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Last update: 2013-01-13

Zombies in Vegas

2013-01-13 :: David Jackson
Length: 22s

NOTICE: There is 6 seconds of silence at the beginning of this episode (the mic was not pressed). Don’t crank up your speakers or your head will be blasted off. I went to the new media expo. I love the expo. I am not a fan of Vegas. I saw many things that made me [...]…


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Where Is Dave At?

2012-12-23 :: David Jackson
Length: 3s

In this short mobile episode I am at a place where I went in to eat lunch, and listen to podcasts. I had my volume up all the way, and the music coming from the sound system over-powered my headphones. I couldn’t hear my podcasts. This lead me to ask, “What is up with all [...]…


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I Don’t Want to Freak You Out

2012-12-20 :: David Jackson
Length: 19s

Today I talk about the frighteneing situation where my wife had a “fake” heart attack. It looked like a heart attack, smelled like a heart attack, but in the end it was her gallbaldder. Looking back, I didn’t want to freak her out when I thought she was having a heart attack. Meanwhile she was [...]…


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Hungry For America

2012-11-06 :: David Jackson
Length: 19s

I just got voting today and was amazed at the number of people who were on the ballet to be the next President of the United states of America and I had NO IDEA who they were. I had never heard of their name. I was amazed. The whole process kind of made me sick. [...]…


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Dear Gay Fan

2012-10-18 :: David Jackson
Length: 25s

Dear GayFan, I’m sorry I offended you. I was only imitating my friend Fausto from the Feast of Fun podcast http://feastoffun.com I got to hang with Fausto and Marc in 2005. Two truly awesome people who took the fun of the night to a whole new level. Instead of focusing on our differences, we focused [...]…


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The Power of the Boo

2012-10-15 :: David Jackson
Length: 18s

Today I talk about how I was at a football game and we all joined in on a good old fashioned BOO! Oddly enough nothing changed. The referees didn’t change their call. Did this ever work? Back in the 1700s if you shouted BOO at someone, were they obligated to change their mind? Also on [...]…


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Fun at the Football Game

2012-09-30 :: David Jackson
Length: 15s

The nurse and I attended a football game (as the senator play claronete in the band). This week we were the visiting team and the home team was having a homecoming week. It was interesting. So this week I’m shaing my thought on: Cheerleaders: How many minutes into that first game does to take for [...]…


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You’re Awful – Do You Want Your Own Show?

2012-09-26 :: David Jackson
Length: 4s

Today I talk about a few things 1. I will be moving home soon. I will be separating my office from my house. 2. The nurse lost her job – thank you Oboma Care! 3. Honey Boo Boo is the devil Mentioned in this podcast Weight of the Nation Video and Book…


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Every Day Should be Mother’s Day

2012-05-12 :: David Jackson
Length: 15s

Its little old Dave again, just reminding everyone not to blow off Mother’s Day. For whatever reason I decided to do the math and see how many years my Mother has been gone. It’s been 23 years. I had her for 24, and for whatever reason this bothered me. From this point forward I will [...]…


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What I Learned on Spring Vacation – Marriage 101


In some of my podcasts I spoke about visiting this page to hear about my trip to Texas (where we attended a Smalley Marriage Intensive). I had hoped to record that episode last night with my wife, but we ran out of time. I hope to record it this evening. Here are some bullet points [...]…


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Whacky Bible Stories Part 1 -Samson and Delilah

2012-04-05 :: David Jackson
Length: 11s

In today’s podcast I talk about how the Old testament is full of jacked up, hard to believe stories. I was listening on my Youversion app to Judges today and heard the story of Samson. I don’t know if you consider him a bible hero (this website thinks so), but in this story we learn: [...]…


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Put Up or Shut Up – It’s Time to Get Weird.

2012-03-01 :: David Jackson
Length: 34s

????????Today I talk about some “Weird” things that have been happening like thousands (that’s four digits) have been awarded for my wife and I to go to an INTENSE marriage counseling in Texas. I heard about a national marriage expert named Mark Gungor, and days later he was calling me on the phone. I had [...]…


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Courage & Stupidity

2012-02-02 :: David Jackson
Length: 29s

Note: I originally released this episode, and (and this is why I hate talking about the present) I was asked to edit out a portion that didn’t agree with some people’s “truth.” If you for whatever reason you get this episode again (I don’t think you should if you’ve already downloaded it in iTunes – [...]…


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The Ripple Effect

2011-12-23 :: David Jackson
Length: 29s

????????The last thing I want to do is go into 2012 talk about 2010, so I want to kind of jump to then end of the story. This story has been somewhat depressing, and I could spend HOURS going into details, but I’d rather get back to the sarcasm and yuk yuks. On November 28th, [...]…


