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Last update: 2014-07-23

Celestia's Box Chapter 2

2014-07-23 :: Noisy Bark

Audiobook Series. The undead are rising - in fact one of them just stood up in front of Petcher Jorous without any clothes on...…


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Celestia's Box Chapter 1

2014-07-15 :: Noisy Bark

Audiobook Series. The Dread Witch Necrelia has landed and her loathsome army is burning and pillaging. Even inside the walls of Trollsbridge, Noweri's second city...…


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Celestia's Box - Noisy Bark

The hordes of Necrelia have landed upon the once peaceful shores of Noweri and the king calls for a champion. Petcher Jorous, the undertaker's son, unexpectedly answers the call. But the sorcery of the dread witch cannot be overcome through mortal means alone; only Celestia's Box can turn the tide...and it has been lost for centuries.

Celestia's Box - Noisy Bark

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