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Last update: 2011-01-24



Patrick, Fun Guy, and Professor QB discuss ladybugs after Patrick finds three ladybugs in his Bible Classroom at church. Audio Clip is 4:02 We also have plans for you to make a ...…


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Boredom Busters #007

2011-01-19 :: Professor QB
Length: 32s

This episode of Boredom Busters is a lot of fun. It has a lot of feature you and your whole family will love. Look at the Big Brain on YOU! in ...…


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Boredom Busters #006

2009-05-26 :: Professor QB
Length: 29s

Fun with the Fam (A great food and a fun game all in one). The Last Fight in the Colosseum by Charlotte Yonge is this episode’s “Tale of Wisdom.” Five-year-old ...…


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Boredom Busters #005

2009-05-02 :: Professor QB
Length: 29s

Tales of Wisdom about Paul Revere. New segment “Fun With the Fam” is a fun listen for your whole family. Five-year-old Patrick tells you one of his favorite Bible story ...…


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Boredom Busters #004

2009-04-21 :: Professor QB
Length: 27s

Family fun. Family Game Night, The Great Outdoors, *new segment* Tales of Wisdom, Bible, UNimportant Announcement, and Professor QB Funtime-The Funnies, Silliest and Dumbest Jokes on the Internet. –Professor QB iTunes Subscription ...…


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Boredom Busters #003

2009-04-11 :: Professor QB
Length: 28s

Boredom Busters #3 How to make a cool sandbox from a ten gallon aquarium, “Big Fat Bible Word” is Revelation, an UNimportant announcement about cats, cats and more cats. Did ...…


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Boredom Busters #002

2009-04-04 :: Professor QB
Length: 30s

You will like this podcast. We discuss the Big Fat Bible Word “covenant” Learn to make Pigs in a Blanket in our Totally Delicious Food segment The ABC Game is featured in our ...…


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Boredom Busters #001

2009-03-23 :: Professor QB
Length: 24s

Boredom Busters podcast is here! This is a fun and informative podcast for your whole family. You will laugh and learn. There are activities, ideas and jokes. –Professor QB iTunes Subscription Please ...…


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Boredom Busters

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Boredom Busters

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