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Last update: 2013-06-16

Episode 185 - Biological ethics, meta-ethics, descriptive ethics, and the problem of shoulds

Length: 2s


Introduction To Objectivist Epistemology
The Virtue Of Selfishness
Philosophy: Who Needs It


Heiko's channel
FDR thread started by Marc

Non-Violent Communication With Kelly Bryson

Succinct overview of nonviolent communication

The Renegade Variety Hour - http://therenegadevarietyhour.com/
podcast - http://therenegadevarietyhour.podomatic.com/

Bumper music "Come Along" by Vicci Martinez Feat. Cee Lo Green


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Episode 184 - Sacrificial group morals versus free market mutual gains and fairness

Length: 1s

Guests Mark from http://reasonup.net/ and Scott from http://redpillplanet.com/

Moderating the Dark Side of Emotional Morality with the Bright Side of Market Morality by Dwight R. Lee

Reason, self-interest, and free market trade are aligned, without sacrifice

Can Expectations Save Communism? by Bryan Caplan

The Power of the State versus the Power of Love by Robert Higgs

My guest appearance on the Freedom Lovin Podcast:

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Episode 183 - Moving beyond domination culture

Length: 51s

Guests Mark of http://reasonup.net/ and Scott

Ethics has predominantly been an externally imposed, or extrinsic, motivator for humans--thus revealing its problems

Beyond Good and Evil: Marshall Rosenberg On Creating a Nonviolent World


Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human by Richard Wrangham



Anger, Guilt and Shame: Reclaiming Power And Choice by Liv Larsson


bumper music "Liberation" by Ziggi Recado

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Episode 182 - Authority and compliance, parenting ethics roundtable

Length: 58s


Nonviolent communication, or nvc
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1

It can be challenging to learn a language of life and not fall back on past parenting scripts

An ethics based on needs, empathy, and compassionate connection can foster a free society

3-week nvc teleconference - http://a-path-with-heart.net

It's key to distinguish actual feelings from moralistic judgments of self and others
http://www.logicallearning.net/ResponsibilityForFeelings.mp3 (10min clip by Rosenberg)


Conflict happens on the level of strategies, not needs (which are universal)


bumper music "I Love Being A Parent" by Jeff Foxworthy
"Parents Just Don't Understand" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


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Episode 181 - The nature of the good life

Length: 57s

April 13-14 nvc conference in Oxnard, CA

Two Beers With Steve Podcast (with Brett and me)

"The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live." - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Richard Carrier on Morality (part 4 of 6)
Richard Carrier on Morality (part 5 of 6)
Richard Carrier on Morality (part 6 of 6)

Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes

universal human needs
universal human feelings


Ongoing 3-week nvc teleconference - http://a-path-with-heart.net

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Episode 180 - The nature of human fallibility, rightness and wrongness

Length: 1s

Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison

Unfortunately, most of modern philosophy spends time in the realm of the nonobjective


My Years With Ayn Rand by Nathaniel Branden

Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong

In our own image and likeness

Damon Horowitz calls for a "moral operating system"

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Episode 179 - Libertarian ethics and the meme of sacrifice

Length: 1s



Troubled Family Life Changes Kids' Brains by Ian Chant

Whenever the "common good" is put above the individual good, human beings get sacrificed. Thus, by upholding what's best for individuals (i.e., respecting their freedoms), the "good" of society (i.e., of a group of individuals) is fostered

The Science of Libertarian Morality - A social psychology study explores the formation of the libertarian personality by Ronald Bailey




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Episode 178 - Philosophy of ethics and morality

Length: 49s

Upcoming nvc conference in SoCal in April

Bali drugs: Death sentence for Briton Lindsay Sandiford

Freedom--An Ethical Issue


Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology by Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, Harry Binswanger


I invite you to participate in an eight-week counseling group (each weekly session will be 1.5hrs)--please email me at wes@happinesscounseling.com, and we'll fine-tune the program.

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Episode 177 - Discussion of nonviolent communication-inspired parenting conference

Length: 1s

I interview Stephanie Bachmann Mattei, Ph.D.

The Parenting Matters TeleConference
Thursday, January 24 - Monday, January 28, 2013
Presented by the NVC Academy and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Are you playing the role of "good parent"?

It's vital to look at the needs underlying human behavior



FDR2268 Parenting for a Peaceful World - A Conversation with Robin Grille

Please feel free to join Brett's redesigned site!





my recent guest appearance...
Episode 11: The End of the World

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Episode 176 - Skepticism and libertarianism

Length: 1s

182: Logic Saves Lives Part 8 - Cognitive Distortions and Cognitive Restructuring

Self Empathy: Empower Yourself this Holiday Season! by Mary Mackenzie and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

The economics of xmas

Anarchism as skepticism

Shermer's interview with DJ Grothe

show covering The Theory of Moral Sentiments

The Nature Of Present Government
Capitalism And Current Political Views
Laissez-faire, A More Enlightened View Of Capitalism—And Its Contradictions

an inspiring presentation by Peter Diamondis... (~200MB download)


consider being in a group for self-exploration and inner healing...

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Episode 175 - The keys to complete liberty

Length: 2s


Opting Out of the State by Sheldon Richman


learn about the statist legal matrix...

Those working for the coercive organization called "government" also have a need to respect others--which the nature of their organization demands that they sacrifice

Nonviolent Communication Live With Marshall Rosenberg - Session 1 - Oct 4th 2011 - CNVC.org
Nonviolent Communication Live With Marshall Rosenberg - Session 2 - Oct 26th 2011 - CNVC.org
Marshall Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication - CNVC.org


Paul Chappell Talk On Waging Peace
Talk - Dahr Jamail - Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan

Please email me if you'd like to participate in an upcoming group:

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Episode 174 - Breaking Free, part seven

Length: 57s

Tom de Lorenzo's new book New World Rising: The quest for human freedom in the 21st century
Tzo's STR archives

School Sucks Podcast
167: Logic Saves Lives Part 5 - The Stolen Concept
168: Breaking Free
169: Carrots and Sticks Roundtable With Mark Edge and Ian Freeman

Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden

The Questions:

1. Were you encouraged to be open in the expression of your emotions and desires? Or were your parents' behavior and manner of treating you such as to make you fear emotional self-assertiveness and openness, or to regard it as inappropriate?

Nonviolent Communication Live With Marshall Rosenberg - Session 1 - Oct 4th 2011 - CNVC.org
Nonviolent Communication Live With Marshall Rosenberg - Session 2 - Oct 26th 2011 - CNVC.org
Marshall Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication - CNVC.org

2. Did your parents' manner of dealing with you tend to develop and strengthen your sense of your masculinity or femininity? Or to frustrate and diminish it? Or neither?

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Episode 173 - Breaking Free, part six

Length: 32s

Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden

The Questions:

1. Did your parents respect your intellectual and physical privacy?

2. Did your parents project that what a person made of his life, and what you specifically made of your life, was important?

3. Did your parents encourage in you a fear of the world, a fear of other people? Or were you encouraged to face the world with an attitude of relaxed, confident benevolence? Or neither?

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Episode 172 - Breaking Free, part five

Length: 50s

Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden

The Questions:

1. Was it your parents' practice to punish you or discipline you by striking or beating you?

2. Did your parents project that they believed in your basic goodness? Or did they project that they saw you as bad or worthless or evil?

3. Did your parents project that they believed in your intellectual and creative potentialities? Or did they project that they saw you as mediocre or stupid or inadequate?

4. In your parents' expectations concerning your behavior and performance, did they take cognizance of your knowledge, needs, interest and context? Or were you confronted by expectations and demands that were overwhelming and beyond your ability to satisfy?

Please download this very helpful 14page PDF about nonviolent communication:

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Episode 171 - Breaking Free, part four

Length: 48s


Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden

The Questions:

1. Did your parents treat you with respect?
Were your thoughts, needs, and feelings given consideration?
Was your dignity as a human being acknowledged?
When you expressed ideas or opinions, were they treated seriously?
Where your likes and dislikes treated seriously? (Not necessarily agreed with or acceded to, but nonetheless treated seriously?)
Were your desires treated thoughtfully and respectfully?

2. Did you feel that you were psychologically visible to your parents? Did you feel real to them?
Did your parents seem to make a genuine, thoughtful effort to understand you?
Did your parents seem authentically interested in you as a person?
Could you talk to your parents about issues of importance and receive interested, meaningful understanding from them?

3. Did you feel loved and valued by your parents, in the sense that you experienced yourself as a source of pleasure to them? Or did you feel unwanted, perhaps a burden? Or did you feel hated? Or did you feel you were simply an object of indifference?

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Episode 170 - Breaking Free, part three

Length: 44s

The Questions:

1. Were you encouraged to think independently, to develop your critical faculty? Or were you taught to be obedient rather than mentally active and questioning?
Did your parents project that it was more important to conform to what other people believed than to discover what is true?
When your parents wanted you to do something, did they appeal to your understanding and give you reasons for their request? Or did they communicate in effect, "Do it because I say so"?

2. Did you feel free to express your views openly without fear of punishment?

3. Did your parents communicate their disapproval of your thoughts, desires, or behavior by means of humor, teasing, or sarcasm?

I invite you to participate in an eight-week therapy group of at least five persons (each weekly session will be 1.5hrs)--please email me at wes@happinesscounseling.com, and we'll fine-tune the program.

Anarcho-Syndicalism: A Recipe for Ruin by Daniel James Sanchez

Links to the CLP series on Unconditional Parenting here...

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Episode 169 - Nature of human consciousness and effects of religion on children

Length: 1s


Spiritually can be viewed as increasing awareness of one's inner and outer worlds

There are no contradictions in objective reality

Less knowledge and less awareness diminish one's range of choice

What Happens to Consciousness When We Die by Michael Sermer



Some podcasts about religion by Stefan Molyneux
FDR70 - How To Control a Human Soul
FDR1036 - God, Family, Bible
FDR1728 - Frankly Faithless: An Interview with the Thinking Atheist - The son of two prominent theologians, and a former star of Christian radio, talks about the social, professional, and moral challenges of losing God, and finding himself...

Religion by Jim Davies

If you're interested in self-healing and self-growth via group therapy:

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Episode 168 - Individual challenges in a religious culture

Length: 1s

Guests Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com/live and http://youtube.com/schoolsuckspodcast and Jeremy from http://ultimatefreedomquest.com and http://internetbusinessmastery.com



Nate Phelps took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything Q&A


"public school" is the church of the state

one key challenge is to maintain your curiosity in a culture that stifles it (via such things as rewards and punishments)



The Hopelessness of Atheism


The Internet Where religions come to die


bumper music "Touched By The Hand Of God" by New Order

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Episode 167 - Breaking free, part two

Length: 1s

Some points of light in the mainstream...

Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden

The Questions:

1. Did your parents deal with you fairly and justly? Did your parents resort to threats in order to control your behavior--either threats of immediate punitive action on their part, or threats in terms of long-range consequences for your life, or threats of supernatural punishments, such as going to hell? Were you praised when you performed well? Or merely criticized when you performed badly? Were your parents willing to admit it when they were wrong? Or was it against their policy to concede that they were wrong?

2. Did your parents' behavior and manner of dealing with you tend to produce guilt in you?

3. Did your parents' behavior and manner of dealing with you tend to produce fear in you?

4. Did your parents project that it was desirable for you to think well of yourself, to have self-esteem? Or were you cautioned against valuing yourself, and encouraged to be humble?

5. Did your parents encourage you in the direction of having a healthy affirmative attitude toward sex and toward your own body? Or a negative attitude? Or neither?

I invite you to participate in an eight-week therapy group of at least five persons (each weekly session will be 1.5hrs)--please email me at wes@happinesscounseling.com, and we'll fine-tune the program. Here is the information page:

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Episode 166 - Mortality and atheism, nature and effects of religious beliefs

Length: 1s

Guests Daniel from http://warisimmoral.com and Katie from MI and the G+hangout

Why Atheists Laugh at Religion - http://youtu.be/6H9BuxeNro0

Sacrifice is inherent in domination institutions
Using reason to deny reason is the nature of supernaturalism


Religions as philosophies of death...

Grief Beyond Belief - How Atheists Are Dealing With Death

Borat Mr Jesus (exorcisado) - http://youtu.be/1u6e4MWpTIQ


Just like with statism, religion never really allows individuals to grow up; some "authority" over one's own mind is assumed


Return To Paradise - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0124595/



Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree - Trailer - http://youtu.be/v-wU90WAPgM



An Issue Of Mortality (from The Psychology Of Liberty)

Who Kills More, Religion or Atheism?

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeSSwKffj9o

bumper music "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" by Coldplay

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Episode 165 - Breaking Free, part one

Length: 1s

Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden

The Questions:

1. When you were a child, did your parents' manner of behaving and of dealing with you give you the impression that you were living in a world that was rational, predictable, and intelligible? Or a world that was bewildering, contradictory, incomprehensible, unknowable?

2. Were you taught the importance of learning to think, the importance of developing your mind, the importance of becoming a rational being? Did your parents provide you with intellectual stimulation and convey the idea that the use of your mind can be an exciting pleasure?


Explore your subconscious emotional psychology

Participate in my group therapy program:

"Parents most potent tool of teaching is through example" N.B.

bumper music "Waltz in C-sharp minor" by Frederic Chopin

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Episode 164 - The parallels of statism and religion, liberating your mind

Length: 2s

Guests Kevin from http://freedomlovin.com and http://healthymindfitbody.com and Michael from SoCal

Libertopia videos are available

Yet another rights-violating statist courthouse, despite its PR claims

The Police State Is Here by Tim Kelly

Who Is Most Likely to Oppose Totalitarianism? by Robert Higgs

Kev's HS religious memes

What do you do when a truth--a new truth to you--conflicts with your belief system?

143: Logic Saves Lives Part 1 - Foundation, Attitudes and Values

Get a mental software (wetware:) upgrade and explore your subconscious emotional psychology

How Critical Thinkers Lose Their Faith in God by Daisy Grewal

Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism
from: The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig


Maxed-out or abundance? Paul Gilding, Peter Diamandis debate

bumper music "God" by John Lennon

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Episode 163 - Religious memes injurious to health and well-being

Length: 1s

Guests Stephanie from http://porctherapy.com and http://freetalklive.com and Mary from the G+ complete liberty nvc weekend hangout (and youtube links below)

The Statist Matrix by Mary Vandenberg
Statist Matrix-part1- speech
Statist Matrix- part2speech-part1 of discussion
3 statist matrix part 2ofdiscussion
4 statist matrix part 3of discussion

Why Do So Many Believers Think Atheists Are Worse Than Rapists? Looking for answers at the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C. by Ronald Bailey

A Transcript of Freedomain Radio Podcast 70: “The Parable of the Apple – or, How to control a human soul...” by Stefan Molyneux
also in the book Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love by Stefan Molyneux

Joe has encountered quite a few haunted people, though no haunted places:

As adults, it's vital that we process our childhood trauma, so that we don't continue costly cycles

The Ways Of An Atheist by Bernard Katz

Episode covering the barbaric practice of circumcision

Disproving God by Cristina Rad

May flowers and...

Defending the Undefendable: The Pimp, Prostitute, Scab, Slumlord, Libeler, Moneylender, and Other Scapegoats in the Rogue’s Gallery of American Society by Walter Block


A Woman's Self-Esteem: Struggles And Triumphs In The Search For Identity by Nathaniel Branden



Who Are the Raelians, and Why Are They Naked?

Interview with Robert Price, aka The Bible Geek

bumper music "Bad Religion" by Godsmack

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Episode 162 - Atheism, religious violence and dogma, importance of logic and human needs

Length: 1s

Atheism: A New Strategy. Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, US - Sean Faircloth

Lobbying (religious or otherwise) is not the problem; "government" is the problem

Killing for a Book by Lauryn Oates

"Faith and force are...corollaries: every period of history dominated by mysticism, was a period of statism, of dictatorship, of tyranny." A.R.

A system designed to maim women into submission by Lauryn Oates

We Won't Be Silent!

starting at 39:15, caller tells her story of stopping courtroom "proceeding" and walking out when her questions about standing weren't addressed.

The Price of Atheism by John Stossel
Price of Atheism — 20/20 piece « Atheist Asshole
The Price of Atheism | MilkandCookies

Human minds don't need to "submit" or "be saved"--but they do need self-esteem and life-enriching connections
Every person is born naturally atheistic and anarchistic

Thunderf00t -Westboro Baptist Church (full interview)

How should I respond to my young child's doubts about God?


Omniscience, omnipotence, and infallibility are invalid concepts
In Our Own Image And Likeness

Core Values by Glen Allport

Universal human needs

bumper music "Patch Of Light" by Dogma

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Episode 161 - The nature of religious memes and conceptualization

Length: 57s

The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad

No matter what or who you believe, you can't escape relying on your own judgment



John Cleese Podcast #32: The Scientist at Work
John Cleese Podcast #33: The Brain Explained

#TL05AB: Anthropomorphism and Related Phenomena by Frederick Mann


bumper music "Guru Mantra (feat. Marti Nikko)" by DJ Drez

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Episode 160 - History of anarchism, civilized voluntaryism, uncivilized statism

Length: 1s

Anarchy: The Unknown Ideal by Bionic Mosquito

Who Owns What? by Paul Hein


The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia by James C. Scott - Reviewer: Thomas J. Thompson

The World’s First Paleo-Libertarians by Carl Close

Hunters-Gatherers: The Original Libertarians by Thomas Mayor

A universal human needs vocabulary is essential for communicating compassionately and achieving a free society:
A couple very informative audio interviews about NVC:
w/ Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC (76mins)
w/ Jorge Rubio, an NVC trainer (40mins)

Anarchy, Monopoly, and Predation by Peter T. Leeson

30 Signs That The United States Of America Is Being Turned Into A Giant Prison by Michael Snyder

Illegal Everything by John Stossel
John Stossel's Illegal Everything - http://youtu.be/nBiJB8YuDBQ

Pete and Ademo's sites:
You can get informed of the legal "case" (no standing) brought against Ademo and help him here:

bumper music "Acid Tribe" by Zetan Spore

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Episode 159 - Governmental regulation inducing suffering unto death

Length: 1s

Guest Stephanie from http://porctherapy.com and http://freetalklive.com
her guest appearance on Healthy Mind Fit Body Podcast:


stem cell story about human eggs...

Reversal of type 1 diabetes via islet b cell regeneration following immune modulation by cord blood-derived multipotent stem cells

oldest known person (from France) lived to 122 1/2...

The Truly Staggering Cost Of Inventing New Drugs by Matthew Herper

patents are a coercive monopoly granted by the State
duplicating things in the marketplace doesn't violate property rights (see CL podcast episodes 89-99)

Bellevue Inside Out documentary film

the legalized coercive monopolies of government, such as the FDA, have NO property rights jurisdiction; they're based on the collectivistic premise of communism

an idea predominant in the EU

Why Government Doesn't Work by Harry Browne

How Big Pharma Undermined Medical Innovation for Financial Gain by Avik Roy

what the FDA spokesperson has to say about this coercive organization...

A Culture Of Controlling Malicious Timidity by Reason

Benevolence. Ingenious. Life.

Liberty Cruise 2.0!

bumper music "Fraud" by Dextems

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Episode 158 - Roots of compliance, effecting societal change

Length: 34s

Since when did obedience become the epitome of good parenting? by Annalisa Barbieri

Is the common aim of parenting to raise compliant children?
"The need for autonomy doesn't vanish because kids have been cowed into doing what they're told." A.Kohn


Response to: Parenting on Facebook by Oliver Heuler

Achieving a Permanent Change in Society by Debbie Harbeson

Re-education via The Online Freedom Academy

Though we don't have justice today, when our desires for freedom are perceived as demands by those in government, achieving justice becomes less likely. Speaking compassionately will help us start getting everyone's needs met.

Rant Farm's Podcast Episode 7

Explore the future of our longevity...

bumper music "Society" by Eddie Vedder

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Episode 157 - The shrugging of atlas, and the welfare state

Length: 29s

Corporations are manifestations of statism

Ayn Rand explicated the non-aggression principle quite clearly


'Atlas Shrugged Part 2' Timed to Hit Screens Just Before Presidential Election

do we really need to surrender to "authority" in order to survive?...

bumper music "Sentinel" by VNV Nation

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Episode 156 - Liberty getaway cruise 2011, voting debate

Length: 1s

Stefan Molyneux's site:

Mark Edge's site:

and yours truly's

An article by Jim Davies about Ron Paul's agenda (http://ronpaul2012.com)
about Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign by Jim Davies
Raise the Drawbridge! by Jim Davies
Ron's War on Drugs by Jim Davies

New Hampshire activism options (both inside and outside the coercive system)

Further reading on the USC...
No Treason No. VI. The Constitution of No Authority

bumper music "Suffrage" by Matthias Adler

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Episode 155 - Liberty getaway cruise 2011, nonviolent communication principles

Length: 1s

and its five branches:

Passing moral judgment (on oneself and others) tends to diminish the ability of getting one's needs met, because it represents an unexpressed (or poorly expressed) need

Were there any "noble savages"? Definitely no noble States
Science Saturday: War of the Doves (Robert Wright & John Horgan)
Science Saturday: War and Peace (John Horgan & Steven Pinker)
Science Saturday: The Anthropology of War (John Horgan & Brian Ferguson)


Triggering fear, guilt, and shame in others tends to engender diminished good will and empathy; nonviolent communication tends to engender increased good will and empathy

To live in a world in which people only do those things that they truly want to do will entail a psychological (and political) paradigm shift

bumper music "Something Very Pure" by Mystical Sun

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Episode 154 - Unconditional parenting, part fifteen

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover the Appendix - Parenting Styles: The Relevance of Culture, Class, and Race in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Love is both a feeling and a need
Collectivistic cultures tend to minimize or even disfavor self-interest and self-actualization, which leads to repressed feelings, e.g., of resentment and depression

When parents spank children, they inflict pain and induce fear in them, i.e., fear of parental "authority," which sends a really confused and contradictory message to them about their own individuality and choice--and it perversely mixes notions of love with violence. Basically, violating the rights of children doesn't help them flourish.

Lenient parenting methods are just as lopsided as punitive parenting methods. They don't teach children respectful ways to express feelings and get needs met, while meeting the needs of others. It's important for parents to express their feelings in relation to their unmet needs, and be advocates for getting their needs met as much as children do.

Many thanks to Alfie Kohn for putting such a book of useful information about parenting into the world. May the memes of unconditional parenting spread far and wide, so that adults learn that there are life-enriching, win/win ways to get needs met in families, and children therefore grow up healthy and happy. :)

Youth Voices on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution

Marshall Rosenberg 6-09 When Authority Destroys Creativity from NVC Training Course

bumper music "Joyful Wonder" by Ott

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Episode 153 - Reflections on Libertopia 2011

Length: 1s




promoting intrinsic motivation: trust children, and they will learn...

no matter who you vote for, politics (government) always wins



Taking on the California DMV

Parenting with Naomi Aldort - S.A.L.V.E. Formula

Five Principles of Libertopia
1. All actions should be peaceful and voluntary
2. Honor the self
3. Rule yourself
4. Live and let live

5. Community of Spontaneous Order

by Larry Ludlow...

bumper music "California" by Semisonic

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Episode 152 - Unconditional parenting, part fourteen

Length: 47s

In this episode I cover the second half of Chapter Ten: The Child's Perspective in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn


An assortment of helpful nonviolent communication resources I've compiled (2MB download of PDFs)

Our culture has a tough time with the idea of self-centeredness, similar to the notion of selfishness; Ayn Rand helped clarify:

You are your highest value, first and foremost, which enables you to see others as their own highest value--thus, neither sacrificing oneself to others, nor others to oneself
A world of selfless people is not one in which people are getting their needs met

A profound way to explore your inner-self, especially your child-self--The Art Of Self-Discovery


bumper music "A New World" by Antinomie
couldn't find link; closest site - http://www.myspace.com/nemystic

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Episode 151 - Unconditional parenting, part thirteen

Length: 55s

Agora I/O - the online liberty unconference...

Libertopia - an annual festival of peace, freedom, music, community and ideas that will change the World...a 3-day celebration of our individuality and diversity in sunny San Diego...

In this episode I cover the first half of Chapter Ten: The Child's Perspective in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Happiness is our highest moral purpose, so it's vital to know what it objectively requires
Out-of-context happiness (e.g., ignoring the ills of statism) is just as disconnected from one's true self as the unhappiest depression

Punitive parenting and punitive governmental actions tragically go hand in hand

The commonly misunderstood ethical terms...

At a bare minimum, parents need to convey to their kids the extreme importance and sanctity of their persons and property, i.e., the nature of respecting individual rights in society

In a free society, everyone can be productive; "competition" is merely people bringing various values to the marketplace

bumper music "Let There Be Light" by Astral Projection

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Episode 150 - Unconditional parenting, part twelve

Length: 51s

In this episode I cover the second half of Chapter Nine: Choices For Children in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Taking responsibility is greatly diminished in those who administer punishments, since they commonly blame the disobedient person who's being punished as "bringing it on themselves" or "choosing" to be punished

Whenever what we want comes across as a demand (rather than a request), we tend to pay a price psychologically and socially in terms of getting our needs met

As humans, we all have the same needs:
And feelings are universal as well:

The all-too-commom process of parents telling children what to do and when to do it, such as eating and sleeping, greatly hinders the process of children learning to take responsibility for their own basic functions as growing human beings; and, it doesn't meet their needs for respect and autonomy (among other needs)

Check out the facets of whole-life unschooling...
http://www.unschooling.info/ ; http://www.unschooling.org/ ; http://www.holtgws.com/whatisunschoolin.html
Dayna Martin: What is Radical Unschooling?

Ian Freeman's thorough overview of the NH CD liberty activism

bumper music "Sunrise" by trance[]control

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Episode 149 - Unconditional parenting, part eleven

Length: 48s

In this episode I cover the first half of Chapter Nine: Choices For Children in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Even if you're not a parent who is frustrated about how to deal with kids so that your own needs are met, it's key to get in touch with your child-self, so that you can focus on life-enriching, respectful interactions that are essentially win/win with children

Using operant and classical conditioning on children (and adults) basically prevents them from becoming mature human beings, beings that are self-actualized, self-confident, self-respecting, independent and happy; "pop behaviorism" disconnects us from our feelings and needs, treating us as nonconceptual creatures to be punished or bribed instead of reasoned with

Children are volitional, conceptual beings, in contrast to other primates (and all other organisms)
Homo Sapiens: The Rational Animal
The Crucial Faculty Of Choice

Statism is a recapitulation of the coercive family environment, in which kids' need for respect isn't met (among many other needs)

Domination language and domination structures thwart our need for autonomy and foster widespread coercion and hypocrisy

As humans, we all have the same needs: 

The Secret Of Childhood by Maria Montessori

bumper music "Chasing The Sun" by Ryan Farish

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Episode 148 - Unconditional parenting, part ten

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover the second half of Chapter Eight: Love Without Strings Attached in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

The process of administering rewards and punishments doesn't treat individuals as equals; authoritarian power imbalances are inherent

Sound property rights enable jurisdiction, whereas "public property" enables constant injustices by the coercive (and communistic) monopoly of statist police and courts

About Ian Freeman's unjust incarceration and the nature of the system of injustice...

The practice of self-acceptance is a key component of self-esteem, of embracing one's fundamental worthiness, being fit to exist
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

Unschooling: What is Deschooling?

"Authority," given its unreasonable nature, will never respect reason and choice in individuals

Info about unschooling and John Holt's books...

bumper music "Nothing Left To Give" by Sarah McLachlan

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Episode 147 - Unconditional parenting, part nine

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover the first half of Chapter Eight: Love Without Strings Attached in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Some of Ayn Rand's views on love...

Life is what you make of it; your sense of life essentially colors your experiences yet doesn't alter objective reality; no one's needs ought to be sacrificed in the process of living happily

Nonviolent communication is truly a language of life, essential for adults and children--for families

Instead of offer criticism, strive to complain effectively...

Helpful and comprehensive psychotherapeutic workbook to compassionately connect you with your own child-self, among other subconscious facets: The Art Of Self-Discovery

Peace Talks Radio interview with Jorge Rubio, an NVC trainer (40mins)

You're welcome to join the Complete Liberty fb fan page:

Nonviolent communication thread...
Open NVC Sessions...

bumper music "Do you do you love me" by Nina

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Episode 146 - Unconditional parenting, part eight

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover Chapter Seven: Principles Of Unconditional Parenting in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

bringing parents and children together...

Parental rationalizations for coercing children are quite similar to governmental rationalizations for coercing "citizens"

we are fallible beings, so making mistakes is a natural part of life

"Children construct a theory about their own motives based in part on our assumptions about their motives, and then they act accordingly: 'You think I'm just plain bad and need to be controlled all the time? Fine. Watch me act as though you're right.'" Kohn p.211

"We can help kids to develop good values by treating them as though they were already motivated by those values. They thereby come to believe what's best about themselves and live up to our trust in them." Kohn p.213

It's clear that parents need to learn the process of nonviolent communication, so they can foster win/win, life-enriching interactions with children, in which no one's needs are sacrificed


some post-porcfest 2011 details...
NSP - Jul 2, 2011 - Co-host: JT & Guests: Sovereign Curtis and Calvin

bumper music "Voyager" by Antinomie (couldn't find link)

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Episode 145 - Steve Jobs, Apple, producers vs governments

Length: 2s


Secrets From Apple's Genius Bar: Full Loyalty, No Negativity


Video: Jobs Pitches New ‘Mothership’ to Approving Cupertino City Council | Epicenter | Wired.com

The question that must be asked of those in "city governments" (or any is "government") is: what would you do in a free market, in the absence of your coercive organization?
And how can liberty activists help them answer that important question?

The pervasive distrust in humans to make beneficial and helpful choices for themselves and others is directly reflected in conditional parenting tactics and the various rewards and punishments of operant conditioning in families, in schools, and in all governmental systems

Take Action! - Fight Aging!

For The New Intellectual by Ayn Rand

bumper music "Revolution" by The Beatles
http://www.beatles.com/  http://www.myspace.com/thebeatles

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Episode 144 - Unconditional parenting, part seven

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover Chapter Six: What Holds Us Back in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

We learn various costly ways of conditional and controlling parenting via:

-What we see and hear, especially from our family and friends and advice from media figures and doctors

-What we believe, especially societal views of children in terms of their perceived lack of capabilities and the widespread acceptance of control through competition, conformity, punishment, religion, and notions of parenting permissiveness, authoritativeness, and authoritarianism

-What we feel, in terms of projecting our own emotions and behaviors on kids stemming from our own unmet needs from childhood and the myriad psychological defenses arising from them

-What we fear, such as inadequacy, incompetence, powerlessness, being judged by others, our children's safety, and fears of babying and permissiveness, all of which can foster parental behavior that doesn't meet kids' vital needs

Being dissociated from and disowning of one's own child-self is central to not meeting the needs of children and not having authentic and joyful interactions with them

Patience and empathy foster win/win, life-enriching relationships with children

Punishment for violating governmental "laws" is a near perfect reflection of the punishment model of parenting

Mind sacrifice entails the surrender of one's own reasoning ability to allegedly higher authorities

Parenting with carrot-and-stick manipulation, either on one end or the other--or the so-called "just right" approach--disconnects both parents and kids from what's alive in them, their true reasoning selves, and their feeling and needs

Adults' unmet needs from childhood, if not examined, understood, and dealt with, can lead to many costly strategies to get them met, particularly as parents
11 Situations in Which it Is Not Appropriate for You to Have Children by Daniel Mackler

Placing "limits" on kids often means not letting them develop the essential skill of determining their own limits--so that they can be responsible and self-governing

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

Open NVC Sessions...

bumper music "Set Theory" by Divider (unable to find link)

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Episode 143 - Unconditional parenting, part six

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover Chapter Five: Pushed To Succeed in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

"Pop behaviorism" or operant conditioning implements punishments and rewards as a way to get people to do things--in violation of voluntary interaction and property rights

The essence of statism arises from authoritarianism in the family, denying children's needs for respect and choice (among other needs, such as emotional and intellectual honesty) and appealing to extrinsic motivators rather than intrinsic motivation and reason

A useful resource to learn about the so-called educational system, among other important things

George Carlin - "Proud parents" bumper stickers

John Holt and the world of unschooling, which is respectful of learners

Being free to make your own choices (instead of capitulating to others' demands) promotes intrinsic motivation and thus self-actualization--which will foster a vibrant, prosperous society

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

Open NVC Sessions...

2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH

bumper music "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" by the Allman Brothers

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Episode 142 - Human farming and Ask The Anarchist Podcast

Length: 1s

Governments try to prevent individuals from making their own choices, such as where they travel and what work they do--branding individuals with passports and visas facilitates controlling them

Nation-states are human farms, which indoctrinate their "livestock" in memes of obedience, submissiveness, and fear of punishment, so that economic parasitism is seen as necessary and proper

Lack of trust in individuals is a main reason we have statism, and it's self-perpetuating
In contrast, parenting that meets the needs of children--for respect, choice, autonomy, and love--enables a society to flourish without desires for coercion and punishment, i.e., without people trying to control others via government

A life proper to a human being requires getting one's need met for justice (among many vital needs)

New podcast by my friend Joey Hill, hosted at http://cafelibertalia.com

(death by government)
(the myth of national defense)
(center for nonviolent communication)

bumper music "Fear Of Domination" by Fear Of Domination

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Share: Episode 142 - Human farming and Ask The Anarchist Podcast

Episode 141 - Unconditional parenting, part five

Length: 38s

In this episode I cover Chapter Four: Punitive Damages in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

The jail and prison system is a case study in punitive damages, wreaking havoc on individuals and our culture

Punishment is inimical to individual life and well-being; though it's used as a costly way to control others and "teach them a lesson," it can never foster respect and self-esteem

Government is simply a manifestation of the punishment model used by parents carried into the public realm; those in government have no property rights jurisdiction (they are neither property owners nor voluntarily chosen--i.e., hired--agents of property owners)

Punishment by parents directly undermines a loving relationship with children, sabotaging both trust and respect

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Episode 140 - Unconditional parenting, part four

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover Chapter Three: Too Much Control in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Australia to refund royalty increases under mine tax (whatever that means)
Protectionism and taxation are based on economic fallacies as well as legal and ethical falsehoods
What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard

Many parents act as if children "don't deserve" an equal amount of respect as adults

it's important to distinguish requests from demands...
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 2.5

ultimately, we can't make anyone do anything; we can only make them wish they had...
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.6

Meeting children's need for self-esteem (self-confidence and self-respect) enables parents to lessen their own frustration and get their own needs met
External control and demands and lack of trust don't work, and they are harmful to self-regulation, among other vital needs

Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori

Open NVC Sessions...

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

bumper music "Another Beat" by trance[]control

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Episode 139 - Unconditional parenting, part three

Length: 1s

In this episode I cover Chapter Two: Giving And Withholding Love in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Time out from positive reinforcement is a widespread form of love withdrawal

Making children suffer in order to get different behavior from them begets more of itself, and it definitely prepares them for the coercive world of statism

The Condition Of Modern Psychology (explicating many of the ills of behaviorism and lack of philosophical understanding)

My Years with Ayn Rand - A powerful myth-shattering memoir about one of the twentieth century's most controversial figures

Rewards are largely ineffective at improving the quality of people's work and learning, and like punishments, they have many harmful results

Intrinsic motivation, wanting to do something for its own sake, is fundamentally different than extrinsic motivation, doing something in order to get something else (reward) or avoid something else (punishment); both punishments and rewards are extrinsic motivators, which in turn sabotage intrinsic motivation and beget extrinsically motivated people

Helpful and comprehensive psychotherapeutic workbook: The Art Of Self-Discovery

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

bumper music "Justify My Love" by trance[]control

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Episode 138 - Unconditional parenting, part two

Length: 56s

In this episode I cover Chapter One: Conditional Parenting in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn


Your vision of human nature is basically reflected in how you view children

The replaying abusive childhood scripts is common in the adult world--such as government and the memes of statism

Bullying story from New South Wales...
YouTube - Casey Heynes FULL INTERVIEW on ACA
VIDEO: Boy body-slams his alleged bully (Bully Interview)

The institution of government doesn't meet individual needs for respect and sovereignty 

Moralistic thinking (right and wrong) can diminish our chances of getting our needs met from the person being accused and disconnect us from taking responsibility for our emotions

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

2011 Liberty Getaway 5-day cruise to Bermuda (registration deadline has been extended!)

bumper music "The Journey" by Lagoona

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Share: Episode 138 - Unconditional parenting, part two

Episode 137 - Unconditional parenting, part one


In this episode I cover the Introduction in the book Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

The most extreme example of operant conditioning is the domination system of government--individuals are told to obey and are punished if they don't do what they're told

Any political philosophy not based on property rights is bound to deny individual needs for autonomy, justice, choice, and respect

The foundation of a free society is to be found in parents who interact with children in life-enriching ways, who connect with feelings and meet needs for respect and choice

Teaching kids to attribute the cause of their feelings to things outside themselves hinders them (and later, as adults) from taking responsibility for their feelings
http://logicallearning.net/ResponsibilityForFeelings.mp3 (NVC audiobook segment by Marshall Rosenberg)

Please join the revised http://completeliberty.com
Here's an instructive forum thread...
Home> Public Outreach> How do we educate? (an NVC discussion)

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

2011 Liberty Getaway 5-day cruise to Bermuda (registration deadline has been extended!)

bumper music "Destination Skyline" by Aura - the source of trance

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Share: Episode 137 - Unconditional parenting, part one

Episode 136 - Nonviolent communication reexamined

Length: 1s

Guest Oliver Heuler from Germany http://heuler.de/ and http://voluntarist.de/ (Google Chrome browser can translate into English on the fly:)

Re: FDR 1007: A third way http://board.freedomainradio.com/forums/p/14090/119868.aspx

Oliver's handiwork...
Obama will resign as president http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxjkatKuwRM


Nonviolent communication simply means connecting with feelings and needs
Needs for safety, security, and comfort need not come at the expense of needs for justice, autonomy, independence, choice, and respect

Two invaluable parenting books:
Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids: 7 Keys to Turn Family Conflict into Cooperation by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson
Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

No Contest: The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn
When Competition Leads To Conflict (audio interview w/ Kohn)

Spirituality, rationally understood, pertains to a heightened awareness of one's internal and external worlds
Primitive cultures fostered conformity to the tribe - http://www.logicallearning.net/libearlyhumancon.html

Your interpretations and assessments of past experiences tend to be more important than those past experiences themselves
Change your thoughts and change your feelings

Value judgments can be distinguished from moral judgments, and there's nothing more foundational than connecting the former with feelings and needs
Max-Neef on Human Needs and Human-scale Development - http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/background/maxneef.htm
transcendence, integration, autonomy, and connection may be our four basic drives


Battleground: Keene

bumper music "Carry You" by VNV Nation

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Share: Episode 136 - Nonviolent communication reexamined

Episode 135 - Cops, statist culture, and nonviolent communication

Length: 1s

Law-Abiding Citizens Heart Gangsters by Kevin Carson

State of the Police State: more bad cops than good by Garry Reed

No legalized monopoly of coercion in the realm of supposed justice will ever provide justice (coercive monopolies always provide the lowest quality at the highest cost)
The domination memes of our culture do not meet people's need for autonomy
Connecting with people empathetically enables recognition of these truths

Anarchy vs. Barney Fife by Mark R. Crovelli

Government can be seen as cannibalization of the human race; it's the main institution that eats away at our opportunities on a daily basis as well as our future possibilities in the marketplace

What's So Funny about Put-down Humor and Teasing

The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1 (making natural giving possible)

some helpful tips for encounters with the cops

Home> Public Outreach> How do we educate? (an NVC discussion)

2011 Liberty Getaway 5-day cruise to Bermuda (registration deadline March 1st)

bumper music "Bad Boys Bad Boys" by Inner Circle
star wars cops

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Share: Episode 135 - Cops, statist culture, and nonviolent communication

Episode 134 - Violence of cops and judges, need for nonviolent communication

Length: 1s

Guests Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com and Daniel from http://warisimmoral.com


Free Ademo! Free Speech! by Pete Eyre

Non Violent Communication - A Roundtable - Wes Bertrand, Brett Veinotte and Stefan Molyneux discuss Marshall Rosenberg's theory of nonviolent communication.
cross post on Brett's site
FDR 1836 Nonviolent Communication – An Introduction by Stefan Molyneux

The Art of Living Consciously by Nathaniel Branden

In the Line of Duty - Watch: SLC Cop Kills Golf Club Wielder; Your Take??
'Cops Kill People Execution Style Judges Cover It Up For Them' 1/24/11 - Freedom Watch News
Don't bring golf club to gun fight
Shots Fired: Ogden, Utah 05-26-2006
Video Shows Utah Man Being Killed in Drug Raid
The Case Of Cory Maye http://www.reason.tv/video/show/403.html

How to fix the police by Kent McManigal
About that "War on Cops".... by William N. Grigg

Best of the 2010 Bullrun Rally - Too Hot for TV! by The Smoking Tire

Visit the new http://completeliberty.com! It's now a social networking site, where you can organize local get-togethers.

