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Last update: 2013-11-12

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Length: 9m 30s

As humans, we are born practically helpless and the fear and anxiety inherent in such condition must be quite scary. Historically, going to the dentist has been one of those experiences that contributes to increased fears. Trusting a health professional and receiving pain in return, not only creates fear directly from the experienced pain, but at a deeper level, erodes our feelings of trust. Today, with the advent of lasers, micro-abrasion units, and electric motors that can generate very little heat, it is possible to perform many dental procedures painlessly and without the use of injections. It takes little effort to slow down, to get to know and understand the patient’s needs and to regain their trust. Visit: http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/dental-phobia-being-scared-of-the-dentist/…


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Dental Phobia's Podcast

Dental Phobia's Podcast

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