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Last update: 2015-06-05


2015-06-05 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 23m 31s

Yeah, we figured it out! We can politic... Tonight we are planning Chris' funeral... talking legislative session... education... how to learn EVERYTHING... yeah its a fun podcast... we get really loud and excited about life.…



DATM E200 "Cray Cray"

2015-05-29 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 12m 54s

Yeah, this is it! Episode 200!! What happened to 199? Go to DATMSHOW.COM it's waiting for you for a buck 99. Tonight we get into some crazy stuff... girls.. movies.. politics...…


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DATM E199 "Unfiltered Promo"

2015-05-22 :: DATM Network
Length: 3m 9s

This is not a DATM Episode, this is just a tribute. Goto link below to purchase and download E 199 "Unfiltered" http://datmshow.com…


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2015-05-15 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 58s

Is that title confusing? yeah... I think it is... We talk NV legislature.. Megan actually goes to Carson city and sees how the sausage is made... We talk super powers... and which apps are dangerous to use while driving... in fact we get a live demo... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!…


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DATM E197 "Mayoral Vigilante"

2015-05-08 :: DATM Network
Length: 56m 1s

Happy Mother's Day for those that celebrate it... not so much on the podcast.. but we do love those that take care of us... Mayor John Lee is on a mission to rid the iPODS of the world of viruses... Chris finally got to talk to Penn... Megan is setting herself up for craziness in Carson City... and David likes the Paddington movie (which he hasn't seen).…


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DATM E196 "Paradise Lost"

2015-05-01 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 8m 33s

Yup, that's Manny Pacquiao singing in the beginning... that's his fight song... and at the end? yeah, you'll have to guess... Chris gets a letter in the mail that freaks him out... Megan goes on soaking journey (that freaks her out)... David eats some chips (that freak him out)... This was a real conversation tonight and we may have leaked out some information on what's about to happen with the DATM PODCAST!…


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DATM E195 "Magic Session"

2015-04-25 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 8m 5s

The world needs more peace and love... and by world we mean Carson City... and by Carson City we mean our legislators... Holy crap did you hear what Michelle Fiore said this week? Did she go too far? Or did she pull the most epic move ever during a session?…


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DATM E194 "Elf Man v. Sea Man"

2015-04-18 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 35s

Ok listen up! Jenna Elfman's uncle in law is Danny Elfman. Liars need to be punished.. Not all cops are bad... Chris has some feelings about the Italian mafia. Who runs this town…


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2015-04-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 7m 2s

Oh my gosh! Rand Paul is in town!! And we got some inside stories! Megan ran for city council and has stories... Chris donated to Super Troopers 2 and has stories.…



DATM E192 "Smells Like 2015"

2015-04-04 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 42s

What does the future smell like? Is Penn a true libertarian? Hey download the Periscope app. Follow @daveatm…


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DATM E191 "Sister Region"

2015-03-27 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 4m 29s

Chris phones this one in... literally.... we are talking CCRP... and who wants to be chairman of the NRCC. We are waying in on the presidential race... and did ya hear about Harry Reid?…


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DATM E190 "This Podcast is About You"

2015-03-20 :: DATM Network
Length: 59m 26s

Yup this is your podcast. We talk CCRP... City Council Meetings... and Zappos…


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2015-03-13 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 4m 20s

Yup Megan has some awesome news. We are talking chairman elections... Blue Bell Ice Cream... and Invisible Cloaks…



DATM E188 "Watch The Sparks"

2015-03-06 :: DATM Network
Length: 40m 44s

DATM E188 "Watch The Sparks"…


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DATM E187 "The Genesis Project"

2015-02-27 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 13m 28s

We lost a legend today... Updates from CPAC... Rand Paul... Outlaws... and blah blah Jake calls us.…


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DATM E186 "North Las Vegas Proud"

2015-02-20 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 17s

North Las Vegas and proud of it. We show our pride tonight. Our buddy Arsen is in the house and on a mission. Some early Chris Farley... we play a new game... "onion or not onion".…


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DATM E185 "Frederick Douglass"

