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Last update: 2010-06-02

2010 - No. 1 Alabama

2010-06-02 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The defending champs begin this season where they ended. Behind steady quarterback Greg McElroy and Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram, the Tide have what it takes to reach the title game for a second consecutive season.…


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2010 - No. 2 Ohio State

2010-06-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Star quarterback Terrelle Pryor leads the Buckeyes' offense while a typically-strong defense will leave Ohio State as one of the preseason favorites to reach the BCS Championship Game.…


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2010 - No. 3 USC

2010-05-31 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

After a one-year blip in an otherwise dominant decade, USC has a new coach but the same expectation of winning the Pac-10 and challenging for a national title entering 2010.…


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2010 - No. 4 Boise State

2010-05-28 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Boise State has twice broken into and won BCS Bowl games, but with 20 returning starters from last season's Fiesta Bowl, this is the season that Boise State could find itself in the sport's biggest game.…


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2010 - No. 5 Oklahoma

2010-05-27 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Sooners were ravaged by injuries last season, but a healthy and talented squad returns in Norman looking to reclaim the Big 12 title.…


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2010 - No. 6 Florida

2010-05-26 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

It's the John Brantley show at Florida, and the redshirt junior has plenty of help to keep Florida near the top of the college football world.…


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2010 - No. 7 Nebraska

2010-05-25 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Ndamukong Suh is gone, but the Huskers are back to prominence with another strong defense that could have them challenging for the top spot.…


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2010 - No. 8 Texas

2010-05-24 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Sophomore Garrett Gilbert will try to keep Texas' string of 10-win seasons going with a heavier emphasis on the run game and a typically stout defense.…


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2010 - No. 9 Oregon

2010-05-21 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

If Oregon makes as many headlines on the field in 2010 as it has off the field, this could be a banner season for the Ducks.…


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2010 - No. 10 Virginia Tech

2010-05-20 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Hokies must replace key parts on both sides of the ball, but we've seen this before. Don't expect a letdown from Frank Beamer's team.…


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2010 - No. 11 TCU

2010-05-19 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Sixteen starters return from a TCU team that was one of the most complete in the country. Can the Horned Frogs reach their second consecutive BCS bowl?…


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2010 - No. 12 Iowa

2010-05-18 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Last year was terrific for the Hawkeyes, who won 11 games and their first-ever BCS bowl. What will Ricky Stanzi and Co. do for an encore?…


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2010 - No. 13 Florida State

2010-05-17 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Jimbo Fisher takes over at Florida State and he has already begun the process of turning around a program that had stagnated in Bobby Bowden's last years.…


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2010 - No. 14 Miami

2010-05-14 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

As the '09 season unfolded, it was pretty clear the Hurricanes were getting closer to the level we all expect to see. Don't be surprised if you see them taking the next step in 2010.…


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2010 - No. 15 Georgia

2010-05-13 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

With the Bulldogs being able to run the ball behind a very good offensive line, solid play from the quarterback position could make Georgia the best team in the SEC East.…


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2010 - No. 16 Wisconsin

2010-05-12 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

With the best set of running backs and receivers in the conference, Wisconsin figures to play a major part in the Big Ten title race.…


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2010 - No. 17 Arkansas

2010-05-11 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Arkansas has an All-America candidate at quarterback and plenty of skill players to complement him, but a defense ranked 12th in the SEC last season holds the key to this season in Fayetteville.…


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2010 - No. 19 North Carolina

2010-05-07 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

North Carolina boasts one of the country's best defenses, but will the offense score enough points for the team to be successful?…


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2010 - No. 20 Connecticut

2010-05-06 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

A favorable schedule and 16 returning starters put the Huskies in the mix of a wide open Big East race.…


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2010 - No. 21 Missouri

2010-05-05 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Missouri's offense is going to score lots of points, but finding a defense to complement it will again be the challenge for Gary Pinkel and Co. in 2010.…


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2010 - No. 22 Auburn

2010-05-04 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Auburn's offense made a big jump in 2009, but for the Tigers to contend in Gene Chizik's second season, they'll need a big improvement from a porous defense.…


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2010 - No. 23 Penn State

2010-05-03 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Penn State's season may hinge on the how quickly a young quarterback can step into the void left by Daryll Clark.…