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Defeaning Silence

2011-12-18 :: David Jackson
Length: 14s

After spending what seemed like eternity in my one night of jail, I waited and waited for them to come open the cell door. I had to give back my uniform (I was bummed as I wanted a souvenir), and prepared to go before the judge. I sat in the same room where I had [...]…


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Defeaning Silence

2011-12-18 :: David Jackson
Length: 14s

After spending what seemed like eternity in my one night of jail, I waited and waited for them to come open the cell door. I had to give back my uniform (I was bummed as I wanted a souvenir), and prepared to go before the judge. I sat in the same room where I had [...]…


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Through His Stripes

2011-11-19 :: David Jackson
Length: 29s

There is a Bible Passage that I learned about through the Rock Band Stryper. It’s Isaiah 53:5 Which states, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Well today we talking about the stripes [...]…


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The Policeman is Your Friend

2011-10-23 :: David Jackson
Length: 28s

Today I talk about the worst day of my life (or definitely in the top 5). It started out as a wonderful day. I had a great day at church, I stopped by Play it Again Sports and found a BRAND NEW Total Gym, and not one of the those cheap ones that you find [...]…


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Tales From The Couch

Length: 16m 24s

мека мебелAh yes. Therapy. The lovely activity of paying someone insane amounts of money to have them tell you you suck. You pay someone to basically watch you argue. We did, and at the end he said, “I don’t care if you use me or not,…


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The Prelude

2011-06-29 :: David Jackson
Length: 14s

I remember at my orientation for the Pastor school. One of the graduating students stood up and said, “Protect your marriages.” Satan does not want you to be a minister, and he will attack your marriage. Well good old Satan, if he is nothing else, he is predictable, and reliable. He came at me with [...]…


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Crap Cannon of 2011

2011-06-22 :: David Jackson
Length: 11s

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide. The immortal words of Paul McCartney (Not only a great singer/ songwriter – and my favorite Beatle), but one of the best screamers in Rock and Roll. I’ve haven’t put out a better Dave since August of 2010. Wow. That’s a long time. When we last [...]…


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Coming Back Soon


I know it’s been a long time since our last episode. It’s been 316 days. WOW. Look for a new episode out next week.…


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Merry Christmas Everyone



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Family Fued

2010-08-08 :: David Jackson
Length: 17s

Today I’m going to do something stupid and talk about my family on my podcast. This involves moving my father to a long term health care. I live an hour north west of my father and brother. Instead of going with the location I found that was about half way between the two of us, [...]…


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Role Reversal

2010-07-26 :: David Jackson
Length: 13s

It’s funny when you have young kids. How do they get your attention when they are hungry? They scream and cry. You can shake keys at them, put on Barney (or whatever the latest kid tv is), bounce them on your knee and NOTHING matters unless you solve their one problem: THEY’RE HUNGRY. This week [...]…


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New Sponsor For The Show – Find Love Online at Match


Building a Better Dave has a new sponsor. It’s match.com and if you go to www.betterdave.com/match you will receive 25% off when you order. There are 20,000 people joining match.com so you have a great chance of finding “the one” there. By joining at www.betterdave.com/match you help support the show.…


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The Wildest Ride of My Life

2010-04-24 :: David Jackson
Length: 12s

I spent the weekend with a bunch of Humor Writer at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. I had an absolute blast. I sat in on a session or two. One was lead by Jerry Zezima (Columnist and author of the book Leave it to Boomer). I have a new appreciation for authors. I do my [...]…


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Just Plain Hungry

2010-03-14 :: David Jackson
Length: 9s

Today I talk about a lovely trip to Chicago where we stop at a Burger King to get something to drink. When we go back to the to the car only to find our GPS missing. We noticed the homeless guy near my car, and like my GPS he was also gone. Now don’t get [...]…


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Half Way To Dead

Length: 20m 59s

I will turn 45 in a little less than two weeks (Feb 8th). I'm starting to feel like Andy Rooney. I heard a song by George Hrab called "When I was Your Age" and it inspired part of this episode. Looking back at my life here are some thoughts: - Every p...…


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Half Way To Dead

2010-02-04 :: David Jackson

I will turn 45 in a little less than two weeks (Feb 8th). I’m starting to feel like Andy Rooney. Looking back at my life here are some thoughts: Every phone had a chord on it. The phone RANG. There were no ring tones. Movies were about $5 and if you didn’t see it at [...]…


