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Last update: 2012-04-05

Buzz Out Loud 1588: Loved the show (Podcast)

2012-04-05 :: CNET.com

Buzz Out Loud Forever

At 1,588, it's the final episode of Buzz Out Loud, the podcast that launched a thousand news stories, arguments, hosts and co-hosts, producers, and good times. We packed the studio full -- Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Jason Howell, Rafe Needleman, Donald Bell, plus, of course, Molly Wood, Brian Tong, and Stephen Beacham...and it's possible there was some Champagne, a little whiskey, some cake, and even a couple of news stories. Oh, and tears. Definitely tears.

Part 1 Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1588: Loved the show (Part 1 of 2) Part 2 Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1588: Loved the show (Part 2 of 2)

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WatchBOL at Archive.org

BOL wiki: notable episodes

Buzz Out Loud Mission Impossible 1000th Episode Titles

Buzz Out Loud MacGyver 1000th Episode Titles

Buzz Out Loud Studio Tour

Buzz Out Loud at Snakes on A Plane

Origin of the chat room

OG Description: Molly Wood, author of Anchordesk and the Daily Buzz, and Tom Merritt, author of the Real Deal, give you their take on what’s happening in tech news this week. Email us at buzz@cnet.com or call 1-800-616-CNET to leave a message.

Flicker Slide Show of BOL photos

BOL Photo Group

Why does this page still exist on the server? Who knows! But it’s the OG BOL page

Why are there no pictures of that producer lady Veronica?

The pre-show that shall not be named (but with the swear words edited out)

Hey Buzz Crew,

One of my all time favorite Buzz moments was Tom and Veronica’s dramatic reading of the bunnies made out of cheese quantum story years ago. It’s at the very end of this episode:


I hope you have time to play it!

Justin From San Diego

Hey Buzz Crew… I was walking down BOL “”Memory Lane”" and I had to send you this farewell video, and two songs from past shows. I’m very excited to see what your future will bring… please, keep us posted. – Dan

BOL Bye Bye

BOL “”Molly Rant”" Blues

Ina Chat Room

550,000-strong army of Mac zombies spreads across world


Derek (ddawg)

Lucky (the silent guy)

Collin Davies

Goodbye, Buzz Out Loud from

Richard Gunther

Video Voicemail from Rajiv


Dear Tomollica, Jason, Brian, & Stephen (et al):

As two early settlers of Buzztown (or as it was known then, “”Buzz Unincorporated Area”"), we are proud of the way our little corner of the internet grew into a Buzztropolis. We’ll miss BOL because it is more than just simply a tech show.

BOL is a community with fellow settlers like Trip, Remy, and Fordo; it’s Earthlink Guy, Molly rants, Tom’s unappreciated segues, Tong’s dulcet tones, the Frappr map (what’s Frappr again?), Spectaclefest, Goobuntu babytalk, Computer Love, Into It/Not Into It, “”well, actually”", conversations with tech luminaries, and of course keeping abreast of the day’s news (snicker).

For 7 years, you’ve talked the two of us through countless otherwise mind-numbing hours in the car between NYC and Boston. You made us laugh, snarf our coffee, and occasionally even tear-up, but this is why we love BOL. No other show combined tech, heart, humor, analysis, and silliness so consistently.

We hope you know that BOL was something special and irreplaceable. Those of us who listen and watch feel lucky to have been a part of it.

Keep on buzzing (sniff),

Mo & Vij
The Boys from Boston”


Hey all,

I was as disappointed as everyone else to hear BOL was to end after all these years, but most of all it’s because I consider the show to be the reason I got my big career break.

Many years ago in the early days of the show, Tom and Molly announced that CNET.com was hosting a competition for a tech fan to go to CES with CNET to do some backstage blogging from the show floor. I thought I might as well enter. To cut a long story short, my entry won me a place and I spent a few days writing and doing videos from the show. Because I was running a little technology site of my own at the time, I’d written a lot about consumer tech and ended up being asked onto CNET’s ‘Next Big Thing’ panel at CES, where I talked about the future of Blu-ray and other media. Someone from CNET UK was in the audience at the time and said I should get in touch back in England as they were looking to hire someone to review MP3 players and audio gadgets. I applied, and I think in part thanks to what I had the chance to do at CES, I got the job and moved to London a few weeks later.

Since then I had several roles at CNET, ending up as Senior Editor before being asked to take over the position as Editor of Wired.co.uk, where I’ve been for the last two years or so. I honestly believe that had I not been listening to BOL in those early days, I’d never have heard about the CES competition, never been seen by a CNET UK manager, and never got the early break I got as a result. I’m grateful to have been able to go full circle and guest on BOL a couple of times since then, and even more grateful for the 1,500 Buzz Out Louds I’ve never missed, and the resulting career they ultimately helped me develop.

Buzztown forever.


I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff going on today, so I’ll be brief…ish… ;)

I just wanted to say thank you for Buzz Out Loud. Thank you for keeping me informed, for making me laugh and for providing the opportunity to meet and become friends with a whole new group of awesome people that I’d likely never have met otherwise.

When I think back on the last 5 years, I realize that I stopped coming for the news probably 4 years ago. It was great and all, but the amazing part was the dynamic; this is why BOL is truly special in my opinion. Regardless of who was hosting or producing, your personalities just meshed and shined through and it was an absolute blast to listen to, then watch, then participate in.

First and foremost, I’m happy because you guys really seem excited about the new stuff coming down the pipe, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be (I expect nothing but the best from you guys)… and I’m not going to “”miss”" anything because almost nothing is really going away; like I said before, your personalities make anything you touch awesome, so I’m not worried.

