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Last update: 2015-06-21

True Detective S2E1 - ‘The Western Book of the Dead’

2015-06-21 :: Death to DVR

Ryan and Jaye are joined by Phil and Wil to discuss the season two premiere of True Detective. First reactions to nudity, Vince Vaughn, and redheads galore.




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True Detective Season 2 Preview

2015-06-19 :: Death to DVR

The whole crew is back to reflect on season 1 of True Detective, as well as what’s expected by the new season. Stay tuned this Sunday night for our review of the first episode!

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Meet Death to DVR

2015-06-17 :: Death to DVR

Introducing Death to DVR! Meet your hosts, Ryan Snelling (Filmbeef podcast) and Jaye Williams (In the Galaxy podcast). They want to go back to the old days where people could actually talk about their favorite TV shows at the watercooler. So they created their own avenue and brought a few extra friends along the way. This episode also features Phil, Kevin, Wil, and Cody! They ask each other what their favorite TV shows are.


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Death to DVR

We review one show at a time, episode by episode. We spoil when we want to!

Death to DVR

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