2015-02-13 :: DATM Network
Length: 56m 49s

Yup... I spelled it right. We are having a potluck... stuffing out bellies and telling children to be quiet... We talk stadium... Adam Kokesh's mic... and finally give up on the episode so we can eat some awesome cake.…


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DATM E184 "Americana"

2015-02-06 :: DATM Network
Length: 59m 33s

What would you do with 250 million bucks? Yeah we dream for a bit. Talking Crazytown in Carson City... Rob Lauer... Our Potluck... and Megan's big news.…


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DATM E183 "Chris is Late"

2015-01-30 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 23s

Yup, Chris shows up late. Megan is sorry for saying the wrong name... David is sorry for being hungry during the podcast. Rand Paul's trolling efforts... And the same old political discussions.…


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DATM E182 "Pizza Cardboard"

2015-01-23 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 47s

Why pizza cardboard? Because they are fire hazards! Find out how they set off the smoke alarms tonight. We talk soccer stadium petitions.... Megan's mining experience... Skymall.... and talk to Rob Tyree about the online CCRP meeting. There may be a lot more to the story than we know.…


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DATM E181 "You Ordered Wrong"

2015-01-16 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 5s

You might want to control the volume on this one. A raging story of bad service at a major home supply store. Rand Paul is in town and Chrisss...errr... Chuck Farley got to meet him... Was Rand impressed? CCRP is holding their next meeting in a parking lot.... or online.…


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DATM E180 "Brent Jones"

2015-01-09 :: DATM Network
Length: 59m 37s

NV Assemblyman Brent Jones gets real with us for a 1 on 3 discussion. What the crap is going on in Carson City? What bills will he be presenting in the next sesson, and how the crap did he get a spice girl to be friends with him?…


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2015-01-03 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 27s

We are sitting down with Mike Radza for some inside CCRP stuff... Money... Politics... Elections…



DATM E178 "58008"

2014-12-26 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 48s

How was your Christmas? Ours? Great... thank you for asking. GOP rumors... everyone is getting recalled... I think... I don't recall... *RIM SHOT*…


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DATM E177 "The War on Women LOL"

2014-12-19 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 52s

Wow, crazy came out in full force this week. We get right into the shenanigans from the NVGOP... why did they really kick Michele Fiore out? Lucy Flores needs help packing... And why do we care about Cathy Lynn Giiiiiseeeee? To the left... to the left...…


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DATM E176 "Breaking the Jesse Law"

2014-12-12 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 22s

See what we did there? We love our brother Jesse... and so can you! This Sunday! Caucus Chaos... is there a GOP war on women? We don't know... and we don't figure it out either, but we do speculate... Megan is back and tells us the real Victoria Seaman story.…


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DATM E175 "Banned in the Philippines"

2014-12-05 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 11m 3s

We are like water... You wanna talk about destruction? Well my friend... you can count me out... We are laying down poetry talking about banned Walmart ads, and commercials that won't see the light of day in the Philippines. The GOP has laid out their leadership for Carson City... and we have some ADAM SANDER FOR YOU!!!…


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DATM E174 "Another ThanksDaving"

2014-11-28 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 37s

The turkey is taking it's toll, and we barely made it through this episode. The funny stuff is at the end... or the beginning.. or... you decide. Black Friday, Ira Hansen, Laugh Tracks.…


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DATM E173 "Downton Davey"

2014-11-21 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 10m 10s

This is a fun one... yes we get intense about Bill Cosby, but we end on a good note... David wins the internet... and we all go to the CCRP meeting.…


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DATM E172 "iON Nevada Politics"

2014-11-14 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 36s

We are doing some housecleaning and catching up on the wins and WINS (losses) of the elections. Megan, Carl are hanging with us. I think we were talking about the internet or something... then Megan brought in this crazy egg... we find out if it has more than one yolk (it does).…


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DATM E171 "Black Republican"

2014-11-07 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 12m 9s

Election Night was epic! Who came out on top? Where do epic chicken eggs come from? Which former congressional candidate is making us blush? Megan and Carl are joining Chris and David for some epic politics!…


