in Old Street. Yikes...

In other news: We're on the front page of the itunes podcast store, whoop! Argo is surprisingly good; the European Podcast Awards are still at the voting stage - vote 'Carnage, early and often; The Killing is back so we're losing Mike for the duration; it's overtime week in the NFL; when Andrew met Tom - the young pretender rode into Foxboro and got SCHOOLED; Mat Ryan had a nightmare, 5 interceptions and no touchdowns; the Dolphins got stuffed by the Bills, whose D finally turned up; Norv Turner’s Chargers looked a little better – only losing by 7 to Denver; the Blue Jays' blockbuster 12-player trade with the Marlins became official on Monday afternoon; Blue Jays turned back the clock Tuesday by hiring John Gibbons to be their new manager; in an NBA season where all of the big teams are looking ropey early – the talk of the NBA are the Milwaukee Bucks! They top the Central division, thanks mainly to Monta Ellis; thanksgiving gets discussed; loads of questions in the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #80: Vladimir's Poo Tins

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are all in the house this week and joined by one very special guest - the simply spectacular comedian and writer Andy Zaltzman - and one returning favourite guest spot, Vlaidimir Putin, who tells us all about the KHL and succeeds in his bid to be the baddy in the new series of 24...

In other news: Dan tells his penis story; HdP is a disembodied voice but somehow also looks like Abu Quatada; The Master is a very good film; it's QB concussion week in the NFL; Andy Dalton gets 4 TD's with 198 passing yards, thus breaking all laws of physics; fake field goals really rub salt into woulds; penalties are issued for disallowed TD's; Laker crisis continues – on Friday night, after the Lakers slumped to 1 and 4, coach Mike Brown got his marching orders; D’Antoni is actually injured – rehabbing a knee injury, which keep him OFF the sidelines for several weeks; in the MLB Angels center fielder and one time member of Mike Carlson's Wesleyan 69'ers Mike Trout oficially announced the AL's Rookie of the Year by giving him all 28 first-place votes; loadsa questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; Hip Hop Blanketty-Blank and much, much more...


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Americarnage #79: Cover My Election

Length: 58s

Nat, Mike and Dan are political beasts, it's on their passports and everything. They prove why at least one of those words is a relevant description with a thorough discussion of the key topics at hand. Honestly, they do: composers, Bond films, sports, what else is there...? With them to help on this front is friend of the show, very funny man and Americarnage's new sideline reporter: Tom Bell.

In other news: The Cannon of Carlson gets an airing; Tom has Eagles in his attic; the team try their hand at Monday Night Football intros; Andrew Luck overcame the Miami Dolphins, passing for a 433 yards and breaking the rookie single game passing record; in Oakland number 31 overall pick Doug Martin went insane – rushing for 4 touchdowns and 251 yards; the Falcons went to 8-0, patiently putting away the Cowboys, whose misfiring offence ad disorganised defence will be nowhere near the play offs this year; the NBA season is  a week old and all the talk is of the new look Lakers who are rubbish! Despite dumping Bynum and picking up Steve Nash and Dwight Howerd, LA lost their first three before Dwight put 28 on the Pistons in an impressive victory; it's awards season in the MLB, Nat gives us the low-down - Americarnage's place in Melky Cabrera's scheme is revealed; no Hockey, god damn it; Fantasy league update - do you care?; loadsa questions from the Bodeans Mailbag; awesome game from Hollywood and much, much more...

Also, vote for us in the European Podcast Awards right here: http://www.european-podcast-award.eu/index.php?id=12&L=1&podid=4408&no_cache=1&tx_ddpodcast_pi1[art]=vote


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Americarnage #78: $20 Drunk Tank Presenters

Length: 49s

Nat and Mike prepare for Americarnage so comprehensively that there' nothing they can't deal with - not even the last-minute IR placement of Hollywood with no guest on 30-minute standby - so it's a Channel 4 show without having to look at them, win!

In other news: The big crazy circus came to town and a sell out crowd watched the Pats stomp all over the Rams in the rain; the Cowboys were nearly responsible for one of the great NFL comebacks – 23-0 down to the Giants they fought back and nearly won it in the last ten with a bomb to Dez Bryant; the Colts went to 4-3, fighting back to beat the Titans with an insane overtime winner from Vick Ballard; the NBA starts TONIGHT with seven games – the pick of which is probably the new look Lakers at Portland and Anthony Davis’ first game in the NBA as the Hornets take on the Spurs; the big trade news: James Harden and his beard have left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join Jeremy Lin in Houston; congratulations to your 2012 world series champs...the san francisco giants. Yep, 2 championship in 3 years for the Giants who swept the lifeless Tigers in a dominant show of baseball; loads of listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag and some, some more...


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Americarnage #77: Canadiarnage

Length: 1s

When the Mike's away... Nat and Dan shine the Americarnage symbol in the air and the super-utility player and all-round sports guru Erik Janssen answers the call. In honor of him, along with the fact that there are no Americans in the studio this week, ladies and gentlemen we present to you: Canadiarnage.

In other news: Dan is missing part of himself after a training accident, find out what and wish you hadn't; Stitcher get some well-deserved love; the Wembley game gets plenty of love as it looks like it'll be a proper match-up with the fragile Pats screwing the pootch again in week 7; the Texans get back on track, destroying the Ravens, their D’s first test since losing Ray Lewiis - they failed it; the NHL lockout gets exciting with emotional blackmail making a stunning appearance; the owners are now offering 50-50, but still the players won’t budge; displaying stunning imagination, a survey of NBA GM’s has picked the Heat to win again this year and LeBron to get MvP; in other news they expect today to be followed by tomorrow and yet be today again by the time they get there; the World Series is upon us and just how many games will it take the Tigers to beat the Giants...?; loads of Bodeans Mailbag action; a serious (seriously) discussion of racism in the NFL; a very nearly serious discussion of the race for the White House and much, much more....


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Americarnage #76: Hollywood Half-Marathon

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are sportsmen - big, brute, sweaty sportsmen. Mike's so much of a sportsman he's not even here this week and the guys are joined by the seriously funny comedian/actor/bagpipe-ist Dave Whitney. Dan's stepping up to the plate though and doing a half-marathon in aid of a cure for leukemia and lymphoma. Sponsor him here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DanLouw

In other news: Dan likes chunky kitkats, Nat does not; Russell Wilson and Braylon Edwards makes Pats fans cry; Atlanta went to 6-0 for the first time in franchise history; the Lions comeback to beat Philly in overtime after Michael’s usual Jekyll and Hyde act; in the playoffs, then there were 4. Well 3 techincally seeing as the Yankees are 2 down and face Justin Verlander tonight. Alongside NY are Detroit, San Fran and St Louis - doing battle for a place in the 2012 World Series of Baseball; B’ball is back in Brooklyn as the Nets won their first preseason game at their new home at the Barclay’s centre; longshoremen in Seattle don’t want the Sonics back; loads of questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; another great game from Dan; does anyone trust HdP? They shouldn't and much, much more...


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Americarnage #75: Americarnage for President!

Length: 44s

Nat, Mike and Dan are all back in the house and they're so glad to see each other that the arguments take several real minutes to materialise. What they don't argue about is how much they want to win the Podcast Awards - www.podcastawards.com

In other news: Dan hangs around truck stops with Marek, there's a point to this; Mike talks books; Channel 4 gets very heavily plugged; Andrew Luck comes of age to rally the Colts; Drew Brees beat Johnny Unitas’s record of 47 straight games with a touchdown pass; The Bears won without having to throw a pass again; Michael Vick still has security issues – he dropped the ball three times, recovering once; Kobe Bryant MIGHT retire in two years. He told CBS that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep going past the end of his current contract:  "One can never be too sure."; in the MLB Texas are out - having blown the division in shoot out with the Oakland A’s; The Braves lost to St Louis in the other wildcard – last ever game for Atlanta legend Chipper Jones; loads of questions in a bumper Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #74: The No-Hollywood Bowl

Length: 57s

Mike and Nat are bereft as Holywood Dan takes the Premier League football option and doesn't make it to the studio this week. To mask their distress they pretend it doesn't matter to them but the hurt is ever close to the surface. To help them through this difficult time they invite ESPN America head honcho (he honches heads you know) and College Football supremo Patrick 'Paddy the Brick' Sturgeon.

In other news: The refs are back and it's already easy to forget how bad the first few weeks were; Patrick knows about betting but urges you to just join him 'for the journey'; Mike watches Japanes films; Patrick does Zumba, the guys are confused; the Podcast Awards have come around again, feel free to nominate us; Jay Cutler is a winner; Romo gets picked off all over the field; the Patriots score more points than is seemly; the Jest have 34 reasons to think about what they're doing; Chuck Pagano is getting treatment for leukemia and we all wish him strength and wellness; Patrick talks us through the College ball situation; the Tigers punched their playoff ticket by winning the American League Central on Monday night; the White Sox put some pressure on them by beating Cleveland; Detroit responded with a 6-3 win in Kansas City the NHL is still locked out, silly buggers; fantasy league news, your questions in the Bodeans mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #73: Barely Mentioning Scab Refs

Length: 1s

Mike and Dan are a pair of horse-collaring, facemask pulling unnecessarily rough low-blockers and with Nat out with a tooth injury, Harry the Producer is left to rain flags down like the ill-informed scab ref he is. Luckily for everyone stand-up comic, Bills fan and all-round awesome guy Lee Bannard is in the studio this week to keep the guys on the straight and true...

In other news: Dan's watched some films, they were good; Mike's watched some films, they're also good but what the hell is it with Scandawegians and bad things happening to kids? Scab refs are barely mentioned; they're barely mentioned when disallowing touchdowns; they're barely mentioned throwing endless random penalty flags in Baltimore; they're barely mentioned having absolutely no grip on games; they're ba... you get the idea; the Bengals are exciting; the 49ers are still everyone's pick despite losing; the Cardinals, Texans and Falcons are the only 3-0 teams; nothing hapens in Hockey because of the lockout; there are now no Chinese players in the NBA and this can be said about over a hundred other countries but China is quite literally a Big Deal; Yanqui are up, Oakland are on the up, Washington have a playoff place, so have Cincinatti and the Giants; the MVP race hots up, Americarnage puts its money on Melky Cabrera; loads of questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; Dan brings the worst accents in Hollywood and asks Mike and Lee to guess who they are and much, much more...


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Americarnage #72: Drink While You Think

Length: 1s

The whole gang's in town tonight to toast the awesomeness of all thngs American Sports-related. Mike got an early start but HdP is in this for the long haul...

