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Last update: 2008-01-17

Two Stupid Texans

Length: 3h 58m 37s

Between Roger Clemens and George W. Bush, we had enough idiotic quotes to choke a dairy cow on this week’s show. Listen and learn, Heide prefers cum and sand on the face over sand in the vag. She claimed to be in a fine mood, but Rhodian knew with a little prodding he could get some rage out of her. The subject of her hissy-fit at the Comedy Shoppe show came up and she had to eat some deliciously sautéed crow. Mark Hamill is okay with Heath Ledger playing Joker in the Dark Knight, and so is Rhodian. The next question is, who’s going to be the next Superman in the Justice League movie? Hopefully Rhodian will like him better than Brandon Routh. Right now all he really cares about is the new Rambo movie coming out this month. We discussed the new biography of Tom Cruise and debated whether it holds any water. We talked about the effects of the writer’s strike on television programs, especially the weird-ass People’s Choice Awards. Late night television takes a dive, with Letterman hitting rock bottom.There was some debate over the hotness of redheads. Heide turns her no-game-having nose up at them. …


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(Radio) War is Senseless

Length: 3h 51m 24s

If you enjoy listening to trainwrecks, then this is the Chaos Radio Show for you. Speaking of trainwrecks, we discussed the teen pregnancy of Miss Jamie Lynn Spears and speculation about the baby daddy. Rockit from the LunaticRadio.com Show joined us after the first break. We spoke to our Israeli correspondent in Philadelphia who to us naughty words in Hebrew. Cringe Humor comedian Josh Goguen called in to the show to say hi and plug his appearance at the Comedy Shoppe with Patrice Oneal. Rockit convinced Rhodian to cross over to the Lunatic side, promising Cheerios and Jack Daniels. Radio war? What radio war? Oh yeah, and we let Cris sneak in a few sports stories: Jim Leyritz’s $600 a night drinking habit, and Isiah Thomas’ promising an NBA championship NEXT SEASON. Cris tried to get a good radio bet going with Rhodian, but Rho had had a little too much of what he was affectionately referring to as “John Daniels” to negotiate anything. Maybe when you can’t pronounce the name of the booze you’re drinkin’…it’s time to slow down. …


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We’re back. (Seriously)

Length: 3h 26m 35s

We’re not kidding this time. Chaos Radio is really back online. Heide, Rhodian, and producer Cris have returned, in all of their foul-mouthed, ball busting glory. We covered the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, with some exclusive audio that may suggest Hannah Montana is responsible for the former Pakistani Prime Minister’s death. Heide bragged about getting her degree and talked about the hot chicks in her WWII simulation class. We blame the victims of the San Francisco tiger attack for their own misfortune. Heide and the boys get in a pointless gender role argument. We also disproved a recent study that says singing birds can make you horny. Turns out canaries aren’t sexy after all. Stand up comedian and Cringe Humor Radio host, Jeremy Schachter, called in to discuss the end of Court tv and its new incarnation as Tru tv. Rhodian managed to get some digs in on Jeremy’s boss Starr Jones during the call. You should check out Jeremy’s website, www.standupjeremy.com to find out all the up and comer is up to. Cris had a great story about his unpleasant run-in with a NYC cabbie this week, and we called his buddy Brent to back him up. Then Rhodian and Heide barely let Cris squeeze in a few sports stories before things degenerated into nonsense. By this time in the show, Rhodian’s nasty Jack Daniels and cranberry juice cocktail had him pretty well in the bag, so things got a little loud. Hear Rhodian’s excitement about the new Rambo flick coming out in January, and exclusive audio of Queen Elizabeth’s latest television address and Pope Palpatine, er…Benedict at midnight xmas mass. Check out our last show of 2007 and the grand reopening of the Chaos Radio Show studio. …


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Radio War over, We Win! Heide craps on herself again.