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DATM E170 "Happy Nevada Dave"

2014-10-31 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 11m 28s

Election day is Tuesday... we make predictions... Becky Harris wants to loan you some money... or get you a job... Becky Harris also loves yard signs... no seriously... she's cuddling with them in her pics... Which tv shows are on Dyer's DVR? Oh, and Food4less is FoodNoMore.…


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DATM E169 "Uber Long Episode"

2014-10-24 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 26m 27s

We talk for about an hour and a half (maybe less). Dave talks Rise Festival, Chris talks Juggalo concert. Megan is here with her brilliant insite. Uber comes to Las Vegas... and it's gone. We talk to AD13 candidate.…


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DATM E168 "Friend is a 4 letter word"

2014-10-17 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 23s

Come on... someone gets that reference... yeah? We get old school and talk candidate meet and greets. The universe is dropping some hints on us about this simulation thing. South Park is awesome.…


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DATM E167 "It's a Situation"

2014-10-10 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 8s

David finally talks... Megan introduces us to a new weekly segment... Chris performs his first wedding... and find out what David is going to put on your facebook page for your birthday.…


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DATM E166 "Ship Of Fools"

2014-10-03 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 2s

Megan's back. Dave's still being "Angry Dave" and not contributing. Hopefully he'll be over it by next week. We talk about real estate stuff, surgeries, and some local political shtuff. The closing song has a dirty word in it, but its okay...it's The Kongos.…


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DATM E165 "Oh My Khorosan"

2014-09-26 :: DATM Network
Length: 55m 56s

Megan is here! We talk chickens and fresh veggies. We keep it positive, because we're all about moving the movement. How much TV money does it take to beat Juggalo Patriot? A grip. You can tell Chris wrote this because I spelled "Megan" correctly and I said, "a grip."…


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DATM E164 "My Feet Stink"

2014-09-19 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 6s

Stadium Anger... Scottish Rebellion... Las Vegas Not So Norml... We cover all the shenanigans of the world in one hour. That includes $7.00 lanyards.…


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2014-09-12 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 6s

Recorded on 9/11 and posted on 9/12... we are hyped up on soda and talking conspiracy and never ending pasta bowls. Food Fighters are awesome... Songs that make a Juggalo cry.…



DATM E162 "That's Racist"

2014-09-05 :: DATM Network
Length: 56m 58s

Not really, but that's tonight's episode. Joan Rivers is dead, DMV is cool now (not really), This is all a simulation.…


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DATM E161 "All Outta Bubblegum"

2014-08-28 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 52s

Some heavy stuff this week. Mars moving towards Earth... Jihads... Swatting... Sad Clowns and Weezer sitcom.…


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DATM E160 "Adam Lacks Salt"

2014-08-22 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 10m 32s

Tom Grover is hanging out with us!! Daphne Lee accepts our phone call... We talk ice buckets and the NV AG race... Oh, and we answer Mark Hutchison's request to help him get to 2000 followers on twitter.…


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DATM E159 "Little League Lucy"

2014-08-15 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 10s

Thank you Daphne! We have a report from the Little League World Series... We talk riots across the US... Shenanigans in the NAVY... What happened to Chunk from The Goonies?…


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DATM E158 "Robbie Williams Is Trending"

2014-08-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 6m 56s

Sad day in the entertainment world... we mourn... The world is full of douchebags... and we name a few.. and play sound clips with them... your guess on who... Wanna hang with Chris and Dave? Tweet us!…


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DATM E157 "Savor The Flavor"

2014-08-01 :: DATM Network
Length: 55m 17s

Yeah.... the first 8 minutes is nasty... unless you're into that stuff.. then the first 8 minutes is fun... We talk new burger joints, what's happening on Netflix, and Green Berets. Cool…


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DATM E156 "Shower Beer"

2014-07-24 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 42s

We kick off with some sad news... but I promise we end with some cool stuff... yeah, we get all Mormon in this podcast... Gabe is swearing... Weird Al gets a mention in King of the Hill... and Megan doesn't have an H in her name.…


