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Last update: 2009-08-04

Poem 1: We Come Out At Night

Length: 2m 56s

My whipping boy Zirk and his narration debut here on CHAOS!! Let's show him some love, and comment back or give feed back on what you thought. If u like it, tell him. If u don't, well just tell it to him as cruely as u can!!! Back to enslave more mindless drones through CHAOS... …


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Story 4: Frozen Souls

Length: 22m 33s

Well what do u do when u wake up high and u see ghosts and fire?!? Listen to find out, maybe you'll learn a few survival tips along the way..... This entry is by one of our very own Chaotic followers; Jasmine Bowe …


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Length: 30s

I am so happy to see the loyalty u all continue to have. I sincerly apoligize for the long interuption. Recording will again begin later this very evening!! Again Thank You all so much. Your Chaotic Leader, Meli …


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How Long It Has Been My Dear Chaotic Followers

Length: 30s

Well it has been quite a while since there has been a post here and I am very sorry for that. There have been many ups and downs surronding my life lately. I apologize for this interupting our chaotic fun. But very soon there will be new stories, new interviews, and new contests. Please start sending in any ideas or stories you may have. Again sorry for the delay and I your CHAOTIC leader shall speak with you soon!!! Until then guard your dreams and hide your fears for I shall return!! …


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Story 3: Ugly Goo....

Length: 8m 43s

Sorry this one took so long, what do you want I'm trying to enslave the world with CHAOS!!!! It's short but look forward to an extra story this week since this one was late! I'm blaming it on my whippinng boy "Zirk"!!!! How does a small child see the world? Let's take a listen!! Enjoy.... …


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Tell everyone about CHAOS!!!!!

Length: 30s

Feed Shark …


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Story 2: Trapt Prey

Length: 16m 57s

Zombies, Abandoned Buildings, and a CHILD????!!! Need we say more?!?! STAY TUNED AT THE END OF THE SHOW FOR A GREAT CHAOS INTERVIEW!! …


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Story 1: Nameless Evil

Length: 15m 27s

That fear you feel when no one else is around, that's me! …


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PodCast Alley CHECK it out!!!

Length: 30s

Click this link or embed it to your page! This site has sooooo many awesome podcasts!! Plus you can get mine too if this one isn't working!! My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-858492103e82a98a4b88f235db3b8364} …


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Test For PodCast Intro

Length: 30s

Here is the new CHAOS theme. Let me know what you think. I love listener input and I'm counting on everyone out there to help tell me what they like don't like and so on. So let me know what you think. …


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In The Beginning…

Length: 51s

In The Beginning… Welcome!!! And thanx for coming. I hope this podcast becomes what i expect and what you will too.. So I can’t quite tell you where we will end up with this but i guarantee it will be awesome!! I will be sharing with you works of fiction some short some long and some weirdness in the middle I SWEAR you will LOVE it!!! This is CHAOS and you bet it’s coming!!!!! Stay Tuned…. …


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