2011 Liberty Getaway 5-day cruise to Bermuda (registration deadline March 1st)

bumper music "Cops And Criminals" by Pleasure Club

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Episode 133 - The biggest human problem and practicing nonviolent communication

Length: 1s

Guest Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com

are they out there?...
Recommended cool science podcast...

The biggest problem on the planet for humans is the widespread, institutionalized use of coercion by coercive monopolies--i.e., governments--and the mass obedience to their demands to follow irrational and unjust laws

Two Steps to Anarchy by John Kindley

a prime example of governmental meddling in commerce and trade...
A plan for new U.S. jobs, from China by John Pomfret

Without being able to opt-out of governmentally imposed arbitrary "jurisdiction," our rights are violated and we can't exercise our freedom from contract; thus, our needs for justice, autonomy, and choice are unmet

Monitoring America by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin

It's not possible to achieve justice within the governmental system of injustice

Do Authoritarians understand Libertarians?

2011 Liberty Getaway 5-day cruise to Bermuda (registration deadline March 1st)

bumper music "World In My Eyes" by Depeche Mode

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Share: Episode 133 - The biggest human problem and practicing nonviolent communication

Episode 132 - Cultural roots of authoritarianism in need of nonviolent communication

Length: 1s

Guests Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com and Daniel from http://warisimmoral.com


We aren't on planet earth to live up to other people's expectations
The error-correction process is part of being human: http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyourownima.html

The art of not being governed: an anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia By James C. Scott
http://tinyurl.com/4pmc7ag (google books)

Mark Interviews Edward Stringham (begins at 02:02:30)

Government Can Be Prevented by Edward Stringham

For most of human history, states, i.e., governments, were nonexistent

Life Sentence for Being Honest by Larken Rose

Statistics about Business Size (including Small Business) from the U.S. Census Bureau

Constitutional slavespeak...

Cultural Authoritarianism Breeds Political Authoritarianism by Kevin Carson

The Story of Our Unenslavement - Animated by Stefan Molyneux

Two Steps to Anarchy by John Kindley

You were told to believe in and take bites out of "invisible apples," as Stefan Molyneux has noted:

bumper music "History Has Taught Us Nothing" by Ikarus

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Episode 131 - Reflections on Freedom Summit 2010

Length: 1s

Episode 131 - Reflections on Freedom Summit 2010


Recommended podcast

Taxation with representation is still unjust
Ultimate safety would mean principled protection of property rights, something coercive monopolies called governments can't do

What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard
Freedom Watch Part 2 - Audit Then End The Fed 12/21/2010 (Prof. Horwitz nails it with free market banking!)

The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.6 by Marshall Rosenberg
"Institutions can't make you do anything...no human being has ever done anything they didn't choose to do."

Demands for acquiescence, obedience, compliance, conformity are the mainstays of parenting, and thus statism
The more we don't assert assert our needs for choice, respect, independence, autonomy, and justice, the more we become slaves to statism

Worst Police Misconduct Videos of 2010; Readers Poll
The State fails its own test of legitimacy; it has no valid cause of action against us, in addition to violating our legal rights and causing harm. Case in point...
Taking on the California DMV

A Letter to Grover Cleveland on His False Inaugural Address, the Usurpation and Crimes of Lawmakers and Judges, and the Consequent Poverty, Ignorance, and Servitude of the People
Government's main (unacknowledged) function is to prevent people from acting in their own rational self-interest

Private project funding alternatives...

Praise, rewards, and compliments are the flip side of punishments; gratitude instead focuses on feelings and need-fulfillment in relation to specific actions
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 4.4
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 4.5

bumper music "Renegades Of Funk" by Rage Against The Machine

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Share: Episode 131 - Reflections on Freedom Summit 2010

Episode 130 - Unmet needs of children, NVC, rewards and punishment, conformity

Length: 1s

Guests Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com and Daniel from http://warisimmoral.com

Needs Inventory | The Center for Nonviolent Communication

So many vital needs of kids are not being met by parents and school systems, such as clarity, respect, choice, autonomy, and independence
People doing things that they don't really want to do tends to disconnect them from their feelings and needs, causing a host of problems

Principles — Ayn Rand Lexicon

Raising Children Compassionately by Marshall Rosenberg

Getting people to do things via punishments or rewards doesn't appeal to internal motivation, thus harming the quality of connection and producing conflict

Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes by Alfie Kohn

Why Real-Time Relationships is clearly superior to its contemporaries.... [Actually, RTR lacks some key aspects of NVC]

Surrendering our autonomy need to "authorities" is commonly demanded in our domination culture of coercive institutions

Hornberger's Blog - WikiLeaks: Conformists vs. Individualists

The WikiLeaks effect (cartoon)

Powerful and Bad in 2009: Scientific American Podcast

Authoritarian/conformist indoctrination runs quite deep in our culture, to the point that people's good intentions serve need's denying means

Self-responsibility and its Effects on Obedience and Aggression

bumper music "Children" by Robert Miles

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Episode 129 - Nonviolent communication aspects, raising children compassionately

Length: 42s

Guests Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com and Daniel from http://warisimmoral.com

Taking what other people do and say personally (rather than just as tragic expressions of unmet needs) contributes to the violent communication process
Attributing the cause of our feelings to things outside ourselves prevents us from taking responsibility for our feelings

With nonviolent communication, you separate your observation of what the other person (or yourself) did or said from your evaluation of it; unsolicited evaluations foster antagonism

classic scene from Bee Movie posted on http://marcstevens.net
Still wasting time voting? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esO2WJZxpYY

Throughout history people have used morality as a weapon to get others to do things, which stems from how parents deal with their children--in which battles of the wills are common

Focusing on feelings and needs rather than moral judgments fosters understanding and compassion; in both parenting and education, this process is commonly lacking, and vital needs, such as respect, are neglected

Raising Children Compassionately by Marshall Rosenberg

The labeling of others, in addition to being disabling, also leads us to being disconnected from needs for authenticity and respect

It's not the job of parents to "make them behave"; violence begets violence
The need for autonomy needs to be fulfilled

bumper music "We're All To Blame" by Sum 41

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Episode 128 - Nonviolent communication, empathy and kids

Length: 1s

Brett joins me from http://schoolsucksproject.com

Nonviolent communication achieves clarity and understanding without the typical seen and unseen costs of arguments

Even if a person expresses disinterest in communication, then you can still guess his or her feelings and needs behind that sentiment, thus keeping the empathetic connection


Diagnosing, moralizing, and judging others is the death knell for the empathic process--and thus for getting our needs met

Attributing the cause of our feelings to things outside ourselves prevents us from taking responsibility for our feelings
clip from the NVC audiobook by Marshall Rosenberg...

Punishing through inducing fear is terribly widespread in human culture, e.g., "law-enforcement"--which utterly fails to meet our needs for respect and choice
as are all aspects of "pop behaviorism" - http://www.alfiekohn.org/

Child Rearing Practices of Distant Ancestors Foster Morality, Compassion in Kids

The Comprachicos by Ayn Rand

Being grounded in ourselves, in our own feelings and needs, is the true self-centeredness that enables us to understand and connect with others

Crisis And Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government by Robert Higgs

Sign up now for the Liberty Getaway Cruise in Nov 2011

Parenting with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - CNVC Certified NVC Trainer Inbal Kashtan discusses and demonstrates how to work with the incessant "no" from a child

bumper music "Empathy" by Tears Of Technology

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Episode 127 - Domination systems, anger, and non-violent communication

Length: 1s

Guests Brett from http://schoolsucksproject.com and Daniel from http://warisimmoral.com

Burt Rutan's private space flight venture
http://www.space.com/missionlaunches/xprize_success_040929.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXNkUNP75-Q
http://www.space.com/missionlaunches/xprize_full_coverage.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNocVYQzFts

Anger and Domination Systems by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Win/win scenarios, based on nonviolent communication, enable us to meet in the field beyond right-doing and wrong-doing

Domination systems, such as modern education and the military--and governments in general--require:
1. Suppression of self
2. Moralistic judgments
3. Amtssprache (this expression was used by Nazi officials to describe a bureaucratic language that denies choice, with words like should, have to, ought)
4. The crucial concept of deserve

To ascribe an evil nature to children is the root of all evil
The entire "corrections system" designed by those in government is based on punishment and false penitence
Thus, the institutions of government and religion are inherently anti-self-esteem

Moralizing, judging, criticizing, accusing, and even diagnosing are all tragic expressions of unidentified feelings and unmet needs--which tend to ensure NOT getting one's own needs met
As biological and further as rational beings, we all have the same universal needs

Humans' technological progress and increases in productivity are in spite of the debilitating meme of statism; without statism, we'd be FAR more advanced

Teaching that people are deserving of punishment assists in making violence against them enjoyable

A Film To End All Wars! part 1 of 15
Punishment, particularly collective punishment, is part and parcel of war--total dehumanization of individuals

Shame and guilt-tripping are not effective ways to promote authentic, intrinsically motivated, change in others

The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1 (highly recommended 3-4 hr workshop)

Our emotions are part of an emotional motivation system alerting us to our needs
Our thinking in domination systems gives rise to anger against others and enemy imagery
It's important and healthy to consciously replace the phrase "I am angry because you/they..." with "I am angry because I am needing..."

National Opt Out Day (and perhaps protect yourself with leather undergarments;)

bumper music "Domination" by Alizarin

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Episode 126 - Pitfalls of moralizing, introduction to nonviolent communication

Length: 1s

Nonviolent communication: a language of life By Marshall B. Rosenberg

The Objectivist ethics of rational self-interest...

Nonviolent communication upholds needs (or values) as universal; we all have the same needs

Hosts Mike and Stephanie invited me as a guest on their podcast to discuss NVC

"Blame, insults, put-downs (critical remarks), labels, criticism,
comparisons, and diagnoses are all forms of judgment."..."When we judge, as a result, we increase defensiveness and resistance from others. If they do agree to act in harmony with our values because they concur with our analysis of their wrongness, they will likely do so out of fear, guilt, or shame." Marshall Rosenberg

The subtle violence of nonviolent language.

The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1
Marshall Rosenberg NVC Role Play
Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication ~ NVC

Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori

Nonviolent Communication Part 2 Marshall Rosenberg
rolplay1 nonviolent communication

Kelly Bryson, part 3 - nonviolence, revolution and a third way though conflict
Kelly Bryson, part 4, Nonviolent Communication
Kelly Bryson, part 5, Nonviolent Communication
Kelly Bryson, part 6, Nonviolent Communication

Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

Compassionate Communication By Marshall Rosenberg

NVC never fails if you stay with the process...from a connection, creativity arises, and a synergistic solution will always present itself, without fail!

Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes@happinesscounseling.com

bumper music "Bring Me Back To Life" by Evanescence

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Episode 125 - Reflections on Libertopia

Length: 1s



Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time by Michael Shermer (Review)
Hyper-libertarian Facebook billionaire Peter Thiel's appalling plan to pay students to quit college by Jacob Weisberg

lots of confusion about this process...

hopeful activist movements - http://freekeene.com and http://freegrafton.com

It's important to question those who presume to care about you as they advocate statist coercion against you
Ostracism, Self-Trust and Happy Happy Joy Joy (rebuttal to shunning those who advocate statism)

TL guest Sharon Presley talks about Milgram experiments, demands of authority...her books on resisting authority

paper about Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments...
The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan

Hunter-gatherer John Durant fights vegan Paul Kline for total green room supremacy. (03:00)

Nonviolent Communication: A Language Of Life by Marshall Rosenberg
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1 (3-4 hr workshop by Rosenberg)

It's possible to use win/win strategies to get our needs met from those who've been advocating statism...
Freedom works for everybody (even those who are presently using force against others)

2081 - http://www.finallyequal.com/

for health, fitness, and longevity, check out...

2011 Liberty Getaway 5-day cruise to Bermuda - 5 night cruise on Royal Caribbean departing 11/05/2011 from Bayonne, NJ to Bermuda. Featuring special guest speakers: Stefan Molyneux, Wes Bertrand and Mark Edge.
It's a participatory "unconference"! my tentative topic...

bumper music "Hope" by Temple 8

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Episode 124 - Challenging the voting meme once more

Length: 58s

[explicit] lyrics

Remember, Remember, Don’t Vote in November by Thomas L. Knapp

Under "Democracy" children get roped into a communistic system (statism), along with the rest of us

Libertarian Party: Worthless by Larken Rose
What happens when an "anarchist" runs for office? http://carroll4nh.com/
Political "parties" are designed to be "in power" and control people via statism
What evidence is there that people want governmental "services," give their involuntary nature? None
Rasmussen Poll: 23% Say U.S. Government Has the Consent of the Governed

The Governator makes a final appearance on CLP...
The new bill changes marijuana possession of less than an ounce to an infraction
Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits Smoking Weed With Tommy Chong
Arnold Schwazeneger smoking weed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91gl2d0yV5I

What happens when your belief conflicts with a newfound truth? How do you react? How you respond makes all the difference for your life
Speaking the truth to "power" doesn't even entail getting incarcerated; just living consciously and practicing self-assertiveness is necessary
Being disassociated from emotions is part of the process by which one compartmentalizes beliefs and behaviors
Introspection is key

In case you need some more reasons...
Don't Vote: 20 Practical Reasons by John Roscoe and Ned Roscoe

Feel free to email me at wes@happinesscounseling.com if you're interested in counseling sessions

bummer music "AEnima" by Tool

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Episode 123 - Challenging the voting meme again

Length: 1s

What are the prospects of complete liberty--in your lifetime?
Played clip of my hour-long call to Free Talk Live about non-voting

This Free-Stater denounces Free Keene
Is the political free stater message different than the Tea Party-ers'?
What will it take for individuals to stop complying, given the potent statist matrix of mass indoctrination coupled with mass fear?

Essentially, we need to come to terms with two classes in society: the productive class and the parasitical class (http://www.agorism.info/AgoristClassTheory.pdf)

Drinking Game Involves Keene City Council
City council members are basically trying to find some semblance of identity through the political process, in spite of its rights-infringing nature
Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey: How to Save the Mistake on the Lake and other Once Great U.S. Cities--The Complete Series http://reason.org/news/show/reason-saves-cleveland-complete-ser
New at Reason: Drew Carey and Nick Gillespie Clash with the Cleveland City Council

Running for office doesn't foster the adoption of the principle of freedom for individuals
Challenging so-called "authorities" need not entail getting arrested and imprisoned
The fear of challenging "authority" stems from bad parenting
The process of individuation is key...
Honoring the Self: Self-Esteem and Personal Transformation

The voting process allows for a psychological comfort zone to exist within the turmoil of the reality of people's statist enslavement; it can be perversely comforting to be a member of the tribe

Clearly, it's important to come to terms with one's own emotional psychology
Principles enable you to stay true to yourself and true to reality

A VERY IMPORTANT book I recently investigated, which I'll be exploring extensively in the future...
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg

No one can "represent" you in the political system
DEMOCRACY OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE POLITICIANS, FOR WHOM AGAIN? http://completeliberty.com/chapter2.php

bumper music "Freedom" by Rage Against The Machine

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Episode 122 - Challenging the voting meme

Length: 1s

In this show, I comment on a clip from http://freetalklive.com, which involved the hosts discussing the nature of non-voting with a caller
http://traffic.libsyn.com/ftl/FTL2010-09-27.mp3 (clip starts at 14:15)

STR Non-Voting Archive

What evidence is there that anyone wants the "services" provided by those in government, since they are coercively imposed?

Even if you're an advocate of http://agorism.info, you still can't escape the statist economic matrix, a society in which most people abide by laws, regulations, taxes, and a fiat currency system, not to mention the "public school" system

Respect for individuals, in principle, can never be achieved via the coercive collectivistic organization of government; government violates individual rights by definition

"Public goods" arguments, being fallacious, are just excuses for statism and tyranny
A Theory of the Theory of Public Goods by Randall G. Holcombe
Fallacies of the Public Goods Theory and the Production of Security by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Pareto Optimality, External Benefits and Public Goods: A Subjectivist Approach by Barry P. Brownstein
Public Goods And Private Solutions In Maritime History by Larry J. Sechrest
Public Spending and Public Goods by Thomas DiLorenzo
http://mises.org/media/1444 (includes mp3 audio)

Competition and Political Entrepreneurship: Austrian Insights into Public-Choice Theory by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

The political system won't conform to sound principles; you will have to compromise sound principles to conform to the political system
The Ethics Of Voting - Part 1 by George H. Smith

Statist judges have no understanding of justice and objective law; rather, they violate them on a daily basis; therefore, being a "juror" for a statist judge does not accord with justice and objective law
Root-striking questions...

There is no such thing as a "liberty-minded principled candidate"; Ayn Rand grasped the essence of this, even though she forwarded the ethical and political contradiction of government


Adam and Pete (of http://libertyontour.com) striking serious Libertarian roots on Declare Your Independence!

bumper music "Ballot Box" by Destroy Everything

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Episode 121 - Liberty on tour, statism and youth, child-rearing, rationalizing warfare

Length: 1s

Support Adam and Pete in their continuing mission to spread the good words of freedom and property rights: http://libertyontour.com
Some SD pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=24991&id=130201433668701
Adam Mueller tells FTL the story of his arrest and caging in Las Vegas
Police do not really care about property rights, and they won't until they become free market agents instead of coercive monopoly gangsters

Opposite Of Radical: Today's Youth Trust Uncle Sam by Tovia Smith
The tribal premise, involving self-sacrifice, is the basis for government
Those in government have no property rights jurisdiction; "public property" is communistic
The injustices perpetrated by those in government are much more than unethical; aggression is an attempt to nullify the mind and thus objective morality
Corporations: The Semi-Good, The Bad, And The Ugly http://completeliberty.com/chapter4.php#80

A society of complete liberty entails a society of individuals who esteem themselves rationally and love virtue
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

Our nature is nurture: Are shifts in child-rearing making modern kids mean? by John Horgan
Our distinctive mental faculty: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/reason.html
Parents oftentimes exploit the empathetic nature of children, and their desire to obey and to please (to be "good"), in order to foist bad ideas and immoral behavior on them--and teach them to not question or challenge "authority"
FDR1294 The Rise of Corruption Part 2
Parents need to make things comprehensible for kids, by reasoning from first principles, as opposed to offering them the cognitive and emotional confusion that they do today

Quitting the hominid fight club: The evidence is flimsy for innate chimpanzee--let alone human--warfare by John Horgan
The Historical Societal Problem: http://www.logicallearning.net/libhistoricalsoc.html
War and irrational beliefs have been linked since the dawn of civilization--for people's torment

How We Support Our False Beliefs
Does U.S. Foreign Policy Protect Us? Or Did It Cause 9/11?
Confirmation bias and rationalization are antithetical to objectivity
To align with truth, one must come to terms with one's feelings, to understand and integrate them on a deeper level
Acquiring independence and being rational in today's society is a major, but necessary, feat!

If you'd like to tap into your inner subconscious wisdom via a counseling session, email me at wes@happinesscounseling.com

bumper music "Masters Of War" by Pearl Jam

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Episode 120 - Contradictions of electoral politics and the non-heroism of war

Length: 1s

In America's Finest (military) City... http://meetup.com/Complete-Liberty

Our Enemy, The Party

Working "within the system" is not ok; it's actually counterproductive
The end doesn't justify the means
"Public good" is a fallacious economic concept
A congress of Ron Pauls would make government look good, even though it's an inherently evil organization

Elected Officials | Libertarian Party

Confessions of an Increasingly Skeptical Libertarian Partyarch by Thomas Knapp

Advocating complete liberty really exposes the folly of those who don't
We need to take into account the unseen costs of partyarchy, and redirect our political energy into education, voluntaryism, and agorism
Let's live up to our true individual potential
Life is about flourishing and happiness, so cut to the chase; don't settle for the suboptimal

The trouble with voluntaryists by Morey Straus

The Evil That Men Do: Willful Submission To Illegitimate Authority by William Buppert

It's a mental trickery to think that you need to be obedient to some "authority," be it personal or political
Property owners will set rational rules for commerce in a free society
Root-striking questions: http://www.meetup.com/Complete-Liberty/messages/boards/thread/8208221/

Radley Balko: Maryland cops are abusing wiretapping law | Cop Block

Tomgram: William Astore, Wars Don't Make Heroes

Self-sacrifice is not ethical; it's a vice

Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes by Alfie Kohn

Libertarians: Obama is shockingly pro-war | Libertarian Party

Strive to only do things that you are morally comfortable with, which entails respecting the lives and well-being of others

my blog post: Bullshit! hit piece on self-esteem and Nathaniel Branden http://bit.ly/cNxFu4

If you'd like to get your subconscious exploration process underway, email me at wes@happinesscounseling.com to set up a session

bumper music "Swallow Your Fears" by State of Man

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Episode 119 - The injustice system and kangaroo courtroom drama

Length: 1s

The communized (governmental) roads enable "law-enforcement officers" to violate the person and property of individual motorists

The statist courts are not about justice, because of their inherent conflict of interest; the statist judge and statist prosecutor work for the same organization; they have no property rights jurisdiction or valid agency contract with property owners; and, they fund their operations via extortion

What is The Pursuit of Justice? by Edward Lopez 

As long as you comply with governmental edicts in America, it seems much better than other countries

"Citizen" and "United States" are basically slavespeak terms - http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07a.shtml

Vast numbers of people caught up in the "corrections system" have violated no one's rights; their "crimes" have no victims

The Pursuit of Justice and Private Interests in the Law by Edward Lopez 

So-called judges protect their livelihood, just as cops protect their own

Anything in the economy that is not paid for voluntarily is not and cannot be a service

The Pursuit of Justice and Elected vs. Appointed Judges by Edward Lopez 

Lysander Spooner's keen insights on the courts of injustice: http://tinyurl.com/26s34tu

Justice for All Without the State by David J. Heinrich  

The legal precept of independent third party adjudication is violated by governmental courts; thus, a fair trial is simply impossible

"Public property" is a contradiction in terms, and "private property" is a redundancy

As long as people are clueless, compliant followers of the status quo, the communized legal system will continue

I'm Allowed to Rob You! by Larken Rose  

An example of libertarian doing (rather than merely talking)  http://freekeene.com

In need of counseling/psychotherapy? Please email me: wes@happinesscounseling.com


bumper music "Injustice" by Sleepy Wonder 

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Episode 118 - The alleged ideal of socialism

Length: 2s


ACTA: The War on Progress, Freedom, and Human Civilization by Gennady Stolyarov II

The following are some informative links for those who are sympathetic to or even enamored by socialism, yet are still open to the message of free minds and free markets:

Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective by Kevin Carson (he describes himself as a mutualist)

Austrian Business Cycle Theory: A Brief Explanation by Dan Mahoney

The Business Cycle (entire list of mises.org audio and video resources)


Additional reading...

What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard

Profit and Loss by Ludwig von Mises

Austrian Exploitation Theory: Marx had no monopoly by Sheldon Richman

A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism: Economics, Politics, and Ethics by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
http://mises.org/daily/3780  http://mises.org/etexts/SocCap.pdf

Down with Legal Tender by Friedrich A. Hayek

bumper music "Socialism" by 16 Hour Drive

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Episode 117 - Demise of the idea of city government

Length: 1s

They're all about "customer service" at the DMV, btw

The common good is commonly destroyed by those who advocate the "common good"

Hard Times in Colorado Springs by Chris Hume

Having "a say" in the nature of particular services is only possible with voluntary exchange
"Police officers" commonly "help" people by extorting money from them
Preventive law, in which there is no victim, is the mainstay of government, which by definition is rights-violating
The mind set of those in government is oriented toward controlling others, rather than respecting them
The stupid voting process is BENEATH rational beings
There is nothing so important to the common good as respecting the rights of the individual

Surrendering “PROPERTY TAX” by Ian Freeman

The Shire Society Declaration
A New Covenant by L. Neil Smith
ENDING MODERN DAY LETTERS PATENT (i.e., so-called "intellectual property")

From Catalhoyuk to Podunk: It's Time to Abolish City Government by L. Neil Smith

Is there any reason for you to fear a world with a structure you don't know? No, if you want to live peacefully
Freedom is an inside job, a psychological job
Great psychotherapeutic workbook: The Art Of Self-Discovery

Please contact me is you'd like personal counseling services

bumper music "Life After Death And Taxes" by Relient K

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Episode 116 - Reflections on Porcfest 2010

Length: 47s

What are the chances that they change the name of the Free State Project to the No State Project?

Unfortunately, most libertarians are believers in a rights-protecting government

Town Doesn't Welcome Libertarians: Town not so keen on Free Towners

Achieving complete liberty is about engaging particular individuals in conversation that raises their awareness of moral and political inconsistencies

2010 Porcupine Freedom Festival - Opening Speaker - Stefan Molyneux, Freedomain Radio

Being a good neighbor entails advocating freedom for your fellow neighbors



No State Project for July 3rd, 2010 (Guest: Calvin from the forum) 

Government is designed to rob you of your rights and rob you of your property

We are creatures of reason; we are not barbaric animals, unless we choose to be that way

To choose to nullify the process of reason is the biggest moral/political contradiction

Solutionism Presentation At Porcfest 2010 Pt 1 - Free State Project

"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." Frederic Bastiat

The way to improve the world is to change how individuals rear their children

And it's important to explore what individuals are feeling when learning about their contradictions

bumper music "We Are One" by Kiss

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Episode 115 - Do we ever really get out of anarchy

Length: 39s

Study Guide Classic: Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy?

Do we ever really get out of anarchy? by Alfred G. Cuzan

Noticing political contradictions is not a strong suit for believers in Government
Political anarchy and market anarchy are worlds apart in terms of justice
A case of government punishing their own...in order to maintain their PR

NoStateProject - June 19, 2010 - Co-host JT and Guest Wes Bertrand

It doesn't matter whether government is structured in a "pluralistic" or "hierarchical" fashion, all governments by definition violate the non-aggression principle
A coercive monopoly on the enforcement of justice (i.e., government) will always foster injustice
Those in government have no property rights jurisdiction to enforce their "laws"
The use of retaliatory force must be no more than what is necessary to deal with the rights-violation
Coercive monopolies will always deliver the lowest quality "service" at the highest price

Revisiting "Do we ever really get out of anarchy?"

bumper music "Anarchy" by KMFDM

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Episode 114 - Obedience to and support of statism

Length: 46s

Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey

People in government don't honor your practice of self-ownership

Most people have self-induced blindness regarding the coercion and tyranny of government

The Honor of Being Human: Why Do You Support? by Arthur Silber

There can be no valid reasons for demands of obedience, because such demands violate voluntary, uncoerced agreement

http://warisimmoral.com Daniel's site as conscientious objector

To choose one's rulers--what irony!

The political process (voting) is fundamentally unjust and immoral

Authoritarian/obedience-oriented parenting brings about statism

Psychologist Haim Ginott's insights: http://www.betweenparentandchild.com/

Even if you must obey for self-preservation reasons, it's still important to convey the injustice and immorality happening to those who are violating your rights

"Public property" is a complete denial of self-responsibility in the realm of property rights

Governments exist through the sanction of the general populace; they must appear to protect and provide

To obey is to ultimately support

Denial of self-responsibility invariably leads to immoral actions

Self-responsibility and its Effects on Obedience and Aggression

Voluntaryism vs Objectivism Q&A 1 (of 5)

bumper music "Mental Slavery" by Kreator 

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Episode 113 - Property rights enforcement versus the injustices of statism

Length: 42s

State created and supported assets will tend to become liabilities in a free market


The fundamental difference between a system of private property and so-called public property is that the former entails accountability, consent, and jurisdiction while the latter entails unjust coercion based on collectivistic abstractions


"private property" is a redundancy and "public property" is a contradiction in terms


Confessions of a Recovering Ideologue, Part I


His LRC archives



"State" doesn't exist; it's just a collectivistic abstraction


Property is just an extension of self-ownership


Individuals must use rationality to resolve things in a mutually beneficial fashion


Big picture timeline of humanity and innovation



Government operates based on collectivism and "might makes right"


Property brings about freedom; statism brings about slavery


bumper music "The Tide Is Turning" by Roger Waters



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Episode 112 - Property rights and a free world

Length: 58s

The absurdity of "taxpayers"

One day, everything will be privately owned

Anarcho-Distributism by Daniel McCarthy 

We'll never get rid of statism if present psychologies don't change

People demand justice services in concert with their concept (or misconception) of justice

A "republic" is based on the contradiction of "representation"

Business fits perfectly with the free market, with what people need and want

Parents typically contradict the wills of children; hence, we have government

A higher level of self-esteem is required for a free society to take hold

It's best to push away from the table of governmental "benefits"

Once people get the idea of good government out of their heads, peace and prosperity can happen

Libertarian Property and Privatization: An Alternative Paradigm by Kevin A. Carson  

Property gleaned through statism is best left to the natural redistributive processes of supply and demand in the free market; no need to "take back" anything, to be a central planner

In a society of complete liberty, people will use land in ways valued by people in the marketplace

My recent "citation"...cops are basically illogical zombies who choose to enforce "the law" at the expense of individual rights

Public property is a contradiction in terms and must be abolished

bumper music "For America" by Jackson Browne 

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Episode 111 - Unnecessary evil of regulation, unprincipled Libertarianism

Length: 52s

Recriminations grow over airline costs

The monopoly on violence and the perceived "authority" of government undermines people's independence and responsibility--and regulatory ability

Government is an unnecessary evil

What part of your life do you want someone else to govern?

The Story Of Your Enslavement by Stefan Molyneux

California Man Fights Legal Battle to Keep His Own Backyard by William La Jeunesse

"Without property rights, no other rights are possible" Ayn Rand

Most intellectuals have been trained to be obedient--and controlling

Five Reasons Why Libertarians Shouldn't Hate Government: Plus, Five Big Projects That Went Well and Five That Were Disasters by William D. Eggers & John O'Leary

Don't be a Kool-Aid (or Flavor Aid) drinker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking_the_Kool-Aid

There's no such thing as a necessary evil; coercion and violence against the innocent is evil, no matter who commits it

Mass compliance leads to mass coercion by government; thus, get organized and stop complying

Proof positive that nothing government does is useful: None of it is funded voluntarily!

When you're forced to do something, it doesn't foster your independent judgment

bumper music "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who

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Episode 110 - Criminality perpetrated and promoted by government

Length: 38s

A dangerous idea whose time has come by Kent McManigal

We really can't determine the exact damage statism does to the economy and to our lives, but it's immense--and of course unnecessary

The government is merely a destructive gang imbued with virtue by most people

It's important to understand people's psychology and ethics of self-sacrifice in order to discuss statism versus voluntaryism with them

The practice of living with integrity is sorely lacking in our culture, and kids learn FAR more from what adults do than from what they say

The Wellspring of Sociopathy by Rob Sandwell 

Rational self-esteeming parents are key to the development of rational self-esteeming kids

Authoritarian sociopaths don't have a solid sense of themselves; in short, they haven't worked on their self-esteem

Approval-seeking and wanting to control others are two sides of pseudo self-esteem

Check out School Sucks Podcast to understand the bad effects and immorality of "public schools":

Professionals in psychology typically avoid scrutinizing the coercion and criminality of government itself; thus, their immense denial becomes a widespread pathology

The so-called selfless and heroic "service" of cops and soldiers blends with authoritarian sociopathy; blind obedience to "authority" is the rule


Objective law is that which is in line with natural rights of individuals

bumper music "Criminality" by Cocoa Tea

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Episode 109 - Status quo rejectivism, exercising freedom, avoiding political rackets

Length: 41s

Doctorow and Stross to Write Authorized Sequel to Atlas Shrugged [phil of rejectivism]

The nature of government is to control you, including whether you can live or not

So-called intellectual property wouldn't exist in a free society

Doug Casey on Anarchy 

Nearly all people adhere to the political principle of respect for others and their property--until they interface with government

Submission is a choice; it's not a forgone conclusion; exercise your freedom instead

realize your independence: http://agorism.info/

Reformist Political Action as a Diversion, Part Three by Kevin Carson

Legal reform via public policy is a counterproductive game that legitimizes the nature of the irrational and unjust system of government

Live how you want to live right now, without waiting for the State's employees to legalize it

We don't need to change "the law"; we just need to render it irrelevant

The mafia with a flag is not legitimate

bumper music "I Am Citizen Insane" by Radiohead

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Episode 108 - Extortion as a way of life, anti-conceptual mentality, religion as anti-mind

Length: 1s

Even so-called judges are obedient to someone...

Authoritarian sociopaths want more and more power (to fill the void in their self-esteem)

Governmental courts foster the ultimate conflicts of interest (adjudicator and prosecutor on the same team)

"Do as I say, not as I do!" is the favorite line of those living in self-conflict

We need a movement of new intellectuals who ferret out contradictions

Nothing Outside the State | The Beacon by Robert Higgs

Government is the new religion

It's important to question the hypocrisy of those advocates of statism who believe they are moral

The personalities who favor coercion of politics stand opposed to creative minds

The Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff

Government: The equal opportunity offender

About the Show - Survivors - BBC America

Ever notice that those in government have no problem with the pervasive crimes (rights-violations) they perpetrate?

The more "laws" that governmental employees create, the more "criminals" they can apprehend (ruling via fear of punishment)

WHY IS THE IRS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK? read all about it...

"Just doing my job" is not a moral argument; shirking responsibility is not moral

The anti-conceptual mentality dominates America (and the world)

Religion, being a ready-made system for controlling people, promotes the ethics of self-sacrifice, i.e., sacrifice of one's mind and life to invalid and erroneous concepts

"God" is based on a conglomeration of invalid concepts, unable to be logically integrated: infallibility; omniscience; and omnipotence

The "supernatural" is a fantasy designed to enslave people's minds; there is only the natural

further reading...An Issue Of Mortality

Some perspective on something bigger than yourself:

"The Hubble Ultra Deep Field is called a 'pencil beam' survey because the observations encompass a narrow, yet 'deep' piece of sky. Astronomers compare the Ultra Deep Field view to looking through an eight-foot-long soda straw."

Complete liberty is not just about politics; it's about a worldview in which you free your mind of contradictory beliefs and behaviors

Ultimately one must redeem one's mind from all the hockshops of authority; no gods and no governments

Intense introspection and self-knowledge is key

bumper music "Antonym" by Krylls

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Episode 107 - The radical incoherence of government

Length: 42s

Twenty-one Reasons Why Statism Is a Radical and Radically Incoherent Theory by Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski

Governmental employees who regulate people are unproductive, anti-creative, and anti-entrepreneurial

For many, Government is like God, and needs no explanation

Since individuals can govern themselves, why have government?--unless you want to govern other individuals and seize their property

You can't have a valid contract when one side doesn't agree to it; thus, the "social contract" is a myth perpetuated by people who want to control others

Robbing Peter (via taxation) to support Paul is not benevolent; it's the doctrine of sacrifice

The Historical Societal Problem (quote by Rothbard within)

Laissez-faire, A More Enlightened View Of Capitalism—And Its Contradictions

Fear of punishment starts in the family and ends with following governmental "law"

Only property owners can determine rational rules for customers

A Democratic Republic is the worst form of government except for all the others

Self-governing capitalism is in line with human nature, based on the trader principle

CRISIS AND LEVIATHAN: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government by Robert Higgs

I'm Allowed to Rob You! by Larken Rose

Only natural law, based in the non-aggression principle, ensures justice and restoration of victims

In order for a better world to arise, parents need to work on their self-esteem and therefore treat children similarly

bumper music "I Own Me" by Neema V

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Episode 106 - Medical and biotech markets, FDA insanity, anti-aging and freedom

Length: 40s

The most progress and highest quality and lowest prices happen in the freest economic sectors

Imagine A Free World

Thou Shalt Not Take Full Responsibility For Your Own Treatment—Authorities Will Handle That

Thou Shalt Not Do Business Without Joining The State Guild—Licensure

Interesting newsletter:

Further reading: Have you considered achieving "longevity escape velocity"?

The urge to regulate, govern, and control others stems from low self-esteem, a lack of trust in self and diminished worthiness--projected onto others

Bad authoritarian/obedience experiences in childhood foster the memes of statism

On Medical Tourism For Stem Cell Therapies

Demand for Stem Cells Growing Fast, Many Turn to Medical Tourism by Aaron Saenz

Unfortunately, most scientists don't reason from first principles and instead employ an end-justifies-the-means code of immorality in relation to research funding (and regulation)

Countless individuals suffer and die on account of the rights-infringing regulations of the FDA

Want to live forever? Become a libertarian by Garry Reed

Government itself is the problem we need to get rid of, and you can't do that by being part of it!

Why Do We Accept Aging? by Kyle Munkittrick

Disobedience is the basic crime against those who presume to rule over you

The basic axiom of any civilized society is to respect persons and property of others

Since life is the ultimate standard of value, we must look for ways to solve the problem of aging and death

bumper music "Alive" by Pearl Jam

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Episode 105 - The destructiveness of taxation, economic retardation, agorism

Length: 1s

Government doesn't respect persons and property, by definition

Tax attacks: Hillcrest grudge match pits Market Anarchists against Democratic Socialists by Dave Maass 

All the grand social projects advocated by statists, in addition to being immoral, fail miserably compared to free market standards

Socialism is mass coercion with no respect for private property rights

Until a statist agrees to put the gun down, arguments from effect (or utility) are somewhat futile

Tax objectors have long history in US: Man who crashed into IRS building is the latest defier by Stephen Ohlemacher (AP)

Taxes by definition are immoral and unjust; no taxes are legitimate, on account of their involuntary nature

I'm Allowed to Rob You! by Larken Rose

It's crucial to make the moral argument against those behaving like authoritarian sociopaths, which strikes at the root of the meme of statism (and its imposed "services")

A Society of Criminals by Ben O'Neill http://mises.org/daily/4125

The mystics of muscle and spirit work together to enslave individuals

Your life is being cut short by government: murder on the installment plan

Our lives would be so much better economically without government

I am Powerful and I Will Never Give Up: An Anti-Stack Manifesto by George Donnelly

Working on personal development and avoiding governmental nonsense are vital to the good life

Self-defensive violence against governmental oppressors is NOT the solution to governmental aggression

Rather, asking root-striking questions about morality and justice can foster better behavior: 

bumper music "u hate freedom" by Sleuth 

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Episode 104 - Some reasons for free market anarchism

Length: 32s


Why I Call Myself A Free Market Anarchist And Why I Am One by Brian Micklethwait

Unfortunately there are "Anarchists" who are nothing of the sort, because they violate property rights (or advocate violating them)

Today's "capitalism" is also nothing of the sort, because of statist intervention

Freedom solves all the intractable problems that statism (i.e., lack of freedom) generates

Freedom means being responsible (respecting property rights)

Statism means being irresponsible (disrespecting property rights)

No product, service, or idea should be delivered at the barrel of a gun

Complete liberty will provide a much better life for everyone

bumper music "Anarchy" by Skazi

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Episode 103 - Unproductive evils of statism, both federal and local, versus self-esteem

Length: 58s

The philosophy of pragmatism in America is killing our economy and culture

Evasion, rationalization, and repression are common defense mechanisms

Government, being a coercive monopoly, fosters immorality and injustice

The American Spectator : Just Say Snow by Doug Bandow

Any government is inherently unproductive, because it makes no profits; no voluntary trade with others

The activities of government are a giant lead weight around the neck of our economy

The military does not protect individual freedom, because individuals aren't allowed to make their own choices based on property rights (the essence of freedom)

Free Will - "God Style" PART 2 by NonStampCollector

All politics is invariably local

Cops protect and serve their own, not "the public"

The communized road system is the land of the arbitrary and coercive

The San Diego Superior Court--extortion artists par excellence

Governmental employees apparently can't conceive of making money in a voluntary fashion

Root-striking questions to ask those who want to rule over you...

It's important to explicitly state the nature of the coercive madness to those in government

Public property is a contradiction in terms

All the good things gained in life stem from mutually respectful relationships

Aggression is the utter failure of a reasoning consciousness

Are We Not Afraid? by James Tuttle

Those who advocate a voluntary society favor peace and prosperity, not the coercive tactics of statism

Inner strength comes from dealing with one's fears about challenging "authority"--and speaking the truth

And finding kindred spirits...




bumper music "White Lies" by E.S.T.
http://www.est-music.com/  (http://www.lala.com/#artist/White%20Lies)

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Episode 102 - Socio-economic chaos, striking the root of fear

Length: 52s

15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams by David DeGraw

Our standard of living would be a great deal higher without the assorted ills of statism and central banking

Taxpayer money should be left in the hands of those it was extorted from

Productive individuals create jobs, not those in government

It's contradictory to think that you're going to be "secured" by a coercive monopoly

Homelessness has many causes, but getting rid of "public property," i.e., statism, is the remedy

Coercion does not work, in addition to being immoral

The health care problem can only be solved by a free market in medicine (and insurance)

Voluntarism and peacefulness is the answer to the violent nature of government

Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million

Government, being a coercive monopoly, delivers the lowest quality "service" at the highest possible price

How to end the State by Alex Ryan

Liberty-lovers who play politics unfortunately make government seem necessary and proper--and virtuous

Our volitional mechanism can be used in maladaptive ways, such as avoiding truth and initiating aggression

If people held reason and self-esteem as their top values, the world would change dramatically and quickly

Recommended reading...

