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Last update: 2015-09-24

Botox, Fillers and Skin Care with Dr. Dean Tomasello

Length: 39s

Dr. Tomasello has been increasingly well known among   professionals as an expert in skin care and medical aesthetics and has been extensively interviewed and appeared in various media platforms including newspapers, magazines as well as radio and television. Dr. Tomasello of Dean Michael Aesthetics describes botox cosmetic and dermal fillers such as restylane, juvederm and radiesse, for facial contouring, wrinkle-reduction  .   laser procedures including IPL (Photorejuvenation) to treat age spots, acne or red discolorations as well as pixel laser skin resurfacing to reduce fine lines and smoothen and tighten the skin  He describes “how and why” these procedures are effective, contact: www.ClearSkinMD.net    


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9 Tips For Fine or Thinning Hair

Length: 16s

I will be answering listeners question about thinning hair with my own hair discoveries also hairstylist   Dan false shares 9 hair tip for healthier hair and scalp.we then transition into the topic of new hair colors for fall. links to Vudu shampoo and conditioner https://shop.blackboxcosmetics.com/dt0489   Plus see new fall hair colors


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How to get the best salon experience ever!

Length: 41s

This episode would be of interest to both the professional & the client
lynda shares some great tips on how to find the right hairdresser and what we should expected from a salon.You can find Lynda on LinkedIn and also at: evenbetterwithlynda@gmail.com  visit us Ask the beauty advisor .com
 find Vudu Cosmetic here



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Why you should see a skin care professional

Length: 33s

On this episode beauty Advisor Deanna Lyn interviews  Fonda Jo who has been working with skincare products since the early 1970’s, they talk about why it a good idea to see a skin care professional regularly. sponserd by VuDu hair care visit www.askthebeautyadvisor.com for more info.


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Skin Care For People Of Color

Length: 38s

Biggest skin care  concerns for most people is aging and/or skin  discoloration know as Hyperpigmentation, its a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin. Pamala's website : www.globalskin-solutions.com To join are new net work http://www.beautyradionetwork.com/


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The Science and Health Benefits of Alkaline water

Length: 34s

www.askthebeautyadvisor.com  Listen in on today episode as Sheri a "Ask the beauty Advisor" listener tells a incredible story  of her cat and  this magic water called iodized water. Afer hearing Sheri's amazing story Beauty advisor Deanna then brings on to the show water expert  Mita del Fierro. Mita is a independent consultant for JPure by Jeunesse.Now this is a state of the art, next generation water ionizer machine. Now you can make your own alkaline or acidic water for use in your own home! Alkaline water can have amazing healing effects for your health. Alkaline water provides the purest water for hydration.


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Length: 14s

for more info. Visit asthebeautyadvisor   When you first notice you've gotten burned, the best thing you can do for sunburn relief is to head indoors or seek shade. Unfortunately, you can't magically get rid of a sunburn or reverse the damage to your skin, but you can take steps to relieve the redness, pain and swelling associated with sunburn. So we picked the brains of top dermatologists to learn the best ways to treat sunburn.www.askbeautyadvisor.com



So You've Been Thinking About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Length: 23s

The Beauty Advisor interviews Paul Gundotra on the subject of Hormone replacement therapy. Paul a man who has been on HRT for over twenty years. Listen in as Paul tells his own personal story.Paul Gundotra is the author of several inspirational books that target readers from early teens, into parenting, onto middle age, and beyond. His books focus on how to live an extraordinary life by balancing the four essential principles of spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional health. links: Hormone Article: http://bit.ly/1CoNEIb www.askthrbeautyadvisor.com




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Be Instantly Ageless interview with Allie Dew

Length: 22s

On today show the Beauty Advisor interviews professional esthetician Allie Dew. Allie is a very successful Spa owner and independent consultant for Jeuness Global. Jeuness is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies and with the launch of Instantly  http://thebeautyadvisorshow.blogspot.com/


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Do Lip Plumpers Really work?

Length: 16s

This episode is all about the lips with host Deanna Lynn and make-up artist Cindy foe.  Our  host beauty advisor explains the benefits of using lip plumpers to help kept lips from aging as well as looking healthy and full. Then makeup- artist Cindy explains how to properly apply lipstick


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Beauty Tips For The Mature Women

Length: 8s

On this episode listen in as  Beauty Advisor Deanna lynn  talks about finding an old school friend on Facebook. This is a friend who wants desperately  more beauty tips for older women who want to look their best.Deanna share some general tips and guild lines for the mature women.One of Deanna's  recommendation for the mature girl is a Lip Plumper. A Lip Plumper  can help stimulate collagen keeping the lips full and younger looking you'll find more on the blog www.askthebeauty.com  or on facebook at ask the beauty advisor


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Female Hair Loss

Length: 17s

On this weeks episode hair stylist John Lie talks all about the causes and treatment of hair loss . Beauty Advisor Deanna Lyn shares some tips for coping with menopausal hair loss. Deanna lyn   recommends daily  scalp massage along with  protein enriched  shampoos, such as the Argan & Fig shampoo from Blackbox Cosmetics. visit www.askthebeautyadvisor.com


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How To Apply A Self Tanner

Length: 17s

 Beauty Advisor Deanna Lynn answers listeners Sue chamber's   email  question  about any tips on self tanners.