In other news: Iron Mike gives restaurant advice; Dan ran 10k but just missed out on Americarnage Sponsorship Place and makes up for it by getting scatological in under 5 minutes; Calexico get a much-deserved plug; Brandon Wheedon gets discussed; Kellen Who?; scab refs must go; Mike's mate Danny Amendola looks spectacular; Jay Cutler's backfiring wishes; Andrew Luck won his first game in the NFL in a close run thing against the Vikes, and Ryan Tannehnhill also got off the mark against the Raiders; Peyton comes back down to earth with a bump; the gang do fantasy league, hear about how badly; Jeremy Lin has bought a bed; the Knicks are reportedly keen on Kenyon Martin, which would round out their roster of extremely old men; It's a Lockout in the NHL for the 4th time in 20 years; Metallurg Magnitogorsk is the best team name in the KHL and indeed the world; shortstop Yunel Escobar has homophobia written all over his face; MLB playoffs could be Oakland, Baltimore, Texas, NYY, White Sox, Reds, Giants, Nats, Card & Braves - no dodgers despite spending a bazillion dollars on players; awesome questions in the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage #71: The Exiles

Length: 1s

Nat and Dan are strangers in the strange land of the 1st week of regular season, especially seeing as Iron Mike isn't here to guide them. Luckily they have a guide in the form of stand-up, writer, and (amongst other things) MC for London Irish Caimh McDonnell.

In other news: Caimh loves NFL but has no team to call his own, the guys make careful and reasoned recommendations; Dredd 3D is beautiful according to Hollywood; Bronson Pinchot gets the most exposure he's had in nearly three decades; week one was a Cowboys and Redskins week; Peyton is back and dear god have we missed him; RGIII wins battle of the rookies; scab refs do amazingly well but lets get the real guys back; a certain QB has his secrets revealed; Joe Flacco is the best QB ever!?; basketballthings happen; hockey things happen involving europe; Dan admits his love for Jay Cutler; baseball things happen; brilliant questions in the Bodeans Mailbag, fantasy football news, do you really care? Of course you do, Nat beat Mike and Harry beat Dan, and much, much more...


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Americarnage #70: Regular Season'd

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan have returned to Camden and it only takes them 45 seconds before the arguments start. Luckily, Marek Larwood is back from his run at the Edinburgh Festival and he gets it even earlier...

In other news: Preseason is over! It meant something, promise...; regular season is very nearly here and Nat and Mike will be bringing it to you not just here but on Channel 4; biggest preseason losers were Tebow and Sanchez; the Giants are a bunch of bullys; Dan was there when Vick got bullied and heard something that hte TV guys didn't pick up on; Luck looks weirdly asincredible as he's been billed as; there's some fantasy league stuff;the Red Sox have cleaned house - sending A-Gon, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto to the LA Dodgers; the Baltimore Orioles continue to confound - now only 1 game behind the Yanqui in the AL East race; loads of mailbag; competition results and much, much more...


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Americarnage #69: Angry Olympic Hangover

Length: 58s

Mike and Dan shake off the Stratford/Greenwich Arena dust and get down to some NFL preseason bidness, aided by do- five-shows-and-get-a-free-one man of the hour Ben Isaacs. Nat shakes off the dust of the Americarnage studio and does something else and gets away remarkably lightly for it...

In other news: Dan liked Blur before they were cool; Mike liked Daley Thompon before decathlon was cool; Ben likes Party Down because it's never been cool - but it is damn good; the Olympics need to get rid of some shit; Dan's pick of Ocho-Johnson proves a little off; Luck's numbers are way misleading but he is blatantly awesome, although the Rams don't think so but screwthem, they're one-and-done with London already; Tebow plays every position ever; the guys assemble the weakest NFL player ever; Mike equivocates about preseason's importance; Dan disagrees; the Bengals get everyone injured but do well anyway; nothing happens in the hockey so it doesn't even get mentioned; the NBA, sorry, Olympic basketball works out as it was always going to; baseball happens, Ben tells us about that; good questions and even some Corrections and Clarifications from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...

*Stop Press* it's another 'Carnage bye-week next week cos Mike and Dan are off to the East Coast on vaguely separate holidays. Nat will be back in two weeks with some seriously special guests and reports from our two Boston correspondants, Mike and Dan.


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Americarnage #68: It Came From the Court

Length: 1s

With Iron Mike still providing for all your Olympic basketball needs with the BBC and Tuneesha having her arse implants removed, Nat and Dan were feeling pretty blue. That is until the coolest man in sports broadcasting, Phil Spooner, said he'd pop down to the studios to school the guys in the ways of the Chargers fan...

In other news: Friend of the show Marek Larwood is at the Pleasance in Edinburgh, go and see him; Dan keeps it light with the end of the world; pre-season starts tonight so prepare to see more players than you'll see all year; TO is back. Why?; Phillip Rivers has more power than Norv; Dan reorders the NFL; the Dream Team mince the opposition at the Olympics; Team GB mash the Chinese but get beaten in every other game; things happen with the CBA in the NHL, there'll probably be a season; the trade deadline is up in the MLB and loads of people have moved to different places, Nat tells you some of them; Phil met Ray Lewis and dubs him the Alpha Male of the whole world, the gang don't gainsay him; Dan whips up another classic game, this time about supervillains; listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...

*Stop Press*

Listen to the very end of the show for some bonus Carlson...


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Americarnage #67: Morgan Freeman Fist Day

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are multitalented guys. Violent, unpredictable, multitalented guys. This week they demonstrate this by revealing new skills, old methods of greeting, new things about old films, new things about new sport and much more besides. They're aided in this rollercoaster ride by the incomparable Luke Moore of The Football Ramble who fits in with this bunch of reprobates with disturbing ease...

In other news: In-jokes from off-air are not good, ignore them; books have been read, some of them are good; Mike keeps things light; Luke gets and gives updates on his newly-aquired American Sports teams; there are gratuitous Kid'n'Play references; Luck and RGIII finally sign on the dotted line; training camps have finally started for most, pre-season is offically not far away; ridiculously complex deals are going on in the NHL, only Dan understands them; corrections and clarifications causes issues again; listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; new game: Sweary Bollocks - Best. Game. Ever. and much, much more...

********STOP PRESS********

Due to a variety of work, personal, Olympic and crack-related commitments there will be no Americarnage next week. Sorry folks.


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Americarnage #66: That's Some Melky Cabrera Sheeeeeeeeeet

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are trendsetters, pacemakers and serial word-abusers. This week they're trying to start a whole new Santorum thing with the aid of 4th-time Americarnage hitter Ben Isaacs who's going to be running the guys through the upcoming NCAA season amongst other things...

In other news: Spike Lee catches bats; Mike talks books; the All-Star game comes up again; big contracts in the NFL; crazy contracts in the NHL; the grand return of Twit of Twat; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; obscene amounts of references and much, much more...


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Americarnage #65: A Gateway Podcast

Length: 59s

Mike and Dan make their glorious return to the studio in lovely Camden Town but find that the host's chair is empty as Nat's taking his turn in the Americarnage isolation hut for a week of nihilistic shouting along the lines of 'Tebow for President'. Meanwhile, back in reality, the guys are joined by friend of the show, ex-pat Canadian and the man who will bring you the Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics, Erik Janssen. Hurrah!

In other news: The Tree of Life is a contentious film; Dan loves The Walking Dead; in the MLB it's the All-Star game and by the time you read/listen to this all excitement will have faded; the final 3 players have been picked for the Dream Team at the Olympics; Steve Nash has been traded to the Lakers; the Phoenix Coyotes are in trouble again, the midwest love-affair with hockey is still in question; the Wild pick up Sutter in a bit of a coup, making them contenders all of a sudden; other things happen, they're exciting; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; 80's movie theme tune game leaves Carlson pissed off and much, much more...


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Americarnage #64: Nat Coombs and Pals!

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan value their time together but, like every disfunctional proto-three-way-affair masquerading as a podcast, they need some time apart. This week Mike and Dan have taken their turns in the isolation huts but, as a proper treat, Nat is joined by the incomperable Marek Larood and King of BBQ Andre Blais.

In other news: Chipper Jones is in his last All-Star game and Carlson will be covering while Nat's away next week; Nat's got a new column on ESPN, the guys haven't read it; Marek hits balls a long way; they discuss the best quarterbacks for next seasson; Brodeur sticks with the Devils for nine mil so he doesn’t have to meet a new team for the first time in his career; Torres’ concussing of Hossa to be worth four less games than Brendan Shanahan reckoned after an appeal; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; what bands would the guys like to see reform, and much, much more...


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Americarnage #63: Phil In

Length: 57s

Nat, Mike and Dan can be a little picky about who they have around them, especially when they're talking sports and their blood's up. Luckily for this week's guest he's about as cool as they come and regularly produces them on other shows (wait, they do other shows...? - HdP) it's Phil 'The Producer' Spooner.

In other news: Kevin Youkilis has moved from Boston to the Chicago White Sox; Obama the White Sox fan makes a gag in Boston which goes down like a dose of cholera; happy birthday Derek Jeater - 38 yesterday; the NHL draft has happened and the Oilers got the first pick, going for Nail Yakupov the nippy winger from Tatarstan; the bulk of the draft are so young it's their first time away from home; in the NBA, 400,000 turn out for the Miami victory parade; Dwayne Wade has hinted that he might not join the Dream Team in London for the Olympics; Dan names his cake shop; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; a serious literary discussionand much, much more...


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Americarnage #62: Stanley Cupcakes

Length: 59s

Nat, Mike and Dan respect honesty, they respect integrity but they respect pure old generosity more. Last time she was on the show First Lady of Americarnage, Kelly-Anne Lyons, said she'd make them cupcakes if the Devils won the cup. They didn't but she still made delicious cakey treats for the them, hurrah!

In other news: Kelly does the NHL round-up and and it's a Devils special; The NHL season rounds off on Wednesday with the NHL Awards; The Hart Award for team MVP is down to New York’s Henrik Lundquist; at the time of recording, we’re three games into the 2012 NBA Championship game and there ain’t much to choose between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder; the MLB headline act this week is the Giants Matt Cain has thrown what many people consider one of the greatest games ever - he struck out 14 in San Frans 10-0 win over Houston - first hurler since Sandy Koufax to do that in a no-hitter; in the NFL, Ladainian Tomlinson has decided he wants to retire at the Chargers. He has decided to retire while playing one last season;
Hunter Smith, former punter with the Colts has written a book! Course he has! Dan gets abuse from Radio London listeners; the guys  talk Bad Endings and compete to see who can work out what pop song is being played by NHL organists...