Honoring the Self: Self-Esteem and Personal Transformation

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

bumper music "Happiness (Dance Mix)" by Front 242

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Episode 101 - Objectivist ethics and Randian views

Length: 55s




Human beings should be rationally self-interested

Modern politics stems from denial of self-ownership, among other things

What we have is a world of deficient self-esteem

Egoism doesn't demand that others sacrifice for one's own sake



Objectivist ethics is a reality-based ethics








Rational Ethics: Rational Oughts vs. Deontology by XOmniverse


A Basic Introduction to Rational Ethics by Shawn Huckabay


Rational Ethics: Introduction, Part 1 by XOmniverse



The key is to live in the present moment, appreciating that you are alive!

Your happiness is the ultimate defiance of death

Since life is the standard of value, an indefinite lifespan is a profound goal

When people don't rid their lives of self-sacrifice, our culture suffers greatly


The Nature Of The Matrix: Red and blue pills (psychology meetup discussion)




bumper music "Born To Be Alive" by Disco Kings


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Episode 100 - Roundtable with co-hosts, the future of freedom and honoring truth

Length: 1s

Government and Katrina...
20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics - Pt. 3 of 6

Governmentally controlled roads should be abolished, based on respect for property rights; highways and byways should be privately owned

Imagine if all the people in government, and those they drag into their morass, were not throwing away their productivity; if government were no more, then everyone would be productive, trading value for value

"City services" aren't services; they are coercive monopolies funded via extortion; those in government can't "own" anything, because their so-called property and jurisdiction are based on coerced communism

Imagine no more DMV, TSA, and other tyrannical organizations...
Imagine amazing advances in free market transportation...
Imagine amazing advances advances in life-extension...
Imagine the newfound levels of respect (of self and others) in a society of complete liberty...

Visit http://larkenrose.com
I'm Allowed to Rob You! (root-striking video by Larken)

Imagine no more government-controlled schools, no more mass statist indoctrination robbing kids of their autonomy, self-esteem, creativity, and intrinsic motivation to learn...

Imagine no more soldiers following foolish orders, no more statist militarism and senseless battles and wars...
Army's new all-terrain vehicle debuts in Afghanistan

The roots of statism are in the authoritarian/obedience memes of the family
On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion by Stefan Molyneux
Honoring The Self by Nathaniel Branden
The Art Of Self-Discovery by Nathaniel Branden

Imagine if individuals on society developed a mindset that doesn't accept anything less than respectful, peaceful relationships (including kids)...

PSA by the Governator

bumper music "Imagine" by John Lennon

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Episode 99 - No logical arguments for Intellectual Property

Length: 1s

Civil Disobedience? - The Freedomain Radio Roundtable - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3jcon9ffNw
CD activism has typically been collectivistic in nature, thus not achieving freedom for individuals
Individual sovereignty is the ultimate goal of complete liberty
Statist media and memes make our political situation quite difficult
Most people believe that the status quo is the best way of doing things
Does Monopoly Create Wealth? by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo sentenced to 11 years on 'subversion' charges
The porn industry is thriving, despite its major lack of copyright enforcement
Proper Intellectual Property by Gene DeNardo
IP laws create conflict between what producers and consumers want
CDs have gone the way of the dodo bird
Even with a seller/buyer contract, it's not binding on third parties
There are No Good Arguments for Intellectual Property by Stephan Kinsella
People's arguments are typically emotion-based and coupled with fallacies
Most people start with the invalid premise that freedom doesn't work
Coercion doesn't work, and it contradicts the nature of human consciousness to make decisions
The brain was not designed...
Legalese is nonsensical verbiage that serves those interested in coercive power
Do any lawyers and judges study justice as a science?
Recent San Diego freedom activism...
Governmental extortion via property tax (parts 1 and 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6NCwmsfe4E - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMyOWqwpfyE
Taking on the California DMV - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ZY5LSDEZA
So-called representative government fundamentally denies self-responsibility
"Public property," being a contradiction in terms, is actually statist property, controlled by authoritarian sociopaths
Intellectual Property and Libertarianism by Stephan Kinsella
Minarchism (any government) violates the principle of non-initiation of force
Those who involve themselves in government are thus engaged in criminal activities
The Case Against IP: A Concise Guide by Stephan Kinsella
A status quo creator perspective can foster control freakishness, and thus violations of others' property rights
Both democracies and monarchies plunder people, as they are on the continuum of insane behavior by human beings
Avatar raises interesting issues of consciousness and self-ownership
Dissecting Boldrin and Levine: An Alternate View of Intellectual Property by John deLaubenfels
Trying to control others' property is not only unjust; it also isn't good business
IP laws essentially turn all consumers into potential "criminals," even though they've not violated anyone's property rights
It's not good business to try to control what customers can and cannot do with what they buy (despite what Steve Jobs believes)
Will it blend? - http://www.blendtec.com/willitblend/
Government is the preeminent example of unhealthy human minds scheming to rope people into services and products not of their choosing
Stephen's Remix Challenge - http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/216595/january-21-2009/stephen-s-remix-challenge
The Best Stephen Colbert / Lawrence Lessig Interview Remix - by Ludachrist - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_w1FR67AXs
Colbert Remix Challenge - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyVqkEr0I1E&NR=1
Stephen Colbert's green screen challenge... http://www.colboard.com/cn/greenscreen.php
That which is moral is practical
IP Crimes and Vices by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The ins and outs of the word "epoch"... ;)
You can't legislate morality; the punishment model of human behavior is sick and twisted
The marketplace involves constant emulation and improvement
Things in the public domain are used for further creativity and few choose to plagiarize
Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed -- [original version] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZwM3GvaTRM
What we need is a magic freedom squeegee, to deal with the magic statist soap
Taking responsibility is the main aspect of living freely
Further reading... Modern Day Protectionism by Vedad Krehic
Check out Daniel's site: http://warisimmoral.com
Brett's School Sucks Podcast: http://schoolsucksproject.com
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
bumper music "Zero Sum" by Nine Inch Nails

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Episode 98 - Copyright versus property rights, anti-IP Objectivism, contradictory logorights

Length: 1s

Let's hope this next decade will be better than the last one regarding prospects for freedom...
Back to Basics on Property and Competition by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Property rights aren't respected by governments in civilization; "laws" created by a coercive monopoly infringe on them daily
People in the marketplace are the ones who respect property rights, not government
Laws, and the people who make (and interpret) them, seek to control others, not respect freedom and justice
Property rights exist to make distinctions concerning who owns what and who can therefore utilize what, without conflict or confusion
Plagiarism is generally frowned up, and provides a marketplace check against confusion and fraud charges
The tentacles of statism in the realm of IP are pervasive, as are the unseen costs of IP laws
"Anti-trust" law was created by gangsters with no good intentions
A "competitive" marketplace is just one in which people bring values to others unimpeded
An Objectivist Recants on IP
The principle of self-ownership represents the unification of liberty and property
IP fosters rampant legal conflict, on account of it contradicting real property rights
The first serious critique I read against IP (hat tip to Ian Freeman of http://freetalklive.com)...
Against Intellectual Property by Stephan Kinsella
Classic J. Neil: Informational Property — Logorights
The human brain is arguably the most complex thing in the known universe, a massively parallel processor
Our future, perhaps...The Intelligent Universe by Ray Kurzweil
Big picture stuff...The Age of Spiritual Machines: Timeline by Raymond Kurzweil
Once patterns of information are released into the marketplace, individuals will likely seek to duplicate them (without conflict)
Again, trying to control duplicates of what you've created leads to conflict with others' property rights, as well as more statism and unintended business consequences
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
Holding back progress in the name of the state by Kent McManigal
Stay tuned for more videos of activism in San Diego, including my recent trip to the DMV
bumper music "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica

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Episode 97 - Copyright and publishing, challenging Objectivist IP notions

Length: 47s

In a world without copyright, content creators would find ways to connect with fans and give them reasons to buy
Authors: Beware of Copyright by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The corporate structure wouldn't exist in a free market, so corporate "policy" and litigiousness would disappear
There is no reason for books to be out of print in the digital age, other than publishers having copyright of course
Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org) is a good step to the elimination of copyright, although it still relies on it
I released Complete Liberty into the public domain; lawyers and legislators be damned
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
People in general like giving credit where credit is due
Only with governmental "officials" is lying, cheating, and stealing considered normal and ok
At some point or another, people will naturally stop obeying IP edicts
Most people who enjoy creative content want to reward its producers, not the corporate/legal entities in between
All Property Is Intellectual by Russell Madden
The Fallacy of Intellectual Property by Daniel Krawisz
Property rights are ascribed based on usage of technological units
Owning the Technological Unit: Land and Air (within Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution) by Murray Rothbard
Intellectual Property Versus Real Property: What Are Copyrights and What Do They Mean for Liberty? by Sheldon Richman
A free marketplace contains incentives to be honest and reputable and disincentives to defraud and plagiarize
Honesty--alignment with reality--is a key virtue for human beings; it enables them to trust themselves and others
Ultimately all aspects of our world that can be owned should be owned; "public property" is a contradiction in terms (noted Rand)
Ownership creates accountability and value in the marketplace, as well as efficient allocation of resources
Duplication without conflict (i.e., using one's own property) is the main principle for understanding the fallacy of IP
Fraud charges don't rely on IP, because they deal with deceptive transactions (lack of disclosure) and thus invalid title transfers
You can't "own" your reputation in the marketplace; libel and slander laws are invalid
On Property and Exploitation by Hans Hoppe and Walter Block
To reduce scarcity and to value more and more things is to flourish as human beings
Anarchy means no rulers, no group called "government" presuming to "govern" individuals against their wills and their rights to property
Supplemental reading...
The 100-Year Sentence by Jeffrey A. Tucker http://www.lewrockwell.com/tucker/tucker145.html
If You Believe in IP, How Do You Teach Others? by Jeffrey A. Tucker http://mises.org/daily/3864
The New Frontier in IP by Jeffrey A. Tucker http://www.lewrockwell.com/tucker/tucker123.html
Anti-taxation activism videos from 12/10/09 in San Diego, CA...
Governmental extortion via property tax (part 1 of 2)
Governmental extortion via property tax (part 2 of 2)
Freedom is about being able to make your own choices in the marketplace and respecting property rights
bumper music "Meet Your Master" by Nine Inch Nails

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Episode 96 - Unnecessary copyright, State-fostered scarcity, creating reasons to buy

Length: 1s

Brett comes back from fraternizing with pirates on the high Caribbean seas
School Sucks: Caribbean Holiday Spectacular (With Special Guests!)
For some reason, people can get along without overt government
Fatbeard: Cartman's dream of living the life of a pirate will come true if he can just get to Somalia.
'Intellectual property' by Kent McManigal
Sharing ideas is part of the natural process of creativity
Market-based IP enforcement is no improvement on the problem of the property rights conflict that IP creates
One's property rights end where another's begin, i.e., in the use of what he or she owns
I’m sorry, but we have to ban music. That’s just the way it is. by Nicholas Deleon
Government and their "laws" ration things by having you stand in line; shortages and high prices are common with coercive monopolies
Content creation should also focus on creating satisfied customers who will become repeat buyers and implicit sales people
The labor theory of value is embedded in IP law, and in the desire to control others' property in general
Labor by itself is not a value (guaranteeing income); it depends on its productivity value in the marketplace
"Laws" are designed to serve those in charge, funneling money (from law-breakers) to tyrants
Members of the Complete Liberty Meetup group in San Diego (http://www.meetup.com/Complete-Liberty/) had a little intervention down at the tax office (http://sdtreastax.com)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoIjEa4Cf-c  (full)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDLkVoN1kXQ  (clip)
Root-striking questions (a discussion that led up to the encounter)
People perpetuate nonsensical ideas without critically thinking about them--especially if they serve their economic interests
Unfortunately, when people feel that their corrupt way of life is threatened, they typically engage in ad hominem fallacy and shun any sort of constructive ideological change (and change in behavior)
Illegal Downloads 150x More Profitable Than Legal Sales - copyright holders can earn 150 times more money from illicit downloads than from iTunes and other legal stores. submitted by GolemXIV (torrentfreak.com)
The gravy train of governmental "laws" works by charging fees and fining law-breakers
Unfortunately, hardly anyone ever verbally challenges those who extort money from them and impose "services" on them (such as educating other peoples' kids)
Government is the ultimate anti-social institution
Scarcity – Does it Prove Intellectual Property is Unjustified? by Dale B. Halling
People don't forward the statist "If you don't like it, you can leave!" argument from a property rights jurisdiction perspective; they instead use a communistic perspective
No one has the right to take over your body or occupy your space; that aspect of scarcity reflects self-ownership
Hoppe's assessment of the State
Being able to duplicate something without conflict is one key to understanding property rights
Further reading...
Talking To 'Pirates' by Cliff Harris
Could The RIAA Stop Piracy By Coming Up With A More Compelling Story? by Mike Masnick
Controversy: Would the Absence of Copyright Laws Significantly Affect the Quality and Quantity of Literary Output? by Julio H. Cole
The Moral Argument In Favor Of File Sharing? by Mike Masnick
To try to control the information patterns in other peoples' minds and property (i.e., IP law) is unjust
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
A good business model that doesn't need copyright: Connect with Fans (CwF) and given them a Reason to Buy (RtB)
Trent Reznor and business strategy
Metallica May Follow In Footsteps of Radiohead, NIN
Radiohead to Testify Against the RIAA by Ernesto
Brett's new URL: http://schoolsucksproject.com/
School Sucks Podcast - http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/
bumper music "Karma Police" by Radiohead

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Episode 95 - Freedom prospects, professional extortionists, copyright wrongs

Length: 50s

The prospects for liberty on the high seas aren't any better than on land, imo
Any place of true freedom would entail the dissolution of governmental "jurisdiction"
Any place of true freedom would attract many rights-respecting and responsible individuals
Trying to enact complete liberty in a large city environment is quite problematic, though not impossible
For example: http://www.meetup.com/Complete-Liberty/
No matter where activism is done, it's vital to strike the root of statism
People who involve themselves in government don't care about respecting property rights, because government itself is an anti-property rights (tax-fed) institution!
Private entertainment venues (to the degree that they are unregulated and untaxed) are microcosms of a free society
The benefits of living in society, albeit at present highly statist, tend to outweigh living in the boonies
Statist notions of "giving back" to "society" or to "the community" are anti-freedom
Has the government ever actually provided anything on a voluntary basis? Nope
Showing police as immoral and unjust is a very good thing
Police "protect and serve" those in charge; they are a coercive monopoly funded via extortion
The perceived legitimacy of "government" depends on propaganda, rationalizations, and psychological defenses
People's fears of challenging "authority" go way back to childhood
Breaking dysfunctional ties takes confidence and courage
To assert what you truly value can be a real challenge
Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track by David Kravets
Billion Dollar Charlie vs. the RIAA by Alex Beam
If you give authoritarian sociopaths an inch, they'll take twelve miles
Political people use government to reward their friends and punish their enemies
Apple Wants To Make Jailbreaking Worthy Of Jail Time, $2500 Fine by Chris Walters
"Law" is like "God" for many people, the ultimate "authority" that must be obeyed!
Woman tapes parts of her sister's surprise party while the movie "New Moon" is playing in the background. Woman records 3-4 minutes of the movie and is arrested, spending 2 nights in jail and facing up to 3 years in prison. (consumerist.com)
Government doesn't own anything, so it has no property rights jurisdiction
American government, like all governments, contains the core of communism (for the common good)
Feds Demand Prison for Guns N’ Roses Uploader by David Kravets
Punishment is the age-old irrational method that "authorities" use to deal with the disobedient
Dell Colludes With RIAA, Disables Stereo Mix
Viacom lawsuit: Google told to hand over all YouTube user details by Bobbie Johnson
IP boils down to forcing people to do or not do things with what they own
Are we all serfs working for the feudal lord? Things haven't changed much
Will secret copyright treaty restrict your digital rights? by Jeff Porten
Governmental "representation" of "citizens" is basically another absurd form of supernaturalism, or belief in "higher powers"
Marketplace activity will eventually undermine IP, regardless of the laws that are passed and the punishment for breaking them
Does a criminal organization--i.e., an organization that violates others' sovereignty and property rights--have a valid claim to its property? Does any criminal?
Of course the main problem with acts of sabotage is that they do nothing to change the public relations scheme that seeks to legitimize "government"--and such acts basically serve as a call to arms for those whose job is coercion and violence, thus potentially escalating the madness (for the "common good")
The collective pronoun "we" is very important to the statist enslavement of the populace
Talk like a Pirate - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqMu6e5Dgtg
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
Daniel's site: http://warisimmoral.com
bumper music "The Great Destroyer" by Nine Inch Nails

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Episode 94 - The legal land of copyright and its destructiveness

Length: 49s

IP laws impose a labyrinth of restrictions on creative entrepreneurs who would otherwise bring new and interesting products and services to market
Pirate Bay founders threatened with fine if site stays open
The Pirates Can't Be Stopped by Daniel Roth
Kevin Rose Talks About HD DVD Story on Diggnation
Copying music and file-sharing are not equivalent to burglary or robbery, because only a duplication is made; the original property is left intact
Customers are oftentimes the casualties in the IP wars
Do content creators have the right to prevent others from duplicating their content? What about knockoffs and plagiarism?
The Music and Book Killers by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Nine Inch Nails Theory of Entrepreneurship
Trent Reznor and business strategy
The minutia and madness of IP litigation...
What's next for Jammie Thomas-Rasset? by Nate Anderson
The purpose of law is not to "deter" crimes, but rather to serve as a method of justice for restoring victims
Governmental "law," lacking property rights jurisdiction, violates individual rights
Lots of rights-respecting people are currently being kept in cages for rejecting unjust "laws"
The prevalent religious doctrine of retribution fosters various forms of irrationality, immorality, and injustice
When children are forced to do things against their will, they oftentimes grow up with pseudo self-esteem and believe in the moral righteousness of governmental coercion
Complete liberty is about a society that respects individuals and dispenses with the contradictions and moral double standards of "government"
Stay tuned for more info on the completeliberty.com site redesign!
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
bumper music "The Beginning Of The End" by Nine Inch Nails

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Episode 93 - Trademark law, protection rackets, marketplace checks on fraud

Length: 57s

Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit by Austin Modine
further reading...Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department
and...Wallstrip - Goldman Sachs (GS) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyl46aaSWnE
Peter McCandless interview with Daniel Lakemacher - 11/07/2009: Hrs. 1,2,3
(from http://www.petermacshow.com/show-archive.html)
and Larken Rose interviews Satan
Maintaining a trademark registration - http://www.uspto.gov/faq/t120052.jsp
further reading...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trademark
Legal Questions : What Does a Trademark Protect? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6tl8r1paHw
"Trademark rights" are in the land of the arbitrary, i.e., they are contradictory
Trademark blog - http://www.againstmonopoly.org/index.php?limit=&chunk=0&topic=Trademark
Trademark Ain't So Hot Either... by Stephen Kinsella
If governmental services are so important and valuable to people, then why do they have to be forcibly imposed and funded?
"Public goods" and "free rider" arguments are fallacious, being based on a coercive and collectivistic (i.e., non-property rights) framework
Trademark "law" doesn't really deal with the main issue of customers being defrauded
Trademark and Fraud by Stephan Kinsella
Against Libertarian Legalism: A comment on Kinsella and Block by Frank van Dun
Reply To Van Dun: Non-Aggression And Title Transfer by N. Stephan Kinsella
People with the same name don't sue each other, unless they're trying to use each other's property, so why do identical trademark holders? Trademark "law" is really about excluding competition in the marketplace
Facebook Sues German Social Network StudiVZ by Nik Cubrilovic
Adobe Target FreshAIRapps Officially Moves to a New Home by Paul Glazowski
Apple wins copyright infringement case against Psystar in California by Nilay Patel
Slashdot Apple Story | Psystar Crushed In Court
Think of a new name for iPodderX
Customer preferences in the marketplace place a check on company naming confusion and encourage differentiation
Government and various IP laws are merely a bunch of protection rackets, gaining an unfair advantage through the initiation of force
Monster Cable's Monstrous Abuse of Trademark Law
The Scariest Monster of All Sues for Trademark Infringement by Steve Stecklow
Trademark lawyers are out of their mind by Christian Zimmermann
Perhaps the biggest barrier to the dissolution of "government" in general and "IP laws" in particular is people's projection of fears from having no "authority" ruling over your/their decisions
Train Operators Around The World Stopping Others From Helping Riders... Due To Intellectual Property by Mike Masnick
TOSBack | GoDaddy Trademark and/or Copyright Infringement Policy
Hypocritical Apple (Trademark) by Stephan Kinsella
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
Caveat emptor (buyer beware) tends to bolster responsible choices - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caveat_emptor
But instances of fraud can be made known quickly in a marketplace with Internet technologies
further viewing...Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google discusses Intellectual Property - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi3Q40EPUjk
interesting admission..."From a Google perspective, intellectual property rights are fundamental to how we operate...so the company wouldn't exist without basic intellectual property rights."
Thanks to Ian Freeman for posting this - New FREE Audiobook: "Complete Liberty"
http://book.freekeene.com or http://freekeene.com/free-audiobook/
bumper music "Dem a Fraud" by Ras Indio
http://www.rasindiobelize.com/  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1jDf_nbJu0

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Episode 92 - The seen and the unseen of patent falsehoods and non sequiturs

Length: 1s

Our last episode dealing strictly with patents...next up, trademarks and copyrights
Supreme Court to decide: What kind of innovations get a patent? by Warren Richey
High court considers whether business methods can be patented by Peter Whoriskey
The patent industry relies on the coercion of government to garner profits
Patents being State-granted monopolies, rather than fostering innovation, work to hinder it
Much wealth is squandered on patent litigation, and the unseen costs are immense
Walking the tightrope of governmental regulation is illusory; any intervention is damaging and unjust
Threatening people with violence and limiting their actions doesn't promote progress in the useful arts and sciences
There is no such thing as a "limited monopoly"
Arbitrary is the name of the patent game, as well as the government game
Various Libertarians, such as Mary Ruwart (http://www.ruwart.com/), apparently have yet to question the IP memes, patents in particular
FDR interview - http://www.freedomainradio.com/Traffic_Jams/FDR_1504_dr_mary_ruwart_interview.mp3
You should not be able to control the property of others, regardless of whether they are using "your ideas"
A world without IP encourages constant improvement and innovation
If patented ideas are so great, just like governmental "services" (allegedly), people in a free marketplace will choose them
Intellectual Property Regime Stifles Science and Innovation, Nobel Laureates Say by Dugie Standeford
IP creates a worse economic environment for the poor, in addition to the rest of society
When you accept the meme of government, you end up promoting all sorts of fallacies and non sequiturs in order to do damage control
Abolishing government (and obviously the FDA) would mean abolishing the unnecessary costs of drug development (the lion's share of the costs)
Where Are the Cures? by Michael Heller
Ownership rights shouldn't clash; given this, there is no such thing as "too much ownership"
Modifying the patent system won't work, and it isn't moral; IP must be abolished
Once a system of monopolistic privileges is set up, few will repudiate it
You don't make money within a patent system by being creative, so much as employ laws and courts to prevent competition
Harvard Among Six Schools Urging Drug Access for Poor by John Lauerman
The notion that without patents no profits could be made is simply a rationalization for the status quo
IP creates conflict by trying control what other people may and may not do with their own property
Seen and Unseen Cost of Patents by Jeffrey A. Tucker
further Tucker reading...
The Hoax of Invention History by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Do Patents Save Our Lives? by Jeffrey A. Tucker
IP: It's a Market Failure Argument by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Having to engage in defensive patenting or having to wade through thickets of "prior art" are simply wastes of time and money from a free market standpoint
...statement by Boldrine and Levine: "'Being a monopolist' is, apparently, akin to going on drugs or joining some strange religious sect. It seems to lead to a complete loss of any sense of what profitable opportunities are and of how free markets function. Monopolists, apparently, can conceive of only one way of making money, that is bullying consumers and competitors to put up or shut up. Furthermore, it also appears to mean that past mistakes have to be repeated at a larger, and ever more egregious, scale."
Apple's monopolistic tendencies - http://www.patentlyapple.com/
Patents Are An Economic Absurdity by François-René Rideau
further reading...What Do You Do If Someone Already Patented Your Idea?
Brett's School Sucks Podcast - http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/
Daniel's site - http://warisimmoral.com
My other podcast - http://healthymindfitbody.com ...episode dealing with diet drugs:
bumper music "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000

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Episode 91 - Patent madness, property and contracts without conflict

Length: 1s

The Liberty Roundtable #1: Education and the State
Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
With the force of patent law, some producers supposedly have more rights than others?
Microsoft patents 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' by David Meyer
Company that won $585M from Microsoft sues Apple, Google by Jacqui Cheng
The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte TWiT 216: It's Pimpin' Time - http://twit.tv/216
Patent litigation spells a proliferation of conflicts in the marketplace
Time spent litigating patent claims is time spent away from catering to present and future customers
Money spent on litigating patent claims is money not spent on innovating and marketing
Patents are essentially monopolistic privileges granted by government that try to control other people's use of their own property
Barnes & Noble Sued Over Nook Design by Barb Dybwad
Non-disclosure agreements are a problematic aspect of contract law
Promises to do or not do something that aren't based on actual property, but rather on IP, aren't valid
Promises that don't involve the transfer of property don't constitute contracts either
"...validly enforceable contracts only exist where title to property has already been transferred, and therefore where the failure to abide by the contract means that the other party’s property is retained by the delinquent party, without the consent of the former (implicit theft). Hence, this proper libertarian theory of enforceable contracts has been termed the 'title-transfer' theory of contracts."
...from The Ethics of Liberty Chapt 19. PROPERTY RIGHTS AND THE THEORY OF CONTRACTS by Murray Rothbard
The title transfer theory of contracts is grounded in actual property
The work that Rothbard credits for insights about contract validity is:
Toward A Reformulation of the Law of Contracts by Williamson M. Evers
further reading - A Libertarian Theory of Contract: Title Transfer, Binding Promises, and Inalienability by N. Stephan Kinsella (though there are some logical problems with some of his arguments against Rothbard)
In a free market, people are free to honor original content creators by buying their stuff (or donating)
Producers of content must discover free market ways to receive compensation for their efforts
Identity theft is a form of fraud, the use of someone's property without consent, under false pretenses
Knockoffs are a form of flattery, and like in fashion, consumers choose which ones to buy (and they can afford)
Patent Claim Could Block Import of Toyota's Hybrid Cars
How Patents Are Harming Small Companies Too
Patent holders, be they individuals or corporations, constantly hold back innovation in the marketplace
Fallacy Run Amok by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Bringing even a "knockoff" product to market successfully takes time, effort, and money
Patents foster perverse incentives not to innovate and to discourage others from innovating
Property rights resolve conflict, whereas "IP rights" create conflict
Rights equal freedom to act in a social context, without conflict with others
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
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Episode 90 - Police and military madness, patent history and IP pitfalls

Length: 57s

Everyone has scary cop stories, which is on account of cops' legalized coercive monopoly
Is Halloween a form of sublimation for the scary aspect of the coercive nature of our society?
Police enforce arbitrary and unjust laws, regardless of the particular "state"
Police don't have property rights jurisdiction
The governmental system is set up for total lack of accountability (and of course appalling "customer service")
If property rights aren't logically defined in society, we're in big trouble
U.S. Continues Quagmire-Building Effort In Afghanistan
The U.S. military is a communized organization, with fascist input via defense contractors
Because national military competence is impossible, the powers that be indoctrinate people about memes of necessary "national security"
School sucks, except for military planners, who are masters of existential (and monetary) clusterfucks
Afghanistan - The universality of war propaganda by Glenn Greenwald
Empathy for people affected by war elsewhere is sorely lacking in many Americans
Self-responsibility and its Effects on Obedience and Aggression
Deindividuation, disinhibition, and dehumanization are key factors in evil actions
Revenge is a natural consequence of destructive and harmful actions; war begets more war
Authoritarianism is the conceptual common denominator between war and patent law
July 31, 1790: New Nation Issues First Patent by Randy Alfred
A Book that Changes Everything by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Ayn Rand's IP contradictions: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/patents_and_copyrights.html
Do Patents Encourage or Hinder Innovation? The Case of the Steam Engine by Michele Boldrin, David K. Levine, and Alessandro Nuvolari
Why do people seek to use legal protection rackets? Mainly, fear of not making money without them, in a free market and misunderstanding property in relation to the creative process, leading to control of others
It's vital to resolve the IP disagreement within the liberty movement, and logically define property rights
Complete Liberty IP Chapter: http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php
audio version: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=208107
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Brett's site and podcast: http://edu-lu-tion.com  and http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com
bumper music "War" by Pearl Jam (originally recorded by Edwin Starr)
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Episode 89 - So-called intellectual property, duplication without conflict, criminals George Singal and Arnold Huftalen

Length: 36s

Complete Liberty chapter six was the most difficult to write: Ending Modern Day Letters Patent
Orthodox Objectivists tenaciously hold onto the IP meme
Marx's labor theory of value is in operation with the promotion of IP
Australia's Woolworths, Apple in logo dispute
Apple patents The OS X Dock
Time, money, and effort spent using the IP racket means time, money, and effort not spent on innovation
Innovation is the product of creativity, and creativity is the antithesis of conformity
IP means getting your corner on the market with the guns of government
Corporations engage in reciprocal licensing arrangements on account of patent combat; attorneys work deals so they can continue functioning
Nokia files suit against Apple by by Hibah Yousuf
IP law is used to control others in the marketplace; creators tend to see their products in the hands of others as still their property!
Property_Is_Intellectual by Russell Madden
Especially in a non-IP marketplace, reputation for how you relate to content creators is key
What actually is property? Something you possess (own) and use without conflict with what other people possess and use; property rights thereby minimize the potential for conflict in society, as well as ascribe accountability and efficient use (and production) of resources
And what constitutes so-called intellectual "property"? It depends...
Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
Monopolistic privilege granted by government is the essence of IP, which entails trying to control others' property rights
Being able to reproduce or duplicate something is qualitatively difference than taking it (thereby preventing another's use)
Theft by definition entails use or possession of someone else's thing, not allowing them to use and possess that thing
Being able to duplicate without conflict is the operational principle in the realm of property rights
"Tax Protester" Elaine Brown sentenced to 35 years in prison today....will do more time than murderers, rapist, or child molesters.
Those in government fear non-compliant political slaves most
Judge George Singal and Assistant U.S. Attorney Arnold Huftalen are outright criminals, responsible for the destruction of the lives of the Browns (and countless others)
Governmental judges and prosecutors "work" for the same team, which is the ultimate conflict of interest, a monopolistic privilege on "justice"
But this doesn't bother them: http://freekeene.com/2009/10/24/sam-dodson-guilty-in-uneventful-trial/
Comment that speaks for itself:
Dr. Brown was our dentist for 11 years. She is one of the most decent people I know. The government has taken her home, business, and possessions. That is enough. I feel she has more than enough paid for this. She is very old and I think it is outrageous to treat someone of her age like that. She spent her entire life helping other people. I think this state needs to pardon her and treat her humanely. I am sorry Elaine and all my 8 children love you. Thanks so much for your great work! You are awesome.
- Penny T, Plymouth, NH
Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_and_Elaine_Brown
Public acts of civil disobedience expose rights-violating "law" enforcement, thus delegitimizing those in government as our "protectors"
bumper music "Mind Control" by Stephen Marley
http://www.stephenmarleymusic.com/  http://www.myspace.com/stephenmarley

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Episode 88 - Personalizing politics, real class conflict, fiscal and monetary parasitism, respecting property and trade

Length: 1s

Bureaucrats in government, as members of the parasitical class, always try to get "their cut" from businesses
Those in government shouldn't be welcomed onto private property
Question for terrocrats (terrorist bureaucrats): Other than the threat of physical violence, what is the reason for our relationship?
Another question for terrocrats: Other than your flag and pretended legitimacy, how are you any different than the mafia?
Government and statist media promote various 'scares of the day' to control people
There are two kinds of people in the world: those who want to live in peace, trade, and not be bothered, and those who don't
Why do those in government maintain a coercive monopoly on their "services"? Because they fear having to be compete and be accountable
In a free market, people would see that governmental "services" suck, so they'd either have to change or dissolve
Because they've monopolized various services, those in government accuse those who don't want to be extorted as being "free riders"
Agorist Class Theory: A Left-Libertarian Approach to Class Conflict Analysis by Wally Conger, drawing on the unfinished work of Samuel Edward Konkin III
Modern politics serves as a distraction from the primary problem: people using the State to sacrifice others
Those in government want people to be part of their process (the parasitical class), so their actions appear justified
Statism as a cancer on society...
What happens when the host can no longer support the parasites?
If government is virtuous, the more the better, right?
A Vigorous Push From Federal Regulators by Lyndsey Layton
Pentagon speeds up work on 15-ton bomb
Obama has brought a lot of change to washington; unfortunately, it was all for the worse
We've Seen the Future, and It's Unmanned by Brian Mockenhaupt
Militarism, imperialism, foreign occupation, and nation-building--the not-so-secret recipe for terrorism blowback
The demise of the dollar by Robert Fisk
The monetary scheme of the Bretton Woods "agreement" has led to extreme devaluation of the US dollar, the ultimate fiat currency
The last thing that governmental "officials" want is to relinquish their control of the money supply and monetary system
Fiscal and monetary "policy"--two horsemen of the apocalypse
Currency inflation is an insidious and cowardly form of taxation; the US dollar is now only about 3% of its original value
Obama fails to win Nobel prize in economics by Tom Bemis
The Governator pays another visit to CLP!
Schwarzenegger Signs Tougher Anti-Paparazzi Law
California must go bankrupt by John C. Dvorak
Government is a refuge for those who choose not to function voluntarily in a free marketplace
People can learn how to get along without being violent
Progressive Claptrap by Robert Higgs
Partisan Politics—-A Fool’s Game for the Masses by Robert Higgs
Socialist mentality entails developmental victimization and thus using the State to victimize others
The whole reason to live in a society is to interact with others voluntarily, offering and receiving knowledge and trade
Recognition of self-ownership and property rights is the solution to the ills of government
Most people are in massive denial about the nature of statism
People need to conceive of a society that is all privately owned
Those who currently survive via coercion need to realize their potential to survive by respecting others in the marketplace
It's vital to stand up and resist statist notions, to confront those in government (criminal mentalities) with a strong moral conviction based on property rights
Self-sacrifice is not a virtue
People who have spent their lives creating and producing are unlikely to desire ruling over others; yet "intellectual property" laws foster a major counter-example...
For instance, Snap Out of it NOW! trademark http://snapoutofitnow.com/ and one of Apple's many threats...
bumper music "Let Go Of My World" by Testament

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Episode 87 - Non-objective law, individual creativity versus tribalism and mysticism, causality

Length: 39s

Government--a group of people claiming immunity from simple moral judgment (don't hit people and don't take their stuff)
Why don't we have a system in which people and their property are respected consistently and universally?
Objective law entails honoring individual rights
Ideas rule the world, not guns and jail cells
The idea of government gives "legitimacy" to rights-violations
Market monopolies are fundamentally different than coercive monopolies
The Question of Monopolies by Nathaniel Branden
(also in http://www.amazon.com/Capitalism-Ideal-Ayn-Rand/dp/0451147952 )
Coercive monopolies exist in regulated economies like today's
Local utilities are a prime example of coercive monopolies
People tend to project their fears of others onto property owners, ignoring their present enslavement by statism
HOA's don't exactly uphold freedom principles
Surrendering one's autonomy is part and parcel of statism
Enforcing irrational, immoral, and unjust laws is the supposed "job" of "police officers"
Governmental laws are basically the nonsensical scribblings of control-freak mentalities
Teen’s DIY Energy Hacking Gives African Village New Hope by Kim Zetter
Governmental "aid" (i.e., expropriated tax dollars) fosters dependence and perpetuates human suffering
Morality entails the virtue of independence, not dependence
Freedom—An Ethical Issue - http://www.logicallearning.net/libfreedomethica.html
Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa by Dambisa Moyo
Dambisa Moyo, Author Of Dead Aid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBH47mByATc
Dambisa Moyo discusses Dead Aid with an MP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Pkk2sq9Cg
Mysticism crowds out rationality, and when mysticism creeps into daily affairs, it can be deadly
Superstitions are rampant in tribes, where conformity to the group and mystical "causality" reigns
The Early Human Condition - http://www.logicallearning.net/libearlyhumancon.html
Creators are not selfless; each creator lives for his or her own sake
A mystical metaphysics inverts the nature of reality and logical causality
A solid, objective, metaphysics leads to understanding reality correctly and respecting others achievements
Identity And Causality, And The Use Of Logic - http://www.logicallearning.net/libidentitycausa.html
Female genital mutilation is one horrible outcome of the tribal mentality and superstitious beliefs
http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs241/en/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_cutting
William Kamkwamba on building a windmill
Michael Pritchard's water filter turns filthy water drinkable
How much more generous and charitable would people be if taxation (and government itself) didn't exist?
Ask Dr. Ruwart - What is the libertarian approach to developing alternative energy sources?
Coercion can't achieve benevolent ends
In a free market, entrepreneurs see needs, ascertain what people value, and respond accordingly
Inside the Nobel Prize: How a CCD Works by Charlie Sorrel
bumper music "It's My Life" by Dr. Alban

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Episode 86 - Facets of minarchism vs market anarchism, contradictory democracy, individualism and unschooling

Length: 1s

We were taught to believe in the statist version of "freedom" in governmental schools
Government is seen as a protector and provider for "the people"
If we're going to enact the principles of statism, why limit it?
The illusion of an ominous external enemy perpetuates the notion of governmental military "protection"
Without "freedom" rhetoric and propaganda to accompany their violence, those in government have no perceived legitimacy
Jan Helfeld who is a Minarchist Objectivist Debates Larken Rose an Anarcho-Capitalist.
Minarchism is simply a form of statism
Fear of freedom seems to be what largely separates minarchists from market anarchists
The credo of all statists: necessity validates the initiation of force
The political ideal of those in power is to convince the slaves that they are "free"
Comfort through compliance garners various "benefits," all while destroying untold, unseen possibilities
"Make believe is fun and comforting, but I wouldn't suggest it as a political philosophy." B.V.
The obedience training process has to incorporate rationalization in order to deny plain truths
A superman view of militaristic government (that can beat up all the bullies) can never be limited
The notion of a "final authority" with a legalized monopoly that prevents conflict among humans has its origins in corrupt parent/child and teacher/child relationships
Even in the "elite" private schools, obedience to authority is the MO
The central planning pedagogical ramblings of Alexander Inglis...
"The propaedeutic function of secondary education" http://tinyurl.com/y9cfm8d
John Gatto's take on Inglis: http://www.spinninglobe.net/againstschool.htm
A European example of the ideological/pedagogical aftermath: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_France
How much lack of self-trust does it take to want to dominate and control others?
Why do people think that those in government are different than other people?
If "people are stupid and dangerous," why on Earth should they be able to "govern" others?
Dumbocracy, where the "will of the people" fills the void of "God" as "authority"
Those in government feel that they deserve to rule over others (it's okay for them because they're special or "chosen")
Government is a fundamentally different concept than the "roving gangs" postulated by minarchists
"The law" is viewed an an authority that we must obey, and breaking "the law" is seen as one of the greatest moral/political sins
Because government is seen as a "protector" and/or "provider," its false legitimacy must be countered through discourse and non-compliance
The most cleverly conniving in society will always infiltrate the coercive institution called government
If you advocate the violation of one person's rights, then you advocate violence against an entire society
You can't just change the people who're staffing government; you have to get rid of the entire coercive system
The beauty of the free market is that you only pay for what you get, and you only get what you pay for
Wal-Mart and the corporate structure: http://completeliberty.com/chapter4.php#80
The "free rider" and "public goods" fallacies lead to further rationalizations for the initiation of force
Minarchism's political contradictions and errors about human nature - http://www.logicallearning.net/libertylaissez-f.html
You can't protect someone while not protecting them (i.e., while taxing them)
"For your own good" perpetuates the governmental meme of tyranny over individuals
The Idea of a Private Law Society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe: http://www.mises.org/story/2265
Collectivism makes living as full-fledged individuals impossible
Objectivist ethics: don't sacrifice yourself to others, and don't sacrifice others to yourself
The moral contradiction of statism: freedom will give you less freedom; therefore, you mustn't be free
Why do people believe that government is less scary than freedom?
Check out http://larkenrose.com for all his books and essays
The impact of mysticism and governmental education on people has been immense
Violence isn't going to achieve non-violence in relation to governmental memes
Even limited government advocates want to initiate force against others in order to "protect" themselves
NAP (the non-aggression principle) is an irreducible primary in the realm of political philosophy; don't hit people and don't take their stuff
Because we are reasoning, volitional, individuals with property rights, no person or group may aggress against us
FDR1447 Post Debate Review Conference Call - Anarchism Versis Minarchism
How would life be with complete liberty? It's important to portray this via art...
School Sucks Podcast - Episode 7.2: Conformity & Compliance vs. Conscience & Consistency
Brett's site: http://edu-lu-tion.com
When the good of individuals is honored, the greater good is thus served
Honoring little people entails unschooling and especially whole life unschooling
http://www.unschooling.com/ ; http://www.unschooling.info/ ; http://www.unschooling.org/
http://sandradodd.com/unschooling ; http://www.holtgws.com/whatisunschoolin.html
http://www.unschoolingamerica.com/ ; http://www.midnightbeach.com/hs/unschool.html
Check out Sarah Parent's Humans Being podcast:
and her blog: http://www.clanofparents.com/
If parents treated kids as equally deserving of respect, it would lead to the demise of the State
We are all in a process of shedding the bad memes, particularly the authoritarianism/obedience memes
bumper music "Points Of Authority" by Linkin Park
http://linkinpark.com/release/albums/hybrid_theory  http://www.myspace.com/linkinpark