That being said, between you and me, my only tiny tiny concern is the fate of the BOL community: the chat room and the interactivity with you guys. I just hope there are some ideas out there to try and at least maintain if not further cultivate those relationships between fans and between fans and C|Net personalities. These things mean a good deal to me, and I’m guessing to many of your other loyal fans as well.

Anyway, the rude “”get off the stage”" music is starting to play…

Some more quick thanks:
Thanks for the swag: the coveted green t-shirt… the gray t-shirt… and the autographed t-shirt… the book on how to use OSX (Regular) Leopard (tho I’ve never owned a mac, lol. you da man, Jason ;) )… the many stickers… the two-way audio splitter… ooo and the dranks in NYC x2! Boom.
Thanks for all the shot outs, and congratulations (med school -> residency -> job. Aside: Molly, I finally bought a ring! ;) ).
Thanks for the memorable moments I’ll always keep with me (obvi too long to list here)

Favorite BOL moment:
So many, going to have to go with when you guys received the 1000th episode care package/t-shirt we made for y’all. That was the shit.

Also just a little funny FYI:
When I started listening to the show, it was on this:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:3G_ipod_in_dock.jpg which, at the time, cost me as much as this
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_new_iPad does now.
HA! Hilarious.


Thanks again for all the great times and good luck moving forward! I’ll be watching! :)

Cake and Bourbon,
Dr. Karl


Dear Burp Out Loud customers!

It is with great regret, that we, the BOL Team, have to inform you that we are closing down our restaurant business indefinatly.
In the last six years, we matured from a little “”it won’t take longer than 5 minutes”" take away place, to a stylisch, modern and trendy restaurant, always serving you the latest & greatest meals while still giving them our own personal flavour.

But due to restructuring in our parent company we are moving on to new ventures. And even though there won’t be any freshly live cooked dishes anymore we would like to inform you that as of june 2012 we will be opening a series of vending machines throughout the country.
Although cold and prepackaged, all the snacks are still prepared by our top staff that you have come to know and love in the last couple of few years.
All the mashines will be operating on demand 24/7 and restocked weekly with new delicious and exciting meals, so that you always will have something to look forward to!

Thank you for your understanding!
yours sincerly

The Burp Out Loud Team!


Hi guys.
As you can see, I updated the BOL menu. There are loads of old and new dishes which all hopefully should bring back a happy memory or two. Even if you don’t have time to show this in the final episode I thought you guys could maybe tweet about it, post it in the show notes or make it in some form available to all the BuzzOutLoud fans out there (feel free to repost the Dropbox link).
It should serve as a very small memento of what we all went through together over the last few years (or at least as long as I was able to remember back ^^)
(Someone must really be a TRUE fan to understand every single little joke and innuendo, but I’ve also included a small glossary for people who maybe haven’t seen every episode of the webs best podcast :-) )

Finally, I want to say THANKS to the whole crew including Veronica, Tom, Jason, Benito and everyone I forgot. You guys really created something great that gave me and so many others something to look forward to every single day.
Thank you so much and good luck on all of your future endeavours!

Jerry from Austria

BOL Menu Dropbox Link:


Hey Buzz Crew,
It is extremely sad that Buzz Out Loud will come to an end. It had a
wonderful run. Before you guys sign off for the last time, I have two
dying wishes that I hope you can fulfill:

Wish Number 1: Please take and post a group photo of all the official hosts and producers of Buzz Out Load. It shall be a great piece of human history.

Wish Number 2: Have a Buzz Out Loud theme song remix duel between Jason and Stephen!!! I’m sure it will be *awesomeeee*!


To the Buzz Crew and ex-Buzz Crew, may you all continue producing great shows and content.
To Buzz out Loud, rest in peace. You’ll be missed dearly. *tears* :’(

For one last time…… love, the, show.
Wan from Johore, Malaysia. Fan of the show since the numberless episodes.


Dear Buzz Crew - Past, Present, & Future - Hey, J.J. Abrams successfully rebooted Star Trek:

I am proud to say I have been a loyal listener/subscriber/viewer/live streamer since Molly and Tom sounded like they were huddled around a small voice recorder and long before Veronica ever spoke - much less fired Jason. Through your passion and commitment, I have been informed, enlightened, enraged, entertained, and sometimes heartbroken (James Kim); however, the one thing I will always be is grateful. All of you can never know all the lives you touched and changed - I wanted to let you know you did both. Much success to you all in the future - until then:

Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning.
-James T. Kirk, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, quoting Sir James Barry (Peter Pan)

Tim Russell


Dear Buzz Crew, all of you,

As I look back on all of the joy, and knowledge, and laughs that BOL has given me over many years, it would be easy to feel above everything else a sense of sadness, and I know that is the first reaction that has come forth from many members of this community.

But when I look back over the years, I see all of the different ways BOL, in all of its different forms, has shaped my life over these years together. And from that, I see optimism for all that is to come from our hosts and our community, and I a reminded of a powerful quotation from Charles Du Bos:

“”The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. “”

Good luck in what will come, and remember the words of John Keats to remember what has been:

A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet dreaming.

All the best,
Nick from MT


Each night I download six tech podcasts, four news podcasts, and seven
political talk-show podcasts for the next day’s commute — but each day I
actually listen to one: Buzz Out Loud. Because your podcast is of
indeterminate length, sometimes I check out one of the others afterward.