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Americarnage #61: This is a Braaaaaiiiiiiins Operation

Length: 50s

Nat, Mike and Dan are well known for their pulsing sporting grey matter but this week they turn it to more macbre uses: death, obituaries and zombies...

In other news: Mike writes obituaries and has a quick go at Dan's; Dan sums up Euro 2012 in the shortest time ever and the guys then forget about it; the LA Kings are your Stanley Cup winners, the franchise have won their first ever goblet, but damnit it wasn’t as easy as we predicted in the last show; in the NBA, it is, as predicted some months ago on Americarnage, a Miami Oklahoma final; OKC ran out 107-94 winning their first conference championship as the Thunder; NFL-wise, Chad Ochocinco leaves the Patriots for the Miami Dolphins – a move dictated by lifestyle factors than anything else; Michael Vick is distressed by his low placing on the top 100 NFL players: "Yeah, it's joke," Vick said; in the stickball, Jose Valverde is causing a storm - the Tigers closer was seen apparently spitting into his glove while on the mound - and the whole controversy has re-ignited the whole dirty stinking cheating pitchers debate; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; the gang decidewhich films would be made better by the addition of zombies and much, much more...


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Americarnage #60: Death Row Jubilee

Length: 52s

Nat, Mike and Dan may not have the most Monarchist tendencies but they do have some good ideas for what should have happened over the long weekend we've just had here in the UK, along with some great ideas for last meals. Are the two linked inany but the most tenuous of ways? Listen to find out...

In other news: Dan likes drive-bys; Nat likes NYPD Blue; Mike likes French Cheese; Harry the Producer likes your liver with fava beans and a nice chianti; in the Stanley Cup finals the Kings keep putting the hammer down on the Devils; in the NBA the curse of Americarnage strikes as the OKC go from 21 straight wins to 3 straight losses; in the East, the Miami lead is gone – Boston have pulled back to 2-2; It was tied up the other night in a CLASSIC, the Celtics were pushed into overtime, Lebron was fouled out late on, allowing the Celtics to take the lead and D-Wade to miss an open 3 as time expired; first no hitter in Mets history - congrats to Mr Johann Santana - that's 50+ seasons and 8019 games; Nelson Cruz - remember him? 8 RBI's in a game last week - now he's hit the longest home run in the majors so far this season, a two-run shot estimated at 484 feet, in a 7-3 win for the Rangers over the Angels; listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; Dan invites trolling on the back of this week's questions; Death Row Dinners and much, much more...


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Americarnage: I Got Your Sound Effects Right Here Buddy

Length: 1s

Mike is back from the States and, along with his usual zesty in-your-faceattitude, he's brought a box of tricks which Nat, Dan and Harry want to kill him for learn to love.

In other news: The Stanley Cup Finals are underway and Last time we checked in the LA Kings we 3-1 up in the Conference Finals on Phoenix and New York New Jersey were tied at two each; since then LA finished off Phoenix in a hot and heavy game five. LA kept scraping back in a game the home team seemed to be dominated; the NBA Conference Finals have started and Boston did finish off Philadelphia; Miami did overcome a resilient Pacers team; while the Spurs and Thunder were already there when we last spoke; since that day Miami won game 1 against the Celtics, before Rajan Rondo pushed the Celts into a 15 point lead on the way to his own career high 44 points; another week in baseball another hamstring pull for Matt Kemp - the Dodgers ace gets an MRI thursday; the Mets Jeremy Hefner becomes first pitcher since 2002 to hit first homer during first win; 8 RBI's - count em - for the Rangers Nelson Cruz; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; with Prometheus out the guys talk favourite aliens and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Gift of the Gab

Length: 1s

Mike takes a week to do some serious stateside things so Nat and Dan invite writer, broadcaster and all-round sports supremo Gab Marcotti to fill the hole in their souls and together they make a spirited attempt to get the show sponsored by Slingbox...

In other news: We’re into the later half of the Conference finals of the Stanley Cup. In the West it’s LA and Phoenix, in the east it’s New York New Jersey; LA looked to be on the verge of their first ever Stanley Cup Final, cheered on by an ever growing throng of minor celebs, until Phoenix finally showed some life in game 4 to shut them out and win a tight game 2-0.; in the NBA, the Western Conference Final will be Oklahoma City Thunder against San Antonio; San Antonio turned over the ailing upstart LA Clippers in 4; looks like Brandon Weeden will be getting the nod as the browns starter; Kellen Winslow is a seahawk - lucky him - the bucs traded him for a 7th round pick; jersey worn by babe ruth has been auctioned for 4.4 million dollars; listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; another cracking game from Hollywood, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Live!

Length: 46s

Nat, Mike and Dan take the show on the road and straight to Bodeans Tower Hill for fun and frolics. They're joined by best friend of the show Marek Larwood, Harry the Producer and an audience of seriously high quality folks for fun, games and prizes, all taken care of by the lovely lot at Bodeans and Coors Light.


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Americarnage: (Nearly) Going Live!

Length: 1s

With just a few days to go until the very first Americarnage Live, Nat, Mike and Dan decide to invite the king of Bodeans, the one and only Andre Blais, onto the show to talk NHL playoffs, BBQ, beer and the state of Iron Mike's underpants.

In other news: the Western NHL Conference semi-finals are DONE and we’ve got an unlikely conference final coming up; the LA Kings swept the St Louis Blues in 4 and became the first number eight seed to beat a first and second seed; in the East, the Ranger’s are going into game six with the Capitals 3-2 up after Brad Richards hit an equaliser with six seconds left of normal time and then Marc Staal grabbed the game winner; NBA-wise, go home Dallas! The holders are out – swept in the first round by OKC; San Antonio also thumped Utah to make the next round and set up a potential game with the Clippers; Mariano Rivera - one of the best closers MLB has ever seen has suffered a freak accident - tearing his ACL whilst shagging fly balls; the new favourite wunderkid of the MLB Bryce Harper now has baseball hacks the world over calling him the greatest rookie ever after he stole home; the team talk about the tragic loss of the great Junior Seau; Terrell Owens might be going on Dr Phil to talk baby-mommas; corrections get clarified; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; the guys guess what great movies have been porn'd and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Larwood vs. Long Ding

Length: 1s

Mike, Nat and Dan are manifestly sexual tyranosaurs but in the mailbag this week they find out more than they may have wanted to about 'Carnage mainstay Marek...

In other news: Dan is awesome at NBA2K12; swearing seems to be cool all of a sudden; The draft played out pretty much as expected – Luck first, RG3 second and Matt Kalil 3rd (although Washington later drafted Kirk Cousins, creating a QB competition before the season even began); Carlson eats a banana and an amazing transformation occurs - Mike is the Draft Doctor; The NHL Conference Semi Finals are under way after last week’s remaining games were resolved in game seven; Washington turned over the holders, the Boston Bruins in overtime of game 7 after Joel Ward slammed home the winner...; The NBA playoffs are underway! The talk is off Heat vs Knicks in the first round. It’s 2-0 Miami already and Amar’e could be out of the series after he punched a fire extinguisher and cut him hand! Nutter! Rapid Corrections and Clarifications; more goodness in the Bodeans Mailbag; another awesome game from Dan and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Luke at the Draft

Length: 44s

Nat, Mike and Dan are pretty happy this week and this is down to two big things: the NFL draft and this week's special guest, stand-up comedian and all-round media bad-ass Luke Capasso who joins the guys in time to witness their joy at the coming together of two of Americarnage's favourite reference-point QB's...

In other news: Nat checks the state of his chair; fun and frolics in Three Points; Mike's Mock Draft makes sense as far as these things go; Philadelphia Flyers overcome Cup favourites Sidney Crosby’s Penguins (as correctly predicted on Americarnage); other things happen that we predicted; some things happen that we didn't, but not many; New Jersey and Florida are going to game seven; Ottawa and New York too and Washington and Boston won’t give up; in the NBA, Chicago win the East, Miami second, despite stuttering forms towards the end of the season; In the West, an incredible push has put San Antonio back on top, relegating OKC, who will now probably play Dallas; Peace no more. Metta World Peace is back to his old tricks, elbowing James Harden in the face while celebrating the dunk; A perfect game for Philip Humbert's White Sox - the 21st in MLB history - he got a call from President Obama, who's a devoted White Sox fan; Luke hears some comedic racism from the gang, and much, much more....


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Americarnage: Would I Lyons to you Baby?

Length: 50s

Illness has struck the 'Carnage crew and Nat has been laid low by lurgy. He's kicking himself double-hard as it's the simply wonderful actress, model and TV presenter Kelly-Anne Lyons in her glorious return to the show. Mike hits the hotseat and the show goes on...

In other news: The Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway and it looks like we’re in for a few shocks; Pittsburgh took a three nil lead against Philadelphia, but it’s been downhill since then; Sidney Crosby beat Claude Giroux, who himself managed the esteemed Gordie How hat trick; in the final throes of the NBA regular season, most teams have around six games left; Chicago lead the East and have now clinched their division, as have the second placed Miami Heat; the West is still dominated by OKC and San Antonio; in the MLB, Matt Kemp is firing on all cylinders, Bobby Valentine should juat be fired; the NFL is being sued by four former players who filed Monday in state court in Atlanta, said the Saints' pay-for-pain system was another example the league "explicitly relied on violence"; the team pick out three points from a tangled week; Dan outlines just how fixed the NBA is; your questions inthe Bodeans Mailbag; Kelly and Mike have a Brit-Cit showdown, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Wonderlic My Balls?

Length: 1s

With Rick Santorum punking his way out of the race for the White House, Nat, Mike and Dan celebrate but fear the chance of a Nixon-like return with Santorum/Palin 2016... Then they stop thinking about such terrifying things and get on with the business of kicking each other's arses at the Wonderlic.

In other news: Ozzie Guillen ingratiated himself to his new Miami co-residents by bigging up Fidel Castro; the NHL regular season is over and the smart money is currently on Pittsburgh for the Stanley Cup; Dan goes to an art exhibition; watch out for Ryan Clowe of the San Jose Sharks, who against LA got away with one of the most bizarre bits of cheating ever – poke checking someone while on the bench; about a fortnight left of the truncated regular season and Miami have joined Chicago in the playoffs with around ten games to go; two weeks til the NFL draft and we're getting a bit too excited; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; Mike gatecrashes Corrections and Clarifications; Dan tests the team, Wonderlic Written Test-style and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Americarnage Assemble!

