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Last update: 2007-07-05

Boothstore of Bust Store?

Length: 16m 44s

Are Adult Boothstores targets of the Police or a place for safe fun? Juan Diego tackles the issue from the perspective of a business owner and a patron. Learn how to protect yourself from the Po Po. …


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Cashing in on Sex Parties

Length: 8m 15s

In his unsual manner, Juan Diego talks about the Sex Party industry and why brothers would consider doing an event. He believes that the parties offer privacy, discretion and safety at a level not experienced in bookstores. But an extra $150 for a few hours sounds good...listen to find out how to cash in. …


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Why White Men Don't Get Into Freak Parties

Length: 9m 48s

Juan Diego discusses why some events seem to outlaw whites. Is it racism? Is it Discrimination? How can a white dude break through the barriers and enjoy cool times with Undercover Brothaz? …


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