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Just What I Always Wanted

2010-01-20 :: David Jackson
Length: 9s

Today I talk about a gift I got for Christmas. I’m going to be 45 in a few weeks, so I know I’m “Half way to dead.” However, what does it say if someone gets you the clapper? I mean the commercial shows some woman who sits up in bed and claps the light off. [...]…


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Problems Vs Annoyances

2009-11-29 :: David Jackson
Length: 9s

Today I share a voicemail I got from a friend of mine Fred Castenada. He is a great guy, great entrepreneur, and has tons of experience. Fred is a Vietnam veteran. Now when I say Vietnam I don’t mean the fun, wacky Vietnam you see in the movies with guys smoking cigs, and joking around [...]…


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Dave the Baptist

2009-10-29 :: David Jackson
Length: 12s

?????So where have I been? Well I got a job I hated, and now I have a job I love.  Then the dog ate a whole box of Trix, and then a WHOLE chocolate cake, and then decided to throw up on the couch. It’s been fun. The road to happily ever after has taken [...]…


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Can I Help You?

2009-09-04 :: David Jackson
Length: 15s

Today I talk about the sport of having sex when you have children in the house. I also relive July 1972 when the Stones came to town. I wasn’t allowed out because of the hippies. Most people talk about the oldest child having very strict parents, the youngest having it too easy (and getting spoiled) [...]…


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A Relaxing Float Down the River

2009-08-26 :: David Jackson
Length: 19s

Today we finish up with stories from my honeymoon. This time we relive the “relaxing” trip we had riding inner tubes down the little river in Pigeon Forge TN. We had a great time. We have the scars to prove it. We talk about scooter and his death defying dives, taking people out of the [...]…


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Dolly Greedy Parton

2009-08-06 :: David Jackson
Length: 13s

According to an AARP article Dolly Parton is worth between 200 and 400 million dollars.  She has done some fine things with her money like she has donated millions of books for parents to read to their children. She created Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge Tennessee which I’m sure brings in some [...]…


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Who Wants Pancakes?

2009-07-14 :: David Jackson
Length: 12s

Diane (my wife) and I  headed off for our honeymoon. Destination Pigeon Forge Tennessee. It was about a 9 hour drive and on the way we listened to the radio, and finally popped in an audio book about making your second marriage work.  It helped pass the time, and kept us alert. We got to [...]…


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My Wife’s Name is Diane

2009-07-05 :: David Jackson

Today I’m playing snippets from my wedding to the lovely Diane (formerly known as “the Nurse”).  The wedding day is a bit of a blur. Everything went off without too much stress. The honeymoon stories will be following (much more entertaining than the wedding ceremony probably). So here is what you get: The Vows “the [...]…


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Two Things to Avoid

2009-06-10 :: David Jackson

Let’s count the people who had had their lives take a turn for the worse after having a reality show about their life. If your show gets an audience, it seems to ruin your life. Nick and Jessica Simpson (divorce) Dave Navare and Carmen Electra (divorce) Jack and Kate + 8 (c’mon – Divorce) The [...]…


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So This is Parenting?

2009-06-01 :: David Jackson

I went to a concert and saw a small girl who was just F A T. I watched and she shoveled more pizza, pepsi, brownies, popcorn into her pie hole. When she went back for more, her Mother (finally) said no. The girl cried. Mom caved. It was sad and hard to watch. I had [...]…


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Student Centered Learning

2009-05-11 :: David Jackson

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I Lost the Little Guy

2009-04-17 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about how my life has not been very eventful. Then my ex-wife called me at 3:30 in the morning to let me know that a dog (that used to be my dog) was lost. She had let him outside, but she couldn’t find him. Now the interesting thing is, this dog had [...]…


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Surviving Your Wedding – A Guys Guide

2009-03-31 :: David Jackson

online casino Here are some tips for future grooms as you prepare for your wedding: If she says she wants a small wedding. marry her immediately do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars. Saying things really romantic like, “I’m just excited to say I do and spend the rest of my life waking [...]…


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Check Please!

2009-03-04 :: David Jackson

I’m typically a hard person to find speechless, but when my Ethics teacher presented us a blog posting about a Japanese video game called “Rapelay”  where the goal of the games was to rape women and force them into having abortions. I grew up playing Monopoly and operation.  I was speechless. I mean how does [...]…


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My Imaginary Friend

2009-02-24 :: David Jackson

When I was growing up I was always amazed at how adults were fascinated about me having an imaginary friend. So I made up a friend that made no sense (he lived on top of a water tower). This delighted the adults. The more ridiculous the story, the more they would laugh, and I like [...]…


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Mushmouth You’re Fired

2009-02-10 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about some horrible movie I had to watch for my education. It is some skit done by professors at the University of Akron. The fun part is one of the professors has a horrible speach issue. Now I don’t want to be insensitive, but this guy would be good to work the [...]…