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan have gathered in their secret underground lair, called together by Harry the Producer, in order to combat... Well, what've you got? They mainly fight each other anyway.

In other news: Dan loves NBA 2K12 - maybe too much; in the MLB Reds have locked up Joey Votto through 2023 with a deal worth $225 million; Indians' Ubaldo Jiminez has been suspended for 5 games on his return to Colorado for deliberating hitting Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki; Two or three games left depending on who you support - Vancouver lead the West after a stutter at the last by St Louis; in the East New York, Boston, Florida, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Ottawa are there; in the NBA OKC are in the playoffs, joining the Bulls with thirteen games to spare; the Eastern Conference is largely the same, except Boston, who are surging to 5 straight; An LA NFL team now seems a much less distant possibility as rich weirdo Phillip Anschutz, who already owns EVERYTHING, said he would buy a full stake in an NFL team and relocate them to downtown LA; fantasy baseball update - Dan wants YOU; loadsa of good stuff in the Bodeans Mailbag; Wrestlemania hangover; good old chat about films, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Stickball Season!

Length: 59s

Nat, Mike and Dan have whole lot of love for baseball, so much so that this episode takes an almost actually serious look at this season seeing as it's just a couple of days old. Domn't worry, they argue and make offensive jokes too so there's a semblence of normality...

In other news: We’re entering the final stretch of the NHL regular season and the Toronto Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs for the 7th straight season; Twitter is ablaze with fans calling for GM Brian Burke to go; the Bulls have become the first team to make the NBA playoffs, continuing to top the East, although the OKC Thunder aren’t far behind; on Sunday the Thunder beat the Heat in a game many are predicting was the tipping point that pushed Kevin Durant into the lead for the race for MVP; Dennis Rodman is going to jail unless he coughs up 860,000 in child support; NFL Rule change! The regular season will now be like the post season. A field goal from the off is no longer enough to win! What’s the point? It’s just another rule for the Saints to break… No corrections and clarifications this week but a serious helping from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Return of the Mike

Length: 1s

At last! After however many weeks its been, Iron Mike is back on Americarnage and in many ways it's like he's never been away. Probably because he hasn't really been anywhere, he just lost a bet and had to spend a month in the Cupboard of Shame. Otherwise known as Harry the Producer's holiday home. In other news:

Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco! He’ll pick up $95m for a five year contract, 18m guaranteed, although he’ll pick up $40m more if his neck doesn’t bust in the first year; Matt Flynn picked Seattle; Mark Sanchez picked up a big new contract with the Jets the 49ers looked set to drop Alex Smith and then didn’t AND Tebow was traded to the Jets for a 4th and a 6th; in the NHL, Sid the Kid is back - he got on the score sheet as the Pens pummelled the Rangers at the Garden 5-2; as we enter the last few weeks of the regular season, the Flyers are involved in a mighty three horse race for top spot in the east; Steven Stamkos has hit 50 goals for the second time in his career; NBA-wise Chicago are 39-10 and haven’t lost consecutive games all season, they are the best team in the league. Period; MLB Season kicks off in Tokyo in the Japan Opening Series on March 28th - the Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners are the lucky recipients of a jetlagged start to the season; big movers in the off season were Miami, new absolutely everything for them; AmericarnageFantasy Basball (and all the other ones) starting very soon; winner of the competition for a place in our league announced; Nat talks tactics; Mike talks Obsession; Dan talks team names. His is very good; listener questionsin the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more... 


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Americarnage: Let's Get Ready to Ramble


With Mike away for one more week, Nat and Dan have the utter pleasure of welcoming Luke Moore of The Football Ramble to the show - a man who is not only a hirsuit legend, he leant his nous at the very dawn of 'Carnage to help get us on t'interweb in the first place. Luke may be a god when it comes to the premier league but the guys take it upon themselves to sort him out with some real teams to support...

In other news: Peyton's final choices have been narrowed down to Denver, Tennessee, Arizona and Miami; back in Indy, the Colts continue their firesale: they re-sign Reggie Wayne, but release everyone else – Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark and Joe Addai. Garcon was later picked up by Washington in a waaaayyy too expensive deal; Calvin Johnson has re-signed with the Lions – a $132m eight year deal that makes him the NFL’s highest paid player; Sid the Kid is back AGAIN. Or he isn’t. Who knows? He is expected to play tonight against the New York Rangers for the first time since his brief return in December; the Bruins have slumped to three losses in a row and the Canadiens are bottom of the East. Nothing more to say about that...; so let’s talk about the New York Knicks! Mike D Antoni got the chop after the team lost their sixth straight, slipping back out of playoff contention; Chicago lead the East, OKC the West, but Milwaukee and the Lakers are this week’s forms teams; Steve Cohen is a hedge funder who may be buying the LA Dodgers and if he does, Tony La Russa will be running them; Check out the We Are the Marlins theme tune which we've posted on our Facebook Fan Page; corrections and clarifications; the Bodeans Mailbag; Mike's last letter from NZ and much, much more....


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Americarnage: You Can Play!

Length: 1s

Nat and Dan are sportsmen to the roots of their boots, they want everyone to get involved. In that spirit, with Mike getting through his last few days as antipodean and sending his penultimate postcard, they get the frankly brilliant Tom Bell to join them to play in Camden. Not like that. Well, don't think so...

In other news: Peyton Manning is no longer an Indianapolis Colt, becoming one of the most celebrated free agents of all time in a tearful press conference with Jim Irsay; the Colts are set to clear the decks, and release Saturday, Wayne and Garcon and be the big spenders at free agency; ‘Bountygate’ grips the NFL - a controversial programme run by the Saints to reward players with pitiful amounts for injuring opposition players is 'revealed' by the NFL; New York lead the East from Boston, but damn, the Penguins are hot again – 6 wins on the bounce and with Evgeni Malkin on fire and on course for his best season ever; n the East, the playoff race is tight as ever – Buffalo are seemingly back from the dead and Winnipeg are fifteen games away from their first trip to the post season since 1996 (although they have not played a full season since 1996); Brian Burke news – this week he launched the ‘You Can Play’ campaign, aimed at promoting tolerance for LGBT athletes, a campaign kick started by his deceased son Brendan – an initiative arguably created to possibly annoy Don Cherry; Linsanity is officially over – he’s no longer the most talked about point guard in the NBA after Deron Williams hit a career high 57 in the Nets win over Charlotte; corrections and clarifications; your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag; more news about Americarnage Live; more game fun from Dan and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Well Slap My Arse with an Evening Standard

Length: 1s

With Mike away just a little while longer the remaining 'Carnage gang are going a bit feral and crazy. Ok, crazier, revealing personal habits and foibles. In an attempt to keep them in line it's double-producer day with sports producer extraordinaire Phil Spooner in the house to provide firm guidance.

In other news: Nat knows Montell Jordan stuff REALLY well; the NBA All Star game has happened in Orlando! The West triumphed 152-149 but no-one played any D; Durant hit 36; Kobe hit 27, surpassing Michael Jordan as the all time leading All Star point scorer; in the NHL the trade deadline is toast. It was quiet with the biggest trade involving a non-trade; as Dan predicted on the show last week – Rick Nash stays in Columbus, partly because none of the big play off teams really wanted him; a bad season is now considerably worse for the Blue Jackets after GM Scott Howson told the press that the Columbus captian wanted a trade and that they weren’t going to let him go, throwing the poor bastard under the bus; Hines Ward has been cut by the Steelers after 14 seasons; Braylon Edwards could be back to the Jets; Rumour has it that a team “you would never have thought of” are talking to the Rams about their second pick… Corrections and Clarifications, your questions in the Bodeans Mailbag, more film talk, another message from Mike on the far side of the world and much, much more...


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Americarnage: There Will be Bleeps


Nat and Dan like nothing better than predicting the outcome of things: sports, films, fights between strangers. With Mike still checking in from the far side of the world the guys have taken the groundbreaking decision of inviting Marek 'Americarnage' Larwood on to help them out with their Oscar picks...

In other news: Linsanity is over! Sort of! On Friday the Knicks lost their first game since the phenomenon began; then came the real test – Lin and Mello on the court together for the first time; in other news the Heat are hot – they lead the NBA and have won 7 straight; oh, and remember about what Mayweather said about black players in the NBA not getting credit. Kevin Durant got 51 and Russel Westbrook got 40 in an overtime win against Denver; in the NHL the Rangers are pulling away at the top of the East; while the Devils are pulling themselves into contention they’re now 8-1-1 in their last ten; the results of the NHLPA poll are in – some results are predictable – Zdeno Chara has the hardest shot, and Pavel Datsyuk won in several categor5ies (hardest to take the puck from; smartest; hardest to play against); but Sidney Crosby suffered from Yao Ming syndrome – picking up votes in categories he hasn’t even competed in in a year; the NFL Combine happened, things were learnt; Baseball is close - pitchers & Catchers from across the majors have reported - which explains Mike's extended absence; Harry the producer gets draconian; films get discussed; listener questions in the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Home of the Lin-ettes

Length: 53s

In a contraversial move, Mike has quit the shores of Blighty for a short while to gallavant around LA and NZ. Nat and Dan try to put a brave face on things and helping dry their tears is journalist, Jay Cutler apologist, super-dad and all-round friend of the show Ben Isaacs.

In other news: Linsanity – the world’s favourite Asian American non-draftees continues to amaze for the New York Knicks; the All Star teams… and they’re OK- it’s Rose, Mello, Howard, LeBron and Wade in the East and Kobe, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Bynum and Chris Paul in the West; For those who care – Chicago and Miami are  pretty much neck and neck in the East and the Knicks are in the playoff zone at last after 6 straight; Albert Haynesworth is no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, although he arguably never was; former Dolphon 'Fabulous' Freddie Solomon is mourned; the Combine starts next week so the first mock drafts have appeared; The Rangers lead the East, while the Red Wings lead the West; while the Blackhawks continue their post All Star game plummet; Rick Nash is the name on everyone’s list. Despite committing long-term to Columbus, he’s known to want out; the Miami Marlins will indeed be the featured team when Showtime's second season of "The Franchise" kicks off later this year; Mike's favourite Joe Maddon has signed a contract extension worth around 6 million bucks keeping him at the Rays till 2015; Coco Crisp still has, and possibly always will, have fine hair; no Corrections and Clarifications this week, dispute last week's show at your peril; listener questions in Mailbag, although without Mike the intro sounds a little different; speaking of Mike, he sends and audio postcard...and seemingly leaves messages EVERYWHERE; fun and frollicks with Dan's new game, Cadvertising, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Superbowl Hang-Over II


Nat, Mike and Dan have the post-superbowl blues and they thought nothing could cut through them. Then Hollywood got taken out at high speed on the escalator out of Camden tube and found out that those steps can cut through anything...

