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Last update: 2015-04-02

Breaking Nashville | Canaan Smith

2015-04-02 :: Broadway Media
Length: 12m 36s

There’s nothing like life on the road to transform a promising young talent into a superstar in the making. Case in point: Canaan Smith. Since bursting on the scene with the compelling single “We Got Us,” the young singer/songwriter has been touring with Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line, and now his latest single, “Love You Like That” is fast becoming a sizzling summer hit.…


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Waterloo Revival

2015-03-26 :: Broadway Media
Length: 12m 5s

Break Nashville | Waterloo Revival…


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Codie Prevost

2015-03-19 :: Broadway Media
Length: 13m 35s

Breaking Nashville interviews new Country artist Codie Prevost…


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2015-02-17 :: Broadway Media
Length: 38m 51s

Eagle Mornings with Jon, Justin and Chantel | Have you ever smelt a dogs feet? Willie Nelson coming to SLC and Justin's drumming skills…


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Josh Dorr

2014-11-14 :: Broadway Media
Length: 16m 24s

Jon Watkins hung out with Josh Dorr recently and talked with him about jumping from sports to country music, support systems in Nashville, and the importance of breathing…


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Steven Lee Olsen

2014-11-11 :: Broadway Media
Length: 15m 56s

Jon Watkins talked with Steven Lee Olsen about his food based memory, Radio tours, the elusive Garth Brooks, and how he broke Nashville.…


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Jon Pardi and Joey Hyde

2014-11-03 :: Broadway Media
Length: 16m 8s

Jon Pardi and Joey Hyde sat down with Jon Watkins before their show the discuss their mutual respect for each other, doing shots with Blake Shelton, playing the Boot Barn and good vs. bad long hair.…


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Gretchen Wilson

2014-10-29 :: Broadway Media
Length: 6m 4s

Breaking Nashville is back! While we set up our next few months of interviews, enjoy our chat with Gretchen Wilson!…


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Nathan Osmond

2014-09-15 :: Broadway Media
Length: 12m 12s

New Country artist Nathan Osmond is on his way to breaking into Nashville! With success on the independent charts, Nathan talks about his drive to succeed and the challenges faced with being related to a famous family. Before turning Country, Nathan was touring with his brothers as "The Osmonds 2nd Generation". Follow us on twitter @BreakingNash…


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Maddie And Tae

2014-09-08 :: Broadway Media
Length: 4m 33s

New Country artists Maddie and Tae are one of the fastest rising new acts of 2014 with their song "Girl in a Country Song". This episode is a different type of Breaking Nashville, this interview is from The Eagle in Salt Lake City. Follow us @BreakingNash…


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Dean Alexander

2014-09-02 :: Broadway Media
Length: 12m 57s

Dean Alexander joins Jon Watkins to talk about his new single "Live a Little", plus his journey to Nashville and how Roy Orbison's widow made a difference in his life! Follow us on twitter @BreakingNash…


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Jon Stone

2014-08-28 :: Broadway Media
Length: 16m 31s

Jon Stone of American Young explains why he transitioned from guitar hero to songwriter to producer in the latest Breaking Nashville episode.…


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Robby Johnson

2014-08-25 :: Broadway Media
Length: 10m 55s

After his performance on Letterman, Robby Johnson calls in to BN and tells Jon Watkins how he fell in love with American Country music.…


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Kelsea Ballerini

2014-08-18 :: Broadway Media
Length: 10m 12s

Kelsea Ballerini starts from the beginning and tells us how she started writing music at 13, picked up the guitar one year later, and broke in to the industry.…


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Dylan Scott

2014-08-11 :: Broadway Media
Length: 14m 19s

Dylan Scott talks to Jon Watkins about the country music business, growing up with Country, and a little help from his Dad.…


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Krystal Keith

2014-08-08 :: Broadway Media
Length: 15m 20s

Krystal Keith - Toby Keith's daughter - returns to country music after a 10-year hiatus in order to pursue a college education. She tells Jon Watkins about the various music she grew up listening to, her big voice at a young age, and why it's difficult for women in the country music industry.…


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Kip Moore

2014-07-31 :: Broadway Media
Length: 15m 39s

Kip Moore tells us about his adventures from Hawaii to Nashville that finally brought him to music.…


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Arabella Jones

2014-07-28 :: Broadway Media
Length: 12m 15s

Youtube sensation, Arabella Jones, talks with Jon Watkins about her fan following, future original music, unavoidable creeps on the internet, and why or why not Country isn't friendly to women.…


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Lindsay Ell

2014-07-21 :: Broadway Media
Length: 18m 7s

Lindsay Ell visits with Jon Watkins about being nominated for the CCMA's, the Canadian country music scene, playing on stage with Keith Urban, and her guitar nerd habits.…


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Canaan Smith

2014-07-14 :: Broadway Media
Length: 14m 55s

Canaan Smith calls Jon Watkins from the road (in their tricked out Suburban, of course) to talk about his experiences in Nashville, on reality TV, and writing with Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line.…


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Katie Armiger

2014-07-07 :: Broadway Media
Length: 16m 57s

Sweet and humble Katie Armiger talks to Jon Watkins about winning a country competition at 14, working on her own record label, the success of her music, and her upcoming interview with Katie Couric.…


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Chase Bryant

2014-07-01 :: Broadway Media
Length: 17m 1s

RED BOW Records artist Chase Bryant joins Jon Watkins and they talk about the Country lineage in Chase’s blood! Bryant’s grandfather Jimmy Bryant played keys in Roy Orbison's The Wink Westerners and the Teen Kings. His two uncles founded country band Ricochet. How does a left-handed guitar player make it work in Nashville? Find out!…


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Chase Rice

2014-06-30 :: Broadway Media
Length: 14m 56s

Chase Rice speaks about his multi-faceted career path and goes into detail about his football career, his time in a pit crew in Nascar, his stint in the TV show, Survivor, and how he arrived to writing country music. He also gives his thought on the recent “bro-country” trend as well as how he feels about switching to Columbia records.…


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Aaron Watson

2014-06-24 :: Broadway Media
Length: 24m 3s

Aaron Watson talks about his love for Texas and how it has enabled him to travel to other parts of the States and connect with other people. He also touches on the writing process for his new album The Underdog and what makes a country song sound “country.”…


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Joey Hyde

2014-06-19 :: Broadway Media
Length: 17m 41s

Solo artist Joey Hyde talks about the tour life, being hired as a touring guitarist, and how "Get It On" came about.…


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Ben Rue

2014-06-19 :: Broadway Media
Length: 12m 29s

Ben Rue talks to Jon Watkins about making the big move to Nashville, connecting with his fans, and his single, "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)".…


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Breaking Nashville

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