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Last update: 2013-03-13

Episode 17 - The Cider Episode (The Sick and Tired episode)

2013-03-13 :: Awesomeness By Volume

We review two macro ciders, Magner's and Strongbow, which scored a 233.12% and 772.36% ABV rating, respectively. Vince said leading up to the review he was quite a fan of Magner's and then realized how wrong he was. It was one of the few drinks of the day he didn't recommend for children.…


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Episode 16 - Meatballs

2013-03-04 :: Awesomeness By Volume

In the world of craft beer, everyone talks about aging beers. However, today we enjoy a beer that had to be consumed as quickly as possible for the freshest taste; Stone's Enjoy By IPA (4-1-13). We give this beer a combined Awesomeness By Volume rating of 941.46% We have our one word suggestion of Meatball for this episode. It takes us on amazing journey of meatball recipes, video games, Brewvival, and Vincent does his impression of meatwad. Blake finally gives our little podcast some credibility as he is now an award winning homebrewer with his Chai Masala inspired milk stout aged on rum soaked wood chips. Give him a hug and a handshake next time you see him.…


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Episode 15 - Whitman's Sampler

2013-02-20 :: Awesomeness By Volume

We review Batch 31 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from 8 Wired Brewing Co. It's a dark as night delight and from New Zealand. It's a really great beer, folks. Probably the best coming out of NZ, but taking suggestions if anyone has any! We gave it a combined Awesomeness By Volume rating of 964.32% WOW, that's damn fine.…


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Episode 14 - Fish

2013-02-13 :: Awesomeness By Volume

What a very special episode we have for you all today. We review an american classic Pabst Blue Ribbon. We also try to level up to level 20 as we discuss hipsters, phish, and our trip to see Arcade Fire. We also recount our time with a terrible cheeseburger and giggle about how into House of Cards we are.…


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Episode 13 - Packs

2013-02-01 :: Awesomeness By Volume

Oh my goodness ladies and gentlmen, who is ready for a blind taste test? Vincent sure is in this episode. Blake has Vincent do a blind comparison of two exceptional beers, Bell's Hopslam and Lagunitas Sucks. If you don't like spoilers then you shouldn't ready what is between the asterisks. **** Our combined Awesomeness by Volume rating for Hopslam is: 905.66% and for Sucks: 946.18% **** The rest of this episode is extremely stressful as Blake awaits a call that will whisk him away at a moment's notice to the airport. #drama Sorry, this isn't twitter and it wasn't really that dramatic. We also discuss what it means to be an Outdoorsman and when it is OK to be an Indoorsman. Also, the episode recipe of the day is a Hobo-Oven. Serves a lot You'll need the following: 2 big pieces of foil Sausage or chicken or beef (chopped kind of) Squash Potatoes (finely cut) Onions Garlic Whatever you want Sauce Seasoning Mix it up, put it in the foil, throw it in the fir…


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Episode 12 - Cats

2013-01-18 :: Awesomeness By Volume

disclaimer: while we may consume broken glass on a regular basis on our program, we do not recommend it. This episode is back down around the 20 minute mark, but boy oh boy did we fill it full of delicious informative content. Ok, informative is a stretch, but you may learn a thing or two about Fat Joe. When was the last time you learned something about Fat Joe? Keeping it to the names ending in -oe, we drank Zoe by Maine Beer Company and the number one thing we agree on is we need more beer from this brewery. One of the best beers to date on ABV, scoring a whopping 967.1%, it sure was a treat to drink. We do have a debut with this episode, the hashtag #awesomenessbyvolumedailytagaboutlifehacks. The debut tip being the use of Listerine after eating Captain Crunch to help with CCMS. It's serious business. Lastly, check out the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting coming up in a couple weeks. One of the best beer events in Atlanta every year, we're really looking forward to it. En…


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Episode 11 - Roasted

2013-01-10 :: Awesomeness By Volume

We enjoy the Bellegums Brun. We also have some discussions around Mrs. Buttersworth, Salute Your Shorts, and nuts. …


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Episode 10 - Battery

2012-12-27 :: Awesomeness By Volume

This week we enjoy the Elevated IPA by la cumbre brewery while snacking on some fine Norwegian cheese. The combined Awesomeness By Volume rating for this beer was a 881.07%. Our word of inspiration is battery. This leads us into discussions about Metallica, Styx, and pizza. We also discuss the Die Hard trilogy, bottles vs cans, and beer and cheese pairings. We also give a couple of music suggestions from Sinkane and Lyrics Born. Take them and go forward to love and serve each other.…


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Episode 9 - Magic (the Christmas Special)

2012-12-21 :: Awesomeness By Volume

We celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday by enjoying a Stone Brewing, Ken Schmidt, and Iron Fist Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout collaboration beer. We also discuss magic the gathering, Golden Girls, and a new way to celebrate the holidays with your family. …


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Episode 8 - Boyscout

2012-12-07 :: Awesomeness By Volume

This week we review Oro De Calabaza by Jolly Pumpkin. We also discuss our experiences with being a part of the boy scouts …


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Episode 7 - Lesbian Potluck

2012-12-03 :: Awesomeness By Volume

Happy first week of December! This week we taste Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse, and it's phenomenal. Robert Hovden from NYC sent in our suggestion for this week's episode which is "Lesbian Potluck." We apologize for the technical difficulties this week. We've traced the source of the issue to a loose mic cable and have dispatched the ABV technical support team to fix the issue.…


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Episode 6 - Crayons

2012-11-29 :: Awesomeness By Volume

Chris Luttrell joins us all the way from Brooklyn. He brings three beers to share including: Ballast Point Skullpin IPA Dark Horse One Oatmeal Stout Dark Horse Reserve Special Black We also discuss kids being naked and a cat phone. …


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Episode 1 - Elephant

2012-11-24 :: Awesomeness By Volume

In this episode we review De Proef/Port Brewing Signature Ale. No claims here that we did the best job reviewing the beer… we’re gonna start researching a little more in the future about what we’re drinking. We’re growing together folks… Additionally, we talk about time travel, Yo Gabba Gabba, Looper, pocket watches, and a few celebrities with catchy three letter initials. Follow us on twitter and start sending us your one word suggestions for future episodes, you control our destiny!…


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Episode 4 - FernGully

2012-11-24 :: Awesomeness By Volume

We review Narwhal, Sierra Nevada’s most recent beer offering. It’s a russian imperial stout that recently won silver medal at GABF and it inspires quite a discussion on Sierra Nevada. After the beer we talk about the beer industry in Georgia, cartoon bats and other fun things we watched as a kid, and Chomp and Stomp. Oh, and we appoint a secretary - Sarah. She also supplied the one word suggest for this week, Fern Gully… we realize it’s two words, just deal with it. …


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Episode 3 - Remakes

2012-11-24 :: Awesomeness By Volume

Another week, another episode. We review New Belgium’s Tart Lychee in the midst of halloween party aftermath and have our very first one …


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Episode 2 - Beer

2012-11-24 :: Awesomeness By Volume

No better way to celebrate Autumn’s bounty than to crack open this episode’s beer and discuss star wars, strippers, and the sad state of Atlanta sports fans. Enjoy episode 2, friends!…


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Episode 5 - Coagulate

2012-11-24 :: Awesomeness By Volume

This week we have a new microphone. We don't sound like we are in a tunnel anymore! If that wasn't exciting enough, we review Dogfishhead Bitches Brew and our one word suggestion is Coagulate. …


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