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Last update: 2015-02-21

14 My Favorite Three Business Books

Length: 29s

Everyone should have their favorite business books. The ones that help or helped them get their career started on the right path and give them the inspiration and direction needed to go further and succeed.


Here are my three favorite business books.

What are your favorite business books??


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13 learning at The Rodeo

Length: 45s

The things you can learn from other "media" profesisonals after spoending 10 days with them at an event!!  The National Finals Rodeo in las Vegas gave me a clear insight to the world of Internet marketing and it was kind of a shock.  

People still think the Internet is still a fad, not to be taken seriously. You just publish a post and it should drive a lot of traffic to your site and yes, you can make it work, that quality doesn't count... Just be "Be Good Enough"... NOT!!!!


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12 Giving Thanks to The Small Business Retailer

Length: 21s

When was the last time you stopped and supported your local businesses?

When was the last time you drove past the big box store and went into the smaller retailer further down the street or around the corner.?

The one where your neighbor poured their heart and soul (not to mention entire life savings)  into it and hires the neighbors to work there?

When shopping Have you ever tried to look for an alternative to the big box or online mega store?? 

I get it!! The rush of the holidays can get maddening.  Why not just kick back and click the little mouse and everything you wanted to give for Christmas can be delivered to your door by noon tomorrow.  No fuss, no muss, no worry, its done its ready… 

Or a quick hop in the car and you can do it all in one stop at that big box retailer.  And you kick back thinking I just saved myself a bunch of money and time!!  Really? Think about it

Each time you make a purchase from a business, you are impacting another business. From candy bar and soda ay 7-11 to buying a can at the dealership.  Every sale you create, you decided one business gets your money and one business does not.   What jobs stay in town and what jobs are lost to a business far far away.

Yes, that one purchase of a candy bar at the local convenience store carries a lot of mean=ing and messages about wht you think about your town and your community,

Who stays in business and who closes up shop.


Small businesses are what makes America work and makes this country great. ... Small business provides the jobs, the new ideas and the catalyst for the brighter future. 

You need small businesses, America needs small business!

This season give thanks to the small business people.  They are the oens working hard, risking their own money and wanting ot make your local community a place to live in and grow up in.


The small business is the one paying the taxes, not asking for a bailout and living by the rules.  They hire the kids, sponsor the little league teams and keep the lights on in the parks. 

They need your acknowledgement and they need your support. Look around and open your eyes to the many small businesses around you and you may be surprised at what you find. Go walk thru ther doors and say “hello”


Happy Thanks Giving and blessed holiday season you and to you r family.

God bless the small business owner because they are what make America work

 Any Comments or Questions?  http://askmrmark.com


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11: The Power of a Podcast

Length: 31s

This week I want to talk about The Power of  a Podcast. Not about "how to" or "who should" do a podcast.  But the power a podcast has for the small business owner looking to become an expert in their field.  

I also talk about the power the podcast has in terms of  the person looking to market their business or services on a podcast. I have been doing podcasting in one for or another since 2006 with my first one being The Vegas Tourist Podcast with my best friend "Sazzy".  

When you think about it, Podcasting is probably the most powerful marketing tool in the digital world for a small business or any business.

Focused Audience - People don't just spin a dial and find a podcast while driving or exercising.  They seek it out.  They look for a specific topic to listen to.

Captured Audience -  People who listen to podcasts are yours.  They are listening to you and no one else.  It's not like radio, when they turn off the car, they lose the show...  With Podcasts, they can come back to your show and pick up right where they left off.

You become their expert - If you deliver quality, focused  content on a regular basis, the listener starts to know, trust and respect you.  They chose your podcast for a reason.  So they will stay as long as you continue to honor your promise to them and keep the good stuff coming.

You get shared - In this day of social media and sharing, podcasts are easy and fun to share with friends.  After all, you are their new expert and they want to help their friends, so they will offer other people to listen to your shows or pass them to others.

Podcast Listeners are HOT Property -  This is the biggest point missed by marketers.  The typical marketing person is looking for quantity.  

Podcasts offer quality.  Podcasts are niche programs.  The listeners are loyal and hungry for that topic and that host.  So they are willing to listen to your pitch as long as it is relevant to the podcast audience.

Podcasts are forever - From a marketing point of view, this is true.  You advertise on a podcast and people will be hearing that ad years into the future.  As long as the show is archived, its there to listen to by future prospects


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10 - 5 Tips for starting your home based business

Length: 41s

These are the 5 things you SHOULD do before starting your Home Based Business!

And I believe everyone should have some sort of home based business in order to have a secondary income in case your primary job goes away.  Something to help out the lean times or to have a passion.


1)      Get a “Doing Business As” DBA and an EIN or Tax identification number

 2)      Get a business bank account

 3)      Create a real office space in your home

 4)      Start to identify yourself as a Business Owner.

 5)      Do Something and fail.


If you treat your business as a businss, it will reward you as a business.  treat it as a hobby and it will reward you as a hobby.





* Get Your EIN Here

* Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2015

* Making a Living Without a Job


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09 Internet Marketing 101

Length: 54s

This week mark Anthony is taking the mystery and the fear out of marketing online with a basic over view of what it takes to get found by your customers and the search engines.

Getting profiles and content ot talk to the search engines an dmake them love you!


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08 Success as a Paycheck Entrepreneur

Length: 43s

Today's podcast Mark talks about a different kind of entrepreneur.  One who punches a time clock, yet behaves like they own their own business.  They take their job as if it were their own.  They own their space and treat what they do as a business.


