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Last update: 2015-06-10

Episode #25 – Patrick Rea, Canopy Boulder (Part 1)

Length: 15s

Patrick Rea is running Canopy Boulder, a business accelerator exclusively in Cannabis. At the time of the interview, Patrick was about two months into the first cycle. We’ll check back with him at the close of that cycle (around the middle of the year) for an update and Part II.


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Episode #24 – Doug Leighton, Dutchess Capital

Length: 44s

Doug Leighton has been investing in companies since he was in college. A few years out of school he and his partner started Dutchess Capital, which he has run for the past 20 years. Doug takes us through his early investments in the Internet and Wi-Fi, through the economic apocalypse of late 2007 and 2008, around the world in establishing a global footprint (over a three week period) to mitigate risk and up through to his present-day cannabis industry investments.


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Episode #23 – Trent Woloveck, American Cannabis Company

Length: 54s

May 2015: Trent provides updates on Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, New York, Florida, Maryland, Oregon, DC, Alaska, Missouri, Canada, the UK, Uruguay and Jamaica…along with a little bit about what brought him to Cannabis in the first place. Also listen for Trent’s account of being behind the counter at his cousin’s dispensary on January 1, 2014 when Adult-Use cannabis legalization in Colorado went into effect.


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Episode #22 - Kris Krane, 4Front Advisors

Length: 1s

From NORML to SSDP to the NCIA, Kris Krane has legitimate cannabis industry bona fides.  He takes us through how an early semester abroad informed his world view.  He explains how his father's use of cannaibs as medicine ensured that he got involved in the movement as a colleage student.  And he discusses his long tenure as an industry activist and how that activism informs how he runs his business.


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Episode #21 - Bob Hoban, Hoban & Feola, LLC

Length: 49s

A former (and future) baskeball referee, Bob Hoban went from New Jersey to Wyoming to providing legal council in cannabis in the 1284 days.  And he's been at it ever since.  He takes us through a few of his cases as well as what's happening on the ground in a number of stages and countries.


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Episode #20 - Jay Czarkowski, Canna Advisors

Length: 53s

Jay Czarkowski, with business partner and wife Diane, have been cultivators and dispensory owners.  They were active in the campaign for Amendment 64- that was them with the sign in High Times.  They've been on the legal cannabis Colorado scene since 'back in the day.'  Jay shares his account from past to present. And if you like a dry sense of humor, you'll appreciate Jay's narrative.


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Episode #19 - Lezli Engelking, FOCUS

Length: 1s

Lezli Engelking is establishing standards for the Cannabis industry.  She's got a gargantuan task in front of her, but she's perfectly suited for the task.  Informed by her mother's leadership in mental health, she was able to serve patients in that space through her job at a major pharmaceutical company.  She then ran the first and leading medical cannabis dispensary in Arizona.  Footnote: The General mentioned at around the 2 minute mark is General John Vessey who later became Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff.


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Episode #18 - John Davis, NWPRC

Length: 1s

Cannabis has been John Davis’s life for over a quarter century now.  He began as a grass-roots activist for drug policy reform, and helped produce HempFest in its early years. As he began to sense that the national tide was turning in regards to cannabis, he found a way to marry his professional life completely with his passion, by leveraging years of experience in construction and permitting to consult and manage fledgling dispensaries. From there he created the Northwest Patient Resource Center. John shares his wealth of experience, opinion, and knowledge.


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Episode #17 - Bruce Barcott, Weed The People

Length: 1s

Fresh off his Time Magazine cover story, “The Highly Divisive, Curiously Underfunded and Strangely Promising World of Pot Science," Bruce Barcott shares his own story with us.  From his start at Seattle Weekly, to his years at Outside and National Geographic, Barcott honed his way with words before diving into the subject of cannabis for his 2015 book, Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America. As Barcott tells us, any story is only as good as the characters involved, so as you can tell, that’s good news for The Audio Archives as we continue to document the oral history of legal cannabis in real-time.


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Episode #16 - Bob Eschino, Medically Correct/Incredibles

Length: 1s

Rock drummer turned cannabis entrepreneur Bob Eschino tells us about how he started Medically Correct LLC, driven by a desire to make high-quality, properly-tested edibles, that could help patients the same way cannabis helped his own grandmother. He discusses his work on the Edibles Council and how he's committed to raising the bar, not just for businesses in his category, but for the industry at large.


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Episode #15 - Julie Dooley, Julie's Natural Edibles

Length: 1s

Julie Dooley has carved out a niche for herself in the industry by focusing on making the highest quality, gluten-free, sugar-free, and pesticide-free edibles on the market. She talks about how her personal health problems led her on this path, and her full journey from stay-at-home mom to cannabis entrepreneur. Enjoy! …


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Episode #14 - Jamie Perino, Euflora

Length: 51s

Looking for on-the-ground retail insight in Cannabis?  'Pot Baroness' Jamie Perino of Euflora explains that when deciding to develop a dispensary, she and her partner set out to establish something competely different.  They sought out a location on the tourist-heavy 16th Street Mall.  Once they solidified their location, they filled the environs with a plethora of digital screens thus creating the "Apple Store of Cannabis."  Jamie and her partner have since openned a second location in Aurora, CO...and are in the process of investigating what states might be a good fit for Euflora moving forward.


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Episode #13 - Charlie Rutherford, Boveda

Length: 1s

Charlie Rutherford has nothing in common with what is presented as the stereotypical legal cannabis advocate.  That's not his only surprise- he has made decisions that very few people have made, when given the choices he was given.  A motorcycle accident presented this avid outdoor sportsman with the opportuniy for a less active life with both feet...or to keep going, sans left foot- he said "it's just a foot." When traditional pharmaceuticals left him feeling off, medical marijuana more evenly eased his true and phantom pain.  His story is amazing; his decsion-making is inspiring.