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The Last Semester

2009-01-22 :: David Jackson
Length: 18s

Today I talk about the struggles of my last semester at college. I got quite the run around, and when things were back on track I was grateful, but curious as to why I never received an apology. I also talk about the joy of paying thousands of dollars for classes that are absolutely crap. [...]…


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Dick Clark’s Rotten Eve

2009-01-07 :: David Jackson

Today I’m talking about my New Year’s eve. I was watching Dick Clark’s rockin’ eve hosted by Ryan Seacrest. It was fairly horrible. The interesting thing is when I was growing up Dick Clark was for the younger people and Guy Lombardo was for the old folks. Now Dick Clark is for the older folk [...]…


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Sex, Drugs, and Christmas

2008-12-31 :: David Jackson

Today I come to you with the demented slant on Christmas music. This was caused by hearing the same 14 songs over and over. I mean I love Andy Williams, but not for four weeks straight. It turns out that while rock music is about Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll, Christmas music is the [...]…


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Greedy Santa

2008-12-08 :: David Jackson

I was very surprised when I went to the mall and saw there was no line to sit with Santa. Santa looked pretty good (probably an out of work financial consultant), and I thought “Let’s get our picture taken.” It would be interesting to see how things have changed since you sat on his lap [...]…


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She Said Yes

2008-11-26 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about me popping the question last week to “The Nurse” and she made me very happy by saying yes.  Today I talk about the absolute guys view to engagement ring shopping. There is a strange aerobic dance that women do when they put on a ring. She loves choices. I mean she [...]…


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Your Kids Are Not A Weapon

2008-11-12 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about something I keep on seeing. I keep seeing divorced parents using their children as a tool to get back at their ex.  This is truly amazing when I think about it. You are so focused on your own grudge, and your hate of your spouse (deserved or not) that you will [...]…


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Calling in Some Favors

2008-10-31 :: David Jackson

rent a car bulgaria Today I talk about some interesting “coincidences” that happen as my old car died (199,009 miles ) and I got approved for a car loan (I couldn’t even get a best buy card a few months ago). And I needed a reliable car as I drive about 400 miles a week. [...]…


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Sex with Mom And Dad

2008-10-06 :: David Jackson

I’m not making this up. MTV has a new show “Sex with Mom and Dad” where Daddies little skank has been knocking boots with her boyfriend without protection so we bring in Doctor Drew to get her to talk about the details of her sex life with her parents. They are so proud that she’s [...]…


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Fixing the Credit Crisis

2008-09-30 :: David Jackson

My New Name is AIG So the US Government is broke. Here is a solution: Instead of giving 85 billion to greedy pigs on wallstreet, why not give it to everyone who is an adult in the US? (301,000,000 people). Give the government 30% (so they get 25,500,000,000 back immediately). This would leave everyone with [...]…


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I’m No Jock

2008-09-19 :: David Jackson

Being a sports fan in Cleveland is a painful experience. We have the Cleveland browns who start every year losing every game. Then they kick into gear and back their way into the play offs and lose in the first round. We have our basketball team with Lebron James. He’s from Akron (thank God, now [...]…


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Garbage In Garbage Out

2008-09-08 :: David Jackson

My sister in law teaches second grade. Did you know the parents of students that get flunked can veto the flunk and send them into the next grade? It’s true. Why? Because nobody wants to make children feel bad. There is no accountability. She had 17 out of 27 students last year that didn’t speak [...]…


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Flight of Ideas Friday

2008-08-22 :: David Jackson

This show originates from www.betterdave.com  Words are fun. I want to know who gets to decide when a word is officially a word. I was at a Cleveland Indians game and the other team had a guy named Chone Figgins. (his full name is Desmond DeChone Figgins ). Why do we name the first poo [...]…


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What Would Shawn Do?

2008-08-08 :: David Jackson

My Cousin’s memorial service was people explaining how Shawn was “being Shawn” and tale after tale on what a great friend he was, and how he just didn’t care for rules. He definitely would color “outside the lines.” So as I walked away from the service I thought, “I could stand be to a bit [...]…


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Dave Jackson For President


I’ve had enough. We need some common sense in the White House.…


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When I Grow Up…

2008-07-07 :: David Jackson

Normally I don’t talk about things that involve other people, but this weekend I attended a great event. I went to a family reunion with the Nurse.  I had a phenomenal time. First thing first this family takes the time once a year to get together and catch up. How cool is that? In a [...]…


