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Last update: 2010-03-02

DallasGayPod Episode 112

Length: 1h 1m 13s

Captain and Fonda are FINALLY back together! With so much to catch up on, so little time, this 1 hour show fills you in on all the big crazy news going on with both Captain and Fonda! Listen, Live It, Love It! www.dallasgaypod.com www.jizzona.com …


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Babble-On Episode 2

Length: 43m 12s

Jizzona and Phyllis babble on and on and on.... www.jizzona.com …


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Episode 111

Length: 33m 55s

Jizzona Straynger is joined by Phyllis and Darin (of All Preparation and No H) for a little chat on Mexico and all the single ladies! www.jizzona.com www.dallasgaypod.com …


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Episode 111

Length: 34m 38s

Maxi and Jizzona's Big Hair Bingo Returns to Phoenix THIS WEEKEND! Biggest Form of Flattery Gays and the White House Steve Applies for a Job Palin's Baby Daddy Nude?! Brad Pitt for Mayor! Chilled Martinis and a Warm Fuzzy Buzz www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com 206-426-1533 Twitter @DallasGayPod …


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Episode 110

Length: 35m 58s

Welcome to DallasGayPod! Fonda's Redneck Casino Excursion Fonda Bounces Maverick Balls Hairy Cox Joins the Conversation Captain's New Studio in Anaheim! Strange Tattoo Creativity Hits the Street in Anaheim House Boy for Rent Music By Kelly Richey www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com Listener Voicemail 206-426-1533 Twitter @DallasGayPod …


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Episode 109

Length: 32m 2s

Welcome to Episode 108 Lady Gaga Rips It Off Clinton Whips Out Her Cock Jizzona Straynger Heads Back to San Diego Miracle Condom Walk of Shame Shits the Bed Fonda's Rudeness Tranny Sex Dirty Words Fonda Pisses Her Panty Contact: www.dallasgaypod.com www.facebook.com/dallasgaypod Twitter @DallasGayPod Leave us a Voicemail @ 206-426-1533 …


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Episode 108

Length: 35m 1s

Welcome to Episode 108 Vote 4 Evan's Gatti's Pizza Jingle! Fonda's Ramblings Captain's Ramblings Bitchy Teez.com Family Vaca Meeting with A-Holio Taking Issue with YOU! Nene's New Book Amazing - Josh Kelley www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com www.facebook.com/dallasgaypod Twitter @ DallasGayPod Voicemail @ 206-426-1533 …


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Episode 107

Length: 39m 27s

Welcome to Episode 107 Real Houseboys of WeHo Project Rant Strip Off Kombucha My Booty Anal Jewlery-For the Gay that has Everything! Bruno Me Baby Freako-Jacko Kissin' Mormons Jesus Loves You! Contact: www.dallasgaypod.com www.facebook.com/dallasgaypod Twitter@ DallasGayPod Voicemail @ 206-426-1533 …


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Episode 106

Length: 1h 10m 2s

Welcome to Episode 106 + Happy Bastille Day to the Frenchies! + French Women Best Success @ Shoplifting + Fonda's Update + Fonda's New Sex Kink--The Cast + Big Hair Bingo Update + Why Are Lesbians Cheap? + www.BitchyTeez.com - 40 Years of Pride + Jizzona Straynger - Hot Tranny Mess + Castin' Out That Homosexual Demon + Gays Asked to Leave Diner in El Paso + Gays Detained Near Mormon Church in Salt Lake Music for this episode provided by Underwhelmed http://www.myspace.com/underwhelmednyc www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com Feedback, Comments, and Questions? Call our listener line @ 206-426-1533 …


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Episode 105

Length: 34m 9s

Welcome to DallasGayPod + Music by Janid + Fonda's Exciting Week + Captain on Real Housewives of OC, well kind of ;-) + Meeting Tamra and Lynn + Happy Birthday Lance! + New friends from Rage Magazine + Fonda and Captain Compare A-Listers + Kathy G. Premier + Big Hair Bingo UPDATE!! JULY 5 at METRO Q!!! + Fonda Sends a Gay Wink + Makes Me Want a Hot Dog Real Bad + Fonda Reviews "Hangover" + Twisted by Janid www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com Listener Voicemail: 206-426-1533 Twitter @ DallasGayPod …