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Episode 85 - The obedience meme of political enslavement versus demanding property rights and freedom

Length: 1s

Obedience to "authority" is a main factor in our political enslavement
There should be no contradictions in the realm of politics, yet self-ownership isn't recognized by governments
Government is allegedly designed to protect you and provide for you, but at whose expense?
Businesses in the marketplace don't impose their services on customers; they offer and revise their offerings according to customer desires
"Public good" and "free rider" arguments are based on economic falsehoods--and immoral premises
If you weren't threatened with fines, incarceration and other punishments for not paying taxes, would you pay them?
Collectivistic memes support unjust services such as the "military," which is funded via extortion and enslaves its own "employees"
Employers and employees are not slaves and masters; each can discontinue their relationship at any time for any reason
When people aren't allowed to opt out, daily rights-violations are perpetrated with impunity
Those involved in the authoritarian nature of government don't take responsibility for their immoral and unjust actions
As government grows, people blank out the essentials and avoid making moral distinctions even more
Scientists are notorious for blanking out regarding issues and ideas of immorality and injustice
Once again, the obedience meme is keeping us enslaved
Why do so many rational individuals allow so much of their lives to be controlled by the threats and coercion of those in government?
A disrespectful family environment tends to deny self-ownership and leads to enslaved "citizens"
Stop saying "Please"! by Larken Rose
The sordid political tale of the Boston Tea Party... http://mises.org/story/2110#6
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Tea_Party#Tea_Act_1773  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Tea_Party#Resisting_the_Tea_Act
The concept of individual rights is key to understanding the nature of rights-violations
We are made of star stuff, and as conceptual beings, we need to realize the implications of reason in relation to rights
Violent resistance won't destroy the authoritarian/obedience meme
Civil disobedience entails demanding that your rights be respected, with firmness and no slavespeak
"Police officers" are criminals themselves to the extent that they "make" money via extortion and work for the coercive monopoly of government
The jurisdiction to search for evidence of a crime (actual wrongdoing) naturally stems from property rights; owners have jurisdiction; cops don't
Freedom should be our highest value (assuming good physical and psychological health)
Feel free to add your comments: http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=529054&comments=on
In order for Free Staters (http://freestateproject.org) to achieve freedom, they need to see disobeying unjust "laws" and demanding respect for individual rights as virtuous
Resignation to the political status quo (obeying unjust "laws") is not the answer
To try to use government to get rid of government is not the answer either
Those in government don't care about individuals, but they do care about being seen as legitimate
Politics "works" by destroying people's lives
As long as we consider disobedience (and its consequences) less moral and less practical than obedience, we'll never achieve complete liberty
People who derive benefits from government are engaged in a ethical contradiction
The moral/practical dichotomy is the main deterrent to living an authentic and principled life, as well as a major impediment to experiencing freedom
If you're not respecting other people, you're not respecting yourself (and vice versa)
People in government essentially fear operating in the free market, i.e., acting in a voluntary fashion
Once a certain level of self-esteem is attained, there's no felt "need" to sacrifice others for your own sake
Governmental "law" is legalized, concretized authoritarian sociopathy
If the people in government actually trusted their own judgments, they would have no desire to control others
Visit http://larkenrose.com for more about his books
Beyond Rand by Jim Davies (review of Larken's The Iron Web) http://www.strike-the-root.com/91/davies/davies10.html
We don't need mass civil disobedience to pierce the false veil of legitimacy of "government"
Most people are complying with governmental injustices on account of fear of not complying, not out of any serious dedication to collectivistic self-sacrifice
Small, yet supportive groups of complete liberty lovers dedicated to speaking the plain political truth can embolden people with common sense
Pop behaviorism (operant conditioning) permeates our society, as noted by Alfie Kohn:
http://www.alfiekohn.org/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfie_Kohn
There are no rational or valid arguments for maintaining legalized coercive monopolies that violate individual rights
Fear, threats, and violence are what those in government rely on to promote their propaganda of perceived legitimacy
The only way that authoritarian sociopaths can live with themselves (as they follow fools' orders) is to believe that they're doing good and thus appearing righteous, as nabbers of the bad guys
An uncompromising moral stance is needed for achieving your freedom, which is forwarded via non-compliance
Arguments for governmental "laws" cannot stand logical scrutiny
Once the entire market is marketized--owned by individuals--people will live fully as human beings, according the rational rules
bumper music "Take The Power Back" by Rage Against The Machine

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Episode 84 - The immorality and impracticality of obedience to so-called authority

Length: 1s

The purpose of talking about the negativity of politics is to create a better world for everyone
The moral double standard of government must be challenged
People comply all the time for all kinds of reasons
"Agents of the State" do not work for us; they work for those "in charge"
Cops: America's one and only--by force!
A legalized monopoly on police force will always use that force against you
Public property leads to making victims out of all of us, by "agents of the State"
Impounding equals theft equals extortion racket
Many "businesses" collude with those in government and use the force of the State to make money
The goal of government is to maintain obedience (in order to "make" money and keep control)
In traditional education, kids are managed, watched, and told what to do by those who presume to be "authorities" over them, which leads directly to statism
Arbitrary enforcement of unjust laws makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
Typical "news" stories don't have truth and freedom in mind
Government as Jabba the Hut...
Episode 3: A Young Person's Guide to the American Political System
The illusion of freedom is fostered on multiple fronts in multiple ways
The "authority" of the family--i.e., the head of household--has always held sway and generated the fear mechanism
By what right, standard, and code do you presume to rule over me?
It's incumbent on parents to see their kids as equally deserving of respect
Unschooling principles are based on a mutually respectful code of morality
And kids who are unschooled according to rational moral principles won't tolerate tyranny as adults
Each generation is within reach of complete liberty; it's just a matter of how much of your life you want to take back that has been stolen from you
"Public property" is a contradiction in terms, and a sure-fire way for authoritarian sociopaths to treat others unjustly
Our distinct lack of freedom is the issue and idea of our age...
The common denominator of socio-economic problems is government, and the irrational/unjust memes fostering it
Hernando de Soto's misguided ideas about property rights
The illusion of property rights serves the interests of those in power to essentially harvest the products of the free-range slaves
Lack of understanding in economics and human motivation leads to fears about exploitation by property owners
Re-educate thyself in the nature of freedom: http://tolfa.us
Feel free to rate and review CLP...
The fundamental difference between Marxism and Objectivism (property understood and applied) is logic
Most philosophers throughout history have denied the validity of the senses and thus forward illogical epistemology
Do you think that freedom should be the highest value for human beings?
Reason, purpose, and self-esteem all require freedom
Both personal and political freedom are necessary to live a life proper to a human being
Rationalizations for statist memes serve as sick substitutes for genuine choices in a free marketplace
The founders of Sudbury Valley School unfortunately incorporated "democratic" statism into an unschooling school (free school) environment - http://tinyurl.com/leukmc
Being told that you have "a voice" in a democracy is basically saying that you don't exist as a respectable person
The obedience meme is widespread, even among the liberty movement
Some have decided NOT to obey - Lauren Canario Eminent Domain Arrest (in 2005)
Is the lack of freedom in your life preferable to experiencing the consequences of living freely?
With the moral code of altruism, there is no end to the sacrifices and thus rationalizations
Only a tireless disobedient minority (of agorist intellectuals) can accelerate the process of achieving complete liberty
If you're not doing anything to protest the injustices of those in government, and if you're not demanding better behavior, nothing is going to change
Lots of wealthy businesspersons "legally" try to pay as little taxes as possible, which concedes the immoral premise of statism and emboldens statist oppressors
Civil disobedience--based on the principle of self-ownership and property rights--is the moral thing to do, because individuals should be respected
"Under a government which imprisons unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison." H.D.T.
Reacting violently to political oppressors not only plays into the hands (fists and guns) of the authoritarian sociopaths, but it also leaves the authoritarian/obedience memes intact
Nothing trumps your mind, volition, and life
The greatest motivation and benefit of defying unjust demands is internal
Those who believe that they are moral must come to terms with enslaving and incarcerating rights-respecting individuals
Supporters, video cameras and the Internet are the primary methods of showing the immoral and unjust behavior of governmental "officials" (and shaming them)
Complying--remaining libertarian talkers--makes it seem as if injustice isn't happening
Stefan Molyneux's contrary messages: http://www.freedomainradio.com/Traffic_Jams/FDR_1448_working_for_the_state.mp3
If we believe that it's moral and practical to obey, then neither those in government (nor bullies) will change their behavior as a consequence
You're never going to get a significant fraction of people on board the liberty movement unless you do disobey, and incur the consequences of the code of immorality that's being foisted on people
Violent resistance to governmental "officials" unjust demands basically would lead to your death and their death, and perhaps death of the liberty movement
The authoritarian/obedience meme has existed for centuries--but it's time to evolve, and it would be a shame if we didn't
Check out the activism in Keene, NH - http://freekeene.com
Freedom Roundtable - 2009 Liberty Forum - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUAoeQ-6Q2o
In America, we have the rhetoric and pretense of freedom
The next-step challenge is to get rid of the behavioral contradictions, to walk the talk
All those in governmental schools need to listen to Brett's School Sucks Podcast - http://edu-lu-tion.com
The horrible injustice perpetrated on Irwin Schiff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irwin_Schiff#Convictions_for_1997_through_2002_tax_years
Peter Schiff on his father, Irwin Schiff - http://motorhomediaries.com/schiff/
The immoral man whose job Schiff wants - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_history_of_Christopher_Dodd
The IRS is an institution that is evil to the core--they aggress against rights-respecting persons and their property
Even if you're fully educated about complete liberty, as long as you comply with tyrannical attitudes, nothing really changes for the better
For the convenience of the government, and on account of his heroic efforts, Daniel is no longer part of the Navy:
War is the health of the State, and the State promotes war, first and foremost on "it's citizens" via taxation and regulation
bumper music "Rise Above" by Black Flag (and Intro: "Richard Feynman: Disrepect for Authority" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhD0MxacnIE )
http://www.myspace.com/blackflag80shardcore  http://www.sstsuperstore.com/product.asp?showproduct=SST007-CD

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Episode 83 - Property rights violating government, contracts and volition, persuasion over force

Length: 1s

People protest a lot of things about government, but rarely its monopolization of so-called justice
Governmental tyranny boils down to violating property rights
If those in government were truly concerned about your rights, they wouldn't be the first ones to infringe on them
The epic myth of Libertarian slavery by Kevin Joseph Tull
BIG UPDATE regarding Daniel's enslavement in the Navy (HE'S BEEN RELEASED):
Military contracts are invalid, as they are not based on freedom
GTMO prisoners who are depraved of due process are used as a tool for political fear-mongering
The U.S. military, via politicians, creates blowback threats to Americans, while violating their (and others') property rights in the process
The real issue is the rights-violations perpetrated by those in government; government itself is the main problem regarding threats to our lives and well-being
Psych 101: Locking up individuals for years without any due process would naturally foster homicidal (and suicidal) thoughts in them
All rights originate from property, first and foremost self-ownership
Imagine government running the cell phone industry...of course, the FCC and lobbyists have done a number on it already
The FCC extortionist and regulatory racket, which ultimately costs consumers billions and results in greatly inferior services:
The fantasy of monopolistic justice will remain so
Returning to the four pieces of paper (the USC) won't fix the moral contradiction of government
You cannot be required to obey a contract once you disagree with it, which would be acting as if you no longer have volition
In other words, you can't sign--and bind yourself to--a valid contract without your consent throughout the entire contractual term
Walter Block's monstrous contractual contradiction: Privatizing Rivers and Voluntary Slave Contracts by Walter Block
http://www.lewrockwell.com/block/block134.html (links to his other papers within)
Using volition to deny volition involves concept-stealing: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/stolen_concept--fallacy_of.html
You have to be exercising volition in order to keep a contract, so a contract of enslavement is both unjust and epistemologically absurd
Clarity of concepts is key...
People who use, or advocate the use of, initiatory force against others (or even themselves) exempt themselves from rational, volitional discussion
Excluding competition in the realm of justice is itself a form of injustice - http://www.logicallearning.net/libertylaissez-f.html
Why are you doing this to me? Why do you hate me so much? by samadamscw
Jan Helfeld checkmates Bill Richardson on Government and Rights
Stefan Molyneux checkmates Jan Helfeld on the contradictions of minarchism:
No one possesses the right to initiate force against others, so it can't be delegated to those in government either
Miniarchism is statism in principle, so advocating it means that the irrational, immoral, unjust meme of government remains intact
Dear Robert Ringer, by Carl Watner
Bill of Law by Michael van Notten - http://completeliberty.com/chapter8.php#153
Root striking Hans Hoppe: http://www.lewrockwell.com/podcast/?p=episode&name=2009-08-18_130_the_economics_of_world_government.mp3
Either you have property rights or you don't; public property is a contradiction in terms
When government exists, disobedience is the ultimate crime
Once the "legitimacy" of government is shattered, the people in it have nothing left but violence (just like a petty thug on the street)
"The mark of a truly civilized society should be 'the triumph of persuasion over force'" C.W.
If you advocate coercion, you're advocating a worse off life for yourself
Let's have protection without violation of our rights!
Fears, lack of trust, and obedience to authority all contribute to pseudo self-esteem and controlling others
Government is the last link in the corrupt philosophical chain, representing a culture of mediocrity
What's good for the individual is good for the collective, but not vice versa
Brett's new educational podcast and site - http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com and http://edu-lu-tion.com
Visit http://warisimmoral.com for more info from Daniel
True justice agencies will focus on restoring victims, not creating them
To buy a print edition of CL, visit: http://www.lulu.com/content/687618
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Episode 82 - Angels and government, ominous statist parallels, self-esteem and family issues

Length: 1s

Taking Marriage Private by Stephanie Coontz
The Psychology of Romantic Love by Nathaniel Branden
The Romantic Love Question and Answer Book by Nathaniel and Devers Branden
Madison’s Folly by Thomas L. Knapp
Humans are volitional creatures that choose to do good or bad things, based on their values
Are free staters angels of liberty?
Cutting the parasite of government down to a minimal size doesn't extinguish its tyranny
The unjust power to tax inherently creates unaccountability and irresponsibility
The ability to participate in government doesn't lesson the inherent tyranny of government
People use a selective filter when viewing the nature of the American government, due mainly to "public schools"
Democracies sacrifice the smallest minority, the individual, to the "agendas" of the collective
American "law enforcers" are no different than Hitler's SS if individuals accosted by them resist their aggression
The Ominous Parallels: A Brilliant Study of America Today - and the 'ominous parallels' with the chaos of pre-Hitler Germany by Leonard Peikoff
Dealing With Friends and Family Who Don’t Get It by Paul Rosenberg
Stefan Molyneux and Larken Rose on The Peter Mac Show
The two potent defense mechanisms of denial and rationalization prevent people from realizing political truths
Kids are expected to sacrifice their rational faculty to various mythologies
Extremely disrespectful parental behavior such as spanking or other types of punishment also reflects low self-esteem
Fear of disobeying perceived legitimate "authority" leads to mass political compliance
Parents can empathize with children's needs via self-esteem-building exercises
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden
The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=8977399
Between Parent and Child - The Bestselling Classic That Revolutionized Parent-Child Communication by Haim Ginott
Pseudo self-esteem tied to politics and political "leaders" fosters denial of self-responsibility and perpetuation of the statist status quo
Being ruled and being "part of the system" is a precarious mental house of cards
Having an opinion that contradicts rationality and individual rights, i.e., statism, isn't morally acceptable
Threats of initiatory force (clear and present dangers) warrant self-defensive measures
Militarism avoids widespread domestic governmental tyranny; it distracts people from the real enemy of their freedoms
It your relationship isn't based on respect, it's merely a pretense at a relationship, and harmful to your life and well-being
Try to find the rationality in people who are resistant to freedom, but don't tolerate being verbally attacked for advocating freedom
See the promotion of statism as a self-esteem issue
Unconditional love denies responsibility, accountability, and rational judgment
BRETT'S PODCAST AND NEW WEBSITE: http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com and http://edu-lu-tion.com
DANIEL'S SITE (with the latest updates): http://warisimmoral.com
MHD interview with Daniel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfdPsAaWrjI
bumper music "Help Save the Youth of America" by Billy Bragg

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Episode 81 - Political slavery, the folly of working within the system, the matrix

Length: 1s

People and their property are politically enslaved by coercive government
Obedience to "authority" in the family and the classroom are the roots of our enslavement
Most of what people understand about government they learned in elementary school
American governmental mythologies are pounded into kids' heads in school
Why We Couldn't Abolish Slavery Then and Can't Abolish Government Now by Robert Higgs
"If you don't like it, you can leave" is merely collectivistic slavespeak
The "government" doesn't own anything
People and their property shouldn't be pushed around on "public property"
Governmental laws violate individual rights, in defiance of natural law principles
Authoritarian sociopaths in government resort to violence against the non-compliant
A story of barroom allegations...
Ultimately, the barrel of a gun is the method of attaining obedience from the resistant
Underlying the pretenses of slaves and authoritarians is fear, fear of self-realization and self-reliance and fear of others
When people refer to "the sheeple," they are oftentimes projecting their own mindset
Many people have become sponges for other people's horrible ideas
People in the communistic organization known as government claim to know best for everyone else
Denial of self-responsibility is the essence of representative government
Your so-called "representative" likely doesn't even know that you as an individual exist
Government tries to turn people into unthinking rather than thinking animals by treating them like a herd
Lysander spooner had some wise words about accountability in relation to those who presume to govern others...
The Nature Of Present Government - http://www.logicallearning.net/libnatureofgover.html
Government is a euphemism for slavery by Kent McManigal
"Countries" are essentially collectivistic abstractions created by governments to rule people
Trying to get freedom by involving yourself in government is morally contradictory
Florida man spends three months in jail for possession of breath mints
Statist judges violate individual rights on a daily basis
The myth of using the system to change the system...
Try to change a small coercive gang first before trying to change government
The system of government is not worth working in; one shouldn't try to work for a rights-violating institution
The moral is the practical and vice versa
Involving oneself in electoral politics (might makes right) is contradicting a rational moral code; the end (freedom) doesn't justify the means (coercion via illegitimate government)
Seeing the nature of the matrix entails thinking for oneself and thinking critically
Statist propaganda spans the globe, fostering self-denying collectivism
Government is the opposite of peace and happiness; it's based on the idea that it's good to exploit others
Having low self-esteem makes one vulnerable to obeying and legitimizing any would-be "authority"
the matrix is the state
Government wasn't created as an answer to prehistoric and historic problems of aggression and violence; it's just a more powerful way to promote them
Children must be seen as independent and conceptual little people, worthy of respect
Brett's educational podcast - http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/
Daniel's site (with podcast) - http://warisimmoral.com
bumper music "Happiness In Slavery" by Nine Inch Nails

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Episode 80 - The injustices of judges, lawmakers and courts, natural law, realizing freedom, convincing others

Length: 1s

Judge sentences man to 6 months for yawning in court
Judges wield their power to initiate force against people
Our fellow political slaves are oftentimes the biggest hindrance to achieving freedom
A "republic" is just another form of statism--treating individuals in an involuntary fashion
Most fellow political slaves represent the ideas they were taught in governmental schools
For instance, most say that we need "good rulers" or political "leaders"
Political "leaders" thrive on arbitrary and involuntary collectives of people
Statist falsehoods such as "implicit contract" and "consent of the governed" are the mainstays of political slaves
It's important to follow the money trail in the so-called court system
Lawyers filter out any and all critical thinkers with peremptory challenges
The so-called legal system in America is communistic and tribal in nature
Statist judges and lawmakers are drunk on power, coercive and monopolistic power
Public property is a contradiction in terms that facilitates all the statist nonsense
Governmental courts have no jurisdiction because they directly violate property rights
The only rights are private property rights, i.e., individual rights
Authoritarianism seeks to control the most basic functions of people's lives
The orders in the court mimic the orders in the classroom
All governmental courts are kangaroo courts, in which unjust authority reigns, without individuals' consent
Go to http://freekeene.com to read comments by statist slaves to free stater posts about tactics of non-compliance
Justice agencies in a free market would honor individual rights
The only reason to take someone to court is on account of a rights violation
The purpose of law and justice in a free society is to right any wrongs perpetrated by aggressors
To question things about statism is to stand apart from the collective
Ignorance of natural and objective law (based on natural rights) is no excuse! Initiating aggression is wrong
Admitting to wrongdoing is not something that pretentious and authoritarian people tend to do
Seeking real justice in a statist society is nearly impossible; all that can be done is shaming the wrongdoers, informing others of the illegitimacy of the "court system," and not obeying their rights-violating edicts
LAWS THAT PROMOTE OUR PURSUITS OF HAPPINESSES - http://completeliberty.com/chapter8.php
Arizona Judge Tells Sheriff "Reveal Password Or Face Contempt"
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, authoritarian sociopath par excellence - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWJHu1wgPHU
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The Fascist Face of the Drug War - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBQu1spxxFA
How to Survive Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jail System - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqp0Bo_2644
The Murder of Scott Norberg - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BeOd_Ukm_s
Ernest Hancock interviews Lew Rockwell and MHD guys, and tells stories about AZ police state nonsense
July 23 - http://tinyurl.com/l6x7d4  July 24 - http://tinyurl.com/n94jza
Any organization that funds itself through taxation is invalid
Any monopoly provides the lowest quality service at the highest possible price
You don't have to do civil disobedience to speak the truth about "government"
The more one asserts one's individuality, the more one understands the nature of freedom and oppression
The less one asserts one's mind and life, the more the illusion of freedom is maintained
If you are worthy of happiness, then it's just a natural thing to assert yourself and respect others
Reason, purpose, and self-esteem are key values; rationality, productiveness, and pride are their corresponding virtues
Polycentric Order: On Slavery by Philip Hayes
Involuntary servitude is invalid, whether or not there's a contract
There is no such thing as partial slavery; in the realm of statism, you're either a slave or you're not
Who owns you? Who are you the property of? Yourself
No "service" should be provided at the point of a gun
The solution to slavery is of course realizing your freedom (via property rights)
Crime simply won't pay in a society of complete liberty
You must respect yourself enough to respect others in a voluntary society
The vast majority of people don't initiate force, even under statism
People learn a very distorted view of human nature in governmental schools
Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive « alex.moskalyuk
Most people have a very difficult time admitting flaws in their codes of morality
Being consistent and persistent with those resistant to truth and respectful morality is key
The public relations scheme of government provides ample evidence of its worthlessness
bumper music "Clampdown" by The Clash

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Episode 79 - The prison experiment called statism, roadblocks, responsibility for kids and adults, persuasion

Length: 1s

Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle and crew get harassed by border nazis
Captured Audio Reveals What Border Agents Think of MHD, Gun Owners & Testicles
Uniformed individuals disguise themselves in the cloak of virtue--that "gvmt is our protector"
NEW PODCAST BY BRETT - SchoolSucks Podcast: The END of Public Education
Upwards of ninety percent of Americans are indoctrinated to not question "authority" in governmental schools
Lewis Black's Root of All Evil
American Idol vs. High School - Opening Statements
American Idol vs. High School - Oswalt on High School
Unschooling parents understand that kids need to take responsibility and make their own choices
If you're not allowed to have freedom when you're a kid, how will you embrace freedom as an adult?
When your young mind is controlled by others, your decision-making ability is seriously compromised
Self-governing capitalism fosters self-regulation and self-responsibility
Statism fosters mass compliance and thus more acts of authoritarianism
A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment Conducted at Stanford University
http://www.prisonexp.org/  http://www.lucifereffect.com/
The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo
The tribal premise is still culturally predominant, which includes tactics of collective punishment
Stop Signs and Liberty by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The stop sign as a metaphor for the State
The more people reflexively obey the "authorities," the faster we devolve into a police State
There is no such thing as "citizens" or "States," so there exists no duties of allegiance or protection
Governmental "enforcement" attracts essentially control freaks who seek to dominate others and not honor property rights
Cases in point: http://www.rememberfallujah.org/why.htm
The military, rather than protecting us, is really protecting their own
Mexican gun control evils - http://www.davekopel.com/Espanol/Mexican-Gun-Laws.htm
Conversing with a believer in government and liberty, curious about voluntaryism
It is not "our government"; one must beware collectivistic possessive pronouns
Everything the communists in government provide becomes the literal road to hell
Competition, coopetition, and cooperation all factor into providing highly accessible products and services of good value
Without control of the highways and byways, the way of life of coercive people ends rather abruptly
In for example Massachusetts, even road maintenance is beyond the capabilities of government
We don't know the optimal way for roads until they're marketized
Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion by Michael Cloud
Arguments from effect and arguments from morality can both be employed, but the moral argument is key
Ultimately, an individual's relationship to "authority" is the crux of the argument
Ask basic questions about how a person was treated by "authorities" during childhood and their feelings about it
Advocates of statism commonly identify with their oppressors
Collectivism, statism, and tribalism all deny the rights and fundamental needs of individuals
Statism is arguably the worst form of collectivism/tribalism because it coerces people
Even if you believe that humans are violent and dangerous, that is yet another argument against government
People in power basically fulfill their prophecy of the badness of humanity
Governments are the modern incarnation of the violence historically perpetrated by society's thugs
A Fable for Our Times By One of the Unreconstructed by Murray N. Rothbard
If you want a voluntary society, you can start by freeing up your personal relationships
Speak the truth and strike the root with a principled message
If you can't opt out, then you can't legitimately opt in - http://radgeek.com/gt/2009/01/08/can_anybody/
Protection is a realm of service that should not be exempt from the laws of economics and basic morality
There's no such thing as protection through aggression!
bumper music "I Fought the Law" by Dead Kennedys
http://www.deadkennedys.com/albums_give.html  http://www.myspace.com/deadkennedys

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Episode 78 - Supernatural contradictions, free will, behaviorism and determinism, compatibilism

Length: 1s

Evil is the most unnecessary thing
Does evil come from our free will, as granted by "God"?
The concept of God can't be defined coherently
"God," a placeholder for good parents?
The people in power first used religion to control people
After the scientific revolution, they used determinism and behaviorism
The more correct knowledge you have, the better choices you tend to make
The Crucial Faculty Of Choice
The senses are valid means of acquiring knowledge via reason; anything else is contradictory
The metaphysical laws are needed to logically understand reality
Laws of identity, causality, and non-contradiction
Religions promote the principle of sacrifice in ethics
Individual rationality is sacrificed to religious doctrines and rituals
So few parents apologize for having their kids indoctrinated in religion and statism
Disobedience is punished in both religion and statism
"Laws" are based on operant conditioning, with punishment for breaking them
The carrots and sticks of statism don't treat people as reasoning beings
"God" and determinism are confessions of ignorance
Human consciousness is essentially a conceptual faculty (inextricably tied to volition)
The idea that you don't make choices is basically a really bad meme
Compatibilism reconciles brain causality with volition
Volition is a manifestation of causal properties in the brain in relation to its environment
We are autonomous, reasoning creatures that make our own choices
Our choices can't be determined by "society" or "government" or "God"
Both bad parenting and governmental schools stifle individual free will
Radical unschooling enables children to take responsibility and make their own choices
Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn
Posturing as the authority over another person's mind is a monstrous moral contradiction
Wealthy people tend to have even bigger rationalizations for goodness of government
The phrase "happy to pay taxes" is slavespeak for sanctioning evil
If various governmental "services" are wanted in a free market, they'll be chosen and funded voluntarily
Pragmatism is the dominant anti-philosophy in America, if not the world
Can anybody ever consent to the State? by Rad Geek
No government rules by consent, and no government possesses just powers
Taxation is simply extortion that enslaves individuals in society
The nature of evil is to initial force and destroy another's choices
People's reluctance to acknowledge tyranny is deeply psychological
The future of humanity resides within the child
bumper music "Freewill" by Rush

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Episode 77 - Consequences of statism, violence of government, false freedom, speaking truth

Length: 45s

After the Latest U.S. Airstrike, Can Anyone Wonder Why Do 'They' Hate Us? by Liliana Segura
War is the end of the chain of consequences of statism
Extortion and fiat currency inflation are the statist means to war
Terrorism arises from statism; it won't be defeated until statism is extinguished
The "war on terror" isn't about freedom or justice; it's a con game to deny people's freedoms
The Historical Societal Problem http://www.logicallearning.net/libhistoricalsoc.html
Resorting to violence by Larken Rose
We live in a politically enslaved culture; people pretend they aren't slaves, as they slavishly obey
If government were voluntary...it would then become a justice agency that respects property rights
Government is the initiation of force
People in government don't own anything, so they have NO jurisdiction
Only smart acts of civil disobedience, coupled with education, will be able to appreciably change the status quo
Reason and reality prevail over violence and mythology
Just How Free Is the World’s Freest Economy? by John C. Goodman
"Free health care"...at whose expense?
Any and all governmental "benefits" are neither moral nor just--in addition to being terribly efficient
Property taxes mean that you don't own your property; those in government can seize it anytime
Voting to get goodies from government yields a giant welfare state
Voting destroys self-responsibility and free market prosperity
Humans must respect themselves enough to embrace and promote the ethics of liberty
Why I Write And Publish The Voluntaryist by Carl Watner
No people should presume to be authorities over your own mind and life
The "law" is something created by other human beings to control people; lawmakers have no understanding of individual rights and natural law--and therefore no understanding of justice
Philosophical enlightenment of our culture is key to successful change
bumper music "Masters Of War" by Bob Dylan

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Episode 76 - The seen and unseen of politics, mythologies, lifeboat ethics, evil, contract theory

Length: 1s

Is Evil Necessary? - Lost Liberty Café by Joey Carlisle
Changing the name for "government" won't get rid of its extortion racket and other rights violations...
FDR's 'Statism is Dead' makes the Freedom Force Report for June and July 2009
CRISIS AND LEVIATHAN: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government by Robert Higgs
When government violates your person and property, who protects you?
The boogeyman of anarchy (fear) prevents people from thinking critically
A stateless society will have FAR less criminality, courtesy of property owners and a justice-oriented culture
Real security is provided by other people in the marketplace
Those who fear the alleged ills of anarchism are those who embrace and perpetuate the vast ills of statism
It's the perceived legitimacy granted to the warlords and gangsters in government that matters most
Withdraw your moral sanction, and Colossus will be destined fall...
The Political Thought of Étienne de La Boétie
If God were to exist, why would he/it allow evil? Ah, the "free will" escape hatch!
Beware philosophizing in midstream--the realm of supernatural metaphysics (non-perception, non-consciousness, non-reason)
Moral Orel theme song - http://www.markrivers.net/songs/heart.html
shows: http://www.adultswim.com/shows/moralorel/index.html
Faith is setting aside reason and what you know to be true
You were told to believe in and take bites out of "invisible apples," as Stefan Molyneux has astutely noted:
also in the book Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love by Stefan Molyneux
Omniscience, omnipotence, and infallibility are invalid concepts (impossible)
Religion is a primitive form of philosophy - http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/religion.html
We must use our (fallible) senses in concert with reason to understand more and more of reality
Understanding emotions is key: http://www.logicallearning.net/libemotions.html
Religion gives every grown adult a pass for the evils that they perpetrate (because evil's in our "nature")
Evil defined: To initiate force, which nullifies the choices of a sovereign consciousness
Evasion is the precursor to evil actions - http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/evasion.html
~40% out-of-wedlock births, from Taking Marriage Private By Stephanie Coontz - http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/26/opinion/26coontz.html
Fear of not being able to survive and lack of self-esteem contribute to the meme of "necessary evil"
In survival mode, morality is most needed, so that no one is sacrificed
The phenomenon of the State is our real-life lifeboat situation
Survival "at all costs" is the nature of statism
It's heroic for a kid to contradict the irrationality of his or her parents
To assert oneself, regardless of one's age, means stating plain facts and spurning nonsense
The "benefits" derived from governmental "services" are illusory; it's vital to focus on the immense, unseen benefits of complete liberty
Ethic of Liberty - Title Transfer Theory 19. PROPERTY RIGHTS AND THE THEORY OF CONTRACTS by Murray Rothbard
A kangaroo court (governmental court) is one in which the judge and plaintiff (prosecutor) work for the same organization
A fair trial is impossible in governmental courts; see http://marcstevens.net
No Charge: In Civil-Contempt Cases, Jail Time Can Stretch On for Years by ASHBY JONES
In a valid contract, you cannot logically impose a penalty of slavery for breach; volition is inalienable
The Nature of Contracts - http://completeliberty.com/chapter6.php#121
There are no necessary evils
bumper music "Lives In The Balance" by Jackson Browne

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Episode 75 - The evils of militaries, psychology of identity, selfless statism, recognizing truth

Length: 1s

Truth, reality, and reason are on the side of liberty
Tyranny, oppression, and slavery are on the side of government
A "voluntary military" is part of the pr scheme
The coercive means of government become the ends
All non-objective philosophies are the philosophies of death
If everyone worked for the government, rendering us helpless dependents, would our problems be solved?
Government fosters rampant irresponsibility, in which people are encouraged to live at others' expense
"Because I said so!" and shirking responsibility are the methods of military operation
Individual autonomy is shunned under command and control "management"
The Prussian educational system was designed to foster blind obedience to authority
Democracy is the worst form of government when it comes to the war machine
Reflections on State and War by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
The Political Economy of Monarchy and Democracy, and the Idea of a Natural Order by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
McNamara: From the Tokyo Firestorm to the World Bank by Alexander Cockburn
Robert S. McNamara, Architect of a Futile War, Dies at 93 by Tim Weiner
McNamara’s Other Debacle by James Bovard
Nobody in the military wants to see themselves as a slave--even though the military enslaves people
The defensive process of rationalization helps to assuage people's crisis of conscience
http://warisimmoral.com raises people's awareness and creates cognitive dissonance in authoritarian sociopaths
Deficit "financing" of war is assisted by means of massive propaganda
Dispute over flag protest erupts in Wisc. village by Robert Imrie
People who are taught to worship symbols form their identity around them and thus attack others who desecrate them
The bare minimum requirement for complete liberty is respect for private property rights
"We're fighting for your freedom" is the favorite military mantra
Freedom, security, and economic stability are always jeopardized by governments and their militaries
Where do people in government derive their jurisdiction? Nowhere. Jurisdiction is a property rights issue
When the State is seen as a parental figure, people will obey it, in principle
Are the guys in GTMO POWs? Nope. They are in legal no-man's land, where there isn't a scintilla of justice
Disturbing documentary about the "war on terror" and statism, "Taxi To The Dark Side" - Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX0MPcN08Zc
full film, though link may become defunct at some point - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2987535946644608661
U.S. military interventionism fosters blowback from people who resent the death and destruction being wrought upon them
Dying To Win: The Strategic Logic Of Suicide Terrorism by Robert Pape
The collectivistic "we" makes despicable actions seem okay; groupthink fosters irresponsible and evil acts
Objectivist Goose-Stepping - http://www.strike-the-root.com/72/bertrand/bertrand1.html
Security pertains to respect for property rights, and so government is always anti-security because it violates property rights
Corporations are also part of the public sector and thus benefit from statism
Words of wisdom by Smedley Butler - http://warisaracket.org/
Militaries, being inherently communistic in nature, are also colossal wastes of money and resources
No communistic organization, no military, can defend people in the (supposedly free) marketplace
The false beliefs in religion and statism encourage people to use emotions as defensive tools
Honoring the Self: Self-Esteem and Personal Transformation
People use statist and collectivist propaganda as a crutch for authentic self-esteem
The tribal premise is the nature of statism - http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/tribal_premise_(in_economics).html
Keeping attuned to the moral argument in the midst of contradictory pragmatic arguments is key
The Concept of Necessary Evil Explored by Joey Carlisle
Most lifeboat situations are pretty fanciful
Politics works by trying to make the violence less visible--and putting people in survival mode
Individuals in the military oftentimes drop the context of their plight
Sacrifice in not a virtue - http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/sacrifice.html
It's important to acknowledge and communicate feelings so as to keep aligned with your chosen values
People better recognize political evil by virtue of those who refuse to comply
A statist military isn't a service by any stretch of the imagination
Free your mind; On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion by Stefan Molyneux http://freedomainradio.com/free/#OT
People most fear the social consequences of disagreement, the slave-on-slave violence
Follow the money trail, and the umbilical cord to the State
bumper music "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy  http://www.publicenemy.com/

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Episode 74 - Pragmatism versus rational morality, collectivistic independence, family and State

Length: 1s

The best pedogogy fosters intrinsic motivation and respects the will of the learner
Challenging the bureaucrats on their methods of immorality...
The institution of government blinds people to its coercive nature, so ingrained it is
Activism must be accompanied with education
Caller ridicules free staters, but questions the nature of the statist system (first few mins of clip)
People putting the pieces of the statist puzzle together, only to reject the final product (and what it implies for their beliefs and behavior)
Passing principled moral judgment in the realm of statism can be scary, which explains why most avoid it
Stephen Colbert vs Ayn Rand?
If people had the freedom to make their own choices, would they starve?
Should self-interest and economic efficiency be favored over governmental coercion and its expropriated "safety net"?
Government is the complete invitation for the abdication of moral responsibility
From each according to their ability to each according to their need, the Marxist death knell for any economy
Central governmental planning has resulted in millions of deaths
A coercive social "safety net" is immoral and unjust and encourage self-responsibility
Selflessness is not virtuous, but those in government pretend that it is
Governmental programs basically create excuses to perpetuate themselves
The present form of tyranny, the status quo, is the real evil that plagues us, not the supposed evildoers abroad
"We" don't need "national defense"
Libertarian Accusations by Ayn R Key
Accusations against liberty-lovers as selfish, greedy, or arrogant are merely the projections of the accusers
The philosophy of pragmatism dispenses with rational moral principles and upholds self-sacrifice and collectivism
Statist intellectuals are the new high priests asserting the divine right of Kings (governments)
Pragmatism, being philosophically bankrupt, adopts the ethics of altruism, the ethics of self-sacrifice and collectivism
Open letter from Edward-Lewis and Elaine-Alice Brown
Using mystical concepts to forward freedom ideas confuses rather than clarifies
The mafia must envy those in the governmental "justice system"...if they only had a flag
Governmental courts practice the unscience of injustice, as Lysander Spooner noted eloquently
A government is not a corporation; a corporation is an extension (legal fiction) of government
People's compliance with governmental edicts tends to foster the illusion that they're voluntary
High cost of texting, one big example of the costs of fascism in the telco industry...
What Carriers Aren’t Eager to Tell You About Texting
Government "works" by concentrating the benefits and dispersing the costs
The 4th of July: Collective Independence Day!...replacing one despotic government with an even worse government
One of the main problems with Democracy is that everyone has their own version of "representation"
The best way is the present way, so says pragmatism
Meet (and obey) your new mommy/daddy: Government
You can't opt out of a system that is inherently collectivistic
Can anyone really be an individual in the matrix called America?
The good-end-justifies-coercive-means-argument predominates our culture
It's wrong to aggress against a person and their property; 2+2=4
Clarifying the coercive nature of government and using the moral argument are key
When you were little, did you really experience making your own choices as a respected person?
The best "politics" can do is offer you bad choices based on the central planning premise
The family is the place where people learn to associate arbitrary power with protection, welfare, and love
Thus, the State
If persons don't have a firm belief in their self-worth, changing their mindset becomes quite difficult
Pseudo self-esteem results in all sorts of dysfunctional and disrespectful behavior
bumper music "The Way It Is" by Tesla
http://teslastaging.com/index.php  http://www.myspace.com/teslatheband

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Episode 73 - Nature of freedom, politics and principles, your freedom quotient, congruence

