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Last update: 2010-05-20

Episode 38

Length: 42m 11s

Another show by Jefe. She's Hot and I dont care. The NBA sucks. Other fun randomness.


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But I Digress no.2

Length: 42m 10s

Topics include Rihanna, Tax Day 2010, The real OCD, Jefe's newest jokes and many digressions. …


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But I Digress no.1

Length: 42m 5s

Please don't mind the road noise. On a trip to San Fran to see Gomez perform live, Drewcifer and Jefe disccuss wine, hot coffee, The Census, Shipping container homes, and Market Street. …


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Episode 35

Length: 40m 38s

Let's just say we discuss the Olympics and TV shows.  There's a lot we don't understand.


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Episode 34

Length: 34m 18s

Jefe and Rob discuss their survival potential, feelings about the 2010 Super Bowl, and future travel ideas. …


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Episode 33

Length: 36m 3s

Cougar Season welcomes Rob to the co-host chair. We talk about Sexified song titles, Boring sports nicknames, Michelle Lombardo and Unhappy meals. …


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Episode 32

Length: 15m 31s

From the guy who wrote a term paper on the hole in the ozone layer and who at 17 stole his own car and crossed international borders to see a Pink Floyd concert.... Cougar Season Matt Millen Sucks. Movies are silly. IFC hates Christians. Channel 4 loves Iran. …


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Jefe Season 2

Length: 16m 56s

Movies, music, Obama, Kilpatrick texts, Einstein quotet, Mike Patton Montage. Background Music by Chloe Day …


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Jefe Season 1

Length: 14m 28s

P.diddy's new name. Jim Carrey's big change.Blindsided by a Governor. a bit of "What is wrong." Music by Lite Brite, Aaron Cuadra, and the Papersons. …


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Raymond and Robert

Length: 27m 3s

Drop the Devil. Japanese Porn Addict demoted. Rest in Peace Albert Hoffman. Wayward Inflated Swine. …


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Newz and Booze 2

Length: 23m 47s

On This Episode..... New Bikes City Golf Mystery Lights in Phoenix Sino-Sacto Grubbin Rice Krispy Action Network Awesome, texas …


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Newz and Booze 1

Length: 20m 52s

On this episode.... Punishing virus writers Jefe's clock is ticking Stabbed Russian Free Weed Boulder Musical condoms Latinos vs. Muslims …


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Acquiesce Cowardice Reticent Automaton

Length: 33m 41s

Our songwriter Dean of Be Brave Bold Robot comes in to share thoughts about the world and himself. We are excited to throw him into the CougarSeason fray. He also has two cats. His musical website is www.bebraveboldrobot.com …


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Client Number 9

Length: 42m 2s

We have a sponsor! Crystal strikes out. High on Mary Ann. Governor "John" Do you remember where you were when........? The world is flat, if you're a moron. Prison is an experience you can miss, unless you need time to finish that novel. …


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Willam Healy Gygax

Length: 30m 6s

El Jefe forgot Chief had rescheduled the usual session. Jefe having just awoken hands the keys to the bus to Chief. Unfortunately he was a little prepared. Cricket befuddles our ugly American minds. Spilling a 40oz for Jeff Healey. 43 will be sure to alter his future travel plans. Detroit Lions Fans Rejoice!! No Barry isn't coming back, Favre is done! …


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Passing the Buck

Length: 31m 53s

This show: Jefe does some impressions from his favorite dating shows. Chief Drunken New Teeth brings some current events to discuss. …


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Rapid Round

Length: 30m 17s

We fire off some quick opinions about a number of topics. Fidel Castro Retires, American Idol, NBA All-Star game, Baseball and Steroids, Fame, Flo-Rida, Cute pair of bicycles, Our Credit Scores, Lunar Eclipse, Vallejo CA is broke …


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Ethical Bile

Length: 28m 34s

Just a bit of current event discussion this week. No way! There's a protest in Berkeley. Shocker! A rapper stokes the controversy fire at the Grammys. Our friend Adam stops in for a laugh. We give you a brief introduction to Modern Drunkard magazine …


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Length: 39m 29s

This new episode features 2 new CougarSeason exclusive songs by BeBraveBoldRobot. Also, Jefe just got a copy of RockBand. We do a bit of catching up since CDNT has been busy. …


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Episode Jr.

Length: 22m 41s

Bothering Jefe in the Shower, Tweakers and Daytime TV, Returning to the scene of the crime OR How to act like a suspect, Change the shubject, Xmas parties …


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Krismass Thyme

Length: 26m 28s

Touched on Subjects include: Metal Sampling, I'm from Heaven, Be unique- Move, A different sort of date rape, Music Tee shirts should rock …


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2 Chiefs No Indians

Length: 26m 24s

Today's episode highlights the benefits of not shooting first. CDNT has become a YouTube addict. Jefe gets a bit touchy. Be careful at your hotel. It is not as clean as you think. CDNT is just saying. He says that a lot. …


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Dayoff Limecast

Length: 34m 0s

Jefe, CDNT and their friend Sarah enjoy some afternoon conversation on the patio of the Limelight. A bar, cafe, and card room located on Alhambra Street in midtown Sacramento. We talk about naming drinks and trusting your bartender. MY culture. No time for dominance Dr. Jones. Canine reminiscing. CDNT and the heart of a Champion. …


