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Last update: 2013-06-13

AppADay305: Productivity

2013-06-13 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 18s

On this episode I talk about apps that may be classified as productivity apps with some utilitarian apps thrown in. The apps: Explain Everything by MorrisCooke. $2.99. iPad Only. Slideshow creation tool. Fleksy – Happy Typing by Syntellia. Free. Universal. Smart typing app. 30/30 by Binary Hammer. Free. Universal. Getting things done timer app. Camfind [...]…


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AppADay304: Mac Apps

2013-06-06 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 22s

Once a month, I hope to start talking about some Mac Apps. Here is the first of those episodes: The apps Delicious Library 3 by Delicious Monster. $24.99. Cataloging app. Yoink! by Eternal Storms Software. $4.99. Drag and Drop helper. Jumpcut. Open Source. Free. Clipboard manager. Text Expander by Smile Software. $34.95. Expands text snippets. [...]…


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AppADay303: Photo Apps

2013-05-29 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 18s

On this week’s show I talk about some photo apps I’ve been playing around with. The Apps Procamera by Jens Daengen. $4.99. iPhone only. KitCam by Ghostbird Software. Currently on sale for $0.99, regular $1.99. iPhone only. Blux Camera Pro by Yin Xue. Currently on sale for $0.99, regular $1.99. iPhone only. Vine by Vine [...]…


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AppADay302: Mix of Apps

2013-05-21 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 21s

After being gone for a couple of months, I’ve got a new show with a new theme and mix of apps this week. The apps: Couch to 5K by The Active Network. $1.99. iPhone only. Fitness app. The Magazine by Marco Arment. Free. $1.99/month subscription. Universal. Magazine Mailbox by Orchestra. Free. iPhone only. Organize your [...]…


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AppADay301: Utility

2013-03-23 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 20s

This week I talk about some useful apps that I’ve been playing around with lately. The apps: Moves by ProtoGeo. Free. iPhone only. iPhone pedometer. CloudClip by Thinkbitz Software. Free. Universal. Copy and paste between Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Instashare by Lukas Foldyna. Free. Universal. Drag and drop files between Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Everpix [...]…


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AppADay300: A Special Guest

2013-03-06 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 43s

This week I record with a special guest, Shawn from NoMarket.organd @shawno on Twitter who has been a listener and contributor since episode 1. We talk about the iPhone and each review 3 apps. The apps: I reviewed MyScript Calculator by Vision Objects. Free. Universal. Draw on the screen and it recognizes the characters and [...]…


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AppADay299: Audiobus

2013-02-26 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 24s

This week I talk about Audiobus and Audiobus enabled music apps The apps: Audiobus by A Tasty Pixel. $9.99. Universal. Connects several music and audio apps together. Funkbox Drum Machine by Synthetic Bits. $5.99. Universal. Collection of 70′s and 80′s drum machines. Thumbjam by Sonosaurus. $8.99. Universal. Play instruments and create loops. Loopy HD by [...]…


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AppADay298: I’m Back

2013-02-21 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 21s

After a nearly 7 month hiatus, I’m back with a new show. I talk about the iPhone 5 and review some games I’ve been playing My 30 Days 30 Screencasts project in November The apps Letterpress by Atebits. Free. Universal. Word Game with Strategy Hanging with Friends by Zynga. $2.99 (free one available with ads). [...]…


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AppADay297: iPhone Problems

2012-08-31 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 22s

On this episode I talk about some problems with my iPhone 4 and why I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 plus some other apps. The apps Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader by Ludia. $0.99 (free ad version available). Universal. Trivia game Mr. Reader by Oliver Fürnilß. $3.99. iPad only. RSS Reader. Movies [...]…


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AppADay296: Travel Apps

2012-07-05 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 13s

On this short episode I talk about some of the apps I used on my most recent vacation to Chicago The apps: Google Maps by Google. Free (comes built-in on iPhone and iPad). HopStop by HopStop.com. Free. iPhone (but free iPad version also available). Bus and public transit directions. Maplets by Zaia Design. $2.99. Universal. [...]…


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AppADay295: Music Apps

2012-04-29 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 20s

On this week’s episode I talk about all music-related apps. The apps: Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes. Free. iPad only. Piano teaching game. Orphion by Bastus Trump. $4.99. iPad only. Musical instrument with circles. Air Harp by touchGrove, LLC. $0.99. Universal. Musical Instrument. Tenuto by MusicTheory.net. $3.99. Universal. Music Theory trainer. NPR Music by NPR. [...]…


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AppADay294: Notes and More

2012-04-06 :: Nathan Lott
Length: 20s

It’s been awhile but I’m back with 5 more apps The apps: Sparrow by Sparrow. $2.99. iPhone only. EMail client for iPhone Paper by FiftyThree, Inc. Free (in-app purchases for brushes). iPad only. Sketchbook and note taking Notability by Ginger Labs. On Sale for $0.99. iPad only. Notetaking app and more Family Feud and Friends [...]…