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He Was Here A Minute Ago

2008-07-02 :: David Jackson

I lost my cousin Shawn Steinmetz this week. He was 33, and has two very young daughters. It was a freak bike accident. He was here a few weeks ago for my nieces graduation party, and now he’s gone. I don’t have all the details, and in reality it doesn’t matter. Hug your kids. Call [...]…


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Kids Are Like Electric Football

2008-06-04 :: David Jackson

Today I introduce you to my new Great Nephew. He sure is little. It really drove home the point of how absolutely life changing kids are. I can honestly say that at age 43 I’m glad I don’t have this kind of responsibility that is soooo 24/7. I talk about how “The Countess” has made [...]…


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Cereal Killer

2008-05-13 :: David Jackson

Today’s show has the F word it. You’ve been warned.   This is one of the “weird” episodes where I just wonder why things go into my mind at certain times. I happened to notice that Apple Jacks has no mascot while most children’s cereals have a mascot (Tony the Tiger, Lucky for Lucky Charms, The [...]…


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Drive By Schooling

2008-05-08 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about one of my life’s most embarrassing moments. I made a huge mistake, and I thought about not talking about it on the show. However, the “teacher” in me took over and I thought “If someone can learn from my mistake, it’s worth it.” All signs point to me not passing a [...]…


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It Ain’t Easy Being Green

2008-04-28 :: David Jackson

Today I tell the story of trying to help my niece as she is in labor. The bad news is Hospitals make me physically sick due to some psychological reason beyond my control. It is very strange as my new great nephew was born on the same day my Mother died 19 years ago (in [...]…


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Hey It’s Your Birthday

2008-04-22 :: David Jackson

I’ve noticed that when you go to just about ANY restaurant these days, if its someone’s birthday they bring the whole kitchen crew out to sing their “Hey It’s Your Birthday” song. I’ve also noticed that after about the 27th time of hearing this song the performance needs some tweaking. I think this whole thing was [...]…


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Rubber Band Man

2008-04-11 :: David Jackson

So my girlfriend and I listened to the book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus in the car ride to Dayton Ohio where I was talking to the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. I learned some new stuff as did my girlfriend. Men are like rubber bands. They have an intimacy cycle, where they [...]…


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Over the Top Cosmo

2008-04-04 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about being in a house that is 75% percent women most of the time (and how it makes toilet paper and endangered species). Also, this weeks Cosmopolitan magazine has a headline that says, “Be a genius in bed.” (or something like that). I mean sex has been around for a while. Don’t [...]…


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Relationship 2.0

2008-03-31 :: David Jackson

So my trust went left of center this weekend as I let some small circumstances get the best of me and get “in my head” making me act like someone I don’t want to be. I’m not very proud of myself. In the end, my “suspicious” attitude showed “The Nurse” how much I TRULY cared, [...]…


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2008-03-19 :: David Jackson

Today we welcome a new listener – and then piss them off. Wonderful. This podcast is kind of “my diary.” But not really the truth. You only get MY side of the story so you know there is another two thirds of the story. So my last podcast where I got to be a “Dad” [...]…



Dad for a day

2008-03-05 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about how “The Countess” and I performed in a talent show. It was amazing, and I am so proud of her. It was great to make a memory with such a great kid. Then I thought about it. As much as we know parents can influence their kids. Does that mean as [...]…


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Congratulations it’s a Boy!

2008-02-20 :: David Jackson

 I went to a Casting Crowns show last night. It was amazing. I had never heard of them (I went to see the opening band), and they just blew me away. Check out their latest CD from iTunes and AMAZON.COM   I’ve always thought about sponsoring a kid. In the end I never did. Well its [...]…


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2008-02-07 :: David Jackson

I’m trying to learn new things as I try to “better” Dave.  The one thing I think I stink at is quitting.  I’ve been thinking about quitting things. You can only take so much right? I was watching the movie “Rocky Balboa” (not horrible).  There was a great scene in the movie.  In the movie [...]…



I Don’t Undertstand Women

2008-01-23 :: David Jackson

OK, its official. I don’t understand women.  Today I return to one of my favorite topics which is how men and women are so different. Here are some topics: Nails: I don’t know a guy who picks a women based on their nails, but women love to do their nails, and comment on other women’s [...]…


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_______ Don’t Fail Me Now

2008-01-01 :: David Jackson

Before we even set foot in Fat Fish Blue in Downtown Cleveland, I knew what to expect. You see a large female soul singer (who happened to be African-American)  was going to be on stage. I told the nurse (my girlfriend), “This women will follow the large soul singer formula and sing about grinding it to [...]…


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Top 10 Holiday Tips for 2008 from JESUS