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DATM E155 "Your Effing Ay"

2014-07-18 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 22s

Everyone is getting kicked out... EVERYONE.. Dave.. Carl... Jordan... LIBERTY! Megan joins us for some laughs... and crazy silly DATM'ness.…


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DATM E154 "Studio Upgrade"

2014-07-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 12s

We have a new studio! And Holy Fetch! It's UGLY! Tell Dyer to get rid of it!! Vanilla Ice freaked out on the MTV Set back in the 90's. Bill Murray made an unreleased movie back in the 80's. Dyer was born in the 70's. Yo soy Lucy Florez…


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DATM E153 "Independence Dave"

2014-07-04 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 20s

Did we really discuss Hip Hop? You better believe it! The neighbors are blowing up fireworks and we are getting cranky. Netflix just dropped a bunch of movies and David keeps calling Rambo, Rocky.…


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DATM E152 "Upgrade 3.0"

2014-06-27 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 46s

We have some new toys! Bare with us as we play with them during the podcast. Chris fulfill's Jake's request to talk MMA and David brings up some World Cup discussion. Oh, and the guys are starting another podcast.…


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DATM E151 "Super Grover"

2014-06-20 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 18s

It's going down. What, you ask? Find out! Tom Grover takes a stand in the fight for liberty, and witnesses Judge Goodman chew out Dave McKeon.... FIRST HAND.... It's a goody.…


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DATM E150 "None of These Podcasts"

2014-06-13 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 0m 43s

Primary season is over, and we are DONE... but what does done really mean? Who cares... you know why you're downloading this right now. What's the deal with the big, white elephant on the I-15? Let's figure it out together.…


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DATM E149 "I'd Be So Happy"

2014-06-06 :: DATM Network
Length: 57m 42s

Bunce is still out of control... but so is Michael Robbins. Danny Tark comes to Bunce's defense, and we talk about Chris Dwyer 2.0.…


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DATM E148 "Delusional Out of Mind"

2014-05-31 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 25s

Is Chris crazy? Yes. But we're not the only ones that think that. The whole gang gets together at Hyde. Why is the world hating on the Bunces?…


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DATM E147 "About Last Night"

2014-05-23 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 6m 46s

There's a reason we podcast, and tonight's episode explains that. Tonight we don't just Dave against the Machine... We Dave against the Dave. Hear why we now have a different opinion of Suzette Lagrange @ProBusinessNV Oh, and Gabe keeps interrupting us.…


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DATM E146 "Mr. Cellophane"

2014-05-16 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 25s

Is the Lt. Gov race between Mark Hutch and Sue Lowden the greatest love story ever? Like better than The Notebook? And what's up with Chris Dyer? Is he real? Or has David been talking to himself for the last 3 years? And, what's the first rule of Fight Club?…


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DATM E145 "Legalize Gay Pot"

2014-05-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 47s

Holy crap! I mean... it's Sunday! We all have perfect excuses for such a late podcast... and we totally make up for it with some awesome stories of Dyer's endorsement interview with VIP... Plus we play a cool game of "Turkey... or Lynn Stewart". Enjoy!…


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DATM E144: "Liberty Hard"

2014-05-02 :: DATM Network
Length: 56m 10s

Oathkeepers took my radio. I'd like it back please. Mashups are cool. Olivia Newton-John has interesting parents. miX is closing. 3D print your prosthetics. Your dog...has no tail.…


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DATM E143 "Incredible Hutch"

2014-04-24 :: DATM Network
Length: 40m 52s

Hutch Smash!! We totally dropped the ball and released a raw version of the podcast earlier... if you downloaded it... consider yourself lucky!! We are hanging out at Mundo and rubbing shoulders with giants. Hey!! That's the space station!!!…


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DATM E141 "Oh"

2014-04-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 55m 29s

The Bureau of Land Management had The Ultimate Warrior killed! Chris will soon be legally qualified to perform marriage ceremonies for cows. Mark Hutchison likes men. He's skipping out on the Nevada State GOP convention to hang out with shirtless cowboys in Bunkerville. Is this a "First Amendment Area?" We're not on an airplane or cattle farm, so yes.…


