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Last update: 2008-09-25

Concertina by The Velocet

2008-09-25 :: Bil Thompson

Stopmotion Music video for the Velocet…


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The Hair Monster

2007-03-08 :: Bil Thompson

Beware the Hair Monster. created by Bil Thompson and Debora Prado…


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The Lightfixture

2006-08-09 :: Bil Thompson

a light-bulb fixture makes a journey of self discovery (unfinished)…


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The Typesetter

2006-07-20 :: Bil Thompson

a journey through the barriers of the subconscious. starring international artist willoughby sharp and pamela seymour smith. …


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The Printer

2006-07-20 :: Bil Thompson

a printer seeks escape from the monotony of his daily existence. …


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Animation and Film by Bil Thompson

Short experimental video and animation

Animation and Film by Bil Thompson

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