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2010 - No. 24 LSU

2010-05-02 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

This is a crucial year for the Tigers, who need improvement from the offense to contend in the West.…


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2010 - No. 25 Clemson

2010-05-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Even without superstar running back C.J. Spiller, there's a lot to like about Clemson.…


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2009 - No. 1 Florida

2009-06-04 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Florida isn't a perfect team, but it has few weaknesses. And since everybody decided to come back, the Gators might as well win another championship.…


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2009 - No. 2 Oklahoma

2009-06-03 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

After trying to overwhelm everybody in '08 with their offense, the Sooners may try to win by leaning on the other side of the ball this time. Regardless, the Sooners are stacked at every position and are a national title contender.…


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2009 - No. 3 Texas

2009-06-02 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Colt McCoy and other key elements of the Longhorns are back this year, and Texas is in position to claim what some considered rightfully theirs last season: the Big 12 South title.…


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2009 - No. 4 USC

2009-06-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Since the Trojans are breaking in a new quarterback, trying to find replacements for a quartet of linebackers and recasting the front four, it's unlikely they'll be overconfident. For the first time in a while, USC has something to prove.…


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2009 - No. 5 Ohio State

2009-05-29 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Buckeyes will be good again though there are quite a few holes to fill. The constant, however, is quarterback Terrelle Pryor, whose development, or lack thereof, will likely make or break the Buckeyes' season.…


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2009 - No. 6 Alabama

2009-05-28 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

If Greg McElroy can manage the game and the offensive line can jell enough to pave the way for a clock-chewing running game, Nick Saban's team might find itself in position to finish what it started in 2008.…


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2009 - No. 7 Penn State

2009-05-27 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Aside from quarterback Daryll Clark, the Lions have some questions, but with a soft non-conference schedule and eight home games, they can wait awhile for the answers.…


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2009 - No. 8 Virginia Tech

2009-05-26 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

After two years of hand-wringing, two-headed quarterback talk and will-he-or-won't-he questions, the Hokie offense finally belongs to Tyrod Taylor. And the Hokies will only go as far as he takes them.…


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2009 - No. 9 Oklahoma State

2009-05-25 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Cowboys claim the best skill-player trio in the nation and will definitely be fun to watch. They might even challenge for the Big 12 South title if they decide to play some defense.…


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2009 - No. 10 Ole Miss

2009-05-22 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

If there's one chic accessory no top 10 can be without, it's the Rebels, who in one year have gone from winless in SEC play to a squad thought capable of challenging Alabama for the West Division title.…


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2009 - No. 11 California

2009-05-21 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Bears return plenty of offensive firepower, have eight starters back from a pretty good defense and a favorable schedule. Now it's up to quarterback Kevin Riley to step up his game and take this team to the next level.…


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2009 - No. 12 Boise State

2009-05-20 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

It won't be easy, but Boise State has the potential to finish the regular season undefeated once again thanks to a bunch of playmakers on both sides of the ball.…


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2009 - No. 13 Oregon

2009-05-19 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Mike Bellotti's decision to kick himself upstairs to the AD job gives Chip Kelly the reins, and he has to be excited about Oregon's chances, especially with some of the nation's best skill players returning from a high-powered offense.…


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2009 - No. 14 Georgia

2009-05-18 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

This is a little different than last year, when the Bulldogs were many people's picks to win the SEC and even the national title. Although the expectations are lessened somewhat, there are still plenty of reasons to like Georgia.…


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2009 - No. 15 Florida State

2009-05-15 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

There's talent and speed in Tallahassee but a lack of experience could be a problem. FSU will challenge for the ACC title but where it goes from there depends on the growth of Christian Ponder and a green defense.…


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2009 - No. 16 Nebraska

2009-05-14 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

In one year with the Cornhuskers, Bo Pelini did what Bill Callahan couldn't - give the Husker faithful the sense that a return to prominence was possible. Pelini hopes that was just the beginning.…


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2009 - No. 17 LSU

2009-05-13 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Falling from grace is a painful and bumpy journey for any college football program accustomed to success, but LSU is poised to bounce back with a defense that can't be worse than last year and a more experienced Jordan Jefferson leading the offense.…


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2009 - No. 18 Cincinnati

2009-05-12 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Since the Big East is again wide open, there's no reason to think UC can't repeat, particularly since the offense doesn't have to rebuild anything more than the right side of the line. Now about that defense...…


