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Last update: 2012-03-01

Episode #66 | Pradiipadyasana

2012-03-01 :: Byron Miller

Pradiipadyasana - aka Candle. Typically performed as a way to safely exit a prolonged shoulder stand or plow posture, make sure the chin is tucked and the spine curved as you role forward (slowly) out of the pose.ere are many elements of classical ballet in play. Make sure to engage the "Bandas" while focusing on the proper "Driste".. The series is much easier to do if one flows with a proper breathing pattern inhaling on the up moves and exhaling when descending. Once mastered leg/core strength is assured.…


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Episode #65 | Dwi-pada Anantasana

2011-11-10 :: Byron Miller

Pradiipadyasana - aka Candle. Typically performed as a way to safely exit a prolonged shoulder stand or plow posture, make sure the chin is tucked and the spine curved as you role forward (slowly) out of the pose.ere are many elements of classical ballet in play. Make sure to engage the "Bandas" while focusing on the proper "Driste".. The series is much easier to do if one flows with a proper breathing pattern inhaling on the up moves and exhaling when descending. Once mastered leg/core strength is assured.…


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Episode #64 | Vipatayati

2010-12-16 :: Byron Miller

Vipatayati - The "Glider" pose requires full concentration. There are many elements of classical ballet in play. Make sure to engage the "Bandas" while focusing on the proper "Driste".. The series is much easier to do if one flows with a proper breathing pattern inhaling on the up moves and exhaling when descending. Once mastered leg/core strength is assured.…


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Episode #63 | Marichyasana A

2010-10-20 :: Byron Miller

Marichyasana A - aka as the "bound forward hand around the knee pose", once bound; make sure to lead with the sternum, drawing the arms back in opposition. The straight leg remains active during the entire routine.…


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Episode #62 | Vimanena

2010-10-07 :: Byron Miller

Vimanena - aka the "Glider or Arabesque" places a premium on leg strength/endurance and grace. As the leg rises the upper core acts as a centering station for the posture. Keep the chest open arching the torso. Pay attention to the placement and positioning of the arms, hands and fingers.…


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Episode #61 | Padahastasana

2010-09-09 :: Byron Miller

Padahastasana - aka the "Foot to Hand Posture" enables stretching of the hamstrings as well as the lower back. Start by putting emphasis on the heels, and then you may experiment with weight transfer, gently rocking from the heels to the balls of the feet and vice-versa. Do not to push forward too much, as you my lose your balance (falling forward ) on your face. Ouch!…


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Episode #60 | Eka Pada Parsva Sarvangansana

2010-08-17 :: Byron Miller

Eka Pada Parsva Sarvangansana - aka the "2 legged Side Should-stand" places a premium on core strength as well as balance. The effect is much like a scale, slowly finding center as the legs descend and rotate. Go slow and utilize a spotter for safety.…


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Episode #59 | Shalabhasana

2010-06-30 :: Byron Miller

Shalabhasana - The "Locust" position requires core and buttock power. Imagine rolling up and forward (with the breath) as opposed to straining. Keep the weight centered on the chin, and the back side becomes much lighter and willing to roll forward with gravity, as opposed to lifting by using brute force.…


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Episode #58 | Ardha Matsyendrasana

2010-06-11 :: Byron Miller

Ardha Matsyendrasana - The "Half Lord of the Fishes" posture is a series of spinal twists. Focus on keeping the crown of the head lifted, as an extension of the entire spinal column. Keep the column straight up and down (like a rod), simultaneously rotating the torso around the anchor.…


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Episode #57 | Kumbhakasana / Chaturanga Dandasana

2010-05-09 :: Byron Miller

Kumbhakasana / Chaturanga Dandasana - The "Plank" requires sensitivity to all parts of the body. Rather than struggling imagine floating with the weight distributed equally between the hands, hips and feet. The "Four limbed" position is similar. Visualize even weight allotment between the arms and legs, sometimes referred to as the 4 equal posts posture.…


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Episode #56 | Marichasana / Utthita Hasta Padungushtasnana

2010-04-14 :: Byron Miller

Marichasana / Utthita Hasta Padungushtasnana – "The Pose of the Sage Marichi" stretches the Achilles Tendon and the arch of the foot. When learning the position, hold the foot with the opposite arm until finding center. When practicing the "Hand to Big Toe Pose" visualize taking a step forward to standup. Have a spotter, as there is a tendency to fall backwards.…