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DATM E140 "Sidetracked"

2014-04-04 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 4m 0s

How did the Clark County Republican Convention go? Yeah, the boys dish on that. The Dignitary gives Chris and Dave a call... the boys cold call Kelly Hurst with a campaign update. Oh yeah... look at the moon.. everybody look at the moon.…


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DATM E139 "Calling Candidates"

2014-03-27 :: DATM Network
Length: 51m 33s

We call 30+ candidates... how many answer their phones? Sheldon had a party and not everyone acted their age. Dave drops a few pieces of info on mosquitos and Chris doesn't care. The Culinary Union votes for a strike!…


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DATM E138 "Danbert Nobacon"

2014-03-21 :: DATM Network
Length: 59m 15s

We were joined by former Chumbawamba member Danbert Nobacon to discuss what control artists have over how their music is used. The rest of the show is pointless rambling about our lives and local politics with a sprinkling of Chris' imitation of Dan's Mystery Motel character. Welcome to our newest listener Vivian. We'll miss you grandpa...Judge Halverson...not so much.…


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DATM E137 "This One's For You Snoopy"

2014-03-13 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 10s

Oh, Goodness! The Lt. Gov race is on! Dyer is in! We are asking, WHY? Dyer's answering. Did Irwin's daughter sellout? We discuss. Don't forget to download the "Hotel Tonight" app. Use promo code: DISBELL5 and get 25 bucks! YEah! 25 BUCKS!!…


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DATM E136 "Wish You Were Here"

2014-03-07 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 43s

Chris & David are running down the candidate filing on the Clark County website. Which races do you need to follow (none) and who are the guys friends with (CD1). We are saying goodbye to Grandpa this weekend. Thank you again for listening to the podcast and supporting us on this silly endeavor.…


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DATM E135 "The Tale of Mark & Sue"

2014-02-26 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 0m 38s

Holy crap! Did you see Mark and Sue debate? Yeah, that's the podcast tonight. Oh, and a few other political thingies. Why we podcast, and why we won't stop. BTW Download the "Hotel Tonight" app & enter promocode: DISBELL5 for a 25 dollar discount!…


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2014-02-20 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 41s

We are chillin' at the NVGOP Headquarters. PIZZA! Yeah! Pizza! Bitcoin, DDP Yoga, Fallon, Jesse skeeving my slice! Shout to Jeremy Hughes!…



DATM E133 "Frederick Douglas Day II"

2014-02-17 :: DATM Network
Length: 23m 23s

Chris and Dave hang out with the North Las Vegas Republican women! Ron Q didn't make it.... so who subbed for him? YEah.... the boys keep it quick this week.…


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DATM E132 "Is Anybody Going To Eat This"

2014-02-06 :: DATM Network
Length: 59m 47s

Seriously! Is anybody going to eat this? Dave is eating flan, and Dyer seems to think it's always going to waste away in a fridge. What is the proper role of Facebook? Should political parties endorse candidates pre-primary? We discuss.…


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DATM E131 "Go West"

2014-02-01 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 8m 33s

DATM has a special guest, Megan Heryet. We're talking MMJ dispensaries and why members of the Vegas City Council don't know jack. If you are a member of the Vegas City Council we will introduce you to Jack.…


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DATM E130 "Wreckekekkek Me"

2014-01-22 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 34s

Dave and Chris are coming in like a wrecking ball! Touching on our awesome activist friends at all of the local meetings. The "More Cops Tax" fails and Chris gets heated over MMJ comments from local leaders.…


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DATM E129 "Unleash The Fury"

2014-01-16 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 42s

Not going to lie... this episode gets heated! But don't worry! Dave is about to spark up a revival! What is going on with the CCRP? Who's making money from the party? Oi.... it gets crazy. This is an episode worth saving for awhile.…


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DATM E128 "Mariachi Invocation"