2007-12-28 :: David Jackson

This year it was interesting as the conductor at the High School said “Happy Holidays” and someone from the audience shouted out MERRY CHRISTMAS. The audience laughed. Today we have a very special guest who chimes in with some tips for NEXT year around the holidays (or really ANY day). 1. Instead of writing protest [...]…


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POPO Reads the Christmas Story

2007-12-23 :: David Jackson

Today I tell the story of Christmas Eve. For a child this was known as “Hours of Torture” followed by some presents. The “finish line” of the waiting for presents was Grandpa (better known as POPO – “poe poe”) reading the Christmas story. So when my Grandparents left of to go live with relatives in Texas [...]…


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The Christmas tree From Hell

2007-12-22 :: David Jackson

My Grandfather was one of the first people to have an artificial tree. He had a unique way of decorating it. It sticks in my mind even though it was so many years ago. Music “What Child is This” Jimme Bratcher www.jimmiebratcher.com from the Podsafe Music Network music.podshow.com…


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Merry Christmas, SMILE!

2007-12-22 :: David Jackson

Yesterday I talkeds about Surprising your parents on Christmas. As I got older I took this to a new dimented level. I would talk pictures of my parents as they took their first steps out of their bedroom (yes that’s really my Dad). Nothing like facing a flashbulb at 6 in the morning. Music: Jimmie [...]…


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Santa’s Workshop

2007-12-20 :: David Jackson

Today is Day #9 in the Twelve DAVES of Christmas. Today I talk about how we turned the tables on our parents and had a Surprise for them when they woke up. This is a tradition that would take a horrible turn in the near future (tomorrows show). But it did teach me that it [...]…


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10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes

2007-12-20 :: David Jackson

Welcome to another installment of “The 12 Dave’s of Christmas” (#8 for those keeping Track) Today I’m going to do something I’ve NEVER done in any of my 100s of podcast episodes. I’m going to SING. It’s a Christimas song about the true meaning of Chrstmas. It’s me, a guitar, and a microphone (and a touch [...]…


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What I Always Wanted

2007-12-19 :: David Jackson

OK, We all have stories of odd gifts. However, looking back these many of my “unique” gifts came from family members who lived out of town and saw me once or twice a year.  I could’ve won an Oscar for my performance “Best Faking of Appreciation” role. MUSIC What Child is This from Jimmie Bratcher [...]…


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Archie the Giant Demonic Snowman

2007-12-18 :: David Jackson

Welcome to day #6 of the “12 dave’s of Christmas”   When Santa’s line got too long the genious staff of Chappel Hill Mall in Akron, Ohio decided to invent “Archie” this 3 story tall snowman to talk to kids (who would then relay all information to Santa). Hmmm… back to the drawing board. Music [...]…


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Grandma’s Role Call

2007-12-17 :: David Jackson

http://www.betterdave.com/ is the home page of the Podcast.  Welcome to another installment of “The 12 Dave’s of Christmas” I talk about the spooky basement with the hand grenade, the shell, and the doorway to hell. A great place to play on Chrismas day. Music: “what child is this” by Jimmie Bratcher from the Podsafe Music [...]…


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Decorating the Christmas Bush

2007-12-16 :: David Jackson

While my Grandmother was sharp as a tack into her 90′s, the woman could not pick out a Christmas tree to save her life. One weekend every year my cousins and I would get together to “Decorate the Christmas Bush.” It had old lights, old ornaments, and an old toy soldier that we found to [...]…


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2007-12-14 :: David Jackson

Welcome to Building a Better Dave “12 Dave’s of Christmas” where to day I talk about the joy of waking my parents up when myself (and my brother and sister) had found out that Santa had come! Music “What Child is this” from www.jimmirbratcher.com and the Podsafe Music Network. (music.podshow.com )…



No Bass Solos in Chritmas Music

2007-12-13 :: David Jackson

Today I talk about the excitement when Dad would bring home a new LP of Chrstmas music. For me I love warm, cozy music. The albums would have different artist but eventualyl someone would bust out the horn section and blast my head off. Happy Vegas Christmas – no thanks My favorite Christmas album of [...]…


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Grandpa’s Toboggan Shoot

2007-12-13 :: David Jackson

Welcome to the “12 Daves of Christmas” where over the next 12 days I will be relating Christmas themes memories. Today I relive the tale of almost decapitating my cousing Kevin. Please note this picture is not my Granpa’s Hill (his was steeper). Music What Child Is this from Jimmie Bratcher from the Podsafe Music [...]…