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2009 - No. 19 North Carolina

2009-05-11 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Butch Davis has made great strides in only two years at North Carolina. After reaching a bowl game in 2008, the next logical step is to compete for the ACC title, and with all of the top-notch talent he's recruited, that could happen as soon as this seaso…


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2009 - No. 20 Michigan State

2009-05-08 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Things are looking up in East Lansing, and all Mark Dantonio must do now is figure out a way to take the next step. But that's the big obstacle at State every time prosperity rolls around. Will this year be different?…


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2009 - No. 21 Utah

2009-05-07 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Utes have a whole lot of talent returning, and if either Corbin Louks or junior college import Terrance Cain can grab the starting quarterback job, there's no reason Utah can't roll through the Mountain West once again.…


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2009 - No. 22 Georgia Tech

2009-05-06 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Yellow Jackets may have crashed and burned against LSU in their bowl game, but there's no denying the success of Paul Johnson's spread option scheme against BCS competition in 2008. Nor can people deny its expected effectiveness this year.…


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2009 - No. 23 Iowa

2009-05-05 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Looks like the Hawkeyes are back from a lull in their program. Last year, Iowa won nine games and took care of the Ol' Ball Coach in the Outback Bowl. Now, with eight starters returning on defense and a strong quarterback in Ricky Stanzi, the Hawks should…


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2009 - No. 24 Notre Dame

2009-05-04 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

After all the rumors, innuendo and speculation, Charlie Weis did indeed return to South Bend for a fifth season at the helm of the Fighting Irish program. But don't be naive: One more substandard performance, and Weis is out, giant buyout or no giant buyo…


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2009 - No. 25 Oregon State

2009-05-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

A pair of 5-foot-7 Rodgers brothers lead the way for an Oregon State team that was one game away from playing in the Rose Bowl a season ago.…


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2008 - No. 1 FLORIDA

2008-06-04 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Heisman winner Tim Tebow returns with a loaded Florida team that takes the No. 1 spot in Athlon's top 25 countdown.…


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2008 - No. 2 OHIO STATE

2008-06-03 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Everything is in place for Ohio State to again be among the very elite teams in the country.…


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2008 - No. 3 OKLAHOMA

2008-06-02 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Oklahoma reloads with elite talent once again behind sophomores Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray.…


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2008 - No. 4 USC

2008-05-30 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

A new quarterback leaves USC's prospects cloudy, but the Trojans should still compete for a national title.…


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2008 - No. 5 GEORGIA

2008-05-29 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno lead the Bulldogs against one of the toughest schedules in the country.…


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2008 - No. 6 MISSOURI

2008-05-28 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Tigers return 15 starters from the best team in school history for 2008.…


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2008 - No. 7 WEST VIRGINIA

2008-05-27 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

First-year head coach Bill Stewart has one of the nation's best quarterbacks in senior Heisman candidate Pat White.…


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2008 - No. 8 AUBURN

2008-05-26 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Auburn takes the plunge into the spread offense this season as it looks to reclaim the SEC West crown.…


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2008 - No. 9 LSU

2008-05-23 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

LSU attempts to defend its second national title of the decade without many of the key pieces to last year's puzzle.…


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2008 - No. 10 CLEMSON

2008-05-22 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

If ever the stars were aligned for that elusive ACC title for Clemson during the Tommy Bowden era, it's now.…


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2008 - No. 11 TEXAS

2008-05-21 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Longhorns are entering Year 3 of the Colt McCoy era looking for their eighth consecutive 10-plus win season.…


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2008 - No. 12 WISCONSIN

2008-05-20 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Badgers return 19 starters and one of the nation's best group of running backs.…


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2008 - No. 13 KANSAS

2008-05-19 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Kansas came within one win of perfection in 2007, and quarterback Todd Reesing is the big reason for optimism in 2008.…


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2008 - No. 14 BYU

2008-05-16 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

BYU has won 22 games the last two seasons, and coach Bronco Mendenhall has the talent on hand to keep it going.…


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2008 - No. 15 ARIZONA STATE

2008-05-15 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Six starters are back on offense and seven on defense from a team that went 10-3 under Dennis Erickson.…


