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Last update: 2006-10-19

CoolSmartPhoneCast 24


I'll be honest with you lot and say that this isn't perhaps the best audio quality in the world, however if you ignore the first few seconds (where I badly distort the microphone shouting, "Welcome to the Coolsmartphone podcast"), then it's defintely wort…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 23


Yes, it's been over 3 months since the last podcast so we're back with 35 minutes of hot summer podcasting action! It's got everything - police, new handsets, new talk plans, software and - yay! I nearly crash after seeing some women jogging. What …


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 22


It's been a month since the last one, so this is crammed full of stuff. ActiveSync 4.2, Push Email, the Motorola Q and SGH-i320, the M600 review, iTech Virtual Keyboard, Orange Partner Camp and much more besides!

I've actually broke my microphone …


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 21


Podcast 21 is now online. It features all the goodies from the last 2 weeks from the Motorola Q, the C600 and M5000 updates, Orb, Pod2Mob, the SlingBox, AvantGo, Push Email, the M600 and stacks more. It's rammed-packed full this week and I've just spent 2…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 20


This podcast includes news on some hot new games like GPrime Xtreme, Atlantis Redux and Sky Force. We've also got the latest handset news on the Tatung M1, the Samsung SGH-i310. T-Mobile MDA Vario II and the BenQ P51. There's details on the software from …


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 19


A whole chunky momma of a podcast this time as it's been a whole month since the last one. All the latest from 3GSM, all the new handsets, all the gossip! Also we've news on the M600, the Star Trek, the EDGE network in the UK and loooaaaaadsss more!!


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 18


This podcast includes my thoughts on the Music Dock from Brando, the new armour-case for the iMate K-Jam, M6 maniac drivers, our mad competition, the Orange SPV M2000 update, Friday fun-time videos and update on our site, plus there's a bit of me DJ'ing (…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 17


A large dollop of news from CES including the Dualcor PC / Pocket PC, the Slingbox, new sat-nav voices and more. Plus news on the music dock, the T-Mobile MDA Compact II, Smart Explorer - the new version, more T-Mobile OS updates, Samsung i730 cases, phot…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 16


Phwoooaaarr!! One chunky Christmas lump of Podcast for you this week. News of the C600, it's release, the review we did and the Cingular 2125, then more on the Treo w700, the o2 XDA Mini, Atomiclava plus a bit of annoyance with a Subaru Impreza, who tries…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 15


What no Podcast ? Sure - I lost the microphone and had to buy a new one! Sheesh ! The things I do! Anyhow, 22 minutes of Podcasting glory yet again. Details on the Orange SPV C600, information on our T-Mobile MDA Vario, Orange SPV M5000 and o2 XDA Exec re…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 14


This Podcast was actually well over an hour long, but I got onto the Motorway without realising that I hadn't got much fuel left, so I got distracted by the blinking fuel light on the dash board and the whole Podcast sounded rubbish for about the first 20…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 13


Oh dear lord. This has to be one of the weirdest, most dis-jointed Podcasts I've ever done. There's around 3 introductions, a stop in the middle while I get some Petrol, then I go off-track as a car crash happens on the M6.. then I go even more off-track …


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 12


A dozen? We've done a dozen of these already? Crickey, that's a bit good. Here's a mega super-sized 42-minute-long PodCast for you. Covering the Orange SPV C600, the oodles of o2 Smartphones and other Windows Mobile handsets coming out, Vodafones' hidden …


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 11


Finally I gave in and decided to respond to the voicemails you've been leaving on my Skype voicemail box! (Click here to find out how to) In t…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 10


The M5000, the MoDaCo event, motorway drivers, the V Festival, Astraware competitions, gamepads, media player and much more!

File size - 8.4Mb

Run time - 28.32 minutes

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CoolSmartPhoneCast 9


By the scrungit! It's yet another quality production from the inside of a fine Japanese motor! PodCast number 9 from the gob-ole of my good self, featuring bad-tasting coffee, a hangover, updates on the Motorola Q, Call Assistant, the C550 review, ThemeMa…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 8


Ah yes, another PodCast slowly descends into mayhem as I yak about the Pantech handsets, the hot news on the Motorola Q RAZR Smartphone, the HTC Wizard, what broke the site, plus catalytic converters, traffic, cars reversing on dual carriage-ways, me forg…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 7


Probably one of the most insane PodCasts I've ever done, it covers the M500 review, TomTom Mobile 5 for Pocket PC, Sudoku games, the new version of Windows for your PC, new handsets, an article about me getting disturbed in the night PLUS a fight with a l…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 6


The sixth PodCast - this time recorded in the morning (I sound a bit half-asleep, but don't let that put you off!) The C500 update is here ! The C550 is here! The M500 is here! TomTom 5 is here !

Hear me try out TomTom 5 on the move, plus hear me…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 5


Jeyo Mobile Extender Version 2, Volleyball, 2Gb SD cards, Orange, SPV C500 - where's that update? Plus C550 news and much more!

25 minutes long. 7.5Mb file.



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CoolSmartPhoneCast 4


Filled with added "zshush" and "zing". Covering the C550 latest news - reviews and gossip, plus some how-to's, new handsets, new improvements and more Windows Mobile stuffage!

4.76Mb - MP3.

Length - 16 minutes and 39 seconds.



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CoolSmartPhoneCast 3


In this PodCast I chat about the Audia X transmitter, Windows Mobile 5.0, the Motorola MPx220, the Audiovox SMT 5600, our partnership with Boxwave, your feedback and lots more.

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CoolSmartPhoneCast 2


In this new and improved broadcast I talk about a Mercedes driver nearly crashing into me, the release of Skype for Smartphone, the C550, an update for the C500, transmitters, 3G Smartphones, Vodafone, car-kits and much much more. There's also news on new…


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CoolSmartPhoneCast 1


Discussing the C550, the latest rumours on the C600, the M500 and more. I also chat about the TomTom Mobile Upgrade and the news from the Motorola camp. I also go over the upgrade for the Orange SPV C500 announced on Orange France.

Link -


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CoolSmartPhone Podcast

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