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Last update: 2013-06-20

Podcast 036 – Efof’s message

2013-06-20 :: Blue Dwarf

Efof visits Parrotts bar, and sees a message written 11 years ago for him at this precise moment from Annie the time traveller.…


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Podcast 035 – Pancake & the next step of Human Evolution

2013-06-20 :: Blue Dwarf

Justin Pancake meets some Spacecorps soldiers which are half Human, half Hymenoptera.…


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Podcast 034 – Make the push

2013-06-12 :: Blue Dwarf

Jay Chrysler leads a team to the Hymenoptera planet. They meet heavy resistance, and the Phoenix is destroyed.…


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Podcast 033 – Dead Com

2013-06-12 :: Blue Dwarf

Davie makes his way to the medibay.…


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Podcast 032 – Mutation

2013-06-03 :: Blue Dwarf

Davie Jones sees the dead and injured laying in the corridor, and a doctor treats Davie’s eye which looks mutated.…


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Podcast 031 – Media manipulation

2013-06-03 :: Blue Dwarf

Queen Brittany is urged to undergo medical testing to ensure she’s the real Queen.…


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Podcast 030 – A sigh of relief

2013-05-27 :: Blue Dwarf

Davie overhears some SpaceCorps marines.…


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Podcast 029 – Stir the hive

2013-05-25 :: Blue Dwarf

Captain Chrysler explains the plan to attack on the Hymenoptera homeworld, and stresses the importance of killing the Queen.…


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Podcast 028 – Intermission

2013-05-21 :: Blue Dwarf

Amber plans the attack on the Hymenoptera homeworld and starts gathering as much alcohol as they can to use as weaponry.…


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Podcast 027 – Funeral clues

2013-05-17 :: Blue Dwarf

Cassandra watches Efof receiving some mysterious clues during the funeral, and helps him decode them.…


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Podcast 026 – Arresting developments

2013-05-10 :: Blue Dwarf

Space Corps marines break into the Drive Room with orders to capture Captain Chrysler, but they decide to join him. BlueDwarf026-arresting-developments…


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Podcast 025 – Hail to the Chief

2013-05-07 :: Blue Dwarf

Chief of Security Rosette meets Davie Jones. BlueDwarf025-hail-to-the-chief…


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Podcast 024 – Seeing the Queen again

2013-05-03 :: Blue Dwarf

Seymour meets Cass, posing as Queen Brittany and wants to be her Royal Ambassador again. But there’s doubt she is who she says she is. BlueDwarf024-seeing-the-queen-again…


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Podcast 023 – Will the Pancake flip?


An injured John Bromin meets Justin Pancake, who is excited to hear there’s a Hymenoptera onboard, then explains how he was told his future by a time traveller called Potential, who then tells him to rebel against Captain Chrysler. BlueDwarf023-pancake-flip…


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Podcast 022 – Unexpected company

2013-04-20 :: Blue Dwarf

Davie decides to destroy the Space Corps warship’s docking tubes, then comes face to face with a rampaging Hymenoptera. BlueDwarf022-unexpected-company…


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Podcast 021 – Smile you’re on camera

2013-04-14 :: Blue Dwarf

Getting ready for a public announcement, Cass gets a call from the Prime Minister who suspects she’s not Queen Brittany after all, and asks her to take a series of tests, proving she is who she’s claiming to be. BlueDwarf021-smile-youre-on-camera…


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Podcast 020 – A vacation in the airvents

2013-04-05 :: Blue Dwarf

John Bromin meets a creature in the air vents. BlueDwarf020-vacation-airvents…


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Podcast 019 – N Deck

2013-03-29 :: Blue Dwarf

Davie Jones engages the SpaceCorp marines that have boarded the ship. BlueDwarf019-n-deck…


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Podcast 018 – Cash my golden paradox

2013-03-23 :: Blue Dwarf

In his lab, Rufus discovers a paradox behind the Dale Winton-bot and hatches a plan to create a new robot and sent it through time. BlueDwarf018-cash-my-golden-paradox…


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Podcast 017 – Casualties

2013-03-22 :: Blue Dwarf

Dr Keto gets an influx of casualties in the medibay, and has to make some tough triage decisions, whilst dealing with the death of one of his nurses. BlueDwarf017-casualties  …


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Podcast 016 – Confused

2013-03-14 :: Blue Dwarf

Rufus gets a visit in his lab from a self destructing Dale-Winton robot, and then an email from Rosette. BlueDwarf016-confused…