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2008 - No. 16 ILLINOIS

2008-05-14 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Illini are looking for a return trip to the Rose Bowl behind Juice Williams and Arrelious Benn.…


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2008 - No. 17 TENNESSEE

2008-05-13 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Vols are rarely afraid to lean on their running game, and with a new quarterback, 2008 will be true to form.…


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2008 - No. 18 TEXAS TECH

2008-05-12 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Mike Leach has a solid defense and a favorable schedule to go with the nation's leading passer and receiver.…


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2008 - No. 19 OREGON

2008-05-09 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Oregon looks to climb atop another murky Pac-10 despite breaking in a new quarterback and running back.…


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2008 - No. 20 SOUTH FLORIDA

2008-05-08 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

South Florida returns most of the players that at one point made up the No. 2-ranked team in the country in 2007.…


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2008 - No. 21 VIRGINIA TECH

2008-05-07 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

There's a QB battle in Blacksburg, but whatever the outcome, the Hokies should still win the Coastal division.…


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2008 - No. 22 RUTGERS

2008-05-06 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Mike Teel, Kenny Britt and Tiquan Underwood return to compose one of the Big East's most exciting passing attacks.…


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2008 - No. 23 PENN STATE

2008-05-05 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Nittany Lions should compete for the Big Ten title behind 18 players with substantial starting experience.…


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2008 - No. 24 WAKE FOREST

2008-05-02 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

With 20 wins in the last two years, Wake Forest, is enjoying the most successful period of its football history.…


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2008 - No. 25 FRESNO STATE

2008-05-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Fresno State will enter the season as the WAC favorite and one of the trendy picks to become 2008's BCS buster.…


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2007 - No. 1 USC

2007-06-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The nation's best team over the last five years shows no signs of slowing down this season as the Trojans take Athlon's No. 1 position in the top 25 countdown. Quarterback John David Booty returns as a top Heisman candidate along with one of the nation's…


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2007 - No. 2 Texas

2007-05-31 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Texas' defense of its national title took a wrong turn last year when sensational freshman quarterback Colt McCoy fell to an injury at Kansas State. After an offseason of bulking up, McCoy hopes to lead the Longhorns back into the BCS realm and another na…


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2007 - No. 3 LSU

2007-05-30 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

With Mike V looking down from above and JaMarcus Russell from Oakland, the Tigers will enter the 2007 season with a new live mascot and a new quarterback. Matt Flynn will likely take the latter role as LSU aims to ride a favorable schedule and a stingy de…


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2007 - No. 4 Wisconsin

2007-05-29 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Wisconsin returns a good chunk of the team that went 12-1 last season but Joe Thomas and John Stocco are missing. P.J. Hill should provide plenty of production behind four returning offensive linemen but the Badgers must find a sufficient quarterback repl…


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2007 - No. 5 West Virginia

2007-05-28 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Mountaineers came up just shy of a BCS bowl berth last season, but with the dangerous legs of Steve Slaton and Pat White returning to lead one of the nation's most potent all-around offenses, this year could hold outstanding results.…


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2007 - No. 6 Florida

2007-05-25 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

It might be difficult for Florida to repeat as national champions with its depleted defense, but Urban Meyer still has plenty of options to fill the gaps. And with Tim Tebow in the fold at quarterback and Percy Harvin causing havoc all over the field, the…


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2007 - No. 7 Oklahoma

2007-05-24 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

There's a new signal-caller in Norman whose identity has yet to be named. Whoever emerges on opening day will have all the on-field benefits of being a Sooner, however, including tailback Allen Patrick, receiver Malcolm Kelly and one of the nation's top-r…


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2007 - No. 8 Michigan

2007-05-23 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Michigan returns one of the best quarterback-running back-receiver combos in the nation in Chad Henne, Mike Hart and Mario Manningham, but the Wolverines' defense, which must replace a powerful front four, will determine how far this team can go in 2007.…


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2007 - No. 9 Virginia Tech

2007-05-22 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

All-ACC running back Branden Ore headlines the list of Virginia Tech's returning starters - eight on offense and eight on defense. He'll likely shoulder the majority of the offensive load during a season where the entire team - and Hokie nation - will be…


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2007 - No. 10 Rutgers

2007-05-21 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Rutgers fever swept the nation last year as the Scarlet Knights won 11 games for only the second time in their 137-year history. All-America running back Ray Rice returns to lead the Knights into BCS contention again, needing just 86 yards for 3,000 in hi…


