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Last update: 2008-01-29

Feedback on season one

2008-01-29 :: Richard BF

Well it's a week after the end of the first season, and we're wondering what you thought of it.

If you've got some feedback for us, even if it's just "I liked it" or "it sucked", then please let us know by filling in our contact form.

Bonny & Clyde is improvised, which means the characters make up most of the story and all of the dialog only once the cameras are rolling. There aren't any scripts to guide them. Tough? You bet. Be we think the season was pretty good considering.

We're deciding what to do next with Bonny & Clyde, whether to continue the series, whether to bring out a DVD, whether to continue with outtakes. Your feedback will help us decide. Let us know!


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Episode 35 - We got you

2008-01-21 :: Richard BF

An unexpected visitor drops in. This is the final episode for season 1 of Bonny and Clyde.


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Episode 34 - Get this

2008-01-13 :: Richard BF

Vinnie's still not feeling too well.…


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Episode 33 - Happy days

2008-01-06 :: Richard BF

Clyde and Vinnie get into the house. One of them is hurt.


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Episode 32 - Where's my money?

2007-12-30 :: Richard BF

Things come to a head with Clyde and Vinnie.…


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Merry Xmas

2007-12-27 :: Richard BF

Yes, you guessed it, there's no episode this week. With Xmas, a house move and an office move all this week, including a loss of Internet connection in the process, we decided to skip a week. We'll be back in the new year with episode 32.

Until then, have a merry Xmas and a happy new year!


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Episode 31 - Indiana Jones

2007-12-17 :: Richard BF

Bonny and Kevin are still stuck in the garage.


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Episode 30 - Garage days

2007-12-10 :: Richard BF

Bonny and Kevin are trapped again.


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Episode 29 - Remote

2007-12-02 :: Richard BF

Bonny lines up a special job.


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