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Talk, Tlak Talk

Length: 38m 35s

Jefe and Cdnt catch up after CDNT's vacation. WE do are usual bit about random current events, well, current to us. Like Jefe just saw KPAX, yeah 4 years or so after it came out. CDNT finally made it to Hawaii. After everybody else in California. Also alittle about the Sacto music scene. …


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Leftover Candy

Length: 33m 55s

We do not know when to say when. Have you finished Don Quixote? Striking back against moochers. The bright side of a post apocalyptic society. CDNT loves Phil Donahue. …


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Dayz of Smellz

Length: 33m 26s

Sac Midtown fire hangout scene Joel has a fiscal boon for the Regional Transit Authority Ocean’s 11 remake Sports Talk Jefe’s Dream Sports channel A little Italian Radio MadRoosterStudios.com mission statement: Using the planet one resource at a time. …


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Do you like to take it?

Length: 30m 41s

MadRooster.Com studios presents Jefe pays his parking ticket Almost cut my hair A joke I missed from Caddyshack College football rankings are bullshit …


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Cut Your Voicemail Tookie!

Length: 34m 15s

The boys just started talking for real this time. No "prod. meeting" prior on the phone or otherwise. Yet another charmingly disarming phone message from the master - Dean Hokkenson the ghost in the machine that is Be Brave Bold Robot. A message to Chief's voice mail from Jefe stranded in a Richmond, Ca. train station. …


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Length: 28m 37s

No way! Jefe complains?!? Name that tune that drives him crazy. A feel good phone message from Poppa Jefe. Behind sight Help Joel's being repressed. We waste stuff. Story Time jail style. Music by Nashville Pussy feat. Master Shake - "Face Omelet" …


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Food to Football

Length: 28m 27s

Jefe's Dad doesn't enjoy Cougar Season, but WILL provide future material. Chief throws a hissy and has a problem with Sacramento's Farmer Markets. What is Sacramento's "Food"? Cougar Season talks Football !?!? Jefe complains?! No way! Another feel good phone message from Dean of Be Brave Bold Robot. Music by a dead genius whose name I can not possibly hope to spell. …


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TVD Fund Slut Mash Up

Length: 15m 59s

Why do you care? Do you watch DVD television shows? Working on your next screenplay? Read apologies about unintended adult videos? Want to date a trust fund hottie? Like questions? …


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Pre-Burn Twiggy Mix

Length: 21m 42s

Chief jack of all crap jobs. There's only one else isn't there, where? Jefe is still riding on the wagon. waging on success in gambler's anonymous …


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Morrocoroke Post Burn Mix 1

Length: 13m 27s

From unfair trade beans we make a liberal latte with vegan rice milk foam. Jefe went to see the "Man" BURN, again. Joel calls a bum a gentleman. Best of Bum of your town Campaign. Yes, we appear incompetent or at the very least inconsistent, a lot of thanks can be attributed to the Chief's laundry fetish, but despite such anchors weighing the show done we come at you with 2 fresh out of the oven episodes. …


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Saddam V. Mike Patton the mother of all Death Matches

Length: 29m 11s

Jefe and Chief drunken New Teeth talk telemarketing; Jefe suspects "friends" who request he say "Hi" to his sister; Jefe files his extensive porn selection; cats eat bugs; the importance of Gloria Estefan; Jefe is looking for a career; a soliders' story "Finding Saddam"; and an endearing voice mail from Dean of Be Brave Bold Robot! All bump music stolen from the genius of Mike Patton. …


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They're called Tatami Mats.

Length: 32m 51s

I have fantastically slacked off in getting this posted. Damn life has a funny way of running interference of doing things. This episode is really a degenerative attempt at semi-professional rambling by two irritable fucks who already being very mildly inebriated proceed to getting slightly tossed in an audible manner during the course of the "show". Bump music stolen from Junior Brown; the John Butler Trio; Leo Kottke; Gomez; the Del McCoury Band; the Dirty Dozen Brass Band; Cherubs; the Jesus Lizard; the Local Group. …


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The Age of Season

Length: 29m 28s

Perhaps the goal of 2 shows a week might have been a bit much, none the less here is some fresh lovin' from the oven. Another tasty 30 minutes of talk and comedy, seasoned with clips of audio delight from the bands CHERUBS and THE BIRD AND THE BEE. Also a sliver of the tremendous groove genius of JACO PASTORIOUS. Territories travelled in this foray into Cougar Season: Talking in code; Throat clams and nasal torpedoes; Squirrel Girl & Approaching Homely. Cougar Season the comedy/talk podcast check that isn't afraid to bounce. …


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Episode 1.25 the CDNT editsupamix

Length: 27m 56s

This is our first full real show, of what hopefully will be many. I think we will be generally aiming for 30-45 minute shows, twice a week. We NEED your "cougar" stories. Hell at this point I'd take a weak story of a C.I.T. (cougar in training) pronouced kit, like a small fox. Ha. Right, hope you enjoy this first orchestrated effort of ours. …


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Hello CougarSeason

Length: 3m 10s

Just a quick intro about what to expect from this podcast …


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Kneel before Zod! I did root for him against Superman. This show is about having a some laughs while discussing issues of the day. Maybe I'm making too big a deal about it.


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