2014-01-09 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 0m 7s

Tonight the guys are visiting one of the women's groups in North Las Vegas. There are some discussions of time travel, and Carl Bunce explains what it is like to have all of our senses gone.…


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DATM E127 "Surviving 2014"

2014-01-02 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 0m 20s

Guys! It's 2014! What did you do? Dave & Chris celebrate with fiber & status updates. The feds will be testing drones in Nevada, and that is not sitting well for one of the guys.…


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DATM E126 "Duck Dynasty"

2013-12-27 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 50s

This episode has NOTHING to do with Duck Dynasty, however we do mention A&E in an unrelated moment. We celebrate Dickmas by calling it "D'mas" (that angered Chris). How tall are you? That's not racist.…


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DATM E125 "Happy D'Mas Pt3"

2013-12-23 :: DATM Network
Length: 25m 6s

This took forever to load... why??? Because it's DICKMAS!! Part 3! Chris and Dave rock this one out on the sidewalk in Downtown Las Vegas.…


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DATM E124 "The Producers"

2013-12-12 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 37s

Tonight, everyone is a producer. The people have spoken and we have listened.... and now... it's your turn to listen. We talk haters... recap some of our Daphne episode... Talk to Chuck Farley... he really loves Rand Paul... and the amazing Diana Orrock fills us in on what it takes to bring the republican convention to Las Vegas.…


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DATM E123 "Daphne Lee"

2013-12-05 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 6m 10s

This is actually "Smelt It Dealt It Part Two With Daphne Lee." Long title.... HUH? We know who killed Brian Griffin. How about Nelson Mandela... was it The Specials? No... Wait... listen and find out. Also, Daphne Lee tells us what it's like to Skype with Ron Paul. You can smell the freedom all over the place!…


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DATM E122 "Thanksdaving 3 Mockingjay"

2013-11-26 :: DATM Network
Length: 51m 15s

We cranked this one out a bit early for the holiday. We talk unions, Fiore, and Brian's death on Family Guy. Be safe this Thanksgiving!…


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DATM E121 "Peace & Bacon Grease"

2013-11-21 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 4m 50s

Chris does the entire podcast with a bloody nose! Crazy! The CCRP meeting was last night, how did Chris do? Where was David? Plus, Rose and David take the tour! We don't want to offend our friends.…


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DATM E120 "Hodgepodge"

2013-11-14 :: DATM Network
Length: 46m 8s

Can you think of a better word? Dyer doesn't think so. Hodgepodge it is! We sit in on the NVVRW meeting.. it's nutty~! Dyer attends for his fourth first time! Next week is the big CCRP meeting so we vent about that drama. Ask Dyer whatcha call a Filipino pilot.…


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DATM E119 "Explanation Marks"

2013-11-07 :: DATM Network
Length: 59m 15s

LAX was an inside job maaaaan! Someone bring Daphne a snack and a hug and thank her for standing up for us. We got good music and passion this week. We're stepping up our game. Almost to 200.…


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DATM E118 "Let's Be Frank"

2013-10-31 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 40s

We lost our good friend Frank Ricotta. Tonight we are reminding the world of how awesome he is. Dave McKeon was on the local radio, we have fun with this. Dyer talks to the CCRP and the CCRP calls Dave. I guess the executive director job is now a volunteer position.…


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DATM E117 "Apple Juice"

2013-10-24 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 19s

Sheldon says bomb Iran, and we support that. Let's make a resolution!…


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DATM E116 "Arrogant Ale"

2013-10-17 :: DATM Network
Length: 50m 59s

Amy checks out the new studio. Chris gives an update on his campaign for Nevada's Lt. Gov. Michael Bay gets a shout out. Ooooh! Check out Jacob IsBell! Jake talks food stamps at Walmart.…


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DATM E115 "Take Too"

2013-10-09 :: DATM Network
Length: 58m 38s

Seriously folks, it took us two takes to do this thing. Bacon is now a soda... Chris makes an anti announcement... Buck puts his foot in his mouth... And what do hackers dream about?…


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DATM E114: "I'm Eating Meat"