Length: 1s

The complete liberty message is about your own individuality and making your own choices
Government consists of individuals who claim to have rights that others do not, which is the ultimate moral contradiction
Government by definition is coercive and monopolistic
Self-government stems from self-initiated and self-regulated action, i.e., making your own decisions
No one should have a superior claim to your life and property!
Obeying "authority" stems from corrupt family environments; "citizens" are children of the State
Leaps of faith require suspension of awareness, reason, rationality, essentially your own independent judgment
Seeing children as irresponsible (not able to make good decisions) is merely self-fullfilling prophecy
Honoring the rational faculty and ability of kids means respecting their self-responsibility
Principles and Politics: Like Oil and Water by Randall Holcombe
Principled politicians is oxymoronic
The political process is completely disconnected from self-responsibility
People in government are not valid agents; they are not engaged in voluntary association with people in the marketplace; rather, they are engaged in racketeering and extortion
Don't feed the beast of government by filling out their paperwork "voluntarily"; this is not voluntary, contrary to what Harry Reid wants you to believe:
Paying income tax in America is Voluntary
Define terms, so that moral double standards are fully exposed
Good question to ask statists: How do you live with such moral double standards
Strategies For Advancing Liberty — Building Alternative Structures To Government by Brad Warbiany
Just getting rid of the consequence of ideas (government) won't do; one must strike the ideological root
No civilized society can have taxation; all societies that tax are not civilized
Minimal self-respect means minimal respect for others
"Supreme Court" people are no different than the rest of us (except that they clearly don't understand natural and objective law)
No liberty lover should continue in efforts to work within government
It's important to use logic to understand one's beliefs and actions, so that one doesn't promote contradictions, i.e., things that defy the facts of reality
Empiricism mustn't be pursued at the expense of rationality; gathering evidence to determine a principle begs the question of the principle
People seem to naturally act contrary to what they profess; congruence is a challenge for all of us
Economic Means to Freedom - Part X by Frederick Mann
Is the private sector really part of the public sector? in many ways, yes...
"People in the private sector typically support government by...
Licensing rackets mean poor customer service (http://completeliberty.com/chapter5.php#107)
Explore your subconscious with sentence stems: http://happinesscounseling.com
A main psychological goal is to think for yourself and take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions
Another great psychological resource: http://nathanielbranden.com
Subverting coercive nonsense: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow http://www.randomhouse.com/audio/littlebrotheraudiobook/
your Liberation Factor minus your Enslavement Factor equals your Freedom Quotient
When non-compliance is done surreptitiously, it's not as powerful a promoter of liberty as overt non-compliance coupled with a principled liberty message
"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." Dresden James
In the workplace environment we really need to try to operate in the free enterprise sector, in order to live with congruence
One of the stipulations of http://tolfa.us is to quit your governmental job or any affiliations with government
The Rejection of Liberty by Rick Flame
Taking governmental jobs and contracts is morally hazardous because it promotes the notion that initiatory force has a place in society
The people in government are caught in a paradigm of not behaving in a way that is morally consistent with what they know to be true: don't sacrifice others to self or self to others
http://agorism.info - one way to live freer
Treating people on equal (respectful) terms, regardless of what organization they're in, is the social goal
bumper music "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister
http://www.twistedsister.com/index-2.html  http://www.myspace.com/twistedsister

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Episode 72 - The nature of rejecting liberty, thinking logically about concepts, individuation

Length: 1s

Our lives aren't served by the vices of government; collectivistic abstractions don't promote virtue
The Rejection of Liberty by Rick Flame
http://www.tolfa.us/arts/roj.htm (from: http://www.tolfa.us/L18.htm)
How to Save Endangered Tigers: Kill Them?
Part 4: 5/8/09 John Stossel's "You Can't Even Talk About It"
Common pool problems are created by governments (http://completeliberty.com/chapter3.php#68)
The biggest understatement imaginable: "Government is undesirable from an economic point of view"
CLP listener's new site: http://www.whatisliberty.co.nz/
A Vision of Liberty: America in 2030 by Jim Davies (http://www.takelifeback.com/)
People in government try to make the wrong seem right; whatever good intentions they have are undermined by the coercive institution of government itself
People naturally want to minimize conflict; for example, Merchant Law
Self-ownership isn't for sale: http://completeliberty.com/chapter3.php#65
People own things and they are sovereign
Semantics of "ownership" in relation to the self...
The God Who Wasn't There - http://www.thegodmovie.com/ - History of the Gospels:
Mystics of spirit want you to surrender your mind to their hockshops of authority
Both "God" and "Government are invalid concepts, just invalid in different ways
An Issue Of Mortality http://www.logicallearning.net/libanissueofmort.html
The noncepts of omniscience, omnipotence, and infallibility - In Our Own Image And Likeness http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyourownima.html
Our age of pre-logic promotes various contradictory mythologies
Grown adults advocating a worse life! Why?! Fear of Chaos. Favorite Problem. Analysis Paralysis. Family and Friends. Identification with the Government. Reluctance to Upset Existing Conditions. and... Religion. Vested Interests (working for the government).
Free Talk Live Extended Internet Only Edition (Sam and Ian discuss a eloquent letter at the end) http://media.libsyn.com/media/ftl/FTL2009-06-19.mp3
As more and more people reject fear as a motivator, we'll attain more and more liberty; self-esteem is the key to freedom
Advocating a night watchmen State (as the "final authority") is reflective of a lack of individuation from one's authoritarian parents
Supporting the status quo is easy
If friends and family persist in advocating violence and threats of violence (statism), then you know that their love of control, domination, and fear, is greater than their love of you and peaceful relations
Most parents are the recipients of the intergenerational transfer of tribal and statist memes, which result in pretenses and defenses that support aggression, power imbalances, and disrespect
If we don't speak up about the truth, the adults in our world will perpetuate the status quo and invariably bring about the destruction of the human race
A good reference guide in this process - Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love http://freedomainradio.com/free/#RTR
We must individuate from the "group" - Honoring the Self: Self-Esteem and Personal Transformation
Taking Responsibility: Self-Reliance and the Accountable Life
One of the biggest obstacles to liberty today is the vast governmental employment system and its myriad ties to the private sector
Individualists must strive to work in the free enterprise sector, and unschool their kids...
Episode 51 - From schooling to unschooling, respecting little people, the unenlightened job ticket process
We must develop a consistent conception of liberty (complete liberty), based on property rights and individual choices
Abdicating your own decision-making process means rejecting liberty
The Crucial Faculty Of Choice http://www.logicallearning.net/libfreewill.html
Irrefutable philosophical axioms: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/axioms.html http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/axiomatic_concepts.html
Each and every self-contained neural system, each human, must be allowed (by other humans) to function naturally, according to reason
An assertion of determinism that attempts to deny choice still is a choice; to deny conceptual selection (volition) would be contradictory
It's crucial to explore your subconscious thoughts and feelings--and the most effective and efficient way to do that is via sentence completion exercises
Please visit my site http://happinesscounseling.com for more details!
bumper music "Rise" (Acoustic) by The Cult (could only find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEyMdtMLjfI)
http://www.the-cult.com/beyond.html  http://www.myspace.com/cultmusic

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Episode 71 - Government, unnecessary and insane destroyer of economies, and the American Dream

Length: 1s

Onion-like headlines from FEE In Brief (http://fee.org/fee-pubs/in-brief/)
The melding of America with the USSR
Legacy health care costs out of control, but make perfect socialistic sense!
(further reading: The Relentless Process of Socializing Health Care by D.W. MacKenzie http://mises.org/story/2946)
Government just takes money from the economy (or prints it), leaving people poorer overall
Corporations are part of the systemic problem of government too, typically lobbying against competition
(further reading: Competition Would Save Medicine, Too by John Stossel http://www.theatlasphere.com/columns/090609-stossel-medicine.php)
Insurance companies and their policies are the result of fascistic government; free market health insurance would be vastly cheaper and more sensible
Fighting for our liberties - http://www.livefreenow.org/images/cartoons/cartoon30.gif
Only "governments" go to war, which means groups of people hiding behind flags to kill people
Imagine celebrity political death matches between "leaders" of "nations"...on pay-per-view, with proceeds funding cancer research
Governmental schools teach "citizens" to become collectivized, willing and able to sacrifice their individual lives
The "collective" never suffers; only individuals suffer
The "universal health care" of the VA; communized medicine provides poorest service at highest cost--economics 101
Choices go up and the costs goes down in a complete liberty economy
The immense immorality and injustice of a fiat currency (courtesy of legal tender laws)
Recap on gansters and banksters: CLP37 - http://completeliberty.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=390270
California, Out of Money, Reels as Voters Rebuff Leaders
We don't need government in the 21st Century! Governmental workers need to shift to the free enterprise sector and trade voluntarily and productively with others
Self-righteous state unions are coercive protection rackets
HASTA LA VISTA, ARNOLD! What California's Budget Mess Means for America
Socialism is economically unsustainable over the long term--and it's always immoral and unjust
Inflation as an insidious form of taxation; case study http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zimbabwean_dollar
The fiat currency stroke of evil genius: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woods_system
Governmental "charity" drives out private charities (just like bad money drives out good money http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gresham's_Law)
"Doing business" in government is an insult to businesspersons everywhere (as is governmental "revenues")
The concept of political representation is insane
What part of your life would you like someone else to govern?
The Governator makes an appearance and tries to explain himself!
Schwarzenegger suggests state consider flat tax
Tax "Reform", Terminator-Style by William Shughart
California would really flourish under a 0% tax rate; violence isn't necessary to help people
The people in government are the most selfless people (and thus the most irrational)
Stealing is immoral, regardless if you try to hide behind a flag and big buildings with columns
We need to convert the slavespeak words, e.g., governmental "revenue," into truthful words, which exposes the sham
Worshippers of government need to be challenged on their slavespeak
Good question for others: What is it about freedom that you're so afraid of?
Those in government and their supporters are essentially preventing realization of the American Dream
Energy industry is a case study in governmental stifling of competition
Reason, reality, and morality are on our side
bumper music "Love Theme from The Godfather" by Nino Rota (performed by Andre Rieu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hQAO8QTnG8)

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Episode 70 - War on terror, memes of collectivism, individualism and rights, respecting children

Length: 1s

The insanity of war and statism...
Poll: Most oppose closing Gitmo
The "war on terror" is really about fear, not significant risks
'Supermax' prison draws attention in Gitmo debate
SamIAm update (after clp70 was recorded):
Statists like to impose their stupid views known as "laws" on rights-respecting people
Historically, those in governmental militaries have terrorized civilians far more than non-statist terrorists
Dying To Win: The Strategic Logic Of Suicide Terrorism by Robert Pape
The collectivistic "we" makes despicable actions seem okay; groupthink fosters irresponsible and evil acts
Statist memes promoted by the mainstream media discourage people from thinking critically
The bromides about Americans' "freedoms" have hoodwinked people into embracing the tribal premise and collectivism
Early advocates of individualism knew better: American Anarchism -- 19th century individualist anarchism by Wendy McElroy
The Origins of Individualist Anarchism in the US by Murray N. Rothbard
Only by seeing yourself as an independent individual can you free your mind from statism
Fear-mongering can only be counteracted by reason and emotional awareness
Once people surrender to the "authority" of statism and militarism, they run roughshod over others' rights
Functional Rights: The Elephant in the Parlor, Part II by Scarmig
Rights are universal; they apply equally to all rights-respecting individuals everywhere
"Rights: Not granted or protected by any state, God or magical hoodoo monster. What we call rights are reciprocal agreements negotiated on the fly between individuals..." George Potter
Respect is simply reflected in peaceful negotiation of reciprocal agreements (which occur implicitly and explicitly among individuals on a daily basis)
Those in the U.S. military violate simple market principles of respect, and thus generate widespread conflict in the form of death and destruction
Most people are encouraged to be collectivistic, rather than individualistic, in their patriotism
Reason, Individualism, and responsibility resolve conflict best
Government breaks the order of an orderly society and causes people to denigrate rights
There is no such thing as collective authority; there are only individuals who choose to do good or bad
Cops are slaves to their system of employment, and they are masters in irresponsibility ("it's the law!")--with psychological problems galore
Protecting those in charge and doing their bidding is the name of the statist game (as well as self-sacrifice), from police to military employment
Liberties are publicly acknowledged and reciprocated claims of rights
Government equals domination and authoritarianism, by definition
Private property enables sensible and clear negotiations of agreements; "public property" enables people to get shoved around and violated
We learn to acquiesce to domineering and authoritarian (i.e., rights-violating) third parties known as governments, mainly from our early experiences with our parents
As a parent, it's important to enable little people to flourish, grow, and make their own choices; children need freedom and respect, which will be returned in kind
How to get kids to do boring (but necessary) tasks - http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/half_full/?p=836
1. Show empathy 2. Offer meaningful rationales 3. Imply that they have a choice rather than of using "controlling language"
Incidentally, all three of these are violated by governmental employees in relation to rights-respecting individuals (because they are "public")
"Public property" is controlled by those in charge, so naturally, rights-respecting people suffer and die in this domain
Traditional education subverts the natural exercise of the child's will and expression of his/her rights
Whenever someone says they have a right to something, always ask "At whose expense?" Case in point: http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/
Individual rights and property rights are inextricably, conceptually intertwined
The authority to make final, impartial, honest decisions can only be attained in a free market of private property rights
Any form of statism infringes on individual rights, even the rights of those who supposedly desire or simply acquiesce to it (e.g., minarchists and socialists--via aggression, collectivistic "jurisdiction," and preventing the choice to opt out)
Government, in principle, doesn't recognize peoples' right to be left alone; "choosing" statist masters is a non sequitur
In a complete liberty society, there are potent incentives to resolve conflicts with minimal cost
bumper music "World Comin' Down" by Billy Idol
http://billyidol.ning.com/  http://www.myspace.com/billyidol

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Episode 69 - Governmental prison injustice, immorality and insanity of war, virtue of independence and achievement

Length: 49s

United States of prisons...
1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says
Law and order stems from people's respect for each other, not "laws" and jails
Government demonstrates unlawful and disorderly conduct on a daily basis
Invalid "public land" creates political conniving and "special interests" that exist at others' expense
Complete liberty would enable vast opportunities for work (and pleasure) and wealth-creation
Without property rights, no other rights are possible (hat tip to A.R.)
Government imposes "services" that you can't refuse without being accosted
CRISIS AND LEVIATHAN: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government by Robert Higgs
People in government are "good" at creating crises and fear in the populace, and more government, and still more oppression
The governmental response to 9/11 wreaked further death and destruction overseas, and imprisonment of some in Guantanamo Bay
Inside the Wire: A Military Intelligence Soldier's Eyewitness Account of Life at Guantanamo by Erik Saar and Viveca Novak
Governmental "officials" have denied the necessity of habeas corpus and due process
Gitmo prisoners have been used as a political weapon in the "War on Terror"
Guantánamo Detainee Ruled Not Mentally Fit To Testify About Psychological Torture
Who Are the Gitmo Prisoners Released With Sami al-Haj? by Andy Worthington
Even though governmental courts don't provide justice, alleged "enemy combatants" suffer even more injustice (usually without public awareness)
No End in Sight for the 'Enemy Combatants' of Guantánamo by Andy Worthington
Judge: Gitmo legal documents must be public
A Child At Guantánamo: The Unending Torment of Mohamed Jawad by Andy Worthington
Hospital Corpsman Daniel J. Lakemacher Petty Officer Second Class
Day 9 - Reflections on GTMO
To reject "God" and "Government" and the irrational/immoral actions of their adherents is a heroic achievement
Truth is determined by a rational faculty looking at reality in a logical fashion
Governmental rights-violations--law of the jungle
Most people's critical faculties whither under institutions supporting the tribal premise (churches and states)
Peer pressure and emotional turmoil take their devastating toll on people's independence
Every child is subjected to horrific authoritarian/obedience memes in our culture
Parents need to understand that they are naturally authoritative--and that being authoritarian is acting from insecurity
Thuggish actions don't encourage responsibility, reasoning ability, self-esteem, independence, or happiness
If you want your child to flourish, live a great life, and to respect you (and demand respect from others), then respect his or her mind, will, and belief in self
Encourage kids to think rationally, to challenge authority, and question any destructive and contradictory belief--this will enable a voluntaryist future
About War by John Cory (no longer posted on Truthout.org)
War is self-created hell; it starts with self-conflict and extends to conflict with others, exacerbated and perpetuated by the sick institution of government
Government relies on propaganda to further itself and promote fear and lies and obedience--in the name of sacrificing individuals
Foreign invasion would just change our masters; the slaves remain enslaved so long as there are governments
Without government, no masters (either foreign or domestic) have any power
The free market will have no problem ensuring people's security and prosperity
Super Sherpa repeats Everest feat (19 times for Apa!)
New record for fastest climb of Mt Everest
bumper music "Time To Go Home" from Yell Fire! album by Michael Franti & Spearhead
http://www.spearheadvibrations.com/  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSeuLsNV4CA

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Episode 68 - Anti-free market mentality, libertarian partyarchy, moral and political consistency

Length: 1s

Early on, we internalize contradictions and develop a pattern of not questioning immoral double standards
Walter Block believes that people are "hardwired" to reject free market economics (which denies volition)
Reparations and Restitution http://tinyurl.com/r3avdg (from: http://fee.org/library/podcasts/young-scholars-colloquium/)
Foundation For Economic Education Podcast rss feed: www.fee.org/podcast/rss.xml
Your mind is your tool of survival (nod to A.R.)
The tribal premise explains why most people reject free enterprise principles in politics
MSM encourages everyone to think like a tribal leader, and to worship political "leaders"
The deeper aspects of this learned behavior: http://www.psychohistory.com/
If religion and statism were natural outcomes of being human, indoctrination and propaganda wouldn't be needed
People have been conditioned to not challenge the corrupt forms of morality in their midst, in politics, in religion, and in the family
Academic intellectuals promulgate statist slavery for definite immoral reasons
Economic theories are rooted in people's moral codes, the two main ones being voluntary and involuntary
There's no such thing as legitimate crime
Dennis Prager's moral contradictions and self-induced political blindness (http://dennisprager.com)
You can never escape your own independent judgment to either follow your own moral code or follow someone else's moral code
The libertarian premise is about personal choice, making your own decisions
Playing politics is self-aggrandizement writ large
You can't create a just government (by definition)
What is Libertarian Centrism? by George Phillies
Libertarianism denounces the initiation of force, which means no rulers, no slaves no masters, no governments
Adherence to justice is the right thing to do; it has nothing to do with obedience
Equality laws beget more inequality and injustice; instead, everyone should be equally free
The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas DiLorenzo
The only consistent form of libertarianism is libertarian anarchism (i.e., anarcho-capitalism)
The false nutritional theory of government (terrible things will happen if you don't have some gvt)
Rands three rules; inconsistent libertarians will lose in principle to the enemies of liberty:
The idea of "President" is an invalid concept, just like the rest of the noncepts of politics, such as "states" of "nations"
Libertarians need to take off their rose-colored glasses of statism
Reaffirming Libertarianism by Tibor Machan
Being parasites, politicians create nothing; they bring no products or services to market
The American colonies were also collectives ruled by governmental rulers
Episode 24 - Another unfree birthday for America (for a logical analysis of the Declaration of Independence)
Each person has the right to contract or not to contract, which those in government infringe upon
Government as "legitimate"--the horrible contradiction within the libertarian movement
It all goes back to the family, once again--disrespectful parenting
The contradictory meme of government disallows people to grow up and become full-fledged, independent adults
Everyday Anarchy Part 4 of 7 by Stefan Molyneux
"It is more accurate to say that these contradictions were visible exactly to the degree that they were avoided. Everyone walked through a minefield, claiming that it was not a minefield, but unerringly avoiding the mines nonetheless." S.M.
When "law" is not based on natural laws principles, i.e., principles of justice (and rectification of wrongs), then it's merely a statist opinion backed by a gun
bumper music "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg" by the Ramones
http://www.officialramones.com/store.html  http://www.amazon.com/Ramones-Mania/dp/B000002LDX

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Episode 67 - Small government versus no government debate

Length: 2s

Anarcho-Capitalism Resources
Some Fun With Definitions
bumper music "Carmina Burana - O Fortuna" composed by Carl Orff
e.g., http://www.amazon.com/Carmina-Burana-O-Fortuna/dp/B001XIM4MU/
and http://tinyurl.com/c8dl5b

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Episode 66 - Pirates big and small, philosophy of voluntaryism, simple disobedience, injustices, scientific progress

Length: 1s

Individuals are not to be sacrificed as means to other people's ends
Pirates vs. Emperors by Joseph Nevins
Cruise ship attacked by pirates used sonic weapon (couldn't find exact article referenced)
Governments have once again prevented effective measures of self-defense, this time at sea
Accountability for mice and impunity for lions; U.N. is a ridiculous organization
"Government" serves as a shield to protect its employees from wrongdoing
Rulers nab bad guys so they themselves aren't perceived as bad rulers
Initiatory force versus retaliatory force is a critical distinction
The Authoritarian Mindset
The most docile slaves and the most demented dictators are psychologically similar; both are driven by fear and pseudo self-esteem, fostered in childhood of course and bolstered by the violent institution known as government
Fundamentals of Voluntaryism (nod to Carl Watner)
The Epistemological Argument; The Economic Argument; The Moral Argument; The Natural Law Argument; The Means-End Argument; The Consistency Argument; The Integrity, Self-Control, and Corruption Argument
Ideas, both good and bad, are bulletproof
"Vital" services are determined by those in the marketplace, not by mafias with flags
All prosperity occurs in spite of the parasitism by the State
http://anarchy.tv - using logical ideas in fictional stories to reveal truths and portray a better world
Abolition of the coercive tools of government engenders respect in the populace, not rebelliousness and chaos
To restrict people's freedom is do a terrible thing
People aren't coerced to work in government--they choose to coerce others!
Government (and parents) seek to alter "citizens'" (and children's) volition via threats and punishments
Discourse on Voluntary Servitude
As people stop supporting their "rulers," they gain more freedom
Simple disobedience and non-compliance break the well-oiled (obeyed) governmental machine
Empathy begins with recognition of how oneself has been subjected to tyranny
Playing politics violates all the principles of voluntaryism
There is no respectful or logical alternative to individuals making their own choices
One man, SamIAm, refusing to comply with authoritarian sociopaths...
The stupid pop behaviorism of laws and retribution fosters, among other things, the slacker mentality
People working in the "corrections system" are prime examples of irresponsibility, because they imprison rights-respecting people
"Judges" do a major disservice to the concept of justice; they violate individuals' rights on a daily basis
How does a group of people get a superior claim to your life and property? Illogically, immorally, and unjustly
Robo-scientist's first findings by Victoria Gill
Amazingly beneficial scientific innovations and discoveries are in store for us--especially as governmental funding declines
Scientists need to become fully aware of the moral issues and of how government stifles scientific progress
Metaphysical poem: Imagine
bumper music "Holiday in Cambodia" by Dead Kennedys
http://www.deadkennedys.com/albums_fresh.html  http://www.myspace.com/deadkennedys

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Episode 65 - Freedom, innovation, and parasitical government, senseless laws, prohibition on justice, empathy

Length: 1s

A Measure of Freedom by Jim Davies
"Government" pretends to be a higher authority than yourself
Become part of The Online Freedom Academy http://tolfa.us
Government is destined to destroy itself economically
There's nothing free about government
Twenty Twenty-Two by Jim Davies http://www.strike-the-root.com/71/davies/davies15.html
Capitalism creates a greater and greater supply of values
The bigger the supply or surplus, the more government steals
As long as people can reap the rewards of applying their own intelligence, prosperity is assured
James Burke's great Connections program - http://www.mahalo.com/James_Burke
...couldn't find referenced Industrial Revolution episode, but these two are pretty close:
James Burke : The Day The Universe Changed: "Credit Where It's Due", 3 of 5
James Burke : The Day The Universe Changed: "Credit Where It's Due", 4 of 5
MO of government is to cater to special interests at everyone else's expense; "laws" are passed to facilitate this
Government is an easy (but unjust) way to take from some in order to give to others--while making it look virtuous
The principle of property is denied with any level of taxation
The scary thing about the prospect of undiluted freedom is that it challenges the deeply held belief in "authority"
The 5 Most Popular Safety Laws (That Don't Work) by Robert Evans
Speed limits; Three Strikes laws; The Amber Alert; Sex Offender Registries; Zero Tolerance Policies at School
The Power of Design by Richard Farson, a statist intellectual with some stateless tendencies...
Government, as a coercive monopoly on so-called justice, can't effectively apprehend criminals, nor is it incentivized to do so
Another MO of government is inducing fear and paranoia in the populace
"Laws" don't prevent bad people from doing bad things; "laws" violate individual rights and foster irresponsibility
We should have zero tolerance of governmental nonsense
Commentary: Legalize drugs to stop violence by Jeffrey A. Miron
Story pertaining to Ca medical marijuana dispensary owner Charles Lynch
http://reason.tv/video/show/760.html ; http://reason.tv/video/show/510.html ; http://reason.tv/video/show/736.html
Change we can be jailed for by Greg
The rights-infringing actions of governmental employees are mostly shielded by a false perception of legitimacy
Each person has the right to consume whatever he or she wants
We need to get rid of the prohibition on justice in the marketplace, i.e., get rid of government
The violence of government traumatizes entire civilizations
The Nature Of Present Government http://www.logicallearning.net/libnatureofgover.html
Contradictions will always be psychologically and existentially destructive
People fear their future in relation to others if they practiced honesty (via RTR http://freedomainradio.com/free/#RTR )
An active mindset is key to your personal evolution--and to getting rid of an institution that stifles your choices
Parents who listen to their children and treat them with respect help build a much better world
bumper music "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar

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Episode 64 - Power of words, aspects of slave mentality, exposing tyranny via CD, Objectivist gang of government

Length: 1s

The invalid legal fictions of statism: counties, states, nations, etc.
Report #TL07A: THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK by Frederick Mann
"It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head." Sally Kempton
It's the nature of slavespeak to keep you in your place, i.e., oppressed
Terrocrat--coercive political agent
"...it's absolutely vital that you understand that the primary means terrocrats use to subjugate, control, and dominate their victims is words." F.M.
Beware the cattle guards for your mind, which are typically devised for you at an early age
The fundamentally irrational nature of spanking, or "tough love," rests on rationalizations for evil actions
Authoritarian sociopaths demand "respect" (in the form of fear and obedience), but turn-about is not fair play
Rationalizations support pseudo self-esteem and vice versa; if you don't honor yourself, you won't honor others
People in government commit crimes (such as extortion and kidnapping) with impunity, crimes which are forbidden to individuals
"[The State] will give you everything if you worship it, this new idol: thus it buys for itself the luster of your virtues and the glance of your proud eyes." Nietzsche
People have to maintain the language of seeming truth in order to maintain their power
People falsely believe that they would suffer if the State fell
The language of liberty (and euphemisms) are used to cover up the tyranny of statism
In general, slave-mentality can consist of many elements...
Each of us is responsible for our own happiness
Life is neither fair nor unfair; fairness is a concept that concerns human relationships
"It's the law" is slavespeak that denies taking personal responsibility for injustice and immorality
There are psychological payoffs for feeling down and out
"A belief that you have to sacrifice part of your earnings, property, etc. 'for the good of society'" spells complete enslavement
Absolute truth is absolutely true :)
Thanks for all the letters! by Sam Dodson (aka SamIAm)
How many civil disobedients and libertarian voices will it take to instill freedom memes in the general populace?
In a free market you get what you pay for, and you only get what you want--unlike imposed governmental "services"
Book TV on C-SPAN2 - Top Nonfiction Authors Every Weekend - Robert Higgs
who's your nanny? by Trevor Bothwell
Conflation of State and society disarms the masses and perpetuates the Stockholm syndrome
Mass cognitive dissonance circulating in the culture on account of the State
Orthodox Objectivist claptrap: http://capitalism.org/faq/anarchism.htm
"Legitimacy" of government is fostered by virtue of being a coercive "legalized" monopoly
Individual rights exist prior to any government; you are free to make choices by virtue of being a rational animal
The magnitude of the problem of government is reflected in slavespeak and failure to reason from first principles (and defining terms) as well as rewards for obedience
The choice for budding Objectivists: become a Randroid, or become an independent thinker (and thus anarcho-capitalist)
Once you abandon your search for truth, you succumb to your fears
Government equals completely communized justice; a monopoly of "justice" will always provide the worst quality at the highest price
Galt's Gulch was anarchy!
Fear of "competing gangs" stems from fear of others, not trusting them to be responsible individuals
"I swear--by my life and my love of it--that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." John Galt
bumper music "drum-1a" by friend and Free Stater Roger Grant (better song title might be "Black Robe Incantation...")
http://www.politicalgraffiti.com; couldn't find exact link

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Episode 63 - Freedom to travel, reside, and work without government, where property rights are respected

Length: 1s

Do people have the freedom to travel? Of course they do, regardless of what people in government say and do
Most people believe in the memes of statism and collectivism, having attended governmental schools
The Ugly War on Immigrants: Snatch-and-Jail Justice? By Dave Lindorff
Lack of empathy for others follows from dehumanization of them and vice versa
La Migra, the official U.S. kidnapper and ruiner of people's lives
The twisted bureaucracy of many names - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_and_Naturalization_Service
Calling fellow human beings "illegal aliens" leads to violating their rights as human beings--first and foremost, their right to travel and to live and work in particular places
You simply can't be for liberty and for "border security"
"Representatives" don't and can't be valid agents for individuals
Ron Paul's statist ramblings based on economic and historical ignorance that play on unjustifiable fears, which is typical of politicians:
Immigration Reform in 2006? by Ron Paul
We all should look forward to the day when more people ignore unjust, immoral laws, which have NOTHING to do with legitimate torts and thus have no complaining party (in other words, no individual rights were violated)
Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches
My own recent story about dealing with the border patrol jackboots for about 6hrs; the scene of the crime was about a dozen miles north of the actual "border" - http://tinyurl.com/d9l4sq
It's vital to delegitimatize the collectivistic memes of nationalism and "citizenship"
Self-defense is hardly possible when criminal activity (of governmental "officials") is legalized and legitimatized
Playing the 4th Amendment card or using other USC appeals fosters police state dehumanization dynamics
The jackboots are destroying liberty in order to allegedly protect it
Obedience to a job description, regardless of its irrationality, is no excuse for rights-violating behaviors
The Third Reich has arrived, once again
It's important to parse out the language explicitly about having to bend your will to authoritarian sociopaths' immoral and unjust orders--in order to make them aware of their coercion
As more people wake up to the nature of tyranny, the tyrants' way of life will eventually come to an end
The Founding Fathers weren't asked for their "papers"; but present day "authorities" would consider them enemies of the State ("terrorists")
Humans owe no allegiance to any "nations"; that would be a form of slavery
The government is this magical place where crimes become legal (and evil becomes good, and ignorance is strength, and freedom is slavery, and war is peace...)
The Freedom to Move by Oscar W. Cooley and Paul L. Poirot
A communized justice service (government) can never protect you against fraud and coercion
Unquestionable familial "authorities" train us to embrace a monopolies of coercion
http://freekeene.com, a place for cataloguing smart libertarian activism
People in government are not your "servants"; rather, they presume to be your masters
Obedience to unjust laws is contrary to living a rational life
Conformity to various customs is an individual affair, having nothing to do with law
Only one type of person pulls a gun and makes you do "business" with them: a criminal (or mafia with a flag)
Christian morality of self-sacrifice is quite problematic
Dispelling the various economic fallacies and fears of immigration...
Socialism's focus on consumption and "equitable distribution" ignores the nature of production and the ever-expanding marketplace
The Goal Is Freedom: Free To Migrate by Sheldon Richman
If you don't want people living off the dole, get rid of the damn dole!
Natural rights applies to non-english speakers with foreign traditions too; culture can't be engineered
"As long as people people live in peace, what's the problem?" S.R.
Thoughts on Freedom: Absorbing Immigrants by Donald J. Boudreaux
No individual has the right to infringe on another's rights, to impede another's travel and freedom of contract
"Public property" is a contradiction in terms; "private property" is a redundancy
Essentially all the area that government controls can be homesteaded by respectful people; "border patrol" or "police" simply have no jurisdiction
A free economy invites synergistic relationships; competition also fosters good customer service
The Privatization of Roads and Highways by Walter Block
What Anarchism Means To Me by CatFarmer
"Anarchism is my statement of intention to mind my own business, and not to interest myself in yours beyond what is welcome, mannerly, and appropriate to our relationship, because I expect the same courtesy from you." C.F.
"We honor our differences with people we respect; they do not ask our approval or we theirs, yet behold, we get along with them. Mutual respect is an affirmation of shared humanity, and it speaks in a universal tongue." C.F.
"Good intentions are no excuse for making prisoners and hostages of people who have less political clout than you do." C.F.
"Anarchism is sincere belief in diversity put to the test in practice, and a guarantee that diversity will thrive." C.F.
Complete liberty is a system in which people are autonomous, making their own choices (as they do in the marketplace)
It's important to walk people through the corrupt concept of "legitimate authority" (via defining terms)
As a person, as a human being, you have a right to exist for your own sake
Further reading about a free society:
For A New Liberty by Murray Rothbard
The Market For Liberty by Morris and Linda Tannehill
Practical Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux
It's important to turn the moral tables on those who've chosen to be authoritarian sociopaths; never kowtow
NH: Cops drag liberty activists from court, arrest five
Acts of violence beget more violence--and they tend to obscure the gun in the room
Asking for accountability from people engaged in an extortion racket is a fool's game
bumper music "Born In The U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen
http://www.brucespringsteen.net/songs/BornInTheUSA.html  http://www.myspace.com/brucespringsteen

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Episode 62 - Defining capitalism, electoral ROI injustice, avoiding immoral quagmires

Length: 1s

Libertarian Party email: 47% of Americans reject capitalism! Fight back, Paul!
Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism
Unfortunately, the current fascist welfare State is already pretty socialist; the memes of enslavement are here
The LP believes that defeating politicians via elections will defeat the socialistic memes, but liberty-minded voters is oxymoronic
If we could vote our way to liberty, it would be illegal!
Did the Founders "work within the system"? Nope
Yet, the Founders, rather than getting rid of government and its rulers, just changed the faces and created a more tyrannical State (now the biggest in the world)
Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Archenemy Betrayed the American Revolution — and What It Means for America Today by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Authoritarian sociopaths, i.e., "rulers," have pseudo self-esteem, a concept Nathaniel Branden outlined
What Self-Esteem Is and Is Not
Society can't be made better via the force and fraud of government
"The public" doesn't exist; only individuals exist
Do people understand what capitalism is? Its critics don't seem to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism#Criticism
The dictionary definition of capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
We don't have capitalism today; we have fascism and socialism
Any interaction that doesn't involve free trade is a net loss, a zero-sum or less-than-zero-sum experience
Hmm, why do you think that governments--unlike businesses--don't offer money-back guarantees? Because they don't trade; they loot and destroy
Capitalism, i.e., free trade based on property rights, doesn't lead to economic turmoil or exploitation or pollution; only lack of property rights enforcement coupled with government and its attempts at "regulating" lead to those bad things
Kazakhstan: Nuclear Testing Aftermath
Russia's Black Future by Shanti Menon
If you don't have private ownership, no one is going to take responsibility
FEE: Privatizing Roads and Oceans (Walter Block) MP3
The Privatization of Roads and Highways by Walter Block
Superpower communized roads--great stuff! (except for 40,000 people dying on them every year in the USA)
The enemies of liberty (typical intellectuals) believe that people are weak and inept; they can't survive as responsible individuals in the marketplace; so, others (who are ~somehow~ responsible) must provide for them
Hypothetical Answer On Political Parties by Jonathan Wilde
Public choice theory, etc. predicts that libertarians will always be at a disadvantage in an electoral system
Elections yield "laws" and redistribute wealth according to political wishes; voters want a "return on investment"
The "public good" of liberty simply can't be supplied by government, no matter what or who you vote for
Personal control of politics through voting is illusory
Two things that governmental people offer you: stolen wealth (tax dollars) and threats of coercion if you disobey
The free rider notion doesn't apply when a coercive monopoly is involved, that is, when services are being forced on you
Our Problem Is Immorality by Walter E. Williams
To Walter Williams and anyone else who is morally confused: You own yourself and your property, and no one has an unjust claim on either. Period. Taxation makes you a slave.
The Constitution is not a contract; it doesn't give anyone legitimate authority to take your stuff
Defining one's terms exposes the moral corruption and evils of governmental officials; the morally "gray" area is where people get away with bloody murder
"The Cult of Moral Grayness" by Ayn Rand
Government is the result of a collectivistic Stockholm syndrome and generally low self-esteem in the populace, fostered by "authorities" in early life
Complete liberty represents a boost in the self-esteem of individuals; recognize yourself as 100 percent sovereign (fully self-owned)
Historic Senator Robert Byrd Imploded In Controlled Demolition
addendum notes:
"forcing" anarchy on others isn't possible; not infringing on others' rights is the essence of peacefulness
Beware the fallacy of stolen-concept in debates - http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/stolenconcept.html
The God of Atheists by Stefan Molyneux
Self-attack (not honoring yourself) is the root cause of disrespect and societal ills; so, as usual, freedom is an inside job
Join the club - http://anarchme.ning.com/
bumper music "The Sith-Imperial March Remix" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCc0tmkvnBc

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Episode 61 - Bad meme infections, contradictory moral and political codes, liberty and responsibility, anti-voting

Length: 58s

The state of statist intellectuals; victims of bad, contradictory memes
For example - UN Plaza: The Soft Underbelly
An interesting blogger discussion - Science Saturday: Just a Theory; Ancient violence and the fear of being eaten
It's important to address politics from first principles--and to define one's terms
If intellectuals thought logically and didn't take collectivistic memes for granted, they'd improve society immensely
Individuals (or groups of them) logically don't have the choice to nullify others' choices
What is the origin of human conflict? Not respecting others and their property, courtesy of sacrificial and statist memes
The fact that most people comply with governmental edicts doesn't minimize the ills of government
Other political insanity from around the world...
China nabs website staff for erotic audiobooks
"Authorities" are basically authoritarian sociopaths
Society consists of individuals using their own volitional mechanisms, which no one has the right to contradict
Authoritarian sociopaths' demise will happen when their "legitimacy" is undermined
The doctrine of self-sacrifice leads politically to sacrificing individuals for the so-called "good of the collective" (i.e., for other individuals)
Australian censorship board site pwned (http://classification.gov.au)
Saudi clerics urge TV ban on women, music
Somehow, the authoritarian sociopaths are able to convince the oppressed that their edicts are good and must be followed
Extropianism means living the most flourishing lives possible, maximizing our potential via technological innovation (http://www.extropy.org/principles.htm)
Liberty and Responsibility: Inseparable Ideals by Max More
We must be careful not to romanticize America's founding; the Constitution only applied to those who agreed to it, and plenty of authoritarian sociopathy and collectivistic memes were present
The parasitical legal profession lives off the meme of statism and strips people of their common sense and resources
License is not responsibility; so, it undermines liberty
"Without the liberty to choose our own actions and make our own choices, we lose the qualities of responsibility and virtue that make us uniquely human...Only freely chosen actions reflect character." M.M.
The idea that governmental officials protect your rights is merely part of their public-relations scheme
"Interventionism and welfarism act as a tax on responsibility." M.M.
Politics, being the fourth branch of philosophy, deals with how individuals should treat each other; the only logical (i.e., non-contradictory) politics is voluntarism, or complete liberty
People naturally desire to be responsible in a society that respects their property
Evil--the initiation of force--nullifies the capacity for humans to make choices
To engage in voting, a process that is fundamentally irrational, is nonsensical and counterproductive
It's Time to Get Passionate About Not Voting by Stewart Browne
"To all libertarians, I now pose the dilemma of Your Own Personal Bailout: If you could vote for or against a nice big government check written specifically for you, on a secret ballot, knowing full well that every day people all around you are voting to take large chunks of taxpayer change for themselves, what would you do?
This, in a nutshell, is the problem with democracy.  It is also why we advocates of liberty will never bring about lasting change via electoral politics." S.B.
The Internet is spreading the libertarian memes far and wide, but government cannot be reduced or abolished via the ballot box
We are essentially being ruled by moral imbeciles, the least productive, least creative, and least respectful people
To pander to the governmental memes via the voting process is to ruin our culture, our society, and our economy
Remember the bumper sticker - Dont Vote: It Just Encourages The Bastards
bumper music "The Times They Are A-Changin'" by Bob Dylan

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Episode 60 - Greed and coercive power, explicit objectivism, freeing oppressed minds, voting illogic

