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Last update: 2015-09-15

Episode 15: TJ (Timothy Joseph)

Length: 40s

What's Up at the Belly Up this week features TJ (Timothy Joseph) of The Palace Ballroom! We talk about TJ's aversion to apple pancakes, the angsty-est time of our lives and his Coming Clean Segment is for real amazing - it involves the hot combo of dysentery and dating. TJ performs his song "Cemetery Bride". We drink Whiskey and Coke.


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Episode 14: Earl Thomas

Length: 1s

WOAH! Earl Thomas is the man. We talked about the first song he wrote getting covered by Etta James, his experiences of playing frequently abroad, the joy of solitude and his definition of what the blues is (and is not). We drank Stella and had a really good time.


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Episode 13: Nena Anderson

Length: 1s

Don't mess with Nena Anderson! A singer songwriter, honky tonk, blues and Americana chick that suggested we drank whiskey in the mid-afternoon. We tell the truth on what can happen if you drink too much carrot juice, talk about turning fan letters into songs and compare Damian to a giraffe that looks like Prince. We drank Bulleit Rye with Bundaberg Ginger Beer.


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Episode 12: Paul Cannon

Length: 52s

Singer songwriter Paul Cannon! We talk to him about starting from opener at the Belly Up to headlining the club, life off the grid, taking some tough situations from growing up on an Indian reservation and making it into art and music that inspire and help others. He sings his song "Love You", Meryl goes on an insect rant and Paul wins at the best Coming Clean confession ever (hint: more vasectomy talk!) We drank unsweeted iced tea.


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Episode 11: Jonny Tarr

Length: 41s

Meryl and Damian talk to neo-soul, rock and pop musician Jonny Tarr! He is the bad boy of yoga, the good boy of music and rules all locations named Cardiff. We talk Welsh, speculate that Jonny will be a protective dad, and he plays us a song! There is also a lot of vasectomy talk that we almost cut out (!) but decided to leave in anyway. We drank Moscow Mules with gluten free vodka.


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Episode 10: Nattali Rize

Length: 37s

Meryl and Damian caught up with Nattali Rize during a sold out show at the Belly Up and chat with her about reggae, roots and consciousness in lyrics and music. We play a round of Never Have I ever, talk about her "moment" with Santana and learn what simple things make her happy. We drank margaritas!


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Episode 9: Pato Banton

Length: 58s

Reggae artist Pato Banton joins us on a very special discussion about keeping it plant based, being there for his fans sometimes when their own friends and family aren’t, a crazy incident involving his sons which later inspired his post show - prayer circle and how a talent show mishap ended up in him working with English Beat!


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Episode 8: Tim Pyles

Length: 56s

Meryl and Damian talk with...Tim Pyles! Tim is like so many things including: Host of Loudspeaker on 91x, SoundDiego TV Reporter/Host and books and marketings some shows at the legendary rock club in San Diego, the Casbah! In this episode we talk all about radio in San Diego, Tim talks about trying to sneak into the Rolling Stones show, how he chooses music for his radio shows, Meryl makes him blush with compliments about his beautiful eye color and we drank champagne.


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Episode 7: Karlos Paez of the B-Side Players

Length: 1s

In this week's podcast Meryl and Damian talk to Karlos Paez of the B-Side Players! This was a special episode because Damian and Karlos were travel/tour/band mates for many years! We drank Sparkling Yerba Mate with...Stoli! Karlos also plays us a song.


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EP006: Beer Thirty

Length: 1s

Meryl and Damian sat down and drank up with Dino Flo and the good fellas of Beery Thirty Radio Show! For all you beer afficionado's out there, the beer gods have sent you...... a show dedicated to BEER. Dino converted Meryl into a beer lover in the first 6 minutes, Damian gave some beers a rating according to how full of a beard it was, and things just got pretty weird. 

To catch more of Beer Thirty: http://DFZradio.com/


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EP005: O (Otisserie)

Length: 1s

Welcome to What's Up at the Belly Up Podcast!! 
In this session we have our friend O (Otis / Otisserie) in the studio. O is a musician, photographer, producer, Jack Fruit of all trades. O (@Otisserie) talks with Damian and Meryl about his history in San Diego Music, Foxboro Hot Tubs (Green Day) at Belly Up, a run in with Russell Simmons and having over 120 guitars at one time. We drank Kombucha and lovingly have differing opinions on thrift stores.


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EP004: Tim Mays / The Casbah

Length: 56s

Meryl and Damian sit down and talk national and local booking with the amazing Tim Mays! Tim co-owns and books The Casbah and also has a part in booking most everything else music related in San Diego. The Casbah has been open since 1989. Its first location had a legal capacity of 75 and hosted such bands as: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Lemonheads, The Jesus Lizard, and Rocket From The Crypt. We hear stories on behind the scenes at The Casbah and get Tim's advice for those looking to break into this industry. We drank Mexican Coca Cola.


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EP003: Benj Gershman of O.A.R.

Length: 56s

Meryl and Damian sat down with Benj Gershman of pop / rock band O.A.R (Of A Revolution).! We talked about Benj throwing out the first pitch at the Padres, what it was like to play at Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Gardens, what it really takes for a band to stay together for decades and a lot more! Benj is going to come back on the podcast with his alter-ego so be on the lookout for him/her/it. We drank vodka and peach juice!


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EP002: Cathryn Beeks

Length: 51s

What's Up at the Belly Up!? In this episode Meryl and Damian talk to entertainment coordinator, musician and radio personality Cathryn Beeks about everything ranging from an unfortunate crocodile incident, who she met busking on the streets of Colorado, ​her locally renowned talent showcases and much more! We drank a Not so Stiff CashewCauc (Cashew Milk with Kahula). Cathryn is amazing and follow her because she is always announcing some big things!


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EP001: What's Up at the Belly Up: Michael Tiernan

Length: 32s

Meryl and Damian of the Belly Up Podcast talk to Southern Calfornia singer songwriter Michael Tiernan! We discuss his 5th album, "Inside Your Head", hear how Michael spends his royalty checks and discuss the delicate balance between musicianship and fatherhood! We also make bad percussion puns....stick with us.


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Belly Up Podcast

Welcome to the Belly Up Podcast! This is a podcast that features things related to the world famous music venue located in Solana Beach, CA - our friends, touring artists, people that make us laugh and everything in between. To check out who is playing the club: www.be​llyup.​com. To download albums and singles from past artists: www.be​llyupl​ive.com. Your hosts are: Meryl Klemow, Show Promotions Manager. Meryl enjoys podcasting, green juices, cheese and round animals like manatees. Say hi (or send her a happy animal video) to Meryl on fb or instagram: @merylklemow. Damian DeRobbio, Production Director. Damian enjoys family, surfing, cooking, lovable humans and honest music. Say hello to D at Bellyu​pprodu​ction@​gmail.​com

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