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Last update: 2006-04-17

Bloated Sensations - #006

2006-04-17 :: Bloated@OttawaArts.Com

This week: More Bloated voice mail! Wayne is frightened by a six foot tall stuffed animal. Tina from Halifax! We fill you in a little on the MySpace Invasion. We expose the Swedish Chef as being a Boq. We wont talk about Gig Young's groceries! And, we'll be sure to lob around a holy hand grenade or two! You WILL want to miss this one!…


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Bloated Sensations - #005

2006-04-06 :: Bloated@OttawaArts.Com

Join our host Slemen Nemels as we learn all about NDN Smokes and find out just how much Roger's Communications Incorporated SUCKS. Also Karen Finley will read a selection of poetry from The Uproar Tapes and Gregory Corso will share a reading of The Mad Yak from Heirlooms From the Future. Also, we will explain that the Compte de Saint Germain is alive and well on the earth today... and we will divulge EXACTLY who he is! You know him! You will want to tune in to THIS episode, boy-oh-boy!…


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Bloated Sensations - #004

2006-03-30 :: Bloated@OttawaArts.Com

In this episode: The Quantum Banana bites back! And, we explore the possible links between George H.W. Bush and 4 major assassinations of the 20th century as our worshipful host Slemen Nemels offers his thoughts on the subject. Won't you join us?…


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Bloated Sensations - #003

2006-03-23 :: Bloated@OttawaArts.Com

In this episode, your host Slemen Nemels gets groovy with grapes! Lawanda Page pays us a vist, Willie Nelson fills us in on some stuff, Wayne runs into Lilith from Cheers, and Bloated Sensations gets it's very first voice message! ...and, uh, oh yeah! ...green beer!…


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Bloated Sensations - #002

2006-03-16 :: bloated@ottawaarts.com

(03/16/2006) - In this episode of Bloated Sensations we take a peek inside the rough and tumble world of amateur pickle snorting, receive a surprise visit from "Jo-jo Hinney" my schizoid neighbor, and also do absolutely none of those above mentioned things!…


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Bloated Sensations - #001

2006-03-07 :: DAudette@OttawaArts.Com

(03/07/2006) - Episode one of the experimental podcast series: Bloated Sensations. In this episode we pay a visit to the benevolent quantum banana, take you on an informative tour of Fisher Jung's lesser known dental procedures, and do absolutely none of the above! You are going to HATE this podcast!…


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Bloated Sensations

Bi-monthly podcast of the experimental web-radio show: Bloated Sensations

Bloated Sensations

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