In other news: Nat did the superbash and is an entertainer, Mike did the BBC coverage and held Chappers and Danny Amendola together, Dan kipped out and missed Corey Feldman and Harry made the first minute or so of the show sound like it was taped in a bathtub; the Giants have done something good lately, can't remember what; Bill Belichick can’t count; ‘Elite’ quarterback Eli Manning won MVP for the second time; Peyton Manning will cease to be a Colt this week if Jimk Irsay doesn’t pay him his 28m roster bonus; in the NHL, no change in the East – the Rangers, the Bruins and the Flyers are pulling away, although New Jersey look like contenders again for the first time in eighteen months; in the West Detroit still lead, but the Blackhawks are in freefall, partly due to Corey Crawford, their hapless goalie; could Seattle be the next big NHL town? Corey Schenider could be the biggest trade of the trading season with Cannucks reporting looking to swap their back up goalie for an as yet unnamed defenseman; NBA-wise Chicago, Miami and Philly dominate the East although the battered Lakers are making a comeback; Kobe Bryant moves ahead of Shaq in the career scoring stakes; Chauncey Billups has torn his Achilles in an injury that threatens to end the career of the Clippers veteran; your questions (and some arguments) in Mailbag; Superbowl Half-Time Consequences; Corrections and Clarifications, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Superbowl An' Ting


Nat, Mike and Dan are wired on a combination of Superbowl week and a half-bottle of New Car Smell airfreshener Harry left in the studio by mistake. Dan makes the gang wait before swooping in, Batman-style, for a triumphant NHL round-up. In other news:

Nat's hosting the Superbash and Mike's back to being posh on the BBC for the Superbowl; the AFC wins the Pro Bowl in another disgraceful game of touch football that brought the NFL into disrepute; Aaron Ridgers reckoned that the effort on the NFC team was “embarrassing”; Osi Umenyiora is fined $20,000 for non attendance at the mandatory media day. He claimed that he misunderstood the schedule; the Muppets movie is making the guys all unneccesary; Miquita Oliver gets her first (and last) mention; in the hockey, team Chara beats Team Alfredsson 12-9 in the All Star game, featuring few stars; Marion Gabornik bagged a hat trick and the MVP award; the Rangers continue to lead the East, and the Capitals are third despite being eight points off the Flyers in Fourth; NBA-wise Chicago continues to lead the East, while Miami are getting back into it with 5 straight; OKC lead the West and are pulling away; it’s a while before the dunk contest at the All Star games but Blake Griffin has done it already – his dunk on Kendrik Perkins is being hailed the greatest dunk of all time; the average NBA ticket price has risen to $48.48; which is bad news for Allen Iverson who is officially in debt to his jeweler. Shame; Corrections and Clarifications; your questions in Mailbag, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: We're Oscar Mike

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are getting pretty worked up about the Superbowl but even more worked up about the fact that it was Dan's birthday just a few days ago, the Oscars are coming up and Nat's hosting the Superbash this year. Aside from that it's just business as usual with Pappy Dan making a welcome return and does everyone hate the Bruins?

In other news: It’s a Giants, Patriots Superbowl for the second time in four years after both of their opponents spazzed it late on; there will be no Harbowl after Billy Cundiff booted a last minute field goal wide, letting Tom Brady off the hook in a game that he admitted that he “sucked” in; in the NHL New York lead the East from Boston; Detroit lead the West from Vancouver. Many of the teams making the early running – especially Toronto and Minnesota - have melted away Pappy Dan talks about Tim Thomas veering further to the right than he is; Comrade Carlson takes exception; the Bulls are killing it – going to 16 and 3 despite Derrick Rose, Luol Deng,Taj Gibson, and Joakim Noah all nursing injuries; age continues to catch up with Celties and the Lakers – the latter slipping to 10 and 8 and out of the playoff places, despite having this week bumped the Knicks as the NBA’s most valuable team according to Forbes; the Prince Fielder deal is frankly mental; Kobe loses three houses; Carlson knows Seal; your questions in Mailbag; the triumphant return of Yahoo Jeopardy and much, much more...


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Americarnage: It's All a Ratings Scam

Length: 56s

Nat, Mike and Dan are reunited thanks to Nat getting the hell out of Lakeside and back to Camden. He seems pretty much unchanged, although his drinking action is a bit smoother...

In other news: Broncos sent home without their supper, maybe because Tebow was just one big injury; the Saints lose a thriller leading to quite a few folks to change their Superbowl pick; the Ravens hold on to an early lead against the Texans, ready to be taken out by the Patriots this weekend; after a shakey start the Giants turn it on to take out the Packers; the Clippers are looking good, if they get Dwight Howard they might just look unstoppable; how many injured superstars can one NBA team support? Plenty are trying; the Miami Marlins are going all Brewster; Pujols does a LeBron; Ryan Braun still last season's MVP, despite recent revelations; Bud Selig officially going to be commissioner for EVER; NHL is an unhappy place; Rangers and Blackhawks still top the leagues; ridiculous All-Star game coming soon - bit like the draft in the WWE; All-Stars Alumni have to pay for their own sticks; are sports fixed to keep us watching?; no corrections and clarifications because the guys are lazy always right; your questions in Mailbag; the week ahead and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Ain't Nothin' To F@&k With


Mike and Dan are feeling a bit Wu Tang, as is all-time record-guest and fervent Lion Marek Larwood. Nat's away keeping the ESPN-watching world appraised of happenings at Lakeside so doesn't get the chance to become Pleasing Assonance...

In other news: Wildcard weekend has been and gone and Tebow has done the jesus thing again – an 80 yard pass from the first play of overtime; busted Ben hobbled to a fourth q uarter comeback but it wasn’t enough; Texans surprised the Bengals in their first ever playoff game; Matty Ice lost his cool and failed to help the Falcons offense to a single point; NBA-wise Chicago lead the East and Oklahoma lead the West although they are a couple of games up on their rivals; America’s new favourite team is the 7 and 3 Portland Trailblazers; Kobe, stung by the recent ranking of him by ESPN as the 7th best player in the league, dropped 48 points on the Suns; Dwayne Wade is EATING SALAD; in the NHL the post- Winter Classic Rangers lead the East, although the Panthers are hot on their heels; Pittsburgh, meanwhile, are on a terminal slump – since Crosby’s latest exit; the West is dominated by talk of the Ducks, as GM Bob Murray has threatened to put the entire team (save Teemu Selane and Saku Koivu); Corrections and Clarifications, Mailbag, another new game from the ever-creative Dan and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Universally Challenged

Length: 55s

They're back, baby: Nat. Mike and Dan shake off the sleepiness of the post (festive) season and dive into some serious sports action, along with some pretty accurate musings on player education.

In other news: The regular NFL season is TOAST – very, very burnt toast, covered in disappointing margerine for some but the jam (jelly?) of hope for others; Green Bay and the 49ers get the byes in the NFC; while the Pats and Ravens get the top two spots in the AFC; the Steelers and Bengals making the Wildcard cut, joined by the lamentable Denver Broncos from the lamentable AFC West and the banged up Texans; the NFC is made up of the Giants, the Lions, the record breaking Saints and the Falcons; Dan changes his Superbowl pick to uted surprise; basketball is back and EVERYONE is rubbish again (except Chicago and Miami); the aged Lakers have recovered from a weak start to finally get above 500; in the NHL the Winter Classic has been and gone – the New York Rangers beat fellow high flyers the Philadelphia Flyers after the first big outdoor game of the year; corrections and clarifications; your questions in mailbag; you might know where they played but what did they study? Dan's new game fills in some gaps, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Lazy-Ass Clip Show

Length: 33s

Nat and Dan have got themselves so tied up in work and Christmas shennanigans that it's down to Mike and Harry to serve up a seasonal treat: a few bits and bobs from the last year that they want to hear again, along with some musings from Mike. Don't worry, he took Harry's mic off him at the start of recording.

In other news: Mike gets poetic; Dan's superhero origin-story; Nat calls in to send his best wishes

Happy Christmas and a Painter New Year from all the Americarnage gang, we'll be back with loads more sports, culture and nonsense in the new year.


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Americarnage: Three Wise Guys

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan will drink your style down straight, no chaser, but sometimes they get bored of style and go looking for substance. No, not around the back of Lidl, they look for the things which really matter, the big questions: what power will TT be granted this week? Who's next up in the big job at Miami? And will they hire Condi Rice to take over Special Teams?

In other news: DENVER WIN AGAIN, taking a commanding lead in the AFC West; James Harrison became the first player to be banned under the new helmet to helmet rules after his brutal hit on Colt McCoy; Dan explains 'The Turtle-izer'; The Cardinals became the best kept secret in the NFL winning five of their last six; Antonio Banderas: we have a job for you; Green Bay continue to 100% after thumping Oakland; Sidney Crosby has relapsed and is now classed as out indefinitely with ‘concussion like symptoms’ - very worrying time for the Penguins; also out with concussion are Claude Giroux, Brad Richard of the Kings, Marc Staal and Chris Pronger - boys play rough; Giroux is out after a knee to the head from Wayne Simmonds, his own player; christmas day start is soon and the NBA is heating up; Training camp passed off with all eyes on Chris Paul. The Lakers trade offer for him was turned down; LA remains Paul’s most likely destination as David Stern plays hard ball for Chris Gordon and the Clippers unprotected first round pick; a bit off-season chatter from the MLB; Corrections and Clarifications; Six Points Christmas Special; Fantasy round-up - several claimes of 'forgotten we were still playing'; Mailbag, Americarnage at Christmas and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Hollywood is Hurtin'

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are hard men. Hard, brute, dangerous men. The only thing that can can do them damage in any way is either ice-skating or Curtis Painter's moonshine. Probably shouldn't have told you that.