BOL murdered my commute!
You left my commute on life support when you went weekly; now you’ve
driven a stake through its heart. My commute is dead. I hope it
doesn’t come back as a flesh-eating zombie and take revenge on the BOL
Good luck, I’ll miss the whole gang.
Jim in Orange County


Hello Steve

I wanted to drop a note and say Thank you to Brian, Molly, and yourself
for working on a great show. The ending of the show will be greatly
mourned by myself and its many fans. The mix of interesting topics and
great personalities has been a welcome reprieve for me during the
workday for a long period of time. Good luck on your future endeavors.
Perhaps though we can have a new show of just computer love.
Thomas Mark Carden
He can see the future Brian


NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! It’s happened again! Anytime I start to lag on listening to a podcast,
they decide to end! So, I’ve gotten super busy at work, and haven’t had
as much time to listen to podcasts lately. So I’ve gotten pretty
backed up on back episodes of BOL. Over the past week I’ve been able to
catch up, only to find out that the show is ending! I’m sorry BOL,
it’s all my fault! This has happened to me before, with shows like the
Mailbag, Today in Tech History, Gadgettes, and many other non-CNET
shows. Even back in the day, when I was a wee lad, I stopped watching
the CNET TV shows, and BAM!, Ryan Seacrest left. I promise to try and
watch/listen more in the future. I feel so bad when I destroy the
things I love. In all seriousness, congratulations on the great
opportunities, thank you for the great content over the years, and good



Dear Buzz Crew,

I’ve been listening to BOL
since high school, even before Veronica started speaking on the show. I
just wanted to thank each and every host of Buzz Out Loud, past or
present, for helping me find my passion and engaging me with brilliant
analysis of tech news.
Buzz Out Loud helped me
pick journalism as my major in college, educated me throughout college,
and you all continue to inspire me every day. If it weren’t for you
guys, I wouldn’t be writing software reviews and blogging about tech for
my job.
You guys have helped shape my life. As hyperbolic as that sounds, it’s true and I will miss Buzz Out Loud, and every one of its hosts dearly.
I look forward to your new projects. Keep doing what you love and I’ll keep watching.
You loyal listener,–Lewis Leong


Hello Molly, Brian, Steven, and the gang!
My name is Reyna, 21 years old, from East Los Angeles, California. I’ve never
emailed or called in, but I just wanted to thank you guys for providing
hours upon hours of amazing content for me on my commute to and from
school. I actually discovered you guys through Andrew Sims of
MuggleCast, a podcast for a Harry Potter fansite. When you guys went
weekly, it was also around the time that MuggleCast switched to monthly
shows and I’ve been at a loss for good podcasts since. I think it’s
about time I make use of all those Audible.com offers every podcast
seems to make. (What’s that code for a free audiobook, again?)


Molly, you are an inspiration to myself and so many young women seeking careers in journalism and digital media.
Brian, you make me rofl.
Steven, thanks for making CNET content the best it can be. Stop being so good at your job!

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look forward to seeing what new and wonderful content you have to offer.

Don’t forget to be awesome, Reyna Villa


Hello I’m 14 years old so right now I’m being shaped into the man I will
become and I want to thank Steven for being one of the people to do
that. Over the last year without knowing it Steven has been influencing
me. Teaching me to do my very best, bring new things to the table and
keep an element of surprise. So I say thank you to a man the taut me
things that will stay with me for the rest of my life and didn’t even
know it.
Dane for Duluth, MN.
Oh and if you ever need any help with anything:CG rendering, audio editing, coding, hardware, software whatever, just ask.”


Hey Buzz crew,

After all the years and episodes I’m surprised nobody has ever said it — so I will.

Love the show.

Brian Barton


No video or voice mail from me, I don’t talk when I’m upset, goodbye



The Re-Mixes

Buzz Out Loud Kitchen Remix

Tom Merritt Blooper reel

Star Trek



Time to make the donuts

The Manhattans – Kiss And Say Goodbye



DIY robots: Print your own custom bots

Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs? Really?

Shazam for iOS adds TV to its list of media it can identify

Google X Labs: First Project Glass, next space elevators?

Lady Gaga-esque headphones shield your eyes, too

Inflatable ‘Star Trek’ Captain’s Chair: Sit long and prosper


http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

Follow us on Twitter: @mollywood @brian_tong @stephenbeacham @jasonhowell @acedtech @donald @veronica @rafe


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Buzz Out Loud 1587: Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously Delicious (Podcast)

2012-03-29 :: CNET.com

Actor & Comedian Aziz Ansari

Comedian Aziz Ansari joins us to talk about putting his stand up show Dangerously Delicious online. The House shoots down legislation that would prevent employers from asking for our Facebook passwords, and you too can make $30,000 a day from Pinterest!

Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1587: Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously Delicious

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-House Shoots Down Legislation That Would Have Stopped Employers From Demanding Your Facebook Password

-Best Buy feels Amazon squeeze, to close 50 big-box stores

-Smartphones Account for Half of all Mobile Phones, Dominate New Phone Purchases in the US

-Dell Ends Smartphone Sales in the US

-Spotify extends free-play ‘honeymoon’ indefinitely

-Has the Music Business Turned a Corner? RIAA Reports First Revenue Increase in 7 Years

-The Next PlayStation is Called Orbis, Sources Say. Here are the Details.

-T-Mobile reportedly eyes sale of wireless towers again

-Survey pegs Apple gear in half of U.S. homes

-OH NO: Apple TV Isn’t Coming Until 2013, Says Research Group

-iPhone 4 Antennagate site goes live, lets you collect $15


-Giving you more insight into your Google Account activity

-Comcast, Time Warner Don’t Support HBO GO On Xbox 360

-Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV now available on Xbox LIVE

-Pinterest Spammer Makes $30,000 in a Month

-Uniforms With Microchip Notify Parents If Their Children Skip School


Caller who wants to know what can she listen to as a commuter?