Everyone feels healthier thinner -- and maybe even prettier -- with a tan. And that's especially true this time of year when you'll  be wearing a sundress, shorts or inevitably  a swimsuit in public at some point. But under no circumstances do i advise tanning of the sun or using a tanning  bed of any variety I do firmly believe in using  Sunscreen,  here  where self-tanners come in . Even if you had a tanning mishap in the past, I promise it will be a whole new experience this time around: The formulas have come a long way in recent years.

While most new self-tanners won't leave you orange (phew), every self-tanner will leave you streaky if you apply it wrong. Follow these eight expert tips, and you're guaranteed a beautiful, even, tawny tan that will make you feel amazing. 
  Sue's personal beauty picked out by the Beauty Advisor is  the jojoba self tanner from Blackboxcosmetic. there is a picture and more ifo. post on my blog  and in the show there a link to our affiliate site CLICK HERE! If you like a chance to revive a personal beauty gift just send to me  a email or voice mail question and if it gets feature   on the show ill send you a personal  beauty gift. you can find all the contact info on my blog.



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What is Micellar Water? and How To Maintain Your Make-up Brushes

Length: 12s

In Today's episode the beauty advsior answers listener voice mail question about Micellar water. If your un sure whats this beauty product really is or does tune-in and find out! Also feature on the show  Cindy foe a independent make-up artist who talks about how to clean and maintain your make-up brushes. beauty listener wins a Vudu lash serum explained below:



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Dr. Steve Anwsers your Questions About Vitamins

Length: 26s

This weeks episode Dr. Steve answers your Question about vitamin supplements, Three  emails send from   our listeners get answered on  the podcast . Find out what mystery vitamin supplements Dr. Steve is taking     you can contact Dr.Steve with your question at stevetmd49@verizon.net     

or visit our blog http://thebeautyadvisorshow.blogspot.com/


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Tips for Acne and weird super foods that can make you look younger

Length: 11s

This weeks episode is all about super weird foods that can actually make you not only #healthy but #younger by leaving you with smooth healthy radiant skin. The beauty advisor answers   a listener question with an eyeopening approach for treating #acne. listener wins a beauty 4 piece skin care kit, Price and more ifo. on our affiliate link Here!
visit our blog and leave question, comment or suggestion and you my be it may be feauture and you could recive a special hand picked beauty gift



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Essential Oils and aromatherapy with La Isha skin Care

Length: 31s

listen and learn all about  the exciting world of essential oils. You'll be mesmerized with   special  guest Sharon Gnatt Epel, as she  educates  on the use of Aromatherapy. Sharon is an expert as well as the owner and creator of  La Isha skin care she is offering to all listeners a 15% Discount  on all products on her website with the discount code BeautyExpert   us this code to receive your 15% discount on all orders.. You can also  check out Her beautiful and healthy  product on Amazon.http://amzn.to/1H3Klol  visit our blog to learn more  http://thebeautyadvisorshow.blogspot.com/2015/05/essential-oils-with-sharon-gnatt-epel.html


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The Benefits Of dry Shampoo & Facts about using Face wipes

Length: 9s

This podcast episode is all about the benefits of using a dry shampoo, how dry shampoo can help minimize the amount of times you wash your hair. Hairdresser  John Lie enplanes to us why shampooing hair less offten is important,  and gives some great tips on the best ways to use dry shampoo. Beauty Advisor Deanna Lyn will give you the downside of using facial wipes. You can now listen on Stitcher Radio, download so you wont miss any of these informative episodes. click here! Arlene one of the shows  listener won a Frost facial cleanser just for leaving a question  about facial  wipes on our blog  Pictured below: http://thebeautyadvisorshow.blogspot.com/2015/04/dry-shampoo-facial-wipes.html

 leave me a comment or question and if i feature it on the show ill send you a personalized beauty product!

Click Here!