In other news: God bless Tim Tebow AGAIN. He rallies the Broncos to another amazing victory against the Vikings. Tebow throws for 200 yards and two passing touchdowns; Matt Schaub-less Texans won with rookie TJ Yates at the helm, but they lost Andre Johnson again; the Eagles fell apart again and are now facing a losing season after Marshawn Lynch torched their run defence and Vince Young threw several crucial interceptions; it’s the great NHL coaching merry go round! Bruce Boudreau is sacked by the Capitals! 72 hours later he’s coach of the Ducks after they chucked Randy Carlyle following a seven straight losing streak; the NHL has changed – the league will probably from next season have four conferences; NBA is still BACK baby, the league schedule has been announced with each team playing 66 games in 124 days. Every team plays at least one three- games-in-three-days stretch; Crazy Stephon Marbury is playing in China! Vaseline is cheap there, so he should have fun; your questions in Mailbag; six whole points; best lyrics ever written? the boys have some ideas on that, and much, much more...


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Americarnage: It's beginning to look a lot like August

Length: 43s

With Nat away repairing his secret underground lair this week, Mike and Dan turn to other distractions. They're a literary pair, they read books and everything, yeah? Except Dan says he doesn't. This proves no bar to enjoying their company of this week's guest. Please welcome Guggenheim fellow, New Jersey native and 49-er's fan: the celebrated American poet August Kleinzahler.

In other news: August has never seen Mike drunk. Or after 4.30pm; Thanksgiving turned into head stomping as Ndamakong Suh is ejected for the most hilariously blatant attack in a while; Stevie Johnson gets fined only fifteen yards for pretending to shoot himself in front of Plaxico Burress; God punishes him and he drops a potentially game winning touchdown against the Jets; the Colts are now 0-11 and have benched Curtis Painter…; Tebow wins AGAIN, Norv Turner looks on the way out, the Eagles signed off on their season and the 49ers lost to the Ravens; never criticise the Boston Bruins again, it just makes them angry then they win everything; he Maple Leafs are all injured, the Panthers are going well and the Canucks are also mounting a huge comeback, partly due to the form of Corey Schneider; in Russia and Finland, fighting has been the order of the day; NBA is BACK! Well, not yet, at Christmas; Dwight Howard is the biggest free agent – expected to leave Orlando for at least two first round picks; corrections and clarifications; mailbag and much much more...


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Americarnage: Thanksgiving Special

Length: 55s

Mike, Nat and Dan give thanks for a great American tradition: three big games on one day. Mike and Nat are so thankful that they're going to be at the No. 1 Sports Bar on Old Street this thursday for some pre- and post-game turkey eati... analysis. Come on down.

In other news: JC loves TT! Tebow proves that God does exist by playing terribly and still beating the hapless Jets; Jay Cutler heaps more woe on Phillip Rivers, despite the two having similar games; Green Bay trick the Bucs into thinking they can beat them, after LeGarret Blount becomes the first man to break tackles from every man on the D and the entire opposing team bench; the Bengals run Jooooooeeeeeee Flacco close; Sidney Crosby is BACK. One of the greatest players of all time finally returns to the ice nearly a year after he last played with a media circus descending on Pittsburgh for the game against the NY Islanders; realignment is back on the agenda in the NHL; MLB Season MVP is decided; NBA is still non-existant, despite all the money that's being lost; video replays in sport - what the hell?; Dan gets beats; Nat gets mad; Mike gets even; corrections and clarifications; what do the guys hate; your questions in mailbag, and much much more...


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Americarnage: President and Correct


Nat, Mike and Dan love sports more than anything. They love the hack and slash of fierce competition, the division of winners from losers, victors from vanquished, Bradys from Tebows. That's why this week after the usual sporting goodness there's a look at who's got the stones to take on Obama in a year's time to be Pro Bowl... Sorry, the next Curtis Painter of the United States.

In other news: Aaron Rodgers continues his quest to become the greatest quarterback of all time with another demolition – this time a 45-7 battering of Minnesota; Detroit did a Sanchez and handed Jay Cutler the win; Phillip Rivers threw another crucial game away against the Raiders; are Cleveland the least effective offense in the league; Pittsburgh lead the east, inspired in part by a resurgent Evgeni Malkin; Ryan Miller is the team's new hero after his treatment of anyone who dares go up against him; Sidney Crosby will be back soon! Yeah, right; MLB news; NBA news; corrections and clarifications; (nearly) six points; fantasy update; your questions in Mailbag; America's Next Top President and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Mr Baseball 2

Length: 1s

Mike and Dan welcome Nat back in classic Americarnage style: they disagree with pretty much everything he says. Nat fights back with the elevator pitch to end all elevator pitches...

In other news: Aaron Rodgers continues his push for the greatest single season for an NFL quarterback ever; Baltimore snatch a last-minute second win over the Steelers thanks to an erratic Flacco; the Colts are the last game in town in the race to Suck for Luck; Canadian hockey is the talk of the league – the West is being contended by Edmonton; while the East is being shocked by Toronto; Glenn Gulutzan, the former teacher and now coach of Dallas has lead the Stars to 11 wins in 14; should penalty calls should be subjected to video reviews?; Terry Francona's interview with the Cards goes 'quite well'; Wilson Ramos is still missing, the guys' thoughts are with him; no more Passada for the Yanquis; Coco's hair is the subject of debate; no basketball; Dan turns the gun on himself in Corrections and Clarifications; your questions in Mailbag; another Six Points from the guys; the great American Novel is exhaustively (exhaustingly?) discussed and much much more...


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Americarnage: Kim Kardashian vs. Tim Tebow


Mike is in the Chair of Power tonight for Aliterationcarnage and has the pleasure of lording it over Dan and friend of the show Marek Larwood, who brings a film crew and the iron determination to become a Detroit Lion. Meanwhile, Nat will be back next  week because he has to take care of family business. Not the interesting Italian kind.

In other news: Nat picked right and the Cards won the World Series but he's not around to remind everyone; would they be there without Tony LaRussa?; 2011 is the year of David Freese with the greatest performance in WS history; it’s Tebow time! He can’t throw but he sure can spark an internet craze; the Andrew Luck bowl is down to the Colts and the Dolphins, after the Rams somehow beat New Orleans; the Bengals are looking strangely like a real team; Pittsburgh lead the East from Toronto; while Boston are now 3 and 7 and bottom of the East; Sean Avery is back by popular demand after Rangers fans have him recalled from their AHL affiliate; Ilya Bryzgalov tells reporters that he was “terrible” and “lost in the woods” leaving many Flyers fans wanting their $50m back; Kim Kardashian makes another appearance for all the wrong reasons - can we have our $5000 now...?; corrections and clarifications; new section - Six Points; your questions in Mailbag; Fantasy Round-Up; Scary Movies and much much more...


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Americarnage: InterNATional Series


Mike, Nat and Dan have had the most football-packed week they've ever had thanks in part to the International Series game at Wembley; they've seen more games than Curtis Painter's had completed passes. Wait a minute...

In other news: Dan wants to be autotuned but won't get naked on an Irish farm to make it happen; Nat gets a hotdog... eventually; 6 interceptions and some tough running from Matt Forte won it for the Bears in a not quite full Wembley;The Saints beat the Colts 62-7, breaking all kinds of franchise records; Tim Tebow won the game for Denver despite the Broncos being only 2 yards passing at one point in the 3rd quarter; Terrel Owens turns down $400 a week; The Americarnage bid for the Dallas Stars is a BUST; Shame – because the Dallas Stars are doing brilliantly – they’re top of the Western with 7 and 2; The Bruins have made a shocking start – they’re 3 and 5; Tyler Seguin is the only bonus; Teemu Selane picked up his 640th goal in the NHL, making him joint 13th leading goal scorer; the World Series is nail-biting; Tony LaRussa mixes it up; John Lackey to miss next season, as is Hollywood's favourite relief pitcher; your questions in Mailbag; new game - Pilot School; corrections and clarifications and much much more...


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Americarnage: Wanna Fight?


The boys gear up for the big game at Wembley by planning the first ever Americarnage Royal Rumble. Pride will be dented, faces will be smashed and only one man will emerge victorious... He's called Mike Carlson.

In other news: Mr Carlson goes to Parliament; the Dream Team in Dreamland; Carson Palmer gets raided; Rex Grosman - when bad quarterbacks go back; Schwarz and Harbaugh fight to the death; hitting is back in MLB (Hollywood thinks so anyway); Laura Bush - Super Fan; will the Cards make Nat a mint?; the Bruins are still celebrating, months later; the Lightning's super dangerous lightning machine; how to knock someone out gracefully; who would win in a fight out of two limeys and a yank?; corrections and clarifications; the ballad of Ashton Kutcher; mailbag; two games that don't quite work and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Award Sub Dom

Length: 1s

Nat , Mike and Dan know how great they are. People often stop them in the street with the words 'you're a great...' yet it hasn't gone to their heads. They still humbly realise there are still votes to be cast in the Podcast Awards 2011...


In other news: Matt Ryan is the latest quarterback to realise he isn't as good as Aaron Rodgers; the Bills sent the Eagles to 1-4, making the Dream Team a nightmare; the MLB play-offs mean Nat can't sleep; Don Cherry loves headshots; Helsinki is the capital of hockey; it's still a lockout and David Stern tells us so; sneakers are still huge business; fantasy league update; truth killers brought to justice in Corrections and Clarifications; listener action in Mailbag; new game All Apologies and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Palin to Insignificance

Length: 59s

Nat, Mike and Dan know what they like. They like sports, they like beer, they like Curtis Painter... Kind of, anyway. They also like Sarah Palin's recent career move and wish it had happened earlier...

In other news: Tony Romo looks strangely like a quarterback; Baltimore defence make history; the Eagles keep blowing it; if space is infinite, why can'tthe Dolphins find any? MLB comes to a head and the Rangers are through; the Angels lose their GM; NHL season starts but why bother? EA's simulation shows the Penguins beat the Blackhawks so we can all relax; Montreal Canadiens pissed at high-hitting Ryan Malone; Four teams are in Europe this week, good news if you live in Helsinki or Stockholm; NBA season not going to start on time but will there be any players left even if it does? Fantasy League update; Corrections and clarifications; your questions in Mailbag; Fight Song Blankety-Blank and much much more...


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Americarnage: When Words Collide

Length: 54s

Nat, Mike and Dan have so much to say that sometimes they just can't wait. This is raw, man-on-man-on-man vocal combat and to the victor go the spoils. The spoils are mainly snickers bars and bragging rights but when was that not enough?