Chris says thanks and good luck


From Jim in Vegas:

Hey buzz crew,
I can’t believe the show is coming to an end. I started watching BOL a couple days before Tom left the show, Due to this I really cant say that time period of the show affected me that much, then Rafe hosted, he made the show fun and is an excellent journalist. But this last time period of BOL is what truly made the show Great! Molly, Brian, & Stephen you guys were the perfect mix of intelligence, fun, and entertaining. I’m a Junior in high school and when I went into high school I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up, now because of all of you I know what I want to do with my life, I want to be a journalist and hopefully a tech one. Thank (all) you guys for making the last couple of years great and impacting my life. I will miss Buzz Out Loud greatly but I wish you guys luck in all your endeavors. For the last time,
Love the show! :_ (


WAHH! First you made me fat by going to 1 show a week (I listen to BOL while walking)

NOW! Your going to make me Dumb! – How am I going look smart when I don't have the tech news?

I can't stand the 404 and video is no good to me while walking so please recommend some other cnet tech audio podcasts before you go,

Bryan - the Fat & Dumb (maybe) Aussie.”


Why is cnet so determined to get rid of its podcast listeners? I like to listen to podcasts at work. Streaming video is too distracting.

Watching web shows on my computer at home after staring at a computer all day at work does not appeal to me.

So long guys. You often felt like family. Loved the show. No Name


Dear Steven, Brian, and Molly,

What the BLEEP? I mean really, what the BLEEP? I’ve been a loyal listener for BLEEPING eons. I live in MassaBLEEPINGchusetts. I drive 5 BLEEPING days a week on BLEEPING 128. Before you BLEEPING went to a BLEEPING weekly format, my BLEEPING afternoon drives were filled with BLEEPING great technology news. You see, I’m a BLEEPING nerd. I need my BLEEPING nerd news. Then you up and went to a BLEEPING weekly format.


No one gives a BLEEP about my ride home anyway.

Oh, and BLEEP YOU!

Your friend,
Ron, the BLEEPING Android Nerd from Massachusetts


http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

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Buzz Out Loud 1586: Announcing the end of Buzz Out Loud (Podcast)

2012-03-23 :: CNET.com

Buzz Out Loud 2005-2012

Oh, dear fans...we're sad to say that Buzz Out Loud is ending, after an amazing six-year run. Tom, Veronica, and Jason will join us for an epic final show on April 5, and we hope you'll all stick with us as we move on to new projects, including Molly's new show, Always On, launching in June. Meanwhile, enjoy a little tech news, won't you?

Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1586: Announcing the end of Buzz Out Loud

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The Big Announcement

-Always On show trailer

-Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

-Facebook responds

-Facebook buys 750 IBM patents: but why does it need to fight Yahoo?

-Rovio working on Angry Birds Space for WP -CEO

-Angry Birds Space Game Skips Windows Phone in Blow to Nokia

-Zynga gobbling up OMGPOP for $200 million?


-Google Wallet said to be seeking more mobile carriers

-Google Said to Rethink Wallet Strategy Amid Slow Adoption

-Did you know Verizon also throttles unlimited data service?

-Apple’s ‘Flash Crash’ Scares the Daylights Out of Investors

-Want a vibrating tattoo that alerts you to a call? Nokia does

Quick Hits:

-China surpasses US in activations of Apple, Android devices

-Twitter Turns Six With 140 Million Active Users


-Bowing to fans, BioWare mulls new Mass Effect 3 ending


-Robotic jellyfish for U.S. Navy powers itself with seawater

-Firefighting humanoid robot gets drafted into the Navy

-Photographer uses red-dot gunsight as AF assist

-Mario Bro’s question box lamp

-Charging mask

-Ashton Kutcher to be launched into space


http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

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Buzz Out Loud 1585: Girls just wanna Pinterest (Podcast)

2012-03-15 :: CNET.com

Girls just wanna Pinterest

Sure, there's a new iPad to discuss, a mind-controlled skateboard to tell stories about, lawsuits against Apple over Siri, and the thing where Ray Kurzweil doesn't think there's intelligent life in the universe. But Sharon Vaknin is on the show today, so as soon as Pinterest comes up, that's all we can talk about! PIN ALL THE THINGS! Plus, some news, I swear.

Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1585: Girls just wanna Pinterest

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-CNET conversations with hot startups of SXSW 2012

-Mind-controlled skateboard

-Ray Kurzweil interview: he doesn’t believe there are aliens out there!

-Five non-surprises from first new iPad reviews

-Walmart will stream your own DVDs back to you–for a fee

-”Why I left” letter turns into a meme; startups recruit dissatisfied hires

-Change: It’s Okay. Really.


-Man sues Apple over Siri ads: Does he have a case?

-Yahoo sues Facebook for infringing 10 patents

-Yahoo's own lash out against company over ‘weaponized’ patents

-SXSW: Company Turns Homeless into Wi-Fi Hotspots in Texas


-The Power of Youth: How Invisible Children Orchestrated Kony 2012


-Google hires DARPA Director Regina Dugan

-Police tell Twitter that missing girl is safe before telling mom


-New rumor adds to 15″ MacBook Air chatter


-iCEO: Cuddle with a Steve Jobs plush

-New iPad hits stores at 8 a.m. Friday

-Pinterest to get ‘beautiful’ profile redesigns

-Wal-Mart to offer digital movie content

-MP3 DJ Doorbell: Rickroll your unsuspecting visitors

-The ShutUp Gun in action

-Cupcake ATM


AJ from Los Angeles has a prediction on the iPhone 5.

Collin Davies says he is not excited about the latest Apple Product.