Length: 44s

Complete liberty is about getting rid of the authoritarian/obedience memes that foster government
Coercion and altruism both lead to self-sacrifice
All About Greed by Sheldon Richman
"as long as self-interest is held to be morally corrupt, the market order will be suspect."
Is there a rational definition of greed? Wanting more, not less--when one takes responsibility for profits and losses
"If we can't trust people with freedom, how can we trust them with power?" S.R
Government is appeasement of, by, and for the irresponsible
The ethical doctrine of sacrifice (of self to others and others to self) distorts the concepts of greed and selfishness
Greed With John Stossel part 1 of 6
Step It Up! by Tyson Russell
Lower your tolerance for evil; don't let it win by default
Any sort of behavior that runs counter to a voluntary system (in which individuals make their own choices) is evil and wrong
Objectivism is the philosophy for living on Earth; it's based on the facts of reality and the nature of humans (reasoning beings)
Government is the opposite of respect, the opposite of rationality
Property is how people manifest their values and trade with others
Psychology of ownership is key
The fundamental choice is to make one's philosophy explicit and define the terms objectively and logically, or not and advocate some variant of disrespect and statism
Solutions by Larken Rose
also read by Ian of FTL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVCDQgLyrG0
Violence can't kill bad ideas, namely the bad idea of statism: "To wit, the American Revolution ended up creating the largest extortion racket and the most powerful standing army in the history of the world." L.R.
We don't need the permission of rights-violators in order to be free--no need to make sacrifices to the horrible volcano of the State
Government can't be reformed; there's no such thing as a "nice master"; no one has to be "in charge" in a free market
"You have to work within the system" is the mantra forwarded by statists and enslaved peasants (even some anarchists, unfortunately)
Actions of self-preservation in a statist world must be distinguished from sanction of the victim
It's all about freeing your mind from the authoritarian/obedience memes
"The greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed." Steven Biko
Statist thugs' "authority" only exists in the minds of those they dominate
Callers (e.g., Kurt) logically explained the ills of voting to the hosts of FTL
starts at 1:09:45 - http://www.blubrry.com/freetalklive/353052/ftl2009-03-03/
starts at 1:18:55 - http://www.blubrry.com/freetalklive/353630/ftl2009-03-04/
Might does not make right; majority doesn't rule; the end (liberty) doesn't justify the (coercive) means
Trying to work within government to get rid of government doesn't promote the idea of voluntarism; rather, it fosters perceived legitimacy in the very system that is actually illegitimate
Since government relies on extortion to survive, its various "employees" necessarily sanction its existence
Imagine an outspoken anarchist saying: I won't take the position you elect me to; actually, I seek to abolish it immediately (if not sooner)!
Participating in voting and elections is simply playing by the rules of statists; it's also part of the "legal" process by which people are plundered
Noncompliance and re-education (e.g., http://tolfa.us) are keys to libertarian success
Carbon Nanotube Muscles Strong as Diamond, Flexible as Rubber By Brandon Keim
bumper music "Sirens" by Authority Zero
http://www.authorityzero.com/  http://www.myspace.com/authorityzero

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Episode 59 - Divorcing government, evolving to anarchism, freedom-based integrity

Length: 1s

The Liberty Forum (http://www.freestateproject.org/libertyforum)
Exploring the many paths to liberty...and taking the objectively valid one
The key educational path of unschooling (http://www.holtgws.com/whatisunschoolin.html)
It's important for new intellectuals to challenge the contradictory philosophies of present intellectuals, so that truth and mutual respect can prevail in society
An objective ethics (values and virtues) demands the best of everyone
How Do You Divorce Your Government? by Russell D. Longcore
Are we witnessing the battered spouse syndrome, wit large?--more like children abused by domineering parents; Mommy/Daddy Government presides over our lives
"Citizens" allegedly have a duty of allegiance to the State, in return for the "State's" protection--both of which are utterly false notions; search on YouTube: Liberty Forum 2009 Marc Stevens
Do rights exist? Well, do freedoms exist? Or how about justice? All these concepts are valid and identify proper behavior
As long any person disagrees with the political structure and are forced to comply anyway, that political structure is unjust and immoral
Americans have never experienced complete liberty; there was never, ever a "happy marriage"; and, government is never chosen like a spouse is chosen, so the battered spouse analogy is less accurate than the obedient child/domineering parent model
Those in the institution of government benefit from creating victimless crimes
Intellectuals who are supported by statism don't want to bite the hand that feeds them, which is explained in the following book:
How (Not) To Achieve Freedom by Stefan Molyneux
I’ve Evolved … into an Anarchist by George Donnelly
The magnificent PR campaign of government, making victims look like criminals!
The thugs in government aren't the only problem; those who aid and abet governmental memes are just as problematic
How to Be a Successful Tyrant: The Megalomaniac Manifesto by Larken Rose
Kicking the Dragon (Confessions of a Tax Heretic) by Larken Rose
There is no hope for "reforming" government; institutionalized, unjust coercion must be abolished, not reformed
Statists realize that trying to reform government into something that upholds liberty is futile
Words of Kryptonite for the statist and for statism: I do not consent
Those who choose not to respect others and their property ought to leave or be incarcerated
No person has the right to nullify another's choices; choosing to deny choice is contradictory
Who owns you? Glenn Jacob's (http://libertyradiounderground.com/) answer: http://media.switchpod.com/users/citizenx/SelfOwnership2.m4a
George Donnelly's stellar to-do list:
"Study the works of authors such as Lysander Spooner, Samuel Edward Konkin III and Murray Rothbard.
End my membership in the LP and BTP.
Cease all donations to political parties, candidates or organizations that participate in the electoral process.
Hand over de facto control of the LP Transparency Caucus and shadow bylaw and platform committees to someone else (if anyone even wants them). I will also be ending the 'My LP' and Libertarian Party Candidates projects.
Search for ways to work for greater liberty, without supporting governments.
Evaluate all of my activities with the goal of ending any and all support for governments.
Actively withdraw my consent from governments."
If people acted on their own like those in government, they'd be put in jail by governmental workers
Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns
Parade Of Interchangeable Starlets Delights U.S. Populace
We need to see life as it should be and ought to be; we need fuel for the soul
Heroism is demanded of us to foster a better world
FDR1233 Free Will, Determinism And Self Knowledge - Part 1
What would aliens think of humans' beloved moral/political contradiction of government? Humans are presently unenlightened
There are no necessary evils; evil is always unnecessary
bumper music "Hey World" by Michael Franti & Spearhead

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Episode 58 - US of non-freedom, illusory freedom, statist hypocrisy, non-consent of the governed

Length: 46s

Mercatus Center at George Mason University - Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom
by William P. Ruger and Jason Sorens
A coercive State, i.e., government, will never respect people's rights
A limited government can't stay limited for long
What would happen if Libertarians got elected? What sort of "work" would they be doing?
Basically, they would be employees of an unjust organization; case in point:
NH legislators have busy schedule for 2009
What's the purpose of government if not to govern people!
Because government funds itself through extortion, every person who works for it is supporting extortion
No product or service should be provided at the barrel of a gun (hat tip to http://marcstevens.net)
Civil disobedience, or non-compliance, prevents tyranny from overwhelming a society
The media are typically cheerleaders for statism, i.e., tyranny
Left/Right distinction is tenuous, but taxation, regulation, and "programs" are always anti-freedom
Case in point: Trans Fats Banned in NYC Restaurants
All of the several American states violate Americans' freedoms
Can personal satisfaction and fulfillment occur without freedom? Are our bodies disconnected from our minds?
We must beware the mind/body dichotomy concerning pleasure
You can't be a slave to your job or to money, but you are made a slave by those in "government"
If people didn't comply with taxation and regulation, they'd quickly determine how little freedom they have
YouTube - 20/20 bailouts and bull
The Middle Class Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You by John Stossel
The nature of sacrifice
Sacrifice is used as a weapon against individuals to get them to surrender their self-esteem, autonomy, and independence to other people (the selfish ones;)
Jesus, making the ultimate sacrifice, promoted the philosophy of death
No matter how difficult it is to make money in a mixed economy, an extortion racket will never be charitable or encourage self-responsibility
True slavery comes from the guns of government
The several states are cannibalizing their own economies
What would be the point of moving to a slightly freer US state? Perhaps for organizing and doing smart activism (e.g., http://freekeene.com)
DEA to halt medical marijuana raids: Holder confirms states to have final say on use of drug for pain control
Medical MJ "reality check" from Mordor: California Medical Marijuana Information
Exactly How Legal Is Medical Marijuana? by Madeleine Brand
Liquor and statist hypocrisy; Lew Rockwell interviews Dr. Mark Thornton
We as a society need to understand and apply a universal code of respectful morality: don't hit people and don't take their stuff; honor persons and property
Really the only thing that should be illegal is the initiation of force (via coercion or fraud)
Capitalism favors mutually beneficial interaction, which will eventually dissolve all arbitrary statist borders
Against the State: An Introduction to Anarchist Political Theory by Crispin Sartwell
Played this short interview: Anarchist Philosopher Does Not Consent To Be Governed!
Worth watching: The Reason.tv Talk Show, Episode 3
Voting is contrary to the agorist, voluntarist philosophy; might doesn't make right; majority doesn't rule; committees don't determine objective principles
If we got rid of the violence that we know (government), will we thereby invite the violence and injustice that we don't know? In short, no, because all unjust violence will be seen as illegitimate and thus targeted for eradication
Are you hopeful for the realization of freedom? I am. :)
People need to make moral distinctions between wealth and extorted wealth, coercive organizations and the non-coercive marketplace, as well as challenge "authority"
bumper music "Chimes Of Freedom" by The Byrds

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Episode 57 - Striking the governmental root, John Galt's message, slave roads and their masters

Length: 44s

Without property rights, no other rights are possible
Applying self-ownership in a consistent fashion means complete liberty
Time for a Trim? by Jim Davies
The principle of self-ownership is axiomatic and irrefutable, for any attempt to deny it requires utilizing it
Government has been around for centuries, running on the pr scheme that they are our protectors and providers (as they violate individual rights)
So, it's important to strike at the root, i.e., dispense with the idea of government itself, so unjust coercion doesn't remain institutionalized
‘Going Galt’: Everyone’s Doing It! By Eric Etheridge
Who is John Galt? Modern intellectuals don't have a moral clue
Taxation and regulation are violations of your freedom to choose and act as an individual
Essentially, your mind should not be enslaved to other minds
The nature of romantic realism in fiction requires the portrayal of humans as they might be or ought to be (as Aristotle noted)
Galt's main message: Live for your own sake, based on reason and reality, not for the sake of "others"--don't sacrifice
What would make you want to stop paying a group of thugs extortion money and stop obeying their regulations?
Could Eddie Willers ever have taken a moral stand against tyranny and self-sacrifice like John Galt did?
Statism asks that we sacrifice ourselves to collectivistic abstractions that prevent people from taking responsibility for evil actions; communized anything is bad
Going John Galt basically entails focusing on what's going to enlighten fellow human beings and encourage them to stand up for their own dignity--and to defy "authority"
Something to ask "authorities": Other than threats of physical violence, what is the nature of the relationship between individuals and those in government?
"Conservatives" vs. "Liberals" by Ayn Rand
Both conservatives (mystics of spirit) and liberals (mystics of muscle) hold the lethal premise of the mind/body dichotomy
"...each camp wants to control the realm it regards as metaphysically important; each grants freedom only to the activities it despises." (A.R.)
Neither camp rejects the slave/master dynamic
Who Will Build the Slave Roads? by Dale Everett
What percent of a slave are you? Well, when you don't own yourself and property free and clear, you're one-hundred percent a slave!
"Until no one else has first dibs on your productivity, and until you are supporting yourself and making your own decisions about your own life, you are 100% a slave." (D.E.)
Successful businesspersons trick themselves into thinking that they aren't 100% slaves; yet, they continuously obey governmental edicts
"Government roads are a necessity for modern slaves. They are slave roads."
"When you’ve been trained to be a slave your entire life, it can be scary to imagine life as a free person, but I encourage you to try." (D.E.)
bumper music "Whose Authority" from "Lucky" (2008) album by Nada Surf
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Episode 56 - Participatory fascism, mixed economies, living for your own sake

Length: 55s

Are We All Socialists Now? Not at All by Robert Higgs
Is socialism as dead as the dodo? Its new guise as participatory fascism
Authoritarian sociopaths are always on the lookout for new ways to blame the marketplace and go where they haven't gone before with coercive programs, be they in education, energy, or health care
Authoritarian sociopaths engage in a constant process of breaking things and then breaking more things while trying to "fix" them
Two of the wealthiest participatory fascists: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Talk With UNL Students About Much More Than Money by Steve Jordon, Omaha World-Herald, Neb.
Authoritarian sociopaths waste the loot they steal from those who don't waste it (productive people)
People are hoodwinked via indoctrination and propaganda--and many pick the low-hanging fruit of governmental jobs and contracts
Dreaded participatory fascism health-care headlines:
What would happen if people kept their money away from the authoritarian sociopathic programs?
By what right, standard, or code can some people presume to "let" other individuals makes their own choices? No right, an unjust standard, and an immoral code
Government delivers the lowest possible quality at the highest possible price
Not only does the emperor have no clothes--there is no such thing as emperor!
Because governmental action is based on coercion and involuntary interaction, no good can come from it; rational minds require choice to function
The mainstream media gives you only a fraction of the info you need to make informed decisions
A 'Rebel' With A Cause on CBSNews.com (Michelle Muccio http://www.acton.org/people/mmuccio.php )
The problem of libertarian concessions to consistent statists is hindering the progression to freedom
Each of us exists for our own sake, not for the sake of the State or "others"
At the end of the day, Ron Paul is a politician; he writes in "earmarks" to bring home loot to his "constituents" in his "district" and concedes the statist premise of Constitutional government
Immigration Reform in 2006? by Ron Paul (statist insanity!)
In Defense of Ron Paul’s Earmarks by Eric Phillips (who thinks sound principles can be fudged)
Are "the masses" willing to accept personal responsibility? Higgs says "No" CLP says "Yes"
In truth, a minority of the American population, the so-called intellectuals and the authoritarian sociopaths are the ones who are unwilling to accept personal responsibility
Further reading: Freedom—An Intellectual Issue http://www.logicallearning.net/libfreedomintell.html
A mixed economy confuses the moral issues and ideas in the statist extortion and regulation rackets
Philosophers and intellectuals aren't using the method of non-contradictory identification (logic) in ethics and politics one wit
The host doesn't need to parasites to survive and thrive; we don't need them (those in government) to survive and thrive
Today's America is running on prior capital, which today's level of statism is unapologetically consuming
Slumdog Millionaire winning awards is an indication or how morally bankrupt our culture is--the portrayal of wallowing in poverty, filth, and wretched contentment, coupled with rampant immorality and injustice
Political systems throughout the world are impoverishing whole countries
Is America Number One? by John Stossel (which includes inspecting the differences in starting and running a business in Hong Kong, Calcutta, and NYC--though all within the statist paradigm, in which you don't live for your own sake)
Widespread panhandling is an example of what government does to economies
We don't need anyone hindering our choices or offering us tax dollars (extorted loot), essentially creating barriers to entry to the wealth of a truly free market
Sitting in traffic is an illustration of the highway to hell paved by governmental employees
Authoritarian sociopaths don't care about your life satisfaction, though they do care about keeping you enslaved
Complete liberty asks that you demand the best in your life
If individuals aren't being respected, you don't have a respectful society
More participatory fascism: Genentech pushes more diagnostic-test regulation
Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'
bumper music "Everyday" by Authority Zero
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Episode 55 - Mafia with a flag, coercive monopolies, producers versus parasites

Length: 1s

The essence of complete liberty is mutual respect of persons and property
If people in government really wanted to help people, they wouldn't do "business" at the point of a gun (the mafia with a flag)
For statists, freedom is passe
One damn fine statist automobile: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trabant
Uber Czar to be Renamed by Jennifer Kerfuffle
The drug war has been greatly successful in destroying individual rights
Shooting socialistic/fascistic fish in a barrel...
Ending the Hidden Agenda Behind Tax Cuts by Joe Brewer
Liberals/progressives and conservatives are basically two statist peas in the pod of authoritarian sociopathy
What is one thing that government (aka a legalized coercive monopoly) does better than any business in the marketplace? Perhaps public relations!
A coercive monopoly imposes the lowest quality product/service at the highest possible price
The various euphemisms of taxation...
People don't need others to impede their trade--or take a cut of it; statists aren't needed
It boils down to the productive people versus the parasites
Should freedom be free? Of course
You don't need representation: You represent yourself every day via the money you make, save, and spend
Presidents merely posture and pretend to have authority
The number one goal of authoritarian sociopaths is to control productive people; if it weren't for their pr scheme, they'd be shamed out of their "jobs"
Key question: If what those in government provide is so valuable, why don't they provide it in a voluntary manner (i.e., without pointing guns at people and coercing them)?
Words such as "must" and "require" simply reflect the ideology of violence
The people who are attracted to governmental service are most interested in controlling others
Gangsters and banksters run together; they're part of the same tribe in which legislation creates economic disasters, which subvert personal responsibility
Progressives et al forward governmental solutions to government-created problems
If you consider yourself a moral person, and you think that the institution of government is good, then you really need to check your contradictory premises
Just because people comply and toss ballots in a box, doesn't mean they're not being coerced
Citizens and states are legal fictions, arbitrary constructs that enslave individuals
The nature of the (future) profit-driven health care system, versus the statist status quo with shoddy service and high prices
Coercion is anti-reason and anti-life
Statism is the philosophy of death
bumper music "United States of "Whatever" (Bush Remix)" by Liam Lynch, directed by Jerry Gilio

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Episode 54 - Competing justice agencies, customary law principles, praxeology

Length: 40s

Read email from listener, living in the not-so-distant future, a transitional period between 20th century statism and complete liberty--competing justice agencies, flights of fantasy or not?
No one is 'in control' in a complete liberty society; anarchy rules ;)
Red pill reality versus blue pill reality; the ever-present matrix of false and destructive memes that distort most people's viewpoints
The freest economies are the wealthiest economies
The vast disparities between regulated and unregulated labor markets are typically overlooked by statists
It's a fallacy to think that people (immigrants) are stealing jobs from other people--merely statist propaganda
Retaliatory force (self-defense) must be used in proportion to the force that is initiated against you, though it's normally best to involve an independent third party for objectivity's sake (thus the need for justice agencies)
Governmental police are a contradiction of the highest order--they extort money from you in order to protect you from thieves
The governmental court system, with its men/women in black dresses, prosecutors, and public pretenders is a complete insult to the idea of justice
Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash
The evil nature of the unionized "corrections system," in which the people involved perpetuate the unjust status quo and increase their power and wealth--it's again wise to follow the money trail in these matters
So-called privatization is still relying on extortion for funding--pure fascism
Is the customer always right? Context matters, and in the realm of justice services, the concept of right entails upholding the principles of self-ownership and property--thou shalt not aggress, which also applies to any agent of justice
"Customer service" at the DMV: pay or get shot (if you resist)
Justice is a virtue that implements a respectful form of ethics; unjust acts must not be committed with impunity, i.e., without restoring the victim(s)
Rand's take on the concept of justice: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/justice.html
Understanding customary legal principles is key to a just society: http://completeliberty.com/chapter8.php#153
Justice requires a value system that understands self-ownership and respectful relations with others
A germane article: Property, Causality, and Liability by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Morally enlightened people will not tolerate agencies that are biased and violate individual rights
Statism represents moral corruption and mass unenlightenment
Justice agencies, like individuals, will be incentivized to minimize conflict
Another germane essay: Does the State Resolve or Create Conflict? by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Where there is competition in the marketplace, and therefore consumer choice, customary law that minimizes conflict (and thus reduces costs) will be the order of the day--people will naturally choose it over favoritism, bias, corruption, and injustice
Reasonable and cost-effective insurance policies ensure that justice is served, no matter how badly particular customers might behave; one doesn't throw a just business model away on the whim of an unjust customer
Prohibiting choice removes market indicators of what is good and what is not good
Praxeology and the Austrian school of economics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praxeology
bumper music "Justice Tonight/Kick It Over" by The Clash

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Episode 53 - The people's romance with government

Length: 1s

Open access router network?
The People’s Romance: Why People Love Government (as Much as They Do) by Daniel B. Klein
http://www.independent.org/publications/tir/article.asp?a=536 ; http://www.independent.org/pdf/tir/tir_10_1_1_klein.pdf
"Why do some people never support a free-market proposal, even when they think it would work better than government intervention? For many, the reason is that collective political action offers the romantic notion that 'we’re all working together,' while market mechanisms seem to them less lofty because they rely on the self-interest of individuals acting privately." (D.K.)
TPR (the people's romance) encourages governmental intervention for its own sake
Pundits constantly conflate Americans with government, i.e., the people in government who rule over them
Fearing, revering, and worshipping power and the process of indoctrinating a public that kowtows to "authority"--main aspects of TPR
Encompassing sentiment coordination of the WHOLE group, whether you like it or not, is the nature of TPR
In actuality, there are no "citizens" and there is no "State"--both are arbitrary collectivistic and legal abstractions that lead to coercive control of rights-respecting people and distortion and destruction of entire economies
Without imposing a communized infrastructure, government would lose all perceived legitimacy
The in-group and out-group dynamic is also part of TPR--the out-group must be either shunned or subdued
Libertarian aphorism: The are two types of people--those who want to be left alone and those who won't leave them alone
Most slaves don't like seeing other slaves trying to break free of their shackles--so they attack them and keep all enslaved
TPR lives off coercion
The conceptual common denominator between fanciful Objectivist government and actual government is the coercive monopolization of its "services"
Feelings are tools of evaluation, not tools of cognition; people can have "joyous" feelings based on a whole host of contradictions--though they betray their true selves, their authentic selves
The three types of libertarians: classical liberals; laissez-faire capitalists (or minarchists); anarcho-capitalists, or market anarchists, or voluntarists (or agorists)
TPR lies at the heart of communism
The differences between working for a communist boss and a capitalist boss are immense, although oftentimes diminished in a mixed economy like today's
Statists are afflicted with slavespeak (http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07a.htm) and the Stockholm Syndrome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome)
The fatuous superstition of "the consent of the governed" leads to "being greater than kings and less than men" (de Toqueville)
Taxation is an extortion racket to no end
Lysander Spooner's 1840's attempt at competing with monopoly gang of the USPS
Statists' version of a "civilized society" is one in which rights-respecting people are forced to do things against their wills--oh so civilized, isn't it!
Penn & Teller: Bullshit!: Recycling
or watch here (though may go defunct) http://www.milkandcookies.com/link/92358/detail/ http://www.videosift.com/video/Penn-Teller-Bullshit-Recycling
Understanding property rights yields a better environment
Property Is An Extension Of Self-Ownership http://completeliberty.com/chapter3.php#68
Psychology of Ownership http://www.logicallearning.net/libpsychologyofo.html
Regulatory "policies bind people together, like a bundle of sticks" (D.K.)
Failing to strike the root of the welfare state...Dr. No's statist insanity: Immigration Reform in 2006? by Ron Paul
Free trade brings respectful relations with former strangers
Advocates of TPR abhor people withdrawing their participation by pursuing private interests
The "war on terrorism" is the "new giant in the parade of war frauds" (D.K.)
What Michael Phelps Should Have Said: Smoking pot shouldn't be a crime. Or the public's business by Radley Balko
Contrast mj with alchohol toxicity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahydrocannabinol#Toxicity
The four proposed origins of TPR:
1) Socio-biological and cultural evolution [though there are no innate ideas]
The Early Human Condition: http://www.logicallearning.net/libearlyhumancon.html
2) Society as family, government as parent
Radical unschooling is the most enlightened and respectful method of parenting, thus enabling a future society of complete liberty; Dayna Martin: What is Radical Unschooling? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiHyzS26N0Y
3) Society as being, government as head
We need better integration and understanding of the facets of self; The Art of Self-Discovery http://www.nathanielbranden.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=38
4) Society as organization, government as director
The ills of identifying with the coercive gang and seeing their orders as legitimate
Pursuing one's rational self-interest entails respecting the rights of other people
Common decency entails respect for persons, property, and agreements
Libertarian principles cannot engender TPR
Wealth and technology enable people to withdraw and resist statism (http://freestateproject.org as a product of info tech)
The process and goals of civil disobedience--coupled with education in libertarian principles
Very commendable site: http://cdevolution.org/
Liberty lovers must raise "law enforcers'" awareness of the moral issues and make it unbearable for them (and statists in general) to pretend that their activities are legitimate, noble, and just
Police and courts depend on individual rights-violators to rationalize their own rights-violating gang--thus perpetuating their immoral scheme of unjust laws
Reaching out to the silent majority of Americans who share the libertarian credo of common decency is key to good activism :)
bumper music "Spanish Romance" by Liona Boyd - First Lady of Guitar (Album: The Best of Liona Boyd)

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Episode 52 - The meaning of rulers (government) and no rulers (anarchy), abolitionism, pathocracy

Length: 57s

CLP on new 24/7 Net station: Liberty Radio Network
Thank Goodness I Live in a Free Country by Don Cooper
Control freak madness, aka regulatory agencies, and the adults they enslave
Call Me an Abolitionist, Please by Glen Allport
The fear of anarchy and the common negative meaning of the term--and thus the fear of freedom
People generally do what they're told (by rulers), instead of seeking to have no rulers
The prison of statism demands conformity, and any deviation from it is "chaos"--thus, "anarchy" is to be avoided at all costs
Laws created by statists are designed to control people and keep rulers in power
Everyday Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux (dealing with people's ambivalence towards anarchy)
Laws that infringe on individual rights cause constant conflict in society
One should never pretend that government caters to its "customers," because good customer service requires voluntary patrons, or willing participants--not an extortion racket and hapless victims
Let's abolish the initiation of force, shall we; abolitionists of statist slavery unite!
Unjust law itself is a crime against peaceful people
Are religions about love or coercion? "faith and force are corollaries," noted Rand: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/faith.html
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers State of the State Address (I play an abridged excerpt, and Arnie joins me on the show with a new pack of lies!;) http://gov.ca.gov/index.php?/speech/11390/
Schwarzenegger's Green Challenge (politics--where acting is reality)
What could be a more efficient and economical way to meet people's needs than government?!
Why Does the World Feel Wrong? by Will Groves
Do authoritarian sociopaths, aka psychopaths, have a conscience? Fat chance.
Hmm...did psychopaths invent the State to take advantage of the rest of us?
Choice quotes by W.G.: "Inhibiting critical thinking in the masses obviously benefits the state and psychopaths. When overtly self-serving, irresponsible, illegal, immoral, irrational behavior gets treated as normal, we can conclude that the educational system works quite well for our masters."
"...without understanding our social systems, we will never escape from the tyranny unleashed on us by psychopaths."
Essentially, we are being ruled by psychopathic morons, given that irrationality is their MO and a stupid system is the end result
bumper music "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols

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Episode 51 - From schooling to unschooling, respecting little people, the unenlightened job ticket process

Length: 1s

The crux of the educational problem: The age-old bad meme of an "authority" presiding over a learner's activities
Sometimes, homeschooling mimics traditional pedagogy (i.e., teacher-directed learning), as do supposedly enlightened private schools (e.g., http://www.vandammeacademy.com/)
Identifying, integrating, and experiencing what you're interested in--the essence of unschooling
The leniency versus authoritarianism educational/parenting paradigm must be dispensed with and replaced by a respectful model
Fears of parents about unschooling their kids, such as they're not "teachers"; but you don't need a permission slip, just an intrinsically motivated kid (which fortunately comes naturally:)
A variety of useful resources for learner-directed homeschooling (unschooling):
We need to see kids as little people, capable of achieving great things, just like good tutors do
And we need to come to terms with the fact that the learner has a teacher within
Only in the educational system are grades given supreme importance; objectively speaking, they are irrelevant to one's life and well-being
An educational system that demands students' obedience to authority is primes people for accepting the principles of communism--even though Americans are taught, via statist propaganda, to see themselves as enemies of communism
Around the world, it's the theme of statism that presides
Virtually all monopolies are coercive (using the coercive tools of government), not natural monopolies, with government itself on the top of the sordid, unjust heap of protection rackets
It's important to distinguish between what is unethical and what is unjust, as well as what is psychologically respectful (unschooling) and what is not (traditional, controlling, or teacher-directed, methods)
The kinds of socialization that take place in the prison system, i.e., in the governmental schools, aren't good for anyone (Ayn Rand quote referenced in http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyeducation.html)
In order to maintain its power, government must control money and schools (fiat currency and fiat education)
The discipline and self-esteem movements as manifestations of the coercive system
To doubt students' capability and initiative to direct their learning processes does NOTHING to foster their growth, and it only perpetuates widespread self-distrust
Students should be seen as consumers of educational services, not obedient servants
It's important to distinguish between self-efficacy and self-esteem, and to define self-esteem properly--as well as to see it as impossible to achieve in a coercive educational system, which is always contrary to development of intrinsic motivation
Governmental school teachers are conduits for implementing a command-and-control pedagogy
The idea of change on a national and individual level is pretty disconnected
Job tickets as main goal of "higher education" (John Holt quote referenced in http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyeducation.html)
Unfortunately, it's easier (in the short term) to not take responsibility for one's learning process
How Academic Guilds Police Higher Education by Gary North
Freedom and Beyond (Innovators in Education) by John Holt
Holt's experience of teaching student-directed learning to Harvard grad students revealed the psychology of coerced students: "You don't care about us, otherwise you'd tell us what to do."
Yet, the educational buck has to stop at some point, and it might as well stop at the individual learner, not some conjured "authority" (i.e., just another individual)
Decompressing from a schooling environment to an unschooling environment takes a little time, time to restore the independent decision-making ability and intrinsic motivation of the learner
Unschooling: What is Deschooling? (Dayna Martin)
Dayna Martin: Common Unschooling Questions Answered
Couple more resources: http://joyfullyrejoycing.com/ ; http://www.homeedmag.com/HEM/171.00/jf_art_unsch.html
An idle (and busy) school teacher is a Devil's workshop--a teacher-directed learning environment commonly leads to controlling learners and thus stripping them of intrinsic motivation
The chicken and the egg problem of statism and statist education; we need to reconfigure the dna to create a new species of thinking and acting--new and respectful memes need to replace domination memes
Einstein, the rule breaker! Ad astra, and beyond...
bumper music "School's Out" by Alice Cooper
http://www.myspace.com/officialalicecooper  http://www.alicecooper.com/

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Episode 50 - The audacity of hoping for change in communistic American education, unschooling principles

Length: 1s

Americans to Undergo Preschool Reeducation in Advance of Country’s Conversion to Communism
Coming to terms with communistic principles in America
The Timeless Allure Of Communism: http://completeliberty.com/chapter1.php#15
Once the State controls education, the rest of the insanity naturally follows, such as forced "sharing"
The double bind lessons from kindergarten: don't hit people and don't take their stuff; and, don't be selfish and share your stuff!
The power of language to shape thought...defining anarchy, for instance
It is essential to define one's terms in order to understand both concepts and reality
The folly of basing one's conclusions on other people's conclusions--social metaphysics
The ways that emotional issues can block logical analysis (http://www.logicallearning.net/liblogicforunder.html) and the mental trickery of rationalizations
The nature of pretending that governmental "services" are voluntary...
The latest from Mordor: http://www.barackobama.com/issues/education/#early-childhood
There's no such thing as "voluntary universal" governmental programs
About Last Night...Episode 1212 (Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2008) While the country celebrates the outcome of the election, the new President-elect catches everyone off guard when he arrives at the White House prematurely.
The Greatest Thief Club In The World: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/209730/
Charter schools are no threat to the communized educational system, because they too are dependent on stolen wealth and statist edicts
"Public school" educators need to raise their self-esteem enough to trust their capabilities to provide their services in a non-domineering and voluntary fashion
The hypothetical scenario of "pushing the button" to get one's way in society can be a device to expose the double standard of the statist code of morality (a vicious one-way ethical street)
Notice how much people's claims for the "common good" entail their individual self-interest, albeit short-term and irrational
Making unjust coercion look defensive and noble...
"Leader of the free world," an authoritarian sociopath? Yup.
If parents took responsibility for their kids' education, it could stem the tide of the real dropouts--that is, kids who drop in to coercive education and thus drop out of being intrinsically motivated learners
Of course, without governmental "support," especially for education, civilization would simply implode and disappear into an abyss...right...
The sick and twisted world of elitism; in a world of collective psychosis (where people detach from the actual reality of their situation) and deranged authoritarian sociopathy, coercive funding of coercive education makes perfect sense! The voracious nature of Leviathan...
Governmental control of education is evil to the core, and it's psychologically damaging to everyone involved, serving to destroy people's self-esteem, i.e., their self-confidence and self-respect--and thus their confidence in and respect for others
The welfare hook--"free" everything, though always at others' expense
The three immoral lessons of governmental schooling: Don't bite the hand that feeds you; never look at what the hand is attached to; and, never ask how it got filled with free food
Not only does "the Emperor" have no clothes; why are you calling someone "the Emperor"?
Education: Free and Noncompulsory by Scott McPherson
If there is one thing that the communistic educational system has done really well, it's to get people to think like central planners--"public policy" opinions galore!
Unschooled doesn't mean uneducated; unschooled means self-motivated, independent, inquisitive, and creative
Unschooling fosters trusting one's mind (and hence senses) and questioning the nature of arbitrary postulates (further perusing: http://www.logicallearning.net/libfreewill.html, http://www.logicallearning.net/libmentalshiftin.html, and http://www.logicallearning.net/libanissueofmort.html)
The irony of scientifically minded statists criticizing Christian homeschooling...
Active learning versus uncritical absorption
Educational questions for the young and old alike, such as "What would you have done without school?"
The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
What do you, as a student, really want to spend your time doing? Having a constructive conversation with parents to get out of the coercive system is key
Let's Abolish High School by Robert Epstein
Trashing Teens: Psychologist Robert Epstein argues in a provocative book, "The Case Against Adolescence," that teens are far more competent than we assume, and most of their problems stem from restrictions placed on them.
by Hara Estroff Marano
Conforming Creativity by Doug French
The goal is to be a dynamic and curious individual, regardless of your age
Montessori's notice of the "camouflages of adults" who seek to dominate children and her wonderful observations of child psychology (referenced here: http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyeducation.html)
bumper music "More Than Useless" by Relient K

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Episode 49 - Information revolution, learning with Web technologies, schools that don't suck, self-interest and self-responsibi

Length: 1s

Understanding the Web and America's youth
http://www.rocketboom.com/rb_08_dec_03/ (An Interview with Don Tapscott)
net@night 79: Don Tapscott, Grown Up Digital http://twit.tv/natn79
What are the implications of always being connected to the Internet?
Governmental schools are the main anchor around the neck of our society
The common person seems to follow all the clueless statist intellectuals
Coercively-funded "Public schools" cannot teach anything coherent about economics--because they operate outside the free market
The ills of Keynesian (governmental) economics versus the goodness of Austrian (free market) economics
What government does (perpetrate crimes) is prohibited to individuals outside of government
Of course, government by nature has no interest in defending and upholding individual rights
Being a "good student" leads to being a "good citizen," in which obedience and compliance are expected
Liberation by Internet by Gennady Stolyarov II http://mises.org/story/3060
Surfing the Net via China? http://chinachannel.hk/
More and more access to information will eventually destroy the statist memes
Focusing on technological improvements without focusing on getting rid of authoritarian pedagogy is beyond ridiculous
Teaching is the highest form of manipulation, said one of my college profs
The fine pedagogical art of of trimming leaves on a rotten tree...and singing teachers union songs
Mimicking free market innovations in the governmental school classroom still retains an antiquated pedagogy and statist memes
The entire authoritarian structure of governmental education must be hidden (in plain sight) with propaganda and threats
Check out iTunes University for tons of educational stuff!
http://www.apple.com/education/mobile-learning/  http://deimos3.apple.com/indigo/main/main.xml
Finding ways to approach statist mentalities in a constructive rather than destructive (pugilistic;) fashion
Explaining another's point view, so that he/she feels understood
The main problem with minarchism is that it leads the statist apparatus (coercive monopoly) in place to abuse the populace
Having a negative tone towards government (because those in it act unjustly and immorally) really means having a positive view of individuals (and the respect they deserve)
Resourceful, creative, independent, innovative, and moral individuals are threats to government itself; thus governmental schools
Basically, because people are not practicing enough self-responsibility, we have government
Noble purposes must be ascribed to the unjust and immoral actions of governmental officials, in order to appeal to people's inherent virtues and make things seem not what they are
People defend evil in order to prevent their worldview from dissolving
Our task is to be objective and state the truth, especially when nearly everyone is defending falsehoods (particularly statist intellectuals)
The importance of Wikipedia for fact-checking and information literacy
Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky
Web 2.0 technologies will eventually rid the world of powerful guilds, so-called experts, and sundry "authorities"
Statism is anti-self-esteem and anti-change; complete liberty is pro-self-esteem and pro-change
The agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, information revolution were all exploited by government to enslave and destroy individuals
We still live in the age of pre-logic, where most people pay little attention to contradictions
An attempt at a peaceful world? http://www.itakethevow.com/
Those in government ultimately depend on violence, theft, and deception in order to exist; since people already know this, why do they make excuses for statism?
One of Stefan Molyneux's brilliant assessments of the subject:
Governmental schooling is an organization of authoritarian sociopathy the purports to be good for "students"
Paul Dressel's smart quote: "A grade can be regarded only as an inadequate report of an inaccurate judgment by a biased and variable judge of the extent to which a student has attained an undefined level of mastery of an unknown proportion of an indefinite amount of material."
Facts and Fancy in Assigning Grades. Basic College Quarterly, 2 (1957), 6-12 (referenced here: http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyeducation.html)
Grades and tests as essential methods of controlling students
Brett's world history lesson in 10 seconds: A long story, continuously repeating itself, looping century after century, about how an extremely small group of people controls an extremely large group of people by fear or by force--and their best weapon is the ignorance of the people
Though the Bill of Rights looks good on paper (supposedly restraining despotic government), it harbors a false premise--it legitimizes a coercive institution that violate individual rights on a daily basis
To defy property taxes (i.e., extortion) is heroic--it's crucial to stand up for logic, property rights, and especially individual learners
Sudbury model (the "free school" model) compared and contrasted with Montessori, Waldorf, and Progressive schools (and "student government"), as well as homeschooling
A couple useful resources (basically, parentally unstructured homeschooling): http://www.unschooling.org/index.htm and http://www.unschooling.com/
The fastest and best way to help kids become educated, self-esteeming, and mature is to respect their right to make choices as individual learners
Interest (intrinsic motivation) is the only criterion for engaging in any activity, and satisfaction the only evaluation of success (Sudbury model, or any enlightened pedagogy)
My favorite child psychology book: The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=8977399
A learner who doesn't know what to learn (no imposed lesson plan), will then learn how to know what to learn! Learning as manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit
Boredom as learning experience; people's discomfort with themselves is yet another product of governmental schools
Democratic decision-making denies self-responsibility and objectivity, though it is a good tool for quelling dissent and imposing self-blame (You, it's what's for dinner!)
The two aspects of government that really suck--the one that doesn't work for you (even though it's supposed to) and the one that works for those in charge
Democracy: The God That Failed: The Economics And Politics Of Monarchy, Democracy, And Natural Order by Hans-Hermann Hoppe http://tinyurl.com/lv7xr
Psychologist Carl Rogers' fabulous quotation about the proper educational attitude: "To free curiosity; to permit individuals to go charging off in new directions dictated by their own interests; to unleash the sense of inquiry; to open everything to questioning and exploration; to recognize that everything is in process of change—here is an experience I can never forget." (referenced here: http://www.logicallearning.net/libertyeducation.html)
Ultimately, the governmental school is a processing plant: The child goes in; the obedient employee/soldier/taxpayer goes out
What's needed: The Practice of Self-Responsibility by Nathaniel Branden
bumper music "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance

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Episode 48 - School sucks, the nature of compulsory education versus respectful and effective pedagogy

