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Last update: 2010-09-16

Robert Schimmel Rest In Peace

2010-09-16 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 56s

BTB says goodbye to one of the most underrated comics ever. Topics on the day include a visit by punchlinemagazine.com editor in chief Dylan Gadino who discusses the loss of Robert Schimmel, punchline’s big 5 year anniversary show, the mystery behind Last Comic Standing, and we try to get him to share the world’s next comedy [...]…


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A Common Misconception

2010-08-24 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 44s

Did I say I was doing new shows or lazier shows? Topics of the day include the art of the hustle, why comics are the only people who look down on working your way to the top, a comedy work shop wrap up, Last Comic Standing ends with a cluster fuck finale and Louis C.K. hits [...]…


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Vaginal rejuvination

2010-07-27 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 44s

I’m telling you, it’s fun to say. Topics on the day include Las Comic Standing conspiricies, should you keep trying out jokes that don’t work or is it one and done, Brian doesn’t share any writing techniques, and who is worse, people who teach comedy classes or Hitler.  Seriously dude, put your nuts away. Comedian of the [...]…


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Egotistical Sabbatical

2010-06-22 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 24s

It’s been a while. So why do I have nothing to say? Topics on the day include the return of Last Comic Standing and why it’s not making Brian’s blood boil this year, combating the shakey mic syndrome and why Behind the Bricks isn’t going anywhere…both literally and figuratively.  Do you think I’m pretty? Comedian of the [...]…


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Are You Here To Clean The Condo?

2010-05-25 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 48s

Comic Lorrie Brownstone stops by to tidy up and tell her story. Topics on the day include how to get your head shot up on the comedy club wall, performing for the deaf, staring down the barrell of a comedy crossroad, how working the road is nothing compared to raising kids and filling out 30 pages [...]…


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Bitter condoms

2010-05-18 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 30s

How quickly did that guy need to bang? Topics on the day incude $4 magic tricks can earn you a spot on Letterman, can your dream job ruin your passion, Brian’s triumphant return to his home town, how to make something completely rehearsed sound natural, and why stealing jokes is a bad idea in the technical [...]…


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Please Excuse His Language

2010-05-04 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 42s

Sexaholics Anonymous is a great place to meet broads. Topics on the day include Brian’s role as comedy sorbet, whether troubled pasts desensitize comics to the embarassment of bombing, turning an open mic into a professional comedy room, and Robin Williams admits to his transgressions and is forgiven.  Fuckin-A! Comedian of the week – Robin Williams: Weapons [...]…


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You’re Not Really Magic

2010-04-27 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 52s

Can you hand me the sparkly jacket?  It’s showtime. Topics on the day include drunken compliments, the differences and similarities between stand-up and magic, The harsh realities of getting older in stand up, pulling muscles and bleeding on stage, and how to make an act that can be purchased in a store unique.  I’m not a [...]…


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I Hope I Never Make It

2010-04-20 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 28s

Was it good for you? Topics on the day include belly button sex, the rules for playing nice with comedians, sharing the gory details of your first time, hitting a cold stage, feedback on Tony’s progress, and whether it’s really possible to truly be in stand-up for the art.  Can I get nipple? Comedian of the week [...]…


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2010-04-13 :: podcast@behindthebricks.com
Length: 37s

I will write a scathing email sir! Topics on the day include phase 1 of Tony’s completed joke, two year olds with their own Wikipedia page, the blurred line between annoying and driven, a way to help BTB and scratch your comedy itch and  whores, whores whores!  Lets go XBOX. Comedian of the week – Greg Giraldo: [...]…


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