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2007 - No. 11 California

2007-05-18 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Cal shared a piece of the Pac-10 title last year but Jeff Tedford's squad wants nothing less than a BCS berth this time around. One of the nation's most electric players, DeSean Jackson, and very dangerous offense return to help the Golden Bears knock dow…


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2007 - No. 12 Ohio State

2007-05-17 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

It's reload time at Ohio State, where only 10 starters return from its national runner-up team a year ago. But with sophomore running back Chris Wells and junior linebacker James Laurinaitis leading their respective units, look for the Buckeyes to contend…


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2007 - No. 13 Louisville

2007-05-16 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

New Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe did his best recruiting job immediately after he was hired by convincing QB Brian Brohm to stay for his senior season. Now, Kragthorpe and Brohm aim to keep the Cardinals among the nation's elite programs in the resur…


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2007 - No. 14 Georgia Tech

2007-05-15 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Calvin Johnson is gone but Chan Gailey and Georgia Tech return plenty of offensive firepower - led by Tashard Choice - and eight starters from a defense ranked as one of the nation's best last year. Look for the Jackets to break into the top 15.…


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2007 - No. 15 UCLA

2007-05-14 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

All-America DE candidate Bruce Davis headlines 20 returning starters while Ben Olson has rebounded from last season's knee injury to solidify the quarterback position again. UCLA plays only six games in the Rose Bowl this year but a favorable road schedul…


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2007 - No. 16 Georgia

2007-05-11 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Matthew Stafford took full control of the Georgia quarterback position at the end of last season. Now, he returns with a healthy group of running backs to build off a late-season winning streak over Auburn, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech in 2006.…


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2007 - No. 17 Penn State

2007-05-10 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Penn State will use its Outback Bowl win over Tennessee as a springboard to an interesting 2007 season. Quarterback Anthony Morelli and his top three receivers return along with a stout defense that should be one of the Big Ten's best.…


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2007 - No. 18 Nebraska

2007-05-09 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Nebraska has taken back control of the Big 12 North but couldn't get by Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship last season. A new quarterback will be directing Bill Callahan's offense this season, but talented receivers Maurice Purify and Terrence Nunn shoul…


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2007 - No. 19 Hawaii

2007-05-08 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

After tying the school record with 11 victories a year ago, record-setting quarterback Colt Brennan returns to help Hawaii take the next step. And with a friendly schedule - all of Hawaii's crucial games are on the islands - the Warriors may do just that.…


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2007 - No. 20 Tennessee

2007-05-07 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

The Vols will try to take the next step from their 9-4 2006 campaign behind the two-headed rushing attack of LaMarcus Coker and Arian Foster. QB Erik Ainge is healthy and back under center, but a tough schedule and an unproven corps of receivers could cau…


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2007 - No. 21 Auburn

2007-05-04 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Auburn quietly finished 11-2 last season and was the only team to defeat Florida. Quarterback Brandon Cox's health is key for another solid Tigers' season, but they must make up for the graduation of several key contributors.…


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2007 - No. 22 Oregon State

2007-05-03 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Quarterback Matt Moore led the Beavers to seven wins in their final nine games in 2006, including their last four. Moore is gone but with Yvenson Bernard returning behind one of the nation's best offensive lines, the Beavers could make noise in the Pac-10…


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2007 - No. 23 Texas A&M

2007-05-02 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Texas A&M ended a six game losing streak against its biggest rival on enemy turf last season. That left the Aggies hungry for more. With Stephen McGee, Jorvorskie Lane and Mike Goodson returning to the backfield, this year's team will again be dangerous.…


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2007 - No. 24 Miami

2007-05-01 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

Miami enters this season after a tumultuous 2006. New head coach Randy Shannon will attempt to restore the Hurricanes' winning tradition while piecing together the university's shattered public perception.…


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2007 - No. 25 TCU

2007-04-30 :: studio@athlonsports.com (Athlonsports)

TCU's MWC championship hopes were dashed very quickly last year with consecutive losses to BYU and Utah. While they must find a replacement for QB Jeff Ballard this year, the Frogs defense, led by All-America candidate Tommy Blake, is one of the best in t…


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