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Last update: 2013-07-01

The Amazing Show at MN Pride

Length: 49s

Bill Hermann share's his experience producing and performing

at a wedding show presented at MN Pride.  Jason shares a story

about how an investment by Bing Crosby set off a chain events

that ultimately created Silicon Valley and fruit juice from

concentrate.  Where would we be without that!!


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First LIstener Interview

Length: 28s

Bill and Jason interview listener Rob Peters from Boston.

They find out stuff that they cannot unhear. 


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Fatherhood Special!!

Length: 32s

Two fathers interview another father with a blog about

fatherhood!  Our guest Alan Kercinik who blogs about

being Jack's dad at www.alwaysjacked.com.  He shares

his post "Why I Hate Caillou!"  Very Funny!  Happy day

after fathers day Dad's


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Supporting Weed Farmers?

Length: 27s

This week Bill and Jason discuss a weed dealer

who had to move east because legal weed was

killing his business.  Plus, how well do you know

your liquor?  Are you being duped at the bar?  And

are we getting acustomed to bad customer service in

the U.S.?  and finally Viagra like effects for women!

It's about time!  News at 11.


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Podcast Noir

Length: 35s

Bill and Jason get dark in this episode.  They talk about a polish

DJ who gets killed for using a computer, a but dailer who confesses

murder.  And a story about a guy who got sued for downloading porn.

Plus a disney imposter playing Santa Clause!


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Length: 33s

Bill and Jason discuss the pitfalls of a Bacon themeed resteraunt,

Justin Bieber, again oddly and Mothers day from hell.  They  start

the Mike Rowe fan club and demystify hipsters and diaper genies

all in a half an hour!


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Great Discoveries

Length: 41s

Bill and Jason discover the oldest water,

Jason's new job and quting smoking.  They

announce exciting guests coming up on

future shows and the 11 things that have

been named after celebrities. 


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The Voice Dude part 2

Length: 45s

Bill and Jason continue thier conversation with Larry

the Voice Dude.  They explosre the depths of nothingness,

life in the 60's and some other pointless topics to joke about. 


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Meet the Voice Dude!

Length: 43s

Bill and Jason introduce the "Voice Dude" Larry Russo

who will be the voice of the opening and closing on the

show.  Larry shares a little about this life as a Voice Over

Actor and broadcaster in Veitnmam during the War. 

The rest of the show is mostly nothing spoken in an

interesting tone of voice.


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Not Those 2 Guys Anymore

Length: 24s

In this episode Bill and Jason let everyone

know individually that they are no longer calling

thier show "Those 2 Guys" and announcing the

beginning of The Bill and Jason Show. 


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The next step

Length: 28s

This is Episode 2 of Those 2 Guys where Bill and Jason

celebrate all the downloads of thier debut show.  They

discuss a great stage show produced by Intrigue Theater

and performed by Mr. Sean Paul and Julianna Faye.  They

also discuss a recent 15 year study that could make

bras obsolete and the emergence of DJ Artists as

National celebrities. 


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The Beginning

Length: 30s

This episode is the first for Jason Jones and Bill Hermann. 

Those two guys talk about missing Roger Ebert, the talents

of Johnny Holmes and failing at hording Honey Boobo style.


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