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Podcast 015 – Once more unto the breach

2013-03-14 :: Blue Dwarf

Many spacecraft join the Blue Dwarf as it prepares to attack the Hymenoptera homeworld. But just before they can launch an attack, two SpaceCorps warships arrive ordering Captain Chrysler to cancel the attack… BlueDwarf015-once-more-unto…


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Podcast 014 – A call to arms

2013-02-28 :: Blue Dwarf

Frustrated and emotional after the attack, Captain Jay Chrysler announces that the Blue Dwarf is going behind the backs of the Space corp, and retaliating against the Hymenoptera by attacking their homeworld. BlueDwarf014-call-to-arms…


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Podcast 013 – Betrayed

2013-02-21 :: Blue Dwarf

Rosette watched the CCTV cameras as Seymour goes through the stuff in her apartment, and gives away her priceless hairloom to a “cash for gold” Dale Winton-bot. BlueDwarf013-betrayed…


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Podcast 012 – Coded message

2013-02-16 :: Blue Dwarf

Efof is given a piece of paper during the funeral of the crewmembers killed in the Hymenoptera attack. BlueDwarf012-coded-message…


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Podcast 011 – Seymour in Rosette’s apartment

2013-02-10 :: Blue Dwarf

In this episode, Seymour makes himself at home in Rosette’s apartment and sells a priceless family heirloom for some money. BlueDwarf011-seymour-in-rosettes-apartment…


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Podcast 010 – Stirring stuff

2013-02-01 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 009 – Kind of Actionette

2013-01-29 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 008 – Lift going down, or up?

2013-01-25 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 007 – Rallying the troops

2013-01-19 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 006 – Life flashing before your eyes

2013-01-11 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 005 – Rock Bottom

2013-01-03 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 004 – A package holiday to Kangaphin

2013-01-01 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 003 – Tada

2012-12-30 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 002 – Lost in thought

2012-12-22 :: Blue Dwarf



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Podcast 001 – Shore Leave

2012-12-22 :: Blue Dwarf

BlueDwarf001-shore-leave  …


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Captain Chrysler wasn’t dead after all, he was time travelling


So even though we reported here that Jay Chrysler was dead, killed in an explosion that destroyed the Hymenoptera – it looks like he cheated death! Jay reappeared in this post (posted by me because Andy wanted it to be a surprise!) explaining that he’d been working for the S.T.C.P (Space Time Continuum Police) for [...]…


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Blue Dwarf moves to OngoingWorlds


Leaving Yahoo Groups behind I’ve been running the Blue Dwarf play-by-post game for 11 years, and love it. It was because of my love of play-by-post games (Blue Dwarf in particular) that I started to realise there wasn’t really a decent tool for creating and running a game. People make do with forums or yahoo groups, but these things [...]…


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Captain Jay Chrysler dies!


Captain Jay Chrysler has been killed, detonating a bomb that put an end to the Hymenoptera across the galaxy. The bomb that destroyed the Hymenoptera homeworld including the Hymenoptera Queen. This disrupted the Hymenoptera’s hive mind, causing many to drop dead around the galaxy (see the post here). The bomb’s timer was destroyed by Jay’s evil double “Evil Jay“, [...]…


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Using NPC’s


Sometimes in our stories we need to throw in some Non Player Characters for our characters to talk to. These characters can vary in importance, they can either be someone who explains something very important to your character, or they can be a random security guy who gets killed in a nasty way. NPC’s can normally be [...]…


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Writing your 1st post


This will no-doubt be the first time your character comes aboard the Blue Dwarf and meets other characters. Try and make your entrance as memorable as possible, so that people will “get” your character and include them in their stories. This doesn’t mean they come in singing and dancing and making a spectacle of themselves [...]…


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Tips for newbies


Tips/Rules for newbies who do not wish to be hated/loathed/disliked by the more experienced writers: Remember; You’re just a crewmember. Sorry, I know y’all wanna be superheroes with decades of experience, but that’s just tedious. No one likes a know-it-all. Related to the first point; keep that goddamn finger offa the goddamn god-mode button. You [...]…


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Creating a good character


The character you play is probably the most crucial part of your role-playing experience. Your character will be your outlook onto the crazy world of Blue Dwarf, and how you interact with it. It is your character’s actions that you will write about, so they should be interesting! Choose a name The first thing people [...]…


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