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Last update: 2015-04-08

#5: Opie & Anthony Are Done

2015-04-08 :: Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith

Opie and Anthony have officially split up. Although it wasn’t expected they would get back together, any hope of them doing a show again was crushed this past weekend. We also discuss life insurance and how banks try to sell you on an investment instead of actual coverage. We also talk about a bill being […]…


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#4: Facebook Is The New Scientology

2015-04-01 :: Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith

Robyn discovers that Google is tracking his moves and gives him suggestions on articles to read and apps to download. It’s cool, but kind of scary at the same time. We also talk about how Facebook is starting a housing village for its employees to live. And HBO’s new documentary Going Clear which is an […]…


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#3: Soylent Is Not People

2015-03-25 :: Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith

Robyn drinks Soylent for part of his dinner and we talk about how it could potentially be a viable meal replacement and an alternative to eating food. We also discuss how electric cars could be worse for the environment in some Canadian provinces and how Ted Cruz doesn’t believe in climate change.  …


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#2: Legalizing Windows Ten

2015-03-17 :: Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith

Jeremy and Robyn discuss Larry Miller’s controversial remarks on a local radio show about the hijab controversy. We also talk about the introduction of Windows 10 and how it compares to previous versions. And Barack Obama’s interview with Vice where he discussed the legalization of marijuana.  …


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#1: Introductions

2015-03-10 :: Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith

This is the first episode of our new podcast Burps Radio with Jeremy Boyd & Robyn Smith. We talk about current events including Bill C-51, Drones and Apple’s new smart watch.  …


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