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Last update: 2015-06-02

Sitrep 1: Katawa Shoujo

2015-06-02 :: animebrigadepodcast@gmail.com (The Brigade)

Welcome to the first Sitrep Review!
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Episode 1: We Do Not Support Bestiality

2015-05-30 :: animebrigadepodcast@gmail.com (The Brigade)

We did it! Kind of... we're trying. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. The audio is not as grand and amazing as I would have hoped but it's better then what I expected! In our podcast debut, we discuss Anime Central, and the spring anime season.
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<00-00-00>-<00-09-38>   Pre-showJust the usual brigade shenanigans.<00-09-38>-<00-10-42>   IntroductionOur first introduction! Yay!<00-10-42>-<00-17-42>  Our first ACen experiences.Along with our first con experiences, we talk about con creepers. If you want to hear more of these stories check out Convention Horror Stories. I have a strange tradition of reading some stories before going to a convention. Also Bunny takes Armins face off!<00-17-42>-<00-43-26>    ACen 2015Generic shows off his rave experties. Golden Bear  Bunny tells us a possible group cosplay idea. We also dip back into previous ACen stories. Journey talks to us about her bad luck streak, starting with Sonico breaking Journey's left foot. Pro tips on how to avoid butt touching.<00-43-26>-<01-05-37>   The Brigade's Loot.Bunny relays her mission of finding the perfect Armin figure. B0X0R trades a yaoi for chopsticks. Journey's mission of finding a Gintoke figure. Golden Bear's door dillema. Also, we do not support bestiality. Journy displays her generosity. Foxy plays music for us.<01-05-37>-<01-06-46> Bathroom breakListen to the SSAA Podcast. They are the best kept secret on the internet and also do not support bestiality.  starwinkstar<01-06-46>-<02-18-41> The 2015 spring anime season.Golden Bear takes the show on the road. Journey's mother sneezes. We turn Michael Booth's cute, little quaint family into... something else.<02-18-41>  Metal ShitDo you have a suggestion for a future episode? Want to just say hi?  Send everything to us at AnimeBrigadePodcast@gmail.comVisit us at www.AnimeBrigadePodcast.blogspot.comCheck us out on SticherFollow us on Twitter at @TheAnimeBrigadeIntro and Outro music is Reformed Eagle by FIMFlamFilosophy. He's got some really cool stuff there!Once again, we could really use some topic suggestions. Our next episode will be out on June 8th. Dismissed!


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Episode 0

2015-05-22 :: animebrigadepodcast@gmail.com (The Brigade)

Welcome to the begining of a new podcast.

Check it out!


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Prepare yourselves...

2015-05-19 :: animebrigadepodcast@gmail.com (The Brigade)

One week... …


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Coming Soon!

2015-05-02 :: animebrigadepodcast@gmail.com (The Brigade)



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