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AppADay293: iPhoto

2012-03-17 :: Nathan Lott

On this weeks show I’m talking about iPhoto for iPad and a couple of other apps The apps iPhoto by Apple. $4.99. Universal. Manage and edit photos SpotON Radio by Swedish Application Development. Free. iPhone only. Turns your Spotify account into a Pandora-like radio. Draw Something by OMGPop. $0.99 (free available). Universal. Asynchronous drawing guessing [...]…


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AppADay292: Couple Big Apps

2012-03-02 :: Nathan Lott

I talk about a couple expensive apps along with some others and a Mac app The apps: Notion by Notion Music, Inc. $14.99. iPad only. Score notation app. Photoshop Touch by Adobe. $9.99. iPad only. Photo manipulation. Midway Arcade by Warner Brothers. $0.99. Universal. Nostalgic arcade games. Danika Holmes by Danika Holmes. Free. iPhone only. [...]…


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AppADay291: A Mix of Apps

2012-02-18 :: Nathan Lott

I talk about a mixture of different apps today plus a voicemail from Shawn. The apps: Stitcher Radio by Stitcher, Inc. Free. Universal. Stream podcasts and Internet radio. Hanging With Friends by Zynga. Currently on sale for $0.99 from $1.99. iPhone only. Asynchronous hangman game. Guidebook by Guidebook, Inc. Free. iPhone only. Convention and museum [...]…


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AppADay290: TMEA and Experiment Wrap-up

2012-02-12 :: Nathan Lott

I talk about a few apps on my wish-list from the Texas Music Educators Association convention and a cool Bluetooth pedal for turning pages on the iPad (this isn’t the model I saw, but it is a more reasonable price on Amazon). I also wrap up my app experiment which was started on Jan. 13, [...]…


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AppADay289: TV and Video Apps

2012-02-03 :: Nathan Lott

This week I talk about TV and Video apps. Apple TV The apps: PBS for iPad by PBS. Free. iPad only. (iPhone version also). Public Broadcasting Service. Fanhattan by Fanhattan. Free. iPad only. (iPhone version also). Know where to watch movies or tv shows. Yap.tv by Yap.tv Inc. Free. Universal. Chat and see tweets about [...]…


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AppADay288: Shopping Apps

2012-01-27 :: Nathan Lott

This week I talk about shopping apps The apps: eBay for iPad by eBay, Inc. Free. iPad only (iPhone version as well). Browse, buy and sell. Walgreens by Walgreen Co. Free. iPhone only (iPad version as well). Refill prescriptions, print photos, shop and more. Google Shopper by Google. Free. iPhone only. Buy, scan, get daily [...]…


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AppADay287: A MishMash of Apps

2012-01-13 :: Nathan Lott

This week I talk about an experiment I’m embarking on, voice recognition, web comics, a dictionary, and more. The apps: Vlingo-Voice App by Vlingo. Free. iPhone only. Voice recognition for sending emails, status updates, etc. Blends by Fizzy Potion. $1.99. Universal. Dictionary and thesaurus. xkcd HD by Leonardo Cantelmo. Free (ad-supported, $0.99 to remove ads). [...]…


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AppADay286: A Mix

2012-01-06 :: Nathan Lott

Photography, Games, and Music apps this Week The apps: iStopMotion ($4.99, iPad only) and iStopMotion Camera (Free, Universal) by Boinx Software. Create stop motion animations or time lapse. Moron Test (iPhone) and Moron Test HD (iPad) by DistinctDev, Inc. Both $0.99. Follow the directions +Poker Pocket by VTI Games LLC. $0.99. iPhone. Play poker with [...]…


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AppADay285: Best of 2011

2011-12-30 :: Nathan Lott

My best of list of iPhone and iPad apps for 2011. iPad Apps: Flipboard by Flipboard. Universal. Free. News Reader. Garageband by Apple. Universal. $4.99. Music. Appshopper by Appshopper.com. Universal. Free. Alien Blue HD by Morrissey Exchange Pty Ld. iPad only. $3.99. iPhone version also. Reddit reader Downcast by Jamawkinaw Enterprises. Universal. $1.99. Podcast aggregator. [...]…


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AppADay284: Tapbots, Illuminations, News & Sound

2011-12-16 :: Nathan Lott

A new week and a new mix of apps. The apps: Tweetbot by Tapbots. $2.99. iPhone only. Twitter client San Antonio Express News by Hearst Newspapers. Free (free for 30 days or for paper subscribers or $5.99/month or $59.99/year). iPad only. Local newspaper in iOS 5′s NewsStand. Lumin by Mahboud Zabetian. $1.99. Universal. Use camera [...]…


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AppADay283: Games & News

2011-12-10 :: Nathan Lott

This week I talk about games and news apps. The apps: Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum by id Software. $1.99. Universal. Classic Castle Wolfenstein game. Shift 2 Unleashed for iPad by Electronic Arts. $4.99. iPad only. Driving simulator/racing game. Mirror’s Edge for iPad by Electronic Arts. On sale for Free (Reg. $9.99). iPad only. Running game [...]…


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AppADay282: LogMeIn Dragon

0000-00-00 :: Nathan Lott

A couple apps that I got excited about this week and some apps that went Universal this week and a contest. The apps: LogMeIn Ignition by LogMeIn, Inc. $29.99. Universal. Log in remotely to your computer and share files. Dragon Go! by Nuance Communication…


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