2013-10-03 :: DATM Network
Length: 43m 55s

The first Daveless DATM. Do you like my Grandpa impression? Dave is married! Lily Babcock and Andrew Doughman...you're turn.…


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DATM E113 "Minority Leader"

2013-09-26 :: DATM Network
Length: 46m 27s

Pat Hickey is seriously the "Minority" leader... and we seriously discuss this. Oh, and David's getting married! MARRIED!!!…


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DATM E112 "Good Theater"

2013-09-19 :: DATM Network
Length: 55m 9s

An hour to get into the CCRP meeting. Was it worth the wait? Why is Dyer angry with the Tarks? I'm hungry.…


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DATM E 111 "Meetings"

2013-09-13 :: DATM Network
Length: 57m 18s

David's getting married soon. The NSA smells my farts. Chris has a cold. People like us! Wassup wit dat?…


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DATM E110 "How To Cheat a Lie Detector"

2013-09-05 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 22m 35s

Chris thinks the feds will come knocking on the door if we title this episode "how to cheat a lie detector" or "Get past a polygraph". We will find out about the CCRP's new seating assignments. And talk gossssssip!…


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DATM E109 "Ab Hominem"

2013-08-29 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 7s

Yes, it's Ad Hominem... but who really cares? I'll tell you who cares... Chris Dyer cares! Watch him call Dave out. Speaking of Dave... We are talking about the chairman from the CCRP and his new rules... yes NEW RULES! Dress like an indian my friend. Dress like an indian.…


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DATM E108 "The Real World"

2013-08-22 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 1m 22s

Joe Heck. City Council. BLah Blah Blah. Do you even read this? Does anyone in Chris' family listen to this? Looking at you Debra. ILoveRandPaul.com…


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DATM E107 "Made For TV"

2013-08-15 :: DATM Network
Length: 57m 42s

Chuck Farley loves Rand Paul. Help get Jerry Tarkanian a statue. When you're in San Diego, if you ain't smokin' weed and eatin' fish tacos where the waves break on the rocks, you're doing it wrong.…


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DATM E106 "Full Flamas"

2013-08-09 :: DATM Network
Length: 55m 35s

We're a day late, but not a Dave short. If you make $6250 a month to be the Executive Director of the Clark GOP, you are winning! Sanjay Gupta is our friend again. Jesse Benton messed up.…


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DATM E105 "All Your Bunces Are..."

2013-08-01 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 2m 0s

Joey Heck! Cop funeral. Military minute. If Washoe has a meeting and no Terhunes go, does it make a sound? Round 1 of Team Nevada endorsement interviews. I'm taking it back. What? Nobody else saw Clerks 2?…


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DATM E104 "Church of Rand"

2013-07-25 :: DATM Network
Length: 56m 18s

We got holy Rand power. We're speaking in tongues. We're dancing with snakes and drinking poison, but it doesn't hurt us. A dramatic reading. NoKo denim is hot.…


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DATM E103 "Dave's Not Here Man"

2013-07-18 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 0m 58s

Chris took time off from writing manifestos and came down the mountain to be on Ralston. Rand Paul brought Kool-Aid to Las Vegas. Dave McKeon is a winner winner, chicken dinner. We rigged it in his favor. You're welcome.…


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DATM E102 "Judas Goats"

2013-07-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 0m 55s

Our Rand is an awesome Paul, he reigns from Kentucky above.…


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DATM E101 "Independence Dave"

2013-07-06 :: DATM Network
Length: 48m 18s

Day late.. Buck's short.. Dyer's reading the report.. on losing, and failing.. (Anyone still listen to Blink 182?) We celebrate the nation's birthday at the Tark home. Dave McKeon gets into it with Alan Stock, Cindy defends her friendship with the Bunce Brothers.…


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DATM E100 "Allegedly"

2013-06-27 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 4m 40s

100 deep. Will David spill soda? Amy Tarkanian has failed us for the last time. David McKeon ALLEGEDLY did some baaaaad things. His LA privileges have been revoked.…