Dan in Salt Lake City is super frustrated with ICS and Google.


Hey Buzz Crew,

As a loyal AT&T customer for over 10 years and an iPhone owner for over 4 I was incensed when I began to be throttled in late February. Due to the success of Matt Spacarelli in small claims court, I began to plot my REVENGE!!! When I saw that my iPhone 4S had magically became a 4G phone overnight my bile began to rise and I was ready to add this to my list of complaints. But, lo and behold, my speeds have increased from a throttled .2 Mbps, to 2 Mbps on 3G, and now 8 Mbps! So, until I get throttled again later this month, AT&T can consider me a happy customer! Love the show.



The elephant in the room omission from the new iPad is the failure to incrementally increase the maximum amount of storage.

Does that relate to the flash memory crisis from the tsunami?

Does that relate to a technical/financial issue (reaching the end of Moore’s law)?

Is that an attempt to force iCloud on users?

New Haven


Molly the iPhone is five years old and there are 500,000 apps. The iPad is two years old and there are 200,000 apps. Do the math.


http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

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Buzz Out Loud 1584: BOL special coverage: iPad announcement (Podcast)

2012-03-07 :: CNET.com

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces "The New iPad"

Apple CEO Tim Cook "There's a lot to look forward to in 2012"

Brian Tong and Molly Wood give you blow-by-blow analysis on the new iPad announcement, including rewriting the lyrics to John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland," specifically to accommodate the new iPad. Which, in case you haven't guessed by now, is just called "the new iPad."

PART 1 Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1584: BOL special coverage: iPad announcement Part 1 of 2 PART 2 Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1584: BOL special coverage: iPad announcement Part 2 of 2

Listen Now: Download Today's Podcast

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-iPads, Apple TV boxes to share ‘A5X’ chip?

-Apple’s iPad HD may feature unbelievable new touchscreen tech


-iPad HD will surpass laptops on key features

-Rumor: Verizon installing LTE equipment at Apple Stores ahead of 'iPad 3'

-Apple Creates a New App Store Category Called 'Catalogs' on Eve of Media Event

-iOS 5.1 GM with two secret features passes Apple’s testing – report

-With new iPad looming, Barclays rates Apple a $710 stock

-The State Of The Tablet Computer, As Apple Announces Its Latest (AAPL)


http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

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Buzz Out Loud 1583: Let Whurley, the evil genius, blow your mind (Podcast)

2012-03-01 :: CNET.com

On today's show, we talk to the guys from Chaotic Moon Studios, the ones building Kinect-controlled skateboards and shopping carts and more. They're moving into mind-controlled devices. No, really. Also, the problem with Google's new privacy policies: Web search! The iPad 3 rumor roundup, how to make the most of Google+, and Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion.

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-Chaotic Moon Studios

-Whole Foods’ sci-fi shopping cart stalks you as you shop

-Skateboard Video

-Kinect Skateboard at CES Molly Wood Video

-Follow Chaotic Moon on Twitter @chaoticmoon


-Keeping Google From Watching Your Searches

-Google’s new privacy policy starts March 1; 4 ways to prepare

-Japan warns Google that its new privacy policy may violate data protection laws

-Apple sends out invites for March 7 iPad event

-The curious case of the missing iPad 3 home button

-iPad 3 may come in three flavors

-Throttled iPhone user takes AT&T to court, wins $850

-Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

-Windows 8 on Intel is unlike ARM in crucial way, Microsoft confirms

-Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion: The debate begins


-HP cuts 270 employees from webOS division

-Users Spend More Time On Myspace Than Google+

-The Mounting Minuses at Google+

-'Pinterest for Men' Is a Terrible Idea


-Molly Wood during Buzz Out Loud

-Brain Tong photographing himself during BOL

-Stephen Beacham concentrating very hard

-Brian Tong’s Lytro Pictures during BOL

-Asus Padfone turns your phone into a tablet, notebook


-Quadrotor robots are a hit with James Bond theme song (video)


Caller points out why Google doesn’t care about being fair and still wants their $$$

Nathan from Portland and others from Buzztown offer the music service we’ve been looking for.


Last week you guys were talking about the fourth quarter T-Mobile customer defections. As a cause you guys blamed it on them having no iPhone. Really BOL? Really?

It is not as if the first iPhone just came out. Are saying that T-Mobile customers only learned of the iPhone when Verizon and Sprint pick it up? I know you guys are becoming more and more iPhone-centric but the world does not revolve around Apple.

As a happy customer who has never had any problems with T-Mobile, I was horrified to find out that AT&T was going to take over T-Mobile. After all it was AT&T that I was fleeing from when I went to T-Mobile. To top it off tech sites and BOL were all saying that there was no way that the acquisition wouldn't go through. Many of my T-Mobile friends jumped ship right away because there was only one other carrier offering unlimited data (Sprint) and there was no telling how much longer they would be offering it.

My contract ends in March and sadly I will be leaving my beloved underdog carrier. I feel there is no future in staying with T-Mobile because they seem to intent on selling the company and that is an unknown I don't like thinking about.
I'm just praying to sweet baby Jesus that the Galaxy Note comes to Sprint by March.

Love the show,
Jim Savage
San Diego


Hi Guys,

A few episodes ago you guys mentioned the G Drive or Google Drive and Rafe said that he didn’t understand what the point of it was, we already have Picasa Youtube, Google Docs, Etc so what’s the point??. Well imagine this,

Google Releases G Drive its a dirive / folder on your computer and it works just like drop box EXCEPT!!!!!!!