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Episode #12 - Susan Chicovsky, Green Mountain Harvest

Length: 46s

Susan Chicovsky is a shrewd business leader. Her company Green Mountain Harvest was the first medical marijuana harvest & trim to be compliant in Colorado, and as a result she's now advising the Nevada State government on how to properly regulate trim facilities, and building more Green Mountain Harvest locations across the country. On top of all that, she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Enjoy!


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Episode #11 - Julie Berliner, Sweet Grass Kitchen

Length: 56s

You can't expect the expected.  And with that understanding Julie Berliner, Owner, Sweet Grass Kitchen was in Boulder as House Bill 1284 came to be...and had the opportunity to turn her traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie into a Cannabis infused edible.  That's just what she did, first creatively attaining her first kitchen, then realizing her very own single strain grow...and most recently graduating to a larger kitchen.  She studied psychology and education but took the fork in the road that led to legal cannabis...and hasn't looked back.


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Episode #10 - Sally Vander Veer, Medicine Man

Length: 1s

Don't let the last name fool you, Sally is of the Williams family.  And don't let the gender fool you, she is a Medicine Man.  Sally takes us through the lessons learned from her nomadic childhood.  She applied those lessons in school, coming away with a duel Chemistry and Business degree.  After a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, she was perfectly suited to work with brothers Andy and Pete Williams on the very well know Medicine Man brand.  Sally does a great job of explaining how if you work hard, good luck finds you.


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Episode #9 - Christian Sederberg, Vicente Sederberg

Length: 1s

It's not often that you hear a lawyer say something like "Trust the Universe," but Christian Sederberg isn't your ordinary, average, everyday lawyer.  As one half of Vicente Sederberg Christian was instrumental in the campaign for Amendment 64.  And through his involvement on the Task Force thoughtfully conceived by Gov. Hickenlooper Christian helped shape the landscape of legalized Cannabis. He now chairs the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation, sponsor of this episode.


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Episode #8 - Ean Seeb, Denver Relief

Length: 1s

As a patient he found it difficult to find medicine.  And so when he found it, he began to help others.  His word of mouth business grew so large that he, Kayvan Khalatbari scrapped together $4K and a third partner put in the initial grow to start Denver Relief.  From just before House Bill 1284 through today, Ean has been providing medicine through Denver Relief.  He's got a number of other businesses and he's the Chair of the NCIA.


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Episode #7 - Aaron Smith, NCIA

Length: 1s

As Executive Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Aaron Smith is an indisputable leader in the industry and a powerful advocate on behalf of cannabis. In this interview, he discusses an early incident that helped shape a burning desire to legalize cannabis and fight for liberty in general. Over the past 10 years he's done immeasurable good for the industry, from his experience with the MPP to his current post at the NCIA. He gives us all the details, and the full scoop on where he thinks the industry is headed from here.  A special thank you to the NCIA for sponsoring this episode.


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Episode #6 - Jamie Shaw, BC Compassion Club Society (BCCCS)

Length: 1s

As our first Canadian guest, Jamie Shaw was kind enough to give us an overview of the genesis of the Canadian cannabis marketplace, as well as the current rules and regulations in Vancouver and at the federal level. We hear all about her zig-zagged path to the industry, gain some enlightening perspective on the US market compared to our neighbors in the north, and understand the deep compassion and care Jamie has for patients. Enjoy!


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Episode #5 - Nurse Heather Manus, American Cannabis Nurses Association

Length: 1s

Nurse Heather believes in the power of cannabis to heal and teach us, and has fought hard to make sure veterans with PTSD and others in need of care get proper access to it. From her roots near the Native American reservations in the four corners, to testifying in front of state supreme courts, she's already helped thousands of patients throughout her life, and she's just getting started.


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Episode #4 - Joel Schneider, Bud & Breakfast

Length: 55s

A true New Yorker (in upbringing and accent), Joel Schneider found his way into the cannabis industry through a life-long appreciation and respect for the plant. Schneider’s commitment to a social culture in regards to cannabis and life is as evident in his business as it is in his gregarious personality. His Bud & Breakfast model of cannabis-friendly lodging is truly groundbreaking in providing a safe, secure place for consumers and patients to responsibly use cannabis. Enjoy.


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Episode #3 - Tripp Keber, Dixie Elixirs

Length: 1s

Competitive and tenacious from his Jesuit upbringing, all the way through his varied professional career, Tripp Keber has firmly established himself as one of the most public and influential voices in cannabis. We hear all about how Tripp’s risk-taking attitude and "delusional confidence" made him well disposed for success in the nascent cannabis industry, and the various bumps and bruises he’s taken on the way to that success.


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Episode #2 - Scott Van Rixel, Bhang Chocolate

Length: 58s

Originally a Chef by trade, Scott worked his way from washing dishes, all the way to a stint as the private chef at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, MA. When an opportunity presented itself for Scott to use his expertise as a chocolatier to make medicated edibles for the cannabis market, he quickly established Bhang Chocolate as the leading company in the field.


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Episode #1 - Gen Murray, CannLabs

Length: 51s

The first episode features Gen Murray, Founder and President of CannLabs. Gen discussed her start in the industry, going door-to-door convincing dispensaries they should invest in testing, all the way up to helping the Governor outline statewide drug policy for Colorado as part of the Amendment 64 Task Force. She is a rare combination of scientist and entrepreneur, and is re-setting the standard for women in both fields. Enjoy!


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