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Episode 104

Length: 34m 58s

Welcome to DallasGayPod Episode 104 DallasGayPod welcomes a new gay-centered podcast to the OC area. + Feltching, Shrimping, & Snowballs + Green Card Not Required: Afloat a Refrigerator in the Crisper No Doubt + Ribbon Dancing Disney Queen + Busted on Sean Cody + Rage Launch Party Saturday w/Real Housewives of OC + Octomom Becomes Coctomom + Annoying Boy Habits + Moving in with the Ex: Sleeping Arrangements ;-) Contact: www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com Voicemail: 206-426-1533 Twitter @DallasGayPod …


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Episode 103

Length: 45m 20s

Welcome to Episode 103 + Continuation of Online Dating Woes + American Idol: The Recap + Online Relationship Confessionals: The Twisted Web + TFLN Updates + Big Hair Bingo Phoenix-Thanks to All Who Made It a Success! + Hello New Listeners! + Simon Doonan + Real Houswives of NJ + California Prop 8 Debate + Dan Choi + Defenders of Freedom Contact: www.dallasgaypod.com contact@dallasgaypod.com Listener Voicemail: 206-426-1533 Twitter Us @DallasGayPod …


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Episode 102

Length: 50m 14s

Welcome to Episode 102 + The Rag + Saggy Balls + Freaky Penes (That's plural for penis ;-) + Exploding Cock + Pycho Bitches + Fonda's Match.com Update (Yawn) + Cons of Online Dating + The Defenders PSA Contact: contact@dallasgaypod.com Tweet @dallasgaypod Voicemail @ 206-426-1533 www.dallasgaypod.com …


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Episode 101

Length: 48m 19s

Welcome to DallasGayPod Episode 101! + Feltching Accident + Fonda's Battle Scars + Fonda's Trip to SoCal! + Long Beach Pride + Ongina = Cunt with a K + Ripple's Huntington Beach Review + Hamburger Mary's Shitty Customer Service + Big Hair Bingo: 8PM May 23 @ Kobalt Bar in Phoenix, AZ! + Feltching Accident Part II + Things Str8 Guys Can Learn From Gay Porn + You Know That You're Gay Contact: www.dallasgaypod.com Twitter @DallasGayPod Leave Us a Voicemail Bitches: 206-426-1533 contact@dallasgaypod.com …


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Episode 100

Length: 34m 35s

Welcome to DallasGayPod! On This Episode: + Fonda & Captain on the Road to San Diego + OC AIDS WALK: Donate @ www.dallasgaypod.com + Fonda's on Match.com..... AGAIN! + Mother's Day Experience By: Marty, Phil, Ian, Bill, Shana, & Marcia! + Fonda's California Bitch + Fonda's Flight Experience + Miss. California and the Shining Star, Miss. Arizona + Match.com redo (oooopsy) + Melissa's Craig's List Experience + 7 Inches or Better (For the Ladies) + Captain and Robert Compare Cock Sizes + 8 Secerets You Need to Know About the Penis + Upcoming Events www.dallasgaypod.com 206-426-1533 (Listener Voicemail) DallasGayPod (Twitter) contact@dallasgaypod.com …


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Length: 3m 14s

Captain is performing in drag, there's a first time for everything, tomorrow at Dirty Nelly's in Costa Mesa. The event is a fundraiser for OC AIDS WALK. For those of you local, please come out an support!!! Fonda Cox will be there LIVE :-) If you are unable to attend, we've made available @ www.dallasgaypod.com a donate link for your convenience. Any donation would be greatly appreciated to support this great cause. Thank you so much for your listenership and downloading every week! Captain Cox www.dallasgaypod.com …



Episode 99 B

Length: 58m 51s

Welcome to DallasGayPod! On This Episode: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR UPCOMING SHOW! Stock Your Liquor Cabinet Like a Big Girl Use A Comdom To Avoid Producing Another Hitler, or Your Ex-Boyfriend Flash Your Vagina With LED Light Up Merkin Pussy With Accent Period Panties Updated Spemination Cooking Woody Allen v. American Apparel My Mom Spanked the Gay Out of Me Gay Dad and Son on Amazing Race Tranny Surgery Controversy A Parent's Place WTF Blog on DallasGayPod.com Kinky Farts Sex Ad CONTACT: www.dallasgaypod.com 206-426-1533 TWITTER @ DallasGayPod Contact@dallasgaypod.com …


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DallasGayPod Podcasting for over 5 years, Captain (Gay) & Fonda (Straight) discuss in a blunt, raw fashion, sex from both the gay and straight perspectives. You’ll also experience good debates on current events and politics. Of course we wouldn’t be a classic queer variety without trashing-talking pop culture and those who grace the presence of the headlines. Though many miles separate the two, no distance will keep them from bringing you an entertaining show! The combined talents of Captain and Fonda guarantee to enlighten and entertain!


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