In other news: The Bills win the Superbowl! Psyche. They do shed a 15 game losing streak against the Pats by coming back against all odds though, despite Brady still throwing for 386 yards; Cam Newton drops to 158 yards but wins for the first time; Mike proved right; punt return of the millenium denied; is the NHL racist and is banana ever just a banana; Drew Doughty's talk get ugly; will there be an NBA season before the bank of Kobe heads for Italy; corrections and clarifications; fantasy league update; listener questions and a game suggestion in mailbag; NFL spelling bee, and much much more...


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Americarnage: Manning Up... Or Not.

Length: 1s

Nat, Mike and Dan are all together again and all is right with the world. To make things even better they're joined by comedian, ideas man and friend of the show Marek Larwood to talk a whole load of NFL, a big wad of other sports and a vast amount of cra... Analysis. Sporting analysis.

In other news: If you like watching quarterbacks throw thousands of yards and still lose - this is the season for you; Falcons recover form against an error-strewn Eagles side; Patriots looking imperious again; are the Bills going to the superbowl? Hurry-up Peyton: is there any replacement for Manning? Coco Crisp still has great hair; Mike Modano retires via facebook; preseason hockey: does it matter at all? split-squad games: annoying; will the NBA training camps open or have all the players gone to China? Americarnage fantasy league update; Marek takes us through his bid for NFL glory; your questions in Mailbag; Yahoo Jeopardy; the week ahead, and much much more...


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Americarnage: Open Season, Insert Plug

Length: 54s

Mike and Nat are joined by friend of the show and man who never sleeps Phil - The Producer - Spooner who takes Dan's seat while Hollywood mourns the Manningless Colts' opening week. Sadly he's powerless to stop the greatest density of plugs in the show's storied annals. That's how you spell it, right?

In other news: The NFL season is well and truly open with upsets a-plenty and one less Manning; Ravens rule, Flacco looks genuine; Houston take advantage; Cam Newton's record-breaking isn't quite enough for the Panthers; Benny Sapp has a rollercoaster ride; Chad Henne: believe the hype; Mike has an idea about what's happening to the Sox; baseball TV money; tragic Russian crash gives hockey yet more pause; NBA lawyers talking to each other again; fantasy league gets personal; your messages in Mailbag; and much, much more...


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Americarnage: Fantasy in my Pantasy

Length: 59s

Carlson returns from his fortnight of drinking ditchwater and roasting squirrels, and takes to the host’s chair. With Nat otherwise indisposed, he’s joined by Dan our special guest TV’s Mark Webster, to preview the upcoming NFL season and talk about the only game of b’ball in town – the thrilling Eurobasket…. 

In other news: the curious case of Peyton Manning; the Philadelphia Heat do well (listen before you judge); season’s predictions; tragedy strikes the NHL (yet again); Luol Deng almost saves Britain in the Eurobasket; player-run baller training camp a possibility; why Carlson hates Fantasy League; the art of internet trolling; how to say rude things about Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen; and much much more...


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Americarnage: All In The Game

Length: 1s

Nat is back from his imaginary trip to Reno, Dan is back from his real trip to Edinburgh and Mike is doing well on his continuing trip to the eastern seaboard. Missing the Iron God of Pod, the guys invite new dad and friend of the show, Ben Isaacs along to tell NFL bedtime stories. No not the one about Michael Vick. Well maybe.

In other news: Peyton Manning's neck is still giving him millions of dollars worth of gyp; Rex Grossman looks like a Quarterback all of a sudden; chippies in Edinburgh sell surprising things but won't deep fry all of them; the Eagles have become the Heat of the NFL; dog days are over? Justin Verlander gets the first 20-win streak of the year; Yankees doing well blowing things; Coco Crisp still has great hair; rookie conference is a great time for everyone who loves playing NHL '12; Sharks hot for the Eastern and maybe the Stanley Cup; Sidney Crosby is still in trouble but also in contention with Barry Bonds for Mr Nanny 2; Kerry Collins gets too many mentions; Americarnage NFL fantasy league competition; college football ins, outs and shake it all abouts; your corrections and clarifications; wiki wiki bad; the guys pick their favourite sports video games and challenge you on Madden '12, and much much more.


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Americarnage: Putin up with the NBA

Length: 47s

While the Nat's away...

Coombs is absent but has a note so Mike slips into the still-warm host chair and by popular demand he and Dan are joined by the master of sports production and Americarnage's first ever repeat-guest, Erik Janssen. More worryingly, they're also joined by Vladimir Putin who outlines his views on the London riots and tackles the NBA round-up.

In other news: Breakfast cereals; Dan's neighborhood kicked off but Erik's didn't; pre-season games in the NFL and plenty of new faces; Cam Newton looks useful; Ndamakong Suh gets a call from Shawn Michaels; Jay Cutler is rubbish; Carlos Zambrano has a hard time making up his mind; dog-days in baseball and is the MLB season out-of-control long?; Sidney Crosby is still out of action; Mike Comrie scores; Rick Rypien tragically found dead at his home in the second off-season death this year; the KGB does NBA; new game: sporting dish of the day; a little dose of Nat in the previously-recorded section 'what happened next'.


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Americarnage: Fister and Furbush

Length: 56s

Nat, Mike and Dan are back and, in news of near-equal importance, NFL is back. It's transfers a-go-go and things have never been finer...

In other news: London Euston gets some hate; Dan's bowels get some love; free agency signing season is about the most exciting one ever; Peyton Manning equals but declines to outdo biggest pay-off ever; Patriots go big on damaged goods; Eagles buy themselves a shot at the Superbowl; Vince Young's chances of rebirth; MLB trades in full swing; Texas Rays do well; Tigers get one half of a great deal; the crew work up Dan's new NBC show pitch; big resignings in the NHL; dry island controversy; NBA lock-out continues with VP's of the players' association thinking about bailing; corrections and clarifications; football's back: the crew pinpoint the moment they fell in love with NFL; Mike Carlson: Professional Liar.



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Americarnage: To Spoon or not to Spoon?

Length: 59s

Nat and Mike lose out on Dan once again but their luck isn't all bad as they're joined by sports producer par excellence Phil Spooner to sort through the continuing lock-out madness…

In other news: NHL transfer madness; K-Rod's agent forgot something madness; Coco Crisp still has great hair madness; what are the chances of a Mighty Ducks comeback match; NBA lockout unprecedented in modern American sports, the sport isn't a closed shop; Deron Williams leads the exodus; Betty Rubble gets some love; will the NFL owners settle just to shut James Harrison up? Whatever the case, get ready for NFL transfer madness too; celebrity golf gets its first (and hopefully last) mention; Costner competition results; Mike's competition results; your tweets and facebook messages.


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Americarnage: Rock Out With Your Lock Out

Length: 58s

With NFL talks grinding on and the NBA dispute getting nasty, the crew are in a bit of a funk. Luckily for them they're joined by actress, columnist, presenter and all-round comedy star Kelly-Anne Lyons who lifts their spirits by helping them answer the big questions: are the all-star games worth it? Is Tom Brady really the best player in the NFL? Will Dan stay in the country for more than 5 minutes?

In other news: Mike's new competition; poor old Manny Ramirez, everyone owes him money; who's got the best name in baseball; free agency week in the NHL means big money and impossible names; are the Coyotes finished; Mavs are losing players left right and centre; Israeli basketball; Dan's take on which lock-out will end first; is hotdog eating a sport and how good is Kelly at it; the team want a million dollars a tweet; Mike is sponsored by Alka Seltzer; corrections and clarifications; twit or twat; Dan giveth and Dan taketh away; bit of film chat and the Kevin Costner competition gets close to the end; leather trousers or peroxide: which are grounds for divorce?


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Americarnage: The Artest Formally Known As Ron

Length: 55s

Dan returns from Hollywood to find that there’s only one major sport still in season and that Nat and Mike are not impressed with their haul of gifts. Luckily, Ben Isaacs from Time Out is on hand to arbitrate the crew’s first domestic…

In other news: at least someone likes Jay Cutler; Nat goes Aussie; Dan takes a belated interest in baseball; Is it Ted Lilly?; the Dodgers file Chapter 11 – just as Dan starts supporting them; baseball hooligans; the NHL drafts means more Canadians for EVRYONE!; Corey Perry is MVP – all thanks to Nat; Tim Thomas – how did you get so good?; the Vancouver collapse, one week later; the NBA draft; Aussie rules the draft; Ron changes his name; 11 games doth not a first pick make; the NFL Thursday farrago; the LA Bills; Brian Urlacher hates London; the top five puppets; Dan brings gifts – the bin awaits; Corrections and Clarifications; it gets ugly; a short discussion about films…


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Americarnage: Erik-arnage

Length: 57s

With Dan still in LA and earning his Hollywood title more and more, Mike and Nat are joined by a man who knows more about the Stanley Cup than almost anyone outside of the Sedin diad, freelance maestro and ESPN producer Erik Janssen.

In other news: The Mavs wake up tomorrow with a different life than the one they had yesterday; a new CBA means Billy Hunter is a wanted man; Mark Cuban's jewellery choices; the Heat are the Million Dollar Man; the Stanley Cup is the dampest squib ever to destroy a city; one game 3 hit turned the tide?; are Atlanta the MK Dons?; captain crunch takes all in the cereal smack-down; guest suggestions get taken seriously; Red Sox and Coco Crisp get love; Marlins for the World Series...?; when the owners disagree the players have a shot...?; first ever Americarnage competition; in an unrelated story, the team dislike certain Kevin Costner films; the team mourn the loss of the Big Man and rock through their favourite E Street Band moments.


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Americarnage: Macho Man Simon Feilder

Length: 49s

With Dan in LA turning from Dirty- to Hollywood- Mike and Nat are joined by AAA comic Simon Feilder who helps them come to terms with the loss of Randy Savage...

In other news: Jay Cutler removes Americarnage hosting bid; aftermath of the Kilimanjaro Bowl; Rex Ryan's book is juicy; Mike's 80's style hints; is Bill Belichick the best coach in the NFL?; Nat gets to grips with the NHL to general amazement; Vancouver are the hot favourites but what is the Stanley Cub?; NBA final is a re-run of 2006 but the team are more interested in the Kardashians' progress through the league; Jo-Jo Reyes just misses out on a new record; where does the team stand on Buster Posey?; Simon's never seen Major League, this causes outrage; RIP Randy Savage; Indy 500 and Lacrosse get a surprise mention while Charlie Sheen gets a slightly less surprising one.


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Americarnage: Noughts and Lacrosses

Length: 54s

Nat, Mike and Dan like talking about sports. Really they do. But there comes a time in every man's life when he just has to ignore the playoffs and Arnie's recent marital troubles and talk about Lacrosse instead....