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Episode #55 | Ardha Baddha Padma Prapardasnana

2010-03-18 :: Byron Miller

Ardha Baddha Padma Prapardasnana – The "Half Bound Lotus Tiptoe Pose" requires balance, focus, foot and ankle strength. Pranayama Breathing is essential for equilibrium. Practice with your back 1-3 inches away from a wall.…


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Episode #54 | Ardha Sarvangasana / Urdhva Padmasana

2010-02-10 :: Byron Miller

Ardha Sarvangasana / Urdhva Padmasana - The "One Legged Shoulder Stand" is an inversion pose that works with gravity. Relax; slow down the breath allowing the stretch to go deeper. While the "Inverted Lotus" enables a heightened sense of awareness, a very nice position for meditation.…


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Episode #53 | Agni-Prasana

2009-10-05 :: Byron Miller

Agni-Prasana — aka the "Breath of Fire" will entirely charge the nervous system, causing the glands to secrete and purify the blood. When it is done with certain postures and movements, which are meant to put contracting (drawing in) or expanding (releasing) pressure in nerve plexuses and glandular centers, those areas are made to fire and become completely charged.…


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Episode #52 | Shitali Pranayama

2009-09-11 :: Byron Miller

Cooling breath — aka as "Shitali Pranayama" is a 5000 year old technique for cooling one’s body temperature down. Typically performed at the end of a yoga session, it acts as a natural alternative to consuming too much liquid on a warm day.…


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Episode #51 | Mukha Bastrika

2009-08-03 :: Byron Miller

Mukha Bastrika — aka the "Cleansing Breath", helps to remove old, stagnant air from the lungs and cleanses the bloodstream of excess carbon dioxide, which is associated with mental fatigue, altered nerve sensations and physical weakness. The Cleansing Breath, as its name indicates, cleans and ventilates the lungs; it also tones up the entire respiratory system.…


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Episode #50 | Anuloma Viloma

2009-07-06 :: Byron Miller

Anuloma Viloma — aka the "Alternate Nostril Breathing Method", is balancing, relaxing, and calming...and can alleviate the symptoms of stress as well as migraine headaches. The exercise produces optimum function to both sides of the brain: that is optimum creativity and optimum logical cerebral activity. This will lead to a balance between a person's creative and logical thinking. Yogis consider this to be the best technique to calm the mind and the Nervous System.…


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Episode #49 | Adhva Samakonasana

2009-06-08 :: Byron Miller

The "Spider" develops equal strength and endurance in both our left and right sides. Arm and Leg positions aided by pressure acceleration/deceleration equate overall balance. Make sure to keep the chin tucked tightly to the collarbone, looking back thru the legs towards the heavens.…


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Episode #48 | Ardha Bhekasana

2009-05-04 :: Byron Miller

The "Frog" improves hip/knee rotational flexibility, while providing a deep stretch to the complete shoulder area. Move slowly into the position, take your time, and use the breath to extend the kneecap towards the earth. Do not force it.…


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Episode #47 | Garudasana

2009-04-06 :: Byron Miller

The "Standing Eagle" promotes balance and flexibility for the hips, shoulders, and hands. It is one of the only poses that you should start with bended knees, but as you accelerate upwards, of course the legs should be straightened. Keep the eyes and breath steady. Do not let the position steal your breath.…


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Episode #46 | Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/Urdhva Dhanurasana

2009-03-15 :: Byron Miller

The "Bridge/Wheel" are both inversion positions. With the heart upside down, the breath should be longer and deeper. Relax the neck and shoulders; push the weight forward into the quadriceps/knees feet, while simultaneously dropping the tailbone towards the earth. Go slow!…


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Episode #45 | Pasasana

2009-02-09 :: Byron Miller

The "Noose" will improve balance, while emphasizing flexibility for the Achilles Tendons. Again one finger is all it takes to make the bind. A strap is a good idea for beginners, and you may also use the wall to support yourself, if balance is an issue.…


