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Last update: 2013-06-28

Episode 11 - Frances Ha // GUEST: Cristina Cacioppo

2013-06-28 :: Bonnie & Maude

We discuss Frances Ha, the new film directed by Noah Baumbach, and written by Baumbach and the film’s star, Greta Gerwig. This is a film about the rocky terrain of female friendship as well as what it means to be alone. We talk about why we love Frances so much, despite her flaws and poor decisions. (It might have something to do with her death-defying ability to pee on Subway tracks.) And we take a look at whether Frances Ha bears any of the cynicism found in Baumbach’s past works, and suggest other great films that explore female friendship. Cristina Cacciopo (the former film programmer for the dearly departed 92YTribeca, but newly instated at the Alamo Draft House) joins the conversation as the resident Baumbach “nerd.” (Her words.) [...]…


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Episode 10 - Cabaret // GUEST: Lyra Hill

2013-05-24 :: Bonnie & Maude

What good is sitting all quiet in your room? / Come hear the podcast play. / Life is a Cabaret, old chum, / Download our episode 10! This week we’re joined by Chicago artist, performer, projectionist, film archivist and movie lover, Lyra Hill. From her earliest memories of watching a broken Costco DVD of Cabaret, Lyra has been fascinated with the Bob Fosse–directed and choreographed musical. Eleanor and Kseniya had never seen it until now, but through a discussion of the grungy aesthetic, the love triangles and the sinister historical context that hangs over this twisted romance, they come to appreciate it as well. Outro Music: “Cabaret” as sung by Liza Minnelli on Cabaret & All That Jazz: the Liza Minnelli Anthology – Find out more about Lyra Hill and her many projects at LyraHill.com and BrainFrame.Tumblr.com [...]…


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Episode 9 Pt. 2 - Girls (Season 2) // GUEST: Chris J. Kelly

2013-04-18 :: Bonnie & Maude

We admit it, the ladies of Girls aren’t exactly role models. In part 2 of our Season 2 recap, we are joined by Queerty television blogger Chris J. Kelly to review the fluctuating emotional ages of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna. We also take a moment to discuss how believable we found the OCD revelation, why we’re so obsessed with that Patrick Wilson episode, and why the ‘man running to the rescue’ component of the finale may not have been so bad. Outro Music: “I Love It” by Icona Pop from the Girls Soundtrack. [...]…


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Episode 9 Pt. 1 - Girls (Season 2)

2013-04-18 :: Bonnie & Maude

Last June we started the Bonnie & Maude podcast with a discussion of Lena Dunham’s feature film Tiny Furniture and the opening three episodes of her then-brand-new show Girls. In this episode we continue our conversation with an overview of Season 2 of Girls, sharing how our opinions have changed, evolved, or stayed the same. Listen in as Kseniya shares her Lena Dunham nightmare, Eleanor reveals this season’s Rorschach plotting, and we both contemplate why this show is worth your time. Outro Music: “Girls” by the Beastie Boys Bonus: Check out Part 2 of this episode, as we continue the Girls debate with writer Chris J. Kelly. [...]…


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Episode 8 - Mermaids

2013-03-10 :: Bonnie & Maude
Length: 27s

We talk Mermaids (1990, Richard Benjamin), which combines the magnetic talents of Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci as a family unit as they move to a sleepy New England town in 1963. In many ways, this is the ultimate coming-of-age film, as young Charlotte (Ryder) deals with her eccentric mother (Cher), her major crush on the cute boy up the road, and her intense Catholic guilt. We both relate to her, in some ways more than others, and this movie’s collection of quiet, hilarious moments is what keeps us watching it again and again. Kseniya recommended the book Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton. Eleanor recommended an essay about the state of the modern romantic comedy, by Linda Holmes on NPR. Join us for a screening of Mermaids at 92Y Tribeca in NYC on Thursday, March 14th. Tickets and info here! [...]…


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Episode 7 Live - Carrie (1976) // GUEST: Tenebrous Kate

2013-02-14 :: Bonnie & Maude

Ain’t teenage love grand? Today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our first-ever live episode recording where we take a closer look at the 1976 horror classic Carrie. Join us and our special guest Tenebrous Kate (Ultra Violent Magazine, I Love Bad Movies) as we giggle and cry our way through this twisted Cinderella tale. We deconstruct why this movie isn’t just an American treasure, but also an accurate portrayal of teen girl friction in high school. The podcast was originally recorded at Videology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on February 9, 2013. [...]…


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Episode 6 - In the Cut // GUEST: David Archer