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E99: "99 Douche Balloons"

2013-06-20 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 45s

Joey Heck, Dave McKeon, Sue Lowden, Frederick Douglass...one of these people is not a douche. World Series of Fighting. What is going on with North Las Vegas real estate. Movie reviews.…


Share: E99: "99 Douche Balloons"

DATM E98 "Respect"

2013-06-13 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 10m 4s

Vote for Meghan Heryet for CCRCC Secretary. Two phoners today. Dave McKeon, candidate for CCRCC Chair. Ron Futrell, defender of the defenseless and promoter of cage fighting. Did I mention vote for Meghan Heryet? We're going to a fight!…


Share: DATM E98 "Respect"

DATM E97 "Sledgehammer"

2013-06-06 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 8m 26s

We get to know our next Clark County GOP Chairman and his favorite words. Much credit to the "Veterans In Politics" radio show for the Dave McKeon clips. What are the best podcasts to learn about weed? Why is life beautiful? How is PSY like Herpes? Answers!…


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DATM E96 "Sir Mountable"

2013-05-30 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 22s

The guys light up this episode with the latest on the NV Pot Laws. Amy went to the opening of the opening of Wet and Wild and discovered it is neither WET or Wild.…


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DATM E95 "Get Lucky"

2013-05-23 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 22s

Dave did the show with one hand on a bag of corn. Gas tax. Dana White is a jerk. Karley finds out Kai killed a guy. Hamburgers for life.…


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DATM E94 "Smartest Person In The Room"

2013-05-16 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 52s

I bet you think this podcast is about you, don't you? Meghan Heryet for Clark GOP Secretary. Smuggling KFC. May CCRCC meeting breakdown. Who was the smartest person in the room? Stewart Rhodes or Dave McKeon.…


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DATM E93 "Swimming With Tarks"

2013-05-09 :: DATM Network
Length: 49m 30s

We pull out the mobile studio and record with the Tarkanians. Did you know there are only 3 famous Armenians? Can you name them? I bet Peter Griffin can.…


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DATM E92 "Le Machine"

2013-05-02 :: DATM Network
Length: 54m 27s

We're making the move to the new studio and found the perfect excuse to record at Le Thai. We talk Faux Twinkees and get to the heart of Firefly's food poison investigation.…


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DATM E91 "Kelvin Got a Job"

2013-04-25 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 11s

Jimmy Kimmel's lying to someone, we crack the case. How to tell if you're being longhauled. And is there life on mars? Kelvin got a job.…


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DATM E90 "PSYsssssspa"

2013-04-18 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 4m 17s

PSY has a new song. CISPA Suckspa. Oh you got a "master bedroom?" What are you my master now?…


Share: DATM E90 "PSYsssssspa"

DATM E89 "Crimes Against Nature"

2013-04-11 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 6m 32s

This could be one of our strangest episodes. We break away from the morbid deep thoughts with silly humor. Amy calls in and her phone cuts out, so enjoy the music. Find out what is buried in our bills. And Iran says they have a time machine.…


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DATM E88 "Ocho Ocho"

2013-04-02 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 56s

We are making phone calls TONIGHT! We throw in our 2 cents on Steven Brooks taking his story to the next level. Chris gets his first puker in his cab.…


Share: DATM E88 "Ocho Ocho"

DATM E87 "Cannabinoid Eficiency"

2013-03-26 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 5m 16s

me real crazyness. Karley lost her wallet in the desert, Chris is hanging out at house auctions, and David is being Dave. Amy Pops in halfway through... and we all talk about weed, and Chris' cannabinoid deficiency.…


Share: DATM E87 "Cannabinoid Eficiency"

DATM E86 "Drones on Strike"

2013-03-19 :: DATM Network
Length: 1h 3m 47s

We get the real taxi cab confession... A man is struck by a car in front of Dyer... Chris get's 20 versions of story... and sums it all up in the first 10 minutes. We talk illegal hugs.. and why libertarians should hate the new marijuana bills presented in NV. Did I mention Cindy Lake is hanging out with us!!!?…


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