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Last update: 2007-10-04

#7: Paul Young

2007-10-04 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 38s

Paul Young runs a successful charity, Off The Fence, which specialises in helping homeless people in Brighton. In this poignant interview, I talk with Paul about his challenging early experiences and how he started Off The Fence. Blue Fringe “Eshet Chayil” (mp3) from “The Whole World Lit Up” (Craig ‘n Company) Buy at iTunes Music [...]…


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#6: Darren Fell

2007-07-27 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 37s

As we sip our coffee in the delightful Pavilion Gardens Cafe in Brighton, Darren tells me the steps he took to build Pure, a leading Email Marketing business. Darren tells us how he and a core team of developers started off in a bungalow in north Brighton – to the present day – and his [...]…


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#5: Sidney Sloane

2007-07-17 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 33s

Today I am joined in the lounge of a well-known Brighton hotel by Sidney Sloane, children’s presenter from CBeebies. Steeped in the hustle and bustle of the hotel we chat about “The Secret“, the effect of a positive influence early in life, materialism, his early years in Wimbledon as a builder’s assistant, his Youth Training [...]…


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#4: Jackie and Tim Misson

2007-06-17 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 32s

Starting from a spare room in their flat, Jackie and Tim Misson built a highly successful telephone marketing company with many employees operating from plush offices in Brighton, Nido Marketing. I chat with Jackie and Tim and tease out what it took to build the business, the challenges they met on the way and their [...]…


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#3: Colin Lloyd

2007-06-11 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 26s

Colin and his wife, Kate, set up Kate’s Cakes from a flat in Clapham, London and built it up to a 22,000 square foot factory with over 200 staff. After a short break and some travelling he then went on to set up Higgidy Pies. From under a weeping willow tree in the garden of [...]…


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#2: Julia Miles

2007-05-22 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 20s

I talk to Julia Miles who runs QED, a flourishing Training and Coaching Company. In this episode we get a glimpse into her spiritual yet down to earth approach to success, keeping your life in balance, dealing with challenges, focusing your mental energy, using visualisation effectively and goal setting. Whoa! An uplifting chat – enjoy… [...]…


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#1: Stuart Allison

2007-05-04 :: Brilliant YOU!
Length: 24s

In our maiden episode I talk with Stuart Allison who runs a very successful martial arts school, Shin Jin Dojo. In this episode we learn about having a burning desire, synchronicity, and how to help make it happen. Enjoy. Technorati Tags: self help, synchronicity, martial arts, ninpo, dojo Music used in this episode: Download “Another [...]…


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