If you drop Photos in your drive they automatically show up on Picasa
If you drop Videos they upload to youtube under your account
If you drop Docs, Excel , PDF they go to google docs
If you drop Music it shows up on your google music player
If you drop an eml file or a pst, it gets shoved into your Gmail

Wouldn’t that be freaking awesome, one place where you can drop anything it automatically goes into th cloud and then it automatically becomes available through any of those services (with privacy controls ofcourse)

No longer would you have to go to youtube to upload that adorable video of Eli saying his first words (Molly) to youtube it would JUST happen.

They can even get fancy and allow you to use special tags ALA itunes to set all the different properties on tyour videos, photos etc.

And then to top it all off, they are available on your google HUD glasses with which using a simple head motions such as
Up Up Down Down Look Left Look Riht Look Left Look Right Rigth Blink Left Blink you can see all your content and share it with other equaly dorky HUD wearers!!


Jose C Gomez
Software Engineer


Buzz Crew,

First of all, Love The Show. I listen every week and have been listening since just after Veronica left (Go Gadgettes!). I just wanted to tell you all to not to fret too much about T-Mobile. I have worked for TMO since it came to being in 2002. In almost every incarnation and change, it has always stayed the best place to work and to grow. There are so many people who have worked there since it’s beginnings and that are very proud of what we have done. The ATT debacle hurt us but we are coming back and will be stronger! 2012 is our year! Just wait and see! And for those who didn’t know, TMO was the first and for a very long time was the only wireless carrier to have it’s own Unofficial Fan Site. Now VZW has one but that is only about a year old. Say what you want, but we are loved and we will come back stronger than ever!

Loyal to TMO & BOL



http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

Follow us on Twitter: @mollywood @brian_tong @stephenbeacham @chaoticmoon


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Buzz Out Loud 1582: The Dickensian drama of the music services world (Podcast)

2012-02-23 :: CNET.com

BOL's Special Counsel Gil Cabrera joins us to break down the mobile apps privacy protections (meh), the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights and the "Do Not Track" button. He's kind of a buzz kill. Also, poor little T-Mobile is losing customers, Microsoft's most unprofessional legal lawyer ever writes a great blog post, and Nilay Patel buzzkills Pinterest and Molly is worried big time. Plus, another installment of "Into It/Not Into It" returns!

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-Tech firms agree to privacy protections for mobile apps

-Obama unveils Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

-Web Firms to Adopt 'No Track' Button

-T-Mobile USA Reports Huge Customer Defections, Says It Will Launch LTE in 2013

Bob Loblaw’s Law Block:

-Google: Please Don't Kill Video on the Web (says Microsoft)



-Pinterest’s uneasy relationship with copyright law: what happens next

-Amazon Yanks 5,000 Kindle Titles In Fight Over Terms

-Google Music not living up to expectations (exclusive)


-OnLive Desktop Plus adds Flash to your iPad, for $5 a month (hands-on)

-Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year's End


-DARPA plans ‘Avatar’ surrogate robots

-Smart cows’ can text owners when mooood strikes

-3D printing to build robotic dinosaur models

-Now your tongue can secretly operate a computer, wheelchair

-Rewinery uncorks wine delivery app for iPhone

-Beam Brush turns Android into dental coach

-Just for BT. “The Jeremy Lin Word Generator”. Leave it to the internet to create awesome things like this.


As an Android user, I sympathize with Molly
In reference to Molly’s recent cellphone purchase from episode 1581: [sarcasm] How wonderful it must be for Molly to be caught in the middle of the Apple/Android fanboy war![/sarcasm] Honestly, as a person who switched from the iPhone to an Android HTC Inspire, I sympathize with Molly. I love how smooth and reliable my HTC phone is….9 months later and after two carrier-delayed software updates. People talk of how the iPhone is a year behind in technology, yet it took nearly a year for my bleeding-edge Android phone to become equally reliable. By this time, my carrier had already replaced the Inspire with 7 new Android phones with bleeding-edge features that sort-of work. The Android manufacturers are too eager to push features over fully “”baking”" the technology, and they are spineless to the carriers’ wishes.

As an engineer, I still love my more-capable Android phone over the current iPhone, but my fellow Android users need to accept that Apple’s tightly-controlled and feature-limited management of the iPhone does result in benefits that other people need or desire. Quit apologizing to the Android fanboys, Molly. I think it’s pretty clear that the iPhone is a far better fit for you. It’s not like the Android population is going to collapse with your decision.

(I own an iMac, a Dell laptop, a Mac Mini, an Android phone, an iPod touch, an iPod Nano….I can’t make up my friggin mind either….)

Jim, the Space Engineer, Fremont, CA


Hey guys,
First I have seen BT wear a tie a few times now. And, after reading Molly’s column about Apple winning and her purchase of a 4S, everything Hitler said has come true. Thought you guys might like to revisit his thoughts.
Fast forward to the 1:45 mark. Craig Happ


Change the Name Once again I think you should change the name to Apple Out Loud (AOL) :) now that I don’t know any of you are using anything but Apple products.

Sent from my iPhone


http://bol.cnet.com, 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.com

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Buzz Out Loud 1581: OS X Mountain Lion: the OS to rule the ecosystem? (Podcast)

2012-02-16 :: CNET.com

Former federal CTO Aneesh Chopra joins the show today to talk wireless policy and what the heck happened with SOPA/PIPA; we dish on what really happened with Molly's Galaxy Nexus; and the address book uploading controversy that just won't end. Plus, Into It/Not Into It, and one angry, angry voice mail. Good to be back!