Length: 3h 58m 25s

Heide discussed her rendezvous across enemy lines, how she jinxed herself by telling a pant-crapping story, and Cris declares Lunatic Radio the losers of the Radio War. Heide’s story inspired Alix, Rhodian, and Cris to share their own urgent poop stories. We heard audio about Michael Vick jerseys being used to clean out dog kennels as details are released about his part in executing innocent lil’ doggies. Cris searched the internet for Herve Villechaize’s artsy black and white porno, but only came up with a ponderous video of one of the late little-man’s live singing performances. We invited our listeners to send fan mail to that wacky guy, Jonathan Lee Riches, who is currently bringing lawsuits against Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Bud Selig…and Hank Aaron’s bat. Alix’s arch-nemesis, Bizarro, called in just to annoy Al. A smelly burping bum tries to hitch a ride with Rhodian, and Cris talks about his intolerance for homosexuality, pissing Heide off, as usual. …


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Length: 4h 16m 2s

So the Radio War continues. Heide was mysteriously absent and we have to wonder if it had something to do with LunaticRadio.com's rant about us last Monday. Of course we don't take kindly to ridicule, so brace yourself for Rhodian's grunts of anger and requests for blood. We tried to do something that resembles a radio show, but we just couldn't get past the RADIO WAR. We reviewed audio of Lunatic Radio's tirade and figured out that they are contradicting themselves. If they are a live internet radio talk show, why do they want to win a podcast award so bad? We break down their pathetic attempt to be recognized by a phony award show. We also touch on Barry Bonds breaking the homerun record, but Alix and Rhodian were too distracted by random boobs and ass in the chat room. By the way, not on this show is the 3 hours of additional time we did after the show was over. You really have to start listening to the show live if you want to get the whole chaos experience. Boobs and ass flooded our webcam chat room. Be there next Friday as this Radio War continues and maybe Heide will back. …



Spanks for the Mamories

Length: 4h 25m 50s

No Heide again this Friday so the boys made another go at doing it without her, while she soaked up the sun in ol' New Mexico. What was supposed to be a clip show, with some of the best moments of Chaos Radio over the last year turned into a breast filled four hour marathon that was most unexpected. We couldn't take our eyes off the chat room as one of our loyal listeners showed us her massive double d's as well as her self ass spanking. It was good too considering we had nothing and for the first time we have to say the chat room actually carried the show. Maybe the chat room isn't as bad as we thought. We also discussed one of Cris' Pug meet up pals getting beat up by her boyfriend, Alix admits his wife used foul ethnic insults in bed and Rhodian comes out about being propositioned at the Lunatic Radio bar night. …


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Introducing the Flux Capacitor

Length: 3h 47m 24s

While Heide was recounting a bit she loved on fellow Cringe Humor Radio program, the Cousin Joe Show, Cris decided it would be a good time to test out Alix’s new and improved shock device on Rhodian. It was much more effective then the oversized Mr. Wizard looking apparatus from last week, but it seemed to deliver more of a burn than a jolt. Later on Alix tried his invention and described the feeling as if both of his arms were being tightly squeezed and taking a hard punch to the chest. Nothing like homemade torture. Hiede revealed her psychic ability to bring death on her enemies and Cousin Joe called in to commiserate. She also spoke of handicapped individual and how he was the bane of her existence, which prompted the creation of horny retard Heide. Everything seemed to take a back seat when we found out that Cris was the double dutch champion two years running at his elementary school. He explained that it was his only way to avoid daily beatings from grade school “schwoogie” thugs. All that plus we provide some in-depth analysis on some top news stories. From a filthy Long Island house full of piss and shit to the rat infested KFC in Manhattan’s West Village, they sure do rat… errr … chicken right. …


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Chaos Radio Show

Three distinct personalities talk about every subject imaginable but they specialize in making their listeners cringe. With topics from fetish porn to zombie invasions, the trio usually delivers the most shocking points of view imaginable. In a nutshell, Chaos Radio is explicit talk, comedy, sex, horror, and pop culture for adults only.

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