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Episode #44 | Dandasana

2009-01-12 :: Byron Miller

The "Staff" stretch will help with your overall posture. Additionally, the hamstrings, calf muscles and the Achilles tendon are stretched. Practice using the mirror. Don't be lazy, keep the position active, and be precise, try to keep the body at a 45 degree angle (exactly).…


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Episode #43 | Gomukhasana

2008-12-15 :: Byron Miller

The "Archer or Cow Face" increase the range of motion for the entire shoulder area. If the reach is impossible, use a yoga strap or towel, because all you need is one finger to make the bind. Each time you practice the position, it will become easier.…


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Episode #42 | Natarajasana

2008-11-24 :: Byron Miller

The "Lord of the Dance Pose" poses a real test as to leg strength and endurance. When practicing the routine, do not be in a hurry, keep the eyes focused in one area, and remember to breathe deeply using the pranayama guidelines.…


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Episode #41 | Rajakapotasana

2008-09-24 :: Byron Miller

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana "One-Legged King Pigeon Pose" takes us on a journey into deep backbends. Moving into the preparation of this pose the simple pigeon deeply works the hips/ groins and helps to release tension in this pelvic region of our bodies. It requires steady balance while curving backward. The pose is named after a dove or pigeon with its chest puffed up. The backbend action of the torso also works the shoulders into an open position, helping to open the lungs.…


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Episode #40 | Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana

2008-08-20 :: Byron Miller

The "One Legged Dog" stretch increases the strength and flexibility of the shoulders. Additionally, the hamstrings, calf muscles and the Achilles tendon are stretched. The hamstring muscles in the raised leg, the biceps in the arms and the gluteus muscles and some lower back muscles are toned.…


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Episode #39 | Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

2008-07-23 :: Byron Miller

The "Dolphin" focuses the attention on a maximum elongation of the spine extending the sacrum to the heavens while pushing the heels down in opposition. Pay special attention to the breath...proper inhalation/exhalation when ascending/descending.…


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Episode #38 | Parivritta Parsvakonasana - Part 2

2008-06-25 :: Byron Miller

In the advanced "Reverse Prayer", when binding, standing and moving, do not rush the routine. The breath may be labored due to distension of the diaphragm...relax and do your best to breathe deeply...stay calm.…


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Episode #37 | Parivritta Parsvakonasana - Part 1

2008-05-28 :: Byron Miller

Performing the "Reverse Prayer" you should plant the back leg firmly to the earth. Keep the neck rotated looking up and back while pointing the heart to the heavens, opening the lungs and twisting the torso.…


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Episode #36 | Janu Sirisasana

2008-04-28 :: Byron Miller

The "Head to Knee Pose" It brings a superior balance and awakens the subtle energies of the body. It stretches the hamstrings,sacrum and perinium. A little bend in the elbows will assist in keeping the back straight pushing the sacrum forward, pressing the sturnem towards the earth.…


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Episode #35 | Bhujapidasana

2008-03-23 :: Byron Miller

The "Arm Pressure Pose" is like swinging in a cradle. Cross and Squeeze your legs together tightly. Think about floating.... be light. Since it is an awkard starting position do not let manueving into the position, steal your breath.…


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Episode #34 | Puvottasana

2008-02-10 :: Byron Miller

The "Tabletop & Upside Down Plank" strengthens the neck, arms, wrists and legs. The poses stretch the shoulders, chest and front ankles. Make sure to keep the weight balanced and forward, in the knees and feet, as opposed to the shoulders.…


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Episode #33 | Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

2008-01-15 :: Byron Miller

The "Great Toe to Hand Pose" challenges balance. Push the navel up slightly. Use the gaze to keep your eyes from moving. Distribute the weight evenly from the heel mid-point to the ball of the foot. Relax, and be sure to utilize the pranayama breathing pattern.…


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Episode #32 | Adho Mukha Vrksasana

2007-12-14 :: Byron Miller

The "Handstand" requires balance not brute force. Visual tiptoeing up rolling forward (not jumping) up into the position. Cross and squeeze the thighs together, do not look forward. If falling backwards...relax...tuck the chin to the collarbone and roll, similar to a backwards somersault.…


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Episode #31 | Simhasana

2007-11-15 :: Byron Miller

The "Lion" reduces tension in the face and chest. The pose will keep face muscles taught and improve facial circulation, reducing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The vocals receive added stimulation from the "Ujjayi" breath doing the roar.…