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7 - If Burger King Ran an Airline

Length: 52s

This week’s podcast episode is a rant turned into a teachable business moment about remembering who pays the bills and why you are in business.  Its because of a customer!! 

Talking to your customer even in the worst moments of the sales cycle can result in a lot of good loves coming your way or not talking to them reults in a few well placed rants and one that turned into a podcast!

It also means you walking in their shoes repeatedly!

I recently had to make a quick trip back to Minnesota and had to fly Minnesota based Sun Country Airlines for the first time.  This i smy experience.

When you would expect a company in such a tight, competetive market, would try to make a customer happy, they resort to running the business like a fast food franchise: Ignore the customer, deliver minimul service and cookie cutter presentations while limiting interaction with the customer.


As Always, you can leave your comments, questions and feedback at AskMrmark.com




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06 IKEA - Doing Vegas Wrong

Length: 20s

After years of hopes and prayers by thousands of Las Vegas based fans of the Swedish Retailer IKEA rejoiced at the news of them finally opening up a Las Vegas store.

But why are they doing it?  And Why do I think they are doing it wrong?  That's what is discussed on this episode of the Ask Mr Mark Podcast.


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05 Would You Hire You??

Length: 27s

That very simple question changed how I look at my business, my life and my career.  It's a fair question and one that I ask a lot of people.  Most couldn't or wouldn't answer it fearing the answer.  Yet the answer would change your career, your business and maybe your life.  It's a lesson I learned from a very powerful limousines client of mine and I never forgot it or what it has done to me and the people I teach in my workshops and consulting.

We also go into how three little words will change how people see you as a professional or just another cog in the wheel of commerce.  The fact that the way you speak and your thoughts influence more than the people around you, they really do influence you and your actions.  That change will lead to more business, more recognition and maybe a better life over all. Getting you out of a rut and onto a better path for (business) success.

Enjoy the podcast and let me know what you think.



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04 Where Mark Anthony "The Business" Began

Length: 29s

Today's podcast looks back at where my business career began.  When I went from being Mark Anthony  "The Employee" - to being Mark Anthony  "The Business"  - The podcast was sparked by a email from a listener who wants to go from being a Cubicle Rat to being His Own Boss.  he is wanting to learn from those who went before Him.  Asking how did I go from there to here!

So I wanted to do this podcast to show you I am not just some internet guru who got a golden parachute from his last job, got a website and started a podcast on business.  I have well earned scars and stripes from the trenches.  Building, improving and expanding businesses.  Taking nothing and making it into something. 

I like to let people know that what they are doing today, isn't what they have to be doing tomorrow.  That everything can be done better.

Being open and honest is the way I do business and so here is the brass tacks of how I went from a lowly tech grad moving to southern Georgia to being a self employed business specialist with multiple streams of income. The fact that it took awhile for the student to be ready for the opportunity to appear.  To fail is to be real.

It also meant that I had to step back and let my world crash down around me before I realized what all I had and the opportunities I was missing or abusing.  That meant being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the ripe old age of 35.

I can help any business or any person start, market and manage any business better... 

I can help your business grow, get more customers and make more money.

Please leave me your comments and subscribe to the podcast.



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03 Don't Fear The Trolls!

Length: 36s

Almost anyone who has been on the Internet for any length of time has come across a troll.  Some nameless person behind a keyboard who wants to make your online life miserable because they did not like or agree with what you wrote.  For blog owners or people who post regularly in their website, these trolls can make doing business online difficult.  Especially if you bow to their demands or change what you are doing in hopes that they go away.

Don't fear The trolls

On today's show  I am joined with my buddy and web guy Marty MacIntosh to discuss trolls and how you can turn their frustrations into cash for you and your website.  The trick is not to fear them or feed them, but to let them feed you with fresh constant traffic while keeping your website optimized for business.

Most trolls are just online bully's.  They are angry, upset at their own life and how they have done nothing with it and they resent you getting some sort of fame they missed.  (logic is no a trolls strength)


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02 Do I still Need a Website

Length: 16s

Today I talk with my "Go-To" web guy Marty MacIntosh, for the most popular questions I get when out networking or talking to groups is “Do I Still Need a Website” – Since they already have a Facebook Page and Facebook is THE place to be, plus maybe a twitter account; why would they need to “still” have a website?

In a word…. YES.

In this podcast I am joined by my fellow traveler, webmaster and go-to-guy for website repair, Marty McIntosh (yes, that’s his name!) to discuss just a few of the top reasons you still need a website.

Remember AOL?

If you do or if you don’t remember America Online and how that was THE place to be on the web, the point is the same. Facebook, Yahoo, Pinterest, or whatever… won’t always be there or be THE place to be for internet marketing.  Fads come and fads go……  Popularity changes.

You keep the chickens in one building, but you keep your eggs spread around..   You have a website as the home base.  Your internet office and store front.  Use the other sites as a marketing outpost.  A beacon to direct them back to the website.


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01 Who is Mark Anthony and why this Podcast

Length: 18s

I am Mark Anthony – Your Business Improvement Answer-man. This podcast is all about US – my friends helping you get more business.

Or As I like to say – “Its My Business to Help Your Business to get More Business” Online and offline… That’s what we are here to talk about. All things that can improve your business.

Now before we get going, I thought it would be wise to do the first podcasts on Me. And how I came to be in front of this microphone and why I think you should sign up for our update newsletter and why you should tune into future podcasts

I am Mark Anthony – I own a little internet marketing company in Las Vegas called Tour Talk Media. We help tour and travel related business market and manage their internet properties.

I am also an International Certified Tour Director. Specializing in west coast tours and travel. I’m also a Travel videographer and travel writer. You will find my travel and business video all over YouTube.


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