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Last update: 2012-06-07


2012-06-07 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 33s

Discrimination is a big issue at the moment - especially when it comes to men and women being discriminated against in the workplace and at university. What about so called "positive" discrimination? Is all discrimination just discrimination?…


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Freedom of Expression

2012-05-31 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 35s

Yes, we're talking about freedom of expression once again because it's always a hot topic. Should you be allowed to joke about blowing up airports on Twitter? Of course you should!…


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Profiling Terrorists

2012-05-24 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 26s

Sam Harris recently suggested that we should only target people who look like they might be terrorists (young men, including himself), as every minute spent searching a child or an infirm senior citizen is a minute wasted by airport security. But would this approach work? No. But it's not quite as simple as no; the answer will take 26 minutes to fully explain.…


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Evolution of Religion

2010-10-15 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 33s

Are religions currently experiencing a rapid rate of change or have they been changing at this pace throughout history?…


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Pope's Visit

2010-10-08 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 30s

With the Pope recently having visited the UK, Chris is joined by Norman and George to discuss it (though most of the discussion focuses on their recent trip to Europe given they were out of the country when the Pope actually visited).…


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Star Trek

2010-03-05 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 30s

Come on, it was bound to happen eventually. Which was the greatest series? Who was the best captain? (You don't even need to listen to find out who that is, because it's obviously Picard of course). All these questions and more will be answered.…


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2010-02-26 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 30s

With the recent controversy over Leeds University Union banning the Atheist Society's screening of Fitna, the guests discuss the film and the wider implications for freedom of speech.…


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2010-02-19 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 30s

One of the great things about the podcast is that it covers wide ranging topics that everyone can relate to - such as travel. It's not like it was just us sat round discussing holiday plans. Now in double the bit rate too!…


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2009-12-11 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 30s

Healthcare is a major voting issue in elections and has produced some interesting results in recent times and people standing up for the NHS.…


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The Right Wing

2009-12-04 :: Chris Worfolk
Length: 30s

The right wing have made significant ground in recent times with the BNP gaining two seats in the European Parliament. Is this a fleeting trend or something bigger? Are the left wing any better?…


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The Past 9 Months

Length: 30m 15s

Free thoughts for 27 November 2009…


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Be Nice to Muslims Day

Length: 31m 17s

Free thoughts for 20 February 2009…


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Length: 30m 42s

Free thoughts for 13 February 2009…


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Chris Worfolk's Podcast

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Chris Worfolk's Podcast

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