In other news: Is Carlson God?; where the team spent the FA Cup weekend; the L:ightning take the playoffs by storm; the sad death of Dereck Boogard; the last of the old timey brawlers; is hockey about to change?; the Grizzlies leave the playoffs; the Lakers embarras themselves; Kobe hates his team mates; Rose puts the hurt on the heat; is Carlos Boozer the most cockney baller ever?; all praise Luol Deng; Kevin Durant - King of OKC; the latest chapter in the great NBA deception; Jorge Posada - the last of a dying breed of Yankees; is 9th in to bat an insult?; Sarah Silverman's baseball calling debut; Chad Ochocinco goes bull riding; the Falcons pick trade - Redux; let's all play Lacrosse!; Garfield 2, anyone?; Arnie's greatest lines; Arnie goes to Rio - it all goes wrong; and the fan's guide to Detroit...


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Americarnage: Pippa Middleton, Linebacker

Length: 49s

Nat, Mike and Dan put away their morning suits and vow never to drink Pimms again after last week's Royal Wedding/NFL Draft debacle. A keen spotter of talent, Mr C is only interested in talking about one hot prospect...

In other news: new jingles!; Dan's terrible Thor joke; the worst of the NFL Draft; is Bill Belichick - the Arsene Wenger of the NFL; have Atlanta mortgaged their future?; the best names in the draft; the latest from the Stanley Cup; Tampa Bay are A-OK; no such thing as a home banker; are the Bruins too rough?; the Preds have the world's most sinister mascot; men called Vinny; Memphis defy the odds in the NBA; Derrick Rose wins MVP; can the Heat go the distance; the future for Dwight Howard; corrections and clarifications - Chubby Checkler special; the Indians' streak ends in the MLB; Twit or Twat - the REVENGE; our followers of the year award... 


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Americarnage: Whoa! Bodyform!

Length: 51s

Nat, Mike and Dan get in touch with their feminine side by deciding to ignore the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and instead riffing on the topic of female hygiene products...

In other news: basketball gets down to brass tacks; could the Hornets sting the Lakers?; Chris Apostle threatens to elbow his own mother; will the Heat sneak up on everyone?; Nat's Ducks drop out of the Stanley Cup; Sharks and Kings - the Greatest Game Ever Played?; Boston's lamentable power play; the Canucks try to blow it; the team gets PMT; how much hockey is too much hockey?; Nashville Predators find their feet; Bud Selig upsets the nation; the Dodgers face tough times - could Mike step in?; Charlie Sheen gets dumped; to Wildcard or not to Wildcard?; the latest lockout shennanigans; Brandon Marshall gets stabbed; who will the Panthers pick?; will the Colts replace Peyton?; Cam Newton - the new Vince Young?; the worst movies of all time EVER; Troll 2 rules; Fred Savage - behind the lens; the roughest towns in America; the Americarnage book club         


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Americarnage: A-Marek-Carnage

Length: 52s

Nat, Mike and Dan welcome a very special guest - the stupidly hilarious king of stand up, Mr Marek Larwood. Marek's arrives to help the team navigate the minefield that is the first round of the NHL playoffs. When they fail to do that they just swear at each other...

In other news: Manny Ramires does a runner; Christopher Dean - eyes likes a shark; the NHL regular season ends; the financially stricken Dallas Stars are out; the Ducks get hot; Logan Couture has an awesome name; the Isle of Wight's hockey scene; why Nat should watch more NHL; the Lakers learn to lose; LeBron's mother and the valet; Delia loves Doug Christie; U2 rescue the NFL; who wants a quarterback?; ballad of the fourth string qb; what is an oblique strain; Marek gets quizzed; and the fan's guide to Boston.    


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Americarnage: Right, Who Wants To Wrestle?

Length: 38s

Nat and Mike try and come to terms with the temporary loss of Dan by getting oiled up, slapping their chests and trash talkin' their way through Wrestlemania 27. If you like Mike, you like shouting and you like Mike shouting, then you're in for a treat...

In other news: the MLB season gets off to an auspicious start; the Rangers are a shoe-in for the World Series; Barry Bonds puts HGH where you shouldn't put HGH; every wants to watch the Phillies; could Joakim Seria and A-Rod take on the rest of the league?; the NHL regular season draws to a close; Corey Perry and Katy Perry - separated at birth?; is loyalty in sports dead?; No Sidney Crosby news is good news; UConn bounces March Madness; Americarnage was right!; AJ Green - NFL's youngest strike breaker; Jamaal Charles thinks about the track; anyone want a quarterback?; the Knicks make the playoffs; the Celtics are slipping; when is a dunk a 'drunk'?; Rodman makes the Hall of Fame; Charlie Sheen update - how much crack does seventy five bucks buy you?; Mike gets Wrestlemania; and Nat is officially outed as a "pencil necked geek"...  


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Americarnage: Why Nat Is Not A Nat

Length: 55s

Nat, Mike and Dan decide to ditch the polished patter and high journalistic standards for which they are renowned, and just argue and swear at each other instead. If Matt Cooke had a podcast, this is what it would sound like...

In other news: The Penguins get a taste of their own medicine; the Habs and Bruins square up for another round; Dan can't take the pressure; the world's best Red Sox annecdote; why Nat doesn't support the Nats; Milwaukee - custard town; the idiot's guide to the World Series; March Madness update; Nat's brown nosing just don't quit; why Miami can't beat decent teams?; Mello madness; corrections and clarifications - we all make mistakes; the NFL fades away; is Adrian Peterson a slave to idiocy?; the best stand ups in the world EVER...; the fan's guide to Atlanta; Nat tries to speak English, fails; and what does Charlie Sheen's mouth taste like?


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Americarnage: Mad As March Madness (And Not Going To Take It Any More...)

Length: 56s

Nat, Mike and Dan are joined by ESPN America's Patrick Sturgeon for a March Madness-flavoured special. We pick our brackets, scout out the hot prospects and argue about which mascots would win in a fight.

In other news: necks get broken in the NHL; will soccer moms kill hockey?; what's the most dangerous sport in the US?; the Avs are the crappiest team since the Cavs; the trials of Barry Bonds; Mommy, where do pro-sports come from?; the Heat are back on track; the Cavs can still make the play offs; can anyone stop the Lakers?; the Spurs get spanked; was T.O's reality show better than his play last season?; is Carson Palmer hiding a tragic secret?; who invented basketball?; how to choose your March Madness team; Patrick loves Kansas; and the fan's guide to Washington DC 



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Americarnage: Introducing Shabba Ranks

Length: 42s

Nat, Mike and Dan dab their eyes, blow their noses and vow to be brave about the Miami Heat's tragic loss of form. In a b'ball flavoured edition we wave goodbye to the Raptors and the Nets, give some love to Mr Love and throw an elbow at the recently suspended Dwight Howard.

In others news: could the Red Sox go all the way?; the last throw of the dice for Dice-K?; the lonelienss of the back up catcher; the Flyers take a dive in the NHL; the Western Conference hots up; are New Jersey the best team not to the make the playoffs?; Bob Probert's brain is on the show next week; the Combine Harvester; the end is in sight for the NFL labour dispute; the fan's guide to New Orleans; the Carlson hustle; Charlie Sheen goes global; mad for March Madness 



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Americarnage: To Cav and Cav Not

Length: 48s

They say no one likes a show off... Luckily Nat, Mike and Dan do, especially when discussing the cavalcade of showing off that is NBA All Star Game. We big up Kobe, disown the Cavs and Nat tries to recall a Patrick Dempsey film that may not exist.

In other news: Mello moves to the Big Apple; the worst team name in the NBA; the (bottom of) the Western Conference hots up; which hockey team should Nat support?; Super Mario gets tough; WTF is the CBA?; big hits and tragedy in the NFL; the fan's guide to San Francisco; Charlie Sheen watch; Serene Branson speaks in tongues; Sarah Palin - would you?; and A.L.F. makes an unlikely comeback...  



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Americarnage: Post Superbowl Hangover

Length: 45s

Nat, Mike and Dan pick the broken glass out of their hair and try to come to terms with the Packers victory over the Steelers. We praise Aaron Rodgers, condemn the Black Eyed Peas and offer Ben Roethlisberger a concilliatory 'meh'.

In other news: the NHL goes fight crazy; Carlson offers a few tips on how to kick ass in Chicago's finest night spots; the Cleveland Cavaliers lose AGAIN; Kevin Love has the best name in the NBA; Nat gives a special award to Albert Haynesworth; and Philadelphia is all cheese steaks and freak shows... 


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Americarnage: Charlie Sheen Vs. The Superbowl

Length: 45s

Nat, Mike and Dan look forward to Sunday's big game in the heart of Texas and look back at the Champiosnships games and the week when Twitter decided that Jay Cutler had gone mental.

In other news: the NHL All Star Game is a bit silly; Sidney Crosby still has a sore head; the Boston Celtics combine age and beauty; Yao Ming somehow makes the All Star selection; nothing happens in the MLB; the Oscars are announced; the team tours LA; and the team pay tribute to the wayward legend/idiot that is Charlie Sheen... 


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Americarnage: Nat's Magical Non-Existent Burger Bar

Length: 44s

Nat, Mike and Dan look back on 2010 and cast their beady eyes over the Divisional Round of the NFL and game where things all went a bit Randy Moss for the New England Patriots...

In other news: Ben Roethlisberger is good; the Bear struggle to convince; Marshawn Lynch runs himself into the ground; the Sedins - the best identical twins in sport?; the Curse of the Winter Classic; loyalty in baseball; the Yankees continue to sign everyone; who will make the NBA All Star Game?; Antoine Walker is back (sorta); Keith Chegwin - Twitter king; the team tour New York; awards for people who don't deserve them; the worst shows coming to the small screen this year; and 'My Two Dads' gets an unlikely reprise...   


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Americarnage: The Beginning

Length: 1s

Fortified by nothing stronger than cheese whiz and Kool Aid - Nat Mike and Dan try to make a podcast, with mixed results. There are lots of jokes about Michael Vick and Air Bud is discussed in sickeningly detail.

In other news: punching in hockey; Josh McDaniels - The Movie; open season in the NFL; Jason Werth is the James Beattie of baseball; Baseball MILFS; why can't hockey players act?; ego wars in B'Ball; the Heat struggle to gel; silly games; the team's guide to Chicago; Nat pays tribute to movies featuring animals playing American sports...  


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