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The Nurse Strikes Back

2007-12-12 :: David Jackson

Its been a while. I had to prepare for and then take my final exams and my first semester at Akron Univeristy is in the books. FINALLY. Get ready for “12 Daves of Christimas” coming tomorrow! Dave tells about a fun trip to eat at Friendly’s. Now we can’t complain about children in this restaturant, [...]…


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2007-11-21 :: David Jackson

Show #55 from http://www.betterdave.com/ I’ve been saying “It’s going to Get Better” for quite a while. “The Nurse” and I were coming to a crossroads if something didn’t change, and we got some great news in regards to my college career (and how long it will last). MUSIC “In Time” from Bari Koral by the [...]…




2007-11-15 :: David Jackson

NOT ENTIRELY WORK SAFE  I’m amazed at the generation gap when it comes to college kids. I guess I was weird as I grew up listening to everything. I listen to Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, Harry Belefonte, The Beatles, etc. Today’s kids don’t know who Fleetwood Mac is.  Oh, I’m sorry I mean “The Fleetwood [...]…



There ARE Consequences

2007-11-01 :: David Jackson

The dumbing of America, Teen Pregnancy are now invading my life. I share my thoughts on the subject and what are possibly some of the reasons. Parents still bitter from a divorce want to prove the are the “cooler” parent and in the process throw their child under the bus. Children know that their parents [...]…


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Anybody Want to Get Mellow?

2007-10-23 :: David Jackson

NOT WORK SAFE For some people it was the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. While I grew up watching Glen Campbell, and Tom Jones on TV. I had my Bachman Turner Overdrive albums, but I walked into my brothers room one day and he had put on Wang Dang Sweet Poontang from the Album Double Live [...]…


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Feeling Homeless

2007-10-19 :: David Jackson

Missing the days of comforters and hot chocolate. The joys of living out of a suitcase are slowy eroding my attitude. We take for granted that “Ahhhhh…” feeling of wlking into our homes. Until you don’t have one (or at least one that is truly yours, where you can put some roots down…) I really [...]…


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Rope a Dope

2007-10-08 :: David Jackson

You will not believe this episode as I take on the subject of Menopause and all the joys that it brings… We also have some listener feedback from Wayne, Rich Palmer (who really liked the episode “Only in America“) and Brian Mundy (who really liked “The Truth about Teenage Boys“). Thanks for the comments guys. Keep em coming [...]…


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Only in America

2007-09-13 :: David Jackson

I heard about this and I thought, “This is a joke.” However, it is real. Then when I read about it at www.dietfacts.com I was blown away.  I mean if you feed this to your kids is it breakfast, a snack, or child abuse? Only in America.…


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Squeeze This…

2007-09-07 :: David Jackson

OK, I just saw a charmin commercial and we now have Soft and Strong toilet paper. STOP THE MADNESS. have you been down the forzen pizza isle lately? I lost my organizer. Read that again. The role of the lost and found. Music from the podsafe music network at http://music.podshow.com www.astepbehind.com “Back in Action” Doing [...]…


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Where is Mrs Fresh?

2007-08-27 :: David Jackson

Dave talks about going to his new school that is 4 times as expensive. See www.betterdave.com/support And we listen to an episode of Dr Phil. Kind of… Kids get good grades so you can get a scholorship. Parents start saving for college now. I’m unemployed and yet somehow still make too much money. I love [...]…


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Table For Two Please

2007-08-20 :: David Jackson

Look if your kid can’t read the menu – LEAVE THEM HOME. That’s what Babysitters and grandparents are for! I’m tired of dodging forks during my dinner. Besides your actions are increasing the divorce rate. Would it be too much to ask that you do NOT set your children on fire until you get home? [...]…


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Dumb as a Crayon

2007-08-13 :: David Jackson

Teenage boys can be stupid. I talk about a tale that happened right in front of my face, and why I use books to lie to myself. Website is www.betterdave.comMusic From the Podsafe Music Network http://music.podshow.com The Leaving Trains “Dumb as a Crayon”…


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The Truth About Teenage Boys

2007-08-06 :: David Jackson

I work with teenages alot. I have nieces who are teenagers, my girlfriend has teenage daughters, and I work with the youth of my church. While I realize that saving yourself for marriage may be a pipe dream, I thought I should let girls know what is going on. I should probably let parents know [...]…


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Outlawing Broccoli

2007-07-19 :: David Jackson

Dave talks about having a “hero” moment with “The Senator” (the 10 year old son of his girlfriend). It was an amazing moment. Music From the Podsafe Music Network http://music.podshow.com Superhero from Anthony Stauffer and Holy Smoke…


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Dave takes some time to realize how much time we can waste asking "What if?" Don't get lost in "What-ifville." He also talks about some of the comforting words of wisdom his father shared with him growing up. -…