2013-02-04 :: Bonnie & Maude

In our first book vs. movie episode, we discuss Jane Campion’s 2003 film In The Cut and how it compares to Susanna Moore’s original erotic thriller, published in 1995. Does Meg Ryan’s flat, brown hair obscure her image as America’s innocent sweetheart? Is Jennifer Jason Leigh her sister or friend? Why are all the men in the movie so obsessed with marriage? Does it matter that we spoil the killer’s identity? All will be revealed in Episode 6! Literary publicist and all-around bibliophile David Archer joins Bonnie and Maude for the discussion and treats us with an impeccable Meg Ryan impersonation. [...]…


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Bon Bon 2 (mini episode) - The Birds // GUEST: Elliott Kalan

2012-12-20 :: Bonnie & Maude
Length: 7s

In this selection of conversations that didn’t make it to the Hitchcock v. Hedren episode (#5), we continue the discussion with Elliott Kalan regarding The Birds — zooming in on the tendency to pair up blonde and brunette female characters in movies and pop culture, and the hierarchy of violence that audiences find most disturbing. [...]…


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Episode 5 - Hitchock v. Hedren // GUEST: Elliott Kalan

2012-12-02 :: Bonnie & Maude

We explore Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film The Birds, as well as the recent HBO film The Girl — a behind the scenes look at the director’s messy and often abusive relationship with the star of The Birds, Tippi Hedren. What makes The Birds so scary? Does Hitchcock’s gross off-screen personality affect our appreciation for his art? We’ll also check in with Tippi all these years later, whose squelched acting career made way for her life’s work operating the Shambala Preserve, a shelter for big cats. Daily Show writer, host of the screening series Closely Watched Films, co-host of The Flophouse Podcast, and Hitchcock aficionado Elliott Kalan joins us for this discussion about when artist-muse relationships go wrong. [...]…


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Bon Bon 1 (mini episode) - Popatopolis

2012-10-22 :: Bonnie & Maude

Our first mini episode (a Bon Bon) to hold you over until we complete our next full episode. This one was recorded shortly after Episode 3 (Andy Sidaris / Hard Ticket to Hawaii) and centers around Popatopolis, a documentary about B-Movie writer/producer/director Jim Wynorski. [...]…


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Episode 4 Pt. 1 - Marilyn Monroe // GUEST: Tom Blunt

2012-09-23 :: Bonnie & Maude

We couldn’t help ourselves. Our Episode 4 discussion on Marilyn Monroe is a two-parter. Sure, we start out discussing The Seven Year Itch and Don’t Bother to Knock, but a conversation about the icon can never be about the actress alone and quickly advances onto the meaning of celebrity, beauty, modern-day equivalents of Marilyn, and traditional vs. natural acting. Tom Blunt, the creator and host of Meet the Lady variety show and upcoming Evening Dilemma podcast, joins us. [...]…


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Episode 4 Pt. 2 - Marilyn Monroe // GUEST: Tom Blunt

2012-09-23 :: Bonnie & Maude

The exciting conclusion of our Marilyn Monroe discussion. We dig a little deeper into Don’t Bother to Knock, find out what Tom means when he calls Marilyn “so beautiful she’s practically deformed,” offer opinions about actresses portraying Marilyn, and give a little time to My Week with Marilyn. Tom Blunt, the creator and host of Meet the Lady variety show and upcoming Evening Dilemma podcast, joins us. [...]…


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Episode 3 - Andy Sidaris

2012-08-30 :: Bonnie & Maude

We tackle Hard Ticket To Hawaii, B-movie master Andy Sidaris’ busty-babes-with-guns schlockfest…and, are surprised to uncover a story of female friendship and empowerment. Who would have guessed? If you need us, we’ll be doing some soul-searching in the jacuzzi. [...]…


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Episode 2 - Nora Ephron

2012-07-24 :: Bonnie & Maude

Do we like Nora Ephron movies because we’re sincere, or do Ephron’s movies make sincere people out of us? This question and a remembrance of her brilliance, on this installment of Bonnie & Maude, with Eleanor “Why Do Men?” Kagan and Kseniya “I Don’t Want To Talk About Michael” Yarosh. [...]…


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Episode 1 - Lena Dunham

2012-06-27 :: Bonnie & Maude

The hosts of Bonnie & Maude, Eleanor Kagan and Kseniya Yarosh, launch the new film podcast with a discussion of Tiny Furniture, the show Girls, the portrayal of ‘ugly’ characters by women on screen—and what keeps us watching. [...]…


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