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Last update: 2015-04-07

AVGMS Episode 2


Tracks used gained from OCREMIX : Mortal Kombat – “Mortal Konfrontation” by The Dual Dragons Super Mario Bros 3 – “Swingin’ Porno Mix” by Dale North and Joshie Metal Gear Solid – “Legend of the Snake” by Reuben Kee Ghosts n Goblins – “Wanka Factory” by Shael Riley Bubble Bobble – “Hillbilly Rodeo” by djpretzel […]…


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AVGMS – Episode 1


Tracks used from OC REMIX Streets of Rage : “Drop and Roll” by tefnek Super Mario Bros 2 : “Insomnic” by Insomnic DuckTales : “Duck Blur” by Star Salzman Super Street Fighter 2 : “Flying Heaven” by Zircon Mega Man 2 : “Tekno Wily” by Nilvah TLOZ : “Gold Cartridge” by Quinn Fox Sonic The […]…


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Awesome Video Game Music Show

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Awesome Video Game Music Show

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