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Last update: 2008-10-17

Steriods And Wrestling

2008-10-17 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 3m 15s

Brian and Dr. Well Hamm, form chief physician for the WWE, are slated to discuss the existance and effect of steroids on the world of pro wrestling but instead the doctor describes his latest violation.…


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An Interview With A Serial Killer

2008-10-10 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 4m 8s

Host Meredith Hoffa broadcasts live from San Quentin for a candid interview with convicted serial killer Bud Hammond to discuss his innovative murder techniques.…


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Life After Death

2008-10-03 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 3m 18s

Brian invites spiritual medium Clara Voyant to help explore the afterlife.…


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Dangerous Breakfast Cereals

2008-08-20 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 3m 2s

Host Adam Spiegelman invites child safety expert Rodolfo Casings to expose the little-known hazards lurking in the average American pantry.…


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Modern-Day Explorers

2008-06-11 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 3m 28s

Brian, joined by two of the 21st century's most daring pioneers, delves into the world of the modern-day explorer.…


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Childhood Obesity

2007-12-19 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 3m 37s

Brian discusses the high rate of childhood obesity, one of the nation's more troubling health problems, with two so-called experts.…


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2007-12-12 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 2m 50s

Brian delves in to the wild world of large, furry spiders with noted zooligist and arachno-wrangler Eric Rupert.…


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Adult Cartoons

2007-12-05 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 4m 10s

Host Brian Scolaro looks into the current trend of sophisticated animations scoring big ratings in the highly competitive world of prime time with a respected vice-president of programming on a local affiliate. Then something bad happens.…


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Deconstructing Comedy

2007-11-28 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 4m 8s

What makes a joke funny? Brian invites two experts on humor to break it all down for us.…


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Teacher Of The Year

2007-11-22 :: editor@handheldcomedy.com
Length: 3m 20s

Brian welcomes last year's recipient of the area's Teacher Of The Year award to discuss the state of the school system and what it takes to motivate today's youth.…


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A Complete Waste of Time

The show is simple. Comedian Brian Scolaro leads a cast of actors in fake interviews involving celebrities, important issues, or current events. The catch? The person being interviewed is out of their minds. It's a complete waste of time. "A Complet...

A Complete Waste of Time

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