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-Latest news on Aneesh

-Obama campaign opening tech field office in San Francisco

-Mac OS X Mountain Lion announced - brings full on iOS to the Mac experience

-Windows 8 to launch in 4th quarter, per Fujitsu product road map

-Twitter under fire post mobile privacy row

-Apple: App Access to Contact Data Will Require Explicit User Permission

-App-gate' serves reminder: You're on your own

-All kinds of mobile apps use address book data without permission

-Congress sends letter to Apple questioning the Path debacle, developer data access

-Apple iPad plant conditions better than the norm: agency

-EU, U.S. approve Google/Motorola Mobility deal

-HP CEO: Google-Motorola deal could close-source Android

-Facebook Launches Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms


BT's PS Vita Review


-Google's HUD glasses have been sighted

-Win a vacay for downloading 419GB over 3G?

-Cryoscope lets you feel your forecast

-Can Amazon replicate Apple's brick-and-mortar success?

-Kissinger: Smooching robot for virtual make-out sessions

-Heat-absorbing robot shares the warmth when you're cold

-Kinect Star Wars launches April 3


Sam in Cleveland calls in about Redbox

Chris calls with iPhone 5 rumors

Spencer from Texas calls in about Facebook


Hey Buzz Crew,

It's interesting to note that Redbox's move to purchasing DVD's upfront from distributors in order to avoid the studio-windows is exactly the opposite of what Netflix did in 2000. Netflix switched from upfront purchases through distributors to a revenue-sharing model with the major studios. The revenue sharing model allowed Netflix to grow its library cheaply and keep stock in highly-demanded movies, but the overall cost was higher with the revenue-share; furthermore, the studios have taken more of Netflix's competitive advantage by implementing windowed releases in their current deals.

I think Redbox is making a great move, because over the rental life of a DVD this represents decreased revenues for the studios, so maybe they'll start to move away from the windowed release.

Full disclosure: I own stock in Coinstar, Redbox's parent company.

Love the show, and keep up the great work!

Jon in Orlando
tpettyrox in Chat


""Talking on this phone is like holding a waffle up to your face"" - Buzz Out Loud
""It's large size is a pain to hold and you'd be better off if you have gorilla sized hands"" - Brian Tong (prize fight)

Am I talking about the Galaxy Note? Actually I am talking about the HTC HD2 when it came out. It was one of the first phones with a 4.3?" screen and I remember cnet making a little fun out of it even though today 4.3?" screens are the preferred size on android phones Now the Galaxy Note is coming and again cnet seems to have size issues from I have seen and read. In your podcast, please do not knock non-iPhone phones for delivering what Apple refuses to do, which is choice.

Jim Savage
San Diego


Hey buzzcrew,

You guys (and many others) have complained a lot about Android fragmentation over the past two or so years. However, I think the real problem lies not in the software, but with how people think of Android. That's right - you're thinking about it wrong! (RIP Steve.) Right now, people think about all phones running Android as Android phones. That sounds like it makes sense, but then people start to complain about Android phones being too different, phones not getting updates, etc. Instead, if people start calling Samsung phones running Android ""Samsung phones"", Motorola phones running Android ""Motorola phones"", and HTC phones running Android ""HTC phones"", the fragmentation will seem less existent. To me, the only ""Android phones"" are Nexus devices. This way, custom user interfaces seem less intrusive, because you're not using a Google device, but rather an HTC, Samsung, or Motorola device. For example, whenever I look at an LG phone running Android, I would be infuriated if I thought of an Android phone ruined by LG's custom skin. However, if I just think of it as an LG phone with Android just as the underlying software, I can accept it. I still won't buy it, but I won't be as angered if it never gets updated past Gingerbread, because it's not actually an ""Android phone"". Doesn't Android seem nicer now?

-Jack W


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Buzz Out Loud 1580: Men have little interest in Pinterest (Podcast)

2012-02-09 :: CNET.com

Rafe Needleman and Donald Bell join Brian Tong on the show today to discuss all the new video-streaming options coming down the pipe. We got Amazon, Viacom, HBO, Netflix, Verizon, Redbox, and now possibly another service called Quickflix. Which one will you choose? In other news, the iPad 3 is coming in March, and we investigate who exactly Pinterest appeals to. If you are a guy you most likely have no interest in Pinterest.

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-Apple will reportedly unveil iPad 3 in early March

-Purported iPad 3 shells floating around China


-Amazon, Viacom reportedly near Web video deal

-Is HBO’s investment in Netflix-like firm a strategy shift?

-Verizon teams up with Redbox to offer video streaming service

-Redbox agrees to buy NCR/Blockbuster kiosks as revenue surges

-Paul McCartney jets from streaming music services; Rhapsody calls it a 'shock'

-End of an era: Kodak discontinues camera business

-Google Near Launch of Cloud Storage Service

-Google: We’ll pay you to track the Web sites you visit

-Three years on, Chrome at last arrives on Android

-Adobe: Chrome for Android will not get Flash support

-The Path fracas

-We are sorry. – Path

-Read FBI background report on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs


-Telepathy machine reconstructs speech from brainwaves


-Aaron from Champaign says Pinterest is for weddings
This guys wife just showed him Pinterest and he has no interest in Pinterest
Pinterest is basically made to annoy guys
Brett from Michigan wants to clear up a fact about the Reading Rainbow theme song



in response to you guys talking about the stickiness of facebook, i would have to disagree, i had a facebook account for literally 2 days before I “”deleted”" it. I actually found it kind of boring….hmmmmm to each his own i guess… Tillman


Was just going to say i was having a not amazing day and was just
cleaning and listening to your show, and then i hear brian tell some
caller how to spell g-i-v-e-i-t.com and pinterest haha. Made my day
loveeeeee the jokes!

love the show!(obviously) TOMAS


Hi BOL crew,

I think this sums up pinterest perfectly:


I have a Pinterest account and am female, but I just don’t get it. If I want to share something I find online with my friends, I do it on Facebook or Twitter. If I want to save something for later, I use instapaper. And if I want to mark something as “”to buy”" I do it on Amazon. I just don’t see how Pinterest fits in.