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Episode #30 | Utkatasana

2007-10-26 :: Byron Miller

The "Chair" or "Lightening Bolt" pose strengthens the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine, while simultaneously stretching shoulders and chest. It stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm, and heart. One added benefit, reduces flat feet.…


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Episode #29 | Garudasana

2007-09-27 :: Byron Miller

The "Eagle" improves overall balance, while strengthening ankles and calves. Concentration is also heightened during the breathing and sitting version, as the hips provide a cradling effect.…


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Episode #28 | Balasana

2007-09-10 :: Byron Miller

The "Childs Pose" gently stretches the hips, thighs, and ankles, while calming the brain. It assists in relieving stress and fatigue, and reduces back and neck pain.…


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Episode #27 | Baddha Konasana

2007-07-19 :: Byron Miller

The "Cobbler" is beneficial for the inner thighs, groins, knees and stimulates the ovaries and the prostate gland. It soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica, and may relieve symptoms of menopause. Consistent practice late into pregnancy will assist in childbirth.…


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Episode #26 | Ardha Chandrasana

2007-06-21 :: Byron Miller

The "Half-Moon" derives its inspiration from the basic nature of life which is in various forms such as human, animals, plants, tress, earth, sun and moon. The Moon from which the name of this pose is derived, is an important part of our life. It touches each individual it in its own manner. It is important to use the lunar and solar power fields to rise up the energy force and use it for the benefit of your body. A focused mind with a profound breath will give you the balance.…


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Episode #25 | Vasisthasana

2007-05-31 :: Byron Miller

The "Side Plank" pose requires stamina. It strengthens the arms, wrists, abdominals and leg muscles. The backs of the legs become stretched with active heels as your sense of balance is improved. Toning occurs in the belly, buttocks and "love handles" area.…


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Episode #24 | Bitilasana

2007-05-10 :: Byron Miller

The "Cat & Cow" pose coordinates the movement of your entire spine with the action of the complete breath. The dance is graceful and slow, and the union between the body and breath is at the heart of the asana practice. It eases shoulder tension, opens the hips and aids in digestion and elimination.…


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Episode #23 | Marichyasana

2007-04-19 :: Byron Miller

The "Spinal Twist" requires length. Greater extension in the spine permits a deeper sense of breath. Looking up (slightly) with the head and neck in opposition, allows elongation of the spine in a spiraling motion. The arm and knee action provides resistance which aids in twisting, lengthening, and the spiraling effect.…


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Episode #22 | Bhastrikasana

2007-03-29 :: Byron Miller

The "Bellows" pose simulates the action of squeezing the air out of an accordion. It is an intense routine that engages the entire diaphragm. Be aware of each muscle group within the entire body, as you exhale, rise up and contract the stomach.…


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Episode #21 | Mukta Hasta Sirsasana

2007-03-08 :: Byron Miller

The support for the "Tripod" or "Hands Free Headstand" is a triangular base formed between the head and hands. Balance is found in the area nearest the central core. Press into the back of the hands and thumbs for increased stability.…


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Episode #20 | Vrishikasana

2007-02-15 :: Byron Miller

The "Scorpion" inversion position places a premium on balance and weight distribution, in an awkward stance. If you are unsure, practice on the wall walking your toes down towards the head. This position is not for beginners.…


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Episode #19 | Thagasana

2007-01-25 :: Byron Miller

The "Surfer" focuses our attention to the back leg. Much like riding a wave the bodies weight should be controlled by the back foot, leg and hip. Too much forward distribution results in loss of balance and a wipeout... Ouch.…


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Episode #18 | Navasana

2007-01-04 :: Byron Miller

The "Boat" pose will aid in strengthening your core and overall balance. Make sure to engage and lift the bandhas fully. Keep your shoulders relaxed, bending the elbows slightly as you progress to the advanced position.…


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Episode #17 | Upavishta / Supta Konasana

2006-12-21 :: Byron Miller

The "Seated Angle or Sleeping Angle" pose will aid in understanding balance and where the center of your body should be as you move in coordinated motion with the breath. Be aware of softening the neck as you roll back.…


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Episode #16 | Parsva Bakasana / Kakasana