Length: 35s

6-Year-Old Stares Down Bottomless Abyss Of Formal Schooling
What if children really knew what they were being dragooned into?
"Public education" is group think writ large; "This is what we're supposed to do"; adults erroneously believe it's "good for socialization"
Schools as prisons, basically forced "socialization"
It's HOW you're taught that does the harm
The Student as Nigger: Essays and Stories by Jerry Farber
"...imagine what the effect must be upon our apt and impressionable minds of a twelve-year course in servility. Think about it...What is it that they're teaching you? Twelve years pitted against your classmates in a daily Roman circus. The game is Doing What You're Told."
The insanity of forcing people (either big people or little people) to learn things
The Comprachicos by Ayn Rand (in "The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution", pp. 41-95. Signet, 1975); government school "socialization" leads to gang warfare and loss of conceptual thinking and objectivity
Choice quotations: http://www.stormy.org/edcompr.htm
Ayn Rand and her thoughts on Rational Education by Michael S. Berliner
"Learning" by memorization rather than conceptual integration doesn't foster enlightened and healthy minds; it's dire and hopeless and soul-crushing
"Public education" can't be rationally defended, but educators do have their rationalizations...
Since "public education" is coercively funded, we can expect the aftermath--such as mass servility and obedient payment of property taxes
Jerry Farber's "IF IT WEREN'T COMPULSORY..."
"It would be well if we stopped lying to ourselves about what compulsory schooling does for our children. It temporarily imprisons them; it standardizes them; it intimidates them. If that's what we want, we should admit it. There's not much point in going on about this. If you've somehow missed reading A.S. Neill's Summerhill, you ought to go out and get it."
http://www.summerhillschool.co.uk/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summerhill_School
Parents and other adults are much better able to create educational environments that cater to the varying interests and abilities of children, and kids should be free to pick and choose as they see fit
Delayed adolescence courtesy of governmental schools
Trashing Teens: Psychologist Robert Epstein argues in a provocative book, "The Case Against Adolescence," that teens are far more competent than we assume, and most of their problems stem from restrictions placed on them. by Hara Estroff Marano
The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen by Robert Epstein; Ph. D.
Being able to conceptually integrate in an objective fashion is the hallmark of maturity (and the teenage brain has this capability)
John Holt's five points on effective tutoring and learning (on page 202)
Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better by John Caldwell Holt (John Holt)
How individualism is stamped out by the system; one only creates resistance and problems by trying to control other human minds
Successfully nurturing individual young minds via student-centered and self-directed learning is key
In addition to stopping their coercive behavior, government school educators need to alter their pedagogy, particularly who's in charge
Case in point: Project-based learning
A choice quote from the teacher in the video below:
"As long as they defended their answer, then that's what I want"
Picturing the Possibilities - Project-based Learning
Some choice "school sucks" videos by kids:
School Sucks, Rants Rule (6:02)
School Sucks! (4:48)
school sucks (2:14)
Vouchers--promoting the illusion of freedom within a coercive paradigm
Intrinsic motivation is key, which is impossible within a compulsory system; modern pedagogy discourages rational self-interest, as does our collectivistic culture; Dirty Dancing with The Fountainhead...
Those who equate being selfish (i.e., concerned with oneself, or self-interested) with being antisocial are merely projecting their own antisocial views on those who are respectful; promoting coercive education and statism isn't social or virtuous
True socialization entails independent people coming together with mutual interests, trading value for value, just like anything else in the marketplace
We need to see beyond the coercive monopolies that have blinded us from amazingly beneficial possibilities in education (and the rest of the economy)
bumper music "Schools Are Prisons" by the Sex Pistols
http://www.sexpistolsofficial.com/  http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/window/media/page/0,,1726210-4679121,00.html

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Episode 47 - The history and illogic, immorality, and psychological destructiveness of governmental education revisited

Length: 1s

Salting roads for the common good (and corroding vehicles)
Private property owners have no interest in benefitting from commerce and trade--not!
But what about the roads (and fire and police "services)! Nothing like institutionalized legalized monopolies as the best way to solve problems
Bureaucratized utilities once again to the rescue; preservation of the status quo is always best, especially regarding the utility monopolies; thinking outside the statist electricity box; the genius of Nikola Tesla:
But what about the schools! Most realize the massive failure in this area
Harry Browne's hypothetical of government running the computer industry
Imagine if education worked like the computer industry; the sky's the limit
So, in the spirit of Thoreau, we must strike at the root of coercive education, not merely hack at the branches
Future School: Reshaping Learning from the Ground Up: Alvin Toffler tells us what's wrong -- and right -- with public education by James Daly
It's way past time to abolish governmental schools, which are designed to produce "disciplined" industrial workers but don't even accomplish that; instead, they barely inculcate rudimentary skills while fostering compliance and obedient mentalities
Leave it to Marx and Lenin to promote the essentials of authoritarian education
And leave it to John Dewey and Horace Mann (and Henry Barnard and Josiah Quincy and Jacob Abbott et al.) to implement their authoritarian scheme
Crossing Education's Rubicon With Horace Mann
Becoming the property of the State via compulsory education
Education: Free and Compulsory by Murray N. Rothbard
And leave it to religion to lay down a framework of blind obedience to "authority," in which "authority" is seen as benevolent
Mann is seen as the father of American "public education"; in addition to being a master of phrenology;) he was also a big supporter of the temperance movement (abstinence), which led to the prohibition era championed by big Mann-fan and despot Woodrow Wilson
Following the Prussian educationist model, Mann promoted the following: the debilitating "whole-language," or "look-say," reading method; a centralized educational system at the federal level; and, getting private universities to be publicly funded
With governmental schools, the bad ideas and bad money (extorted via taxation) drive out the good ideas and good money (voluntarily exchanged); it's hard for the private sector to compete with "free" governmental schools
The Spread of Education Before Compulsion: Britain and America in the Nineteenth Century by Edwin G. West
Families find themselves "...caught in a choice-restricted monopoly system serving the interests not of the demanders but of the rent-seeking suppliers."--as in all things involved in government, follow the money trail...
Coercive education, like coercive government, is predicated on the belief that some people know what's best for all people
In order to implement his own form of arbitrary power, Horace Mann and those of his ilk gravitated toward the coercive educational models practiced in foreign countries where the cancer of statism had metastasized (i.e., the most consistent adherents to the principle of statism)
The people in today's power-centers of coercive control see themselves as a cut above the rest
The essence of being an authoritarian sociopath is choosing to deal with others in a disrespectful fashion, using threats and violence instead of persuasion and reason
Hiding in and not taking responsibility for the system of authoritarian sociopathy is of course assuming its traits
The theme promoted and modeled in the governmental schools is one of obedience
The master/slave relationship is the ultimate example of racism
"Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism." http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/racism.html
The Student as Nigger by Jerry Farber, 1969 http://ry4an.org/readings/short/student/
Essays and Stories by Jerry Farber
"Authority addicts" defer self-responsibility to others (the "authorities")
A little lesson on Farber's reference to the torturous "Procrustean set-up" of education: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procrustes
Slavery, like statism, tends to perpetuate itself from the inside
Harriet Tubman: "I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."
Dealing with the psychological/social resistance to change; being attacked by fellow slaves who accept the constant theft, violence, and lies of government; such attacks reveal that they know the moral nature of the argument and they concede defeat
Curiosity requires a level of emotional intelligence (respect for feelings) that most people still need to achieve
It's idiotic to believe that authoritarian sociopaths have any regard whatsoever for you as an individual, or for your freedoms
Just as farmers benefit from having free range chickens that produce more for them, authoritarian sociopaths benefit from giving their perceived "livestock" the illusion of being free so that they produce more for them; this is the matrix we live in
True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix by Stefan Molyneux
Who really are the human farmers, i.e., slave masters? Statist intellectuals who feed off others and thus justify institutionalized coercion (government)
The drug war as an example of erroneous thinking about morality and law, in which breaking "the law" is equivalent to being immoral (again, following from the master/slave relationship)
"The law" or "State" can never be the victim; individuals are the real victims within such a demented system--and governmental officials are the real criminals
The Socialism of Public Schooling by Jacob G. Hornberger
Elegantly exposing the contradiction: "Advocates of government schooling claim that parents are not competent to make educational decisions for their children. That raises an obvious question: Why not? Aren’t most parents products of public schooling? If public schooling has produced a nation of adults who lack the competence to guide their children’s education, why do we want to continue a system that is likely to produce the same result?"
The communistic methods of coercive funding and provision of education utilize vouchers as a trojan horse to further control non-governmental education
The institution of government is based on the idea that you don't own yourself, that you are a slave to statist "authorities"
Thus it's crucial to challenge the pemes (political memes) that are in our heads
#TL075: PEMES = POLITICAL MEMES by Frederick Mann
Project Abolish Stupidity & Increase Intelligence by Frederick Mann
Further historical reading: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto
bumper music "School Sucks" by White Birch Home School Players (starring Robert Ryan Keech)
School Sucks - Low Budget Music Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpkrWuXn2RE

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Episode 46 - The illogic, immorality, and psychological destructiveness of governmental education

Length: 54s

Throwing some scraps to the slaves in Taxachusetts (mj leniency), where 70% of voters endorsed the status quo of income expropriation
Education is the main component for maintaining the meme of statism; governmental schools are seen as a necessary good
"Education is a weapon" said Stalin
Government Education Is Broken? It Just Ain't So! by Alan Schaeffer and Marshall Fritz
Pundits typical "solution" to the problems of "public education": more money!
Dropping out as psychologically healthy
The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
No school system can be all things to all students, and no coercive school system is good for anyone
Even though it's always alleged to help them, kids from poorer families suffer the worse from governmental schooling, as did their parents
Governmental employees are the perfect products of governmental schooling; they've inherited the bad memes fully
The nerve-touching moral question always looms large: How exactly is this system funded?
Statist arguments from emotional convenience--being treated with ridicule and outrage by those who don't want to face their history of statist indoctrination and advocacy
Two fallacies: that the government school system is a failure, and that government can fix it!
John Dewey's perverse coercive educational goals: to make good people; to make good citizens; to make each person his or her personal best
From the horse's mouth: "My Pedagogic Creed" http://www.infed.org/archives/e-texts/e-dew-pc.htm
Link (to a link) to Rand's take on Dewey: http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/education.html
The true aim of governmental education is, in H.L. Mencken's words, "to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality."
John Taylor Gatto - State Controlled Consciousness
Stupid in America by John Stossel
Being shackled as a governmental school employee, or even a State-regulated private school teacher
Regimentation, standardization, and segregation are the mainstay of coercive "public" education
Maria Montessori's key insight: "The child has a teacher within"
Bad tendency of adults to interfere with kids' intrinsic motivation
Alfie Kohn's insights on intrinsic motivation (versus extrinsic rewards and punishments):
Punished by Rewards? A Conversation with Alfie Kohn by Ron Brandt
GRADING: The Issue Is Not How but Why by Alfie Kohn
Understanding our natural gifts as children; being creative, imaginative, innovative, and fearless
Keeping the entrepreneurial spirit and society alive with these gifts
Kids are incessant question-askers, as opposed to most adults
Why is it that most adults--and even libertarians--send their kids to governmental schools...
Constitutional arguments against governmental education are invalid, because the Constitution itself is not a valid contract
As Lysander Spooner pointed out: No Treason. No. VI, The Constitution of No Authority
The false binary "choices" offered to us by the statist system
To advocate coercion to provide education is beyond the pale
Because "poor people" need to be educated so much, the market will quickly fill this need cheaply and effectively (sans government)
The coercive "business" of governmental education, purported as being for "the common good" (which is never very common and thus never achieved)
The fallacy of voting (collectivized plunder), in which people supposedly get something for nothing and extort those with supposedly more wealth
If you don't want to be a standardize citizen, there's no place for you in a coercive society
Obedience to "authority" is pervasive, both in and out of "school"
The ending of governmental schools means the beginning of complete liberty
Gatto: "Children need to know that the ultimate form of private property is full possession of one’s own mind and volition."
The Alliance for the Separation of School & State
"The Alliance for the Separation of School & State has a two-fold mission:
1. Help parents and others understand the true nature and the dangers of compulsory state schooling.
2. Show parents and others how they can take back their freedom and ensure a bright future for their children and our country."
All statist regimes rely on a tax-funded education system to perpetuate themselves, and to devolve into totalitarianism
The American governmental school system is the perfect storm of convincing people in droves that tyranny is actually good for them, and that they are "free," relying as it does on the Founding Fathers' liberty-oriented rhetoric
An alternative historical view: Voices Of A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove (eds) http://tinyurl.com/njfch
Most advocates of the governmental system deny and evade the "gun in the room," i.e., the coercive nature of their views
Essentially "the system" discourages individuals from challenging "authority," despite the objective need for a mutually respectful ethics
No one can make choices for you, fundamentally; objectivity demands that you open your mind
A free society entails people making their own choices about education
The key is to free your mind from the mythologies from childhood; remember that when you were being taught about government, it was likely by a governmental employee within a governmental school
You were told to believe in and take bites out of "invisible apples," as Stefan Molyneux has astutely noted:
bumper music "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd
http://www.pinkfloyd.com/  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_bvT-DGcWw

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Episode 45 - Authoritarian sociopath-elect Obama, the governmental job creation myth, principled libertarianism

Length: 22s

Barack Obama pledges $700B public works plan to help economy by Peter Wallsten
Drunken sailer extraordinaire
Best way to make federal buildings "energy efficient" is to close them down
Obama sees 2.5 million more governmental jobs in our future, for starters
Your Monday Message from the Libertarian Party: The LP Goes to Harvard, posted by Andrew Davis
Digging holes and filling them back up...all via extorted wealth
The MO of government: distribute the costs and concentrate the benefits
In order for government to refrain from intervening in the marketplace, it must disintegrate and disappear
Government is nothing other than a coercively funded and arbitrarily imposed organization
Government, being a parasite on the economy, doesn't make anything; it acquires money via extortion
To "stimulate" an economy through coercion is evil
Government isn't fit for a society of rational and respectful people, so it must be abolished
No one, including those working in "government" have the right to impose a service at the barrel of a gun
World's Shortest Political Quiz  by Marc Stevens
Win Every Political Argument by Marc Stevens
Some people disingenuously assert that governmental employees don't impose their "services" at gunpoint; compliance isn't voluntary, as innocent people thrown in governmental cages can attest
As long as slaves remain obedient, their masters treat them well
Keynesians (statist economists) believe in the meme of authoritarian sociopathy writ large--that the State is legitimate and all-powerful; mystical God is to the believer as mystical Government is to the statist
"Public property" just invites boondoggles, among other sordid things
The collectivistic term "national debt" has no validity and must be repudiated
Even though persons such as Milton Friedman have tried, one can't rationally perform a "cost/benefit ratio" on the use of coercion, which is forcing people to do things against their wills
http://www.logicallearning.net/libcapitalismpol.html (search for choice quote by Friedman)
You wouldn't allow people to force you against your will if they didn't call themselves "government," would you?
The crimes committed with impunity by those in government are the same ones that those in government prohibit private individuals from perpetrating (assault, battery, kidnapping, theft, extortion, counterfeiting, murder, etc.)
Obama has chosen to be the head of a coercive organization, an organization of people who treat others in an involuntary fashion, an organization of people who rely on propaganda, pr, and widespread obedience to maintain the illusion of legitimacy
There shouldn't be political parties or a republic form of government; there should just be the free market, filled with enterprising entrepreneurs who ensure people's rights if need be (justice agencies http://www.logicallearning.net/liblegalagencies.html )
We shouldn't aim for "smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom"
We should aim for no government, no taxes, and complete liberty
bumper music "Highway To Hell" by ACDC

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Episode 44 - The essence of socialism, ethical confusion, governmental sadists, confronting statist memes in people

Length: 48s

Evil Concealed by Money by Walter E. Williams
Williams' new book: http://www.amazon.com/Liberty-versus-Tyranny-Socialism-Controversial/dp/0817949127
Let's talk about socialism, in America..."The forcible use of one person to serve the purposes of another"
The perceived virtuous coercion to get people to do things is the essence of government
The doctrine of self-sacrifice fits perfectly with statism
The glaring contradiction of "people are selfish and greedy," so they must be coerced
The irrational greediness of governmental bureaucrats knows no bounds
The alleged virtue and "good intentions" of government versus allegedly lessor others in the marketplace
Most people sense the wrongness of government, but they don't know what to do to fix it; they're not organized, for one thing
The nature of integrity in relation to immoral, unjust edicts
Feeling isolated by the repercussions for not complying with statists--and fearing being attacked by one's fellow slaves
People are really ambivalent about freedom and government
Freedom activist Lauren Canario's courageous and independent-minded civil disobedience
Lauren Canario was released from CT Prison yesterday
or http://tinyurl.com/y58xuo
FTL did an in depth interview with Lauren:
NH: Lauren Canario returns from jail
The most disturbing documentary about statism, imo: "Taxi To The Dark Side" - Trailer
(full film, though link may become defunct at some point) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2987535946644608661
Five detainees ordered released "forthwith" after seven years at Guantanamo
Goes to show that authoritarian sociopaths have no qualms about putting innocent people in cages for indefinite periods--and torturing them
This is why we must strike at the root, at the meme of government itself; people really need to change their perspective about tyranny
No good end ever justifies using coercion against innocent people; government actions are never virtuous on account of this
"Compensatory justice" (i.e., getting one's "fair share" of the stolen loot) is a non sequitur
"Congress" is another widespread term of slavespeak
While the Founding Fathers were seemingly more aware of the principles of liberty than today's goons, they still sold out and used coercion
Case in point: James Madison, the architect of the Constitution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_madison
JM was instrumental in this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Bank_of_the_United_States
The Constitution authorizes the initiation of force against individuals (e.g., the "power to lay an collect taxes"); therefore it's corrupt and contradictory to the core
No 'right person' can be in politics, because he or she refuses in principle to be involved in a coercive institution
A Dollar in Peril by Jim Davies
Creating cognitive dissonance by challenging individuals' statism memes (like voting); voting is violence, plain and simple
JD "Voting is one of the most immoral things one can do," because it's all about laying obligations on people
STR's powerful non-voting archive: http://www.strike-the-root.com/vote.html
The collectivistic meme of the tribal premise
http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/tribalism.html & http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/tribalpremise.html
What is life if you lose your curiosity?!?
A good question to ask others: Are there any aspects of your life that you'd like someone else to govern?
Anarchy simply means freedom to make your own choices
The youth are the main hope for a better world
What if government imploded and collapsed...would people really want it back?...would they miss it?--especially when entrepreneurs would quickly, cheaply, and competently provide any and all desired services
If you're getting a shoddy service and you don't like it, you shouldn't have to pay for it
What would we do without a communized police force!
Police Statism, Arizona style...
License-plate scanning catching crooks, raising privacy concerns
Contribute to the cause--buy the print edition of Complete Liberty (http://completeliberty.com)
bumper music "First They Brand You" (or "dodo-1") by friend and Free Stater Roger Grant
http://www.politicalgraffiti.com; couldn't find exact link

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Episode 43 - Legal standing, invalid courts versus valid justice services, the state of the American State, spreading complete

Length: 41s

Bureaucrats Never Have a Case by Administrator (aka Marc Stevens)   
Statism is based on the illogical premise that you don't own your own life
A "complaint" shouldn't be confused with a "case"
The Stockholm Syndrome, writ large
"Citizens" and "States" don't really exist; they're unjust legal fictions
The words on paper crafted by bureaucrats are necessarily open to vast interpretation, and many of words spell injustice
The Constitution’s Problems: Article I Section 8...Sadly, A Template For Disaster
Once you allow taxation, you open society up to unending tyranny, saying in effect that extortion is good and proper and useful
The two absolutely essential elements of legal standing: 1) violation of a legal right and 2) personal injury
The unjust laws of the Nanny State create "criminals" out of everyone and generating constant "revenue" for the terrocrats
The problem with our society today is not strictly the authoritarian sociopaths in the insane institution of government; it's all the people who are either tuned out or tacitly or directly support violent ideologies; mostly slave-on-slave violence keeps us enslaved
Why does society need the monstrous contradiction of government, the preeminent violator of individual rights? Such a meme only promotes low self-esteem and perpetual enslavement
"Tax cases" are an indication of how truly sick and twisted our culture is--governmental employees are putting people in cages who've violated no one's rights!
Statists allege (but never prove) that the "State" has a legal right to "tax revenue" (your money) and governmental employees are "injured" when they don't get their extorted money
"No attempt is made to put such allegations in an 'indictment' because it’s impossible to establish factually how an obligation to file a 'tax return' was created. To prove an obligation or legal right was created, there must be a connection between the people asserting the right and the person who allegedly has this obligation. Statists immediately point out the 'constitution.' And that is the point where they lose; and lose big time."
Basically, people in government seek to deprive individuals of self-ownership and property rights simply by virtue of their geographical location, essentially claiming that we are born enslaved
It's monstrously contradictory to claim the "right" to deprive innocent others of their rights to self and property
The Constitution binds or obligates no one and created nothing; no one today has signed or agreed to it as a contract, except perhaps some brainwashed governmental employees, those who really need to unbrainwash themselves by reading the following:
No Treason. No. VI, The Constitution of No Authority.  (1870).*
"The State" can't be a valid plaintiff; it's at best a fictional third party; "The State" has no standing in any case, not even regarding real crimes such as murder
"There is no such thing as a legitimate government, so nothing they do is legitimate regardless of the endless red herrings statists throw up."
"Government is men and women providing services on a compulsory basis; pay or get shot. To be legitimate they would have to drop their guns and provide their services on a voluntary basis. However, the moment they do so, they cease to be a government."
Either you're for voluntary social interaction (complete liberty) or you're for anti-social human interaction (statism)
"...statism and it’s supporting theology are not here to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'; it’s mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals who are so desperate to 'protect' us they are willing to kill us and steal our property."
The libertarian movement is crippled by the unwillingness to differentiate those who want a voluntary society and those who do not; any libertarian who promotes "limited" government or any form of statism whatsoever is engaging in this monstrous moral contradiction in society
All governmental courts operate outside the bounds of natural and objective law, i.e., a voluntarily funded and provided legal system; statist courts, regardless of their rhetoric (used for public relations), are necessarily invalid
Prosecution of alleged rights-violators must involve restitution and reparations; the ingenuity of justice service entrepreneurs will probably entail many elements of the insurance model
As we transition to complete liberty, the need for rights-protection services becomes less and less; the threat against our lives and property will be extremely remote in a society of complete liberty, because the biggest violators of rights (governments) will be absent
The only way to clarity in these matters is to reassess the nature of one's volitional capacity and one's fears of others, which entails addressing the moral corruption and authoritarianism in family life; "Do this because I said so" is the same as "Obey this law (because we wrote it down)"
Are We There Yet, Are We There Yet? Let’s Check Marx and Engels’s List by Robert Higgs
The Timeless Allure Of Communism
Government needs to make slaves out of adults (property tax payers) to indoctrinate future tax payers (kids in schools of government)
"Remember the government's motto: you've got money, and we want it."
"Therefore, in the present distressing circumstances, we may be warranted in asking: is our politico-economic system finally going smash in a frenzy of monetary inflation, bailouts, and government takeovers? We’ll know the answer pretty soon."
So, what can we do? Focus on passing moral judgment; point out to others the coercion at the base of society (the gun in the room:
http://www.lewrockwell.com/molyneux/molyneux29.html); and, get people out of your life who behave in morally corrupt ways and advocate coercion
Ultimately, it's either statism or voluntarism; mutual respect of persons and property is the ideal
bumper music "Gimmee_Dada Orwell-REMIX" by Roger Grant and Dada Orwell (aka Dave Ridley)

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Episode 42 - Communized courts, desiring statist coercion, Zeitgeist Addendum critique, promoting a reason-based society, selfi

Length: 1s

Free Talk Live Host Sentenced To 93 Days In Jail
Ian Freeman arrested and jailed for 93 days RAW FOOTAGE (by http://www.candid-world.com/ )
Those who posture as "authorities" who enact "justice"
"Judges" as authoritarian sociopaths who have no standing and whose paychecks are derived from extortion (taxation)
Rising for the Judge, Bowing to the State by Manuel Lora
http://freekeene.com for full details
Properly holding in contempt those working in statist courts
Authoritarian sociopaths who become their victims' servants (reflecting subconscious guilt, no less)
The power of the Web to expose terracrats
Does anyone in government understand (or want to understand) individual rights and how they're violated?
The court as elementary schoolroom full of bullies...
Authoritarian/obedience memes that arise from having one's will dominated as a child
Progressives, truthers, and peaceniks who've been waiting to take their turn with the coercive tools of government (to rewards friends and punish enemies)
Emotional regurgitation of propaganda, rather than using logic and objectivity to discern truth and moral principles
The vast quantitative and qualitative differences between voluntary trade and regulated trade
Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans Than Illegal Drugs by David Gutierrez
The more regulated the industry, the more the corruption, immorality, and other bad effects
Why do we need the FDA, or any other authoritarian sociopathic groups of individuals?!
Zeitgeist Addendum critique (http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/)
Resource based economy by Jacque Fresco
Zeitgeist Addendum: The Review by Stefan Molyneux
The alleged ills of the profit motive and selfishness
The supermarket as a microcosm of capitalism's delivery of abundance to everyone--all via the profit motive and selfishness
Obama's cabinet members as K-Street lobbyists and tax-fed parasites; Obama's grand fantasies of statism will acceleration economic decline
Throughout history, the doctrine of sacrifice has predominated
Under capitalism, profits equal helping others
Enlightened, rational selfishness as the primary healthy goal
Government directly fosters all the irrational selfishness we see in society
Money and barter, and those who want to wish them away...
Defining money as a naturally arising, handy, and universally recognized medium of exchange
A reason-based society rather than a coercion-based society
The one-way street of morality, based on the doctrine of sacrifice, is killing our civilization
The abundance of violence in society is preventing us from evolving
We need to apply the libertarian non-initiation of force principle to every individual and institution--no double standards
The Venus Project as a parody of a socialist manifesto...
Religious theme of attacking money - The Camel and the Needle's Eye by Robert Sheaffer
Selling things in abundance! - Coca - Cola Admits That Dasani is Nothing But Tap Water by Trevor Datson
The Ultimate Resource 2 by Julian Lincoln Simon
Understanding the nature of resources as the result of creativity, ingenuity, and free trade
Making sacrifices for others and for the central planner...
Money as a commodity that creates efficiency and more capital investment
Freedom as the main ingredient to respecting everyone's choices; everyone is self-governing and self-regulating
The blank out of money in Star Trek as template for the Venus Project?
The main question to ask anyone posturing as a central planner: At whose expense?
The future and beyond by Jacque Fresco
Do people really miss the USSR that much!
The insanity of criticizing capitalism (which doesn't presently exist, btw) as well as the free enterprise sector
The Venus Project as trying to give people a confused and conflicted red/blue pill combo
As long as you give authoritarian sociopaths some semblance of legitimacy, they will never give up their power and control
Does attaining complete liberty mean practicing CD and being thrown in jail?
The fully communized "justice" system in America provides injustice as a way of life
Never failing to pass moral judgment and exposing the gun in the room (the coercion of government)
bumper music "Jailbreak" by AC/DC

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Episode 41 - Defining libertarianism, thinking logically and objectively about authoritarianism, the nature of children

Length: 1s

The Attack on Libertarianism by Aaron David Ward
The End of Libertarianism: The financial collapse proves that its ideology makes no sense by Jacob Weisberg
The three variants of libertarianism (classical liberalism, laissez-faire capitalism, and anarcho-capitalism), only one of which is logical (market anarchism and voluntarism, i.e., anarcho-capitalism, i.e., complete liberty)
Capitalism And Current Political Views: http://www.logicallearning.net/libcapitalismpol.html
Either you advocate statism or you don't; there's no wiggle room for a night-watchman State that allegedly would respect rights
Libertarianism isn't on the continuum of statism, so it's neither left nor right
The nature of human autonomy and the nature of reality
We must show respect for each other; logic demands it; each person is deserving of respect and happiness
The initiation of force is anti-reason and anti-life
If you do not define your terms properly, it will lead you down contradictory paths
We don't have "self-regulating financial markets," by any stretch of the imagination
A communized fiat currency and a host of regulatory "agencies" are the main economic problems, not "unregulated credit market derivatives"
Modern intellectuals' denial of individuals and focus on politics in midstream (out-of-context analysis)
Alan Greenspan's betrayal of his own earlier views:
Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan (1966)
Our present fiat currency (dollars) would disappear quickly in a free market, and be replace by gold and silver (or any other tangible commodity that can't be dramatically inflated and devalued)
Regulation always compounds the political problem (whatever it is) and it obscures the real nature of the injustice (coercion) as well as the solution (get rid of the institution of government)
Cato and Reason "libertarian" think tanks as apologists for statism; neither strikes at the root of the problem (government itself)
The analytic/synthetic dichotomy in modern philosophy
The arbitrary division of rationalism and empiricism
The basic metaphysical/epistemological issue is how well do one's concepts adhere to the facts of reality
The concepts of libertarianism adhere perfectly to the facts of reality, because they are in accordance with a non-contradictory (logical) view of human nature; any other interpretation, any version of statism, would be contradictory
Those who believe in "government" are supporting the bully mentality writ large, institutionalized disrespect of persons and their property
Those who believe in "government" deny the irrefutable principles of property rights and self-ownership
What we need are new intellectuals, able to think logically and objectively, especially in relation to challenging the meme of government (which Ayn Rand failed to do, though ironically she did denounce statism)
Brief clip of Ayn Rand on the New Intellectuals
Freedom—An Intellectual Issue: http://www.logicallearning.net/libfreedomintell.html
Roundtable discussion!...
Ridiculous laws and the practice of civil disobedience--where do you draw the line in terms of kowtowing to "authority"?
If you're not willing to expose the coercive entities of the State, then you're granting them legitimacy
Propaganda is used to promote the myth that those in government (authoritarian sociopaths) are our "protectors" and "providers"
Using the Internet to reverse the statist propaganda; San Diego Free Press, perhaps
Can you really change others?
You can't delegate to others any rights that you yourself don't possess
Most people worship government like they worship god; even most atheists worship government, regardless of it being a coercive monopoly that infringes on individual rights
Once you plant the seed of authoritarian sociopathy (i.e., government), it will grow into an uncontrollable weed
We don't need to be robbed in order to be protected!
The sundry collectivistic and fascistic ills of HOA's, which aren't free market phenomena
One man's story about his encounters with HOA Nazis: http://www.parkingenforcementforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3
In order to transition to a free market, people need to deal with their fears about conflicts with others
Objectivist's failure to understand and thus criticize corporations and corporatism
Does child-rearing advice from someone who doesn't have any children have validity? Yes, because we were all children once, and we all know the nature of being respected and disrespected
"Authority" figures believe they are behaving rationally, so they can live with themselves; the thinly veiled rationalizations of authoritarianism in parenting
Honoring the feelings of little people; some great video clips by psychologist Haim Ginott:
No one likes to be disrespected
"Getting kids to do things"; the nature of brutalizing behavior that parents are prone to indulge in, which denies self-responsibility and autonomy
Operant conditioning (rewards and punishments) begets more of itself, and it sets up an inhuman living environment
Some great empirical analysis on this issue: http://www.alfiekohn.org/books.htm
Seeing children as irresponsible, naughty, irrational, deficient, or flawed, is no different than the religious doctrine of Original Sin--and it excuses authoritarian sociopathy, i.e., pervasive disrespect
The flawed medical school model, as noted by Harvard business prof Clayton Christensen:
Good parenting is really about self-trust, a healthy relationship to one's own mind, and cultivating self-esteem, so that one nurtures it in others (especially children)
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden
Central planners of all guises always seem to know "what's best for you"
The so-called "age of reason" (seven for Catholicism, btw) is no guide in understanding how to treat children appropriately
Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God...
Two books addressing the moral corruption in families and thus in society - On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion & Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love by Stefan Molyneux
One must respect the will of the child, while offering rational guidance and education, in order to make the world a significantly better place
bumper music "Fortunate Son" from Chronicle, Vol. 1: The 20 Greatest Hits (and Willy & The Poor Boys) album by Creedence Clearwater Revival
http://www.johnfogerty.com/albums.html ; fan site: http://www.creedence-online.net/all_in_one/

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Episode 40 - Activism for liberty, the idea and feeling of freedom, challenging the status quo, wrongheaded research

Length: 59s

Front Page Article in Keene Sentinel on Free Staters
Free State project is moving slowly: Like-minded people are still coming to the Granite State By PHILLIP BANTZ
The nature of the FSP motto...to get rid of, or not to get rid of, government?
The proper goal should be: To get rid of the powerful meme of government in the general populace
Is the power of the government in the people's hands?
The nature of the "idea of freedom" in California; reinventing yourself and your life, washing away useless traditions
Versus California's status quo political oppression that people don't think about (which pretty much exists everywhere)
Government rations things by having you stand in line
Special guest: "The Governator" ;)
Main question to him: Why didn't you let the government of California go bankrupt and thus disappear?
The market creates and rewards independent, self-sufficient people
Non-cooperative activists in Keene, NH challenging the "authority" of the governmental thugs
The greatness of civil disobedience is that it reveals the way of life of governmental employees (coercion)
Sam Dodson's great handiwork: The Obscured Truth Network - http://www.youtube.com/obscuredtruth
Governmental-issued "ID" is a typically unnoticed form of tyranny
The fear of liberty in a NH resident is typical in America; status quo, all the way!
Excuses for not being an activist for liberty: Don't want to be bothered; it's too difficult; I'm afraid; I can't do it!
Corrupt form of morality allows for political disrespect on a daily basis; "knuckling under for the common good"
"Good" slaves attack other slaves seeking freedom
What other people decided years, decades, and centuries ago has NOTHING to do with your individual rights in the present
The NH constitution's "common good" nonsense
In Search Of The Governed’s Consent http://completeliberty.com/chapter10.php
"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." AR
The culture of government; coercion and brainwashing
The Zimbabwe catastrophe, caused by government of course; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zimbabwe
Expanding the U.S. government's military empire into Africa...
http://www.africom.mil/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Africa_Command
Beware slavespeak: http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07a.shtml
Magnetic field 'aids coma victim'
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation might be the cure for the terracrats in government...
The tremendous ills of coercive funding of scientific research (i.e., via taxation)
Basing your life on research money from government gives you little motivation to solve disease-related problems, unlike market-based research, which is currently hamstrung by authoritarian/obedience memes related to coercive organizations such as the FDA and protectionist rackets such as the AMA
Basically, it's time WAKE UP! You don't have to go through a windshield to be in a coma
bumper music "A Great Day for Freedom" from The Division Bell album by Pink Floyd
http://www.pinkfloyd.com/  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfri5tMXfc4

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Episode 39 - Police injustice, the mystical meme of Objectivist government, absurd partyarchy

Length: 1s

Economics of Police Brutality by Art Carden
All of the world's problems could be solved is we had clearly defined ownership
The contradiction of "public property" and the unaddressed fears of ownership
Psychology of Ownership
Competition is a civilizing force; externalities explained (they're all around us)
The Obviousness of Anarchy by John Hasnas http://www.mises.org/journals/scholar/hasnas.pdf
Riding shotgun with a cop; the-end-justifies-the-means argument to provide "security"
Part 1: http://freekeene.com/2008/10/21/conversation-with-shane-maxfield-kpd-lt-part-15/
Part 2: http://freekeene.com/2008/10/22/conversation-with-shane-maxfield-kpd-lt-part-25/
Part 3: http://freekeene.com/2008/10/23/conversation-with-shane-maxfield-kpd-lt-part-35/
Part 4: http://freekeene.com/2008/10/24/conversation-with-shane-maxfield-kpd-lt-part-45/
Part 5: http://freekeene.com/2008/10/25/conversation-with-shane-maxfield-kpd-lt-part-55/
Security comes with respect for individuals rights, not violation of them
'Competing' police forces follows from a privatized system (no "public property")
The ills of socialized/communized "services"--denying individuals self-responsibility
Crime is the Health of The State, The Kaptain's Log by Kapt Kanada, aka Manuel Miles
Statists practices of the fine arts of theft, rape, murder, arson, and duplicity
The Statist "justice" system grows with the creation of more unjust laws, i.e., those that infringe on individual rights
Government people protecting their own, essentially ensuring their own security, not yours
The practice of coercing you in order to "help" you; the immense propaganda needed to keep the sham going
Ayn Rand's contradictions about government and objective laws
Anarchy simply means "no rulers"--no tyrants allowed
The government is a naive floating abstraction; the meme of government isn't much different than the meme of God, except that government translates directly into violence
Projecting one's fears onto the marketplace, creating gangs of armed thugs in one's mind to somehow maintain the meme of government (which is a giant gang of armed thugs, btw)
More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime And Gun-Control Laws by John R. Lott Jr. http://tinyurl.com/elg5u
For a rights-respecting person, the freedom to defend yourself is absolute
Peaceful coexistence is impossible with the gang called government
Defining one's terms: "competing governments" as contradictory
A coercive monopoly in the realm of justice essentially ruins society
Rand's (and big "O"bjectivists') strain of authoritarian sociopathy
Basically, people's fear of conflict with other people enslaves them and perpetuates government
A coercive monopoly of "justice" services, i.e., government (even one funded voluntarily) will always provide unjust and incompetent and expensive "services"
One case in point: Laws against private electricity production commerce; Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators: Jock Gill - On Energy, IT, Markets and Society
My experiences with the local mafia with a flag--parking ticket Nazis--who look to make criminals out of rights-respecting individuals
The brilliance of Ayn Rand was that she taught individuals to think independently and to use logic according to the main metaphysical laws (identity, causality, and non-contradiction)
Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology by Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, Harry Binswanger
Objectively speaking, the coercive monopoly of government is a authoritarian mythology that contradicts the virtue of justice
The Biological Basis of Teleological Concepts by Harry Binswanger
Seeing "police" for what they are: individuals who join a gang that violates individual rights and only pays lip service to the virtue of justice (enough to hoodwink those they rule over and maintain their coercive monopoly)
Central planning is authoritarian sociopathy writ large--in which fears and love of domination deny freedom of choice
The most vile form of mysticism: the murderous meme of government, which has no "procedural safeguards"
Government as the preeminent violator of individual rights: denying people's capacity to choose a real upholder of justice
So naturally, real upholders of justice will be seen as threats to government
Understanding individual rights is simple: Don't hit people, don't take their stuff, and honor your promises (though no involuntary servitude is valid)
"Our Enemy, The Party" by SEKIII posted by Wally Conger
The ills of "partyarchy," i.e., vote-chasing and power-seeking; the absurd oxymoron of politician libertarianism
"The hopeless utopia of minarchy"
Distinction between politics and ethics, objectively speaking
Seeking freedom via the State is wrong; to be consistent, one must favor not only abolition over gradualism but also market over power as the means to achieve freedom
SEKIII: "The State loses by each free transaction committed in defiance or evasion of its laws, regulations and taxes; the State gains by every compliance with, acceptance of, and payment to its institutions. Thus does agorism create anarchy and partyarchy preserve the State."
Objectivists will always lose their argument for government to their more statist comrades
Coffee and chocolate are the key to long life by Richard Gray, Science Correspondent
bumper music "Letter From The Government" by Brother Ali
http://www.brotherali.com/  http://www.myspace.com/brotherali

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Episode 38 - Voting, politics, coercion, versus a free life of optimism and curiosity

Length: 1s

Using the guns of government--for the "good" of whom?
Report: 60 Million People You'd Never Talk To Voting For Other Guy
The endless rationalizations for unjustifiable statist coercion
So-called informed voters as the most corrupt
The contrary definitions of the word anarchy
Who gets to enforce their views on others? Voters, of course
Contrary to a democracy and even a Constitutional republic, in a just society there are no irreconcilable conflicts between individuals
"Conflicts" of Men's Interests by Ayn Rand (audio)
Local governments as biggest meddlers in our lives, who coercively monopolize whole swaths of the economy and extort money from individuals
The fallacy of the night-watchman State
Cognitive dissonance people retain between the nature of the market and government
Ominous parallels from Nazi Germany; collectivism and kowtowing to authority
The moral corruption in seeking a "license," getting approval from an unjust organization of people
Regulatory madness under the guise of "protection" of consumers; selling the regulatory racket...
How can someone claim to possess the authority to override your life and property? "Because I say so!"
Parental mistreatment of children's wills, inducing fears and destroying their semblance of rationality with mythologies
The article we didn't cover, for obvious reasons: The Case for Obama by Bruce Ramsey http://libertyunbound.com/article.php?id=24
None of the Above by Doug Casey
Five reasons why you shouldn't vote: 1) it's unethical 2) it compromises your privacy 3) it's a degrading experience (begging for your freedom) 4) it just encourages the bastards 5) your vote only counts in the sense that it makes you complicit in the crimes inevitably committed by its recipient; and, of course, voting booths are merely suggestion boxes for slaves
A libertarian political party is contradictory; ballots can't be cast to determine and uphold principles
An encounter with SEK3, who wrote: http://agorism.info/docs/NewLibertarianManifesto.pdf
Why don't we vote for whether or not extortion is permissible in society! if you could really change things through voting, it would be illegal; the coercive funding of government is the crux of the issue
The end of "public property" spells the end of government, which is why people always bring up "the roads" argument--they sense the demise of mommy/daddy government if the roads are privatized
The authoritarian triad of family, church, and state
Give me Libertarianism by D. Allen Kerr
Live and let live; don't hit people and don't take their stuff
Unrugged Individualism: The Selfish Basis of Benevolence by David Kelly
Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand: Truth and Toleration in Objectivism by David Kelly
(The rebuttal: FACT AND VALUE by Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D.
Viable Values by Tara Smith
The fear of anarchy and our ambivalence towards it (and thus towards freedom)
Everyday Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux
Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; extremism as smear word and anti-concept
Free Talk Live (http://freetalklive.com) promoting the good memes of anarchism under the pragmatic watch of the FCC
All humans are created equal; therefore, no one can rule over an equal
20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics by John Stossel - Pt. 1 of 6
20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics - Pt. 6 of 6 (not present on abc.com)
(Check out the terracrat's despicable response to Stossel's sarcasm about why government just doesn't subsidize everything if it's so damn good; approximately 7'15" into the clip Pt. 5 of 6:
The immoral premise of statist "education": coercion is necessary to provide a service--the end justifies the irrational means
Spontaneous order of markets, i.e., individuals making their own choices based on their own context, needs and knowledge
Government fails, not only empirically, but also ethically
L. Neil Smith's inspiring words, once again, beseeching people to get government out of the way of their own potential for immense prosperity
Unanimous consent and the utopian vision by L. Neil Smith
Strip the veneer of legitimacy from governmental employees, and you reveal simply a group of violent thugs
Freeing your personal life is key to freeing society; lifting the black cloud of oppression from your life
The governmental gang as the root cause of other gangs
Childhood acceptance of the argument "Because I said so!" leads to cognitive and moral dissonance (bad things must be ok because good people do them)
We always have the choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing--and to pretend we're not aware of it
Security can't be provided by those who extort money from you!
Pain caused by denial of the truth; "owning" one's pain and letting go of it; being optimistic and curious
bumper music "A New Philosophy" by Zen Mechanics