Silent Convulsions


Dave talks about "Silent Convulsions" (those time when you're not supposed to laugh - but can't help it). His love of "Literature", his winter coat with 8 million pckets, and the sound of Ozzy Singing Backwards…


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My Little Skank


Dave talks about a recent trip to Toys R Us, and he's noticed that while you're not allowed to judge anyone, everyone seems to be pretty judgemental about Christians.... - Music by WII  F-in-A, I Love Jesus!…


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Pushing Peanuts


Dave talks about Carpe Diem (and doing everything) vs Doing Nothing Well. Prioritizing, and having a Superman complex. Call in your comments 888-563-3228 . - Music "New Day" by Nate McDonough from the Podsafe Music Network - Nate McDonough music captur...…


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Open Valentine to the Nurse


Guys Valentine's Day is here. So I talk a bit about the differences between Men and Women.  Guys we have an oppotunity to open up and bust that stereotype about guys not talking about their feelings. You have the opportunity, so take advantage.…


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I Love Ewe – You Love Me


Dave talks about his junk, and asks why are bathroom stalls becoming extinct? He talks about his new college classes, appreciating diversity, spanking your kids, and attack of the Britneys and the Walmart Generation. - Music by the Gentlemen Losers www.…


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20 Daves First Day of School – Again


Dave goes MOBILE and talks baout his very first day of school as he battles white out conditions on his way to his first day of College - again. - Music - New Day by the Band Glorydive from the Podsafe Music Network.…


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Red White and Screwed

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

Is it too much to ask all of our new neighbors to learn English? Why do new immagrants not embrace English like the ones who came over in the early 1900s.Dave expresses his frustration about being asked to speak spanish at his local bank machine Music fro…


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Bring Your Brick

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

The planet is going down the tubes.  Want some very disturbing television to watch? My Sweet 16 or Engaged or Underaged Music from “Life Has Teeth” from the Podsafe Music Network http://music.podshow.com…


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Wisdom From the Bathroom Wall

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I recently came across a very unique bathroom experience. You could witness the battle of good and evil all in one place. I was amazed at the craftsmanship, and creativity…


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Examaning Mating Habits

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

Hey I made it through my first weekend with the new band. Nothing like playing music you’ve never heard in front of 100 people. Also the people in these clubs are WASTED. Welcome to sleep deprivation theater as I’ve had four hours of sleep. Mu…


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Focusing on Train Wrecks

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I talk about regaining some weight, and how interesting it is that we all focus on the freaks. It appears the worse we behave the more attention we receive.  Why do things that could actually inspire us to do better get little or no spotlight. Music from…


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The Children Are Our Future?

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I talk about getting straight A’s for the first time in my life, possibly getting into a new band, and a trip to the baseball park with 29 of my closest friends.…


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I’ll Be Right Back

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

Just a quick blurb to let everyone know I’m going to be taking a small hiatus as I prepare for my final exams (a week, maybe ten days). Don’t worry. All is well. Music by Leerone – “All is Well” from the Podsafe Music Network…


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Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I tell the story of buying a dress for my Mother’s 59th birthday. Little did I know that she would be wearing it to her funeral. Now you may wondering why I would share such a personal tale. Because there are plenty of you who have Mothers and ignor…


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One Good Idea

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

Dave answers some email from Slau, and talks about Women being from Venus and the Genius of John Gray. Actually its a good book. A big surprise Dave couldn’t find something. John Gray has penned these classics: What Your Mother Couldn’t Tell Y…


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The Weight of Words

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I talk about the courage to do the right thing, and the stamina to work through your problems. If you can work through your problems you come out stronger on the other side of them (if you truly work through them and not just push them under the rug). Mus…


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Fourth Time is the Charm

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I talk about a lesson he learned this weekend when “The Nurse” seem upset about something that was “no big deal” to me. I also comment on a wedding went to where it was wedding #4 for the Bride. God bless her for having the nerve t…


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Keep Your Legs Moving Forward

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

Today I discuss the day at his elementary school when all the boys decided to race to determine who was the fastest…. and the slowest. I also talk about some of the lessons of backyard football apply in real life. I found a great tune, and I have t…


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0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

Dave discusses the joys of being slightly disorganized. In less than 6 hours he can’t find: A Book His Wallet His Assignments His Shoes His mind………. Music by Zamarro “Lost”…



Growing Pains

0000-00-00 :: David Jackson

I was tempted to call this Episode “Growing up Brady,” but changed my mind. This episode has me remembering one of my most embarrassing moments in life when I had not choice but to go to school wearing two tone pants. I think you’ll find…


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