2006-12-05 :: Byron Miller

The "Side Angle Crow" or "Crane" pose requires balance as opposed to brute force. Find the center of your being by engaging the bandhas, to create the awareness of gravity, and the sensation of lightness.…


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Episode #15 | Urdhva / Adho Mudka Svanasana

2006-11-27 :: Byron Miller

In "Upward & Downward Dog" proper timing of inhalation (up) and exhalation (down) is essential for coordinated movement. The pose should be rhythmical, and balanced. Much like a golf swing, making perfect contact with the ball, therefore (at impact), feeling as you are gliding with minimal discomfort.…


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Episode #13-14 | Padmasana and Tolasana

2006-11-09 :: Byron Miller

In the "Lotus" the spine and shoulders act as a coat-rack. It is a position of calmness, the seat of our practice, whereby one may feel the silent forces moving within.
When performing the "Scale" use the ujjayi breath (contracting of the back the throat) to assist with lifting and balancing action. Equal weight distribution between the fingers and palms is essential, while keeping the wrists relaxed.…


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Episode #12 | Mayurasana

2006-10-26 :: Byron Miller

In the "Peacock" the balance is achieved by a utilization of strong core and engagement of the bandhas. The sensation is that of a teeter-tooter or a perfectly balanced scale. As the feet rise the head works in tandem as a counter balance.…


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Episode #11 | Vrkshasana

2006-10-23 :: Byron Miller

The "Tree" aids in balance control. Poor balance is often the result of a restless mind or distracted attention. It improves concentration while cultivating coordination. Since the weight of the entire body is being balanced on one foot, the muscles of that leg are strengthened and toned in total.…


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Episode #10 | Bhujangasana

2006-09-28 :: Byron Miller

The "Cobra" strengthens the spine, lower back, and stretches the muscles in the chest. By maintaining a constant exertion with breath control it is possible to create a greater arch in the spine, whereby the stomach and pelvic muscles are also engaged and strengthened.…


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Episode #9 | Dhanurasana

2006-09-14 :: Byron Miller

The "Bow" pose is where the arms are like the string of a bow and the body is the bow itself. The energy being propelled via the spine and up through the crown of the head is the arrow...the key is the lift and the dynamic opposition created between the hands and ankles.…


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Episode #8 | Ushtrasna

2006-08-31 :: Byron Miller

The "Camel" pose requires active engagement of the legs throught the routine. Be aware of the chest and heart area, pushing up the sky and opening fully, while rolling the shoulders back.…


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Episode #7 | Nakrasana

2006-08-17 :: Byron Miller

The "Crocodile" requires a cooperative orchestration of balance and movement. Each toe and finger serves as a spring to bounce the body. The hips lead the endeavor with support form the legs feet, and arms.…


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Episode #6 | Virabhadrasana A,B,C,D

2006-07-31 :: Byron Miller

In the Warrior Poses A,B,D...the back leg should be fully active in A,B, D. Use the outer edge of the foot pressing into the earth. As you release the hips, settling with gravity to the earth. The find the center and balance with your torso, and extend up from the sacrum through the spine so energy flows out from the fingers...…


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Episode #5 | Dirga Pranayama

2006-07-13 :: Byron Miller

The single most important foundation to your yoga practice.…


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Episode #4 | Utthita Parsvakonasana

2006-06-29 :: Byron Miller

In the "Side Angle Pose," pressing the front knee against the arm will increase the rotation and energy level to the torso. Lifting the toes on the back foot will give you a greater understanding of the complete balance and power necessary in the back leg.…


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Episode #3 | Utthita Trikonasana

2006-06-08 :: Byron Miller

In the "Triangle" the torso rolls open, aligning the shoulders with the front leg, while lengthening the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head. Widen the shoulders by extending energy via the arms and fingertips.…


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Episode #2 | Bakasana

2006-05-22 :: Byron Miller

The "Crow" or "Crane" pose requires balance as opposed to brute force. Find the center of your being by engaging the bandhas, to create the awareness of gravity, and the sensation of lightness.…


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Episode #1 | Parivritta Trikonasana

2006-05-01 :: Byron Miller

The revolving version of the triangle is designed to lengthen the spine, spiraling energy and motion from the scarum to the crown of the head.…


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