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Episode 37 - Governmental gangsters and banksters, financial alchemy versus real money, freeing your mind

Length: 50s

Freedom is always an inside job
A New Beginning for e-gold?
Kowtowing to the fascists in order to run a business
Fed pot calling the e-gold kettle black: The U.S. government is the biggest money launderer in the history of humankind!
The governmental "officials" are the REAL criminals
Money laundering as primarily a phenomenon of the "war on drugs," i.e., the war on people
Fed's modus operandi: printing "money" out of thin air and monopolizing the universal medium of exchange (e.g., via legal tender laws)
Another hard money business, http://goldmoney.com, and issues with the Liberty Dollar http://www.libertydollar.org/ - latest news, btw: http://www.libertydollar.org/news-stories/pdfs/1222573426.pdf
Perceived value of fiat currency...courtesy of governmental coercion, of course
Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury--the biggest counterfeiters around
The dynamic economy that governmental goons have deprived you of over the years
Devaluation of fiat currency makes you more and more poor
Trading dollars for real money as good monetary, political, and psychological action
Paper receipts redeemable for metal money versus non-redeemable paper dollars
The abandonment of the semi-free market gold standard and the sinister master stroke of pricing oil in dollars
Info tech productivity effects as great counterweight to governmental insanity
Governmental (communized) roads and bridges are NOTHING compared to governmental currency (communized "money system")
Fractional reserve banking as financial alchemy and the ultimate Ponzi scheme
Money as metal, and fiat currency as mere paper backed by guns (dominating the world today)
All fiat currencies have failed throughout history
Those "in charge" know less than nothing; they only know a lot of what isn't so; Keynesian economics is illogical and immoral
Spotlight on Keynesian Economics by Murray N. Rothbard http://mises.org/story/2950
Dissent on Keynes: A Critical Appraisal of Keynesian Economics Edited by Mark Skousen
The Critics of Keynesian Economics Edited with an Introduction and new Preface by Henry Hazlitt
"The business cycle" as the result of nonsensical ideas
Business Cycle Primer by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
So, those who cause recessions, depressions, etc., are the worst type of fascists, because they seek to control the very lifeblood of an economy--money
We must look to the free enterprise sector to utilize sound money; e.g., Shire Silver (http://shiresilver.com/)
The end of fractional reserve banking would make honest people out of present banksters
The end of the State spells the end of the deceptive and corrupt corporate system too
What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard
We would have so much more wealth in a free market economy; everything becomes more affordable, every year things become cheaper
Stop Worrying about the Election by Isaac M. Morehouse
Don't become accustomed to bondage - Keep the spirit of freedom alive!
The biggest enslavement is of your own mind; A Prison for Your Mind http://tinyurl.com/lje25
The Shawshank Redemption - Final Scene - Movie Ending
Being ungovernable (like the early Quakers in Pennsylvania and the freedom fighters in communist Poland) and generating freedom-based hope and a positive sense of life
Cool Hand Luke - "Failure to communicate" scene
If we didn't have regulation, or violence against creativity, we'd see more things like http://www.iconaircraft.com/
Freeing your mind by coming to terms with your own fears about others being free...
What do you do every day to promote (or detract from) freedom in your life?
bumper music "Money (That's What I Want)" by The Flying Lizards

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Episode 36 - Political parasites, living the morality of freedom, and challenging authoritarian sociopaths

Length: 1s

Reflections on the Origin and the Stability of the State by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
The Hobbesian State remains in a perpetual state of nature
Who governs the governors? It's turtles all the way down...
The State itself isn't bound by any outside enforcer, so no external 3rd party exists to hold it accountable; the State is in a state of anarchy!
The State as the mafia with a flag, the organization of authoritarian sociopaths who live off productive people
The procedures of government are just public relations bs
The basic structure of all government comes from the desperation of the authoritarian sociopathic personality within any given community realizing that they have nothing of value (no product or service) to offer their neighbors in voluntarily trade
Those in government love the idea of forcing others to provide for them
The mainstream media's complicity, and government schools' as indoctrination camps
supplemental reading: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto
The gravity well of governmental coercion and corruption
You don't need to steal to provide a product of service
Fear of productiveness and the hatred of the good for being the good
The cover-up: collectivistic and altruistic propaganda, and the ethics of sacrifice
Governmental employees true motives are the opposite of their rhetoric
If you have to deal with a governmental bureaucrat, ask them this pointed question: Other than the threat of physical violence, what is the nature of the relationship between you (and your violent organization) and me?
Making coercive thugs pay a spiritual price, just by asking some simple questions and making some simple ethical observations
The State is a legal fiction; thus, there can be no crimes against the State
An alternative pledge of allegiance: I pledge allegiance to the logic of my own life and my own well-being and to my own happiness for which it stands, one mind independent, purposeful, with liberty and justice for me
Neither bullets nor ballot: Violence, including the vote, cannot bring liberty by Wendy McElroy  
"Benjamin Tucker maintained that one could no more attack government by electing politicians than one could prevent crime by becoming a criminal"
No one has the right to a position of power over others; something Ron Paul Revolutionaries need to integrate
Most people are conflicted philosophically, so their integrity suffers
Essentially, voting is violence
"Anarchism analyzes the State as an institution whose purpose is to violate rights in order to secure benefits to a privileged class...Thus, the political anarchist must explain why he aspires to an office he proclaims inherently unjust"
The contradictory ideas and behavior of most Free State Project members (http://freestateproject.org)
Rationalizing taking governmental jobs...
Another question for governmental employees: If what you're doing is so valuable to the community, why don't you offer it on a voluntary basis?
Exposing a contradictory code of ethics
Various Free Staters' bad plan of joining the mafia and convincing their fellow coercers that putting down the guns will be a good thing
Exposing the psychological, emotional, landscape...
Transitioning mentally to the ethics of complete liberty; the growing snowball of awareness
Making people aware of their fear of good ideas
Message to Free Staters: Joining a criminal gang in order to get rid of criminality won't achieve freedom
Freeing your personal life from statist mentalities, and then strategizing a plan to free your political life from statist mentalities
Getting personal with those who seek to rule over you
Signs of Autumn by B.R. Merrick
The violence of elections taken to its logical conclusion--guns pointed at you
One reason that political anarchism (or any form of minarchism) will never work: Productive and respectful people will never want to get involved with the insanity and evil of politics
Ron Paul's contradictions
You "win" in politics by being a very crafty, deceiving, equivocating coercer--Obama as icon for this sociopathy
bumper music "Bomb the World" from Everyone Deserves Music album by Michael Franti

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Episode 34 - Who is Nathaniel Branden?

Length: 35s

The need for courage, integrity, and certainty, to resolve the personal side of ethical and political contradictions in our relationships
Episode: 947 The Next Thing (Part 1) by Stefan Molyneux
Implications of the "against me" argument
927 Ron Paul and Politics versus Personal Liberty by Stefan Molyneux
The political contradiction of Objectivism's politics, which hinges on a collectivistic notion of a coercive monopoly; a couple extensive refutations:
The Facts Of Reality: Logic And History In Objectivist Debates About Government by Professor Nicholas Dykes
Laissez-faire, A More Enlightened View Of Capitalism—And Its Contradictions
Disproving the State: Four arguments against government by Stefan Molyneux
Separating the messages from the messengers in the early Objectivist movement
The Passion of Ayn Rand by Barbara Branden
I read my paper titled: Who is Nathaniel Branden?
Psychologist/Psychotherapist: http://www.nathanielbranden.com
His books, in order of most recent:
Self-Esteem at Work (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)
A Woman’s Self-Esteem (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)
Self-Esteem Every Day (collection of thoughts on self-esteem)
The Art of Living Consciously (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)
Taking Responsibility (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)
The Art of Self-Discovery (psychotherapeutic workbook; my favorite:)
The Power of Self-Esteem (shorter book on the topic)
My Years with Ayn Rand (revised edition of Judgment Day)
How to Raise Your Self-Esteem (psychotherapeutic workbook)
Honoring the Self (treatise)
If You Could Hear What I Cannot Say (psychotherapeutic workbook for relationships)
What Love Asks of Us (with Devers Branden) (question and answer book)
The Psychology of Romantic Love (treatise)
The Disowned Self (treatise)
Breaking Free (compilation of vignettes from therapy)
The Psychology of Self-Esteem (seminal work on the subject)
Who is Ayn Rand? (deals primarily with Rand's novel moral code)
Overview of his biocentric psychology, in relation to objective philosophy
Volition as essential component in self-esteem and value-judgments
Emotions as indicators of "for me" or "against me"
The nature of the subconscious and automatization
Comprehensive framework of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, from metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics, to politics and esthetics
Branden's revolutionary refinement of the concept of self-esteem, which can be seen as an integrated sum of self-confidence and self-respect; choice quotation from The Psychology of Self-Esteem: "To understand a man psychologically, one must understand the nature and degree of his self-esteem, and the standards by which he judges himself"
Man's mental health depends on being able to deal with reality--in particular, his internal reality--in an unblocked fashion
The Pillars of self-esteem:
The practice of living consciously
The practice of self-acceptance
The practice of self-responsibility
The practice of self-assertiveness
The practice of living purposefully
The practice of personal integrity
Branden's humanistic focus on the methods by which to acquire and maintain self-esteem stands as the ultimate tribute to the human soul
The respective roles of philosophy and psychology; inspecting the problematic modern dichotomy
The nature of psychotherapy and its challenges, both inside and out
To choose to change, even when change is often frightening
As Branden has noted, we need not be prisoners to yesterday's thinking and decisions
bumper music "Piano Concerto in A Minor, 1st Movement, Allegro Molto Moderato" by Edward Grieg
Pianist Pawel Mazurkiewicz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF0WaXEf0xM
Pianist Arthur Rubinstein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxzpy1b1_BY
Pianist Leif Ove Andsnes (best sound, imo): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL_DT4DRxVA

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Episode 33 - Statist methods of domination, the monstrous moral contradiction of statism, free minds and markets

Length: 1s

How – Actually – Does the State Work? 'Do As You Are Told, Or We Will Kill You' by Jeff Knaebel
Methods of domination...
People who really value liberty are not so organized
The ridiculous sporting event of politics, where winning equals everyone losing
The free state project http://www.freestateproject.org
Direct, raw violence perpetrated by individuals "working" for government
Is democracy relative? Any initiation of force is wrong, absolutely
Unjust laws...ad naseum
The floating abstraction of "the public"; trying to hide government's true aims through the use of euphemisms
Molding the minds of youth via "public education," i.e., extortion-funded governmental education
Arguments against the notion that taxation is extortion and aggression, which are of course illogical
Sick dependency created by those in government
The monstrous ethical contradiction of using force as the means to (attempt to) achieve benevolent ends
Stossel in America - ABC 20/20 Freeloaders - Creating Dependency Segment
Violence is not a way to "help" people
Should we fear employees of the State (those in power) or, rather, our fellow slaves?
The Next Thing...
948 The Next Thing (Part 2)
the backstory: Episode: 947 The Next Thing (Part 1)
Discourse on Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de la Boetie
Inculcating obedience through nonsense statements such as, "As long as you comply, it's not force"
Ruling through fear; http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Heinrich_Himmler
Conflating America with American government
The popular values of equality, universal health care, and no child left behind can never be realized through force, and government is the biggest hindrance to realizing such values
The initiation of force is the invalid means to achieve one's ends
Only the free market can foster popular values, and then some!
Obviously, the more government intervention, the worse the results
Lessons From Tennessee's Failed Health Care Reform by Merrill Matthews, Jr. (beware the author's slavespeak)
The unpeaceful nature of Sweden, and other liberally praised authoritarian domains
Sweden, Banana Republic by Per Bylund
Per Bylund Archives: http://www.lewrockwell.com/bylund/bylund-arch.html
The argument from morality in relation to the welfare state
The congressional umbilical cord to the military/industrial complex
How The Military/Industrial Complex Works: You Scratch My back, Bombs Away!
Government "servants" that impose "services" on us, versus the beauty of services provided by businesses
Government, by definition, is incapable of providing what we want; what we want are voluntarily chosen services (i.e., not to be forced)
Speaking of which, my own new service :)
Ayn Rand had it right: happiness is our highest moral purpose
The psychological payoff for avoiding the immoral essence of governmental "services"
Worry as future related guilt, and our various means of dealing with it
President as good domineering parent; Kings ordained by "God" and "the people"
Democracy: The God that Failed by Hans Hermane Hoppe
http://tinyurl.com/4zt79u (searchable text from google books)
Ah, government is beyond failure, because its employees perform magic tricks and miracles using the golden (blood drenched) gun of taxation and regulation and fiat currency!
Apathy created by governmental "schooling," childhood indoctrination in obedience to authority, and the mainstream media of distractions and lack of logical analysis
Obama's "hope" and "change" through coercion: put the following site-specific searches in google to see the essence of what politics is about, no matter the orator's popularity:
site:www.barackobama.com require
site:www.barackobama.com required
site:www.barackobama.com mandate
site:www.barackobama.com mandated
Governmental employees use commerce and business language to try to hide their organization's thuggish nature
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
http://tinyurl.com/57w588 (google books)
Fabricating external threats in order to gain more power and control
FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N. by John V. Denson
The Conspiracies of Empire by H. Arthur Scott Trask
Pearl Harbor Was No Surprise by Don Hull
Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor? by Robert B. Stinnett, Douglas Cirignano
The Truth About Pearl Harbor: A Debate by Robert B. Stinnett, Stephen Budiansky
Sixty-Three Years of Lies by Anthony Gregory
Man accused of making license plate 'disappear'
Live in accordance with rights-respecting free enterprise http://agorism.info/
With complete liberty (voluntary exchanges), everything will become more and more affordable; cost of living will continually decrease and standard of living will continually increase
In the lose/lose scenario of government (involuntary exchanges), those wielding power become slaves too--it's a race to the bottom, economically and psychologically
bumper music "Uncle Sam Goddamn" by Brother Ali
http://www.brotherali.com/  http://www.myspace.com/brotherali

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Episode 35 - Class, equality, and agorism, voting nonsense, personal pemes, autonomy and legitimacy, police statism

Length: 58s

Class and equality under statism versus a free market
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas Woods
A video talk about the book:
How Capitalism Saved America by Thomas DiLorenzo
Book's review: How Capitalism Saved America by Laurence M. Vance
The Capitalist Manifesto by Andrew Bernstein
"Equality," like freedom, is an inside job
The bloody credo of communism--ability required to feed "need"
Rising prosperous economic tide of true capitalism lifts all boats
Nature of "abusive" corporations; The Semi-Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
The free market never fails, but force and faith must always
Forcing "equality" on people is anti-mind and anti-life; it represents the evil doctrine of sacrifice
Coercive monopolies only exist because of the legitimacy granted to them by most people
The Importance of Agorist Class Theory by Niccolo Adami
The entrepreneurial class versus the parasitic class
Problems with the idea of classes; http://completeliberty.com/chapter1.php#15
SEK3's essence of agorist class theory; http://agorism.info/docs/NewLibertarianManifesto.pdf
Should agorists ban together as comrades?
Religion as fosterer of conflicts between groups
Pemes, or political memes, that are enslaving us
Challenging those, first and foremost in your personal life, who advocate statist aggression
Voting Decisions Made Easy by Hal O'Boyle
to "...those who refuse to shuffle off to the voting booth like Eloi in the thrall of the Morlocks' dinner siren." ;)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morlock - ominous parallels...
"Representatives" don't represent you--no valid contract of agency
The insanity of gun control laws, especially in Mexico
War on drugs is war on individual rights, creating rampant crime both here and in Mexico
What would happen if they held an election, and nobody voted? Evidence that people don't see themselves as slaves anymore!
No such thing as a "Republic," and "Democracy" is a farce
Only the voluntary marketplace is legitimate, i.e., a society of rights-respecting individuals
What is Legitimacy? by Bill Orton, aka Hogeye Bill
Autonomy and self-ownership versus being ruled by other individuals (and governmental memes)
Sacrifice is really the corrupt ethical doctrine we must confront
Police State Mission-Creep by Scott McPherson
statist "strength in numbers" thuggery
We aren't "customers" of the "business" of government
'Sensational' fossil illuminates birth of dinosaurs
bumper music "Freedom Now" from album Crossroads by Tracy Chapman
http://www.myspace.com/tracychapmanfolk  http://www.tracychapman.com/

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Episode 32 - Obedience of young and old, slavespeak, slave-on-slave violence, power, setting moral standards

Length: 1s

Must the Government Combat Americans’ Addiction to Foreign Bananas? by Robert Higgs
banana crises sidenote:
Understanding free market economics and international trade, for the umpteenth time
Resistance to the truth is aided by rationalizations
Is Richard an 'merican?...
Keene Man (Russell Kanning) to Auction Off Vote by Kat Kanning
Exposing the hypocrisy of political vote buying
"Representatives" don't represent you; don't fall for the slavespeak
Statement from Jason Gerhard (incarcerated friend of tax resistors Ed and Elaine Brown)
Imposing "services" at gunpoint: the essence of government
Parents forcing children to do things, which leads to uncritical acceptance of politics
The Meaning and Value of Gold by Glen Allport (in reference to growth of government pie charts)
Self-esteem versus rationalizations and defense mechanisms
No Such Thing as a Good Cop by Larken Rose
The horribly dangerous authority myth--the denial of personal responsibility
"...committing immoral violence is an unavoidable part of every cop's job." (LR)
The disorder created by government (and authoritarian parenting)
Simple rules for persons in a free market: Don't lie, cheat, and steal
What is the ~nature~ of parental influences? ~How~ the messages are delivered makes all the difference
Introducing, particularly to adolescents--via the Web--the anti-authoritarian anarchistic philosophy, which is a kind of psychotherapy to deal with the various abuses of one's will by others, by family, culture, and governmental "officials"
Authentic, independent challenging of "authority" versus inauthentic (typically collectivistic) revolting against it and replacing it with yet another "authority"
People's ambivalence about anarchy
Intro to Everyday Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux
How – Actually – Does the State Work? 'Do As You Are Told, Or We Will Kill You' by Jeff Knaebel
Corrupt power cannot withstand moral courage
Implications of the "against me" argument
927 Ron Paul and Politics versus Personal Liberty by Stefan Molyneux
Setting the standard for rational debate
Defending the Undefendable: The pimp, prostitute, scab, slumlord, libeler, moneylender and other scapegoats in the rogue's gallery of American society by Walter Block
One way to create a better world (especially for yourself): By not collaborating and compromising with those who forward evil premises
Errors of Knowledge vs. Breaches of Morality by Ayn Rand
Nullifying the will of others: the essence of the love of domination ("authority")
Respect presupposes a sovereign use of consciousness--which is why the initiation of force is NOT to be tolerated
Objectivists distorted use of moralization
Email dealing with the non sequitur of minarchism and fallacies about "human nature"
We can't escape philosophy
The Not So Wild, Wild West: Property Rights on the Frontier by Terry L. Anderson and Peter J. Hill
The trader principle (value for value) as part of the virtue of independence
Japanese researchers craft "e-skin" to let robots feel by Donald Melanson
Getting corrupt relationships out of your life and challenging slave-on-slave violence--thus fostering a better, happier, more courageous self, and a better society
The Next Thing... by Stefan Molyneux
948 The Next Thing (Part 2) by Stefan Molyneux
the backstory:
Episode: 947 The Next Thing (Part 1) by Stefan Molyneux
bumper music "Politik Kills" by Manu Chao (Politik kills db remix DUB+vox_mastered)
download it and check out all the remixes! http://www.politikills.com/les-remix.php

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Episode 31 - Authoritarianism and family, getting personal with ethics, battles of the wills vs authenticity and self-esteem

Length: 1s

Is RTR crackpottery?
Judge for yourself: http://freedomainradio.com/free/#RTR
Brutalization of the child
"off limits" domains of morality
Ethics: the relative and the objective
Questioning the one-way street of authoritarian morality
The psychological payoffs for evasion and obedience
Practicing RTR
Listening to feelings
Questioning one's premises--can we look to peer-reviewed psych/phil journals for answers?
Focusing on the psychological/philosophical essentials
Being aware of the argument from morality
The Argument From Morality by Stefan Molyneux
The payoffs for love of domination--and for enabling it
Experiments in liberty--questioning liberty is questioning oneself
Having compassion for other people's feelings, and challenging "authority"
Illogical philosophical catch phrases--Ayn Rand astutely noted that evil philosophies are systems of rationalizations
Defining self-esteem--self-confidence and self-respect
Staving off the feeling of being unfit to exist with defense mechanisms and pseudo self-esteem
The brutalizing process of relativistic ethics and eating invisible apples (blue pill city)
There are no conflicts among people's self-interest and self-esteem
The error of "getting" a child to eat dinner...developing a context for normalization
An anarchist’s declaration by Mike Gogulski
Expressing anger in trying to understand the optimal context of childrearing
Getting rid of parasitic memes
John Gottman's (http://www.gottman.com) research: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling
'The Four Horsemen': Why Marriages Fail by Alix Spiegel
Living an authentic life in relation to one's own mind, based on objective reality
The Anatomy of Slavespeak by Frederick Mann
The Nature of Government by Frederick Mann
The most important thing to show kids, besides your happiness: authentic and principled expression of values and virtues
The truth shall set us free!
Peer-reviewers' fest of altruism
Developing self-trust in one's own understanding of objective morality--and living it!
Just For Fans of Stefan Molyneux (when seemingly nice people turn nasty)
The Art of Self-Discovery by Nathaniel Branden (examining subconscious premises)
The Art of Living Consciously by Nathaniel Branden
Taking Responsibility by Nathaniel Branden
Personal evolution also means the evolution of our culture
bumper music "See You on the Other Side" by Ozzy Osbourne

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Episode 30 - The self-directed will of the child, volitional hindrances, flow, love of dominion, scaled-up bullying by statists

Length: 1s

Early experiences with bad adult behavior
Fear of authority and feeling a lack of authoritativeness
It all starts with agreeing to the "invisible apple"
A Transcript of Freedomain Radio Podcast 70: “The Parable of the Apple – or, How to control a human soul...” by Stefan Molyneux
also in the book Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love by Stefan Molyneux
Psychology of Education
Between Parent and Child - The Bestselling Classic That Revolutionized Parent-Child Communication by Haim Ginott
The "normal" talk that drives kids crazy
"Sanity depends on trusting one's inner reality," noted Ginott
Honoring the volitional capacity of the child
Parents' and teachers' love of dominion (as noted by Herbert Spencer)
Misbehavior doesn't usually emanate naturally from the child
"The child has a teacher within," noted Maria Montessori
The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori
Respecting the will of the child, allowing the psychic energy to flow
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Isabella Selega Csikszentmihalyi
The Secret of Childhood: Normalization and Deviations-lecture given by Dr. Rita Shaefer Zener
There can't be familial harmony when there's love of dominion going on
The early deviations fostered by adults
Four characteristics of personality that signal normalization: love of work; concentration; self-discipline; sociability
Statecraft 101 by Brad Spangler
How do I start my own country?
Human beings bullying others both politically and parentally
Bringing war upon individuals, courtesy of those in government
The Thin Blue Lie by Wendy McElroy
The police are the enemies of freedom; they enforce unjust laws, are paid through extortion (taxes), and work for a coercive monopoly
Why you should never talk to cops without a lawyer (video of lawyer and cop making this point)
San Diego Plays 'Sophie's Choice' for Fascists by Lawrence M. Ludlow
"Law" as an opinion backed by a gun
Law must be based on human well-being and happiness--to be objective and valid, it must adhere to the principles of individual rights, self-ownership, and property
Cooking Stimulated Big Leap In Human Cognition
bumper music "Love Will Set You Free" by Starchaser

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Episode 29 - Curiosity of children, faith and force of adults, logical metaphysics, origin of life

Length: 1s

The Dangerous Question by Marcel Votlucka
Why?...Do most individuals need/want Mommy/Daddy Government?
Unquestioning adults as much less mature than children
Kids are naturally predisposed to active-mindedness
Ayn Rand's take on "Open Mind" and "Closed Mind"
Listening to what your mind is telling you...
Deism and Freedom by Robert L. Johnson
America is based on fear...What is fear?
Punished for disobedience--the ties between Parents and Governments
If we lived with our governmental oppressors...
Which is worse: tyrannical parents or tyrannical employees of government?
All political punishment is local
Attila and the Witch Doctor...softening the bones and brain
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_the_New_Intellectual by Ayn Rand
For the New Intellectual by Ayn Rand
Review by Edward Tanguay
The meme of government has jailed our minds (and thus limited our choices) a long time ago
A prison for your mind
Valid definition of God is impossible because it has no referents in reality
Feelings about God aren't irreducible primaries
The triad of supernatural consciousness: omnipotence, omniscience, and infallibility
Will a post-technological singularity consciousness be Godlike?
"God" as the Universe makes the notion superfluous
Former atheist Antony Flew's and Peter Murphy's Deistic thinking...
Scientist Stuart Kauffman's thoughts on catalytic closure of molecular species
Kauffman's At Home in the Universe
The secret of life is auto-catalysis review by Gert Korthof
Beyond Reductionism: Reinventing The Sacred by Stuart A. Kauffman
Consciousness is inextricably tied to material reality
To postulate supernatural consciousness is the ultimate metaphysical question-begging
The laws of identity, causality, and non-contradiction must determine our beliefs
How belief in a "Creater" relates to fear...
The mental sacrifice of taking the leap of faith
Faith and Force as corollaries...
Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World by Any Rand
Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World by Any Rand (audio of Rand herself, speech and q&a)
from Philosophy: Who Needs It by Ayn Rand
Scientists Close to Reconstructing First Living Cell
Researchers get genetic material to copy itself in a recreation of a simple protocell that could have existed eons ago by Nikhil Swaminathan
Replicating clay particles and origin of life...
Various hypotheses: http://scienceweek.com/2005/sw050429-1.htm
Cell as metaphor of complete liberty
Reality is knowable and science is how we find out more about it
Using logic to function optimally with our consciousness in objective reality
Asking "Why?" as way to truth, honesty, and virtue (or uncovering pretense, evasion, and lies)
Nathaniel Branden's quotation about the uniqueness of human consciousness and self-awareness
The Psychology of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden
bumper music "True Faith" by New Order

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Episode 28 - The psychological side of complete liberty

Length: 1s

Getting to the root of the problem
Is depression increasing in society?
Depressingly Easy by Kelly Lambert
Challenging one's silent assumptions
Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden
Stop "Depressing"
Checking one's conscious and subconscious premises
Real-Time Relationships by Stefan Molyneux
False self vs True self
The Art of Self-Discovery by Nathaniel Branden
Living in accordance with rational self-interest and your own happiness
WebWise Business: Where Confidence Grows, Cashflow Goes
Chris Curtis of Web Business Ownership talks with Kirk Nugent on the VoiceAmerica Business Radio Network
Dealers of Deceit by Kirk Nugent (from: I Just Want To Testify "Pursue Your Passion Edition")
excerpt from Practical Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux
excerpts from Everyday Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux
The psychological need for questioning social axioms
Rejecting the emotional trap of social metaphysics
Social Metaphysics by Nathaniel Branden in The Psychology of Self-Esteem
We are lonely for ourselves
Honoring the Self: Self-Esteem and Personal Transformation by Nathaniel Branden
Solzhenitsyn, chronicler of Soviet gulag, dies
Solzhenitsyn's nationalism, Stockholm syndrome, and regimes of fear
Pursue Your Passion by Kirk Nugent
The Ultimate Answer by Kirk Nugent
I Need You To Remember by Kirk Nugent
bumper music "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones

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Episode 27 - Rights, choice, governance, and the psychology of statism

Length: 1s

A Foundation for Panarchy by Michael S. Rozeff
Are there primary and secondary rights?
Run for your life whenever you hear a governmental "official" talk about your safety and happiness...
Does the Jeffersonian rhetoric hold water?
Government's "securing rights" is a non sequitur
Because ideas are bulletproof, it's important to understand their origin and influence, particularly authoritarian ones
How does one provide one's "consent" to the government, while maintaining one's rights? Certainly not by birth and physical proximity
Individual rights defined
Implications for so-called intellectual "property"
Gated communities and HOA's versus governments
Interacting on entirely private property based on the rules of the owner(s)
SamIam's Obscured Truth Network
The State has no standing and no actual legitimacy
Elections make a mockery of choice ("suggestion box for slaves")
Government versus governance; panarchism versus anarchism
The essence of the Red Pill
Tibor Machan's defense of government
"Private property" is a redundancy, as is "individual rights"
"Public property" is a contradiction in terms
Voting is a joke; your choices are not honored
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." H.L. Mencken
Invalid forms of governance
If you like tyranny, then ~you~ can leave; in a just society, bullies are banned
The Jeffersonian Matrix
Robert Nozick's defense of government
Coercive monopolies of retaliatory force will always lead to injustice
Acceptance of false moral premises; the psychology of statism
Holding people accountable for their levels of immorality
927 Ron Paul and Politics versus Personal Liberty by Stefan Molyneux (the two magic words: would you be in favor of using force "against me"?)
Helping people look past their fears
Microfiltering Sepsis by Jennifer Chu
Innovation in free market medicine versus FDA hindrances
bumper music "Revolutionary" Etude by Frederic Chopin

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Episode 26 - American fascism, self-responsibility and personal control, collective defense

Length: 1s

Collectivistic statist turf war insanity
King rejects govt's resignation, for now by Robert Wielaard
Governmental "officials" tear markets apart and extol self-sacrifical "public service"
D.C. Arrests Residents For Missing Jury Service by Keith L. Alexander
Forced "justice" makes perfect sense, doesn't it; coercion is "cooperation"
Jurors are essentially slaves of judges; jury nullification is illegal, sayeth "the law"
The legal system benefits government and lawyers and screws the enslaved "customers"
Once again, voting and jury nullification are not needed to achieve liberty; rather, people's independent mindset is
Legislature approves bill banning trans fats by Samantha Sondag
The 'land of ban' scoffs at the nature of property rights; public pressure is voluntary; governmental pressure is coercive
The most important thing in the world that needs protecting: Your right to choose
a couple interesting scientific articles related to cardiovascular health:
Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis -- The Role of HDL Cholesterol, Lp(a), and LDL Particle Size
(just google the article title and click from there, if you get the annoying sign-in page)
Measurement of LDL and HDL particle size does not improve CAD diagnosis
Genetic-testing start-ups asked to stop selling in Calif. by Stefanie Olsen
Perfect example of the regulatory State; following the money trail and areas of corporate convolution
What a free market in medicine would be like: everything becomes more and more affordable
Bush lifts executive ban on offshore oil drilling
Politics in midstream, once again, based on central planning; rather, all drilling areas should be privately owned and regulated--and thus be accountable
here's a great blog post with lots of info:
The Oil Pricing Squeeze Is On by David Theroux
Deadliest job in America: Working on cell phone towers
OSHA fascists to the rescue! Give me a break; say goodbye to common sense and productivity; workers know their work best; rational tort law
All the most vile forms of tyranny come from the edict that "This is for your safety"--as if we should look to a coercive monopoly to protect us
The guiding light for people in the free market: Use your own judgment, do things reasonable and prudent based on the circumstances, and don't follow authoritarian rules for their own sake
Loss of personal control and belief in Higher Powers
Need for self-esteem and individual choice
"But Who Will Build the Roads" Market Anarchy Explained
The contradiction of government: Evil people controlling other purportedly evil people?
Death By Government by R. Rummel
The governmental employee modus operandi: passing the buck and shirking moral responsibility
They Didn’t Attack Switzerland by Bill Walker
The whole "war on terror" is ill-gotten; US government only protects their own (and even that fails)
Collectivistic thinking treats States as quasi-individuals; coercive government is the real problem, not a State that has an interventionist foreign policy
bumper music "All You Fascists" by Billy Bragg And Wilco

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Episode 25 - Responsibility of the press, Stockholm syndrome writ large, self-concept, force vs trade

Length: 53s

Truthdig - Reports - The Hedonists of Power by Chris Hedges
Modern-day courtiers: The mainstream media
Colbert stickin' it to The Man
Fascism in America via State-created corporations
Get rid of government--problems solved!
Journalists' individual sacrifices
Where people get their collectivistic fears...
Ridiculous nation-state chest-pounding
Philosophical rationalizations hide fears
Stockholm syndrome writ large: Identifying with and apologizing for the actions of one's political abusers
The youth in Iran as potential catalyst for positive change
Dealing with political frustration
Meddlings of governments as genesis of terrorism
The individual values of journalists--or lack thereof
Croc Dundee to tax authorities: 'Come and get me'
The Real Crocodile Dundee by Vin Suprynowicz
Don't appease tax "authorities" (thieves); either you honor property rights or you don't
Question for statists: Should any unsolicited product or service be imposed at gunpoint?
Recognizing the difference between coercion and voluntary trade
"It's hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head." (Sally Kempton)
A society of complete liberty is a society of dignity
Politics as reflection of self-concept
Coming to terms with childhood trauma and fear vis a vis authority
The Disowned Self by Nathaniel Branden
The Miracle Fruit, a Tease for the Taste Buds by Patrick Farrell and Kassie Bracken
http://flavortripping.wordpress.com/ & http://www.miraclefruitman.com/
Riding a Flavor Trip :)
bumper music "Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon

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Episode 24 - Another unfree birthday for America

Length: 1s

The Faux of July by Mike Wasdin
The nation of unwitting slaves; new planet shopping, anyone?
Are Obama and McCain your typical Nazis?
Declaration of Independence
Ah, the land of collectivism, a place where all sorts of evils are supposedly sufferable
The 'can-do' American spirit still exists and is vital to our future
The nature of consent, contracts, breach of contracts, and unanimous consent
Government, the antithesis of freedom
Petition for redress of grievances; being humble has its drawbacks
We The People Foundation
The Lawsuit to Restore Constitutional Order
What makes jurisdiction?
The contradictory concept of "state" and other deleterious collectivistic abstractions
The Pentagon Is America's Biggest Polluter by Joshua Frank
The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives by Nick Turse
A Pentagon's Who's Who of Your Life by Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse
Root of despotism: the "power" to lay and collect taxes
Shays Fought the Revolution's Final Battle, and We Lost by George Smith
Shays's Rebellion: The American Revolution's Final Battle by Leonard L. Richards
Ever Wonder How Politicians Think? (the grasshoppers vs the ants, from A Bug's Life)
The many facets of statism, and the fear and ignorance that creates them Shirking responsibility and rationalization
Hiring leaps in public sector by Dennis Cauchon
The ills of the parasitism of government
Astronomers on Verge of Finding Earth's Twin by Jeanna Bryner
bumper music "American Idiot" by Green Day

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Episode 23 - Libertarian anarchism versus Libertarian statism; voting as corrupt; faith and force

Length: 1s

An Apolitical Approach To Libertarianism by Brain Police
Voting as an lack of consumer choice
Representatives don't represent you
Supposed "checks and balances"
Small government isn't beautiful; government itself is ugly to the bone
Mississippi Drug War Blues, The Case of Cory Maye by Drew Carey
The folly of working for the State in order to get rid of the State
False--and forced--"agency"
Watered-down libertarianism, and its political rejection
World's Smallest Political Quiz, and its erroneous divisions
Agorism and the informal (gray and black) market economy
Freedom Quotient--that is, Liberation Factor minus Enslavement Factor
Economic Means to Freedom - Part X by Frederick Mann
Participating in politics is illogical from the get-go
Libertarianism as abolitionist in principle, not reformist
The psychology of jailers and other perpetrators of heinousness
The fallacy of "voting as an act of self-defense" and acquiescence to plunder--going behind the magic curtain
The Nature Of Present Government (quoting Lysander Spooner on knaves, dupes, and the rest, and on taking responsibility for your political plunder)
Societal Structures Posturing As Proper: Democracies And Republics (quoting Benjamin Tucker on majority rule as evil and ballots as bullets)
Some solutions: Economic disengagement from statism (agorism); education (www.tolfa.us); Hoppe's anti-intellectual intellectuals (delegitimizers of statism); civil disobedience
Secular humanists faith in statism
Religion and Libertarianism by Walter Block
Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World by Ayn Rand
"Redeem your mind from the hockshops of authority"
The church prepares the "flock" for the dictator
FCC wants a magic, porn-free wireless Internet
bumper music "Get Up Stand Up" from Songs Of Freedom (Disc 2) by Bob Marley and the Wailers

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Episode 22 - War on human choice, government as serious health hazard, anti-politics

Length: 1s

Legalize Every Drug by John Stossel
Myths, lies, and downright stupidity of fear-ridden control freaks, so-called drug "warriors"
The liberty to make bad choices too
Trying to make a contradiction exist (government)
Why Have Governments? by Peter Namtvedt
"...a million men serving in wretchedness, their necks under the yoke..."
Fearing choices and obeying authoriteye
Five Ways to Survive Any Disaster by Jen Phillips (interview with survival researcher Amanda Ripley)
Government as perennial go-to organization during crisis!
Government-issued "crutches"
Information flow restricted by governmental "officials"
An Apolitical Approach To Libertarianism
Problematic concepts that one accepts as valid, e.g., sacrifice
Regardless of who you vote for, you're not getting what you want
Note to statists: Don't hit people and don't take their stuff
Libertarian voting...and then a miracle happens...
Nathaniel Branden's powerful sentence completion exercises
Liberty to me means--
Message to Ron Paul revolutionary candidates: The institutional framework of the State is for the purposes of statism
Coffee is actually okay (a long-term study reveals)
The One Minute Case For Individual Rights
bumper music "Whiskey Lullaby" by Alison Krauss Feat and Brad Paisley from A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection album

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Episode 21 - Unsolicited "services" of statism, theory of statist mind, Objectivism's political contradiction, unjust law

Length: 59s

Rape by government; the nature of unsolicited "services"
Cooperation versus coercion
Imagine defending the statist position
Roping us into a collectivistic nation
My first introduction to libertarianism and its central flaw:
Libertarianism in One Lesson by David Bergland
Capitalism fosters good will; government fosters ill will
The Facts Of Reality: Logic And History In Objectivist Debates About Government by Professor Nicholas Dykes
The public relations scheme of statism (our protector and provider)
Can you be expected to obey unjust government?
Casting off the 'Santa Claus' of the State
Ayn Rand's contradiction of government - the coercive monopoly of the State
Competing justice agencies based on the principle of individual rights
Laissez-faire, A More Enlightened View Of Capitalism—And Its Contradictions
Preemptive initiation of force doctrine (i.e., imposing government on society)
Dealing with parking ticket Nazis and their irrational laws
The ultimate conflict of interest - government (the accuser) judging the case!
Thoreau: To follow unjust law makes one an agent of injustice
Dave Ridley, the Outlaw Puppeteer
bumper music "Don't Tread On Me" by Damn Yankees
http://lockgen.com/damnyankees/damn.php (fan site)

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Episode 20 - In the midst of statists, public education, fearful defenses

Length: 1s

Without responsibility there is chaos, i.e., government
A thread on the truther message board
Anarchy is personal responsibility
Rationalizations for State-run stuff, e.g., "education"
Free riders and unfree "services"
Turning the tables on the craziness
Learner-driven education
Ending thuggery in education and coerced payment for it
The Comprachicos by Ayn Rand Government
school "socialization" leads to gang warfare
The rapist in one's living room
Everyday Anarchy Part 3 of 7 by Stefan Molyneux
Why people CAN handle complete liberty
Why we must battle moral premises (or rather, immoral ones)
bumper music "One" from Inquisition Symphony by Apocalyptica

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Episode 19 - The Obviousness of Anarchy

Length: 1s

Government is disorder; no government is order (and sanity)
This brilliant essay sums it up--from both an empirical/legal point of view as well as a logical one
"The Obviousness of Anarchy" by John Hasnas
bumper music "You Look Good To Me" by the Oscar Peterson Trio from We Get Requests album

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Episode 18 - Life-changing freedom, libertopia, Liberty poll, rights issues

Length: 1s

Meaning of complete liberty
L. Neil Smith's inspirational discussion of the future of freedom
The race to the bottom with governments
Unanimous consent and the utopian vision by L. Neil Smith
Immense economic benefits of freedom--nearly everything becomes affordable
"All my life I always really wanted..."
Is respect for individual rights utopian?
The contradictory "we" and illogical "public property"
A New Covenant by L. Neil Smith
Liberty - The Liberty Poll Results - 20th Anniversary
Analyzing the questions and answers...