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Length: 22s

Tune into this fascinating edition of vitamins and supplementation.
Learn from pediatrician Dr.Steven Tsoutsouras about natural supplements. His passion for
Getting involved started due to his practice and wanting to help others with preventative care. He discusses that he has seen poor diet in kids and in adults and talks about the role of supplementation. Dr. Steve states that due to the nutrient depletion in soil— there aren’t the same nutritional value in fruits and vegetables as there used to be. He further discusses antioxidants and how they can help neutralize free radicals. You will learn in this episode  that we are exposed to toxins that bombard us daily and how this can cause cellular damage, which contributes to many diseases. A real scary factor is the rise in diabetes and Dr. Steve explains the differences between type one and type two diabetes and discusses some brief information on how to overcome them.You will also listen to his remarkable insights on how you can’t rely on supplements and notes we can’t eat our diet out of a packet. He talks about the benefits of eating actual fruits and veggies but also adding supplementation.  You will also hear Dr. Steve discuss that not all vitamins are absorbed and you need supplements with good science behind them and the proportions of antioxidants to work synergistically with each other. Other interesting tidbits in this show is information on his views on diets, exercise and lifestyle changes. He clarifies that our appearance is determined by our internal health . Listen in on this informative show and learn the value of vitamins and how supplements can help save your health.




Wake- up looking beautiful

Length: 10s


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5 Ways Your Make-up Can Make You Look Older

Length: 10s

Deanna lyn the beauty advisor gives listeners  a product review of the luxurious  Yves Saint Laurent's mascara. "false lash effects mascara." Yves Saint Laurent well know for their high fashions designs and elegant style has lunched a new remastered mascara formula with claims of a secret triple-intensity. intense volume, color and intense care,  at a hefty price of over $30. But does this new mascara  work any better than one of the less inexpensive brand? You'll  have to listen in to find out. Also Cindy Foe one of the show's in house beauty advisors give some really helpful make-up tips for the  more mature women. By using the right make-up can actually give your self a more youthful look, find out how.  Avoid the 5 worse make-up mistakes that can add years to your face. Get Your own free products like  this YSLMascara  to try and  review at:  INFLUENSTER HERE!


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Here's The truth About Antioxiants In Skin Care

Length: 21s

 The truth about antioxidants in skin care This is a wonderfully informative show featuring Ignacio Continent from Northern Spain. He and a few other researchers have started a Small biotech cosmetics business called Tergum. Ignacio has a background in business administration and combined with his knowledge and scientific research on free radicals and antioxidants—makes this business truly unique. His team focuses on olive oil and antioxidants in their products. He states that olive oil makes up 50% of their success while the other 50% is in the antioxidants. Ignacio believes olive is a wonder of nature. Tergum separates three parts of the olive—The pulp, the oil and the water and shares how the biotech process allows them to reach the oil without adding chemicals or encapsulating them. http://tergumcosmetics.com


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Ask The Beauty Advisor 50 Shades Of Organic

Length: 16s

Lynda Goldman is an author, a copywriter for natural health products, and the publisher of an online magazine, Healthy Organic Woman. She’s written 32 books so far, and she’s launching a new book on Amazon in 2 weeks!
You’ll hear more about this in the podcast. 
Lynda calls herself a “health nut” because she’s passionate about healthy food and about helping people – women in particular, get and stay healthy.
Today we’re here to find out more about Healthy Organic Woman, Lynda Goldman’s mission, and why you’ll want to sign up for her free publication, Healthy Organic Woman…and about her new book!  www.healthorganicwoman.com


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Is Your Skin Care Causing You Harm?

Length: 26s

Listen to this informative and eye-opening show featuring  Sharon Gnatt –owner of La-Isha natural skincare. Sharon discusses the secret dangers and toxins we are exposed to that seemingly lurk innocently in our cosmetics and body care products. She also talks about how she was inspired to start her own product line due to her son’s medical condition that seemed hopeless—that is until she discovered clinical essential oil therapy which helped him tremendously with no residual scarring. Sharon further informs as she calls herself a perpetual student and states her purpose and passion is giving advice to women’s groups and female cancer survivors especially those over forty. Her goal is to get women to read labels on make up and body care to help them be aware of the toxicity in ingredients in the products they’re buying.

She further educates and discusses conditions such as  hyperpigmentation and skin discolorations such age age spots. Sharon raises awareness by talking about the toxicity in commonly used treatments of these skin conditions and how dangerous they are, but gives hope by offering natural solutions and one in particular from her own line –Natural age spot eraser –which contains Pomegranate oil, Frankincense, chamomile and ylang ylang to work naturally to gradually lighten skin. She believes you can heal the skin naturally and safely.

To educate listeners she is offering a free download of toxic ingredients to stay away from and a chart with potentially cancer causing ingredients commonly found in cosmetics. Send email to customerservice@la-isha.com

Please mention Deanna's Health and beauty podcast and view Sharon’s  website at  http://www.la-isha.com/  


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