Love the show! Nicole


Hi Buzz Crew,

First, I’m a lady, so maybe what I have to say is not what you’re looking for, but I really like Pinterest. I’m planning a wedding, so I’m pulling together images of flowers and hairstyles that I really like to help with inspiration. I also like to find recipes, pottery (I’m a potter, so I like to see what other people are doing with their work), and other creative ideas through pinterest. But I can see where it’s a niche market for people with two X chromosomes. I do find it overwhelming at times and have trouble with self-curation. We’ll see how it changes as it develops.

As my fiance (who introduced me to BOL) said when he discovered I was on the site, “Bitches love Pinterest.” It’s true. Gloria


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Buzz Out Loud 1570: The Galaxy Nexus has landed in America (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

Today on Buzz Out Loud we are joined by the Rumor Has It girls Karyne Levy and Emily Dreyfuss. The Galaxy Nexus has crash landed in America and SOPA is set for a vote on amendments today in the Washington. We play a round of Into It..Not Into It and …


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Buzz Out Loud: The CNET 100 end of the year list special!

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

The Buzz Out Loud team gets together for a special episode to discuss and debate CNET's end-of-the-year CNET 100 list of lists. Are the winners really winners? Are we being fair to the disappointments? Will 3D TV ever get it right? Watch the show and…


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Buzz Out Loud 1569: Find love on Skout and fall in love with Gene Simmons (all over again) (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

On today's Most Epic Buzz Out Loud Episode Ever, we interview the founders of Skout.com and find out there's an easier way to find love and friendship all around you than the way you have to do it in Sweden. Also, how Verizon is trying to murder the …


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Buzz Out Loud 1568: That's just the Google Maps guy, ignore him (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

The Carrier IQ spy software scandal continues to grow: Al Franken wants an explanation and researchers say it might even be showing up in iOS. AT&T's T-Mobile bid is on death watch, and we perform a live demo of Siri's abortion "glitch" -- biggest pr…


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Buzz Out Loud 1567: Galaxy Nexus hands-on, copyright freakout, and Computer Love (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

On this week's show, Jessica Dolcourt joins us for some hands-on time with the Galaxy Nexus--and that peek is all you get, since there's still no U.S. release date for that sucker. Ridiculous. Also, Google Music recapped and a tag-team SOPA rant, plu…


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Buzz Out Loud 1571: Bon Voyage Microsoft! (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

It's Microsoft's last CES, we say goodbye, and will it have any major impact on the worlds largest electronics show. Short answer. No. The vote on SOPA gets delayed until 2012, just in time to try to make people forget. Plus, some of the Top 10 lists…


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Buzz Out Loud 1572: 2012 Predictions Show (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

It's our annual prediction extravaganza! Stephen, the All-Seeing Eye, NostraTongus, and Molly the Mage look into 2012 and guess at which companies, which gadgets, and which trends will appear, die, expand, or maybe just go horribly wrong. Spoiler: we…


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Buzz Out Loud 1573: BOL does not support SOPA (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

The U.S. Government does, but we just wanted to make that clear for you in this weeks show. Kodak's facing an ugly future, Barnes and Noble is looking to spin-off its Nook division and will Yahoo ever be relevant again? Kanye West is comparing himsel…


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Buzz Out Loud 1574: Live from CES 2012 with the Vice President of Marketing for Roku (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

We are broadcasting live from the CNET stage at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Today on the show we welcomed Charles Seiber the Vice President of Marketing for Roku and picked his brain about the future of the tiny online video streaming box we have come to …


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Buzz Out Loud 1578: Who died to build your iPhone? (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

On this week's Buzz Out Loud, Brian and Molly take Apple (and others) to task for unsafe and inhumane working conditions at consumer electronics factories in China. It's time for Apple and us, the consumers, to demand better. Plus, Google's privacy p…


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Buzz Out Loud 1577: SOPA: it ain't over yet (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

The Internet flexed its power with this week's SOPA/PIPA blackouts, but make no mistake: this battle isn't over yet, and will only intensify--it might get a lot more sneaky, in fact. But this week? The Internet wins. Will students lose out with Apple…


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Buzz Out Loud 1576: CES 2012 Wrap Up (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

It's Friday the 13th & we are wrapping up CES 2012. Today on the show we discuss the Best of CES winners and losers and discuss some CES disappointments and surprises.

Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) |&…


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Buzz Out Loud 1575: What mattered at CES day 1 (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

After our first day of CES we discuss what tech is making waves in Vegas. What grabbed your attention and which products will never see the store shelves. Molly breaks down her interview with Google's Eric Schmidt and Brian Tong reflects on his time …


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Buzz Out Loud 1574: Live from CES 2012 with Roku marketing VP (podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

We are broadcasting live from the CNET stage at CES 2012. Today, we welcomed Charles Seiber, Roku's marketing vice president, and picked his brain about the future of the tiny video-streaming box. With all the connected TVs showcased at CES, how will…


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Buzz Out Loud 1579: Facebook goes public: The Winners and Losers (Podcast)

0000-00-00 :: CNET.com

The Buzz crew talks about Facebook's historic IPO, and the challenges the company will face moving forward. Zynga is smiling, and so is the invite-only Pinterest. We've figured it out, and it's the new social network for girls or metrosexuals. "Into …


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